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Post Idea #1: Derek W. Evans

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Derek Evans Net Worth

Derek Evans is President & CEO of MEG Energy Corp. and is a director of FrancoNevada.

As the Lead Independent Director of Franco-Nevada, the total compensation of Derek Evans at Franco-Nevada is $311,822.

Derek Evans is 63, he’s been the Lead Independent Director of Franco-Nevada since 2019.

The oldest executive at Franco-Nevada Corporation is David Peterson, 76, who is the Independent Director.

Franco-Nevada Corporation is the leading gold-focused royalty and streaming company with the largest and most diversified portfolio of cash-flow producing assets.

Franco-Nevada’s business model is focused on managing and growing its portfolio of royalties and streams.

What does Franco-Nevada’s logo look like? Franco-Nevada executives and stock owners.

Board Of Directors

MEG Energy’s board of directors oversees the development and implementation of our strategic plan.

He is currently the Chairman of the Board and a director of Secure Energy Inc. and previously served as Chair of the Board and a director of Tervita Corporation between December 2016 and July 2021.

Mr. Billing is also currently a corporate director of Badger Daylighting Ltd. and was formerly the Chair of the board of directors at Cortex Business Solutions Inc. He served as a director of Pembina Pipeline Corporation from April 2, 2012 to May 5, 2017.

Mr. Hodgins is also currently a director of AltaGas Ltd., Enerplus Corporation and Gran Tierra Energy Inc. He holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Business from the Richard Ivey School of Business, is a Chartered Professional Accountant and is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Mr. McCaig is the Chairman of the board of directors of the Trimac Group of Companies of which he was CEO until December 31, 2015.

Mr. McFarland has been a director of various public and private entities including Pengrowth Energy Corporation and Arrow Exploration Corp. and currently serves on the board of directors of the Canadian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council and on the Congress Program Committee of the WPC international organization.

Ms. McQueen has her own consulting firm and is a Senior Policy & Strategic Advisor to her clients in the areas of Energy, Environment, Indigenous and Municipal relations and has recently been appointed Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications & Stakeholder Relations at Reconnaissance Energy Africa Ltd. Standing Committees of the Board consist only of independent directors.

Post Idea #2: Type 1 diabetes

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Symptoms And Causes

Type 1 diabetes, once known as juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes, is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin.

In type 1 diabetes, there’s no insulin to let glucose into the cells, so sugar builds up in your bloodstream.

The presence of certain genes indicates an increased risk of developing type 1 diabetes.

Over time, type 1 diabetes complications can affect major organs in your body, including heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes and kidneys.

Diabetes dramatically increases your risk of various cardiovascular problems, including coronary artery disease with chest pain, heart attack, stroke, narrowing of the arteries and high blood pressure.

Diabetes can damage the blood vessels of the retina, potentially causing blindness.

For the mother, diabetes increases the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis, diabetic eye problems, pregnancy-induced high blood pressure and preeclampsia.

Type 1 Diabetes

Health care professionals usually test people for type 1 diabetes if they have clear-cut diabetes symptoms.

Treatment depends on the type of diabetes, so knowing whether you have type 1 or type 2 is important.

The presence of certain types of autoantibodies is common in type 1 but not in type 2 diabetes.

The presence of autoantibodies, even without diabetes symptoms, means the family member is more likely to develop type 1 diabetes.

Reseachers are also studying other diabetes pills that people with type 1 diabetes might take along with insulin.

The devices may also help people with type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes.

If you have type 1 diabetes, you can help prevent or delay the health problems of diabetes by managing your blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol, and following your self-care plan.

Type 1 Diabetes

A type 1 diabetes genetic risk score can aid discrimination between type 1 and type 2 diabetes in young adults.

Feature ranking of type 1 diabetes susceptibility genes improves prediction of type 1 diabetes.

Excess BMI in childhood: a modifiable risk factor for type 1 diabetes development? Diabetes Care.

The influence of type 1 diabetes genetic susceptibility regions, age, sex, and family history on the progression from multiple autoantibodies to type 1 diabetes: a TEDDY study report.

Thomas NJM, Jones S, Weedon M, Hattersley A, Oram R. Classifying diabetes by type 1 genetic risk shows autoimmune diabetes cases are evenly distributed above and below 30 years of age.

Chiang JL, Kirkman MS, Laffel LM, Peters AL. Type 1 diabetes through the life span: a position statement of the American Diabetes Association.

Effects of oral insulin in relatives of patients with type 1 diabetes: the diabetes prevention trial-type 1.

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Type 1 diabetes mellitus, also known as autoimmune diabetes, is a chronic disease characterized by insulin deficiency due to pancreatic β-cell loss and leads to hyperglycaemia.

Although the age of symptomatic onset is usually during childhood or adolescence, symptoms can sometimes develop much later.

Although the aetiology of T1DM is not completely understood, the pathogenesis of the disease is thought to involve T cell-mediated destruction of β-cells.

Islet-targeting autoantibodies that target insulin, 65 kDa glutamic acid decarboxylase, insulinoma-associated protein 2 and zinc transporter 8 – all of which are proteins associated with secretory granules in β-cells – are biomarkers of T1DM-associated autoimmunity that are found months to years before symptom onset, and can be used to identify and study individuals who are at risk of developing T1DM. The type of autoantibody that appears first depends on the environmental trigger and on genetic factors.

The pathogenesis of T1DM can be divided into three stages depending on the absence or presence of hyperglycaemia and hyperglycaemia-associated symptoms.

A cure is not available, and patients depend on lifelong insulin injections; novel approaches to insulin treatment, such as insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring and hybrid closed-loop systems, are in development.

Although intensive glycaemic control has reduced the incidence of microvascular and macrovascular complications, the majority of patients with T1DM are still developing these complications.

Type 1 Diabetes: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments, Diagnosis, And Prevention

Type 1 diabetes is a condition in which your immune system destroys insulin-making cells in your pancreas.

Damage to beta cells from type 1 diabetes throws the process off.

Have a parent or sibling with type 1.Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis.

People who have type 1 diabetes can live long, healthy lives.

Everyone with type 1 diabetes needs to use insulin shots to control their blood sugar.

Women with type 1 diabetes have a higher risk of early delivery, birth defects, stillbirth, and preeclampsia.

About 20% to 30% of people with type 1 diabetes get a condition called nephropathy.

Type 1 Diabetes: Prognosis And Life Expectancy

Approximately 26 in 100,000 Americans live with some form of diabetes, and recent research suggests the life expectancy of a person with type 1 diabetes may be shorter than the average person’s.

Many diabetes deaths occur due to type 1 diabetes complications, like diabetic ketoacidosis and heart disease, which often can be prevented.

The current prognosis for type 1 diabetes looks brighter than ever, with a potential cure on the horizon.

While everyone waits for that, you may be able to avoid complications and live a healthy, lengthy life by following your type 1 diabetes treatment plan closely.

Recent research from Manchester University in England linked higher A1C levels with decreased life expectancy in people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, illustrating the need for people with diabetes to monitor their sugar levels closely and follow their treatment plans carefully.

Rather, the study showed that poorly controlled blood glucose levels over time could lead to a poorer prognosis and shortened life expectancy in people with diabetes.

Of course, insulin injections don’t represent the only form of type 1 diabetes treatment.

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is partially caused by genetics, and family members of type 1 diabetics have a higher risk of developing the disease themselves.

For someone whose parent has type 1 diabetes, the risk rises to 1-9%. If a sibling has type 1 diabetes, the risk is 6-7%. If someone’s identical twin has type 1 diabetes, they have a 30-70% risk of developing it themselves.

A pattern associated with reduced risk of type 1 diabetes is called HLA-DR15-HLA-DQ6. Large genome-wide association studies have identified dozens of other genes associated with type 1 diabetes risk, mostly genes involved in the immune system.

People with type 1 diabetes tend to have more CD8+ T-cells and B-cells that specifically target islet antigens than those without type 1 diabetes, suggesting a role for the adaptive immune system in beta cell destruction.

Women with type 1 DM have a 40% higher risk of death as compared to men with type 1 DM. About 12 percent of people with type 1 diabetes have clinical depression.

People with type 1 diabetes are at an increased risk for developing several autoimmune disorders, particularly thyroid problems – around 20% of people with type 1 diabetes have hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, typically caused by Hashimoto thyroiditis or Graves’ disease respectiveley.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, founded by parents of children with type 1 diabetes, is the world’s largest provider of charity-based funding for type 1 diabetes research.

Post Idea #3: Continuous glucose monitor

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Continuous glucose monitoring automatically tracks blood glucose levels, also called blood sugar, throughout the day and night.

The sensor measures your interstitial glucose level, which is the glucose found in the fluid between the cells.

Special Features of a CGM. CGMs are always on and recording glucose levels-whether you’re showering, working, exercising, or sleeping.

What are the benefits of a CGM? Compared with a standard blood glucose meter, using a CGM system can help you.

A graphic on the CGM screen shows whether your glucose is rising or dropping-and how quickly-so you can choose the best way to reach your target glucose level.

You still need a finger-stick glucose test twice a day to check the accuracy of your CGM against a standard blood glucose meter.

The hybrid closed-loop system may free you from some of the daily tasks needed to keep your blood glucose stable-or help you sleep through the night without the need to wake and test your glucose or take medicine.

Best Continuous Glucose Monitors For 2022

No one loves sticking their fingers all day, fumbling with a test strip and testing with traditional blood glucose monitors, which is why a continuous glucose monitor can be more convenient than other monitoring devices.

Continuous blood sugar meters are worn for long periods of time on your body and offer you continuous monitoring, without constantly having to stop and prick your finger to get glucose readings.

“Continuous glucose monitors offer more intensive monitoring of a diabetic patient’s sugar levels,” says Dr. Rebecca Fenichel, an endocrinologist at Westmed Medical Group.

Continuous blood glucose monitoring devices can also give you and your doctor more information about blood sugar level than a standard meter – like if your blood sugar begins to drop too low, the device can warn you, “Which can be a very helpful feature in helping patients avoid hypoglycemia,” says Fenichel.

For this article, we’ve consulted doctors, including Fenichel, and researched the most popular monitors to curate the best continuous glucose monitors on the market for 2022.

“For people who are interested in deeper insights into their glucose levels, I’ll often recommend the Freestyle Libre for continuous glucose monitoring,” said Favini.

“By placing a sensor on your arm, you can track your glucose constantly through the day and develop your understanding of what makes your sugar levels go up and down. People will often be surprised that foods that they assumed were good for their glucose levels may be causing spikes in their sugar. Though continuous glucose monitors are more expensive, they can help you understand what types of food and exercise are best for you.”

Continuous Glucose Monitoring: What Is It & How Does It Work

Depending on the CGM system, glucose data from the sensor is sent to either a handheld device called a receiver, an app on your smartphone or an insulin pump.

Show you a bigger picture of how diabetes affects you: CGM measures glucose levels every few minutes.

Alert you to highs and lows: Most CGM devices send an alert when your glucose levels rise or fall a certain amount.

Reduce how many fingerstick checks you need to do: CGM significantly reduces how many fingerstick tests you’ll need to do each day.

CGM measures glucose under your skin, which shows where your glucose levels were five to 10 minutes ago.

A fingerstick check may give you peace of mind if your CGM device shows rising or falling numbers, but you feel OK. It can also provide answers if you don’t feel well, but the CGM says your glucose levels are in target.

CGM devices measure your glucose level automatically every few minutes, all day long.

Comparison Of Current Continuous Glucose Monitors

A continuous glucose monitor or CGM reveals short-term trends in glucose as they happen.

Each sensor comes pre-loaded in a single-use applicator that applies the sensor to the skin, making insertion easy.

Medtronic offers the Guardian Connect as a standalone CGM or the Guardian sensor that integrates with the Medtronic 670G().

Medtronic’s Guardian 4 sensor has already received CE approval in Europe, requires calibrations, and readings are directly used for bolus calculations.

On its own, the Freestyle Libre 2 is not yet a true CGM. You must scan with the reader or smartphone over the sensor to get readings.

The Libre 3 sports the smallest CGM size, a one-piece applicator, glucose readings on your cell phone, and no requirement for finger-stick calibrations.

Reader: $175. $1400 for sensor, transmitter, and supplies, plus cost of insertion in doctor’s office.

10 Best 10 Continuous Glucose Monitor – Expert Review Of 2022

Easy to Use: The blood glucose monitor is with code-free design, ready for testing once insert the strip correctly; the quick guide inside the package lists the steps to do a test clearly, easy to follow; any problem about operation, we are here ready to answer and provide glucose monitoring system instructional videos.

More Clearly Glucose Trend: 4 modes to record your glucose value according to different time, shows your glucose trend more clearly; 450 blood sugar values storage, continuous 14/21/28/60/90 day average, which bring more convenient Diabetes management for you and your health provider.

YOU GET – FDA Cleared Dario All-In-One Blood Glucose Meter & Lancing device + 25 Test Strips + 10 Lancets + Dario App.✔️ THE APP – You are able to monitor and track your progress and share it with your doctor using your smartphone.

Do you get stressed out thinking about shopping for a great continuous glucose monitor? Do doubts keep creeping into your mind? We understand, because we’ve already gone through the whole process of researching continuous glucose monitor, which is why we have assembled a comprehensive list of the greatest continuous glucose monitor available in the current market.

Huts Frankand Angies has done the best we can with our thoughts and recommendations, but it’s still crucial that you do thorough research on your own for continuous glucose monitor that you consider buying.

Huts Frankand Angies provides an continuous glucose monitor buying guide, and the information is totally objective and authentic.

How did we create this buying guide? We did it using a custom-created selection of algorithms that lets us manifest a top-10 list of the best available continuous glucose monitor currently available on the market.

Who uses a CGM? There is evidence to suggest CGM may be beneficial for both adults and children with type 1 diabetes who have not achieved their blood sugar targets or have difficulty with hypoglycemia.

Where can you get a CGM? Those interested in purchasing or learning more about CGM available in Canada can contact the following companies*: www.

In their own words… Why did you choose CGM technology for your diabetes management? Karen Kemp, 62 years, Ontario I choose CGM technology for several reasons to manage my diabetes.

How long have you been using CGM? I have been using a CGM System off and on for the past 11 years.

How long have you been using CGM? Since January 2018 Caitlin Gallant, 22 years, Prince Edward Island What would you say to someone who is considering a CGM? CGMs can seem overwhelming, but it really is the best tool I have to manage my diabetes.

Why did you choose CGM technology for your diabetes management? Before I got the CGM, I felt like a pin cushion.

What would you say to someone who is considering a CGM? I would recommend the CGM. I also like that it has alarms on it to alert me of a low or of a high.

7 Best Glucose Monitors 2022: From Affordable To Continuous

Home glucose monitors can help you keep tabs on your diabetes and lower your risk of complications.

To make the process easier, we rounded up the seven best glucose monitors available.

Above all, we included glucose monitors that are reportedly the most accurate.

It’s always a good idea to check with your insurance carrier to see which home glucose monitors are covered in part or in full by your policy.

If you have a recent diabetes diagnosis and are looking for a glucose meter that’s both easy to use and affordable, you may consider the traditional blood glucose monitoring system from Care Touch.

Best for extra features on a budgetWalgreens TrueMetrix Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter.

These seven glucose monitors offer benefits – and some drawbacks – to consider when making your ultimate selection.

Post Idea #4: Acadia Realty Trust

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Acadia Realty Trust Stock Quote

Acadia Realty Trust is a real estate investment trust, which engages in delivering operating platforms and investment strategy.

It operates through the following business segments: Core Portfolio, Funds, and Structured Financing.

The Core Portfolio segment consists of retail properties.

The Structured Financing segment involves earnings and expenses related to notes and mortgages receivable which are held within the Core Portfolio or the Funds.

The company was founded by Kenneth F. Bernstein in 1964 and is headquartered in Rye, NY..

Acadia Realty Trust Provides Acquisition Update And Will Present At The Citi 2022 Global Property CEO Conference

Acadia Realty Trust today announced that the Company completed approximately $124 million of Core acquisitions.

The Company will also participate and present at the Citi 2022 Global Property CEO Conference, which will be held on March 6-9, 2022 in Hollywood, FL. Core Portfolio Acquisitions.

In March 2022, the Company, in connection with Osiris Ventures, completed the acquisition of 8833 Beverly Boulevard in the Design District of West Hollywood, California for approximately $24 million expanding its existing footprint in Los Angeles.

Acadia will participate in the Citi 2022 Global Property CEO Conference, which will be held on March 6-9, 2022 in Hollywood, FL. Kenneth F. Bernstein, Acadia’s President and Chief Executive Officer, is scheduled to make a company presentation on Monday, March 7, 2022 at 11:15 a.m. ET. Acadia will also host individual meetings with investors during the conference.

Accordingly, investors should monitor the Investors page, in addition to following the Company’s press releases, SEC filings, public conference calls, presentations and webcasts.

The factors described above are not exhaustive and additional factors could adversely affect the Company’s future results and financial performance, including the risk factors discussed under the section captioned “Risk Factors” set forth under the headings “Item 1A. Risk Factors” and “Item 7. Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations” in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2021 and other periodic or current reports the Company files with the SEC. These risks and uncertainties should be considered in evaluating any forward-looking statements contained or incorporated by reference herein.

The Company expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to release publicly any updates or revisions to any forward-looking statements contained herein to reflect any changes in the Company’s expectations with regard thereto or changes in the events, conditions, or circumstances on which such forward-looking statements are based.

Acadia Realty Trust Quote

There is no one analyst in which a Quantitative Star Rating and Fair Value Estimate is attributed to; however, Mr. Lee Davidson, Head of Quantitative Research for Morningstar, Inc., is responsible for overseeing the methodology that supports the quantitative fair value.

As an employee of Morningstar, Inc., Mr. Davidson is guided by Morningstar, Inc.’s Code of Ethics and Personal Securities Trading Policy in carrying out his responsibilities.

Morningstar Quantitative ratings for equities are generated using an algorithm that compares companies that are not under analyst coverage to peer companies that do receive analyst-driven ratings.

Companies withratings are not formally covered by a Morningstar analyst, but are statistically matched to analyst-rated companies, allowing our models to calculate a quantitative moat, fair value, and uncertainty rating.

Acadia Realty Trust is a real estate investment trust which specializes in the operation, management, leasing, renovation, and acquisition of shopping centers and mixed-use properties with retail components.

The company’s portfolios are located primarily in metropolitan areas of the United States.

The company operates through three segments: core portfolio, which includes the properties of the trust and generates the majority of total revenue; funds, which comprises the funds launched by the trust; and structured financing, which consists of notes receivable and related interest income.

Man Group Plc Makes New $533,000 Investment In Acadia Realty Trust

Man Group plc acquired a new position in Acadia Realty Trust in the 3rd quarter, HoldingsChannel reports.

Marshall Wace North America L.P. purchased a new stake in Acadia Realty Trust in the 2nd quarter worth approximately $446,000.

Macquarie Group Ltd. lifted its holdings in Acadia Realty Trust by 54.3% in the 2nd quarter.

Zacks Investment Research cut Acadia Realty Trust from a “Hold” rating to a “Sell” rating in a research note on Monday, November 29th. Truist Financial raised their target price on Acadia Realty Trust from $25.00 to $26.00 and gave the company a “Buy” rating in a research note on Thursday, December 2nd. In other Acadia Realty Trust news, EVP Christopher Conlon sold 10,000 shares of Acadia Realty Trust stock in a transaction on Tuesday, December 14th. The stock was sold at an average price of $20.81, for a total value of $208,100.

Acadia Realty Trust last announced its quarterly earnings data on Monday, February 14th. The real estate investment trust reported $0.03 earnings per share for the quarter, beating the Zacks’ consensus estimate of $0.01 by $0.02.

The ex-dividend date of this dividend is Wednesday, March 30th. This represents a $0.72 dividend on an annualized basis and a yield of 3.36%. Acadia Realty Trust’s payout ratio is presently 230.78%. Acadia Realty Trust Profile.

Acadia Realty Trust is a real estate investment trust, which engages in delivering operating platforms and investment strategy.

Acadia Realty Trust today announced the date of the Company’s 2022 Annual Shareholder Meeting.

Acadia’s Board of Trustees has set the meeting date for Thursday, May 5, 2022 at 1:00 p.m., EST. As this will be conducted as a virtual meeting, shareholders will be able to attend, vote and submit questions via live webcast by visiting www.

Acadia Realty Trust is an equity real estate investment trust focused on delivering long-term, profitable growth via its dual – Core Portfolio and Fund – operating platforms and its disciplined, location-driven investment strategy.

ADVERTISEMENT.Certain statements in this press release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.

Forward-looking statements, which are based on certain assumptions and describe the Company’s future plans, strategies and expectations are generally identifiable by the use of words, such as “May,” “Will,” “Should,” “Expect,” “Anticipate,” “Estimate,” “Believe,” “Intend” or “Project,” or the negative thereof, or other variations thereon or comparable terminology.

The factors described above are not exhaustive and additional factors could adversely affect the Company’s future results and financial performance, including the risk factors discussed under the section captioned “Risk Factors” in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2020 and other periodic or current reports the Company files with the SEC. Any forward-looking statements in this press release speak only as of the date hereof.

The Company expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to release publicly any updates or revisions to any forward-looking statements contained herein to reflect any changes in the Company’s expectations with regard thereto or changes in the events, conditions, or circumstances on which such forward-looking statements are based.

Post Idea #5: RPT Realty

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RPT Realty To Present At The 2022 Citi Global Property CEO Conference

NEW YORK, March 03, 2022 – RPT Realty announced today that President and Chief Executive Officer, Brian Harper, will present at the 2022 Citi Global Property CEO Conference in Hollywood, FL. The Company’s presentation is scheduled for Monday, March 7, 2022 at 4:15PM ET. A live webcast will be available online on the Company’s website at investors.

The company will post an updated 4Q21 Investor Presentation prior to the start of the conference, available online on the Company’s website at investors.

RPT Realty owns and operates a national portfolio of open-air shopping destinations principally located in top U.S. markets.

The Company’s shopping centers offer diverse, locally-curated consumer experiences that reflect the lifestyles of their surrounding communities and meet the modern expectations of the Company’s retail partners.

The Company is a fully integrated and self-administered REIT publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

The common shares of the Company, par value $0.01 per share are listed and traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “RPT”.

As of December 31, 2021, the Company’s property portfolio consisted of 47 wholly-owned shopping centers, 10 shopping centers owned through its grocery anchored joint venture, 38 retail properties owned through its net lease joint venture and one net lease retail property that was held for sale by the Company, which together represent 14.6 million square feet of gross leasable area.

RPT Realty Shares Bought By Dimensional Fund Advisors LP

Dimensional Fund Advisors LP raised its holdings in RPT Realty by 0.1% during the third quarter, HoldingsChannel reports.

Dimensional Fund Advisors LP’s holdings in RPT Realty were worth $16,332,000 as of its most recent filing with the SEC. Other institutional investors have also recently modified their holdings of the company.

FORA Capital LLC acquired a new position in shares of RPT Realty during the second quarter worth about $42,000.

First Quadrant L P CA acquired a new position in shares of RPT Realty during the third quarter worth about $42,000.

M&G Investment Management Ltd. acquired a new position in shares of RPT Realty during the third quarter worth about $138,000.

Vident Investment Advisory LLC acquired a new position in shares of RPT Realty during the third quarter worth about $151,000.

RPT Realty had a net margin of 32.15% and a return on equity of 8.86%. RPT Realty’s revenue for the quarter was up 17.3% on a year-over-year basis.

RPT Realty To Present At The 2022 Citi Global Property CEO

NEW YORK, March 03, 2022 – RPT Realty announced today that President and Chief Executive Officer, Brian Harper, will present at the 2022 Citi Global Property CEO Conference in Hollywood, FL. The Company’s presentation is scheduled for Monday, March 7, 2022 at 4:15PM ET. A live webcast will be available online on the Company’s website at investors.

The company will post an updated 4Q21 Investor Presentation prior to the start of the conference, available online on the Company’s website at investors.

The Company’s shopping centers offer diverse, locally-curated consumer experiences that reflect the lifestyles of their surrounding communities and meet the modern expectations of the Company’s retail partners.

The Company is a fully integrated and self-administered REIT publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

The common shares of the Company, par value $0.01 per share are listed and traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “RPT”. As of December 31, 2021, the Company’s property portfolio consisted of 47 wholly-owned shopping centers, 10 shopping centers owned through its grocery anchored joint venture, 38 retail properties owned through its net lease joint venture and one net lease retail property that was held for sale by the Company, which together represent 14.6 million square feet of gross leasable area.

As of December 31, 2021, the Company’s pro-rata share of the aggregate portfolio was 93.1% leased.

For additional information about the Company please visit rptrealty.com.

RPT Realty Quote

There is no one analyst in which a Quantitative Star Rating and Fair Value Estimate is attributed to; however, Mr. Lee Davidson, Head of Quantitative Research for Morningstar, Inc., is responsible for overseeing the methodology that supports the quantitative fair value.

As an employee of Morningstar, Inc., Mr. Davidson is guided by Morningstar, Inc.’s Code of Ethics and Personal Securities Trading Policy in carrying out his responsibilities.

Morningstar Quantitative ratings for equities are generated using an algorithm that compares companies that are not under analyst coverage to peer companies that do receive analyst-driven ratings.

Companies withratings are not formally covered by a Morningstar analyst, but are statistically matched to analyst-rated companies, allowing our models to calculate a quantitative moat, fair value, and uncertainty rating.

RPT Realty is a self-managed real estate investment trust that invests in and manages retail properties.

The company’s property portfolio mainly consists of regional and urban shopping centres in metropolitan areas of the United States, and land available for development or sale.

The company generates the majority of revenue from leasing properties to tenants, which include chain stores, supermarkets, homeware and furniture stores, and food retailers.

RPT Realty

RPT Realty, formerly known as RAMCO Properties Trust and Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust, is a publicly traded real estate investment trust that owns and operates open-air shopping centers.

As of August 4, 2021, the company owned 50 shopping centers comprising 12.6 million square feet.

In 1975, William Gershenson’s four sons, Joel, Dennis, Richard and Bruce Alan, along with associate Mike Ward, took over leadership of the company, with each son responsible for a different division.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the company developed 35 Kmart stores.

In 1996, the company merged with RPS Realty Trust and became a public company via a reverse merger, changing its name to Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust.

In 2004, the company acquired 7 properties for $138.3 million.

On May 2, 2018, the company changed its name to RAMCO. On October 31, 2018, the company changed its name to RPT Realty.

Post Idea #6: Demulsifier

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Group 1: These alkoxylated butyl, amyl and nonyl phenol resins have the broadest treating range in all gravity crudes.

The use of these resins allows lower treating temperatures.

Group 2 + 4: Are used to treat high gravity crudes, enhance interface, clean up and improve water clarity.

These block polymers are often blended with the Basorol® Group 1 to improve interface and/or water clarity.

Group 3: They act as polishers, brighteners and finishing compounds.

The combination with phenolic resins is recommended to treat low to medium gravity crudes.

Group 5: These alkoxylated polyethyleneimines are often used in combination with the Basorol® Group 1, especially in low to medium gravity crudes.


Demulsifiers, or emulsion breakers, are a class of specialty chemicals used to separate emulsions, for example, water in oil.

They are commonly used in the processing of crude oil, which is typically produced along with significant quantities of saline water.

This water must be removed from the crude oil prior to refining.

If the majority of the water and salt are not removed, significant corrosion problems can occur in the refining process.

The above are usually ethoxylated to provide the desired degree of water/oil solubility.

The addition of ethylene oxide increases water solubility, propylene oxide decreases it.

Commercially available demulsifier formulations are typically a mixture of two to four different chemistries, in carrier solvent(s) such as xylene, heavy aromatic naphtha, Isopropanol, methanol, 2-Ethylhexanol or diesel.


Demulsifier is a chemical used to break emulsions that is, to separate the two phases.

The type of demulsifier selected depends on the type of emulsion, either oil-in-water or water-in-oil.

In chemical desalting, water and demulsifiers are added to the crude, heated so that salts and other impurities dissolve into the water or attach to the water, and then held in a tank where they settle out.

DEMULSIFIER SELECTION. Demulsifier selection is best performed on live crude oil thus the selection process must be performed in the field and is generally performed using the BOTTLE TEST METHOD. Using this method numerous base chemicals can be tested on fresh emulsions and at the exact operating conditions thus a product can be formulated which is specific to the field and the emulsion.

DEMULSIFIER APPLICATION AREA. Factors like the nature of the emulsion and the surface equipment determine the injection point of demulsifiers.

The demulsifiers can be injected downhole, in the manifold or pipelines and by batch in storage tanks.

AQUACON SERIES. The AQUACON SERIES is our range of Demulsifiers and can be designed to suit specific crudes.

Definition From Corrosionpedia

Demulsifiers are extremely active chemicals chosen for restricted solubility in oil and water.

This water should be eliminated from the fossil fuel before processing.

If the bulk of the water and salt are not removed, serious corrosion issues may occur during processing.

Demulsifiers are fuel additives and a category of specialty chemicals that separate emulsions.

Fossil fuel made from a reservoir tends to become mixed with either natural formation water or mixed formation and injection water.

This made mixture is termed an oil and water emulsion.

It is crucial that the fossil oil is expeditiously separated from the water to permit dry oil to be exported and clean water to be discharged, thus increasing fossil fuel value and minimizing operational prices.

What Is Demulsifier In Oil And Gas? – MSI

Reducing the flow velocity that allows gravitational separation of oil, water, and gas.

RXSOL Reverse Demulsifier is a proprietary blend of surfactants designed to release emulsified crude oil from the water phase.

Due to a number of factors involved in the production process, oil and water are liable to mix, creating an emulsion.

Demulsification is used for the separation of water from crude oil.

As can be seen in Figure 5, ultrasound can dehydrate crude oil instantaneously, but the dehydration rate is nearly invariable and natural sedimentation has the lowest final dehydration rate; as time goes on, the combined method of ultrasound and chemical demulsifier has the best demulsification effect compared to that.

A demulsifying oil is one that promotes the separation of oil and water, typically resulting in two layers because the water is denser.

An emulsifying oil provides a measure of rust protection by reducing contact between water and metallic parts.

Emulsion Breaker/Demulsifier

NuGenTec’s Proprietary line of emulsion breakers are specifically formulated to destabilize both, oil-in-water and water-in-oil type emulsions when used in low treatment dosages of 50-500ppm with minimal contact time.

Not only removes the water from the emulsion but also helps in the following manners: lowers operating cost, lowers emissions, and reduces wastage and its disposal cost.

NuFlo™ Emulsion breakers not only reduce the negative effects of emulsions but also increases the profits by recovery of material, and thereby increases the efficiency of the operator.

Removes water from petrochemical, natural oils & water-gas mixture.

Increases equipment life and lower operating costs with a high return on investment.

FeaturesTo the best of our knowledge, this product is California Prop 65 compliant.

Page 2 / 10 Revision Date: 01-Oct-2017 BELL-233 – DEMULSIFIER EB Most important symptoms and effects Symptoms See Section 11 for more detailed information on health effects and symptoms.

TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION Information on likely routes of exposure Product Information Eye Contact Avoid contact with eyes.

Information on physical, chemical and toxicological effects Symptoms No symptoms known or expected.

Product Toxicological Information Acute oral toxicity Acute toxicity estimate: > 5,000 mg/kg Acute inhalation toxicity Acute toxicity estimate: > 40 mg/l Skin corrosion/irritation No data available Serious eye damage/eye irritation No data available Respiratory or skin sensitization No data available Carcinogenicity Chemical Name Naphthalene 91-20-3 Ethylbenzene 100-41-4 ACGIH X IARC Group 2B X Group 2B NTP Reasonably Anticipated OSHA X X Page 6 / 10 Revision Date: 01-Oct-2017 BELL-233 – DEMULSIFIER EB Reproductive effects No data available Germ cell mutagenicity No data available Teratogenicity No data available STOT – single exposure No data available STOT – repeated exposure No data available Aspiration toxicity No data available Components Ethylbenzene – LD50 rabbit: 15,400 mg.

DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS Waste Treatment Methods Disposal of Wastes The product should not be allowed to enter drains, water courses or the soil.

The information given is designed only as a guidance for safe handling, use, processing, storage, transportation, disposal and release and is not to be considered a warranty or quality specification.

The information relates only to the specific material designated and may not be valid for such material used in combination with any other materials or in any process, unless specified in the text.

Post Idea #7: Polish złoty

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Polish Złoty

1939 2 grosze 17.6 0.96 2 brass Polish coat of arms’ eagle, inscription: “Rzeczpospolita Polska” and the year of minting denomination with a simple plant ornament 1923 1923 1939 2 grosze 17.6 0.98 2 bronze Polish coat of arms’ eagle, inscription: “Rzeczpospolita Polska” and the year of minting denomination with a simple plant ornament 1923 1925 1927 1928.

1939 5 groszy 20 1.12 3 brass Polish coat of arms’ eagle, inscription: “Rzeczpospolita Polska” and the year of minting denomination with a simple plant ornament 1923 1923 1939 5 groszy 20 1.14 3 bronze Polish coat of arms’ eagle, inscription: “Rzeczpospolita Polska” and the year of minting denomination with a simple plant ornament 1923 1925 1928 1930.

Obverse pictures Reverse pictures Denomination Diameter(mm) Mass(g) Composition Edge Obverse Reverse Issued Producer 1 grosz 15.5 1.64 manganese brass rifled denomination with a leaf ornament Polish coat of arms’, inscription: “Rzeczpospolita Polska” and the year of minting 1990-3.

Mennica Warszawska steel galvanized by brass Polish coat of arms’, inscription: “Rzeczpospolita Polska” and the year of minting 2013-6 The Royal Mint 2 grosze 17.5 2.13 manganese brass smooth denomination with a leaf ornament Polish coat of arms’, inscription: “Rzeczpospolita Polska” and the year of minting 1990-2.

Mennica Warszawska steel galvanized by brass Polish coat of arms’, inscription: “Rzeczpospolita Polska” and the year of minting 2013-6 The Royal Mint 5 groszy 19.5 2.59 manganese brass milled: 4 rows, each has 12 dents denomination with a leaf ornament Polish coat of arms’, inscription: “Rzeczpospolita Polska” and the year of minting 1990-3.

Mennica Warszawska steel galvanized by brass Polish coat of arms’, inscription: “Rzeczpospolita Polska” and the year of minting 2013-6 The Royal Mint 10 groszy 16.5 2.51 cupronickel milled: 4 rows, each has 10 dents denomination with a bush ornament Polish coat of arms’, inscription: “Rzeczpospolita Polska” and the year of minting 1990-3.

Mennica Warszawska 1 złoty 23 5.00 cupronickel milled: 2 rows, each has 16 dents denomination with a leaf ornament, in a circle Polish coat of arms’, inscription: “Rzeczpospolita Polska” and the year of minting 1990-5.

Polish Zloty Rates, News, And Tools

Our currency rankings show that the most popular Polish Zloty exchange rate is the PLN to USD rate.

The currency code for Zlotych is PLN, and the currency symbol is zł.

Below, you’ll find Polish Zloty rates and a currency converter.

The Poland Currency Traveler’S Guide 🇵🇱

Planning your first holiday or business trip to Poland? Wondering how to use money in this growing European country? Not sure in which currency you will be able to pay? Looking for an iPhone currency calculator app for calculating currency conversions? No worries! As a native Pole living in Poland, I will explain to you everything you need to know about using the native money – Polish zloty – in my home country.

In short – the official currency that is in use in Poland is Polish Zloty, and 1 złoty is subdivided into 100 groszy.

If you will be paying with the 500 PLN in your hand, vendors can be suspicious – it’s totally normal, as we don’t see 500 denomination on a daily basis.

Pound to zloty, dollar to zloty, euro to zloty? The best way to calculate currency conversions is by using our free iPhone app – MixCoin.

USD to PLN, PLN to USD.GBP to PLN, PLN to GBP.EUR to PLN, PLN to EUR.KRW to PLN, PLN to KRW.CZK to PLN, PLN to CZK.HUF to PLN, PLN to HUF.RUB to PLN, PLN to RUB.UAH to PLN, PLN to UAH.CNY to PLN, PLN to CNY.CAD to PLN, PLN to CAD. … and many more.

The easiest way to obtain the currency is going to the currency exchange place, or withdrawing money directly in any ATM machine.

FAQ Is Polish zloty still in use? Yes, it is, and it’s the only official currency in use in Poland.

The exchange rate for the Dollar has increased +8,60% against the Polish złoty in the last 30 days, rising from 4,02 to 4,36 Zlotys per Dollar.

Today, you will get more Zlotys for an amount in Dollars than you would have just a month ago.

According to the BIS, the Polish złoty is the 22nd most traded currency.

The world’s 24th largest economy, Poland has a nominal GDP of 474.783 million US Dollars, with total exports of $198 billion USD. The rate of inflation in Poland was 9.40% in 2015.

Using this currency converter, you can find the latest exchange rate for the Polish złoty and a calculator to convert from Zlotys to Dollars.

You can use this calculator offline while travelling in Poland.

1993-2021 Historical

The USDPLN increased 0.1218 or 2.81% to 4.4583 on Friday March 4 from 4.3365 in the previous trading session.

Historically, the Polish Zloty reached an all time high of 4.73 in October of 2000.

Polish Zloty – data, forecasts, historical chart – was last updated on March of 2022.

The Polish Zloty is expected to trade at 4.00 by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations.

Looking forward, we estimate it to trade at 4.09 in 12 months time.

Polish Currency

The National Bank of Poland has the exclusive right to issue currency in the country.

Coins range from 1 groszy to 5 zlotys, and bills are issued in amounts varying between 10 and 200 zlotys.

Before the introduction of the zloty, many currency systems had existed in Poland.

The zloty has continued as Poland’s currency unit, though it has undergone many alterations, particularly with regard to its value and subdivisions, and foreign currencies, such as Russian rubles in the 19th century, have been used in Poland at various times.

Following World War I, when Poland suffered from hyperinflation, a new zloty was introduced to help stabilize the economy.

In 1995, to help revive the economy, Poland’s postcommunist regime introduced a new zloty at a rate of 10,000 old zlotys to 1 new zloty.

Thereafter the currency became convertible on international markets, and the government later pegged the zloty to the euro, the European Union’s single currency.

Current Polish Zloty Banknotes

Convert your leftover current Polish Zloty banknotes to cash using our hassle-free online exchange service.

The Fourth Zloty replaced the Third Zloty at a rate of 10,000 old zloty to 1 new zloty.

Issued by the Warsaw-based National Bank of Poland, the Polish zloty banknotes in use today have the same design but improved security features.

We exchange these modern Polish Zloty notes free of charge.

We also give cash for Polish Zloty coins and old Polish Zloty banknotes.

Do you have current Polish Zloty banknotes like the ones in the pictures below? Add the amount you want to exchange to your Wallet.

You’ll see exactly how much money you’ll get for your Polish Zloty.

Post Idea #8: Enterprise search

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What Is Enterprise Search?: How It Works, Use Cases & Tools

Enterprise search is a valuable tool for businesses since it allows employees to perform instant searches within the company’s knowledge base.

Enterprise search is a way of search that helps employees find the data from one or multiple databases in a single search query.

Enterprise search enables these features in a single search query.

Enterprise search engines have some common use cases.

Talent Search: Enterprise search engines can match candidates with job descriptions from the database of potential candidates.

Insight Engines: Insight engines are an evolved version of enterprise search since insight engines can leverage AI capabilities to search queries.

Apply search analytics: Collect query data of users so that you can gain insights about your search engine performance and the topics researched by your users.

What Is Enterprise Search?

The practice of identifying and enabling specific content across the enterprise to be indexed, searched, and displayed to authorized users.

Enterprise search is how your organization helps people seek the information they need from anywhere, in any format, from anywhere inside their company – in databases, document management systems, on paper, wherever.

If you’re looking for a dictionary definition, search is the practice of identifying and enabling specific content across the enterprise to be indexed, searched, and displayed to authorized users.

Searching is more than just typing something into a search box and getting a result.

Enterprise search is made up of several sub-systems.

What happens first is that a “Crawler” crawls directories and websites, and extracts content from databases and other repositories, and arranges for content to be transferred to it on a regular basis so it can notify the search engine that new information is available.

These functions group information into logical categories that in turn can be searched and return results to users based on how the particular search engine has categorized them.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 enables users to search through data, metadata, and documents that are attached to records by using either the Microsoft Dynamics AX client or Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Users can search for common nouns, such as ‘customer’ and ‘cash flow report.

‘ Users can also search for specific data, such as a customer name, product ID, or telephone number.

The search box is prominently displayed in the Microsoft Dynamics AX client, and users can view recent search terms in a list.

One of these products must be available in the computing environment before you can install Enterprise Search.

The topics in this section provide information about Enterprise Search.

Elastic Enterprise Search

Add rich, relevant search to your apps and websites with App Search.

Unify all your team’s content into a personalized search experience with Elastic Workplace Search.

Use the free and open source Search UI to build premium search experiences.

Elastic Enterprise Search is Elasticsearch, with a complete set of specialized tools and extensible APIs that make it easy to build search solutions and give users the best answers, every time.

Elasticsearch is completely configurable, so you can choose your own adventure – a bespoke experience that you develop yourself with ground-breaking vector search and NLP capabilities or layer on intuitive tools to simplify ingestion, tune relevance, and monitor your search performance.

Get started building search with premium, flexible tools such as Search UI, search-as-you-type, web crawler, Cloud and SaaS connectors, vector search, cross-cluster search, robust APIs, dynamic schemas, and client libraries.

AWS, Google Cloud, Azure – you can use Elastic Enterprise Search on whichever cloud platform you’d like.

4 Leading Enterprise Search Software To Look For In 2021

In this post, we want to guide you through the top 4 enterprise search software solutions covering their pros and cons to help you make the right decision for your business.

Algolia is one of the leading enterprise search software solutions utilized by such giants as Medium, Zendesk, LVMH, Dior, Discovery, Decathlon, Lacoste, Under Armour, Stripe, Slack, and others.

This enterprise search software provides you with a real-time voice search feature within multiple devices like desktop, mobile, or even voice assistant devices.

Specific search API.Algolia AI. You can learn more details about each enterprise search software feature on their official website.

Azure enterprise search software provides indexers that automate data ingestion and JSON serialization that greatly boost search performance.

In order to help you choose the best enterprise search software, let’s look at the comparison of Elasticsearch vs Algolia vs Azure vs Swiftype below.

If you want to implement a powerful and effective enterprise search software for your app or website, the choice of the right high-performance search engine tool will be critical for your project and based on your use cases.

Post Idea #9: Philadelphia 76ers

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Cleveland Cavaliers At Philadelphia 76ers Odds, Picks And Prediction

The Philadelphia 76ers seek a fifth straight win when they host the Cleveland Cavaliers Friday.

Tip-off from Wells Fargo Center will be at 7 p.m. ET. Below, we look at the Cavaliers vs. 76ers odds and lines, and make our expert NBA picks, predictions and bets.

Odds provided by Tipico Sportsbook; access USA TODAY Sports Scores and Sports Betting Odds hub for a full list.

Cavaliers at 76ers odds, lines, picks and predictions Prediction.

Philadelphia still needs to be tested after crushing the Knicks and Timberwolves, but the 76ers are playing some great ball right now regardless of the opponent.

Bet the 76ERS -7.5 to cover the spread at home, where they’re 17-13 straight up this season.

If you’re looking for more sports betting picks and tips, access all of our content at SportsbookWire.com and BetFTW. Please gamble responsibly.

It’S Official: DeAndre Jordan Signs With Philadelphia 76ers

After trading away Andre Drummond to Brooklyn in the James Harden deal, the 76ers have been desperate for help at backup center.

Philadelphia will give veteran DeAndre Jordan a shot to fill that role; he has officially signed with the 76ers.

Note to Sixers fans who think their team found the answer: DeAndre Jordan had fallen out of the rotation with the struggling Lakers, the team was 10.5 points per 100 possessions worse when he was on the court this season, and ultimately he was waived to make roster space for journeyman guard D.J. Augustin.

Jordan was an All-NBA center back in 2016, but since then Father Time has won the race.

There weren’t better options out there for Philadelphia, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Jordan will be good in the locker room and could surprise on the court.

Three Things to Know: Can we get seven games of Bucks vs. Heat? NBA Power Rakings: Suns stay on top, barely, with Heat, Grizzlies close James Harden: ‘I’m one of the best teammates that the NBA’s…. It’s official: DeAndre Jordan signs with Philadelphia 76ers originally appeared on NBCSports.com.

Center DeAndre Jordansigned with the Philadelphia 76ers for the rest of the season after he cleared waivers on Thursday, the team announced.

Teams had until 5 p.m. ET on Thursday to make a claim on Jordan.

The Los Angeles Lakers waived Jordan on Tuesday, using the roster spot to sign veteran guard DJ Augustin.

Jordan, who signed a one-year, $2.6 million minimum deal to join the Lakers this season, will save the Sixers $2.3 million in luxury tax by signing a free-agent deal instead of getting claimed on waivers.

The Sixers have an open roster spot to take on Jordan.

Jordan, 33, started 19 games this season before dropping out of the team’s rotation.

Jordan was All-NBA first team with the Clippers in 2016, and he was a two-time All-NBA defensive first-team choice in 2015 and 2016.

Philadelphia 76ers

In the 1964-65 season, the 76ers acquired the legendary Wilt Chamberlain from the Warriors; Chamberlain had been a high school legend at Overbrook High School in Philadelphia and began his career with the Warriors while they still played in Philadelphia.

In the 1967-68 season, with a new home court in the form of The Spectrum to defend their championship, once again the 76ers made it back to the NBA Playoffs and in the rematch of the previous year’s semifinals, the 76ers held a 3-1 series lead over the Celtics, before the Celtics staged a dramatic comeback to beat the Sixers in seven games.

The 76ers finished the season with a 9-73 record, leading the skeptical Philadelphia press to call them the “Nine and 73-ers”.

In the 1975-76 season, the 76ers acquired George McGinnis from the Indiana Pacers of the ABA. With him, the 76ers were back in the playoffs after a five-year absence, and even though they lost to the Buffalo Braves in three games, a doctor would come along and get the team healthy enough to stay in perennial contention.

In the 1991-92 season, the 76ers went 35-47 and missed the playoffs for just the second time during Barkley’s eight seasons in Philadelphia.

On February 22, Iverson announced he was leaving the 76ers indefinitely to attend to his daughter’s illness, and a few weeks later the 76ers announced that Iverson would return for the rest of the season.

Many consider the 2016 NBA Draft a turning point for the 76ers after their three seasons of not being competitive resulted in the franchise garnering the first overall pick, the first time the team owned the first since 1996 when the 76ers selected point guard Allen Iverson first overall.

Philadelphia 76ers News, Scores, Status, Schedule

Finished with 10 points, three blocks, two assists and one rebound across 25 minutes Wednesday in the 76ers.

After two straight games of three steals, Thybulle switched it up and provided more of an impact in protecting the rim and contesting shots as the 76ers cruised to a comfortable win.

76ers’ Willie Cauley-Stein: Slated to be let go by 76ers.

Cauley-Stein signed a 10-day contract with Philadelphia on Feb. 22, but he’s slated to be let go since the 76ers are expected to sign DeAndre Jordan if he clears waivers Thursday.

Cauley-Stein made two appearances during his stint with Philadelphia and averaged just 2.5 minutes per game.

Finished with 25 points, four rebounds and three assists across 36 minutes Wednesday in the 76ers.

Finished with 27 points, 12 rebounds, four assists, two blocks and one steal across 35 minutes Wednesday in the 76ers.

Sixers Wire: Philadelphia 76ers News, Rumors, Scores And Schedule

Sixers guard Tyrese Maxey discusses confidence in his step back triples 3 hours ago.

Philadelphia 76ers prop bets: 5 props for Sixers vs. Cavaliers 3 hours ago.

Shake Milton, Sixers react to the addition of big man DeAndre Jordan 4 hours ago.

Sixers vs. Cavaliers game preview: How to watch, TV channel, start time 9 hours ago.

Doc Rivers happy with Paul Millsap as backup big man for Sixers 20 hours ago.

James Harden tells Joel Embiid he wants to make his Sixers life easier 22 hours ago.

Player grades: James Harden, Joel Embiid lead Sixers rally past Knicks 2 days ago.

Liberty Ballers, A Philadelphia 76ers Community

The James Harden era has been pretty…pretty good.

Joel Embiid waxed nostalgic for us following James Harden’s emotional Philly debut.

Any of the trio of Harden, Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey would be a fine choice.

The Sixers were aware of how great James Harden is, but even they’ve been blown away by how the former MVP sees the floor.

Harden’s arrival has allowed Maxey to slide into the optimal role offensively.

Adio is joined by Steve Lipman to discuss the early returns on Harden and if the Sixers should embrace the “Heel” role the rest of the season.

James Harden had a fantastic debut with the Sixers, and now they’ll look to build on that performance in New York.

Post Idea #10: NBC Sports Chicago

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NBC Sports Chicago

NBC Sports Chicago is owned by a consortium of Comcast the primary cable provider in the Chicago market, Chicago Bulls and White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, and Chicago Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz.

Through its majority ownership by the owners of each of the three teams, NBC Sports Chicago holds the regional cable television rights to air a majority of games involving the Chicago White Sox Major League Baseball club, the NBA’s Chicago Bulls and the NHL’s Chicago Blackhawks.

NBC Sports Chicago’s flagship program is SportsNet Central, a nightly sports news program featuring live reports and coverage on the Chicago area’s major sports teams as well as game highlights from local and national teams; the program also features special regular segments such as “Luke-A-Likes” and the “Chicago Sports Trivia Question”.

NBC Sports Chicago Plus is an overflow feed of NBC Sports Chicago, which is primarily used to alleviate scheduling conflicts that result when two sports events involving teams that the network holds the right to broadcast are scheduled to occur simultaneously.

NBC Sports Chicago Plus’ HD simulcast feed was previously used as a help channel on Comcast systems when no sports events were being telecast; it now carries programming originally broadcast on the main NBC Sports Chicago network outside of sporting events.

Originally operating as a gametime-only service, cable providers mainly transmit NBC Sports Chicago Plus and NBC Sports Chicago Plus 2 on non-critical networks, with Comcast carrying the primary Plus feed over the channel slot occupied by regional news channel Chicagoland Television or on another slot on its Chicago systems; conversely, Dish Network carries the standard definition feed of the main Plus network on alternating channels assigned by the satellite provider.

NBC Sports Chicago HD is carried on Comcast, RCN, WOW! Internet, Phone and Cable and AT&T U-verse within the Chicago market, and nationally on DirecTV. The network’s overflow feeds, NBC Sports Chicago Plus and NBC Sports Chicago Plus 2, also maintain HD simulcasts: NBC Sports Chicago Plus HD is available only part-time on Directv, Comcast systems within outer markets and full-time on Comcast systems in the Chicago metro area and on AT&T U-verse, while NBC Sports Chicago Plus 2 HD is available only through RCN, AT&T U-verse and DirecTV..

How To Watch NBC Sports Chicago Live Without Cable In 2022

Every fuboTV subscriber can record NBC Sports Chicago to their 250 hours Cloud DVR, or can upgrade to a 1000 hours Cloud DVR. While 3 subscribers can stream at the same time, you can add up to five streams for $10 a month.

Can I watch NBC Sports Chicago with AT&T TV? Yes, AT&T TV includes NBC Sports Chicago as part of their Choice package for $84.99 a month.

Yes, DIRECTV STREAM includes NBC Sports Chicago as part of the DIRECTV STREAM Choice package for $89.99 a month.

Every DIRECTV STREAM subscriber can record NBC Sports Chicago to their Unlimited Cloud DVR, while up to 20 subscribers can stream at the same time.

Every Hulu Live TV subscriber can record NBC Sports Chicago to their 50 hours Cloud DVR, while 2 users can stream at the same time.

For $14.99/month, you can upgrade to a 200 Hour DVR and use on unlimited screens at home and three on-the-road. Hulu Live TV supports a wide-range of devices to stream NBC Sports Chicago including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, iPhone/iPad, Android Phone/Tablet, Mac, Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, and VIZIO Smart TV. Hulu Live TV is not available to stream on.

Can I watch NBC Sports Chicago with YouTube TV? Yes, YouTube TV includes NBC Sports Chicago as part of their YouTube TV package for $64.99 a month.

RELEASE: Blackhawks Announce Broadcast And Content Team For 2021-22

The Blackhawks also announced additional contributors to their broadcast and content teams who will serve in various roles throughout the season, including Adam Burish, Caley Chelios, Colin Fraser, Genna Rose, Patrick Sharp and Andrew Shaw.

“We’re always looking to elevate our fan experience to higher levels, and this is just the start of many exciting things coming on all Blackhawks content channels,” said Blackhawks President of Business Jaime Faulkner.

“Fans will get more information, behind the scenes access and entertaining content this season. We are adding additional experienced and energetic voices to our legendary and popular broadcast booth to further enhance our broadcasts on NBC Sports Chicago and our Blackhawks content channels to showcase the dynamic team we have on the ice.”

“We have been partnering with the Blackhawks since January to develop new elements to this year’s broadcast and adding top talent was a key first move.”

Details on the specific broadcast schedule and announcer pairings will be announced throughout the Blackhawks regular season.

John Wiedeman is well-known to Blackhawks fans and enters his 16th season as the radio voice of the team.

Adam Burish played nine seasons in the NHL including his first four with the Blackhawks – the team that drafted him in 2002.

A specials Bulls broadcast on Monday! Why Chicago Bears may not sign Amari Cooper if Cowboys release him Here’s the NBA coaching jobs offered to Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski Cowboys release Amari Cooper ‘likely,’ Bears should be interested Blackhawks’ Jonathan Toews trying to stiff-arm Father Time How many NBA players did Mike Krzyzewski coach at Duke?

Second to none… Happy Birthday Chicago! 185 looks good on you.

Blackhawks legend Duncan Keith makes anticipated return to Chicago Tyquan Thornton’s blazing 40-yard dash falls short of NFL Combine record 10 observations: Alex DeBrincat lifts Blackhawks to OT win over Oilers Bulls’ Tristan Thompson sets ‘chippy’ tone for Grayson Allen rematch.

10 observations: Bulls’ defense spoils offensive outburst vs. Hawks.

Niklas Hjalmarsson reflects on his time in Chicago .

COVID-19 Vaccine: What to know before this weekend’s Bulls, Blackhawks games Where will Mitch play next year? Is Rodgers staying in Green Bay? And DeMar gets NBA Eastern Conference Player of the Month talk it all on #TheRush NOWPackers, Aaron Rodgers in ‘very good place’ with negotiations Former Bears coach Lovie Smith wows Pat McAfee with jump shot MLB lockout timeline: Sides meet informally, plot course of talks Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan wins East Player of Month for monster February Why MLB won’t lift the lockout without new labor agreement Monday at 6! Join us on NBC Sports Chicago Plus for a very special BetCast of Bulls vs. Sixers.

Discussing Zach LaVine’s free agency, Bulls’ playoff chances.

Post Idea #11: Chicago Bulls

Related Articles – Summarized

Chicago Bulls Prop Bets: 6 Props For Bulls Vs. Bucks

After falling on the road to the Hawks on Thursday night in a high-scoring game, the Bulls will return home to face Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks in the second half of a back-to-back.

Friday’s game tips off at 6:30 p.m. CT on ESPN. You can see our prediction and best bet for the game here.

Before the game tips off, make your picks on the top prop bets for the Bulls vs. Bucks showdown at the United Center.

Read: Magic Johnson compares LaMelo to himself: ‘He’s a gym rat like me’ DeMar DeRozan named Eastern Conference Player of the Month.

Make your selections below to reveal the results and see if other fans agree with your pick!

DeMar DeRozan vs. Giannis: Who will score more points? Zach LaVine vs. Jrue Holiday: Who will have more combined points+assists? Nikola Vucevic vs. Bobby Portis: Who will have more combined points+rebounds? Will any of these players score 30+ points? Bulls vs. Bucks: Who will be the game’s leading scorer? Bulls vs. Bucks: Which team will win?

Bulls Center Has Warning For Grayson Allen

Milwaukee Bucks guard Grayson Allen will not be getting any hugs or high-fives from the opposition on Friday night.

Speaking before his team’s game against the Bucks, Chicago Bulls center Tristan Thompson was asked about Allen’s dirty play during the last Bucks-Bulls matchup and responded with a warning for the former Duke star.

“I think guys have [it] in the back of their head,” Thompson added about the previous history with Allen.

The dirty play in question here occurred the last time that Milwaukee and Chicago met on Jan. 21.

Allen put Bulls guard Alex Caruso on the deck with a flagrant 2 foul, and Caruso suffered a fractured shooting wrist on the play.

The NBA suspended Allen one game for the foul, but Caruso still has not played since the incident.

Allen is not exactly a popular player, making it all the easier for Thompson to adopt his new team’s war as his own war too.

Bucks Vs Bulls Prediction: Bet Against Chicago On No Rest

21+. Capitalizing on scheduling advantages is one of the best ways to gain an advantage betting on the NBA, and Friday night’s matchup between the Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls is a game with an edge.

After a Thursday night road game against the Atlanta Hawks, the Bulls will host Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks, who are well-rested after their comeback win against the Miami Heat on Wednesday night.

In these situations, the Bulls are 0-4 against teams with winning records.

The Bulls find themselves in another situation facing a team over.500, this time against the Bucks – who have dominated them recently.

The Bucks have defeated the Bulls in 13 out their last 14 matchups with the only loss coming on the last day of the 2020-21 season, a game where the Bucks rested their starters.

Although the Bucks defense has dropped off a bit in the absence of Brook Lopez, this is still a better defense than what the Bulls have put on the floor as they’re 11th in Defensive Rating.

With the Bucks being the better overall team and holding a rest advantage, I’ll lay the two points with the Bucks as they look to continue their dominance over their Central Division rival.

Tristan Thompson Just Sent Grayson Allen Retaliatory Warning Prior To Bucks-Bulls Matchup: ‘We Gon’ Have Issues’

Grayson Allen has been a critical piece of the Milwaukee Bucks’ title defense this season, but his reputation as a dirty player came back to haunt him earlier this year in a matchup with the Chicago Bulls.

Allen fouled Chicago guard Alex Caruso on a breakaway layup, Caruso ended up with a broken wrist, and the Bulls have been without their defensive ace since Jan. 21.

Thompson sent a stern warning to Allen that retaliation may be coming his way.

Grayson Allen broke Alex Caruso’s wrist during a Bucks-Bulls game on Jan. 21.

The Bulls got a steal, Caruso caught a pass on the ensuing fast break, and Allen came from behind with a hard foul that sent the former Lakers’ guard to the ground.

Bulls head coach Billy Donovan called the play “Really dangerous” and said it could have jeopardized Caruso’s career.

Tristan Thompson let it be known that Allen should be watching his back.

Chicago Bulls: Breaking News, Rumors & Highlights

In a battle between the top two teams in the Eastern Conference, the Chicago Bulls looked largely unarmed.

The Bulls trailed by as many as 14 points in the first quarter, 19 in the second quarter, and 24 in the third quarter before ultimately falling 112-99 to the Miami Heat on Monday.

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are an American professional basketball team based in Chicago.

The Chicago Bulls became the third NBA franchise in the city, after the Chicago Stags and the Chicago Packers/Zephyrs.

The Bulls started the 2007-08 season by losing 10 of their first 12 games and on December 24, 2007, after a 9-16 start, the Bulls fired head coach Scott Skiles.

In a pivotal Game 3 in Chicago, the Bulls and Cavs battled closely all the way through, but the Bulls prevailed on a last-second buzzer-beating 3-pointer by Derrick Rose.

Virtually all lights in the stadium are then shut off for the Bulls introduction, and a spotlight illuminates each player as he is introduced and runs onto the court; the spotlight is also focused on the Bulls logo prior to the introductions.

At one point, the Bulls also had an alternate logo during the early 1970s, featuring the same Bulls logo, but with a cloud that says “Windy City” below the bull’s nose.

The original uniforms were esthetically close to what the Bulls wear today, featuring the iconic diamond surrounding the Bulls logo on the shorts and block lettering.

Chicago Bulls News, Scores, Status, Schedule

Hawks surge late, Young scores 39 points in win over Bulls.

Scored 22 points while adding seven assists, three rebounds and a block in 34 minutes during Thursday’s 130-124 loss to the Hawks.

Scored 21 points while adding 11 rebounds and five assists in 36 minutes during Thursday’s 130-124 loss to the Hawks.

Scored 22 points while adding eight assists, seven rebounds and two steals in 39 minutes during Thursday’s 130-124 loss to the Hawks.

LaVine has scored 20-plus points in all three of the Bulls.

The 22-year-old has double-doubled in four of his past five contests and is averaging 17.4 points, 10.8 points and 2.5 assists in 16 games during the G League regular season.

The former Illinois standout is averaging 11.6 points, 6.4 assists and 4.2 rebounds per game since joining the starting lineup, and he has scored in double digits in six of his last seven contests.

Post Idea #12: Point-of-care testing

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Point-Of-Care Testing

Is laboratory testing conducted close to the site of patient care.

2.2 Point of Care Testing for Blood GasesPoint of care testing has the potential to deliver rapid blood gas and other critical care test results in close proximity to the patient.

POCT becomes very labor intensive for high volume testing and may have limited benefit if a clinical laboratory is located near the patient care area.

AbstractPoint of care testing devices are available for bedside or physician’s office testing of drugs of abuse using either urine specimen or oral fluid.

For blood gas and electrolyte testing, this includes operating rooms, intensive care units, cardiac catheterization labs, emergency departments, and many primary care clinic settings.

In a medical center which involved the re-structuring of the central laboratory testing paradigm in conjunction to deploying auxiliary diagnostics to significantly reduce the average laboratory testing TATs.

Some of the terms may be more general in meaning, as ancillary or peripheral testing can describe any testing outside of a main laboratory.

Point-Of-Care Testing: Current Techniques And Future Perspectives

POCT shortens the time to clinical decision-making about additional testing or therapy, as delays are no longer caused by transport and preparation of clinical samples, and biochemical-test results are rapidly available at the point of care.

Future utilization of POCT also depends on health-care trends and new areas of application.

Keywords: Bench-top POCT analyzer, Continuous measurement POCT system, Hemostaseological coagulation analyzer, Molecular-biology-based POCT device, POCT, POCT data-manager software, POCT in developing countries, Point-of-care testing, Strip-based POCT, Unit-use analyzer.

The caregiver is mostly overstrained when operating the viscoelastic apparatus, so often these analyses are performed in a central laboratory with online transmission of the sensorgrams to the operating room; so these analyzers can be called “Pseudo-POCT”.Currently, the annual turnover for POCT in vitro diagnostics in Europe stands at approximately €3bn, Germany contributing €0.9bn of this; the majority comes from blood-sugar-test strips and devices for home testing in diabetes.

Type 6 – Molecular biology-based POCT devices for the detection of infectious agents Many companies are currently working on different POCT-suitable DNA-amplification techniques.

A future necessity will be the more structured search protocol for a new POCT method with agreement on the core laboratory method so that the clinical colleagues can assume clinical acceptability of the result variations caused by the POCT method.

All future projects should take into account that POCT can in principle be brought simply to the patient, but not necessarily the expertise of the laboratory doctor.

Point-Of-Care Testing

As the need for faster test results has grown and certain testing devices have become portable and easy to use, medical testing has evolved once again.

Point-of-care testing spans so many areas of medicine that it is best defined by where it’s done – anywhere outside the centralized laboratory – rather than by the kinds of tests that are performed.

In general, point-of-care testing encompasses any tests that are performed at or near a patient and at the site where care or treatment is provided.

A wide variety of people can perform point-of-care tests, including laboratory professionals, emergency first responders, radiologists, doctors, nurses, physician assistants, or other health care practitioners.

As medical care evolves to become more consumer-focused, point-of-care testing will continue to be an important way to perform medical testing.

For you to receive the highest quality care by using these tests, it’s important that point-of-care tests are part of a testing continuum that includes centralized clinical laboratories and a team of health care practitioners.

Rooney, K.D. and Schilling, U.M. Point-of-care testing in the overcrowded emergency department – can it make a difference? Critical Care.

Point-Of-Care Testing

A list of available CLIA-waived testing manufacturers and CPT codes is provided at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid website.

What are the steps to take to begin to offer point-of-care testing services?

Several things should be considered in preparing your pharmacy to offer point-of-care testing services.

Most liability insurance policies will cover appropriate legal practice in terms of dispensing medications, delivering immunizations, and performing point-of-care testing with follow-up-care.

To prevent liability, ensure a protocol is in place that defines point-of-care testing procedures.

Community pharmacists across the nation are offering point-of-care testing services to improve patient access to care and enhance pharmacy revenue.

Want to learn more? Review the research published on providing point-of-care testing in the community pharmacy setting as well as other resources and companies who assist community pharmacies with point-of-care testing services.

POINT-OF-CARE TESTING GUIDELINES Washington State Clinical Laboratory Advisory Council Originally published: October 2000 Reviewed/Revised: March 2005/March 2009/Sept 2013/July 2017 INTRODUCTION For many years, all or the majority of laboratory testing was performed in a central laboratory.

PUB #681-NonDOH 2 COMMITTEE DEVELOPS A POINT-OF-CARE-PROGRAM Hospital, institution or medical clinic point-of-care testing: A written Point-of-Care Program/Policy is important since point-of-care testing tends to expand rapidly unless guidelines or policies are in place.

Who is responsible for each part of the program naming key people? For example: Laboratory Point-of-Care Coordinator: keep database of testing personnel, coordinate training of new personnel, choose testing methods, monitor quality control and proficiency programs, provide ongoing coaching to testing personnel in response to daily monitoring, consult on technical issues, and analyzer meter/troubleshooting.

COMMITTEE REVIEWS ALL SITES FOR POINT-OF-CARE TESTING Hospital, institution or medical clinic point-of-care testing: Point-of-care testing in patient care areas may be unknown to the Point-of-Care Committee members.

All patient care areas should be reviewed for POCT testing such as urine dipsticks, occult blood, urine pregnancy test, glucose testing etc.

EVALUATION OF PROPOSED TESTING Wherever the location of point-of-care testing, the following should be evaluated: Purpose: Why is point-of-care testing performed instead of routine laboratory testing i.e.: turn-around time, reduction of length of stay, patient convenience, improved patient care management.

EVALUATION OF POINT-OF-CARE TESTING PROGRAM A Point-of-Care Testing Program should be monitored and evaluated periodically in order to assure that the program is meeting the needs of its customers, i.e., providers, testing personnel and patients.

Point-Of-Care Testing. An Overview And A Look To The Future

Point-of-care testing is an emerging specialty in laboratory medicine and has attracted considerable interest in the medical literature.

This article presents a general overview of point-of-care testing including its history, menu, clinical utility, aspects of analytical performance, regulatory issues, and management in the hospital setting.

Some perspectives concerning the possible future of point-of-care testing are also presented in view of current issues in the hospital and clinical laboratory.

Johns Hopkins Pathology

We are part of the Pathology Department at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

The purpose of this website is to provide quality assurance information to physicians and nurses.

Documents in this site are the property of the Department of Pathology, Point-of-Care Testing Office at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

These documents may only be used by those operators within the institution that have been trained to perform these tests.

Post Idea #13: Meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions

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What Is MICE?

Implementing tailor-made MICE services into a hotel infrastructure is a way of securing additional long-term valuable growth.

The expenditure of MICE travelers is much higher than leisure travelers, with profitable customers coming from the world of IT, banking, pharmaceuticals, retail and hospitality.

In brief, hotel meetings and corporate events are great way to boost revenue and secure those extra bookings.

Lastly, developing MICE services is the perfect opportunity to enhance a hotel’s reputation and profile, besides its profitability.

The expertise required to excel in MICE tourist management is based on interpersonal, creative, organizational and technical skills.

A DMC aims to offer the full range logistic services in their specialist destinations: meet & greet, transfers & transportation, hotel accommodation, restaurants, activities, excursions, conference venues, themed events and gala dinners.

A number of global events focus on MICE travel, especially the incentive niche, many of which are organized by Questex Travel Group.

MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, And Exhibitions Industry

It is a highly lucrative industry revolving around incentive travel, though there is a distinction between incentivized travel and business conferences.

To understand how incentive travel is different from conferences and events, you have to look at the types of MICE travel together.

All forms of MICE travel need publicity, but the process is very different for incentive travel planners.

Still, incentive travel pros can get plenty out of MICE industry events, especially in terms of networking, so don’t count those out.

Companies with incentive travel programs can promote these offerings at professional conferences and exhibitions as ways of attracting qualified talent.

Though all types of MICE travel involve multiple coordination with third parties, incentive travel planners tend to work closely with both the leisure travel industry and other types of MICE travel professionals.

Unlike the three other areas of MICE travel, incentives are fully or nearly fully paid by the sponsoring company.

Meetings Incentive Conferencing Exhibitions Market Size To Boom Significantly Over 2021-2026

According to expert analysts, the Meetings Incentive Conferencing Exhibitions market value is expected to multiply at a CAGR of XX% over the forecast timeframe.

As cited in the report, the product gamut of the Meetings Incentive Conferencing Exhibitions market includes Meetings and Conferences , Incentives and Exhibitions.

Focuses on the key global Meetings Incentive Conferencing Exhibitions Market manufacturers, to define, describe and analyze the sales volume, value, market share, market competition landscape, SWOT analysis and development plans in the next few years.

Complete analysis on market dynamics, market status and competitive Meetings Incentive Conferencing Exhibitions view is offered.

Forecast Global Meetings Incentive Conferencing Exhibitions Industry trends will present the market drivers, constraints and growth opportunities.

What will the market growth rate of Meetings Incentive Conferencing Exhibitions market?

What are the Meetings Incentive Conferencing Exhibitions market opportunities and threats faced by the vendors in the Global Meetings Incentive Conferencing Exhibitions industries?

Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions

Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions is a type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together.

Other industry educators are recommending the use of “Events industry” to be an umbrella term for the vast scope of the meeting and events and profession.

Most components of MICE are well understood, perhaps with the exception of incentives.

MICE events are usually centered on a theme or topic and are aimed at a professional, school, academic or trade organization or other special interest group.

MICE event locations are normally bid on by specialized convention bureaux in particular countries and cities and established for the purpose of bidding on MICE activities.

Convention bureaus may offer financial subsidies to attract MICE events to their city.

MICE tourism is known for its extensive planning and demanding clientele.

Meetings, Incentives, Conferences And Exhibitions Definition / Meaning

What is the meaning / definition of MICE in the hospitality industry?

The acronym MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions.

The industry is nowadays often also referred to as the meeting industry and event industry, to avoid the affiliation with rodents.

The MICE industry is one of the hospitality industries most profitable sectors, as MICE travellers typically spend large amount of their budget on-site.

MICE groups use the hotels banquet facilities the most, making them highly important for many hotels.

Conferences are similar to meetings as they also have a common interest, topic or reason for exchange.

Though conferences are generally larger and often are spread over multiple days.

Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, And Exhibitions Market Increase Business Activities & Key Growth Opportunities

The mice industry is can be referred to as an international hospitality concept that involves the need for meetings and the participation of its people in order to offer career development, business expansion, and networking opportunities.

Globalization of business coupled with the rise in the international business travelers is a key factor augmenting the growth of the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions market.

The growing use of social media and meeting apps is again propelling the growth of the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions Market.

In February 2021, The Singapore Tourism Board announced the launch of the SingapoReimagine MICE Virtual Show, the first such collaboration between STB and local MICE players.

It offers a study about trending factors that will impact the advancement of the Global Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions Market.

It offers accurate estimations about market size, share, demand, growth over the projected timeline of 2020-2027.➡ It allows dynamic changes according to trends.

Coherent Market Insights is a global market intelligence and consulting organization that provides syndicated research reports, customized research reports, and consulting services.

Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions

Meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions, or Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Events is a type of tourism in which large groups, usually planned well in advance, are brought together for a particular purpose.

Other industry educators are recommending the use of “Events industry” to be an umbrella term for the vast scope of the meeting and events profession.

Most components of MICE are well understood, perhaps with the exception of incentives.

MICE events are usually centered on a theme or topic and are aimed at a professional, academic or trade organization or other special interest group.

MICE event locations are normally bid on by specialized convention bureaux in particular countries and cities and established for the purpose of bidding on MICE activities.

Convention bureaux may offer financial subsidies to attract MICE events to their city.

MICE tourism is known for its extensive planning and demanding clientele.

Post Idea #14: 888 Casino

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£88 No Deposit Bonus

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Online Casino Canada

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Online Casino, Sports Betting & Poker Games

Established in 1997, 888.com quickly developed its brand and reputation as the market leader in the global online gaming industry.

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888.com has consistently demonstrated a clear focus on enriching your gaming experience.

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Place your bets at 888sport and enjoy fully licensed online sports betting.

Casino Academy

Unsurprisingly, 888 Casino is a highly regarded online casino with a great reputation.

The 888 Live Casino has over 20 roulette tables, while the selection of non-live roulette in 888 Casino is considerably smaller.

The section for non-live casino poker isn’t huge, but does include favourites such as Casino Hold’em, Texas Hold’em Pro, and Caribbean Poker.

888 Casino has an excellent live casino with over a hundred different live games to chose from.

Examples of live casino poker tables in 888 Live Casino.

Both the traditional casino and the live casino are available for mobile play, and looks good even on a small screen.

888 Casino is a great destination if you like scratchcards, because this online casino has an unusually big selection of scratchcards, with titles from several different game developers.

Post Idea #15: iGaming Business

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A Beginner’S Guide To The IGaming Industry

1994: Before the birth of online casinos, in 1994, the first ever gambling software was developed by Microgaming, which was one of the largest software developers in the online gambling industry at that time.

1998: Four years after its first breakthrough, Microgaming again launched its first ever online progressive slot jackpot called “Cash Splash.” Coincidentally, 1998 was also the year to witness the birth of the first internet poker room developed by a company called “Planetpoker.”

Multiplayer online gambling was also introduced in late 1999 which allows people to chat and interact with each other during the game.

2000: As we hit the Year 2000, UK Territories such as Isle of Man, Alderney, and Gibraltar also opened their doors to the online gambling industry.

In Australia, the government passed the Interactive Gambling Moratorium Act, which stated that any online casino that was not licensed but operating before May 2000 would be illegal.

The same thing cannot be said for the US when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed in 2006, prohibiting gambling businesses from accepting any payments via the internet for online betting.

2010: Fast forward seven years, mobile devices became the King of technology, and through this platform alone, players have already wagered amount worth $10 billion by 2010!Currently, there are over 85 countries which have legalized online gambling and the net worth of this industry is forecasted to reach $59.79 billion in 2020!

IGaming Business

First Look Games has partnered with iGaming Business, part of Clarion Gaming, to provide affiliates and publishers with access to assets and information for many leading online casino providers.

First Look Games, which connects game developers with affiliate marketers, has formed a strategic partnership with iGaming Business, the iGaming publishing & events division of Clarion Events.

The partnership enables both parties to work together to optimise coverage of new game releases for game studios in what is becoming a crowded marketplace.

Game developers marketing in iGaming Business’ Slots News product will now see their new game titles featured as First Look Premium games in First Look Games, building reach and exposure amongst First Look’s growing publisher network.

First Look Games game developer partners will see their soon-to-release Premium games feature in the popular monthly Slots News product, covering all bases for game developers with a strong audience of operators, platforms and, of course, affiliates.

Rise Of The IGaming Industry: Is The United States Ready To Accept Online Casinos?

With these opportunities, shockwaves are being sent throughout the US, as many more states are proposing new laws related to gambling in an attempt to move the stagnant legislation that currently prohibits many forms of gambling in the US. Scott Manford CEO of Wizard Slots, one of the UK’s leading slots providers, has noted this as an extremely exciting time for gamblers in the United States.

“The current rate of expansion for regulated sports betting in the United States supports the idea that there is both an audience and a financial incentive for states when adopting the practice. Sportsbooks operate at much lower margins, and legislators are quickly catching onto the fact that taxable revenue from virtual casinos could dwarf that of the sports wagering markets.”

There are 2 types of land-based casinos in the US: the Commercial Casinos and the Native Tribe Casinos.

“Data states that there are close to 400 registered casino hotels in the United States, with an estimated value of $54.8 billion this year. The 465 registered non-hotel casinos reported a gross gaming revenue just over $43 billion in 2019. The interest is there,” added one online casino operator.

iGaming is a highly innovative industry that never sleeps, and the online casino sector is leading the way.

A Future Worth Betting On? iGaming industry is a promising niche that is predicted to undergo some changes.

Considering how massive, innovative and dynamic the iGaming industry is, it is bound to become more widely legal across the US. This is not a question of if, but a question of when: perhaps the key to legal and safe online casino gambling lies in technology like Blockchain.

Gambling Software For Sale

After the launch of a gambling project, an operator will receive the following opportunities: Unlimited audience.

The gambling legislation of many states does not establish any restrictions for foreign projects.

Up-to-date gambling software allows owners of virtual establishments to experiment with advanced developments.

Gambling providers build attractive bonus features into their products to maintain audience interest and increase operators’ revenues.

Another way to get qualified legal assistance and many other useful services is to buy a turnkey gambling project.

The purchase of gambling software and the launch of an entertainment site is the best investment in your future success.

We offer promising and lucrative gambling businesses for sale.

Online Gambling In The US

Consumers in Virginia wagered a total of $485.5m on sports during January, a new monthly record for the US state.

888 has secured a new igaming license in Ontario ahead of the Canadian province opening its legal online gambling market next month.

Genting Group-owned Resorts World has become the latest operator to enter the New York mobile sports betting market, launching its new Resorts WorldBET app in.

Sports betting in Iowa enjoyed a positive start to the year as the market experienced an increase in gross gaming revenue during January.

Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling at Sports Betting USA, discusses how the roll-out of legal sports gambling should.

Bet.Works founde rand chief executive David Wang talks about the history of Bet.works and his advice to entrepreneurs in the sports betting industry.

Online betting giant bet365 has announced a brace of improved offers for new customers as it looks to build on its position in the booming.

IGaming Business

iGaming Business is a business-to-business magazine focusing on the online gambling industry.

It launched in 2003, and has two sister magazines – iGaming Business North America and iGB Affiliate.

iGaming Business North America was launched in May 2012 and covers regulatory progress in the United States.

iGB Affiliate launched in 2006 and focuses specifically on the iGaming affiliate market.

It is a bi-monthly publication, in print and online format, and is distributed among the online gambling affiliate community along with an annual affiliate directory – a comprehensive database of iGaming suppliers.

These are free-to-attend for gambling affiliates and are frequently held alongside trade shows such as the International Casino Exhibition and the iGaming Super Show.

iGB Affiliate plans to host its next event from 2-5 February 2022 in London.

Post Idea #16: Calcium carbonate

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Calcium Carbonate: MedlinePlus Drug Information

Calcium carbonate is a dietary supplement used when the amount of calcium taken in the diet is not enough.

Calcium carbonate comes as a tablet, chewable tablet, capsule, and liquid to take by mouth.

Some liquid forms of calcium carbonate must be shaken well before use.

Do not take calcium carbonate as an antacid for more than 2 weeks unless your doctor tells you to.

Before taking calcium carbonate,tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to calcium carbonate or any other drugs.

Do not take calcium carbonate within 1-2 hours of taking other medicines.

If you are taking calcium carbonate on a regular schedule, take the missed dose as soon you remember it.

Calcium Carbonate Uses, Side Effects & Warnings

Calcium carbonate is used to prevent or to treat a calcium deficiency.

There are many brands and forms of calcium carbonate available.

Ask a doctor before using calcium carbonate if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Swallow the calcium carbonate regular tablet with a full glass of water.

Your calcium carbonate dose may need to be adjusted as you make changes to your diet.

Ask a doctor or pharmacist before taking any multivitamins, mineral supplements, or antacids while you are taking calcium carbonate.

If you take other medications, take them at least 2 hours before or 4 or 6 hours after you take calcium carbonate.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is the active ingredient in agricultural lime and is created when calcium ions in hard water react with carbonate ions to create limescale.

Calcium carbonate reacts with water that is saturated with carbon dioxide to form the soluble calcium bicarbonate.

An unusual form of calcium carbonate is the hexahydrate, ikaite, CaCO3·6H2O. Ikaite is stable only below 8 °C. The vast majority of calcium carbonate used in industry is extracted by mining or quarrying.

Modern manufactured chalk is mostly gypsum, hydrated calcium sulfate CaSO4·2H2O. Calcium carbonate is a main source for growing biorock.

Fine ground calcium carbonate is an essential ingredient in the microporous film used in diapers and some building films, as the pores are nucleated around the calcium carbonate particles during the manufacture of the film by biaxial stretching.

Calcium carbonate is used in the production of calcium oxide as well as toothpaste and has seen a resurgence as a food preservative and color retainer, when used in or with products such as organic apples.

Calcium carbonate exists in equilibrium with calcium oxide and carbon dioxide at any temperature.

Calcium Carbonate Oral: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Pictures, Warnings & Dosing

If your doctor has directed you to use this medication, remember that your doctor has judged that the benefit to you is greater than the risk of side effects.

Tell your doctor right away if any of these unlikely but serious side effects occur: loss of appetite, nausea/vomiting, unusual weight loss, bone/muscle pain, mental/mood changes, headache, increased thirst/urination, unusual weakness/tiredness.

Tell your doctor right away if any of this rare but very serious side effects occur: signs of kidney problems.

Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects.

You may report side effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or at www.

In Canada – Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects.

You may report side effects to Health Canada at 1-866-234-2345..

Calcium And Calcium Supplements: Achieving The Right Balance

Calcium and calcium supplements: Achieving the right balance.

Before you consider calcium supplements, be sure you understand how much calcium you need, the pros and cons of calcium supplements, and which type of supplement to choose.

Some studies have shown that high calcium intake from dairy products and supplements may increase risk, whereas another more recent study showed no increased risk of prostate cancer associated with total calcium, dietary calcium or supplemental calcium intakes.

Several different kinds of calcium compounds are used in calcium supplements.

The Supplement Facts label on calcium supplements is helpful in determining how much calcium is in one serving.

Calcium carbonate is 40% elemental calcium, so 1,250 milligrams of calcium carbonate contains 500 mg of elemental calcium.

Calcium supplements can interact with many different prescription medications, including blood pressure medications, synthetic thyroid hormones, bisphosphonates, antibiotics and calcium channel blockers.

Post Idea #17: A+E Networks

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A&E Networks

In July 2012, NBC confirmed plans to divest its 15.8% stake in A&E Networks by way of a share repurchase by A&E Networks, making Disney and Hearst 50-50 partners in the joint venture.

With an early June 2013 promotion to A&E Networks CEO, Nancy Dubuc launched a new in-house production unit, A&E Studios, and hired veteran BBC executive Jana Bennett to serve as the president of Biography Channel and LMN. In December 2013, in response to stagnating viewership in comparison to its sister networks, it was announced that the Biography Channel would be re-launched as FYI, a lifestyle-oriented network, in 2014.

In March 2018, Dubuc resigned as CEO. A&E called back former CEO Abbe Raven to be interim CEO. Paul Buccieri was promoted from president of A&E Studios and A&E Networks Portfolio Group to A&E President in July 2018.

On November 6, 2018, the European Commission approved Disney’s proposed acquisition of 21st Century Fox assets, but ordered A&E Networks International to divest certain factual television networks in the European Economic Area that overlap with the Fox assets being acquired, including Blaze, Crime & Investigation, History, H2, and Lifetime.

In 1997, A&E purchased a one-third stake in Mundo Olé. AETN All Asia Networks was formed in April 2007 through a joint venture between A&E Television Networks and Malaysia’s pay TV provider Astro Overseas Limited.

A+E Networks UK is a joint venture between A&E Television Networks Ltd, in conjunction with BSkyB History Ltd, a unit of Sky owned by Comcast.

AETN All Asia Networks was formed in April 2007 through a joint venture between A&E Television Networks and Malaysia’s pay TV provider Astro Overseas Limited to serve in the Southeast Asian, Hong Kong and Taiwanese markets.

Welcome To A+E Networks

We are always on the lookout for talented candidates who are curious about the world around them and passionate about entertainment.

At A+E Networks you’ll find a community of innovative, creative and inspiring people who aren’t afraid to try new things and collaborate in an effort to stretch the company forward.

Every employee plays a vital role in the future of our company.

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A+E Networks® is an award-winning, global media content company offering consumers a diverse communications environment ranging from linear channels t. .

A+E Networks is an award-winning global media content company offering consumers diverse entertainment experiences across television networks, website.

1 公开Happy #WomensHistoryMonth! This month – and every month – we salute the extraordinary women who paved the way, while celebrating the next generation of change makers, visionaries and leaders.

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A Definition & Meaning

Used as a function word before singular nouns when the referent is unspecified.

3.a. -used as a function word before a singular noun followed by a restrictive modifier.

d. -used as a function word before a proper noun representing an example or type.

e. -used as a function word before a proper noun to indicate limited knowledge about the referent.

f. -used as a function word before a proper noun to distinguish the condition of the referent from a usual, former, or hypothetical condition.

h. -used before the name of a person when the name is being used to refer to something created by that person.

Used as a function word with nouns to form adverbial phrases of quantity, amount, or degree.

Definition Of A By The Free Dictionary

The form an is used before a word beginning with a vowel sound.

Usage is divided with such words as historian, historical, heroic, and habitual, which begin with an unstressed syllable in which h may be weak or silent.

A feminine singular ending of nouns borrowed from Latin and Greek, also used in New Latin coinages to Latinize bases of any origin, and as a Latin substitute for the feminine ending of Greek words: cinchona; pachysandra.

You use a in front of words beginning with consonant sounds and an in front of words beginning with vowel sounds.

You use an in front of words beginning with ‘h’ when the ‘h’ is not pronounced.

An is used in front of the following words beginning with ‘h’:.heirheiressheirloomhonesthonoraryhonourhonourablehourhourly.

You use a in front of words beginning with ‘u’ when the ‘u’ is pronounced /juː/.

A Financial Definition Of A

AFifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol specifying Class A shares.

A1. A symbol appearing next to a stock listed on NASDAQ indicating that the stock is a class A share.

All NASDAQ listings use a four-letter abbreviation; if an “A” follows the abbreviation, this indicates that the security being traded is class A. Publicly-traded companies sometimes issue common shares of different classes, which usually affects the shares’ voting rights.

Class A shares usually, but not always, carry more voting rights than class B shares.

Indicating a class of mutual fund with a front-end load. In this case, a certain amount of one’s investment is deducted for the mutual fund’s salesperson’s commission.

If one invests $50,000 in a mutual fund, a certain amount, say $1,000, is deducted for the commission, resulting in an investment of only $49,000 in the fund.

Used in money market mutual fund transaction tables in newspapers to indicate a yield that may include capital gains and losses as well as current interest: AmCap Reserv a. Wall Street Words: An A to Z Guide to Investment Terms for Today’s Investor by David L. Scott.


The tag defines a hyperlink, which is used to link from one page to another.

The most important attribute of the element is the attribute, which indicates the link’s destination.

Tip: If the tag has no attribute, it is only a placeholder for a hyperlink.

Tip: A linked page is normally displayed in the current browser window, unless you specify another target.

Browser Support Element Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Attributes Attribute Value Description download filename Specifies that the target will be downloaded when a user clicks on the hyperlink href URL Specifies the URL of the page the link goes to hreflang language code Specifies the language of the linked document media media query Specifies what media/device the linked document is optimized for ping list of URLs Specifies a space-separated list of URLs to which, when the link is followed, post requests with the body ping will be sent by the browser.

Referrerpolicy no-referrerno-referrer-when-downgradeoriginorigin-when-cross-originsame-originstrict-origin-when-cross-originunsafe-url Specifies which referrer information to send with the link rel alternateauthorbookmarkexternalhelplicensenextnofollownoreferrernoopenerprevsearchtag Specifies the relationship between the current document and the linked document target blank parent self top Specifies where to open the linked document type media type Specifies the media type of the linked document Global Attributes.

The tag also supports the Global Attributes in HTML. Event Attributes.


A with grave accent, a letter used in French mostly to distinguish some homographs and in transliteration.

Used to make compound nouns to state what something is used for.

Used to describe a part of something, often translated into English as a compound adjective.

Used to indicate the recipient of certain phrasal verb.

Only in the extended alphabet: Q q W w X x Y y. Commonly used: ch.

Edit] In contrast to không which is used to make a yes-no question, is used to seek confirmation, roughly equivalent to Japanese or the English use of tag questions.

Which is similar to Japanese in that it is used to make a light assertion or remark.

AC Hotel Kingston, Jamaica, Kingston

Is kids allow to stay age 15? Good Day, Thank you for reaching out to us, yes kids are certainly allowed.

Is there a microwave oven available in the rooms or in an area for guest usage? Good day, Thank you for reaching out to us, no we don’t have microwaves in our rooms.

Is this a all inclusive hotel? Good day, No we are not an all inclusive however we do have a restaurant/Bar at the hotel.

Now no parking I need to have parking Good day, We have complimentary secure parking on property.

How many guests can the dining area accommodates? Good day, Comfortably 70pax.

Is there a door that can be locked separating the bedroom from the couch area? Good day, No there is no door separating the couch except in the case of an adjoining room where a door separates both rooms.

Most popular amenities 1 swimming pool Restaurant good Fitness Center Non-smoking rooms 24-hour front desk.

Why Does This Symbol €™ Show Up In My Email Messages Almost Always?

I have had the same problem with the character inserted into emails that I have received from some others, and almost always those I have received from myself.

Mozilla seems to have made changes to how it handles font displays.

I have made no changes to my system’s display settings until trying to correct this rather recent problem.

Again, I have never seem these odd characters until recently, and they come from within my own system.

Mozilla has evidently made a change to their systems which affects the display of fonts, even those sent from my system to itself when I have made no changes to my configuration during that time! Pointing to other software vendors’ non-standardization is, at best, an incomplete explanation for this issue.

This is a recent issue that has cropped up during Mozilla’s apparent frantic efforts to get those version numbers to triple digits before 2016 for no clear and valuable reason.

My Tools>Options>Display>Formatting>Advanced>CharacterEncodings settings were originally: Outgoing Mail: Unicode Incoming Mail: Western Per the suggestion above, changed both to Unicode.

Post Idea #19: A&E Network

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A Definition & Meaning

Used as a function word before singular nouns when the referent is unspecified.

3.a. -used as a function word before a singular noun followed by a restrictive modifier.

d. -used as a function word before a proper noun representing an example or type.

e. -used as a function word before a proper noun to indicate limited knowledge about the referent.

f. -used as a function word before a proper noun to distinguish the condition of the referent from a usual, former, or hypothetical condition.

h. -used before the name of a person when the name is being used to refer to something created by that person.

Used as a function word with nouns to form adverbial phrases of quantity, amount, or degree.

Definition Of A By The Free Dictionary

The form an is used before a word beginning with a vowel sound.

Usage is divided with such words as historian, historical, heroic, and habitual, which begin with an unstressed syllable in which h may be weak or silent.

A feminine singular ending of nouns borrowed from Latin and Greek, also used in New Latin coinages to Latinize bases of any origin, and as a Latin substitute for the feminine ending of Greek words: cinchona; pachysandra.

You use a in front of words beginning with consonant sounds and an in front of words beginning with vowel sounds.

You use an in front of words beginning with ‘h’ when the ‘h’ is not pronounced.

An is used in front of the following words beginning with ‘h’:.heirheiressheirloomhonesthonoraryhonourhonourablehourhourly.

You use a in front of words beginning with ‘u’ when the ‘u’ is pronounced /juː/.

Definition Of A By Medical Dictionary

alpha, the first letter of the Greek alphabet, often used to indicate the first member of a series, such as the chain of hemoglobin.

Symbol for adenosine or adenylic acid in polynucleotides; alanine or alanyl in polypeptides.

First substrate in a multisubstrate enzyme-catalyzed reaction.

A Abbreviation for:absorptivityaccelerationchemical activityarterial blood gasatto-A Abbreviation for:abnormalabsorbanceaccessoryacetumactinActinomycesadenineadenosineadmittance Electricityadrenalineadriamycinagarakineticalaninealbino guinea pigalcoholalleleallergistallergyalternating currentalveolar gasampereamphetamineanaphylaxisAngstromanimalanionannealinganteriorantigenantinuclear antibodyaqueousareaarterialarteriolarasbestosasparagineatrialatriumassistatropineauricularaurisaxisa regional street term for LSD ONDCPmass numberradioactivity.

a. Abbreviation for specific absorption coefficient.


A Financial Definition Of A

AFifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol specifying Class A shares.

A1. A symbol appearing next to a stock listed on NASDAQ indicating that the stock is a class A share.

All NASDAQ listings use a four-letter abbreviation; if an “A” follows the abbreviation, this indicates that the security being traded is class A. Publicly-traded companies sometimes issue common shares of different classes, which usually affects the shares’ voting rights.

Class A shares usually, but not always, carry more voting rights than class B shares.

Indicating a class of mutual fund with a front-end load. In this case, a certain amount of one’s investment is deducted for the mutual fund’s salesperson’s commission.

If one invests $50,000 in a mutual fund, a certain amount, say $1,000, is deducted for the commission, resulting in an investment of only $49,000 in the fund.

Used in money market mutual fund transaction tables in newspapers to indicate a yield that may include capital gains and losses as well as current interest: AmCap Reserv a. Wall Street Words: An A to Z Guide to Investment Terms for Today’s Investor by David L. Scott.

Article About A By The Free Dictionary

A, first letter of the alphabetalphabet , system of writing, theoretically having a one-for-one relation between character and phoneme.

A is a usual symbol for a low central vowel, as in father; the English long a is pronounced as a diphthong of and y. The corresponding letter of the Greek alphabet is named alpha.

Alpha and omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet, symbolize the beginning and the end and, in the New Testament, Christ.

In musical notationmusical notation,symbols used to make a written record of musical sounds.

Two different systems of letters were used to write down the instrumental and the vocal music of ancient Greece.

In his five textbooks on music theory Boethius A .

Option 1: Type A with Accent using Alt Code To type the letter ‘a’ with an accent on a Windows keyboard, hold down the alt key and then type the alt code for that letter.

Hold down the Alt key and type the alt code of the character you want using the numeric keypad. The table above contains the alt codes for the various ‘a’ letters with Accent marks.

To type on Mac, press [OPTION]+[`] then a.To type on Mac, press [OPTION]+[e] then a.To type on Mac, press [OPTION]+[i] then a.To type on Mac, press [OPTION]+[u] then a.To type on Mac, press [OPTION]+[n] then a. To use any of the above shortcuts, press and release the keys indicated depending on the type of accent you want to type, then type the letter ‘a’. To type a with an umlaut, for example, simultaneously press and release Option + u, then press once on the ‘a’ key.

Just like on Microsoft Word and Excel, you can use the A with Accents symbol alt code to type them into your PowerPoint document.

These are the steps you need to be able to insert the A with Accent symbol in Microsoft PowerPoint using the Insert symbol dialog.

Select the A with Accent symbol you want by double-clicking on it, it should appear in the Character to copy: field, then click on the Copy button to copy the symbol.

Among all these several options to type the A with Accent letters, I think using the alt code method for Windows is the fastest provided you know the alt code of that particular character you want to type.

Post Idea #20: Paul Buccieri

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Welcome To A+E Networks

We are always on the lookout for talented candidates who are curious about the world around them and passionate about entertainment.

At A+E Networks you’ll find a community of innovative, creative and inspiring people who aren’t afraid to try new things and collaborate in an effort to stretch the company forward.

Every employee plays a vital role in the future of our company.

Paul Buccieri

Paul Buccieri is President & Chairman of A+E Networks Group®, encompassing A&E®, Lifetime®, The HISTORY® Channel, LMN(TM), FYI(TM) and Vice TV. Other businesses in his portfolio include digital content and distribution; A+E Networks International; the company’s award-winning scripted division, A+E Studios®; unscripted division, A+E Originals(TM); award-winning Indie film entity, A&E Indie Films®; digital storytelling hub, 45th & Dean(TM); Brand Licensing and Experiences.

Buccieri became A+E Networks Group’s fourth President in the company’s 35-year history in July 2018.

Previously, Buccieri served as President, A+E Studios and A+E Networks Portfolio Group where he was responsible for all business aspects across A+E Networks’ entire brand portfolio; and oversaw A+E Studios.

Buccieri joined A+E Networks in 2015 as President, A&E and The HISTORY® Channel, overseeing all content creation, programming, brand development and marketing for A&E and The HISTORY® Channel and their affiliated brands.

Buccieri is one of the leading television industry executives with extensive experience in worldwide production, distribution, syndication and digital, both in scripted and non-scripted programming across a wide range of genres.

Prior to A+E Networks, Buccieri served as Chairman, ITV Studios U.S. Group & ITV Studios Global Entertainment for the UK media company ITV, where he was responsible for building one of the largest independent content producers in the United States.

Paul Buccieri competed in the 2017 Ironman World Championship to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Top 500 Entertainment Business Leaders

Buccieri has earned kudos for taking A+E Networks’ core cable brands – A&E, History and Lifetime – to profitability and improving ratings since taking the helm in 2018.

He has doubled down on his strategy of investing in telefilms produced in partnership with high-profile onscreen talent for Lifetime and multipart docuseries and events for A&E and History.

Lifetime landed an Emmy nomination for best movie for biopic “Robin Roberts Presents: Mahalia,” making it the rare basic cabler to contend in a top category in the 2021 Emmy race.

Buccieri has invested in A+E Networks’ live linear business in part because its parent companies, Walt Disney Co. and Hearst, have a fairly muted streaming strategy for the cable stalwarts.

A&E’S Paul Buccieri Gets Desperate As His Mike Rinder Problem Grows

Rinder shows his hatred toward women by publicly trashing Cathy and their daughter, Taryn, who has courageously stood up for her mother.

Rather than let the evidence speak for itself, Rinder doubles down by continuing to push his wacky, discredited lie that the Church may have somehow been involved in the case even though the attorneys for the accusers and even one of the accusers herself has completely eviscerated Rinder’s nutty conspiracy theory.

As Rinder grows as an embarrassment to A&E, Buccieri refuses to even order an independent investigation into his violent past, something any ethical corporation would do.

Or maybe it’s because Buccieri hired two men to produce Rinder and Leah Remini’s show, Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman, who mentored at the feet of Harvey Weinstein, considered by many to be the worst abuser of women ever in Hollywood.

In 2012, Schippers was pursuing with Rinder a bizarre billion-dollar plan that Rinder hoped would bankrupt the Church.

Schippers turned out to be yet another dupe who teamed up with Mike Rinder in a futile attempt to shake down their former Church, only to fail miserably.

Rinder provides the pipeline and they look past Rinder’s history of domestic abuse and his vicious public attacks on victims of rape.

Post Idea #21: Graft-versus-host disease

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Graft Versus Host Disease

Acute classic GVHD: Presents within 100 days of transplantation with classical clinical features of acute GVHD. Persistent, recurrent, or late-onset acute GVHD: Manifests with clinical features of classic acute GvHD but after 100 days of transplantation.

For GvHD to occur, immunologically competent cells should be transplanted into immunodeficient recipients and the transferred cells should recognize alloantigens in the host.

The incidence of chronic GVHD ranges from 6% to 80%. GVHD is considered one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality after HCT; more than 10% of patients will die from this complication.

Risk factors of acute GVHD are higher degrees of HLA mismatch, prior acute GVHD gender disparity, older age of the donor and/or recipient, peripheral stem cell recipients, alloimmunization of the donor, Cytomegalovirus and Epstein Barr virus seropositivity.

In the oral cavity, chronic GVHD may present as lichen planus with a risk of development to oral squamous cell carcinoma that differs from the classical pathology and seems to be more aggressive in patients with stem cell transplantation.

Most treatment options focus on immunosuppression of donor T cells and must be balanced to reduce the symptoms of GVHD while avoiding decreasing the beneficial graft vs. tumor response.

Mortality is generally higher in moderate to severe GVHD in comparison with mild disease.

Graft Versus Host Disease: What It Is, Symptoms, Treatment

Graft versus host disease is a condition that might occur after an allogeneic transplant.

There are two forms of GvHD:. Acute graft versus host disease.

When/where acute graft versus host disease might occur.

When/where chronic graft versus host disease might occur.

Symptoms and Causes What are symptoms of acute graft versus host disease?

In the case of chronic graft versus host disease, some symptoms might be very vague, which might make the diagnosis possible only after other causes are excluded.

Management and Treatment How is acute graft versus host disease treated?

Leukemia And Lymphoma Society

Unless the patient’s donor is an identical twin, a patient receiving an allogeneic stem cell transplant will receive some type of GVHD prevention.

Many patients who develop acute GVHD are successfully treated with increased immunosuppression in the form of corticosteroids.

Patients with mild skin-only acute GVHD will usually continue with their original medications such as cyclosporine or tacrolimus and add a topical steroid cream to their treatment plan.

Treatment for patients with systemic or “Whole-system” manifestations and/or more severe acute GVHD usually consists of continuing the original immunosuppressive prevention and adding a corticosteroid such as methylprednisolone or prednisone.

Patients with mild symptoms of chronic GVHD, especially if the symptoms are limited to a single organ or site, can often be treated with close observation or with local/topical therapies.

Mild cases of chronic skin GVHD may be treated with topical steroid ointments and cases of chronic ocular GVHD may be treated with immunosuppressive eye drops.

Patients with more severe symptoms or multi organ involvement chronic GVHD typically require “Systemic” treatment, which travels through the bloodstream and reaches cells throughout the entire body.

Graft-Versus-Host Disease: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

GVHD may occur after a bone marrow, or stem cell, transplant in which someone receives bone marrow tissue or cells from a donor.

GVHD does not occur when people receive their own cells.

Acute GVHD usually happens within days or as late as 6 months after a transplant.

Chronic GVHD usually starts more than 3 months after a transplant, and can last a lifetime.

Outlook depends on the severity of GVHD. People who receive closely matched bone marrow tissue and cells usually do better.

If you have had a bone marrow transplant, call your provider right away if you develop any symptoms of GVHD or other unusual symptoms.

GVHD; Bone marrow transplant – graft-versus-host disease; Stem cell transplant – graft-versus-host disease; Allogeneic transplant – GVHD. Bishop MR, Keating A. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

Graft-Versus-Host Disease

Haemopoietic-cell transplantation is an intensive therapy used to treat high-risk haematological malignant disorders and other life-threatening haematological and genetic diseases.

The main complication of HCT is graft-versus-host disease, an immunological disorder that affects many organ systems, including the gastrointestinal tract, liver, skin, and lungs.

The number of patients with this complication continues to grow, and many return home from transplant centres after HCT requiring continued treatment with immunosuppressive drugs that increases their risks for serious infections and other complications.

In this Seminar, we review our understanding of the risk factors and causes of GHVD, the cellular and cytokine networks implicated in its pathophysiology, and current strategies to prevent and treat the disease.

We also summarise supportive-care measures that are essential for management of this medically fragile population.

Graft-Versus-Host Disease

In the oral cavity, chronic graft-versus-host disease manifests as lichen planus with a higher risk of malignant transformation to oral squamous cell carcinoma in comparison to the classical oral lichen planus.

Oral cancer associated with graft-versus-host disease may have more aggressive behavior with poorer prognosis, when compared to oral cancer in non-hematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients.

Antigens most responsible for graft loss are HLA-DR, HLA-B, and HLA-A. While donor T-cells are undesirable as effector cells of graft-versus-host disease, they are valuable for engraftment by preventing the recipient’s residual immune system from rejecting the bone marrow graft.

This is a rather indirect GvHD because it is not directly cells in the graft itself that causes it but cells in the graft that make the recipient’s T cells act like donor T cells.

Activation of APC occurs in the first stage of GvHD. Prior to haematopoietic stem cell transplantation, radiation or chemotherapy results in damage and activation of host tissues, especially intestinal mucosa.

Intravenously administered glucocorticoids, such as prednisone, are the standard of care in acute GvHD and chronic GVHD. The use of these glucocorticoids is designed to suppress the T-cell-mediated immune onslaught on the host tissues; however, in high doses, this immune-suppression raises the risk of infections and cancer relapse.

Prochymal is the first stem cell drug to be approved for a systemic disease.

Graft V. Host Disease: What To Watch For Post-Transplant

If you’ve had a bone marrow or stem cell transplant, you’ll want to watch for signs of graft versus host disease.

If the donor immune cells attack your healthy cells, they’re also fighting any leftover cancer cells.

During chemotherapy, cells inside your bone marrow that make blood are killed along with cancer cells.

A transplant of someone else’s bone marrow or stem cells lets your body make new blood cells.

Donor immune cells can attack your healthy cells as if they were bacteria or a virus.

Certain medications taken before and after the transplant can help prevent GVHD. You’ll get a combination of drugs that slow down your immune system to keep the new white blood cells from going on the attack.

GVHD usually goes away a year or so after the transplant, when your body starts to make its own white blood cells from the donor cells.

Post Idea #22: Organ transplantation

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Organ Transplantation

Organ transplantation is a medical procedure in which an organ is removed from one body and placed in the body of a recipient, to replace a damaged or missing organ.

In living donors, the donor remains alive and donates a renewable tissue, cell, or fluid, or donates an organ or part of an organ in which the remaining organ can regenerate or take on the workload of the rest of the organ.

The overwhelming majority of deceased-donor organs in the United States are allocated by federal contract to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, held since it was created by the Organ Transplant Act of 1984 by the United Network for Organ Sharing or UNOS. Individual regional organ procurement organizations, all members of the OPTN, are responsible for the identification of suitable donors and collection of the donated organs.

In 1984, the National Organ Transplant Act was passed which gave way to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network that maintains the organ registry and ensures equitable allocation of organs.

In December 2006, after not getting assurances from the Chinese government about allegations relating to Chinese prisoners, the two major organ transplant hospitals in Queensland, Australia stopped transplant training for Chinese surgeons and banned joint research programs into organ transplantation with China.

With regard to organ transplantation in Israel, there is a severe organ shortage due to religious objections by some rabbis who oppose all organ donations and others who advocate that a rabbi participates in all decision making regarding a particular donor.

The discovery of transplant immunity by the German surgeon Georg Schöne, various strategies of matching donor and recipient, and the use of different agents for immune suppression did not result in substantial improvement so that organ transplantation was largely abandoned after WWI. In 1954, the first ever successful transplant of any organ was done at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, Ma. The surgery was done by Dr. Joseph Murray, who received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work.

Organ Transplantation

Kidney Transplantation Surgery Transplant NephrectomyThe optimal management strategy for patients with a failed renal transplant remains unclear, with a lack of good-quality evidence.

Anesthesia for Abdominal Organ Transplantation Anesthesia for Kidney Transplantation: Preoperative EvaluationBefore kidney transplantation, patients typically undergo a prolonged pretransplant evaluation by a multidisciplinary transplant committee to determine their fitness for transplantation and to assess for the likelihood of long-term survival following transplantation.

28 The utility of published guidelines to detect patients with ischemic heart disease has been called into question in the kidney transplant population and, in contrast to the 2014 more general guidelines, in 2012, the AHA and the American College of Cardiology Foundation issued a scientific statement stating that the cardiac evaluation and management among kidney and liver transplantation patients should form the basis of the long-term evaluation of the transplant patient.

The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network maintains the national transplant registry in the United States; their 2004 annual report identified 620 children younger than 18 years of age on the active waiting list for a kidney transplant.

Biliary atresia continues to be the most common overall cause for liver transplantation and the most common cholestatic cause, but cholestatic liver disease secondary to total parenteral nutrition has become more prominent over the past 10 years, accounting for just over 4% of all pediatric liver transplants.

000 solid organ transplants were performed worldwide of which over 69 000 were kidney transplants and 20 000 were liver transplants.

KIDNEY-ALONE VERSUS KIDNEY-PANCREAS TRANSPLANTATION FOR DIABETESOPTN data have documented superior graft survival for simultaneous kidney-pancreas recipients with type 1 diabetes mellitus compared with patients receiving a kidney transplant alone.

Organ Donation And Transplantation: How It Works

Organ donation is the process of surgically removing an organ or tissue from one person and placing it into another person.

Every day in the United States, 21 people die waiting for an organ and more than 107,380 men, women and children await life-saving organ transplants.

The organ procurement organization determines medical suitability for donation.

In addition to criteria developed for some organ types by United Network of Organ Sharing, each transplant hospital has its own criteria for accepting candidates for transplant.

There’s no way to know how long you’ll wait to receive a donor organ.

UNOS maintains the national Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network.

Through the UNOS Organ Center, organ donors are matched to waiting recipients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The History Of Organ Transplantation

Since ancient times, mythology has included tales of creatures made of an amalgamation of others, transferring body parts and skin.

In the 1950s, with no other medical options for then incurable diseases, including nephritis, teams of scientists, surgeons, and generous patients started the field of organ transplant with the first successful kidney transplant in a human.

The scientific discoveries and innovations since that first successful transplant in 1954 have turned the mythical concept of transplant into reality.

The overall success and public acceptance of organ donation and transplant today is thanks to multidisciplinary teams of basic scientists, immunologists, surgeons, and public advocates.

Today, research is propelling the field forward with advancements like face transplants, experiments of lab-grown organs, and much more.

In the United States alone, over 800,000 patients have had their lives saved or significantly improved thanks to transplant since national recording began by the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network in 1988.

Everything You Need To Know About Organ Transplants

Surgeons performed more than 36,000 organ transplants in 2018, but many more people need organs.

How an organ transplant will affect a person’s life expectancy varies depending on their age, the organ transplanted, and the reason for the transplant.

A 2013 study claims that paying living donors $10,000 for kidneys could increase the rate of organ transplants and save many more lives.

The benefits of an organ transplant depend on the organ a person receives.

Most people who need an organ will die or live a much shorter life without a transplant.

Organ transplants are risky surgeries, especially since those who need them often are very ill.

Because lifestyle directly affects organ health, including that of transplanted organs, organ recipients should talk with their doctor to get advice on how to lengthen their lives and protect their organs.

Transplant Safety

Links with this icon indicate that you are leaving the CDC website.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website.

Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website.

CDC is not responsible for Section 508 compliance on other federal or private website.

Organ Transplants: What You Need To Know

Organ transplantation – the surgical removal of a healthy organ from one person and its transplantation into another person whose organ has failed or was injured – is often lifesaving and gives the recipient a wonderful new lease on life.

Organ transplantation is also a major surgery that carries potential risks and drawbacks, such as the chance of organ rejection.

In the United States, 9 types of organ transplants are now performed, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing, a nonprofit organization in Richmond Va. UNOS administers the country’s only Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, which includes the organ transplant waiting list.

In 2021, more than 40,000 organ transplants were performed in the U.S., according to UNOS. Most recipients are between the ages of 50 and 64.

Depending on the organ needed, organs are matched using several characteristics, including blood type and size of the organ needed.

UNOS has an online database known as UNET, which collects, stores, and analyzes data on the patient waiting list, organ matching, and the transplants.

All U.S. organ transplant programs, as well as organ procurement organizations and tissue typing labs, work together to share the organs.

Post Idea #23: Itolizumab

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World’S First Novel Anti-CD6 Monoclonal Antibody In India

Equillium, a U.S.-based clinical-stage biotechnology company, acquired rights for developing and commercializing Itolizumab in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand through an exclusive collaboration and license agreement with Biocon.

Equillium is leveraging its deep understanding of immunobiology to develop novel products to treat severe autoimmune and inflammatory disorders with high unmet medical need.

The company is developing Itolizumab for multiple severe immuno-inflammatory diseases, including acute graft-versus-host-disease, lupus/lupus nephritis and uncontrolled asthma.

Itolizumab, An Anti-CD6 Monoclonal Antibody, As A Potential Treatment For COVID-19 Complications

Introduction: The globally rampant SARS CoV-2 pandemic requires novel medical strategies to control the severity of disease and death due to complications.

Areas covered: The role of anti-inflammatory monoclonal antibodies such as Itolizumab, in cytokine storm.

Expert opinion: Itolizumab, an anti-CD6 humanized IgG1 mAb, binds to domain-1 of CD-6 that is responsible for priming, activation, and differentiation of T-cells.

Itolizumab significantly reduces T-cell proliferation along with substantial downregulation of the production of cytokines/chemokines.

Approved for moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis in 2013 it is currently being studied for addressing COVID-19 related cytokine storm and its complications.

This article reviews its use in COVID-19 infections; its dose, administration protocol, contra-indications, and safety in treating moderate-to-severe ARDS by preventing and treating the cytokine storm and its complications.

Keywords: Anti-CD6; COVID-19; Itolizumab; cytokine storm; inflammatory; monoclonal antibodies; plaque psoriasis.


Itolizumab is a ‘first in class’ humanized IgG1 monoclonal antibody developed by Biocon and the Center of Molecular Immunology, Havana.

It selectively targets CD6, a pan T cell marker involved in co-stimulation, adhesion and maturation of T cells.

Itolizumab, by binding to CD6, down regulates T cell activation, causes reduction in synthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokines and possibly plays an important role by reducing T cell infiltration at sites of inflammation.

A double blind, placebo controlled, phase III treat -Plaq study of itolizumab successfully met the pre-specified primary end-point of significant improvement in PASI-75 score after 12 weeks of treatment in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis compared to placebo.

Biocon received marketing authorization for the drug from the Drugs Controller General of India in January 2013 and marketing within India commenced in August 2013.

In July 2020, Biocon received authorization in India for its use in the treatment of COVID-19.

Clinical Trial Shows Itolizumab Reduces Mortality In

Equillium shares topline results of patients treated with itolizumab in clinical trial conducted in India by partner Biocon.

Biocon has received emergency use approval from Drugs Controller General of India for itolizumab in the treatment of CRS in COVID-19 patients with moderate to severe ARDS. Equillium planning global randomized controlled clinical trial of itolizumab in COVID-19 patients under a U.S. IND. LA JOLLA, Calif., July 13, 2020 – Equillium, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing itolizumab to treat severe autoimmune and inflammatory disorders, today announced that as reported by its partner, Biocon Limited, a clinical trial conducted in India by Biocon demonstrated that itolizumab significantly reduced mortality in patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

Based on the encouraging topline results of the study reported by Biocon and subsequent DCGI approval to treat COVID-19 patients, Equillium is planning to conduct a global randomized controlled clinical trial of itolizumab in COVID-19 patients for which it will file a U.S. investigational new drug application.

Consistent with the observed clinical improvement, patients who received itolizumab also experienced significant reductions in inflammatory cytokines such as IL-6 and TNFα. “The results of this clinical trial reported by Biocon are encouraging and support the hypothesis that itolizumab’s novel immune-modulating mechanism may have promise in addressing the severe immuno-inflammatory complications experienced by COVID-19 patients,” said Bruce Steel, co-founder and CEO of Equillium.

“As the entire world grapples with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic it is critical to identify new treatments that improve outcomes for the sickest patients, and these reported early clinical data suggest that itolizumab holds promise,” said Siddhartha Mukherjee, M.D., Ph.D., a clinical advisor to Equillium and Biocon, Pulitzer Prize Award-winning author, and an Associate Professor of Medicine at Columbia University’s Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Itolizumab is currently marketed in India under the trade name, “ALZUMab” for the treatment of chronic plaque psoriasis and in July 2020 received emergency use approval in India to treat CRS in COVID-19 patients with moderate to severe ARDS. Equillium believes that itolizumab has the potential to be a best-in-class disease modifying therapeutic and is advancing the clinical development of itolizumab in the following severe immuno-inflammatory disorders: uncontrolled asthma, acute graft-versus-host disease, and lupus nephritis.

But are not limited to, statements regarding the potential benefit of treating COVID-19 patients with itolizumab, planned clinical studies as a result of data reported by Biocon, Equillium’s business strategy, Equillium’s plans and expected timing for developing itolizumab, including the expected timing of initiating a clinical trial in patients with COVID-19, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tocilizumab Uses, Side Effects & Warnings

The US Food and Drug Administration has authorized emergency use of tocilizumab with steroid medicine to treat adults and children at least 2 years old who are hospitalized with COVID-19 and using supplemental oxygen, a ventilator, or ECMO. Tocilizumab has not been approved to treat coronavirus or COVID-19.

Using tocilizumab may increase your risk of developing certain types of cancer.

If you are pregnant: Tell your baby’s doctor if you used tocilizumab during pregnancy.

Your name may be listed on a pregnancy registry to track the effects of tocilizumab on the baby.

Tocilizumab is injected under the skin or into a vein.

Your healthcare provider will show you where to inject tocilizumab.

Tocilizumab can have long-lasting effects on your body.

Post Idea #24: Continental AG

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Continental AG

Continental AG, commonly known as Continental or colloquially as Conti, is a German multinational automotive parts manufacturing company specializing in brake systems, interior electronics, automotive safety, powertrain and chassis components, tachographs, tires and other parts for the automotive and transportation industries.

Continental sells tires for automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles worldwide under the Continental brand.

In 2001, Continental acquired a controlling interest in Temic, DaimlerChrysler’s automotive-electronics business, which is now part of Continental Automotive Systems.

In 2008, Continental appeared overextended with its integration of VDO and had since lost almost half of its market capitalisation when it found itself to be the hostile takeover target of the family-owned Schaeffler AG. By 2009, Schaeffler successfully installed the head of its motor division at the helm of Continental.

In December 2021 as a result of a diplomatic spat between Lithuania and China over Taiwan and human rights China pressured Continental AG to stop doing business with Lithuania.

Continental Tire entered the North American tire industry with its 1987 purchase of General Tire from GenCorp, forming Continental General Tire Corp. At the time, Continental was following other tire manufacturers, such as Bridgestone and Michelin, into the American tire market.

Continental AG has acquired the American rubber company Veyance Technologies Inc. based in Fairlawn, Ohio.

Company History

The resulting competitive and financial pressures led to the amalgamation of several German rubber firms to create a new and larger Continental company.

Negotiations to add the Phoenix Gummiwerke AG company failed, but the expanded Continental firm was by far the largest German tire company.

The most remarkable step in Continental’s transition, via acquisition, to major international producer came in 1987 with the purchase of General Tire for US$650 million from GenCorp. Continental obtained the four factories, the brands, the original equipment contracts, and the marketing network of the fifth largest U.S. tire manufacturer.

Tires accounted for around three-quarters of company sales, and the competitive forces that had inspired Continental’s acquisition policy remained powerful as tire capacity outstripped demand once again in 1989 and the early 1990s.

When Hubertus von Grunberg took over as CEO of Continental in 1991 the company was, in his words, “Bleeding like a stuck pig.” Fierce competition persisted in the worldwide tire market, and Continental recorded losses of 128 million marks, or US$78 million, for the year.

Continental gained a majority interest in Barum, a Czech company whose assets included a commercial vehicle tire plant in Otrokovice.

Even while 1997 tire prices averaged lower than in 1996, the company realized a 67 percent increase in net income to $176 million during 1997, marking the return to profitability of U.S. subsidiary General Tire, as well as Continental’s beleaguered truck tire division.

German Prosecutors Widen Continental Investigation To Executives

HAMBURG, Nov 18 – German prosecutors have widened their investigation at automotive supplier Continental AG to include former Chief Executive Elmar Degenhart and finance chief Wolfgang Schaefer, whose surprise departure was announced late on Wednesday.

The software used in the 1.6 litre diesel engine Volkswagen developed for sale in Europe came from Continental, though the supplier has said it was not involved in the manipulation as engine controls are programmed by clients themselves.

The people under investigation also include a former board member of Continental’s Powertrain unit and two employees below board level, prosecutors said, without naming the persons.

“We at Continental are paying dearly for the focus on profit at any price. Therefore, we call for a return to what the company stands for: trust, reliability, transparency and openness. We demand a new start with more courage to be honest,” it said.

Continental, Degenhart and Schaefer declined to comment.

Shares in Continental were down 3.3% by 1145 GMT.Continental said late on Wednesday it would replace Schaefer as finance chief, and that Chief Executive Nikolai Setzer would take over his responsibilities for now.

The investigators had already searched Continental’s compliance department in Frankfurt and a private residence that was not Schaefer’s flat earlier in November, a spokesperson for the authorities said on Thursday.

Shop Continental Tires Vancouver

OK Tire is proud to offer Continental tires to Burnaby BC, New Westminster BC, and Richmond BC at some of the lowest prices around.

OK Tire Vancouver helps customers find the right Continental tires for their car or truck at the right price that fits their budget.

Give us a call at 879-8936 today and we will work with you to find the right Continental tires for your car or you can contact us online anytime.

Remember OK Tire is the number one Continental tire dealer in Vancouver, British Columbia and also offers great deals on Vancouver auto repair services.

Continental is ranked fourth for market share worldwide, and the market leader in Europe for passenger, light truck, and industrial tires.

For an exceptional choice in the Highway and Street Light Truck/SUV Tire, the ContiCrossContact LX from Continental is a great option.

The ContiSportContact 3 is the new Ultra-High Performance tire manufactured by Continental.

DGAP-PVR: Continental AG: Release According To Article 40, Section 1 Of The WpHG With The Objective Of Europe-Wide Distribution

01.03.2022 / 15:41 Dissemination of a Voting Rights Announcement transmitted by DGAP – a service of EQS Group AG.The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.

Reason for notification X Acquisition/disposal of shares with voting rights Acquisition/disposal of instruments Change of breakdown of voting rights Other reason: 3.

Names of shareholder(s) holding directly 3% or more voting rights, if different from 3.5.

Total positions % of voting rights attached to shares % of voting rights through instruments Total of both in % Total number of voting rights pursuant to Sec.

1 WpHG Type of instrument Expiration or maturity date Exercise or conversion period Voting rights absolute Voting rights in % Lent Securities N/A N/A 168034 0.08 % Total 168034 0.08 % b.2.

2 WpHG Type of instrument Expiration or maturity date Exercise or conversion period Cash or physical settlement Voting rights absolute Voting rights in % Contract for Difference N/A N/A Cash 113452 0.06 % Total 113452 0.06 % 8.

Proportion of voting rights Proportion of instruments Total of both % % % 10.

Post Idea #25: T & T Supermarket

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AT&T Inc. Stock Quote

AT&T, Inc. is a holding company, which engages in the provision of telecommunications media and technology service.

It operates through the following segments: Communications, WarnerMedia, and Latin America.

The Communications segment offers services to businesses and consumers located in the U.S., or in U.S. territories, and businesses globally.

The WarnerMedia segment develops, produces, and distributes feature films, television, gaming and other content over various physical and digital formats.

The Latin America segment is involved in entertainment and wireless services outside of the U.S. The company was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Dallas, TX..

T-Mobile & Sprint Merged To Create America’S 5G Leader In Coverage

Magenta MAX, the first 5G smartphone plan for consumers to offer unlimited premium data that can’t slow you down based on how much data you use.

In Canada/Mexico, up to 5GB high-speed data then unlimited at up to 256kbps.

Tethering: 40GB high-speed data then unlimited on our network at MAX 3G speeds.

Primary data usage must be on smartphone or tablet.

Smartphone and tablet usage is prioritized over Mobile Hotspot Service usage, which may result in higher speeds for data used on smartphones and tablets.

Gogo: on U.S.-based airlines; Wi-Fi Calling functionality, valid e911 address, & 1 prior Wi-Fi call w/ current SIM card req’d for messaging.

Stateside Int’l Talk: Calls must originate on T-Mobile’s U.S. network or in Canada/Mexico.

Lac-Etchemin, Quebec

Lac-Etchemin is a municipality in and the seat of the Municipalité régionale de comté des Etchemins in Quebec, Canada.

It is part of the Chaudière-Appalaches region and the population is 4,088 as of 2009.

It takes its name from Etchemin Lake, at the centre of the municipality.

“Etchemin” means “Men, human beings” in Abenaki language.

Lac-Etchemin is home to winter resort Mont Orignal and the birthplace of controversial religious Community of the Lady of All Nations.

The area near Etchemin Lake was first described in 1828 as lovely by the surveyor Emmanuel.

The new municipality of Lac-Etchemin was created in 2001 following the amalgamation of the city of Lac-Etchemin and the parish of Sainte-Germaine-du-Lac-Etchemin.

Post Idea #26: Kinross Gold

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Jobs At Kinross

If you are interested in joining a team that puts people first, gaining access to international opportunities, and taking your career to the next level, we invite you to explore Kinross careers today!

We value your years of experience and knowledge and believe Kinross is a place where your expertise will be put to good use.

Explore professional opportunities – from engineering and geology to business and finance – to make a meaningful contribution in a global and dynamic gold mining company.

We value and reward skills, experience and a commitment to high performance that produces results.

See how your skills can help us achieve our goals and explore our Skilled Trades & Technical Jobs at Kinross today.

Our Student & New Graduate programs provide training and valuable experience to ambitious individuals looking to kick-start exciting careers.

Explore one of our exciting opportunities for students across the globe.

Kinross Gold begins to lift from YTD lows after the only large western miner in Russia said it would suspend its gold mining activities in the country, despite working there for 25 years; Kinross has said it expected its Russian operations to account for 13% of total production in 2022.

Credit Suisse downgrades shares to Neutral from Outperform with a $5.25 target price, cut from $7, following the suspension, although the “Silver lining to the messy exit from Russia is that Kinross’ portfolio going forward will be skewed more favorably towards the Americas, and could result in a better valuation longer term once the Dixie project comes online.”

Scotiabank, which cuts its stock price target to C$7.50 from C$9 previously, says the Russian exit will hurt Kinross in the short term but notes the overhang on the stock from the company’s presence in the country and that cash that was generated there was mostly deployed into development there.

Gold futures recently rallied to their highest settlement in more than a year amid Russia’s assault on Ukraine.

Canada’S Kinross, The Only Big Western Miner In Russia, Is Suspending Operations

Canada’s Kinross Gold Corp., the only large western miner in Russia, said it would suspend its gold mining activities in Russia’s Far East.

Kinross had until recently predicted the conflict in Ukraine wouldn’t affect its operations in Russia’s Chukotka province because of their remote location and use of local labor and supplies.

The company had also been in Russia for 25 years and survived through other crises in the country, it previously said.

The company didn’t specifically say why it was suspending operations.

From oil giants to car makers, are leaving Russia amid widespread public anger in the West at Moscow’s actions and because of the increasing difficulty of doing business there as sanctions close down transport options and hit the country’s banking sector.

Russia has some of the world’s best mineral deposits, including diamonds, gold, nickel, coal and potash, but miners have steered clear, given what they saw as the risks and difficulties of operating there.

Russia was responsible for around 20% of Kinross’s gold production last year, though the miner said that this is expected to come down to 12% for 2022.

Kinross Gold’S Future In Russia Is In Doubt As It Shuts Down Operations In The Country

After more than 20 years in Russia, Kinross Gold Corp.’s K-T future in the country is in doubt, with some analysts speculating there may be no path back to production there, even if the war in Ukraine ends quickly.

The Toronto-based gold miner said it is mothballing its Kupol mine in Russia’s far east and its development project Udinsk, in the face of tightening Western sanctions against Russia, and after several other multinationals started pulling out of the country.

Kinross Gold suspending Russian mining operations amid Ukraine invasion.

Kinross last year paid US$136-million in taxes to Russia from mining in the country.

Founded in the 1990s, Kinross made its big move into Russia by acquiring Bema Gold Corp. in 2007 for US$3.2-billion.

Kinross has long traded at a discount to its peers in large part because of its exposure to Russia.

Last year, Kinross beat out rivals including Barrick Gold Corp. to buy junior Canadian development firm Great Bear Resources Ltd. The trouble with Great Bear is it will take about seven years for its Dixie gold project in Red Lake, Ont., to come to fruition.

Kinross Gold Stock Forecast, Price & News

Kinross Gold Corp. operates as an exploration company.

It engages in the production, acquisition, exploration and development of gold bearing properties in Canada, United States, the Russian Federation, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Ghana and Mauritania.

The products are gold and silver produced in the form of dore.

The company was founded by Robert MacKay Buchan on May 31, 1993 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Kinross Gold

Kinross Gold Corporation is a Canadian-based gold and silver mining company founded in 1993 and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Kinross Gold Corporation was founded in 1993, following the amalgamation of three companies: Plexus Resources Corporation, CMP Resources and numbered company 1021105 Ontario Corp., resulting in the new company owning a stake and royalties in a mining property in Fallon, Nevada and the QR Mine in British Columbia.

Kinross’ first project – now operated by its subsidiary Fairbanks Gold Mining – was the Fort Knox Gold Mine, an open-pit mining operation in Alaska.

Kinross TVX Gold, and Echo Bay Mines proposed a $3-billion merger, which would combine the three companies, while retaining the name Kinross Gold.

In 2007, Kinross traded assets with Goldcorp; Kinross received $200 million and the remaining portion of the La Coipa Gold Mine it had acquired with the TVX merger, in exchange for giving up its 49% of the Porcupine Joint Venture and 31.9% of the Musselwhite mine.

As of 2015, the mine was inactive, and Kinross divested in 2017.Crixás – Kinross sold its 50% interest in the Brazil-based mine to AngloGold Ashanti for $220 million.

In 2016, Kinross produced a record 2,789,150 gold equivalent ounces at all-in sustaining costs of $984 per ounce of gold produced.

Post Idea #27: Coltene Holding

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Coltene Holding AG Stock Quote

Coltene Holding AG is engaged in the development, production, and sale of tools and equipment of dental consumables.

The company was founded on December 15, 2005 and is headquartered in Altstatten, Switzerland.

Earnings vs Savings Rate: CLTN’s forecast earnings growth is above the savings rate.

Earnings vs Market: CLTN’s earnings are forecast to grow faster than the Swiss market.

High Growth Earnings: CLTN’s earnings are forecast to grow, but not significantly.

Earnings Trend: CLTN’s earnings have declined by 1.4% per year over the past 5 years.

Earnings vs Industry: CLTN earnings growth over the past year exceeded the Medical Equipment industry 106.7%.Return on Equity.

CLTN’s dividend payments are covered by earnings.

Future Dividend Coverage: CLTN’s dividends in 3 years are forecast to be covered by earnings.

Post Idea #28: Root canal treatment

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American Association Of Endodontists

Root canal treatment is an often straightforward procedure to relieve dental pain and save your teeth.

Patients typically need a root canal when there is inflammation or infection in the roots of a tooth.

During root canal treatment, an endodontist who specializes in such treatment carefully removes the pulp inside the tooth, cleans, disinfects and shapes the root canals, and places a filling to seal the space.

Root Canal: What Is It, Diagnosis, Treatment, Side Effects & Recovery

This helps determine the extent of damage and ensures that root canal therapy is the appropriate treatment option.

Root canal treatment is completed by a general dentist or an endodontist.

If you need root canal therapy on a tooth with multiple roots – or if your case is complex – then you may be referred to an endodontist.

If you’re not a good candidate for root canal treatment, the tooth can be extracted and replaced with a dental implant, dental bridge or partial.

Recovery and Outlook How long does root canal recovery take?

Typically, root canal recovery time lasts less than a week.

If you notice any root canal symptoms, such as tooth pain, swelling, bad taste or other warning signs, call your healthcare provider immediately.

Root Canal Procedure Step-By-Step

If you’ve ever been told you need a root canal treatment – or if a friend or family member is expecting one – you probably have questions about the process: What is it like? Will it be painful? How long will it take? Root canal treatment is actually a very common, safe, and straightforward procedure.

Step 5: Next, he or she will remove the tooth pulp from the inside of the tooth and the root.

This part of the tooth is formally called the root canal – and it’s how the procedure got its name.

Step 8: If the tooth does not need to be left open to drain (the majority of cases the tooth canals will now be filled with a biocompatible material.

When your root canal procedure is completed, you’ll need to pay extra attention to the treated tooth for a few days.

Step 10: Immediately after root canal treatment, you should avoid biting or chewing with the treated tooth until the numbness wears off then start with soft foods that are easy to chew.7.

Step 13: After the root canal treatment and restoration with a filling or crown has been completed, your tooth can now provide normal, healthy function.

What You Need To Know

The pulp is tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels that fill your tooth roots.

The pulp in your tooth can become diseased if your tooth is damaged or infected.

A rubber sheet will be put around your tooth to separate your tooth from the rest of your mouth.

The root canal will be dried and a filling will be put inside your tooth root.

Ask about any special instructions for caring for your tooth after a root canal.

You may need another root canal, or your tooth may need to be removed.

Take good care of your teeth to prevent cavities, tooth injuries, and other tooth problems.

Root Canal Treatment: Procedure, Recovery, Cost And Side Effects Of Root Canal Treatment

Who is not eligible for the treatment? Root canal treatment side effects.

Root canal treatment is permanent or not? Alternative to root canal treatment in india.

What is root canal treatment? How is root canal treatment done? Who is eligible for root canal treatment? Who is not eligible for the treatment? Are there any side effects after root canal treatment? What are the post-treatment guidelines of root canal procedure? How long does it take to recover after root canal treatment? Are the results of the treatment permanent? What are the alternatives to the treatment?

Best Cosmetic Dental Clinic, Dentistry & Dentists In Ramamurthy Nagar, Bangalore

A root canal is a dental procedure that involves the cleaning and shaping of a tooth’s root to remove bacteria and other harmful materials.

Adult teeth – If you have an adult tooth with a cavity, decay or infection, it may need root canal treatment as well.

In general, it’s easier to do a root canal on a baby tooth rather than an adult tooth.

Location of your tooth also matters because there are different types of root canal procedures depending on where the affected tooth is located in your mouth-i.e., front vs back or top vs bottom row-will impact the time required for treatment, as well as potential side effects because each region has different nerves and blood vessels nearby that could be impacted by the procedure.

The most common side effect from a dental root canal procedure is pain which typically goes away after 24 hours but can last up to three months-though this largely depends on your pain tolerance level and how.

If you have a tooth with a crown and need to undergo a root canal procedure, your dentist may remove the crown before treating the tooth.

A root canal is one of the most common dental procedures performed, and it is one of the cheapest and least invasive procedures.

Root Canal Treatment: Costs, Procedure, Pain Management

Have you been told you need endodontic root canal treatment to save a decaying tooth? It’s not something any of us look forward to; the root canal procedure can be quite long and – if you’re not being treated on the NHS – rather costly.

The tooth root won’t heal itself, and the longer you leave it the less chance there is of root canal treatment being successful.

If you experience tooth pain years after a root canal, it may be possible to perform a root canal re-treatment and preserve the tooth for even longer.

One of the most important root canal treatment steps is to enlarge and shape each canal in the tooth.

How much does a root canal cost in the UK? Root canal prices range from £100 to £700 in the UK with a private dentist.

If you have one, find out what percentage of root canal costs it will cover and how to arrange your treatment.

Many patients worry about root canal treatment pain and may put off getting the treatment they require because of fear it will hurt.

Post Idea #29: Showa Denko

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Showa Denko America

Showa Denko America, a pioneer of Japan’s chemical industry, sincerely invites you to visit our booth #622, CERAMICS EXPO 2021 from Aug 31st to Sep 1st. We welcome everyone to stop by our booth to learn more about Showa Denko’s ceramics lineup! Tuesday, August 31st:…. Showa Denko Introduces New Aluminum Nitride Filler Jul 14, 2020.

Our brand-new Aluminum Nitride filler has been successfully released in the market in addition to our existing product portfolios of Aluminum Oxide and Boron Nitride fillers.

Showa Denko America has been imposing a work-from-home policy to protect its employees and limit the potential spread of COVID-19.

We would like to assure you that we are operating as normal.

All contact information to Showa Denko America remains unchanged.

Showa Denko

SDK’s products serve a wide array of fields ranging from heavy industry to the electronic and computer industries.

In March 2001, SDK merged with Showa Denko Aluminum Corporation to strengthen the high-value-added fabricated aluminum products operations, and is today developing next-generation optical communications-use wafers.

The Oita Plant, the main manufacturing base, supplies SDK and other chemical companies with the basic materials for making acetyl derivatives, synthetic resin, synthetic rubber, and styrene monomers.

Originally focused on general-purpose industrial gases, medical gases, and industrial chemicals, SDK now provides a variety of products including high-purity gases and chemicals for the semiconductor industry.

SDK’s Ceramics products are used in a wide range of fields, including chemical products, refractory products, ceramics, paper manufacture, plastics and electronics.

In addition to VGCF carbon nanofibers and fuel battery materials already on the market, SDK is focusing R&D efforts on high-functionality carbon products, including battery materials, electronics materials, and materials for alternative energy solutions.

SDK produces heat exchangers, beverage cans, and other high value-added fabricated products from aluminum materials.

Post Idea #30: Nasal strip

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Amazon.Com: Nasal Strips

Our team of experts has selected the best nasal strips out of hundreds of models.

Based on our research, we’ve narrowed down the list to models from MQFORU, Breathe Right, and Clear Passages.

We named Breathe Right as the Best of the Best in our Best Nasal Strips category because of its superior quality and great consumer experience.

We chose the MQFORU as our Best Bang for the Buck because of its overall quality and value.

Read our full review for our pros, cons, and bottom line on each of the models we chose for our top five.

5 Best Nasal Strips

Nasal strips look small and unassuming, but these sticky strips that resemble bandages can offer big relief.

Nasal strips vary in design and effectiveness from brand to brand, and they also come in different sizes.

Many people have used nasal sprays containing medications that temporarily unblock nasal passages.

Most people who try nasal strips don’t develop major skin irritations, and they find that the benefits outweigh any negative effects they experience.

Extra-strength nasal strips prove maximum pull on nostrils and are best for severely stuffy noses and deviated septums.

Once in place, these devices add tension to keep nostrils open and air flowing more freely, just like other nasal strips.

Do you have a hard time getting nasal strips to stick? Hold your fingers over the strip once you place it on your nose, pressing gently for one to two minutes.

The Best Nasal Strip

Thanks to the perforated lines separating each strip, you can easily remove a strip for each night you’ll be away from home and then pack them in your hygiene bag.

What We Liked: When traveling, you’ll find these nasal strips are a good choice.

Runner Up. What We Liked: These nasal strips are designed for use with children ages 5 and up.

What We Liked: Whether you need relief from a cold or to stop snoring, these nasal strips are an excellent buy.

What We Liked: If you’re searching for a versatile set of nasal strips, this pack is your best bet.

The strips work well to decrease snoring, relieve nasal congestion and provide adequate air flow during exercise.

What We Liked: These nasal strips are latex-free to keep you safe while you open up your sinuses.

Nasal Strip

A nasal strip, external nasal dilator strip or nasal dilator strip is a type of adhesive bandage with embedded plastic ribs or splints that is applied across the bridge of the nose and sides of the nostrils, to assist in keeping the airway open.

In humans, the nasal valve is the narrowest part of the nasal aperture and when exercising, this area is subjected to negative pressure and becomes smaller.

Nasal strips adhere to the skin, holding open the anterior nasal aperture and prevent it from collapsing.

Studies indicate that they are useful in increasing nasal cavity volume in the front three centimeters of the human nose, and for that purpose could be an alternative to decongestive nose sprays, but nasal strips are not particularly helpful for congestion in the posterior nasal apertures.

As with humans, the equine design helps keep the nasal valve from collapsing due to the negative pressure created by physical exertion.

They had observed horses on treadmills and saw that, under exertion, the equine nasal passage also narrowed due to the tissue being sucked in.

They worked out a licensing agreement with CNS, the company that manufactured the human “Breathe Right” brand of nasal strips in 1997 where the company manufactured the equine form of the nasal strip, and paid royalties to Chiapetta and Blach.


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INNER MONGOLIA BAOTOU STEEL RARE-EARTH HI-TECH CO., LTD. is principally engaged in the production and sale of rare earth raw materials and rare earth functional materials.

The Company’s major products include rare earth oxides, rare earth metals, rare earth salt products and magnetic materials.

The Company distributes its products in the domestic market and to overseas markets.

How do you follow up pulling off a masterpiece that took fan service to the next level? That’s a question both Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios may already be hashing out an answer to at their secret lairs.

Fashion Community Rallies Around Ukrainian Relief Efforts As Paris Fashion Week Trudges On. Just as they did when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, designers and brands are offering support to refugees and the Ukraine war effort in any they can.


China Northern Rare Earth High-Tech Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production and sale of rare earth raw materials and functional materials.

It offers rare earth oxides, metals, salt products and magnetic materials.

The company was founded in 1961 and is headquartered in Baotou, China.

Moody’s Daily Credit Risk Score is a 1-10 score of a company’s credit risk, based on an analysis of the firm’s balance sheet and inputs from the stock market.

The score provides a forward-looking, one-year measure of credit risk, allowing investors to make better decisions and streamline their work ow.

Updated daily, it takes into account day-to-day movements in market value compared to a company’s liability structure.

Owner Freefloat China Investment Corp. Hangzhou Zhichun Investment Management Co. Ltd. Zhong Bo Wan Ye Di. Shareholder percentage totals can add to more than 100% because some holders are included in the free float.

The BGM’s scale of production: By the end of 2012, its annual production will come up to 20,000-ton of NdFeB strip casting alloy and 6,000-ton of NdFeB magnets.

1.1Resource advantage Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth Hi-Tech Co., Ltd has abundant rare earth resources in the world, and a production line of 10,000-ton neodymium rare earth metal, which is the key reliable guarantee of the raw material of BGM`s NdFeB magnets.

1.3 Technical advantage Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earths, a subsidiary company of Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth Hi-Tech Co., Ltd, is the largest inspection center on rare earth in China, and built the first domestic production line of NdFeB magnets in 1987.

Nowadays, relying on the mature NdFeB manufacturing technology of the Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earths, Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd can put into steady production of the N54 magnets.

In 2003, the Institute had accomplished a project of National Development and Reform Committee, “a 300-ton annual output of high performance NdFeB magnets industrialization demonstration project”, which turned the industrialization of high performance NdFeB magnets into reality in China.

5.1 NdFeB strip casting alloys Application and Market share Main products are NdFeB Strip Casting Alloys and NdFeB Magnets。 NdFeB Strip Casting Alloys are mainly supplied for the domestic manufacturer of the magentic products.

Clients of NdFeB Strip Casting Alloys are below:DYTCH、 ANHDDX、SHYZHB、SHXHQ、YTZHH、YSM、and other 6 domestic companies、 3 Janpanese companies、1 European company 5.2 NdFeB Magnets Application and Market share The Sintering NdFeb Magnets in high quality(High magnetic, high consistency, high stability) are mainly used in the high-end fields of wing power generation, nuclear magnetic resonance, permanent magnet motor and motor vehicle, etc.

China Northern Rare Earth Group High-Tech Co Ltd, 600111:SHH Profile

The Company is principally engaged in the production and sale of rare earth raw materials, rare earth functional materials and rare earth application products.

The Company’s main products include rare earth concentrate, rare earth carbonate, rare earth oxides, rare earth salt products, rare earth magnetic materials, polishing materials, hydrogen storage materials, luminescent materials, nickel-hydrogen battery and rare earth permanent magnet electron spin resonance.

The Company distributes its products in domestic market and to overseas markets.

All content on FT.com is for your general information and use only and is not intended to address your particular requirements.

In particular, the content does not constitute any form of advice, recommendation, representation, endorsement or arrangement by FT and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making any specific investment or other decisions.

HEFA Rare Earth Canada Ltd.

HEFA Rare Earth Canada Co. Ltd. brings your business the opportunity to purchase rare earths directly from one of the world’s largest and most experienced producers.

Our parent company, Baotou HEFA Rare Earth is located in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China – a region with 80% of the world’s rare earth resources.

It is one of largest rare earth enterprises in China, with five rare earth processing factories and greater than 5000 metric ton rare earth oxide capacity.

We employ over 900 staff members, including more than 230 technicians.

HEFA Rare Earth has received the ISO 9002 certification for high production standards.

Our emphasis on quality and competitive pricing has made us a favored provider of rare earth products to company in many countries around the world.

As HEFA’s North American representatives, we have developed close relationships with many companies in the United States and Canada.

Rare earth minerals have played a key role in the transformation and explosive growth of China’s world-beating economy over the last few decades.

In 1950, before rare earth mining started in earnest, the city had a population of 97,000.

At night, multicoloured lights, glass-dyed by rare earth elements, line the larger roads, turning the city into a scene from the movie Tron, while the smaller side streets are filled with drunk, vomiting refinery workers that spill from bars and barbecue joints.

Even before getting to the toxic lake, the environmental impact the rare earth industry has had on the city is painfully clear.

One of our first visits in the city is to a processing plant that specialises mainly in producing cerium, one of the most abundant rare earth minerals.

One of Baotou’s other main exports is neodymium, another rare earth with a variety of applications.

The intriguing thing about both neodymium and cerium is that while they’re called rare earth minerals, they’re actually fairly common.

Post Idea #32: Genome editing

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What Is Genome Editing?

Scientists are developing gene therapies – treatments involving genome editing – to prevent and treat diseases in humans.

Genome editing tools have the potential to help treat diseases with a genomic basis, like cystic fibrosis and diabetes.

These scientists did not use CRISPR to treat Layla, and instead used another genome editing technology called TALENs.

Treatments like the one that Layla received are still experimental because the scientific community and policymakers still have to address technical barriers and ethical concerns surrounding genome editing.

Even though CRISPR improved upon older genome editing technologies, it is not perfect.

Sometimes genome editing tools cut in the wrong spot.

Assessing the safety of gene therapies and improving upon genome editing technologies are critical steps to ensure that this technology is ready for use in patients.

What Are Genome Editing And CRISPR-Cas9?: MedlinePlus Genetics

Genome editing is a group of technologies that give scientists the ability to change an organism’s DNA. These technologies allow genetic material to be added, removed, or altered at particular locations in the genome.

Several approaches to genome editing have been developed.

The CRISPR-Cas9 system has generated a lot of excitement in the scientific community because it is faster, cheaper, more accurate, and more efficient than other existing genome editing methods.

Genome editing is of great interest in the prevention and treatment of human diseases.

Currently, most research on genome editing is done to understand diseases using cells and animal models.

Most of the changes introduced with genome editing are limited to somatic cells, which are cells other than egg and sperm cells.

Based on concerns about ethics and safety, germline cell and embryo genome editing are currently illegal in many countries.

The Basic Science Of Genome Editing

The first such system to be developed for use in genome editing of human cells, known as CRISPR/Cas9, is based on RNA-guided targeting and is much simpler, faster, and cheaper than earlier methods.

In somatic genome editing, it may be relatively easy to set up assays or procedures to address off-target changes but it is probable that such rates will vary among cell types, necessitating measurement of off-target events in each cell type targeted.

Because chimera-competent ES cells were only available in the murine system, gene editing by homologous recombination was restricted to mice and could not readily be used in other species.

GENOME EDITING IN EMBRYOS. Homologous recombination in conventional gene targeting is an inefficient process and requires the selection of correctly targeted cell clones in cell culture.

ALTERNATIVE ROUTES TO HERITABLE GERMLINE EDITING. The efficiency and precision of CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing approaches have raised the potential that precise genome editing might be possible in cells that could contribute to the germline of the human species.

Soon after the demonstration that CRISPR/Cas could very efficiently target specific sites in the genome of mammalian cells, it was shown that this approach could be applied directly to the mouse zygote without the need for the intermediate ES cell step.

Such cells will be immediately useful for understanding gametogenesis and dissecting fertility problems, but safety concerns will need to be overcome before they could be used for human reproduction, with or without genome editing.

Genome Editing

Genome editing, or genome engineering, or gene editing, is a type of genetic engineering in which DNA is inserted, deleted, modified or replaced in the genome of a living organism.

Genome editing was pioneered in the 1990s, before the advent of the common current nuclease-based gene editing platforms its use was limited by low efficiencies of editing.

These fusion proteins serve as readily targetable “DNA scissors” for gene editing applications that enable to perform targeted genome modifications such as sequence insertion, deletion, repair and replacement in living cells.

There can be up to 50 genome edits, from single nucleotide base pairs to whole genome or gene networks simultaneously with results in a matter of days.

Genome editing with engineered nucleases will likely contribute to many fields of life sciences from studying gene functions in plants and animals to gene therapy in humans.

The combination of recent discoveries in genetic engineering, particularly gene editing and the latest improvement in bovine reproduction technologies allows for genome editing directly in fertilised oocytes using synthetic highly specific endonucleases.

Genome editing using Meganuclease, ZFNs, and TALEN provides a new strategy for genetic manipulation in plants and are likely to assist in the engineering of desired plant traits by modifying endogenous genes.

ScienceDirect Topics

Several studies have utilized a CRISPR-Cas system to edit/delete/modify the genes in various human genetic diseases such as dystrophin gene in Duchenne muscular dystrophy,52 factor VIII gene in hemophilia A,53 human hemoglobin beta gene in β-thalassemia,54CFTR locus in Cystic fibrosis,55CYBB gene in chronic granulomatous,56 apolipoprotein E4 gene in Alzheimer’s,57FMR1 in fragile-X syndrome,53IGF-1 gene in neurological disease,58Nf1 gene in neurofibromatosis type 1,59HTT gene in Huntington’s disease,60 phenylalanine hydroxylase gene in phenylketonuria,61SCN1A gene in epilepsy,62CHD8 gene in autism,63 and leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 gene in Parkinson’s.

A CRISPR-Cas system was utilized to edit the genes/target regions, which are associated with a particular cancer, such as chimeric antigen receptor gene for cancer,69 epidermal growth factor gene for lung cancer,70BRCA1 gene for breast cancer,71EGFR gene for thyroid cancer,72 urothelial carcinoma-associated 1(UCA1) gene in urinary bladder cancer,73APC gene in colorectal cancer,74Pten and p53 genes in hepatocellular carcinoma,75 DNA methyltransferase 1 gene in ovarian cancer,76 and protein kinase C gene in colon cancer.

Gene disruption can be used to determine the role of a specific gene or genetic element in human cells by comparing the phenotypes of knockout and isogenic control cells.

As described above, frameshift mutations in the dystrophin gene impair myofiber integrity, resulting in functional deterioration of muscle in DMD. Correction of the gene mutation using CRISPR/Cas9 system has been attempted by several groups.

In vivo gene correction of Dmd gene was performed separately by three different groups around the same time.215 In these studies, components of gene editing, including Cas9 and gRNAs that were designed to target exon 23 of the Dmd gene, were systemically delivered using AAV to mxd mice.

219 The most advanced therapeutic genome editing to date is ex vivo ZFN mediated gene modification of CCR5 gene to prevent HIV-1 infection.

Although some genes requiring modification will already be expressed in stem cells, there are other target genes that would normally not be expressed until a certain state of differentiation or activation has been reached.

What Is Genome Editing?

Genome editing is a way of making specific changes to the DNA of a cell or organism.

What is genome editing? Genome editing is a technique used to precisely and efficiently modify DNA within a cell.

Genome editing can be used to add, remove, or alter DNA in the genome.

Genome editing can be used: For research: Genome editing can be used to change the DNA in cells or organisms to understand their biology and how they work.

Types of genome editing Small DNA changes A nuclease enzyme is engineered to cut at a specific location in the DNA. After cutting the DNA with the engineered nuclease, the cell’s normal DNA repair machinery will recognise the damage and join the two cut ends of DNA back together.

Insertion of section of DNA A natural DNA repair system can be hijacked to insert a section of DNA into a genome by genome editing.

It’s possible with genome editing to take advantage of this DNA repair system to ‘trick’ the cell into inserting a section of DNA. A nuclease enzyme is engineered to cut at a specific location in the DNA. After the DNA has been cut, a modified piece of DNA similar in sequence to the site of the cut is introduced.

Genome Editing With CRISPR-Cas Nucleases, Base Editors, Transposases And Prime Editors

The development of new CRISPR-Cas genome editing tools continues to drive major advances in the life sciences.

Four classes of CRISPR-Cas-derived genome editing agents-nucleases, base editors, transposases/recombinases and prime editors-are currently available for modifying genomes in experimental systems.

Some of these agents have also moved rapidly into the clinic.

Each tool comes with its own capabilities and limitations, and major efforts have broadened their editing capabilities, expanded their targeting scope and improved editing specificity.

We analyze key considerations when choosing genome editing agents and identify opportunities for future improvements and applications in basic research and therapeutics.

Post Idea #33: Photogrammetry

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ScienceDirect Topics

Satellite imagery, e.g., from Pleiades or WorldView, can cover tens of km or more with individual image pairs, at resolutions of down to ~ 1 m. SfM-photogrammetry is usually used to create 3D models from many overlapping images, but there is a trade-off between areal coverage, spatial resolution, and the number of images required.

Ground platforms can consist of images taken from stationary fixed locations, images taken from moving vehicles, or handheld images from operators on foot, both from ground level, or with a camera on the end of a pole.

5.2 Data processingTransforming 2D images into a 3D model relies on the identification of common features between image pairs and then calculating simultaneously the features and camera positions for all images.

The process of image alignment, sparse, and dense point cloud generation can be computationally expensive for large models with many thousands of images.

Aerial image processing consists of several possible workflows aimed at preparing data for analysis in image processing software or a geographic information system.

Individual images collected by an aerial camera are subject to geometric distortion, meaning that distances and areas cannot be accurately measured from an uncorrected aerial image.

To align aerial images, stitch them together into a larger, seamless image, and produce a point cloud, or three-dimensional model of the imaged area.

Definition, Advantages And Uses Explained

The official photogrammetry definition is “The use of photography in surveying and mapping to ascertain measurements between objects”.

Photogrammetry software uses the point identified between two or more photos as well as information from the photograph, such as the position and angles of the camera and the camera’s focal length, lens distortion and pixel size.

Ultimately, photogrammetry software uses algorithms to decipher information like camera angles, locations and characteristics from just a few point matches.

Terrestrial photogrammetry, also known as close-range photogrammetry, uses a tripod-mounted or handled photogrammetry camera located on the ground.

Photogrammetry has a wide range of applications and uses.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular uses of photogrammetry.

One of the less obvious uses of photogrammetry, forensic scenes are increasingly using this technology to help analyze incidents such as traffic accidents and accidental injury cases.

Photogrammetry Software

Photogrammetry is the art and science of extracting 3D information from photographs.

The process involves taking overlapping photographs of an object, structure, or space, and converting them into 2D or 3D digital models.

Photogrammetry is often used by surveyors, architects, engineers, and contractors to create topographic maps, meshes, point clouds, or drawings based on the real-world.

PHOTOGRAMMETRY STEREOSCOPY FLIGHT PLANNING PHOTOGRAMMETRIC DEFINITIONS GROUND CONTROL INTRODUCTION Before aerial photography and photogrammetry became a reliable mapping tool, planimetric and topographic mapping were primarily the products of the surveyor.

Provide mapping of certain desert or plain areas, sandy beaches, or snow where photographs do not show the ground surface well.

Obtain precise supplemental map data such as cross-sections, field edit and map accuracy verification.

Questions the surveyor is most often confronted with in a photogrammetric project are: How to design the most expedient mapping plan for a given project? How many photographs will be required to cover a given project area? How many horizontal and vertical control points will be required? Will the use and accuracy of aerotriangulation satisfy the extension of photo control? What must the distribution of control points be? What size targets will be required? What map accuracy can be expected? DEFINITION Photogrammetry is defined as the art, science, and technology of obtaining reliable information and measurements form aerial photography.

SOURCES OF AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS Aerial photographs that are used for topographic mapping purposes are invariably flown specifically to satisfy the requirements of each individual project.

Aerial photographs two or more years old usually have little value if the latest topographic and cultural details are to be accurately mapped.

CHECKING CONTOURS FROM AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY The standard method of checking contours produced by photogrammetric methods is to run check cross sections across the contour map and compare the check section with the profile from the contour map.

How Photogrammetry Is Used Today

In this guide, we’ll explain the different types of photogrammetry and how it can be used.

The process of photogrammetry can vary, but the general idea revolves around gathering information about an object from photos of it.

Photogrammetry uses photos to gather measurements with which we can create drawings and models.

Since aerial photogrammetry is one of the most common methods, let’s take a look at how those photos get classified.

While we can classify photogrammetry based on the location of the camera, we can also break things down by the type of photogrammetry being conducted.

The most common use for photogrammetry is creating maps out of aerial photos.

We’ve already discussed the applications of photogrammetry in civil surveying, the results of which are used by many entities, including construction crews, governments, building planners and architects.

Post Idea #34: Comparison of photogrammetry software

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Comparison Of Photogrammetry Software

This is a list of the top 8 Best Photogrammetry Software Photogrammetry Software Photogrammetry software is a science and technology of gathering reliable information of real world objects in the environment.

This is a list of the top 8 Best Photogrammetry Software Photogrammetry Software Photogrammetry is a top 8 Best Photogrammetry Software This is a list of the top 8 Best Photogrammetry Software.

To help readers get started with photogrammetry, we’ve compiled a rundown of the top 8 best photogrammetry programs, 4 Free and 4 Paid.

AliceVision, a photogrammetric computer vision framework, has a free photogrammetry software called Reality Capture Meshroom, an open-source and free photogrammetry software.

3DF Zephyr Free is the free version of 3DFlow’s photogrammetry software.

Autodesk, the American multinational software corporation, manufactures ReCap Pro, a paid photogrammetry software.

ContextCapture is a paid photogrammetry software that is developed by Acute3D, a Bentley Systems firm, and is a Bentley Systems company.

Photogrammetry: Step-By-Step Guide And Software Comparison

This guide will take readers through the basic steps of the photogrammetry workflow and offer several alternatives to consider in terms of photogrammetry software equipment.

Recommended is a computer with 16Gb of RAM and an Nvidia CUDA-enabled GPU. Step 2: Upload. Open your photogrammetry software of choice and import the photos directly into the project library.

In the first step of the software pipeline, the photos will be checked on suitability to the photogrammetry process.

Most of the computational part of photogrammetry is done automatically in the background by the photogrammetry software, but advanced features can help improve the results.

In other photogrammetry software programs, it is possible to separate this step for possible tweaks and iterations before continuing.

Some professional photogrammetry software tools use additional machine learning techniques to classify detected objects such as foliage, buildings, and vehicles.

In recent years, photogrammetry software has arrived that is easy to use, cost-effective, and results in models that actually resemble the original.

Best Photogrammetry Software In 2022: The Ultimate Guide

You will have to choose your software according to your expectations: Do you need to upload several images? Do you want to focus on aerial images? Do you have experience? Do you want to try photogrammetry for the first time with free software? Let’s discover what is the best solution for you! We will start our photogrammetry software selection for 2020 by presenting you the best free photogrammetry tool, and then we will continue with more professional options.

The standard edition is still quite complete, you will get all the basic software tools that you need! It is one of the most used photogrammetry software tools.

Is an open-source photogrammetry software developed by the IGN and ENSG. Even if it’s a free solution, MicMac is more adapted to experienced or academic users.

This software now has a free version specially made for beginners and personal use! It could be the best solution if you are just beginning with this 3D process and need to learn with great software.

Is a photogrammetry software really dedicated to a geospatial use.

This software supports both close-range photogrammetry and aerial photogrammetry.

The PhotoModeler photogrammetry software extracts measurements and models from images taken with ordinary cameras!

The Top 10 Best Photogrammetry Software 2022

Photogrammetry software is also often more accessible and affordable, as it can be as simple as inputting a photo from your smartphone’s camera into the software and then having a 3D reconstruction automatically generated.

There’s a wide range of photogrammetry software out there, but you need to carefully consider the merits of each to ensure you pick the right software for you.

One of the best things about ReCap is that it’s one of the best photogrammetry software for improving building information modeling workflow thanks to features such as multicore processors for faster scanning and high precision GPS technology for 3D photo reconstruction accuracy.

One of the best things about this free photogrammetry software is that you can view your 3D photogrammetry model in real-time as you make edits and add images to the dataset, so that you can see how additional data fills in incomplete portions of the model over time.

Meshroom is also available as a free plugin for the 3D modeling software Autodesk Maya.Pix4D. Pix4D is a professional photogrammetry and drone mapping software that provides a beginning-to-end photogrammetry solution, meaning that as well as generating point clouds, elevation maps and 3D meshes from imagery, it also assists in the capture of suitable images.

Regard3D can be run on various platforms, including Windows, Linux and OS X.PhotoModeler – Best Photogrammetry Software for CAD & CNC. If you’re looking for the best photogrammetry software for CAD and CNC manufacturing, then PhotoModeler is definitely worth checking out.

WebODM – Free Drone Photogrammetry SoftwareThis open-source photogrammetry software was released in 2017 by OpenDroneMap, an ecosystem of solutions for collecting, analyzing and displaying aerial data.

5 Best Free Photogrammetry Software In 2022

Photogrammetry software is a computer program designed specifically to take high-resolution, photographic images of objects, and to use sophisticated mathematical algorithms to map those measurements onto a map.

Many smartphone manufacturers have created advanced smartphones that incorporate photogrammetry software to be used by 3D scanners.

Check out the list of the best photogrammetry software to take high-resolution photographs and map them into large-scale measurements.

DOWNLOAD. Verdict: If you want the best free photogrammetry software for your needs, you will need to look into Meshroom.

One of the best things about this program is that it is completely free to download. This means that anyone who is currently using an older version of computer software will be able to take advantage of all of the different features of the latest release.

It’s important to note that there is a fee to upgrade to the paid version, so if you don’t mind paying for your software you’ll be better off going for the free one instead. The best thing about Colmap free photogrammetry software is that it is relatively easy to use, and it has some really nice features that make working with it so much easier.

One of the best parts of using this type of photogrammetry software is that all of the technical requirements are completely built into the program, making it very simple for any person to use.


Digital photogrammetric software on market today is also quite costly and it would therefore be a disaster for a company or users not to consider which software would best suit their needs in terms of accuracy, time efficiency, data presentation, space management, manipulation capabilities to mention but a few, and end up acquiring a software that will do the job as required but not up to the best presently acquirable standards.

The aim of this project is to compare two digital photogrammetric software in the production of digital orthophoto and digital map.

Objective of Study This study will be carried out to fulfil the following objectives: To study and understand the process of producing digital orthophoto by using two digital photogrammetric software and subsequently produce the digital orthophoto.

To perform a comparison of the digital orthophoto and digital map between the two digital photogrammetric softwares.

Scope of Study In this study, two digital photogrammetric software known as ERDAS and PCI were used to produce digital orthophoto and digital map from the four aerial photographs which cover UTM Skudai campus.

The digital orthophoto and digital map are were produced using aerial digital photogrammetric software i.e. ERDAS, and PCI. The accuracy of the digital orthophoto and digital map were determined based on root mean square error.

Fig 4: Digital topographic map of UTM main campus from ERDAS software PCI Geomatica The digital topographic map was also produced using PCI. Figure 5 shows the digital topographic map of UTM main compus.

Post Idea #35: Kneat.com Inc

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Ireland’S Third Fastest Growing Technology Company To Announce Up To 100 New Jobs At Opening Of New Limerick Office

Limerick-based software company, Kneat, will announce today the creation of up to 100 new jobs during the opening of its new 13,000 sq.

Office at Hawthorn House will be declared ‘open for business’ by Kneat Co-Founder and CEO Eddie Ryan.

“As a Limerick man I have a deep connection to the people and the city of Limerick, which is why I’m very happy to share the news today that Kneat is announcing up to one-hundred new jobs to be filled over the coming year”, said Eddie Ryan.

Today’s jobs and new facility announcement are the latest in a list of milestones for the growing business, which ranked third in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Ireland Awards in December 2021.

Kneat, a Canadian company with operational headquarters in Limerick, Ireland.

Such forward-looking information includes, but is not limited to, the relationship between Kneat and the customer, Kneat’s business development activities, the use and implementation timelines of Kneat’s software within the customer’s validation processes, the ability and intent of the customer to scale the use of Kneat’s software within the customer’s organization and the compliance of Kneat’s platform under regulatory audit and inspection.

While such forward-looking statements are expressed by Kneat, as stated in this release, in good faith and believed by Kneat to have a reasonable basis, they are subject to important risks and uncertainties.

Kneat.Com, Inc. Stock Data And Signals

50% of the revenue from the new Premium Subscriptions will go to humanitarian aid for Ukrainians fleeing the war.

Click the Predict button to answer the prediction request.

Best predictor for any stock is listed at the stock pages.

Kneat Announces Release Date For 2021 Fourth Quarter And Fiscal Year Financial Results

A leader in digitizing and automating validation processes, announced today that the Company will release its financial results for the year ended December 31, 2021., after TSX market close on February 23., 2022.

Develops and markets the next generation Kneat Gx software platform.

Multiple business processes can be configured on Kneat Gx from equipment to computer system validation, through to quality document management.

Kneat Gx allows users to author, review, approve, execute testing online, manage any exceptions and post approve final deliverables in a controlled FDA 21 CFR Part 11/ Eudralex Annex 11 compliant platform.

Includes, but is not limited to, the relationship between Kneat and the customer, Kneat’s business development activities, the use and implementation timelines of Kneat’s software within the customer’s validation processes, the ability and intent of the customer to scale the use of Kneat’s software within the customer’s organization and the compliance of Kneat’s platform under regulatory audit and inspection.

While such forward-looking statements are expressed by Kneat, as stated in this release, in good faith and believed by Kneat to have a reasonable basis, they are subject to important risks and uncertainties.

Kneat does not undertake any obligation to release publicly revisions to any forward-looking statement, except as may be required under applicable securities laws.

Post Idea #36: Bacterial skin and skin structure infection

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A skin and skin structure infection is a bacterial infection of skin and associated tissues.

It may be complicated skin and skin structure infection or uncomplicated skin and skin structure infection.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration has called them acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections.

Keywords: Acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections, complicated skin infection, ceftaroline, newer cephalosporin.

Since 2008-2010, the FDA has called them acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections.

Ceftaroline has received approval from the U.S. FDA for the treatment of community-acquired bacterial pneumonia and acute bacterial skin infections on October 29, 2010.[].Beta-lactam antibiotics inhibit bacterial peptidoglycan synthesis by binding the penicillin-binding proteins in the bacterial cell wall.

CANVAS-1: Randomized, double-blinded, phase 3 study of the efficacy and safety of ceftarolinevs. Vancomycin plus aztreonam in complicated skin and skin structure infections Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy for Infectious Disease Society of America Conference.

Acute Bacterial Skin And Skin Structure Infections: Current Perspective

A skin and skin structure infection is a bacterial infection of skin and associated tissues.

It may be complicated skin and skin structure infection or uncomplicated skin and skin structure infection.

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration has called them acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections.

ABSSSI are common and encompass a variety of disease presentations and severity.

Development of newer agents to fight against resistant microbes is the need of the hour.

Ceftaroline, a newer cephalosporin, is one promising agent.

Keywords: Acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections; ceftaroline; complicated skin infection; newer cephalosporin.

3 Sponsors interested in the development of drugs for treatment of impetigo or minor cutaneous abscess should discuss their development plans with the FDA. In general, such trials should be designed for a finding of superiority; see the transcripts of the discussion at the November 18, 2008, Anti-Infective Drugs Advisory Committee meeting.

Prior Antibacterial Drug Therapy Ideally, patients enrolled in an ABSSSI clinical trial would not have received prior antibacterial drug therapy because such therapy can have a number of potential consequences for a clinical trial.

A pragmatic approach to these concerns is to: encourage prompt enrollment procedures so that patients can receive the clinical trial treatment initially, with no need for other antibacterial drug therapy; and allow enrollment of some patients who have received a single dose of a short-acting antibacterial drug within 24 hours of enrollment.

Certain patients with ABSSSI could receive additional empirical antibacterial drug treatment, preferably treatment that has no overlapping antibacterial activity with the investigational drug.

A patient who has a new diagnosis of ABSSSI while in the hospital might require empirical antibacterial drug therapy that treats both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterial pathogens; such a patient could enroll in a trial for an investigational drug that has only Grampositive antibacterial activity, provided that the concurrent empirical antibacterial drug for Gramnegative treatment does not have overlapping Gram-positive antibacterial activity with the investigational drug.

An exploratory analysis that compares clinical responses among patients who received prior antibacterial drug therapy and patients who did not receive prior antibacterial drug therapy should be considered.

Antibacterial PK/PD indices include maximal unbound drug concentration [fCmax]/minimum inhibitory concentration ratio, area under the unbound drug concentration-time curve [fAUC]/MIC ratio, or the percentage of the dosage interval that the unbound drug concentration exceeds the MIC [fT>MIC].

Skin And Skin Structure Infection

Skin and skin structure infections, also referred to as skin and soft tissue infections, or acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections, are infections of skin and associated soft tissues.

Historically, the pathogen involved has most frequently been a bacterial species-always, since redescription of SSSIs as ABSSSIs-and as such, these infections require treatment by antibiotics.

Until 2008, a distinction was made between two types: complicated SSSIs and uncomplicated SSSIs, which had different regulatory approval requirements.

Uncomplicated SSSIs included “Simple abscesses, impetiginous lesions, furuncles, and cellulitis.” Complicated SSSIs included “Infections either involving deeper soft tissue or requiring significant surgical intervention, such as infected ulcers, burns, and major abscesses or a significant underlying disease state that complicates the response to treatment.” The FDA further noted that “[s]uperficial infections or abscesses in an anatomical site, such as the rectal area, where the risk of anaerobic or Gram-negative pathogen involvement is higher, [were also] considered complicated infections.

To achieve efficacy against SSSIs, physicians most often use broad-spectrum antibiotics, a practice contributing to increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistance, a trend related to the widespread use of antibiotics in medicine in general.

The increased prevalence of antibiotic resistance is evident in MRSA species commonly involved in SSSIs, which worsen prognoses and limit treatment options.

For less severe infections, microbiologic evaluation using tissue culture has been demonstrated to have high utility in guiding management decisions.

Post Idea #37: Loading dock

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Whole Building Design Guide

Overview Loading docks are the arrival and departure point for large shipments brought to or taken from a building by trucks and vans.

Typical features of loading dock space types include the list of applicable design objectives elements as outlined below.

Accommodating Vehicles: Loading docks must accommodate various sizes and types of vehicles used to deliver or pick up materials from the building.

Noise Exposure Mitigation: Noise reductions in the dock and noise transmission out of the dock are different design considerations.

Monitoring Ingress / Egress: A dock manager’s room or booth should be located so the manager can keep the entire dock area in view and control the entrance and exit from the building.

Blast Protection: Based on risk analysis for the building, the loading dock should be located so that vehicles will not be driven into or parked under the building.

Indoor Environmental Quality: The entrances and exits at loading docks and service entrances should be provided with a means to reduce the infiltration of outside exhaust, fumes, and debris into the building.

Dock Area Design Dock Levelers Dock Bumpers Vehicle Restraints Other Safety Equipment Dock Seals/Shelters Elevating Docks We encourage the use of this planning guide to ensure an effective and safe loading dock area.

Figure 2 Seven foot wide Dock Leveler Figure 3 Six and a half foot wide Dock Leveler Issue Date: 07/15/05, Rev. 2 Page 17 BLUE GIANT Loading Dock System Guide DOCK LEVELERS Length Selection Proper selection of the leveler length will ensure many benefits such as: Loading vehicles are designed for general use at certain grades.

Issue Date: 07/15/05, Rev. 2 Page 19 BLUE GIANT Loading Dock System Guide DOCK LEVELERS OPTIONAL FEATURES There are many available features for dock levelers that should be considered to ensure the overall effectiveness of the installation.

Page 23 BLUE GIANT Loading Dock System Guide DOCK LEVELERS VERTICAL STORING DOCK LEVELERS As its name indicates, this design of dock leveler is vertical when in the stored or parked position.

Page 24 Issue Date: 07/15/05, Rev. 2 Loading Dock System Guide BLUE GIANT DOCK BUMPERS Each dock must be equipped with a form of dock bumper to protect the building from vehicle impact damage.

Page 34 Issue Date: 07/15/05, Rev. 2 Loading Dock System Guide BLUE GIANT DOCK LIFTS When incorporating an elevating dock into the overall dock design, it is important to choose a unit that will offer the greatest flexibility for the loading operations.

Elevating docks must be raised and lowered for each product transfer from dock to trailer; consequently they are less efficient than dock levelers.

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Loading Dock

A loading dock or loading bay is an area of a building where goods vehicles are loaded and unloaded.

Dock light – a movable articulating light mounted inside the dock used to provide lighting inside the truck during loading operations.

Loading dock software – provides a method for tracking and reporting on the loading dock activity.

A loading dock leveler is a piece of equipment which is typically mounted to the exterior dock face or recessed into a pit at a loading dock.

Toe Guard: Protective shield mounted flush to the side of a dock assembly in order to prevent toe and foot injuries while dock leveler is above dock.

A flexible less-expensive alternative to a Loading Dock Leveler is a Dock Plate or Dock Board.

Often more portable and not fixed to a dock or transport vehicle, dock plates and dock boards and metal ramps which help bridge the gap between dock and truck.

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