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Post Idea #1: Black women

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40 Most Beautiful Black Women In The World

She even received the “Rising Star Award” at the annual Black Women In Hollywood event!

Plus, she was the first African-American women to be on the cover of GQ. She has come a long way since the start of her career as a model to become one of the most successful black women in the world.

Jourdan Dunn is a fashion model, the first black model to walk a Prada runway in over a decade.

The actress, model, and singer rose to fame in the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up and has since featured in The Greatest Showman, Dune, and Euphoria.

Halle Berry has been a major player in the game for several years, first as a model and then an actress.

Selita Ebanks is a model and actress who has worked for designers, including Ralph Lauren and Neiman Marcus.

Working with brands like Gucci, Victoria’s Secret, GAP, and L’Oreal, she is one of the world’s most successful Black models.

10 Important Black Female Historical Figures

Black women have made important contributions to the United States throughout its history.

In the face of gender and racial bias, Black women have broken barriers, challenged the status quo, and fought for equal rights for all.

The accomplishments of Black female historical figures in politics, science, the arts, and more continue to impact society.

During her tenure, she co-founded the Congressional Black Caucus.

Despite meager resources, she continued working through the Great Depression, making sculptures of several notable Black people, including Frederick Douglass and W. C. Handy.

Over the next 12 years, she returned nearly 20 times, helping more than 300 enslaved Black people escape bondage by ushering them along the Underground Railroad. The “Railroad” was the nickname for a secret route that enslaved Black people used to flee the South for anti-slavery states in the North and to Canada.

Her father, active in New York City’s Black community, made sure his young daughter was well educated; she received her law degree from Howard University in 1872 and was admitted to the Washington, D.C., bar shortly afterward.

All You Need To Know About Them

These men are aware that black women work so hard to achieve their goals, and many hot black chicks are prosperous already.

The young black woman is a skilled athlete who specializes in artistic gymnastics.

As a hardworking black woman, Jo-Issa has built her YouTube channel by creating back-to-back exciting content, including short films with great content.

Marsai Martin is a young black actress and a producer.

Ciara is a hot black woman who was born on October 25, 1985.

In a nutshell, if you prefer hot women black, our list of the hottest black women must have impressed you.

Settling down with black hot women is the dream of most men, and many of them have confessed to the raw beauty of black, bold, and beautiful women.

30 Most Beautiful Black Women In The World

The world is full of beautiful black women who have heavily contributed to popular culture, art, philanthropy, and business.

Not only are these black women talented, accomplished, and famous, these ladies are also incredibly beautiful and sexy.

From Beyonce to Gabrielle Union, here are the most beautiful black women in the world you need to know!

Zoe Saldana is one of the most beautiful and accomplished black women in Hollywood, with a diverse career in film.

Career-wise, Lupita is an award-winning actress, starring in films like 12 Years a Slave, Star Wars, Us, and Black Panther, she’s performed on Broadway, has written a bestselling children’s book, and was named “The Most Beautiful Woman” by People Magazine.

The name Naomi Campbell has been associated with one of the most beautiful black women alive, since the British model’s career debut at age 15.

While widely considered one of the most beautiful black women in the world – even featured on Maxim’s Hot 100 list – Ciara is most known for her accomplishments in the recording studio.

How Deep Is The Average Vagina? Size And Appearance

Just as women can have different sized breasts, hands, and feet, the size and depth of vaginas can also vary.

According to one study, the average depth of a vagina is about 3.77 inches, which is 9.6 centimeters.

A report in the BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology said that the average depth of the vagina is about 3.77 inches, but that vaginal depth and appearance can vary widely.

The vagina is the canal to the cervix, which separates the uterus and the vagina.

This causes the vagina to elongate and the cervix, or tip of the uterus, to lift up slightly, allowing more of a penis, finger, or sex toy to fit in the vagina.

While a vagina expands during arousal, a large penis or sex toy can still cause discomfort when having sex.

The average erect penis is about 33 percent longer than the average vagina.

Black Women

Being a Black woman is also frequently described as being hit by a double whammy due to social biases encountered by Black women for being female as well a part of the Black community.

Due to the ways in which the two forms of bias interact, the term Black women is preferred by some over more general phrases such as women of color, especially in the United States.

Testimonial evidences complied by the Tunis-branch of Rosa Luxemburg Foundation presented cases of Black women being “Stigmatised, hyper-sexualised, and objectified” It has been noted that this sexualization of Black Tunisian women leads to them being viewed as objects by Arab men to “Achieve sexual satisfaction” and face sexual harassment.

In 2020, four Black Tunisian women created the Facebook group Voices of Tunisian Black Women in an attempt to bring to light these issues affecting them, which they felt were not being discussed in the Me Too movement.

According to the American Cancer Society, the death rate for all cancers for Black women is 14% higher than that of White women.

Lupus is two-three times more common in women of color, but more specifically one in every 537 Black women will have lupus.

In a 2007 US study of five medical complications that are common causes of maternal death and injury, Black women were two to three times more likely to die than White women who had the same condition.

Post Idea #2: Labour economics

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ScienceDirect Topics

Higher wages, improved working conditions, and better continuing education opportunities are some of the interventions that will make jobs more attractive to health workers.

Qualitative analysis can be used to identify the critical job characteristics that influence health worker decisions to locate in rural areas and, more broadly, factors that influence health worker motivation and performance.

A technique known as discrete choice analysis, in which potential workers are asked to rank jobs with different attributes can be used to quantify the expected impact of alternative policies aimed at recruiting health workers to rural areas.

Labor force surveys can be used to measure current health worker remuneration differentials between different levels of care, specialties, and geographic areas, and the remunerations differentials that would be necessary to entice health workers to change job locations.

In particular, researchers differentiate the incentives for an individual to work at ages when his wages are relatively high from the incentives to work that come from wage differences arising for reasons that are independent of age.

Though there remains some disagreement among economists regarding the value of the elasticity of hours worked with respect to wages, it is undeniable that positive estimates of the effect of wages on work would help to explain many features of changes in work behavior over the past 25 years in the USA. Work levels have increased more for women than men, they have increased more for well-educated people than poorly educated people, and they have increased more for married people than for single people.

In each of these three comparisons, the wage structure has changed favoring those who work more: the wages of women have risen relative to those of men, the wages of well-educated workers have risen relative to those with less education, and the wages of married people have risen relative to the wages of unmarried people.

Labour Economics

Labour economics looks at the suppliers of labour services and the demanders of labour services, and attempts to understand the resulting pattern of wages, employment, and income.

Labour economics can generally be seen as the application of microeconomic or macroeconomic techniques to the labour market.

The labour market in macroeconomic theory shows that the supply of labour exceeds demand, which has been proven by salary growth that lags productivity growth.

If the demand for labour is larger than the supply, salary increases, as employee have more bargaining power while employers have to compete for scarce labour.

The labour force participation rate is the number of people in the labour force divided by the size of the adult civilian noninstitutional population, LFPR = LF/Population.

The demand for labour of this firm can be summed with the demand for labour of all other firms in the economy to obtain the aggregate demand for labour.

On the shifts in labour supply and demand, factors include demand for skilled workers going up more than the supply of skilled workers and relative to unskilled workers as well as technological changes that increase productivity; all of these things cause wages to go up for skilled labour while unskilled worker wages stay the same or decline.

Definition & Facts

Labour economics, study of the labour force as an element in the process of production.

The labour force comprises all those who work for gain, whether as employees, employers, or as self-employed, and it includes the unemployed who are seeking work.

Labour economics involves the study of the factors affecting the efficiency of these workers, their deployment between different industries and occupations, and the determination of their pay.

A second major reason for looking beyond straightforward labour market forces is the often highly imperfect nature of the industrialized labour market.

There is much in labour that can be understood only with the aid of the psychologist, the sociologist, the historian, the labour lawyer, or the political scientist.

Women so occupied remain by far the largest contingent of persons of working age not in the labour force.

Quality of labour The quality of the labour force depends on education and training, physique, and health.

DEFINITION LABOUR ECONOMICS: Labour economics is the branch of economics which studies the workings and outcomes of the market for labour services, labour economics deals with the behavior of employers and employees to the pecuniary and non-pecuniary aspects of the employment relationship firms operate in three markets as they pursue their objectives of profit maximization; the labour markets, the capital market and the product market.

Total available Labour Service Births Population Deaths Net Immigration Labour force Participation rate Hours of works Quantity of labour Quality of labour Total available Labour Service LABOUR FORCE PARTICIPATION RATE: The labor force participation rate is the percentage of working-age persons in an economy who: Are employed Are unemployed but looking for a job The labor force participation rate is the percent of the population ages 15 and older that is economically active.

ILLUSTRATION II Wage Rate W1 DL1 DL2 O N1 N2 No. of workers From illustrate II above demand for labour increase from N1 to N2 but the wage rate remains constant at W1. This increase in the demand for labour from N1 to N2 has led to a shift of the labour demand curve from DL1 to DL2. LABOUR AND CAPITAL INTENSIVE APPROACH OF LABOUR DEMAND If a firm pursues a labour intensive approach all things being equal there will be an outward shift of the labour demand curve due to the increase in the demand for labour.

WAGE DETERMINATION The determination of wages in a labour market depends on the interaction between the demand for labour and the supply of labour irrespective of the presence of labour unions, labour laws and other forces external to the labour market.

At W1 labour supply is at NS1 while labour demand is ND1, thus, excess demand for labour is given by OND1 – ONS1 = NS2 For ND1 to attract more labour, wage rate must rise above W1. At W2 there is excess supply of labour and at this wage level labour is willing to accept any wage rate below W2 to find a job.

There are two basic outcomes of interaction at the labour market:- The terms of employment and level of employment Labour Market Equilibrium: Labour market equilibrium is just another fancy way of saying that the price of labour and quantity of labour in the market have stabilized and will not change unless something significant happens to change the price or quantity.

Examples of labour market theories include of the Neo classical labour market theory, Labour market segmentation theory, Labour market theory of poverty, Dual labour market theory, the human capital theory and Theory of Labour Discrimination The Role and Assumption of Labour Market Theory: Under the standard labour market theory, labour is like any other resource.

Post Idea #3: Needlestick injury

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NCBI Bookshelf

Today the major concern after a needlestick injury is not HIV but hepatitis B or hepatitis C. Guidelines have been established to help healthcare institutions manage needlestick injuries and when to initiate post-exposure HIV prophylaxis.

Even though universal guidelines have decreased the risks of needlestick injuries over the past 30 years, these injuries continue to occur, albeit at a much lower rate.

Today the major threat after a needlestick injury is not HIV but acquiring hepatitis B or hepatitis C. In the past, the majority of needlestick injuries occurred during resheathing of the needle after withdrawal of blood from a patient.

The most important organisms that can be acquired after a needlestick injury include HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. All these three viruses can be acquired by a percutaneous needlestick or splashing of blood on the mucosal surfaces of the body.

Before the availability of the hepatitis B vaccine, the infection rate from a needlestick ranged from 6% to 30%. The management of an individual who has acquired hepatitis B following a needlestick injury depends on the recipient’s vaccination status.

Hepatitis C. After a needlestick injury, healthcare professionals are also at risk for acquiring hepatitis C. Unfortunately the exact number of healthcare workers who have developed hepatitis C after a needlestick injury remains unknown, because of lack of follow up.

Even though most needlestick injuries do not lead to transmission of infection, sometimes one can develop a serious lifelong chronic infection like HIV or hepatitis C. The onus is on the healthcare workers to prevent needlestick injuries in the first place.

Needlestick And Sharps Injuries

Preventing injuries is the most effective way to protect workers.

Preventing injuries from sharps and needlesticks is considered a part of the “Routine practices” used by healthcare workers.

Workers who use sharps require education and training as part of a sharps injury prevention program.

Workers should be educated in how to protect themselves during use, and to protect others who may encounter the device during or after procedures.

Engineering controls – remove or isolate the hazard by using sharps disposal containers or other devices that have an integrated injury prevention feature.

Safety devices must be chosen with care as no one device or strategy will work in every situation.

Work-practice controls – Steps that can be taken to reduce injuries include using instruments to grasps needles or load/unload scalpels, avoiding hand-to-hand passage of sharps, separating sharps from other waste, not carry garbage or linen bags close to the body, etc.

Needlestick Injury

There are only a few reported cases of members of the public becoming infected by hepatitis B or hepatitis C and none with HIV following accidental injury from discarded injecting needles in the community setting.

Studies demonstrate long-term seroprotective hepatitis B immune responses following a three-dose infant hepatitis B vaccine schedule.

There are limitations of hepatitis B serology testing as a correlate of seroprotection in the setting of community needle stick injury with waning Hepatitis B surface antibody levels demonstrated with increased time between testing and last hepatitis B vaccine receipt.

Risk associated with exposure Blood borne virus Estimated incidence in WA IV drug users* Risk of transmission with a needlestick# Calculated maximal risk of transmission✩ HIV 1.1 – 1.6% 0.3% 0 – 0.0048% Hepatitis B 1.8% 30% 0 – 0.54% Hepatitis C 55 – 58% 3% 0 – 1.74%. * The most likely source of discarded needles in the community.

Give hepatitis B vaccine and hepatitis B immunoglobulin at initial ED presentation.

Follow up HIV, hepatitis B surface antibody and hepatitis B surface antigen and hepatitis C serology to be done at PCH laboratory approximately 2 weeks prior to the outpatient clinic appointments.

2010;28(3):730-6.Res S, Bowden FJ. Acute hepatitis B infection following a community-acquired needlestick injury.

Better Health Channel

Such as health care workers are at increased risk of needlestick injury, which occurs when the skin is accidentally punctured by a used needle.

At the doctor’s surgery or emergency departmentYour doctor or the emergency doctor should:Take detailed information about the injury, including how long ago it happened, how deeply the skin was penetrated, whether or not the needle was visibly contaminated with blood, and any first aid measures used.

Offer blood tests to check for pre-existing HIV, HBV and HCV. You should be offered counselling about these tests before the blood specimens are taken.

Post exposure prophylaxisYour treating doctor may recommend post exposure prophylaxis.

A decision to treat will depend upon:Where testing of the source of exposure is possible – whether the source tests positive to HBV or HIV.Whether there has been exposure to blood from that source.

Where the exposure source is unknown or can’t be tested, an assessment of the situation may suggest an increased risk – for example, a needle discarded from a drug treatment facility.

Things to rememberBlood-borne diseases that could be transmitted by a needlestick injury include human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.Thoroughly wash the wound with soap and water, and go to your doctor or nearest emergency department as soon as possible.

Accidental Needle Stick: Chance Of Infection, First Aid, Prevention

Needle stick injuries are a reality for people who regularly use needles, like nurses and lab workers.

According to the CDC, some 385,000 health care workers accidentally stick themselves with needles every year.

Your chances of catching a disease from a single needle stick are usually very low.

About 1 out of 300 health care workers accidentally stuck with a needle from someone with HIV get infected.

Each time someone injects drugs with a needle used by an HIV-positive person, for example, they have a 1 in 160 chance of getting the virus.

Was used on someone who dies within 2 months of the needle stick injury.

Reporting any injury from an accidental needle stick not only helps you get the right kind of care, it helps shape guidelines for future needle handling so other people stay safe, too.

Health And Safety Pro

Sharps injuries are a well-known risk in the health and social care sector.

Many of the requirements contained in the Directive already formed part of health and safety law in Great Britain.

HSE has produced a Health Services Information sheet Health and Safety Regulations 2013 to assist employers and employees to understand their legal obligations under the Regulations.

Why choose GR Safety Solutions for needlestick injury policies? Our professional health & safety consultants are available 24/7 to advise and support you on any health & safety issues.

We create health & safety policies, procedures and management systems bespoke to your business.

We can help you achieve and promote a positive health & safety culture.

Looking for advice on needlestick injuries? Contact GR Safety Solutions for quick and accurate help Get a Free Quote Today.

Needlestick Injury

Even though the acute physiological effects of a needlestick injury are generally negligible, these injuries can lead to transmission of blood-borne diseases, placing those exposed at increased risk of infection from disease causing pathogens, such as the hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, and human immunodeficiency virus.

In addition to needlestick injuries, transmission of these viruses can also occur as a result of contamination of the mucous membranes, such as those of the eyes, with blood or body fluids, but needlestick injuries make up more than 80% of all percutaneous exposure incidents in the United States.

Increasing recognition of the unique occupational hazard posed by needlestick injuries, as well as the development of efficacious interventions to minimize the largely preventable occupational risk, encouraged legislative regulation in the US, causing a decline in needlestick injuries among healthcare workers.

Needlestick injuries are more common during night shifts and for less experienced people; fatigue, high workload, shift work, high pressure, or high perception of risk can all increase the chances of a needlestick injury.

An unknown number of occupational needlestick injuries are reported by the affected employee, yet due to organizational failure, institutional record of the injury does not exist.

While the exact number of needlestick injuries in children in the US is unknown, even one injury in a child is enough to cause public alarm.

A study in Hartford, Connecticut found that needlestick injury rates among Hartford police officers decreased after the introduction of a needle exchange program: six injuries in 1,007 drug-related arrests for the 6-month period before vs. two in 1,032 arrests for the 6-month period after.

Post Idea #4: Infotainment

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The Worldwide In-Vehicle Infotainment Industry Is Expected To Reach $38.4 Billion By 2027

The in-vehicle infotainment market is projected to grow from USD 20.8 billion in 2021 to USD 38.4 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 10.8%. The display unit/infotainment unit segment is expected to lead the component segment.

Further, with every new model launch, the screen size of infotainment systems is getting bigger as it adds a premium quotient to the vehicle and becomes an important aspect for consideration while purchasing a new vehicle.

Further, premium vehicle producers are putting efforts for infotainment systems to the next level altogether.

All these factors are expected to drive the installation of infotainment/display units across all vehicle categories.

For the in-vehicle infotainment market analysis, Asia Pacific includes China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Rest of Asia Pacific.

Even the mid-ranged vehicles in the Asia Pacific market are being equipped with the best-in-class infotainment.

This will boost the quality of infotainment and upsurge the demand for infotainment units in the region.

In-Vehicle Infotainment Market Applications, Technology, Types, Recent Trends, Futures, Industry Analysis And Forecasts 2027 Growth Analysi

Growing demand for smartphone applications in automobiles and advances in technology for In-Vehicle Infotainment are driving the demand for the market.

Global In-vehicle infotainment Market report 2021 also contains a comprehensive business analysis of the state of the business, which analyzes innovative ways for business growth and describes critical factors such as prime manufacturers, production value, key regions, and growth rate.

The competitive landscape of the report has been formulated by considering all the vital parameters such as company profiling, market share, recent developments and advancements, gross margins, product portfolio, revenue generation, financial standing, market position, and expansion plans.

Extensive information on factors estimated to affect the Market growth and market share during the forecast period is presented in the report.

For secondary research, analysts scrutinized numerous annual report publications, white papers, market association publications, and company websites to obtain the necessary understanding of the global In-vehicle infotainment market.

The all-inclusive report on the Global In-vehicle infotainment Market added by In-vehicle infotainment demonstrates that the global In-vehicle infotainment market is presumed to grow at a steady CAGR throughout the forecast timeline.

The report analyzed the key market drivers, restraints, growth opportunities, investment opportunities, threats, and limitations of the In-vehicle infotainment market.


The term may be used disparagingly to devalue infotainment or soft news subjects in favor of more “Serious” hard news subjects.

In 1983, “Infotainment” began to see more popular usage, and the infotainment style gradually began to replace soft news with communications theorists.

Historically, the term infotainment was used to discredit woman journalists who were assigned soft news jobs.

Today’s broadcasting of what is considered “Hard” informative news is sometimes diluted with attributes of fiction or drama, and infotainment.

Infotainers are entertainers in infotainment media, such as news anchors or satirists who cross the line between journalism and entertainment.

In the case of social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, which were originally created for the purpose of connecting, re-connecting and sharing personal thoughts and information with public, they have now provided a new medium for the spread of infotainment.

The interactive nature of social media has also allowed for the consumers of infotainment to become producers, generating their own news and commentary, some of which is often used by journalists as material for stories.

Definition, TV Shows, & Facts

Infotainment came about through the blurring of the line between information and entertainment in news and current affairs programming, whether in the selection of news stories or in their presentation.

As the Internet increasingly pervaded daily life, newspaper readership declined significantly, as did the viewership of the major broadcast network news programs.

These economic challenges helped blur the news-entertainment distinction as news producers increasingly relied on entertainment value to “Sell” news stories.

Historically, news organizations maintained a distinction between “Hard” news and entertainment, or “Soft” news, programming.

Infotainment came to include daytime television shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, entertainment news programs such as Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood, and talking-head forums such as Hannity and Colmes, The O’Reilly Factor, and The Rachel Maddow Show, whose hosts and host networks belied pronounced political biases.

Among the most-popular infotainment programs of the first two decades of the 21st century was The Daily Show, a so-called fake news show that satirized media, politics, and pop culture.

During the 2000 U.S. presidential campaign, its satiric and comprehensive “Indecision 2000” coverage-featuring The Daily Show correspondents reporting from the caucuses and national conventions-became so popular that on election night its viewership rivaled that of some traditional news programs.

Definition From Techopedia

Infotainment is a type of media that tries to combine educational or useful information and entertaining content.

Infotainment is designed to help promote the acquisition of specific information, skills or trades in a format that appeals to users.

Infotainment usually refers to televised news content and is considered a disparaging term because it implies a contrast in quality and respectability between this type of content and true news.

Online contests, polls and infographics are considered forms of infotainment found on the Web.

Infotainment aims to make learning simpler and easier.

Infotainment was initially conceived on television, where documentaries began to integrate an entertainment element such as background music, visual effects, humor, action or human interest content.

Infotainment may also be used by professionals and business workers who include entertaining elements in business presentations, videos or demonstrations to make them more fun for the audience.


SiriusXM Traffic Get continuous updates of major roadway incidents and conditions nationwide, plus color-coded traffic speed flows for major metro areas.

Individual product availability will vary by vehicle hardware.

SiriusXM Traffic Plus Get info on major roadway conditions nationwide, color-coded traffic flows for major metro areas, along with next generation services featuring enhanced highway and city coverage.

SiriusXM NavTraffic Bypass congestion and road hazards with detailed info, major roadway incidents alerts, and color-coded traffic speed flows for major metro areas.

Avoid roadway congestion before you reach it with the latest information on traffic speed, accidents, construction, closures, and more.

Not all vehicles or devices are capable of receiving all services offered by SiriusXM. Data displays and individual product availability vary by vehicle hardware.

Licensed materials from TomTom including its maps and/or TMC codes and tables are used in production, testing and/or delivery of SiriusXM Traffic products.

How To Utilize Your Chevy Infotainment System

Vehicle user interface is a product of Google, and its terms and privacy statements apply.

Vehicle user interface is a product of Google and its terms and privacy statements apply.

Roid Auto is a trademark of Google LLC. Read the vehicle Owner’s Manual for important feature limitations and information.

Roid, Android Auto, Google, Google Play and other marks are trademarks of Google LLC. Read the vehicle Owner’s Manual for important feature limitations and information.

Roid Auto is a trademark of Google LLC. Vehicle user interface is a product of Apple and its terms and privacy statements apply.

Roid Auto is a trademark of Google LLC. Read the vehicle Owner’s Manual for more important feature limitations and information.

Roid, Google Play and Android Auto are trademarks of Google LLC. Safety or driver assistance features are no substitute for the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner.

Post Idea #5: Chiang Mai

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Chiang Mai

The city of Chiang Mai only officially covers most parts of the Mueang Chiang Mai District, with a population of 127,000, the city’s sprawl extends into several neighboring districts.

The Chiang Mai metropolitan area has a population of nearly one million people, which is more than half of the total population of Chiang Mai Province.

In May 2006 Chiang Mai was the site of the Chiang Mai Initiative, concluded between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the “ASEAN+3” countries,.

Chiang Mai has about 20 Christian churches Chiang Mai is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Chiang Mai at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Chiang Mai has several universities, including Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, Payap University, Far Eastern University, and Maejo University, as well as numerous technical and teacher colleges.

In partnership with the Faculty of Medicine at Chiang Mai University, the team of experts aim to enhance the quality of medical care available to the community, both urban and rural, as well as develop Chiang Mai into a centre for medical tourism with the infrastructure for supporting international visitors seeking long-term medical care.

Chiang Mai is estimated to have 32,000-40,000 hotel rooms and Chiang Mai International Airport is Thailand’s fourth largest airport, after Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, and Phuket.

Chiang Mai Opens 1st Med Drive-Thru

The country’s first drive-through medication service that prescribes anti-viral Favipiravir pills to Covid-19 patients with mild symptoms free of charge has been rolled out in Chiang Mai province.

The drive-thru service was launched at Chiang Mai Municipal Hospital on Witchayanon Road in tambon Chang Moi of Muang district.

Chiang Mai mayor Assanee Buranupakorn said the service is available for those who undergo self-testing with antigen test kits and get a positive result but only have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic, and who prefer to be treated at home.

The hospital’s two phone numbers are not connected to the National Health Security Office’s “1330” hotline service or the coordinating centres of Chiang Mai provincial public health office, he noted.

Apart from the drive-thru service, Chiang Mai set up ATK testing sites at Nakornping sub-district office on March 3-4 and will do so there again on Monday.

Members of at-risk groups can take an ATK test at Chiang Mai Municipality Stadium, Mr Assanee added.

Danai Sarapruek, director of the Public Health Promotion Division in Chiang Mai, said the province is logging between 300-350 new Covid cases a day.

Accor Brings Ibis To Chiang Mai

Accor is expanding its partnership with Boutique Corporation Public Company to debut the ibis brand in the destination, with the opening of Chiangmai Nimman Journeyhub in mid-2023.

The hotel will feature 143 guestrooms, a restaurant and amenities such as a swimming pool and gym.

Located within walking distance of the trendy Nimman neighbourhood, guests can conveniently access the city’s popular coffee destinations, vibrant dining scene, live music bars, and the charming Old Town.

Chiang Mai serves as a gateway to Thailand’s vibrant ancient cultural sites, lush natural wonders, vibrant arts scene, and dynamic restaurant and café offerings.

Ibis Chiangmai Nimman Journeyhub will be the 12th ibis hotel in Thailand.

New Ibis Hotel Announced For Chiang Mai

Accor, the largest international hotel operator in the Southeast Asia region, is expanding its partnership with Boutique Corporation Public Company Limited for a new development project in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The partnership will see the debut of the iconic ibis brand in the mountainous northern region, with the newly signed ibis Chiangmai Nimman Journeyhub scheduled to open in mid-2023.

With a forward-looking modern design that reflects the unique character of Chiang Mai, this vibrant hotel will feature 143 comfortable guestrooms, a restaurant, a swimming pool, and gym.

“Chiang Mai is a much sought-after destination for those travelling to the north, as it serves as a gateway to the vibrant ancient cultural sites, lush natural wonders, vibrant arts scene and dynamic restaurant and café offerings. We are honoured to collaborate closely with Boutique Corporation once again to introduce ibis Chiangmai Nimman Journeyhub, following the success of Novotel Chiang Mai Nimman Journeyhub,” said Garth Simmons, Chief Executive Officer, Accor Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea.

Ibis is the world’s leading lifestyle economy brand.

“We are thrilled to further strengthen our partnership with Accor and extend our hospitality offerings in the vibrant northern city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are certain that entering into this franchise agreement with Accor to launch ibis Chiangmai Nimman Journeyhub will bring a level of vibrancy and modern design to the economy travel market that will allow travelers to enjoy the city on any budget. Chiang Mai remains one of Thailand’s leading tourist destinations and as the country continues to open its doors post-pandemic, I am positive that we will continue to see rising demand and growth in the city and in particular the dynamic district of Nimman,” said Prab Thakral, President and Group CEO, Boutique Corporation Public Company Limited.

Ibis Chiangmai Nimman Journeyhub will become the 12th ibis hotel in Thailand and will join a collection of over 1,200 ibis addresses globally across 65 countries.

NH Collection Hotels Set To Arrive In Asia

Minor Hotels has unveiled plans to debut NH Collection Hotels in the heart of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

NH Collection Chiang Mai Ping River, as the new development will be known, is located on the picturesque bank of the Mae Ping River and will become the first property from the brand in Asia when it opens in quarter one of next year.

In addition to 79 rooms and suites, some with private swimming pools, the new NH Collection will also feature a swimming pool and deck, a multipurpose space combining a restaurant, cafe, art space and bar and a fitness centre.

ADVERTISEMENT. A partnership between Osmo Ping River, a subsidiary of Osmo Properties Group and Minor Hotels, the development marks a debut of the NH Collection brand outside of Europe and Latin America, where the upper-upscale chain has 93 hotels.

“NH Collection Chiang Mai with its riverside location minutes away from the Old City, is a singular venue surrounded by history, culture and nature,” said Dillip Rajakarier, chief executive of Minor Hotels.

“Every NH Collection experience is based on our promise to connect guests with the city’s soul, so getting the destination right was extremely important for our first NH Collection property in Asia.”.

“Together with our partner Osmo Ping River we look forward to giving the city of Chiang Mai a truly standout property that will speak of its standing as Thailand’s centre of creativity.”

Chiang Mai Budget Travel Guide

The Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center is the premier place to go, with tickets costing 690 THB. 5.

8 Adventures offers tours for 2,500-3,000 THB per person, which include transportation from Chiang Mai and lunch.

Chiang Mai has some of the best street food in Thailand, with dishes like khao soi costing 25-50 THB and snacks costing 10-20 THB. Most meals at a casual sit-down Thai restaurant cost 80-95 THB. Western food is more expensive, starting around 170-195 THB for a main dish.

For non-alcoholic drinks, a cappuccino or fresh juice is 65 THB, and soda is 35 THB. Dada Kafe, Sushi Ichiban, Dash, the Chiang Mai Gate Market, and Sunday Market are all foodie spots you shouldn’t miss!

On a “Luxury” budget of 3,725 THB per day or more, you can stay in a hotel, eat out anywhere you want, drink more, take taxis everywhere, and do whatever activities you want.

You can get to just about anywhere in the central city for 40 THB. Buses – Until recently, there weren’t public buses in Chiang Mai, but that all changed in 2018 with the launch of the RTC Smart City Bus network.

The buses are clean, modern, and have free Wi-Fi. If you plan to use the bus a lot, you can get an unlimited day pass for 180 THB or a three-day pass for 400 THB. Bicycle – Chiang Mai has a new dockless bike-sharing system called Anywheel.

Chiang Mai Nightlife A Complete Guide

Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand and therefore is the hub of all nightlife for the region.

Despite the strict laws relating to alcohol serving places, Chiang Mai the first destination in Thailand that comes to mind when thinking about nightlife.

If you find yourself in the city and want to go out for a beer or two, want to have deliciously exotic food or simply want to dance on some good beats, this guide will help you to make nightlife in Chiang Mai worthwhile for you.

You may not encounter your worst experience we have chosen the finest and the best locations to enjoy the nightlife of Chiang Mai to catch the spectacular memories of your life.

Foxy Lady a Go-Go. Being a typical go-go bar this place is surely not to be visited by everyone, but if you want to see a bit of risqué nightlife in central Chiang Mai then Foxy Lady a Go-Go is the recommended place to go.

As already elaborated, the nightlife attraction of Chiang Mai scattered throughout the city.

Lastly, we went through comprehensive options of nightclubs of the city that offers great music and fun with some delightfully exotic choices of drinks and cocktail that will delight your overall experience of charming nightlife during your stay at Chiang Mai.

Post Idea #6: Minor Hotels

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Minor International

Minor Hotels is a hotel owner, operator and investor with a portfolio of over 75,000 rooms across more than 520 hotels, resorts and serviced suites under the Anantara, AVANI, Oaks, Tivoli, Elewana, NH Collection, NH Hotel, nhow, Marriott, Four Seasons, St. Regis, Radisson Blu and Minor International brands.

Today, Minor Hotels’ hotel and spa portfolio spans across 56 countries in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Europe and the Americas.

Anantara, the award-winning luxury hotel brand developed by Minor Hotels, debuted in 2001 in the seaside town of Hua Hin.

Oaks Hotels & Resorts is a leading operator of hotels and resorts in Australia and New Zealand, specializing in the serviced apartment market, for guests who favor freedom, space and independence when they travel.

NH Hotels offers mid- to upscale urban hotels for guests who demand an excellent location with the best value for money.

Nhow offers design hotels that are unconventional and cosmopolitan, each with a unique personality in major international cities.

Four Seasons resorts in the Minor Hotels’ portfolio include properties in Chiang Mai, the Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai and Koh Samui, Thailand.

Minor Hotels

Minor Hotels is an international hotel owner, operator and investor with more than 550 hotels in 55 countries across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Europe and the Americas.

Minor Hotels completed its takeover of Australian based Oaks Hotels and Resorts, Ltd in 2011.

In 2016, Portugal saw its largest ever hotel deal when Minor Hotel Group acquired Tivoli Hotels & Resorts, a hotel chain that owns 16 properties across Portugal, Brazil and Qatar.

Minor Hotels acquired a 94.1% stake of NH Hotel Group during the last quarter of 2018.

In August 2020, Minor Hotels announced the introduction of the NH Collection brand into the Australian market, with a newbuild Sydney CBD property set to rise on Wentworth Street, opening to guests in 2023.

Minor signs twin Anantara and Avani hotels in Abu Dhabi.

In early 2021, Minor Hotels entered a strategic partnership with Funyard Hotels & Resorts to fuel its China expansion.

Careers At Minor International

Minor Hotels is an international hotel owner, operator and investor with a portfolio of more than 540 hotels in operation.

Minor Hotels passionately explores new possibilities in hospitality with a diverse portfolio of properties designed intelligently to appeal to different kinds of travellers, serving new passions as well as personal needs.

Minor Readies First Thai Hotel Under NH Collection

Minor Hotels plans to open its first Thai hotel under the NH Collection brand in Chiang Mai next year as it aims to expand the brand into prime tourism locations.

Dillip Rajakarier, chief executive of Minor Hotels, said NH Collection under the NH Hotel Group has a strong presence in Europe and South America, with potential to grow in Asia, especially China.

He said NH Collection can also be another flagship for expansion in China after the company signed a strategic partnership with Funyard Hotels and Resorts, a part of Country Garden Group, a Chinese-based developer, last year.

At present, there are 93 NH Collection hotels in 19 countries.

The company hasn’t set a specific target for the number of NH Collection properties but it’s confident that the brand has potential to attract investors.

Minor Hotels yesterday signed a hotel management agreement with Osmo Ping River, a subsidiary in which Osmo Properties Group holds a 70% share, to operate NH Collection Chiang Mai Ping River.

NH Collection Chiang Mai Ping River has an investment budget of over 350 million baht and is set to open in the first quarter of 2023.

Post Idea #7: NH Hotel Group

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NH Hotel Group

NH Hotel Group is a Spanish multinational hotel company headquartered in Madrid, that operates over 350 hotels in 28 countries, currently under the Anantara, NH Collection, nhow Hotels, Tivoli, NH Hotels, Elewana Collection and Avani brands.

NH Hotel Group offers luxury and up-scale modernly-furnished hotels, located primarily in Europe and Latin America.

NH Hotel Group ranks third in the European ranking for business hotels.

NH Hotel Group is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange, where the shares of NH Hotel Group is a constituent of the Madrid Stock Exchange General Index.

Since 2018, NH Hotel Group is part of Minor Hotels, which is one of the fastest growing hospitality companies.

Minor encompasses a total of 8 hotel brands, from its flagship luxury brand Anantara Hotels, Resorts and Spas, which is known for its high quality standards and the prime locations of its properties, and other brands like Avani, NH Collection, NH Hotels, Tivoli, nhow, Oaks and Elewana.

After HNA Group acquired the competitor of NH Hotel Group, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, 4 directors of NH Hotel Group that were nominated by HNA Group were removed by the company in mid-2016.

NH Hotels

NH UniversityThere’s plenty of opportunities! NH Hotel Group has always been committed to training all of its employees by “Creating an inspiring culture that empowers you to flourish”.

NH Hotel Group supports you to work on your personal development and on making the most out of your time with the company.

NH University, the corporate university of NH Hotel Group, was created with this in mind and it counts with 5 campuses.

Every year, we try to outdo ourselves, improving the level of satisfaction of the participants and reaching everyone who works for NH Hotel Group.

Crossing NH BordersAre the borders open again? If so; Crossing NH Borders might be something for you! Joining this programme is all about travelling and gaining international working experience.

Have you always dreamed of travelling the world, but with the safety of having a fulltime job and a place to stay? This is your chance to join a 3 months exchange programme in the NH World: Bratislava, Brussels, Berlin, Budapest…should we continue with Copenhagen, Cologne, Cordova?…wait untill we get to the Z! Culinary Management Training for Chefs and F&B ManagersNothing brings people together like good food, right? But what about the people who take care of food? Exactly! That’s why NH University has designed RUN: a Culinary Management Training especially for Chefs and F&B Managers.

Worried about the future? Take it easy! There’s even more possibilities available within and outside of NH Hotel Group after finishing your Traineeship.

NH Hotel Group SA, NHHEF:PKL Profile

NH Hotel Group SA, formerly NH HOTELES, S.A., is a Spain-based company primarily engaged in the hospitality sector.

The Company’s activities are divided into two business segments: Hotels and Real estate.

The Hotels division is active in the management and exploitation of hotel chains under the NH Hoteles, NH Collection, Hesperia Resorts and nhow brand names.

The Real estate division includes operations related to assets management.

Apart from accommodation, the Company’s services also include gastronomy and organization of banquets.

Its hotels are located in Europe, the Americas and Africa.

Strong Week For NH Hotel Group Shareholders Doesn’T Alleviate Pain Of Three-Year Loss

NH Hotel Group, S.A. shareholders should be happy to see the share price up 20% in the last quarter.

Although the past week has been more reassuring for shareholders, they’re still in the red over the last three years, so let’s see if the underlying business has been responsible for the decline.

Because NH Hotel Group made a loss in the last twelve months, we think the market is probably more focussed on revenue and revenue growth, at least for now.

In the last three years NH Hotel Group saw its revenue shrink by 44% per year.

Its history of dividend payouts mean that NH Hotel Group’s TSR, which was a 24% drop over the last 3 years, was not as bad as the share price return.

We regret to report that NH Hotel Group shareholders are down 6.9% for the year.

We’ve discovered 1 warning sign for NH Hotel Group that you should be aware of before investing here.

NH Hotels

¡Únete a nuestra comunidad, descubre las ventajas de NH Hotels y mucho más! Reservas: Tlfn 902930532.

Es increíble que hoteles de 4 estrellas que cobran un dineral por solo dormir tengan unos servicios tan limitados.

Post Idea #8: Crystal oscillator

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Crystal Oscillators

The principle of crystal oscillators depends upon the Piezo electric effect.

The crystal used in crystal oscillator exhibits a property called as Piezo electric property.

The crystal exhibits the property that when a mechanical stress is applied across one of the faces of the crystal, a potential difference is developed across the opposite faces of the crystal.

In order to make a crystal work in an electronic circuit, the crystal is placed between two metal plates in the form of a capacitor.

If the frequency of the applied voltage is made equal to the natural frequency of the crystal, resonance takes place and crystal vibrations reach a maximum value.

The above equivalent circuit consists of a series R-L-C circuit in parallel with a capacitance Cm. When the crystal mounted across the AC source is not vibrating, it is equivalent to the capacitance Cm. When the crystal vibrates, it acts like a tuned R-L-C circuit.

A crystal oscillator circuit can be constructed in a number of ways like a Crystal controlled tuned collector oscillator, a Colpitts crystal oscillator, a Clap crystal oscillator etc.

Crystal Oscillator

A crystal oscillator is an electronic oscillator that makes use of crystal as a frequency selective element to obtain an inverse piezoelectric effect.

The stresses can be induced by mounting, bonding, and application of the electrodes, by differential thermal expansion of the mounting, electrodes, and the crystal itself, by differential thermal stresses when there is a temperature gradient present, by expansion or shrinkage of the bonding materials during curing, by the air pressure that is transferred to the ambient pressure within the crystal enclosure, by the stresses of the crystal lattice itself, by the surface imperfections and damage caused during manufacture, and by the action of gravity on the mass of the crystal; the frequency can therefore be influenced by position of the crystal.

Factors outside of the crystal itself are e.g. aging of the oscillator circuitry, and drift of parameters of the crystal oven.

Exposition of silver-plated crystal to iodine vapors can also be used in amateur conditions for lowering the crystal frequency slightly; the frequency can also be increased by scratching off parts of the electrodes, but that carries risk of damage to the crystal and loss of Q. A DC voltage bias between the electrodes can accelerate the initial aging, probably by induced diffusion of impurities through the crystal.

The mechanical stress causes a short-term change in the oscillator frequency due to the stress-sensitivity of the crystal, and can introduce a permanent change of frequency due to shock-induced changes of mounting and internal stresses, desorption of contamination from the crystal surfaces, or change in parameters of the oscillator circuit.

Temperature coefficient is about 90 ppm/°C. X Used in one of the first crystal oscillators in 1921 by W.G. Cady, and as a 50 kHz oscillator in the first crystal clock by Horton and Marrison in 1927.

A slight decrease by 1-2 kHz when the crystal was overground was possible by marking the crystal face with a pencil lead, at the cost of a lowered Q. The frequency of the crystal is slightly adjustable by modifying the attached capacitances.

Epson Crystal Device

Epson provides a large variety of different Simple Packaged Crystal Oscillators & SAW Oscillators with various sizes, frequencies, OE/ST functions, and temperature ranges for every application.

Housing crystal units that consist of AT or BT cut fundamental or overtone and their oscillation circuit in the same package, our crystal clock oscillators are designed and manufactured to provide a stable output of signals when the set voltage is applied.

With Epson’s crystal clock oscillators, these settings are already provided by us, so their output signals can directly control TTL and CMOS ICs.

Our crystal clock oscillators also feature a VCXO function and a Try-state function.

A special programming tool is necessary to write frequency data to blank crystal oscillators.

Epson’s programmable crystal oscillators are the SG-8000 Series, and are programmed by the SG-Writer programming tool.

This is a crystal oscillator that houses a SAW resonator chip and IC chip including crystal oscillation circuit in a package.

Quartz Crystal Resonators And Oscillators John R Vig

Hierarchy of Oscillators Oscillator Type* Crystal oscillator Temperature compensated crystal oscillator Accuracy** Typical Applications 10 -5 to 10 -4 Computer timing 10 -6 Frequency control in tactical radios Microcomputer compensated 10 -8 to 10 -7 Spread spectrum system clock Oven controlled crystal oscillator 10 -8 Navigation system clock & frequency standard, MTI radar Small atomic frequency 10 -9 C 3 satellite terminals, bistatic, & multistatic radar High performance atomic 10 -12 to 10 -11 Strategic C 3, EW crystal oscillator standard standard * Sizes range from <5 cm 3 for clock oscillators to > 30 liters for Cs standards Costs range from <$5 for clock oscillators to > $50, 000 for Cs standards.

Apparent angle shift Bonding Strains Induced Frequency Changes 6′ 5′ Blank No. 7 Z’ Blank No. 8 4′ 3′ X’ 2′ 1′ 0′ -1′ -2′ 300 600 Bonding orientation, 900 When 22 MHz fundamental mode AT-cut resonators were reprocessed so as to vary the bonding orientations, the frequency vs. temperature characteristics of the resonators changed as if the angles of cut had been changed.

Noise in Crystal Oscillators The resonator is the primary noise source close to the carrier; the oscillator sustaining circuitry is the primary source far from the carrier.

5 O 14 Langatate Lower acoustic attenuation than quartz No phase transition Higher piezoelectric coupling than quartz Thicker than quartz at the same frequency Temperature-compensated 5 -19.

Why Do Crystal Oscillators Fail? Crystal oscillators have no inherent failure mechanisms.

Oscillation stops, or frequency shifts out of range or becomes noisy at certain temperatures, due to activity dips Oscillation stops or frequency shifts out of range when exposed to ionizing radiation – due to use of unswept quartz or poor choice of circuit components Oscillator noise exceeds specifications due to vibration induced noise Crystal breaks under shock due to insufficient surface finish 7 -8.

This specification covers the general requirements for quartz crystal oscillators used in electronic equipment.

Post Idea #9: Electronic oscillator

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Electronic Oscillators

The oscillator is an electronic device capable of producing electronic oscillations the form of signal waves, popularly sine waves, and square waves.

Oscillators are widely used in electronic devices, such as sequential circuits, clock generators, radio transmitters, quartz clocks, and video games.

Among these types, crystal oscillators are also called as modern oscillators operating in the high frequency range.

History of electronic oscillators The first oscillators were developed in the 19th century.

The main types of oscillators operating at different frequencies are RF, audio, and low-frequency oscillators.

Let’s discuss the types of electronic waveforms produced by the oscillators.

The linear oscillators are further categorized as feedback oscillators and negative resistance oscillators.

Section 1.2 Oscillator Basics Quiz Test your knowledge of Oscillator basics Introduction These oscillator modules in Learnabout Electronics describe how many commonly used oscillators work, using discrete components and in integrated circuit form.

Learnabout-electronics.org Oscillators Module 1 Types of Oscillator Oscillators may be classified by the type of signal they produce.

1.0.1 Oscillator Circuit Symbol Sine wave oscillators can also be classified by frequency, or the type of frequency control they use.

Relaxation oscillators These oscillators work on a different principle to sine wave oscillators.

Learnabout-electronics.org Oscillators Module 1 Module 1.1 Oscillator Operation What you’ll learn in Module 1.1 After Studying this section, you should be able to: Recognise that oscillators consist of 3 essential parts.

1.1.1 The Essential Elements of an Oscillator Parts of an Oscillator Most oscillators consist of three basic parts: 1.

Which of the following oscillator types would be used to generate a variable frequency sine wave of 3MHz to 30MHz? a) A variable frequency RC oscillator.

Electronic Oscillator

An electronic oscillator is an electronic circuit that produces a periodic, oscillating electronic signal, often a sine wave or a square wave or a triangle wave.

A low-frequency oscillator is an electronic oscillator that generates a frequency below approximately 20 Hz. This term is typically used in the field of audio synthesizers, to distinguish it from an audio frequency oscillator.

There are two main types of electronic oscillator – the linear or harmonic oscillator and the nonlinear or relaxation oscillator.

The most common form of linear oscillator is an electronic amplifier such as a transistor or operational amplifier connected in a feedback loop with its output fed back into its input through a frequency selective electronic filter to provide positive feedback.

Common types of RC oscillator circuits are the phase shift oscillator and the Wien bridge oscillator.

The negative-resistance oscillator model is not limited to one-port devices like diodes; feedback oscillator circuits with two-port amplifying devices such as transistors and tubes also have negative resistance.

Independently, in the same year, George Francis FitzGerald realized that if the damping resistance in a resonant circuit could be made zero or negative, the circuit would produce oscillations, and, unsuccessfully, tried to build a negative resistance oscillator with a dynamo, what would now be called a parametric oscillator.

How Oscillators Work

For something to oscillate, energy needs to move back and forth between two forms.

In a pendulum, energy moves between potential energy and kinetic energy.

When the pendulum is at one end of its travel, its energy is all potential energy and it is ready to fall.

When the pendulum is in the middle of its cycle, all of its potential energy turns into kinetic energy and the pendulum is moving as fast as it can.

As the pendulum moves toward the other end of its swing, all the kinetic energy turns back into potential energy.

In a pendulum clock, the energy that keeps the pendulum moving comes from the spring.

The pendulum gets a little push on each stroke to make up for the energy it loses to friction.

Electronic Oscillator

Oscillator In physics, a device for producing electrical oscillations, such as sound waves, as in a sonar or an ultrasonic generator.

In electronics, an oscillator circuit converts direct current electricity into high-frequency alternating current.

Oscillator An electronic circuit that switches back and forth between states.

Oscillators are mainly used to provide clock signals or a frequency reference, in which applications they are normally crystal controlled.

A specialized form is the VCO in which the frequency may be modified within limits by a control voltage, the free-running frequency being determined by external components.

That part of electrical generator which produces a repetitive waveform.

The term is sometimes used to mean the whole generator.

All Industrial Manufacturers

Oscillator model GR 33 Oscillator with up to 150 cycles per minute.

Left dwell time 0-2,1 sec, middle dwell time 0-2,1 sec, right dwell time 0-2,1 sec, delay start time 0-5,1 sec, consisting of: 1 …..

Electrical Academia

An oscillator circuit is usually made up of a wave-producing circuit, amplifier, and feedback circuit.

The principles of the tank circuit operation are an essential part of the timing and feedback portion of many oscillator circuits.

The signal is coupled back to C1 of the tank circuit through coupling capacitor C3. A changing voltage at the collector appears as a voltage across the tank circuit L

Post Idea #10: Microelectromechanical systems

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Microelectromechanical Systems

MEMS technology is very versatile, and today MEMS sensor devices have been successfully engineered into miniature accelerometers and gyroscopes that are deployed in automobile safety and stability systems.

From around the mid-1990s, it became apparent that the field of photonics could also benefit from MEMS technology, and in particular the surge of interest and investment in optical fiber communications added an impetus to the development of optical MEMS. Single-mode fiber optic-based devices such as variable optical attenuators , tunable filters , optical switches , optical cross-connects , and add/drop multiplexers , so familiar to the photonic engineering community, were realized using MEMS technology.

The use of commercial foundries for MEMS fabrication follows the well-established approach in the domain of microelectronics manufacture where microelectronic systems are designed in one part of the world and fabricated wherever an appropriate foundry is available that offers the required processes at competitive costs.

The most significant impact of MEMS arises from their applications, which in most cases cannot be realized with normal-sized systems.

MEMS with small feature sizes, precise motion and arraying capability can realize wide varieties of micro optical MEMS devices and systems based on interference, diffraction and refraction.

Optical MEMS devices and systems are used for optical scanners, micro-optical benches, arrayed micromirror displays, optical switches, modulators and attenuators.

Optical MEMS have applications in displays, sensing, data storage, and communication systems.

What Is MEMS Technology?

The types of MEMS devices can vary from relatively simple structures having no moving elements, to extremely complex electromechanical systems with multiple moving elements under the control of integrated microelectronics.

Not only is the performance of MEMS devices exceptional, but their method of production leverages the same batch fabrication techniques used in the integrated circuit industry – which can translate into low per-device production costs, as well as many other benefits.

While more complex levels of integration are the future trend of MEMS technology, the present state-of-the-art is more modest and usually involves a single discrete microsensor, a single discrete microactuator, a single microsensor integrated with electronics, a multiplicity of essentially identical microsensors integrated with electronics, a single microactuator integrated with electronics, or a multiplicity of essentially identical microactuators integrated with electronics.

MEMS technology is extremely diverse and fertile, both in its expected application areas, as well as in how the devices are designed and manufactured.

Many MEMS technologies are becoming dependent on nanotechnologies for successful new products.

The crash airbag accelerometers that are manufactured using MEMS technology can have their long-term reliability degraded due to dynamic in-use stiction effects between the proof mass and the substrate.

Many experts have concluded that MEMS and nanotechnology are two different labels for what is essentially a technology encompassing highly miniaturized things that cannot be seen with the human eye.

What is MEMS and comparison with microelectronics Micro Electro Mechanical Systems or MEMS is a term coined around 1989 by Prof. R. Howe and others to describe an emerging research field, where mechanical elements, like cantilevers or membranes, had been manufactured at a scale more akin to microelectronic circuit than to lathe machining.

Many more MEMS are not based on silicon and can be manufactured in polymer, in glass, in quartz or even in metal Thus, if similarities between MEMS and microelectronics exist, they now clearly are two distinct fields.

Major drivers for MEMS technology From the heyday of MEMS research at the end of the 1960s, started by the discovery of silicon large piezoresisitive effect by C. Smith and the demonstration of anisotropic etching of silicon by J. Price that paved the way to the first pressure sensor, one main driver for MEMS development has been the automotive industry.

The inkjet printer, DLP based projector, head-up display with MEMS scanner are all MEMS based computer output interfaces.

Mutual benefits between MEMS and microelectronics The synergies between MEMS development and microelectronics are many.

The principles of design and reliability Since the first days of pressure sensor development, MEMS designers have had to face the complexity of designing MEMS. Actually if IC design relies on an almost complete separation between fabrication process, circuit layout design and packaging, the most successful MEMS have been obtained by developing these three aspects simultaneously.

MEMS system partitioning At the early stage of MEMS design an important question to be answered will be: hybrid or monolithic? Actually the decision to integrate the MEMS with its electronics or to build two separate chips has a tremendous impact on the complete design process.

There are considerable overlaps between fields in terms of their integrating technology and their applications and hence it is extremely difficult to categorise MEMS devices in terms of sensing domain and/or their subset of MST. The real difference between MEMS and MST is that MEMS tends to use semiconductor processes to create a mechanical part.

1992 MCNC starts the Multi-User MEMS Process sponsored by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 1992 First micromachined hinge 1993 First surface micromachined accelerometer sold 1994 Deep Reactive Ion Etching is patented 1995 BioMEMS rapidly develops 2000 MEMS optical-networking components become big business Prime Faraday Technology Watch – January 2002 5 An Introduction to MEMS 2.4 Applications Today, high volume MEMS can be found in a diversity of applications across multiple markets.

Prime Faraday Technology Watch – January 2002 6 An Introduction to MEMS 2.4.1 Established MEMS Applications i) Automotive airbag sensor Automotive airbag sensors were one of the first commercial devices using MEMS. They are in widespread use today in the form of a single chip containing a smart sensor, or accelerometer, which measures the rapid deceleration of a vehicle on hitting an object.

2.4.2 New MEMS Applications The experience gained from these early MEMS applications has made it an enabling technology for new biomedical applications and wireless communications comprised of both optical, also referred to as micro-optoelectromechanical systems, and radio frequency MEMS. i) BioMEMS Over the past few years some highly innovative products have emerged from bioMEMS companies for revolutionary applications that support major societal issues including DNA sequencing, drug discovery, and water and environmental monitoring.

Iii) RF MEMS RF MEMS is one of the fastest growing areas in commercial MEMS technology.

MEMS Pro, a package from Tanner Research in California, enables designers of MEMS to simulate the growth/deposition, implantation/diffusion and etch steps in a MEMS fabrication process.

The Future of MEMS 5.1 Industry Challenges Some of the major challenges facing the MEMS industry include: i) Access to Foundries.

4 Types Of MEMS Explained

These MEMS sensors have different applications such as gravity sensor, digital compass, GPS tracking, and smartphones for various controls like switch between landscape and portrait modes and to switch between the taps or pocket mode operations, used for anti-blur capture, gaming joysticks as step counters, used for stability of images in camcorders, the 3D accelerometer is used in Nokia 5500 for tap gestures for example; you can change MP3’s by tapping on the phone when it is inside the pocket.

There are two types of MEMS accelerometers: variable capacitive and piezoresistive.

MEMS gyroscopes or MEMS angular rate sensors is a micro-electromechanical device which is small, with inexpensive sensors which are used to measure angular velocity or rotational motion or displacement.

Pressure sensors are a piezoresistive pressure sensing die processed by MEMS technology.

MEMS pressure sensors play an essential role in many fields of defense, medical, industrial, Beverage Machines, Washing Machines, aerospace applications, Industrial Machinery, automotive applications to monitor and measure the external pressure, the sensor is integrated into the tires of the vehicle, either internally or externally to measure and monitor the pressure of tires, it is also used as brake booster in the vehicle braking system.

MEMS magnetic field sensors are small-scale microelectromechanical systems that help in detecting and measuring magnetic fields.

MEMS magnetic field sensors are used for the linear angle, speed, rotational speed, linear position and position measurements in industrial, consumer applications, and automotive.

Microelectromechanical Systems

There are two basic categories of etching processes: wet etching and dry etching.

Etching a rectangular hole in a-Si wafer results in a pyramid shaped etch pit with 54.7° walls, instead of a hole with curved sidewalls as with isotropic etching.

Electrochemical etching for dopant-selective removal of silicon is a common method to automate and to selectively control etching.

Modern VLSI processes avoid wet etching, and use plasma etching instead. Plasma etchers can operate in several modes by adjusting the parameters of the plasma.

Plasma etching can be isotropic, i.e., exhibiting a lateral undercut rate on a patterned surface approximately the same as its downward etch rate, or can be anisotropic, i.e., exhibiting a smaller lateral undercut rate than its downward etch rate.

Carbon tetrachloride etches silicon and aluminium, and trifluoromethane etches silicon dioxide and silicon nitride.

The process can easily be used to etch completely through a silicon substrate, and etch rates are 3-6 times higher than wet etching.

Post Idea #11: Silicon Labs

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Silicon Labs

Trusted IoT Development Platform Our leading IoT platform can help you quickly create secure, intelligent connected devices that solve the world’s biggest challenges.

We “Work With” the industry’s widest range of protocols and ecosystems so you can quickly get to market with integrated devices for any application.

Silicon Laboratories Inc.

Silicon Labs’ award-winning technologies are shaping the future of the Internet of Things, Internet infrastructure, industrial automation, consumer and automotive markets.

Our world-class engineering team creates products focused on performance, energy savings, connectivity and simplicity.

World-class quality, social and environmental standards are a part of everything we do.

Silicon Labs employs strict process controls and continual improvement to our quality, social and environmental management systems.

As a fabless semiconductor company, we also expect the highest standards from our manufacturing partners, ensuring the delivery of highly reliable solutions for our customers.

Silicon Labs

Silicon Laboratories, Inc. is a fabless global technology company that designs and manufactures semiconductors, other silicon devices and software, which it sells to electronics design engineers and manufacturers in Internet of Things infrastructure worldwide.

Following the appointment of Tyson Tuttle as the CEO in 2012, Silicon Labs has increasingly focused on developing technologies for the IoT market, which in 2019 accounted for more than 50 percent of the company’s revenue, but in 2020 had increased to about 58 percent.

Since 2012, Silicon Labs has been increasingly focused on developing technologies for the evolving IoT market.

In 2021, announced that Silicon Labs wireless devices support Matter end products.

Silicon Labs provides semiconductor products for use in a variety of connected devices.

Silicon Labs technologies support seven wireless protocols.

Silicon Labs wireless devices are available for the development of Matter end products that support Thread, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth protocols.

Downloading CP210x Drivers From Windows Update

CP210x USB-to-UART devices necessarily require drivers to operate.

The default, unmodified drivers from this site are associate with the VID and PID programmed onto CP210x devices by default.

When attaching a CP210x device, it will be necessary to install drivers associated with the device’s VID/PID combination before the device will be properly recognized.

In most cases, this involves either downloading and manually installing the default driver, or a driver that has been modified by using the utility found with AN200, here: www.

It is also possible to automatically download install these drivers using Windows Update.

Doing this requires a different set of PIDs to be programmed onto the CP210x devices.

This allows a user to merely connect a CP210x device to a Windows machine and be able to use it without having to manually download install drivers.

Post Idea #12: Medline Industries

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Medline is a healthcare company: a manufacturer, distributor and solutions provider focused on improving the overall operating performance of healthcare.

Medline works with both the country’s largest healthcare systems and independent facilities across the continuum of care to provide the clinical and supply chain resources required for long-term financial viability in delivering high quality care.

With the size of one of the country’s largest companies and the agility of a family-owned business, Medline is able to invest.

In its customers for the long-term and rapidly respond with customized solutions.

Headquartered in Northfield, Ill., Medline has 27,000+ employees worldwide and does business in more than 125 countries.

In October 2021 a group of private equity firms including Blackstone, Carlyle and Carlyle and Hellman & Friedman, purchased a majority stake in Medline.

The Mills family continues in their leadership positions at Medline, and it remains a privately held company.

Medline Industries

Medline Industries, LP, is a private American healthcare company based in Northfield, Illinois.

In 2018, Medline reached over $11 billion in overall company sales.

In 1966, A.L.’s grandsons Jim and Jon Mills left Cenco and founded Medline with approximately 12,000 square feet of warehouse space and one loading dock in Evanston, IL. In 1968, Medline opened its first textile manufacturing facility in Covington, Ind. In 1972, Medline opened its first non-textile manufacturing division with the purchase of an injection molding company.

In 1995, Medline opened its first facility for assembling Sterile Procedure Trays in Waukegan, IL. In 1996, Medline entered the distribution business.

In 2001, Medline started manufacturing private label wound care products for CVS, Walgreens, Target, Dollar General and Family Dollar.

Today, Medline Industries, LP offers over 550,000 medical products and clinical solutions to hospitals, extended care facilities, surgery centers, physician offices, home care agencies and providers, and retailers.

The terminated employee alleged that Medline terminated him due to his alleged protected labor organizing activities.

Warehouse Associate

As a leading partner in healthcare, Medline Canada’s sole purpose is Together Improving Lives – this means being deeply committed to the health and well-being of our customers, employees, partners and our communities.

Compensation is only one part of the Employee Value Proposition that Medline Canada offers our employees.

As part of our mission, we offer one of the most competitive and engaging employee experience programs in Canada.

Medline Canada stands at the forefront of healthcare, providing expertise and a breadth of solutions for every care setting.

With 550+ employees, including 100 dedicated sales and clinical professionals and eight distribution centres located coast-to-coast, Medline Canada is proud to serve the entire continuum of care.

Medline Canada is committed to diversity and inclusivity and we encourage applications from members of groups that have been historically disadvantaged and marginalized, including First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples, Indigenous peoples of North America, racialized persons/persons of colour and those who identify as women, persons with disabilities and LGBTQ+ persons.

Medline Canada is committed to the principles of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Post Idea #13: Nippon Yusen

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Nippon Yusen

Nippon Yūsen Kabushiki Kaisha, also known as NYK Line, is a Japanese shipping company and is a member of the Mitsubishi keiretsu.

NYK introduced its first passenger motor ships in 1929, but continued to buy a mixture of steam and motor passenger ships until 1939.

NYK had 36 passenger ships; by the time of Japan’s surrender only one, the motor ship Hikawa Maru, survived.

As the demand for passenger ships dwindled in the 1960s, NYK expanded its cargo operation, running Japan’s first container ship Hakone Maru on a route to California in 1968 and soon establishing container ship routes to many other ports.

NYK revived its passenger ship business in 1989 with cruise ships operated by its newly formed subsidiary Crystal Cruises.

The ships are used on the European Far East route and are the largest container ships built in Japan so far, having a maximum container capacity of 14,026 TEU. In May 2021 NYK Line became the first Japanese shipping firm to join the Sustainable Shipping Initiative’s Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative, which incorporates the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships.

On Monday, 31 October 2016, Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Mitsui OSK Lines and Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha agreed to merge their container shipping business via establishing a completely new joint venture company.

Nippon Yusen Autonomous Cargo Ship

Akihabara News – Backed by the Nippon Foundation, Japan’s largest shipping company, Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha, plans to have a container ship pilot itself from Tokyo Bay to Ise city, Mie Prefecture.

The 380 kilometer voyage will be the world’s first test of an autonomous ship in an area with heavy marine traffic.

Shipping firms Mitsui OSK Lines and Nippon Yusen are working with shipbuilders to share both costs and expertise.

Employing autonomous ships in Japan would address the impending issue of the country’s aging and shrinking workforce.

The autonomous ships may be ready for practical use by 2025.

The Nippon Foundation aims to continue backing the development of autonomous ships with the goal of making up 50% of Japan’s local fleet autonomous by 2040.

According to Allied Market Research, the global market for autonomous shipping could grow to around US$166 billion by 2030.

Nippon Yusen And Partners To Develop Ammonia-Fuelled Vessels

TOKYO – Japan’s Nippon Yusen KK and its partners said on Tuesday they will conduct a demonstration project to develop commercial vessels equipped with ammonia-fuelled engines to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions to tackle climate change.

NYK, Japan Engine, IHI Power Systems, Nihon Shipyard and ship certifier Nippon Kaiji Kyokai aim to develop and operate an ammonia-fuelled tug boat in the 2024 financial year and an ammonia-fuelled ammonia gas carrier in the 2026 year.

Both vessels will use some fuel oil as pilot fuel since ammonia has a flame retardant bottleneck, meaning it is difficult to ignite.

“To lower emissions from ships, liquefied natural gas(LNG) will be the most appropriate fuel to replace fuel oil for the time being,” Tsutomu Yokoyama, general manager of NYK, told reporters.

“Ammonia-fuelled ships won’t be in full swing until 2030s as global supply chains of the fuel are needed,” he said.

Japanese trading house Itochu Corp said on Tuesday it and four other companies will develop an ammonia-fuelled ship by 2028, also supported by the government’s fund.

Japan has set a target to grow the nation’s annual ammonia fuel demand to 3 million tonnes by 2030 from zero now and to create a supply chain of the fuel to promote development of clean energy.

NYK has implemented a revised work plan for head office and branch office employees effective from March 7.

On February 8, NYK concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with Akita Prefecture for collaboration in Akita prefecture in the fields of renewable-energy business, etc.

NYK has made donations to five charities engaged in activities that promote education and provide support to children.

NYK is the first company in the shipping and logistics industry to become a member.

NYK has been selected as a “2021 #CDP Supplier Engagement Leader,” a recognition by CDP, an international environmental non-profit organization, of NYK’s strong management over its own overall climate-change impact.

CDP による「サプライヤー・エンゲージメント評価」において、最高評価である「CDP2021 サプライヤー・エンゲージメント・リーダー」に選出されました。昨年末に「#気候変動Aリスト」に二年連続で選定されており、今回はこれに続く最高評価となります。#NYK has implemented a revised work plan for head office and branch office employees effective from January 31.

The percentage of staff working at the office should be less than approximately 20% of the total staff.

Post Idea #14: United Kingdom National Health Service

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National Health Service

The UK government department responsible for the NHS is the Department of Health and Social Care, headed by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care.

The English NHS is controlled by the UK government through the Department of Health and Social Care, which takes political responsibility for the service.

In 2015 the Health Service Journal reported that there were 587,647 non-clinical staff in the English NHS. 17% worked supporting clinical staff.

The coalition government’s white paper on health reform, published in July 2010, set out a significant reorganisation of the NHS. The white paper, Equity and excellence: liberating the NHS, with implications for all health organisations in the NHS abolishing primary care trusts and strategic health authorities.

The National Audit Office reports annually on the summarised consolidated accounts of the NHS. The population of England is ageing, which has led to an increase in health demand and funding.

Uk was relaunched under the banner “NHS Choices” as a comprehensive health information service for the public now known simply as “The NHS Website”.

The report put the UK health systems above those of Germany, Canada and the US; the NHS was deemed the most efficient among those health systems studied.

National Health Service In The United Kingdom

Registering with a local GP should be a priority for expats when moving to Wales, as an NHS number is allocated through a local doctor.

This number will allow expats to take advantage of the public healthcare system in the UK. To make use of the local public healthcare facilities, an expat may need to show the doctor or nurse their passport and visa to demonstrate their eligibility for NHS benefits.

Expats from outside the European Economic Area must pay a health surcharge as part of their visa application if they are staying longer than six months.

The NHS covers almost all medical services, excluding dental and eye treatments.

For these, expats will have to pay out of their own pockets or rely on private health insurance.

NHS dentists offer the basics at a much lower rate than private dentists.

When it comes to emergency medical treatment however, public health institutions are generally quick and efficient, and expats can rely on quality care.

United Kingdom Guide: National Health Service, Public Healthcare In The UK: Britain’S Public Provider Of

Unless exempt, patients pay fixed costs for prescriptions, sight tests, NHS glasses and dental treatment.

Hospital treatment, the ambulance service and medical consultations remain free.

Today, it is an organisation with some severe structural problems, which means that waiting lists for treatments even for urgent operations have grown and the standard of treatment in some hospitals has deteriorated.

Nationals of countries with reciprocal health agreements with Britain are also entitled to treatment from the NHS, although exemption from charges is usually limited to emergency treatment.

Patients need to present their passports and other documents prior to receiving any non-urgent treatment.

Emergency treatment will not be denied to anyone.

If you are not entitled to free or subsidised treatment from the NHS, you are strongly advised to take out some form of medical insurance to cover yourself against emergency medical treatment which can become extremely expensive.

National Health Service

National Health Service, in Great Britain, a comprehensive public-health service under government administration, established by the National Health Service Act of 1946 and subsequent legislation.

Virtually the entire population is covered, and health services are free except for certain minor charges.

The services provided are administered in three separate groups: general practitioner and dental services, hospital and specialist services, and local health authority services.

Physicians are free to contract in or out of the service and may have private patients while within the scheme.

Local health authority services provide maternity and child welfare, posthospital care, home nursing, immunization, ambulance service, and various other preventive and educational services.

The National Health Service is financed primarily by general taxes, with smaller contributions coming from local taxes, payroll contributions, and patient fees.

The service has managed to provide generally high levels of health care while keeping costs relatively low, but the system has come under increasing financial strain because the growth of medical technology has tended to make hospital stays progressively more expensive.

United Kingdom England Delivering A Net Zero National Health Service NHS

The public healthcare sector National Health Service in England has published its “Delivering a Net Zero NHS” report, which outlines a commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions and become the world’s first net zero national health service.

Its efforts tie into the UK government’s plan for the country to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Across the supply chain there will be a push to ensure efficient use of supplies, low-carbon product innovation, and decarbonization across the supplier process.

The long-term plan is for the NHS to gradually reduce and stop purchasing from suppliers that don’t meet a commitment to net zero.

From 2023 potential suppliers will be required to demonstrate progress via published reports in order to qualify for NHS contracts in line with plans for all suppliers to reach net zero by 2045.

This report is recommended for U.S. companies offering products, technologies or services that may help the NHS achieve its net zero targets, and existing or potential suppliers to highlight awareness of the drive to decarbonization across the NHS supply chain process.

A link to the Delivering Net Zero NHS report can be found here.

Britain’S National Health Service Doesn’T Work

The NHS’s current winter crisis is nothing new; winter crises are something of an annual NHS tradition.

“Sick children moved as NHS intensive care units run out of beds”.

“More patients, overstretched doctors – is the NHS facing a winter crisis?”.

Kristian Niemietz, the head of political economy at the Institute for Economic affairs, documents the system’s shortcomings in his book Universal Healthcare without the NHS:. In international comparisons of health system performance, the NHS almost always ranks in the bottom third, on a par with the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

Britain’s irrational attachment to this failed system becomes intelligible in light of Nigel Lawson’s observation that “The NHS is the closest thing the English people have now to a religion.” The idea of health care provided free at the point of access has become grafted onto the vine of British national identity to such an extent that no amassing of data or evidence can persuade the public to abandon it.

Since the administration of health care is nothing more than the action of the state at its highest point of moral elevation, it makes sense that the NHS would be politically impregnable.

American policymakers of both parties should see the NHS for the failure that it is, and look elsewhere for inspiration when seeking to reform the nation’s health-care system.

The NHS Website

Helping you take control of your health and wellbeing.

Health A to Z. Your complete guide to conditions, symptoms and treatments, including what to do and when to get help.

It’s important to get medical help if you think you need it.

For help from a GP – use your GP surgery’s website, use an online service or app, or call the surgery.

For urgent medical help – use the NHS 111 online service, or call 111 if you’re unable to get help online.

NHS App The NHS App lets you book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions and access a range of other healthcare services.

NHS services Find the service you need and book appointments online.

Post Idea #15: Novo Nordisk

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Novo Nordisk Patient Assistance Program

Visit the NeedyMeds website, which lists the current FPL guidelines.

I am not enrolled in and don’t qualify for any other federal, state, or government program such as Medicaid, Low Income Subsidy, or Veterans BenefitsPatients who are eligible for Medicaid must sign the Patient Declaration section of the latest version of the PAP application stating they are not enrolled in, plan to enroll in, or are eligible for Medicaid or Medicare Extra Help/LIS. See eligibility requirements for Minnesota residents.

Application process changes if your benefits have been affected by COVID-19.

If approved, you will receive a free 90-day supply of insulin.

Novo Nordisk will check back with you to determine continued eligibility.

Assistance can be extended for otherwise eligible patients who have been denied Medicaid coverage.

If this exception doesn’t apply to you, see all options for saving on your Novo Nordisk insulin.

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is controlled by majority shareholder Novo Holdings A/S which holds approximately 25% of its shares and a supermajority of its voting shares.

Novo Industri A/S and Nordisk Gentofte A/S merged to become Novo Nordisk A/S, the world’s largest producer of insulin with headquarters in Bagsværd, Copenhagen.

Novo Nordisk Engineering demerged after working as in-house consultants at Novo Nordisk for years, to provide standard engineering services to the pharma manufacturing companies.

Novo Nordisk founded the World Diabetes foundation to save the lives of those affected by diabetes in developing countries and supported a UN resolution to fight diabetes, making diabetes the only other disease alongside HIV / AIDS to have a commitment to combat at a UN level.

In March 2014, Novo Nordisk announced a partnership program entitled ‘Cities Changing Diabetes,’ which entails combating urban diabetes.

Dr Alan Moses, the chief medical officer of Novo Nordisk, commented that the biology of diabetes is incredibly complex but also that Novo Nordisk’s mission is to alleviate and cure diabetes.

Novo Nordisk has sponsored athletes with diabetes, such as Charlie Kimball in auto racing and Team Novo Nordisk in road cycling.

Novo Nordisk Product Information And Resources

Novo Nordisk has multiple products on the market for the treatment of Diabetes, Obesity, Growth Hormone Disorders, Hemophilia and Rare Bleeding Disorders.

Access information and resources on each of our products below.

Future Financial Wealth Managment LLC Purchases New Holdings In Novo Nordisk A/S

Future Financial Wealth Managment LLC purchased a new stake in Novo Nordisk A/S in the fourth quarter, according to the company in its most recent Form 13F filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

Strong Tower Advisory Services bought a new position in Novo Nordisk A/S in the third quarter valued at approximately $1,138,000.

Parsec Financial Management Inc. boosted its stake in Novo Nordisk A/S by 1.4% in the third quarter.

Marshall Wace LLP bought a new position in Novo Nordisk A/S in the third quarter valued at approximately $1,269,000.

Finally, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans boosted its position in shares of Novo Nordisk A/S by 4.5% during the second quarter.

Several research firms recently commented on NVO. Zacks Investment Research raised shares of Novo Nordisk A/S from a “Sell” rating to a “Hold” rating and set a $104.00 price objective on the stock in a research report on Friday, February 25th. JPMorgan Chase & Co. lowered shares of Novo Nordisk A/S from an “Overweight” rating to a “Neutral” rating in a research note on Monday, December 20th. Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft lowered shares of Novo Nordisk A/S from a “Buy” rating to a “Hold” rating in a research note on Friday, December 17th. Stifel Nicolaus began coverage on shares of Novo Nordisk A/S in a report on Monday.

Finally, Danske raised shares of Novo Nordisk A/S from a “Hold” rating to a “Buy” rating in a report on Thursday, February 3rd. Three research analysts have rated the stock with a sell rating, seven have assigned a hold rating, six have assigned a buy rating and one has assigned a strong buy rating to the company.

Novo Nordisk’s rollout of obesity therapy Wegovy has been beset by production problems, but the company says these are being resolved and it now anticipates it will help drive obesity sales to 25 billion kroner in 2025, twice its earlier forecast.

Wegovy, a once-weekly GLP-1 agonist, has already overtaken Novo Nordisk’s once-daily obesity therapy Saxenda in terms of the number of physicians prescribing the two drugs.

Sylvest told the meeting that “Wegovy has the potential to unlock the obesity market,” as it its clinical profile is encouraging more people with obesity and their doctors to consider drug therapy as part of a weight management programme, and more payers to cover the cost.

A study has estimated that the total societal costs of managing obesity in the UK – where Wegovy was backed for NHS use by NICE last month – is a staggering £58 billion a year, equivalent to 3% of the national GDP in 2020.

The analysis by Frontier Economics on behalf of pharma group Novo Nordisk calculates that £6.5 billion of that comes from direct costs to the NHS, with the lion’s share of £39.8billion coming from metrics measuring reduced life expectancy and the loss in quality of life due to obesity.

Another £7.5 billion is put down to wider societal impacts like loss of productivity and social care costs, with £4.2 billion in cost attributed to the increased risk of hospitalisation and death due to COVID-19 in obese people during 2020.

Frontier Economics claims the new study is more accurate than a report published by the Government Office for Science in 2007, which estimated the total cost oof obesity to the country at £27 billion.

Novo Nordisk More Than Doubles Sales Target For Obesity Drugs

Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.comCOPENHAGEN, March 3 – Danish drugmaker Novo Nordisk has more than doubled its target for sales of obesity drugs by 2025 after overwhelming demand for its new Wegovy drug.

Novo Nordisk now aims to generate annual obesity drug sales of more than 25 billion Danish crowns by 2025, the company said at its capital markets day on Thursday.

Its previous goal was to double its 2019 obesity drug sales totalling 5.7 billion crowns.

Novo Nordisk was overwhelmed by initial demand for Wegovy, leading to supply shortages.

The company took a further hit in December, when a contract manufacturer filling syringes for pens to inject the drug temporarily halted deliveries and manufacturing after issues relating to good manufacturing practice.

Novo expects to be able to meet demand in the second half of this year.

Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com.

Novo Nordisk A/S is a healthcare company, which engages in the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of pharmaceutical products.

It operates through the following segments: Diabetes & Obesity Care, and Biopharmaceuticals.

The Diabetes & Obesity Care segment covers products for insulin; GLP-1 and related delivery systems; oral antidiabetic products; and obesity.

The Biopharmaceuticals segment offers products for haemophilia; growth hormone therapy; and hormone replacement therapy.

Harald Pedersen and Thorvald Pedersen in 1925 is headquartered in Bagsværd, Denmark.

Novo Nordisk now has full rights to Ziylo’s glucose binding molecule platform to develop glucose responsive insulins.

The deal is one of the largest for a Univesity of Bristol spin-out.

Post Idea #16: Forecast period

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Article About Forecast Period By The Free Dictionary

The global ethyl acetate market is expected to post a stable CAGR through the forecast period.

The global market for automotive composite is estimated to account for US$ 7,231.7 Mn by the end of 2018 and while increasing at a CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period.

Summary: The global market for automotive composite is estimated to account for US$ 7,231.7 Mn by the end of 2018 and while increasing at a CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period.

The global television broadcasting services market, which was valued at USD 395.5bn in 2016 is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 6.9% from 2018 to 2026, reaching $755.7bn by the end of the forecast period.

The North America pharmacy automation market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.34% during the forecast period.

New York, NY, October 13, 2016 -(PR.com)- According to the latest market report published by Persistence Market Research titled “Global Fluoroscopy & C – Arms Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast, 2016 – 2024”, the global Fluoroscopy and C – Arms market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 4.5% during the forecast period.

2016-2024.The long-term outlook for the global thermal spray coatings market remains positive, with market value expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.9 percent during the forecast period.

Forecast Period Definition And Meaning

Employment will rise by 1.2 million to 31.9 million, while claimant count unemployment will barely move, ending the five-year forecast period at 770,000.

It will then increase to 75 per cent by the end of the forecast period in 2014-15 and will then begin to fall.

One of these was that the current budget should balance no later than three years into the forecast period; in other words, that government revenues should cover all day-today spending.

If he stays true to form, he will cut taxes this year and promise to claw the money back at the end of his forecast period in 2018.

The strongest language in yesterday’s minutes was that ‘an ongoing tightening of monetary policy over the forecast period would be appropriate’.

Show more…. Browse alphabetically.

English Dictionary For Learners

The forms forecast and forecasted can both be used for the past tense and past participle.

N-count A forecast is a statement of what is expected to happen in the future, especially in relation to a particular event or situation.

Usu with supp …a forecast of a 2.25 per cent growth in the economy…, He delivered his election forecast…, The weather forecast is better for today.

Verb If you forecast future events, you say what you think is going to happen in the future.

They forecast a humiliating defeat for the Prime Minister… V n He forecasts that average salary increases will remain around 4 per cent.

Weather forecast A weather forecast is a statement saying what the weather will be like the next day or for the next few days.

Terminal Value Definition

Terminal value is the value of an asset, business, or project beyond the forecasted period when future cash flows can be estimated.

Terminal value often comprises a large percentage of the total assessed value.

The terminal value calculation estimates the value of the company after the forecast period.

Terminal value is an attempt to anticipate a company’s future value and apply it to present prices through discounting.

Like discounted cash flow analysis, most terminal value formulas project future cash flows to return the present value of a future asset.

Generally speaking, using the perpetuity growth model to estimate terminal value renders a higher value.

Investors can benefit from using both terminal value calculations and then using an average of the two values arrived at for a final estimate of NPV. What Does a Negative Terminal Value Mean?

Loitering Munition System Market Size To Grow At Considerable Rate During The Forecast Period 2022-2028

This report studies the Loitering Munition System Market with many aspects of the industry like the market size, market status, market trends and forecast, the report also provides brief information of the competitors and the specific growth opportunities with key market drivers.

Find the complete Loitering Munition System Market analysis segmented by companies, region, type and applications in the report.

The report offers valuable insight into the Loitering Munition System market progress and approaches related to the Loitering Munition System market with an analysis of each region.

The report titled, “Loitering Munition System Market” boons an in-depth synopsis of the competitive landscape of the market globally, thus helping establishments understand the primary threats and prospects that vendors in the market are dealt with.

To study and analyze the global Loitering Munition System market size by key regions/countries, product type and application, history data from 2013 to 2017, and forecast to 2026.

Focuses on the key global Loitering Munition System players, to define, describe and analyze the value, market share, market competition landscape, SWOT analysis and development plans in next few years.

The post Loitering Munition System Market Size To grow at considerable rate during the forecast period 2022-2028 appeared first on Agency.

B.C. COVID-19: How Hard Will Canada Be Hit With Inflation

While debate over inflation sparked by massive government spending on COVID-related support programs has emerged in the last few months, historic precedents show Canada has several factors that should hold price increases relatively in check.

Associate professor of economics at Simon Fraser University and an expert on inflation, said it’s difficult to predict how hard Canada would be hit by those price increases.

“Generally, when you look at the forecasts, the one thing every forecast gets wrong is the uncertainty. Almost every forecast you read is almost just a little too certain, because sometimes, something truly unexpected like COVID happens. An inflation is possible, but I couldn’t tell you if it will happen next year.”

Any talk of a threat for runaway inflation is wildly overblown, he said, because those cases involve countries that reached annual inflation rates of 100 per cent – or a doubling of prices every year – which often involve government interference in a central bank’s monetary policies.

“In the late 1980s, when inflation was 5 per cent a year in Canada, it’s not a period where a lot of people would be calling the breakdown of Canada,” Herrenbrueck said.

In the meantime, there are other factors that may contribute to inflation in Canada over the next year, including continued federal government spending.

Policy-makers need to be careful when wielding their ultimate weapon against inflation, because the balance between controlling inflation and hurting an economy looking for a post-COVID path to recovery will be extremely tricky.

Forecast Period

In corporate finance, in the context of discounted cash flow valuation, the forecast period is the time period during which individual yearly cash flows are input to the valuation-formula.

Cash flows after the forecast period are represented by a fixed number, the “Terminal value”, determined using assumptions relating to the sustainable compound annual growth rate or exit multiple.

There are no fixed rules for determining the duration of the forecast period.

Choosing a forecast period of 10 years, for example, will not be meaningful when individual cash flows can only reasonably be modeled for four years; see Cashflow forecast.

The number of forecasting years is therefore to be limited by the “Meaningfulness” of the individual yearly cash flows ahead. Addressing this, there are three typical methods of determining the forecast period.

Based on company positioning: The forecast period corresponds to the years where an excess return is achievable.

Based on market characteristics: Determine a forecast period by choosing a number of years based on the characteristics of the market.

Post Idea #17: The Coca-Cola Company

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Investor Relations :: The Coca-Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company is a total beverage company with products sold in more than 200 countries and territories.

Our company’s purpose is to refresh the world and make a difference.

Our portfolio of brands includes Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta and other sparkling soft drinks.

Our nutrition, juice, dairy and plant-based beverage brands include Minute Maid, Simply, innocent, Del Valle, fairlife and AdeS. We’re constantly transforming our portfolio, from reducing sugar in our drinks to bringing innovative new products to market.

We seek to positively impact people’s lives, communities and the planet through water replenishment, packaging recycling, sustainable sourcing practices and carbon emissions reductions across our value chain.

Together with our bottling partners, we employ more than 700,000 people, helping bring economic opportunity to local communities worldwide.

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick Steps Down From Coca-Cola Board

Coca-Cola Co. KO 0.16% said Activision ATVI -0.09% Blizzard Inc. Chief Executive Bobby Kotick won’t stand for re-election to its board of directors.

“We appreciate Bobby’s decade of service to our company,” Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said in a Friday statement.

Mr. Kotick, who has been a director since 2012, said he was stepping down to provide full attention to the company’s pending tie-up with Microsoft Corp. He provided notice Tuesday about his plans to leave the panel, Coca-Cola said in a securities filing.

Coca-Cola had faced calls from some investors for Mr. Kotick to exit from the board.

Mr. Kotick is expected to exit from the company after the deal with Microsoft closes.

Activision’s deal comes on the heels of a report last year from The Wall Street Journal that Mr. Kotick knew for years about sexual-misconduct allegations at the videogame giant.

Activision spokeswoman Helaine Klasky disputed the depiction of the company in the Journal’s reporting and said “The assertion regarding Mr. Kotick is untrue.”

Activision Blizzard’S Bobby Kotick Leaving Coca-Cola Board Of Directors

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick once sat on The Coca-Cola Company board of directors but has announced today that he will not stand for re-election in order to devote his full attention to Activision Blizzard.

“I have decided not to stand for re-election to The Coca-Cola Company board in order to focus my full attention on Activision Blizzard at this pivotal time as we prepare for our merger with Microsoft,” Kotick said.

While Bobby Kotick is no longer with The Coca-Cola Company, he’s still kicking it at Activision Blizzard, to the dismay of many.

Back in January, Microsoft provided a statement to Axios explaining that Bobby Kotick will remain as CEO at Activision Blizzard “As he has for the last 30 years” though that could change once Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is complete.

It’ll be interesting to see how Bobby Kotick is handled once the Microsoft acquisition is complete, with Microsoft having spent a whopping $68.7 billion for Activision Blizzard, a company mired in controversy with Kotick at the forefront.

According to ABetterABK founder Jessica Gonzalez, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard provides Kotick with a “Golden parachute” which certainly seems to be the case, at least for now while Kotick remains at Activision Blizzard in the interim.

At least Kotick isn’t with Coca-Cola anymore, a gig that earned him $340,003 in 2020 alone according to CNBC. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on whether Kotick leaves Activision Blizzard, but in the meantime feel free to let us know how you feel about Kotick as a former Coca-Cola Company board member.

State Of Alaska Department Of Revenue Sells 37,974 Shares Of The Coca-Cola Company

State of Alaska Department of Revenue decreased its holdings in The Coca-Cola Company by 6.0% in the fourth quarter, Holdings Channel reports.

The fund owned 593,499 shares of the company’s stock after selling 37,974 shares during the quarter.

BlackRock Inc. now owns 269,857,499 shares of the company’s stock valued at $14,159,425,000 after acquiring an additional 2,764,718 shares in the last quarter.

Geode Capital Management LLC now owns 67,408,461 shares of the company’s stock valued at $3,528,415,000 after acquiring an additional 7,675,878 shares in the last quarter.

Morgan Stanley now owns 50,747,845 shares of the company’s stock valued at $2,662,738,000 after acquiring an additional 2,484,005 shares in the last quarter.

Bank of New York Mellon Corp now owns 39,123,302 shares of the company’s stock valued at $2,052,799,000 after acquiring an additional 697,833 shares in the last quarter.

Invesco Ltd. now owns 27,389,040 shares of the company’s stock valued at $1,482,020,000 after acquiring an additional 1,831,863 shares in the last quarter.

Coca-Cola Revitalizes Sparkling With ‘Intelligent Experimentation’ & ‘Consumer-Centric’ Approach

In the past five years, Coca-Cola’s volume share of the sparkling category has climbed 1.6 points, its value share is up 2 points, it has generated a 7% compound annual growth rate in net new outlets and a 6.5% CAGR for retail value growth from low- or no-calorie options, company executives touted at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference last week.

For his part, Quincey acknowledged that when he ascended to CEO “The sparkling category was under pressure,” but he lauded the larger team for its efforts in achieving “What some thought was an unlikely scenario at the time to reinvigorate growth in core sparkling by leveraging our advanced capabilities in marketing, innovation, revenue growth management and in execution.”.Advanced analytics helps Coca-Cola better understand consumers.

“The best example” of how this new approach worked in the last year was the introduction of an “Improved Coca-Cola Zero Sugar formula and packaging, which has driven broad-based market share gains as well as accelerated growth in 80% of the markets where it was launched.”. Other sparkling flavors including Fanta and Sprite, also continue to gain traction around the world, and this has “Driven an outsized growth and attracted new and previous drinkers back to our brand,” Quincey said.

Coca-Cola’s successful launches aren’t just a reflection of its new approach to innovation, but also its revamped approach to marketing.

“As a result of these actions, our loved brands have driven relevance back to the sparkling category and we’ve continued to gain value shar as the categories return to growth in line with the broader industry,” he added.

“While sparkling has returned to growth in line with NARTD and remains an important driver of our business, we continue to have the desire and ability to be a part of every one of the approximately eight drinks a day that people consume on average,” Quincey said.

To make space for new growth, Coca-Cola is trimming its portfolio.

History, Products, & Facts

The Coca-Cola Company, American corporation founded in 1892 and today engaged primarily in the manufacture and sale of syrup and concentrate for Coca-Cola, a sweetened carbonated beverage that is a cultural institution in the United States and a global symbol of American tastes.

With more than 2,800 products available in more than 200 countries, Coca-Cola is the largest beverage manufacturer and distributor in the world and one of the largest corporations in the United States.

In 1899 the Coca-Cola Company signed its first agreement with an independent bottling company, which was allowed to buy the syrup and produce, bottle, and distribute the Coca-Cola drink.

The post-World War II years saw diversification in the packaging of Coca-Cola and the development or acquisition of new products.

New markets opened up for Coca-Cola in the early 1990s; the company began selling products in East Germany in 1990 and in India in 1993.

The controversy gained worldwide attention and led several American universities to ban the sale of Coca-Cola products on their campuses.

In 2005 the company introduced Coca-Cola Zero, a zero-calorie soft drink with the taste of regular Coca-Cola.

The Coca-Cola Company – Georgia Historical Society

GHS is pleased to include The Coca-Cola Company as an honoree of the Business History Initiative.

A Georgia historical marker for The Coca-Cola Company, dedicated on May 16, 2016, is located at the site of Jacobs’ Pharmacy, where the first glass of Coca-Cola was sold in 1886, and relates the story of The Coca-Cola Company’s rise to become the most widely recognized consumer product in the world.

The first glass of Coca-Cola was sold for five cents on May 8, 1886, at Jacobs’ Pharmacy, a popular Atlanta soda fountain that was located on this corner.

Coca-Cola was created by Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton in his laboratory just a short walk from this location.

Atlanta businessman Asa Candler began to purchase the rights to the formula for Coca-Cola in 1888 and founded The Coca-Cola Company in 1892 as a Georgia corporation to manufacture and advertise Coca-Cola across the country.

His son, Robert Woodruff, led Coca-Cola for more than half of the twentieth century, expanding Coca-Cola into a global business.

Today Coca-Cola is the most widely recognized consumer product in the world.

Post Idea #18: Credit score

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Credit Reports And Scores

Credit reports help lenders decide if they’ll give you credit or approve a loan.

Credit reporting agencies collect and maintain information for your credit reports.

Credit companies calculate your credit score using information from your credit report.

The credit reporting agencies that maintain your credit reports do not calculate these scores.

Your free annual credit report does not include your credit score, but you can get your credit score from several sources.

Anyone who denies you credit, housing, insurance, or a job because of a credit report must give you the name, address, and telephone number of the credit reporting agency that provided the report.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have the right to request a free report within 60 days if a company denies you credit based on the report.

No Credit Card Required

A credit score is a number generated by an algorithm using the information in your credit report and is usually updated each month.

There are multiple credit scoring models which means that a good credit score can be different depending on the scoring model being used.

Checking your free credit score can be a good indicator of where your credit stands and whether you need to work towards improving your score.

Lenders such as credit card companies, banks, and car dealerships providing auto loans use credit scores along with other criteria to decide whether to approve you for credit.

Knowing your credit score before applying for a loan or any type of credit can help you better prepare and eliminate surprises such as unfavorable terms or even denial.

Soft inquiries are not a factor in credit scoring models and therefore don’t impact your credit scores.

Checking your free credit score can help you narrow down why your credit score may have dropped.

Rossen Reports: ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Option Can Impact Credit Score

Rossen Reports: ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ option can impact credit score.

So now I walk out of here with this basically it lets you break up the payment into smaller ones but you get the item in the store right there up front so even if you have bad credit or no credit at all you can buy the stuff turns out there sharing some of your information with the credit agencies.

Now Equifax a big one says it’s recording all Buy now pay later transactions.

A new update to Buy Now, Pay Later purchasing means it could affect your credit rating.

Back in December, I did a story all about how Buy Now, Pay Later works.

Equifax says it’s recording all Buy Now, Pay Later transactions.

Financial experts say this can all impact your credit score in a good way – if you’re paying these Buy Now, Pay Later loans on time.

Credit Score: Definition, Factors, & Improving It

A credit score is based on credit history: number of open accounts, total levels of debt, and repayment history, and other factors.

The type of credit used counts for 10% of a credit score and shows if a person has a mix of installment credit, such as car loans or mortgage loans, and revolving credit, such as credit cards.

When information is updated on a borrower’s credit report, their credit score changes and can rise or fall based on new information.

Up your credit line: If you have credit card accounts, call and inquire about a credit increase.

Depending on the age and credit limit of a card, it can hurt your credit score if you close the account.

Work with one of the best credit repair companies: If you don’t have the time to improve your credit score, credit repair companies will negotiate with your creditors and the three credit agencies on your behalf, in exchange for a monthly fee.

Given the number of opportunities a great credit score provides, it could be worthwhile to utilize one of the best credit monitoring services to keep your information secure.

How To Check Your Credit

Your credit report tells potential lenders how responsible you’ve been with credit in the past.

Your credit report provides a detailed summary of your credit history.

You can request a free copy of your credit report from each of three major credit reporting agencies – Equifax®, Experian®, and TransUnion® – once each year at AnnualCreditReport.com or call toll-free 1-877-322-8228.

It’s a good idea to request a credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies and to review them carefully, as each one may contain inconsistent information or inaccuracies.

Your credit score is a numerical representation of your credit report that represents your creditworthiness.

Payment history: 35%. Amounts owed: 30%. Length of credit history: 15%. How many types of credit in use: 10%. Account inquiries: 10%. Lenders use your credit score to evaluate your credit risk – generally, the higher your credit score, the lower your risk may be to the lender.

Wells Fargo looks at many factors to determine your credit options; therefore, a specific FICO® Score or Wells Fargo credit rating does not guarantee a specific loan rate, approval of a loan, or an upgrade on a credit card.

Credit Score Ranges Explained 📊

What is a credit score, and what’s considered a good credit score? If you’ve ever attempted to purchase a big-ticket item, such as a house or a car, the financing company likely spoke to you about your credit score.

Generally, a 680 credit score or above is considered a good credit score, while any score above 740 is considered excellent.

Average Credit Score in the U.S. % of U.S. Population Up to 499 5.8% 500-549 8.4% 550-599 9.8% 600-649 10.2% 650-699 12.7% 700-749 16.3% 750-799 18.4% 800-850 18.6%. Based on this information, more than 50% of the population has a credit score over 700, with 42% scoring below that level.

Bad credit score = 300 – 549: It is generally accepted that credit scores below 550 are going to result in a rejection of credit every time.

Poor credit score = 550 – 619: Credit agencies consider consumers with credit delinquencies, account rejections, and little credit history as subprime borrowers due to their high credit risk.

Good credit score = 680 – 739: Credit scores around 700 are considered the threshold to “Good” credit.

Excellent credit score = 740 – 850: Anything in the mid 700’s and higher is considered excellent credit and will be greeted by easy credit approvals and the very best interest rates.

Credit Score Ranges: What Is An Excellent, Good, Or Poor Credit Score?

The two most commonly used credit scoring models, FICO and VantageScore, both rank credit scores on a scale from 300 to 850 and divide the scale into five credit score ranges.

If you’ve heard of higher scores, it’s either based on old information or industry-specific scoring models.

The credit score ranges and rating labels for FICO and VantageScore, according to Experian, are shown below in the Credit Score Range Chart from highest to lowest.

Fair Isaac Corp. also lists the FICO credit score ranges and labels shown in the chart at its own web site, noting that the average American credit score falls into the “Good” range.

It provides only “Credit tiers” in the context of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s definition of an average credit score, which the CFPB calls “Prime.” “We leave it up to lenders and the bureaus to determine what is a ‘good’ credit score since that’s really in the eyes of a lender,” said Jeff Richardson, Vice President and Group Head-Marketing & Communications, in an email interview.

Richardson said the average VantageScore 3.0 score as of early October 2019 was 686, slightly lower than the average FICO score.

He said the difference is because, “We score 40 million more consumers and many of those consumers tend to have lower scores.”

Post Idea #19: Credit history

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Your Credit History

The business uses the information in your credit report to decide whether to give you a loan, a credit card, a job, or insurance.

If the information is right – but not so good – you can try to improve your credit history.

You can get your free credit report from Annual Credit Report.

The report will tell you how to improve your credit history.

Your credit score is a number related to your credit history.

If your credit score is low, your credit is bad. There are different credit scores.

Each credit reporting company creates a credit score.

Credit History: Impact On Your Scores & Reports

Lenders may use the credit history information found in your credit reports to decide if they’ll approve you for a financial product, such as a loan or credit card account.

Credit account information – For each of your credit accounts, your credit reports may include information about your payment history, your loan amount or credit limit, your current account balance, and the age of the account.

Credit inquiries – There are two types of credit inquiries that might show up on your credit reports: hard credit inquiries and soft credit inquiries.

Or no credit file means you don’t have enough credit history to generate credit scores.

Credit history FAQ Do I need a credit card to establish credit history?

No. While a credit card can help you establish credit history, other types of accounts – such as student loans, credit-builder loans or services that report your rent payments to the credit bureaus – can help you build credit.

Yes! Credit Karma offers free access to your credit reports and VantageScore 3.0 credit scores from Equifax and TransUnion.

Credit History Definition

It is recorded in your credit report, which details the number and types of your credit accounts, how long each account has been open, amounts owed, the amount of available credit used, whether bills are paid on time, and the number of recent credit inquiries.

All consumers are guaranteed access to their credit history and are eligible for one free credit report from each credit bureau on an annual basis.

Potential creditors-such as mortgage lenders and credit card companies-use the information in your credit history to decide whether to extend credit to you.

Factors that contribute to a bad credit history include late or missed payments, excessive credit card usage, applying for a lot of credit in a short window of time, and suffering major financial events such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, charge-offs, and settled accounts.

Bad credit can lead to difficulty in getting loans and credit cards, low credit limits with high interest rates, paying security deposits for things such as cell phones or apartment and car rentals, and being saddled with higher car insurance premiums.

You should pay your bills on time, reduce your credit card debt, apply for new credit very sparingly, and possibly find a co-signer with good credit to join you when seeking new credit.

You can establish a credit history in several ways, including taking out a small personal loan or applying for a credit card with a small available balance.

What Is Credit History?

Credit history is a record of how you’ve managed the repayment of debts, such as credit cards and loans.

Your credit history is recorded in your credit reports, which also contain additional information about your finances.

An account on a credit report is also called a credit tradeline.

Credit history is the main component of your credit reports.

Credit reports are data files generated by the three major credit bureaus.

In addition to your credit history, your reports also show items like your name, current and old addresses, and your employers’ names.

A long history of responsible credit use positively affects your credit score.

Credit Reports And Scores

Credit reports help lenders decide if they’ll give you credit or approve a loan.

Credit reporting agencies collect and maintain information for your credit reports.

Credit companies calculate your credit score using information from your credit report.

The credit reporting agencies that maintain your credit reports do not calculate these scores.

Your free annual credit report does not include your credit score, but you can get your credit score from several sources.

Anyone who denies you credit, housing, insurance, or a job because of a credit report must give you the name, address, and telephone number of the credit reporting agency that provided the report.

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have the right to request a free report within 60 days if a company denies you credit based on the report.

Credit History

A credit report is a record of the borrower’s credit history from a number of sources, including banks, credit card companies, collection agencies, and governments.

Consumers can typically check their credit history by requesting credit reports from credit agencies and demanding correction of information if necessary.

Among credit card companies, American Express can transfer credit cards from one country to another and in this way help start a credit history.

Adverse credit history, also called sub-prime credit history, non-status credit history, impaired credit history, poor credit history, and bad credit history, is a negative credit rating.

In the U.S., a consumer’s credit history is compiled into a credit report by credit bureaus or consumer reporting agencies.

Credit scores assess the likelihood that a borrower will repay a loan or other credit obligation based on factors like their borrowing and repayment history, the types of credit they have taken out and the overall length of their credit history.

A few of the motivations and techniques for credit abuse include churning, rapidfire credit applications, repetitive credit checks, selective credit freezes, applications for small business rather than personal credit, piggybacking and hacking, as it happened with Equifax in April and September 2017.

Post Idea #20: London Stock Exchange

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London Stock Exchange Homepage

London Stock Exchange plc welcomes Hamak Gold Limited, a gold exploration and development company focussed on highly prospective gold licences in Liberia, to listing on the standard segment of the Official List of the Financial Conduct Authority and to trading on the London Stock Exchange plc main market for listed securities with its ordinary shares trad. Learn more The London Stock Exchange: supporting companies on the road to ‘net-zero’.

Through its Green Economy Mark and Sustainable Bond Market, the London Stock Exchange has already been playing a key role in channelling capital to the green economy.

The London Stock Exchange is pivoting squarely towards the green economy.

Learn more London Stock Exchange welcomes ASOS plc to the Main Market.

Learn more London Stock Exchange Welcomes Strip Tinning Holdings plc to AIM. The London Stock Exchange today welcomes Strip Tinning, a Birmingham-based leading supplier of specialist connectors to the automotive sector, founded in 1957.

Contributor: London Stock Exchange |. London Stock Exchange is one of the world’s oldest stock exchanges and can trace its history back to the coffee houses of 17th century London.

Today, share trad. Learn more London Stock Exchange is a doorway to growth, enabling companies to raise capital and investors to build their portfolios across a range of global markets.

London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange Group PLC is a global financial markets infrastructure provider.

Data & Analytics division provides customers with information and data products, and includes real-time and non-real-time data, pricing and reference services and indices, delivered via various distribution channels, including data feeds and desktop solutions.

FTSE Russell is a global multi-asset class provider of indices, analytics and data solutions.

Capital Markets division provides access to capital for domestic and international businesses and electronic platforms for secondary market trading of equities, fixed income and FX. Post Trade division provides clearing, settlement and regulatory reporting services to support clients’ risk and balance sheet management and regulatory reporting.

London Stock Exchange Definition

The London Stock Exchange is the primary stock exchange in the United Kingdom and the largest in Europe.

Originated more than 300 years ago, the regional exchanges were merged in 1973 to form the Stock Exchange of Great Britain and Ireland, later renamed the London Stock Exchange.

The Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Share Index, or “Footsie”, is the dominant index, containing 100 of the top blue-chip stocks on the LSE. The stock exchange is physically located in the city of London.

The history of the London Stock Exchange goes back to 1698 when broker John Castaing began posting the prices of stocks and commodities at Jonathan’s Coffee House, which was a popular meeting place for businessmen to conduct trades.

Brokers agreed to a set of rules and paid a membership fee to belong to the exchange, thus paving the way for the first regulated stock exchange in London.

Through its primary markets, the London Stock Exchange provides cost-efficient access to some of the world’s deepest and most liquid pools of capital.

The Main Market of the London Stock Exchange is one of the world’s most diverse stock markets with companies making up 40 different sectors.

London Stock Exchange Halts Trading In More Russian Stocks

The London Stock Exchange on Friday suspended trading on more Russian stocks because of the continuing market deterioration and to “Maintain orderly markets.”

Stocks being suspended from trading include Russian investment company Sistema JSFC, development-and-construction company Etalon Group PLC as well as grocer Magnit.

On Thursday, the exchange suspended trading in more than 50 Russian stocks, the latest move to prevent investors both buying and selling Russian securities inside and outside the country.

The trading suspensions, first announced Thursday, resulted from the sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, the LSE said.

It added that it was acting to “Maintain orderly markets” amid mass selling of Russian stock as investors seek to cut ties with the country.

Trading suspensions apply to such high-profile companies as Russia’s biggest bank, Sberbank Russia PJSC, En+ Group International, PJSC Gazprom and Rosneft Oil Co..

London Scraps Trading In Russian Shares Following 99% Drops, As Moscow Closes Stock Exchange For A 4th Day

London’s stock exchange said it would suspend trading in Gazprom and other Russian companies.

The London Stock Exchange has suspended trading in a number of Russian companies after their shares collapsed as much as 99% as a result of the Ukraine conflict and ensuing Western sanctions.

Russia’s central bank said the main stock market in Moscow would remained closed for a fourth day as US financial institutions labeled the country’s assets “Uninvestable.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week triggered chaos in the country’s markets, with Moscow’s MOEX stock index plunging as much as 50% in a day.

Russia’s central bank has ordered the stock exchange to stay closed this week, seeking to avert a further collapse in prices.

The London Stock Exchange said Thursday that it was suspending trading in more than 20 companies, “Further to recent sanctions in connection with events in Ukraine, in light of market conditions, and in order to maintain orderly markets.”

Overnight MSCI, a powerhouse in the world of stock indices, said clients had told it that the Russian equity market “Is currently uninvestable.”

Overview, Primary & Specialized Markets

The London Stock Exchange, which is based in London, the United Kingdom, is one of the leading stock markets in the world.

Companies of different sizes can list on the LSE as the bourse runs several markets for listing.

In May 2011, Glencore International Plc raised $10 billion at admission, making it one of the largest IPOs completed on the LSE. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the London Stock Exchange operates the Alternative Investment MarketThe Alternative Investment Market was launched on 19 June 1995 as a sub-exchange market of the London Stock Exchange.

The Professional Securities Market operates as a Recognized Investment Exchange, which is responsible for raising capital through the issuance of specialist debt securities or Examples of ADRAmerican Depository Receipts are stocks that are sold in the US market but represent ownership of the underlying shares in a foreign company.

The Specialist Fund Market is an EU Regulated Market, which means that securities that are admitted to the market are eligible for most investor mandates.

Markets include brokers, dealers, and exchange markets.

The different types of markets allow for different trading characteristics, outlined in this guide.

How To Trade On The London Stock Exchange Benzinga

Depending on your physical location, there’s a good chance that you can trade on the London Stock Exchange if you choose the right online broker.

One of the world’s first stock exchanges, the London Stock Exchange has a rich history that dates back to 1571 – the Royal Exchange.

The easiest way to access stocks traded on the London Stock Exchange involves getting an international broker with representation on the LSE and the ability to execute trades for its customers on the Exchange.

Through the LSE’s International Order Book, Interactive Brokers gives traders around the world access to trade global depositary receipts secured on LSE stocks.

This method lets you basically trade most large-cap LSE shares, like Lloyds Bank, BP or GlaxoSmithKline, which are considered “Sponsored” due to their listing on a major exchange like the NYSE or NASDAQ. The U.S. over-the-counter market also allows for trading in lower-priced LSE shares.

LSE stock ADRs can be traded just like any listed or over the counter stock and can be accessed through any reputable U.S.-based stockbroker, including brokers that offer free stock trading such as Robinhood.

CFDs can also allow you to go long or short a stock index, such as the Financial Times Stock Exchange index, or a particular company’s shares listed on the LSE. CFDs offer certain advantages to traders through the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform that supports automated trading.

Post Idea #21: Resolute Mining

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Resolute Mining Ltd. Stock Quote

Resolute Mining Ltd. operates as a holding company, which engages in exploration, development, and operation of gold mines across Australia and Africa.

Its portfolio include Syama, which is located in the south of Mali in West Africa; Mako, which is located in eastern Senegal in West Africa; and Bibiani, which is located in the western region of Ghana in West Africa.

The company was founded on June 8, 2001 and is headquartered in Perth, Australia.

Resolute Mining Resources – Integrity Is The Key

RMR people have a resilience that is derived from the leaders Safety Team and further more from the enterprise’s unique charm.

On the basis of the punning mining one package services, we building a team of “Come as soon as called, comer be able to fight, fighting necessarily wins”.

RMR years of rapid development cannot do without the enterprise unique enterprise culture: military + school + family.

August 2020.Mali coup weighs on ASX-listed African minersResolute Mining said it was closely monitoring developments and that operations at its Syama gold mine in the south of the country were continuing as normal.

January 2020.EMR plots expansion plan at Ravenswood mineGold prices haven’t been this high since 2013, but EMR says increased production rates will protect its Ravenswood mine acquisition from commodity price risk.

Jan 15, 2020.Peter Ker.Resolute Mining closes in on gold mine saleASX-listed Resolute Mining’s long-running efforts to exit Queensland’s Ravenswood gold mine are close to conclusion.

August 2019.Gold shines as tech tumbles on the ASXAustralia’s top technology stocks lost almost $2 billion in market value as the share value of one gold miner has nearly doubled in a few months.

Van Eck sees a ‘global bull market in gold’One of the world’s biggest gold investors has urged Australian miners to resist the temptation to lock in record prices, saying the rally in the precious metal was just getting started.

July 2017.Big miners resist broad ASX sell-offThe Australian sharemarket closed sharply lower on Wednesday, following a choppy session on Wall Street.

Resolute Mining

Syama Complex comprises the Syama Underground Mine, a world class, robust long life mine, and the Tabakoroni Open Pit Mine.

Mako is a high quality, low cost, open pit mine with attractive scale and strong growth potential through near-mine exploration opportunities.

The most advanced automated underground gold mine in Africa.

Focused on four focus areas being community health and wellbeing, water and sanitation, income generation, and education.

30 years of continuous production from 10 mines in Africa & Australia totalling over 9Moz of Gold & counting.

A world class, long-life low-cost asset that will deliver long term benefits to our stakeholders beyond 2032.

A high-quality, low-cost, open pit mine with attractive scale and strong growth potential through near-mine exploration opportunities.

TRADING UPDATES: Resolute Mining Ups Mine Life And Mineral Resources

Chief Financial Officer Luca Benedetto says: “Our significantly increased revenue generation and associated profitability has enabled the company to progressively reduce its exposure to debt and improve its balance sheet. We shall look to continue this exercise as we generate additional financial resources by maximising our energy production activities across the portfolio”.

Pantheon Resources PLC – London-based oil and has company focused on Alaska – Suspends testing of the Shelf Margin Deltaic horizon at the Talitha A well in Alaska.

Phoenix Global Resources PLC – London-based upstream oil and gas company focused on Argentina – Commences drilling activity for Pad 2 at Mata Mora, consisting of three wells with 2,600 metre horizontal lateral lengths and 37 frac stages.

Goodbody Health Inc – Vancouver-based medical laboratory company – Intends to acquire up to 18.2 million shares of the company via a normal course issuer bid, representing 5% of its share capital.

88 Energy Ltd- Western Australia-based oil exploration company focused on Alaska – Notes light oil during two separate production tests at Pantheon Resources PLC’s Talitha A well which is on the same formation that hosts 88 Energy’s Lima complex.

Resolute Mining Limited – Perth-based gold mining company – Updates group life of mine plan to reflect an average annual production of 370,000 ounces over the five years to 2026 at an average all-in sustaining costs of USD1,191 per ounce.

The sale of the Bibiani Gold Mine in 2021 removed 660,000 ounces of ore reserves and 2.5 million ounces of mineral resources from Resolute’s global inventory, the company adds.

Mining News

Asante is focused on developing high margin gold projects including our Bibiani and Kubi Gold development projects located on the prolific Bibiani and Ashanti Gold Belts.

About the Bibiani Gold Mine.Bibiani is a historically significant Ghanaian gold mine situated in the western region of the country.

Bibiani has past production of 4Moz, is fully permitted with available mining and processing infrastructure on site consisting of a 3 million tonne per annum mill and processing plant, and existing underground mining infrastructure.

In July 2018, Resolute, based on some 50,500 metres of drilling completed since 2015, released an updated feasibility study for Bibiani and published current JORC compliant Mineral Resources of 21.7 million tonnes at 3.6 grams of gold per tonne for 2.5Moz of gold.

Scientific and technical information contained in this news release that relates to Exploration Targets, Exploration Results, Mineral Resources or Ore Reserves for the Bibiani Gold Mine, is based on information compiled from public disclosure by ASX and LSE listed Resolute Mining Limited.

Mr. Bansah has over 30 years-experience in the gold mining industry in Africa including 16 years with Ashanti Goldfields when it operated the Bibiani mine.

Mr. Bansah has recently visited the Bibiani mine and reviewed and confirmed the current project exploration database and based on his review and his experience, which is relevant to the style of mineralisation and type of deposit under consideration and to the activity being undertaken, there are no differences to the data that would materially affect the mineral resource statements contained in the Bibiani Feasibility Study published by Resolute on 13 July 2018 on the ASX and the Competent Persons Report for the Bibiani Gold Mine dated 17 June 2019 and prepared for Resolute for their London Stock Exchange listing by Optiro Pty Ltd. of Perth, Western Australia.

Post Idea #22: Mary River Mine

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Baffinland: Mary River Mine

Baffinland’s Mary River Mine site on Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada, is one of the most northern mines in the world.

This gave Baffinland the go-ahead for the Early Revenue Phase amendment to the Mary River Project involving the seasonal shipping of 3.5 million tons of iron ore from Milne Inlet on the north coast of Baffin Island.

With the development of the ERP, the Mary River Operation now consists of mining iron ore from the reserve at Deposit No. 1.

Baffinland then transports ore from the mine by trucks to Milne Port and ships it to markets from the Milne Port during the open water season.

In 2018, Baffinland received approval to go to six MTPY. There are two main operating locations – the mine site at Mary River and Milne Port north of the mine.

The two sites are connected via a tote road. The tote road has been upgraded to enable safe and efficient transportation of ore by truck from the Mine site to Milne Port.

The mine was developed by Baffinland using a phased approach and in accordance with agreements made with Inuit birthright corporations: Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. and the Qikiqtani Inuit Association, as well as the Government of Nunavut.

Mary River Mine

The Mary River Mine is an open pit iron ore mine on Inuit Owned Land operated by the Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation, in the Mary River area of the Qikiqtaaluk Region, on Baffin Island, Nunavut, : 2  in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

By September 2006, a QIA member vocally supported the development of the Mary River project, saying that, “You’re talking about [jobs] for your grandchildren-and their grandchildren.” By 2006, Baffinland began investigating the feasibility of a cold-weather railway from the Mary River to a mining port and by 2006, Canarail had provided an estimate of CA$350 to build the railway.

In July Waheed met with Baffinland CEO Richard McCloskey about a phased approach which would include an early stage production of up to two million tonnes of iron ore at Mary River hauled via the “Tote road” and shipped from Milne Inlet.

According to a June 2020 Moody’s Investors Service credit report, “Baffinland plans to expand the Mary River mine to a capacity of 18 Mtpa 18 million metric tons, or tonnes” in Phase 3.

On April 23, 2018, Baffinland submitted a request to the NPC and NIRB to amend the NBRLUP and Mary River project certificate, which increased the total production/shipping amount from 18 to 22.2 Mtpa, with an additional 4.2 Mtpa of ore being transported by truck over the Mary River-Milne Inlet “Tote road” they had already constructed.

Baffinland workers are transported to and from the Mary River mine site by air.

Just a year after they had completed the first NIRB assessment and received their licenses, Baffinland requested a major amendment use ultra-large dump trucks to convey the ore from Mary River on the 100 km “Tote road”, which had already been built to a replacement port at Milne Inlet near Pond Inlet.

Major Mines & Projects

Mary River Group greenstone belts across northern Baffin Island consist of variable amounts of banded iron formation, which are associated with metasedimentary, metavolcanic and metaigneous rocks.

The banded oxide and silicate facies iron formations comprise the lateral equivalents of the high-grade Mary River deposits, which are almost entirely composed of iron oxides, suggesting a significant enrichment of iron through secondary processes.

Several regional examples of exposed giant quartz veins occurring along detachment schist boundaries adjacent to high grade magnetite zones account for the removal of silica from the banded iron formations.

The Mary River deposits are comprised of a number of iron formations which have been enriched and altered to varying degrees.

Original banded iron formations comprised of alternating layers of magnetite and hematite, are preserved in several locations along strike of existing high grade deposits.

The microscopic examination of drill core specimens by R.A. Blais suggests that magnetite was the stable mineral of the iron formations during metamorphism, and was replaced to various degrees by hematite, resulting in a range of hematite-magnetite compositions.

The strong structural influence on channelling of oxidizing solutions is supported by the alignment of lineations produced by tubular pores in the hard high-grade hematite iron formation and the concentration of high-grade hematite ore at the core of the fold.

Nunavut Workers Begin Slow Return To Baffinland’S Mary River Mine

Nunavut employees and contractors at the Mary River iron mine, located 176 kilometres south of Pond Inlet, will start heading back to work next week, according to the Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation.

In early 2020, Nunavut employees at the mine were sent home to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to communities.

Then in May 2021, Baffinland temporarily suspended operations at the mine due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

Essential workers doing environmental monitoring and infrastructure maintenance stayed at the mine, while all non-essential staff were flown south.

Finally, in December 2021, Baffinland sent all on-site Nunavummiut home after six more employees tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after they arrived at the mine.

The mine employees who have remained on-site while the others were sent home, who were all from southern Canada and were able to fly in directly to the site, are also all double-vaccinated.

The mine typically has around 800 workers on site at any given time.

Nunavummiut To Return To Baffinland’S Iron Mine Starting Next Week

Nunavummiut workers and contractors will begin to reintegrate at Baffinland’s Mary River iron mine during the week of March 7, the company revealed on Friday.

It will be a phased-in process that will take several weeks, according to Baffinland.

All returning staff will be double vaccinated against Covid-19, at a minimum, as are mine employees who continued working over the past few months while Nunavummiut were sent home to keep communities safe as the Omicron variant posed a new threat.

“Many employees and contractors have also taken their booster shots, which are provided at site, and the company is strongly encouraging all of its personnel to get their third shot,” Baffinland stated.

The company added that it will maintain “Rigorous” Covid-19 testing protocols.

“Throughout the pandemic, Baffinland, in regular consultation with infectious disease experts, has been applying rigorous controls at its operations which have proven to be very effective in reducing the spread of Covid-19,” said Brian Penney, Baffinland’s CEO. “As we learn to manage Covid-19 and Nunavut begins to open up again, we believe the time is right to bring our Nunavummiut employees back to site. They are valued members of our team whose presence significantly enhances our operation. We look forward to welcoming them back.”

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In early 2020, Nunavut employees at the mine were sent home to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to communities.

Then in May 2021, Baffinland temporarily suspended operations at the mine due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

At one point, there were more than 20 active cases at the mine.

Essential workers doing environmental monitoring and infrastructure maintenance stayed at the mine, while all non-essential staff were flown south.

Finally, in December 2021, Baffinland sent all on-site Nunavummiut home after six more employees tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after they arrived at the mine.

The mine employees who have remained on-site while the others were sent home, who were all from southern Canada and were able to fly in directly to the site, are also all double-vaccinated.

The mine typically has around 800 workers on site at any given time.

Post Idea #23: Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation

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In early 2020, Nunavut employees at the mine were sent home to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to communities.

Then in May 2021, Baffinland temporarily suspended operations at the mine due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

At one point, there were more than 20 active cases at the mine.

Essential workers doing environmental monitoring and infrastructure maintenance stayed at the mine, while all non-essential staff were flown south.

Finally, in December 2021, Baffinland sent all on-site Nunavummiut home after six more employees tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after they arrived at the mine.

The mine employees who have remained on-site while the others were sent home, who were all from southern Canada and were able to fly in directly to the site, are also all double-vaccinated.

The mine typically has around 800 workers on site at any given time.

Nunavut employees at the territory’s two mining companies will be returning to work throughout March, as public health restrictions for COVID-19 continue to ease.

Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. will bring its Nunavut employees back to its Meliadine and Meadowbank gold mines on March 14, said spokesperson Sonja Galton in a news release.

“As we learn to manage COVID-19 and Nunavut begins to open up again, we believe the time is right to bring our Nunavummiut employees back to site,” said Baffinland CEO Brian Penney a news release from the company.

The return to Mary River will happen in stages over “Several weeks,” Weinberg said, adding all Nunavut employees and contractors working at the mine will have at least two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Galton said in an email Agnico Eagle has begun calling its employees to return to work, though she isn’t sure how many will return.

For employees who were previously scheduled to start work on March 14, that’s the day those employees will return.

Galton said the Agnico Eagle “Periodically” has cases of COVID-19 on its mining sites, but that employees who test positive are isolated, as are high-risk contacts, she said.

Mary River Mine

The Mary River Mine is an open pit iron ore mine on Inuit Owned Land operated by the Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation, in the Mary River area of the Qikiqtaaluk Region, on Baffin Island, Nunavut, : 2  in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

By September 2006, a QIA member vocally supported the development of the Mary River project, saying that, “You’re talking about [jobs] for your grandchildren-and their grandchildren.” By 2006, Baffinland began investigating the feasibility of a cold-weather railway from the Mary River to a mining port and by 2006, Canarail had provided an estimate of CA$350 to build the railway.

In July Waheed met with Baffinland CEO Richard McCloskey about a phased approach which would include an early stage production of up to two million tonnes of iron ore at Mary River hauled via the “Tote road” and shipped from Milne Inlet.

According to a June 2020 Moody’s Investors Service credit report, “Baffinland plans to expand the Mary River mine to a capacity of 18 Mtpa 18 million metric tons, or tonnes” in Phase 3.

On April 23, 2018, Baffinland submitted a request to the NPC and NIRB to amend the NBRLUP and Mary River project certificate, which increased the total production/shipping amount from 18 to 22.2 Mtpa, with an additional 4.2 Mtpa of ore being transported by truck over the Mary River-Milne Inlet “Tote road” they had already constructed.

Baffinland workers are transported to and from the Mary River mine site by air.

Just a year after they had completed the first NIRB assessment and received their licenses, Baffinland requested a major amendment use ultra-large dump trucks to convey the ore from Mary River on the 100 km “Tote road”, which had already been built to a replacement port at Milne Inlet near Pond Inlet.

Post Idea #24: Pond Inlet

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Pond Inlet

“Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation’s open-pit mine-located 160 kilometres south-southwest of Pond Inlet-Mary River Mine-has attracted international attention for its planned phase two expansion, that would see a dramatic increase in shipping from its Milne Inlet port in Eclipse Sound, near Pond Inlet, through a narwhal habitat in the waters near Greenland. Milne Inlet is a”Small inlet” that “opens into Eclipse Sound, a primary summering area for Nunavut’s largest population of narwhal”.

” In Baffinland’s 2019 annual report, Pond Inlet reported that in 2018 there were 49 people employed by Baffinland in Pond Inlet and the number was decreasing.

Eclipse Sound separates Pond Inlet from Bylot Island and has a series of deeply cut inlets west of Pond Inlet, including Milne Inlet, a small inlet, flows south from Navy Board Inlet at the confluence of Eclipse Sound.

A September 1974 editorial in the Pond Inlet community newsletter, questioned “Why has so little been told to the people of Pond Inlet concerning a mine that might affect their lives for the next thirteen years? Why have we not been informed of both sides of the picture?” : 91  The people of the other north Baffin Island communities affected by the Strathcona Sound mining project had been almost entirely excluded from discussions about the project.

In 1974, Pond Inlet hamlet had “Refused to deal with the DIAND representatives because of the inadequacy of the information provided.” : 91  In his 1973 Arctic Institute of North America article, Eric Gourdeau, discussed the social impact that Panarctic’s wages had on Pond Inlet and Arctic Bay-Panarctic wages had “More than doubled the cash income gained by the regular wage workers in each community.” : 3 .

In Baffinland’s 2019 annual report, Pond Inlet reported that in 2018 there were 49 people employed by Baffinland in Pond Inlet and the number was decreasing.

Pond Inlet is most readily accessible by aircraft through a connection in Iqaluit, Nunavut’s capital to Pond Inlet Airport.

Explore Pond Inlet

Pond Inlet is a small, predominantly Inuit community located in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut.

The hamlet is located on the northern tip of Baffin Island, near the eastern entrance to the Northwest Passage.

It is also known in Inuktitut as Mittimatalik, “The place where Mittima is buried”.

Although the name remains, the identity of Mittima is a mystery to the present-day people of Pond Inlet.

Close to both Tamaarvik Territorial Park and Sirmilik National Park, the awe-inspiring scenery is a mix of mountains, picturesque fiords, inlets, glaciers, and icebergs.

With stunning and dramatic landscapes and unique wildlife viewing opportunities, Pond Inlet is considered to be one of Canada’s true “Jewels of the north”.

Canadian North

Pond Inlet provides you with intimate access to marine mammals such as narwhal and beluga whales, migratory birds, and polar bears.

Pond Inlet also has unique trips for those seeking something different – bicycle atop the sea ice and parasail above gigantic glaciers.

The scenery, the wildlife, and the friendliness of the people of Pond Inlet have made it a “Must see” destination in the Arctic.

Unusually, the first trading post in Pond Inlet was not opened by the Hudson’s Bay Company, but rather by private Scottish investors in 1910.

In 1912, both the Anglican and Catholic churches founded missions in Pond Inlet.

Pond inlet is the home of the Tununiq Arsarniit Theatre Group.

Today, Pond Inlet is the largest community in Northern Baffin Island, and enjoys excellent infrastructure and air transportation links.

Government Of Nunavut

The COVID-19 vaccine is Nunavut’s best protection against COVID-19, and all Nunavummiut are encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as they are eligible.

The Department of Health is rolling out second dose vaccination clinics across the territory for ages 5 to 11.

The COVID-19 pediatric Pfizer vaccine is available to those ages 5 to 11 who have received their first dose at least eight weeks ago.

The Department of Health in partnership with the Department of Education will be running school-based COVID-19 vaccination clinics in some Nunavut schools beginning September 1.

Pfizer vaccine clinics are open to youth aged 5 to 17, by appointment only.

Appointments for the Moderna vaccine are ongoing for first, second or booster doses, available to Nunavummiut aged 18+ as well as rotational workers in Nunavut.

Please call your local health centre to make an appointment.

Post Idea #25: Freight audit

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What Is A Freight Audit? A Guide To Verifying Freight Bills

A freight audit is the process of verifying freight bills.

The freight bill is the invoice from a carrier to the shipper, specifying the total charges for the freight shipment.

A freight audit also checks other shipping data against the bill of lading to ensure accuracy.

Thus, there’s a high probability of errors in freight bills that can add significantly to freight costs.

Freight bills are complex because there are so many potential issues of contention between the shipper and the carriers.

Once the firm is big enough, the workload of verifying freight bills gets just too much for any of your in-house team to handle manually.

This way you can focus on what you do best while the freight audit company verifies your freight bills for you.

Understanding The Freight Audit Process

There are remedies for this – freight auditing – and even companies that don’t have in-house freight auditing expertise can benefit.

A freight audit is a process of analyzing a freight bill to make any necessary adjustments to ensure its accuracy.

Given the high percentage of organizational and logistics costs relating to freight shipping in the supply chain, freight audits are a great way to control the logistics of costs and lower unnecessary spending.

The freight bill audit process provides much more than just marking errors and paying less.

Software systems can be integrated electronically with the freight carrier, making the freight auditing process and recovery easier and more efficient.

A freight audit company offering freight payment and auditing services is set up to do so efficiently.

It makes sense that companies offering freight audits often pair it with freight payments, making it a freight audit payment service or considering them freight payment companies.

What Is Freight Audit And Payment And Why Is It Important To Your Supply Chain?

These errors would often go unnoticed and uncorrected without a daily manual freight audit by the company and their staff.

For companies who lack these resources, they can save time and money by outsourcing Freight Audit and Pay through a Third Party Logistics company.

In this article, we will explain exactly what freight audit and pay is and why it’s critical to making your supply chain successful.

A freight audit is a business process where the company’s freight bills are examined, adjusted and verified for accuracy.

If errors are found on the shipper’s invoice, their chosen freight audit and payment company would reach out to the carrier to ensure that it is corrected and a new invoice is issued.

In short, a freight audit service ensures that your actual freight invoice matches what you were quoted at the time of shipment.

To learn more about our freight audit and payment services, click the “Contact Us” below.

Understanding The Freight Audit Process

A freight audit is the process of analyzing a freight bill to.

The freight audit provider should also verify the bill isn’t a duplicate invoice and hasn’t yet been paid.

Given the high percentage of organizational and logistics costs relating to freight shipping in the supply chain, freight audits are a great way to control the logistics.

The freight bill audit process provides much more than just marking errors and paying less.

Software systems can be integrated electronically with the freight carrier, making the freight auditing process and recovery easier and more efficient.

Post audit can provide an additional freight post audit analysis using a larger selection of invoices.

Making it a freight audit payment service or considering them freight payment companies.

Worlds Leading Freight Audit Provider

A Ct Global Freight Audit will help you to avoid overpayment and will dramatically improve your company’s transportation and logistics financial performance.

Be in control of your own logistics expenditures with our dedicated Freight Audit services and Logistics Audit services.

A Freight Audit will allow your company to maximise the return on logistics spend through financial review and creating tighter controls over contract compliance.

A Freight Audit is an integral part of managing supply chain costs.

Freight Audit Invoice Verification results will provide completeconfidence in the accuracy and value of your freight and logisticsexpenditure.

Commercial and Public Sector companies employ a Freight Audit Specialist such as Ct Global Freight Audit to improve business intelligence and to reduce transportation costs by uncovering billing errors and ensuring that suppliers are billing as per the agreed rate agreements.

A Post Audit is a financial Audit of Invoices that you have previously paid to your carriers Versus the Contracted Costs that have been agreed.

Freight Audit & Freight Payment Companies

Information Management With our web-based tools, you’ll be able to analyze, report and export your logistics data quickly and easily on-line.

You’ll have greater visibility into your supply chain with the ability to track freight expenses by carrier, account code, customer, vendor and numerous other criteria.

Freight Audit

With high fluctuations of fuel costs, low visibility of the future freight costs and high complexity of the freight quotes, freight cost verification are vulnerable to human and process errors and this requires proper auditing to ensure that the organization does not overpay for services it did not incur.

Some organizations have the manpower to perform freight audit themselves, the manual and tedious efforts required for a freight audit will usually end up much more expensive than an outsource vendor might be able to provide.

The freight audit system will be able to eliminate the mundane freight calculation and matching process and the users of the system will be able to perform value add activities such as analyzing freight rates, negotiation with freight forwarders or recovering freight invoice discrepancy with freight forwarders.

Freight audit can be conducted at the shipment or freight invoice level.

A company that has standard weights for standard packages may opt to audit freight invoices at freight invoice level to reduce complexity in the freight audit process.

Freight cost reports can be generated to compare the freight costs for forwarders and the customers may use such reports to flag out service failures, negotiate for better freight deals or the opportunity to consolidate the shipments to a forwarder for a better rate.

Akzo Nobel’s automated freight audit process has also instilled tighter controls over their freight accounting by eliminating human communication and intervention from the point of the freight quote to the payment process.

Post Idea #26: Ontario Hockey League

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Ontario Hockey League – Official Site Of The Ontario Hockey League

Owen Sound Attack captain Mark Woolley joins this week’s show, discussing his Woolley’s Warriors initiative with host Terry Doyle.

A beautiful assist and the game winning goal to lead the Bulldogs to sole possession of 1st place in the Eastern.

Kyle Jackson recorded a hat trick while rookie Anthony Romani scored twice and added a helper as the Battalion win 9-2 over the Wolves.

Evan Vierling scored twice as the Colts snap a three game losing skid with a 4-3 win over the Frontenacs in Barrie.

Zach Filak scored his first hat trick and Theo Hill posted six assists as the Sarnia Sting scored five third period goals, putting up 10 in a Wednesday night win.

Theo Hill recorded six assists and Zach Filak recorded his first career OHL hat trick in a 10-6 Sting win over the Spirit.

Luke Evangelista scored his 42nd goal in his 42nd game, Antonio Stranges tied the game in the final 4 minutes, added an assist and capped it off in the shootout.

Ontario Hockey League

Since then the evolution to the Ontario Hockey League has developed through four distinct eras of junior-aged non-professional hockey in Ontario.

In 1933, the junior division was divided into two levels, Junior A and Junior B. In 1970 the Junior A level was divided into two levels, Tier I and Tier II. In 1974 the Tier I/Major Junior A group separated from the OHA and became the independent ‘Ontario Major Junior Hockey League’.

Approximately 20% of players on active rosters in the National Hockey League have come from the OHL, and about 54% of NHL players are alumni of the Canadian Hockey League.

The Cup is named for John Ross Robertson, who was president of the Ontario Hockey Association from 1901 to 1905.

The OHL champion then competes with the winners of the Western Hockey League, the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, and the host of the tournament to play for the Memorial Cup, which is awarded to the junior hockey champions of Canada.

In 1975 the league phased out the area protections, and the 1976 OHA midget draft was the first in which all midget players were eligible.

List of trophies and awards in the Ontario Hockey League.

OHL 2021/2022 Standings

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Make a qualifying deposit, place bets to deposit value, once they are settled, matched amount in Bet Credits available to use.

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The ORHL is a partner of the AAU which is one of the largest sanctioning sport insurance organizations in the world.

The AAU provides the ORHL with the opportunity to participate internationally by playing games and tournaments against many other programs who are sanctioned by the AAU specifically in the USA and in Europe.

Being a proud partner of the AAU also allows teams from the US and Europe to participate in our ORHL events as well.

A family friendly and school friendly league that simply provides another option to play hockey where we prioritize a safe, well balanced, fair play atmosphere.

We teach core values…respect your coaches, your teammates, your opponents, your game officials, your parents and respect the game of hockey we all love to play.

No body checking permitted in all divisions (Novice – Midget (U18.School Friendly League – No regular season games scheduled Monday through Thursday eliminating weeknight travel.

During the 2019-20 season, the ORHL had 700+ members and over 80 teams that participated in 1000+ games.

We’ve got Marko Sikic OT magic at the hive! Ethan Ritchie works it to the net where takes care of the rest as takes it 6-5 🎥. 328 views.

Go-ahead goal in Erie is a new rookie record as 2023 #NHLDraft prospect Coulson Pitre buries his 18th of the season inside the final six minutes 🎥. 402 views.

That’s one way to do it rookie Ryan McGuire steamrolls down the wing to bury his fifth of the season, putting his team up after two periods 🎥. 361 views.

The perseverance of the Joe Carroll battles for his 15th of the season as the maroon and white overcome a slow start with a four-goal second period in Niagara 🎥. 294 views.

Avery Hayes creates some space for #OHL Player of the Month Logan Morrison, who buries his 25th of the season as the draw even on 🎥. 612 views.

McGurn hits his 14th from the sweet spot prospect Max McCue with the setup to put the up two 🎥. 455 views.

Ly/3Cg0vgYNifty little shorthanded tuck from Tucker Robertson! He nets his fourth shorty of the season to help claim a third straight win 🎥. 755 views.

Post Idea #27: Language acquisition

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Language Acquisition: An Overview

How much time, effort, and patience depends a lot on the individual who is learning, as well as the learning environment and situation, but language researchers have developed a general outline of language acquisition that helps explain the process that language learners go through to develop skills in a foreign language.

Teachers who are aware of ELL students’ need to develop academic language fluency in English will be much better prepared to assist those students in becoming academically successful.

If you have ELL students in your classroom, it is more than likely there will be students at a variety of stages in the language acquisition process.

During instruction, have students do a “Think, pair, share” to give the student an opportunity to process the new language and concept.

ELL teachers encounter students with a variety of backgrounds and abilities, and until the babel fish comes into existence, they will need to have flexibility, creativity and skill in order to help ELL students make meaning from the new language and content they are learning.

It includes a a simplified chart of language acquisition levels and the kinds of language teachers can use to help students at each level.

Downloadable booklet from the Northwest Regional Education Laboratory, “Strategies and Resources for Mainstream Teachers of English Language Learners.” Includes useful information on language levels, acquisition and 10 things teachers can do today to help ELL students.

What Is Language Acquisition?

Behaviorists, like B.F. Skinner, argued that language acquisition and development are learned behaviors.

Because children would not have heard adults using rules of language so inaccurately, Chomsky came up with another theory on language development.

Chomsky argues we must be born with a language acquisition device, an area in our brains that makes learning language a natural event.

Recent research on language seeks to understand whether or not humans have a critical period for acquiring language.

As we age, language acquisition becomes more difficult, especially for adults learning a new language.

The critical period hypothesis states that we have a time frame for learning new language, and once that time is over, language acquisition becomes much more difficult.

Language acquisition is the way we learn language, to speak, write, or to communicate using sign language.

What Is Language Acquisition?

First language acquisition refers to the way children learn their native language.

Second language acquisition refers to the learning of another language or languages besides the native language.

Babbling is now considered the earliest form of language acquisition because infants will produce sounds based on what language input they receive.

Three theoriesThe three theories of language acquisition: imitation, reinforcement and analogy, do not explain very well how children acquire language.

The “Innateness Hypothesis” of child language acquisition, proposed by Noam Chomsky, states that the human species is pre-wired to acquire language, and that the kind of language is also determined.

Many factors have led to this hypothesis such as the ease and rapidity of language acquisition despite impoverished input as well as the uniformity of languages.

The “Critical Age Hypothesis” suggests that there is a critical age for language acquisition without the need for special teaching or learning.

Language Acquisition

Language acquisition usually refers to first-language acquisition, which studies infants’ acquisition of their native language, whether that be spoken language or signed language, though it can also refer to bilingual first language acquisition, which refers to an infant’s simultaneous acquisition of two native languages.

Some language acquisition researchers, such as Elissa Newport, Richard Aslin, and Jenny Saffran, emphasize the possible roles of general learning mechanisms, especially statistical learning, in language acquisition.

It has been determined, through empirical research on developmentally normal children, as well as through some extreme cases of language deprivation, that there is a “sensitive period” of language acquisition in which human infants have the ability to learn any language.

Even though it might be presumed that deaf children acquire language in different ways since they are not receiving the same auditory input as hearing children, many research findings indicate that deaf children acquire language in the same way that hearing children do and when given the proper language input, understand and express language just as well as their hearing peers.

As many studies have shown, language acquisition by deaf children parallel the language acquisition of a spoken language by hearing children because humans are biologically equipped for language regardless of the modality.

Deaf children’s visual-manual language acquisition not only parallel spoken language acquisition but by the age of 30 months, most deaf children that were exposed to a visual language had a more advanced grasp with subject-pronoun copy rules than hearing children.

In the case of prelingually deaf children with cochlear implants, a signed language, like American Sign Language would be an accessible language for them to learn to help support the use of the cochlear implant as they learn a spoken language as their L2. Without a solid, accessible first language, these children run the risk of language deprivation, especially in the case that a cochlear implant fails to work.

The search for the synergy between language acquisition and language learning involves a process of analyzing the meaning of key concepts” language acquisition”, “Language learning”, “Mother tongue” and “Foreign language”, and demonstrates how the key concepts are related to the idea of developing the system of external and internal perspectives.

The theoretical findings of the research allow putting forth the following hypothesis: the synergy between language acquisition and language learning is efficient if language learners gradually move from the external perspective, namely, language learning, to the internal perspective, namely, language acquisition through foreign language for professional purposes peer-learning.

Key words: language acquisition, language learning, mother tongue, foreign language Introduction The use of three-five languages to form varied cooperative networks for the creation of new knowledge is of the greatest importance for the development of humans, institutions, society and mankind.

The success in use of three-five languages requires that the synergy between language acquisition and language learning to be considered.

The search for the synergy between language acquisition and language learning involves a process of analyzing the meaning of key concepts “Language acquisition”, “Language learning”, “Mother tongue” and “Foreign language”, and demonstrates how the key concepts are related to the idea of developing the system of external and internal perspectives.

If the development of the native language begins with free, spontaneous use of speech and is culminated in the conscious realization of linguistic forms and their mastery, then the development of a foreign language begins with conscious realization of language and arbitrary command of it and culminates in spontaneous, free speech.

Conclusion The theoretical findings of the research allow putting forth the following hypothesis: the synergy between language acquisition and language learning for the proper use of threefive languages to form varied cooperative networks for the creation of new knowledge is efficient if language learners gradually move from the external perspective, namely, language learning, to the internal perspective, namely, language acquisition through foreign language for professional purposes peer-learning.

Language Acquisition Theory

After more than 60 years of research into child language development, the mechanism that enables children to segment syllables and words out of the strings of sounds they hear, and to acquire grammar to understand and produce language is still quite an enigma.

In the spirit of cognitive revolution in the 1950’s, Chomsky argued that children will never acquire the tools needed for processing an infinite number of sentences if the language acquisition mechanism was dependent on language input alone.

He proposed the theory of Universal Grammar: an idea of innate, biological grammatical categories, such as a noun category and a verb category that facilitate the entire language development in children and overall language processing in adults.

Whereas researchers approaching the language acquisition problem from the perspective of Universal Grammar argue for early full productivity, i.e. early adult-like knowledge of language, the opposing constructivist investigators argue for a more gradual developmental process.

Approaching language acquisition from the perspective of general cognitive processing is an economical account of how children can learn their first language without an excessive biolinguistic mechanism.

What account can explain variation between languages and the language acquisition process in children acquiring very different languages to English? The mystery of language acquisition is granted to keep psychologists and linguists alike astonished a decade after decade.

An excellent article by Steven Pinker on Language Acquisition.

What Is Language Acquisition? Here’S Everything You Need To Know!

Finally, to finish things up, we’ll touch on the four language skills you need to speak a language.

That’s language acquisition or, more specifically, first language or native language acquisition.

Another type of language acquisition is the one that happens after you’ve acquired your native tongue-aptly named “Second language acquisition.”

There’s a lot of difference between native language and second language acquisition.

When you get down to it, language acquisition isn’t a dichotomy but rather a continuum, and language learners stand at various stages of acquisition.

Many consider the ability to write in another language the apex of language acquisition.

Now you know a lot about language acquisition-from the theories about it, to the differences between native language and second language acquisition, to the five characteristics of languages and the four linguistic skills to hone.

Post Idea #28: Smart Sparrow

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Smart Sparrow

Digital learning is opening the world to new possibilities.

AeroPurpose-built to accelerate the impact and sophistication of learning experiences and assessment products.

Learning design studioSupporting educators who want to do moreWith a focus on learner-centered design, our studio works with individuals and teams worldwide to deliver high-quality experiences that make an impact.

No matter the size of the project or task, we deliver end-to-end solutions that bring education and technology together in a way that is truly authentic for educators and reaches learners in a meaningful way.

How can we help you?Empowering educators in every fieldTransforming education with Arizona State UniversityCal State East BayNew South Wales Government EducationAustralian Securities ExchangeUniversity of New South WalesCase studyResiliencyThe Northeast Resiliency Consortium worked with Smart Sparrow to create ten highly interactive, adaptive lessons and a keystone project to teach resiliency soft skills.

Here we are today, with online learning having taken the education industry by storm.

In this ebook, we discuss the two waves that transformed online learning, or better yet, learning forever and what the future of online learning looks like!

Smart Sparrow Flying High In Pearson Education Acquisition

Abstract: Founded in 2011, Sydney-based e-learning company, Smart Sparrow, delivered an adaptive digital learning platform for universities and businesses to develop engaging, student-centric digital learning materials.

Smart Sparrow’s technology was acquired by international digital learning company, Pearson Education for integration into their Global Learning Platform on the 16th of January 2020.

In response to the lacklustre use of digital technologies in education delivery in 2005, and believing that digital learning should, and could, be done better, Smart Sparrow founder and CEO Dr Dror Ben-Naim conceptualised the first iteration of an adaptive e-learning platform and founded the Adaptive eLearning Research group at the University of New South Wales.

Integrated into the Pearson Education Global Learning Platform, the adaptive learning technology will enhance the ability of the GLP to provide adaptive and learner-centric education, and enable Pearson to build more engaging and interactive ebooks, whilst also empowering authors to codesign content and provide an improved user experience.

According to Tim Bozik, President of Global Product & North America Courseware, Pearson, “The Smart Sparrow technology will help build more personalized and effective learning experiences that engage students whenever and wherever they need it. We believe this has the potential to drive better learning outcomes that in turn will lead to improved employability prospects”.

Although Pearson Education had engaged in conversation with the Smart Sparrow team for a decade, the education company did not express serious interest in acquiring Smart Sparrow technology until the Aero platform was launched.

Although Smart Sparrow will shut down by the end of 2021, their innovation will live on through Pearson Education as the technology is integrated into and deployed through their Global Learning Platform.

Smart Sparrow

Due to recent platform changes, this Simulation module is no longer available for use within Navigate as of December 31, 2020.

These Simulations have not yet been removed from Navigate to retain student progress and records achieved to date.

We have begun adding a new version of the former Simulations in each affected course.

Once the updated Simulations have been added to your course…. You will find the updated series of Simulations added to the top of your course homepage, placed in a new topic named “Updated Simulations.” Please note, if your course contains the original Simulations, these will remain in the course but will no longer function.

Below is a screenshot of how the Updated Simulations will appear in your Gradebook.

The updated version of each module can be identified by its icon and/or the “Updated” label added to its naming.

Smart Sparrow

Smart Sparrow is an ed-tech start-up, the commercialization of an adaptive learning technology incubated within the Adaptive eLearning Research Group at the School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

Adaptive learning is an educational method using computers as interactive teaching devices, adapting educational material according to students’ learning needs.

The Smart Sparrow software tools, known collectively as the Adaptive eLearning Platform, are a web-based suite that develops adaptive learning content and applications, deploys that material to students and analyses how students learn from their responses to the material.

In 2013, an educational white paper “LEARNING TO ADAPT: A Case for Accelerating Adaptive Learning in Higher Education” identified Smart Sparrow as one of six ‘notable’ adaptive learning platform providers.

The same paper, part of a study funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, cited the impact of the Smart Sparrow platform on increasing enrollments and reducing dropouts.

Other studies cite accelerated learning times with the platform.

By later that year, Smart Sparrow was being deployed in Australian high schools, as part of a collaborative partnership with Australian universities to improve student engagement in mathematics and science.

Post Idea #29: Berlitz Corporation

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Why learn with Berlitz?Find your course.

Berlitz offers a range of language and culture courses for adults, kids and teens, businesses, and more.

Choose from the options below to find your ideal course and start progressing further with us.

Post Idea #30: Venous thrombosis

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What Is Venous Thromboembolism?

Complications of DVT. The most serious complication of DVT happens when a part of the clot breaks off and travels through the bloodstream to the lungs, causing a blockage called pulmonary embolism.

For some people, DVT and PE can become a chronic illness; about 30% of people who have had a DVT or PE are at risk for another episode.

Risk Factors for DVT. Almost anyone can have a DVT. However, certain factors can increase the chance of having this condition.

Preventing DVT. The following tips can help prevent DVT:. Move around as soon as possible after having been confined to bed, such as after surgery, illness, or injury.

Everybody should know the signs and symptoms of DVT/PE, their risk for DVT/PE, to talk to their health care provider about their risk, and to seek care immediately if they have any sign or symptom of DVT/PE. DVT. About half of people with DVT have no symptoms at all.

Diagnosis of DVT and PE. The diagnosis of DVT or PE requires special tests that can only be performed by a doctor.

Treatments for DVT and PE DVT. Medication is used to prevent and treat DVT. Compression stockings are sometimes recommended to prevent DVT and relieve pain and swelling.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis occurs when a blood clot forms in one or more of the deep veins in your body, usually in your legs.

Deep vein thrombosis can be very serious because blood clots in your veins can break loose, travel through your bloodstream and get stuck in your lungs, blocking blood flow.

Some forms of cancer increase substances in your blood that cause your blood to clot.

A blood clot in a vein can occur with no apparent underlying risk factor.

PE is a potentially life-threatening complication associated with DVT. It occurs when a blood vessel in your lung becomes blocked by a blood clot that travels to your lung from another part of your body, usually your leg.

Damage to your veins from the blood clot reduces blood flow in the affected areas, causing leg pain and swelling, skin discoloration and skin sores.

Complications may result from blood thinners used to treat DVTs. Bleeding is a worrisome side effect of blood thinners.

What Is Venous Thromboembolism?

Venous thromboembolism refers to a blood clot that starts in a vein.

Pulmonary embolism A pulmonary embolism occurs when a DVT clot breaks free from a vein wall, travels to the lungs and then blocks some or all of the blood supply.

Blood clots originating in the thigh are more likely to break off and travel to the lungs than blood clots in the lower leg or other parts of the body.

The most common triggers for venous thromboembolism are surgery, cancer, immobilization and hospitalization.

People whose blood is thicker than normal because their bone marrow produces too many blood cells.

Genetic causes of excessive blood clotting are also important.

Pulmonary embolism is the most common preventable cause of death among hospital patients in the United States, and yet venous thromboembolism in general – and pulmonary embolism in particular – is often overlooked as a major public health problem.

Venous Thrombosis

Thrombosis refers to the formation of a blood clot in a blood vessel.

While clots can form in an artery or a vein, this article focuses only on clots that occur in veins, called venous thrombosis.

Thrombosis can happen for no apparent reason, but it is often associated with an inherited predisposition to blood clots, surgical procedures, immobility, oral contraceptive use or underlying medical conditions.

The main treatment for deep venous thrombosis, or blood clots that form in the deep veins, is anticoagulation therapy.

Anticoagulant medications can prevent clots from forming and stop an existing clot from getting bigger, as the body works to clear the clot on its own.

A small percentage of patients also need a filter inserted into the large vein that leads from the legs to the heart, to block any future clots from reaching the lungs.

For mothers-to-be who are at particular risk for blood clots, our hematology team works closely with UCSF obstetricians who specialize in high-risk pregnancy.

Venous Thrombosis

A common form of venous thrombosis is deep vein thrombosis, when a blood clot forms in the deep veins.

Venous thromboembolism and superficial vein thrombosis account for about 90% of venous thrombosis.

Other rarer forms include retinal vein thrombosis, mesenteric vein thrombosis, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, renal vein thrombosis, and ovarian vein thrombosis.

While venous thrombosis of the legs is the most common form, venous thrombosis may occur in other veins.

With arterial thrombosis, blood vessel wall damage is required for thrombosis formation, as it initiates coagulation, but the majority of venous thrombi form without any injured epithelium.

Goldhaber recommends that people should be assessed at their hospital discharge for persistent high-risk of venous thrombosis and that people who adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle might lower their risk of venous thrombosis.

While topical treatments for superficial venous thrombosis are widely used, the evidence is strongest for the heparin-like drug fondaparinux, which reduces extension and recurrence of superficial venous thrombosis as well as progression to symptomatic embolism.

Venous Sinus Thrombosis

Summarize the three most common venous sinus thrombosis syndromes and their presentations of dural sinus thrombosis.

Review the importance of communication among the interprofessional team that will help improve the outcomes of patients suffering from venous sinus thrombosis.

Venous sinus thromboses are uncommon with current estimates of the incidence of venous sinus thromboses ranging from 13.2 to about 15.7 per million patient-years.

History with venous sinus thromboses is varied depending on the location, extent, and symptoms of sinus thrombosis.

The absence of spontaneous retinal venous pulsations in patients with known spontaneous venous pulsations is another sign of ICP. Cavernous sinus thrombosis results will result in acute cranial nerve III, IV, V, and VI palsies.

Routine complete blood count, routine coagulation studies – prothrombin time, activated partial thromboplastin time, international normalized ratio should be performed on patients with suspected venous sinus thrombosis.

Prognosis of cerebral vein and dural sinus thrombosis: results of the International Study on Cerebral Vein and Dural Sinus Thrombosis.

Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis

Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis occurs when a blood clot forms in the brain’s venous sinuses.

What are the risk factors for cerebral venous sinus thrombosis?

What are the symptoms of cerebral venous thrombosis?

Symptoms of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis may vary, depending on the location of the thrombus.

If you suspect a stroke based on the symptoms, have someone take you immediately to the emergency room, or call 911 to get help.

What are the complications of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis?

What you need to do to recover and then stay healthy after CVST will depend on how the stroke affected your brain.

Post Idea #31: Saudi Aramco

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Where Energy Is Opportunity

When we put our energy to work, we enable others to seize opportunities that can revolutionize the world.

WHO WE ARE Aramco Singapore Managing Director, Ms. Marwa Al-Khuzaim, opined that for the global energy industry, diversity and inclusion are no longer luxuries but key ingredients to success.

Aramco closes gas pipeline deal with global investor consortium Saudi Arabian Oil Company and an international investor consortium, led by affiliates of BlackRock and Hassana, announced today the successful closing of the lease and leaseback deal previously announced.

Aramco announces Prosperity7 Ventures Aramco officially announced the launch of Prosperity7 Ventures, a one-billion-dollar Venture Capital fund.

We manage the Kingdom’s proved reserves of 336.87 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

We’re working closely with innovative energy businesses across the region.

As part of our vision to enhance the energy expertise within the region, we’re committed to collaborating on technologies and sharing know-how for our mutual benefit.

Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco, officially the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, is a Saudi Arabian public petroleum and natural gas company based in Dhahran.

Aramco continued to operate and manage the former Aramco assets, including its concessionary interest in certain Saudi Arab oil fields, on behalf of the Saudi Arab Government until 1988.

In November 1988, a royal decree created a new Saudi Arab company, the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, to take control of the former Aramco assets and took the management and operations control of Saudi Arabia’s oil and gas fields from Aramco and its partners.

Since around 2018, Saudi Arabia had been considering to put a portion of Saudi Aramco’s ownership, up to 5%, onto public trading via a staged initial public offering, as to reduce the cost to the government of running the company.

On 4 December 2019, Saudi Aramco priced its offering at 32 Saudi riyals per share.

In 2021, The Guardian reported that Aramco was not trying to diversify at the same rate as other oil companies, such as Shell and BP. Rather, Aramco announced in 2021 that the company intended to increase crude capacity from 12m barrels a day to 13m barrels by 2027.

The Aramco of 2016 still maintained an expatriate workforce of about 15%, so Aramco can, in the words of Al-Naimi, “Be sure it is getting access to the latest innovations and technical expertise.”

What Is Saudi Aramco?

Officially known as Saudi Arabian Oil Company, the company is primarily state-owned and is based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

The world got a sneak peek of this long-secretive company’s financial snapshot after credit rating agencies released financial details about Saudi Aramco in April 2019 just before its debut international bond sale, which raised $12 billion.

Saudi Aramco began attracting increased investor attention in 2016 when Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud announced plans to list 5% at a valuation of approximately $2 trillion in what became the largest initial public offering.

Saudi Aramco was established following a concession agreement between the Saudi Arabian government and the Standard Oil Company of California in 1933.

Saudi Aramco pays a hefty tax rate of 50% to the Saudi Arabian government.

“While there is a clear track record of Aramco having been run as a commercially independent company, the government’s budget is highly reliant upon contributions from Aramco in the form of royalties, taxes, and dividends,” wrote Moody’s senior credit officer Rehan Akbar.

Saudi Aramco’s financials weren’t available to the public since the company was nationalized in the late ’70s. The oil company made its financial information available in a prospectus tied to a $10 billion bond sale planned for 2019.

ARAMCO Stock Price Today

It operates through the following segments: Upstream, Downstream, and Corporate.

The Upstream segment consists of exploring for, developing and producing crude oil, condensate, natural gas, and natural gas liquids.

The Downstream segment includes refining and petrochemical manufacturing, supply and trading, distribution, and power generation.

The Corporate segment refers to technical services, human resources, finance, legal, corporate affairs, and information technology.

Moody’s Daily Credit Risk Score is a 1-10 score of a company’s credit risk, based on an analysis of the firm’s balance sheet and inputs from the stock market.

The score provides a forward-looking, one-year measure of credit risk, allowing investors to make better decisions and streamline their work ow.

Updated daily, it takes into account day-to-day movements in market value compared to a company’s liability structure.

Post Idea #32: Data integration

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Data integration solutions typically involve a few common elements, including a network of data sources, a master server, and clients accessing data from the master server.

Integration helps businesses succeedEven if a company is receiving all the data it needs, that data often resides in a number of separate data sources.

For a typical customer 360 view use case, the data that must be combined may include data from their CRM systems, web traffic, marketing operations software, customer – facing applications, sales and customer success systems, and even partner data, just to name a few.

Creating data warehouses and data lakesData integration initiatives – particularly among large businesses – are often used to create data warehouses, which combine multiple data sources into a relational database.

Anyone implementing data integration must understand what types of data need to be collected and analyzed, where that data comes from, the systems that will use the data, what types of analysis will be conducted, and how frequently data and reports will need to be updated.

Figuring out how to quickly adapt your data integration infrastructure to meet the demands of integrating all these data becomes critical for your business to win, yet extremely difficult as the volume, the speed, the new format of data all pose new challenges.

Middleware data integration is an integration approach where a middleware application acts as a mediator, helping to normalize data and bring it into the master data pool.

Data integration is the process of combining data from various sources into one, unified view for effecient data management, to derive meaningful insights, and gain actionable intelligence.

With data growing exponentially in volume, coming in varying formats, and becoming more distributed than ever, data integration tools aim to aggregate data regardless of its type, structure, or volume.

Because each data storage system is different, the data integration process includes data ingestion, cleansing/transforming data, and unifying it into a single data store.

A complete data integration solution would not only integrate data, it’d allow this data to be readily available while maintaining data integrity and quality for reliable insights and better collaboration.

Because each data storage system is different, the data integration process includes data ingestion, cleansing/transforming data, and unifying it into one seamless stream of data.

Due to Walmart’s need for reliable, real-time data integration on mass scale, they turned to Apache Kafka to integrate data across globally distributed systems, process, analyze, and stream data in real-time to ensure accurate, real-time tracking, inventory management, analytics, and machine learning.

Creating a data warehouse: Data warehouses allow you to integrate different sources of data into a master relational database.

Data Integration Tools & Solutions

Data integration tools and solutions are a group of technical and business processes designed to combine data from disparate sources into meaningful and valuable data sets.

Tools such as ETL, data replication and data virtualization offer data integration solutions that extract large volumes of data from source systems and load it to an enterprise data warehouse or cloud source.

IBM offers scalable, multicloud data integration solutions which can be used stand-alone or as managed services on IBM Cloud®.

Leverage IBM solutions such as IBM Cloud Pak® for Data platform to make the most of your siloed data and accelerate your AI journey.

What Is Data Integration & How Does It Work?

Whether a government department is looking to eliminate data silos between departments or an organization looking to merge databases between partners, data integration can play an essential role in mitigating tedious data manipulation methods.

Data integration can help to make sense of all the data that is encapsulated within your organization, whether the data is generated internally or collected externally.

By creating a central data source, data users within your company will all be able to access the same information which can reduce the number of questions asked, increase the speed of data access, and limit the possibility of having erroneous replicated data.

While the above data integration solutions listed above inevitably add value by saving time and money, data integration is also useful for much larger concepts and processes.

MDM by definition sounds very similar to data integration itself data integration occurs a step before the actual master data management is done.

Customer data integration can help create a more efficient data management system that allows your representatives to easily access and query customer data as needed.

Data integration is done by using a data integration tool or program.

What Is Data Integration

A common data integration use case is consolidating data from multiple sources to a data warehouse or data lake.

Data integration patterns: ETL and ELT. Two common architectural patterns of data integration are ETL and ELT. ETL is the most common pattern and has been practiced for a while now.

Data integration plays a critical role in combining real-time patient data from IoT or mobile apps with historical medical data to provide personalized care and mitigate risk if any.

Intelligent Data Management Cloud extracts data from more than 25 data sources and imports it into a Google Cloud data warehouse, delivering the right data, to the right people, at the right time, enabling better, faster decisions.

Within the first two months they achieved 760 integration processes using a unified integration platform to automate application and data integration coupled with business partner process automation.

Find out more about cloud data integration as part of our industry-leading, metadata-driven cloud lakehouse data management solution, which includes metadata management and data quality in a cloud-native cloud data management platform.

If you are new to data integration or simply want to refresh the foundational concepts then join our “Back to Basics – Data Integration webinar series”.

What Is Data Integration? Examples And Use Cases

Data integration is the process of consolidating data from different sources.

Data integration vs. application integration vs. ETL. Data integration is often confused with application integration and ETL/ELT. While they are closely related, there are important distinctions between the three terms.

Data integration is a process where data from many sources goes to a single centralized location, which is often a data warehouse.

Data integration is deal for powering analytical use cases.

Data integration and application integration are two types of ETL. Data integration example.

Data integration ROI. Getting a 360-degree view sounds nice, but before undertaking any data integration project, it’s important to understand what the return on investment will be.

Stitch is a cloud data integration service that connects to today’s most popular business tools – including Salesforce, Facebook Ads, and more than 100 others – and automatically replicates the raw data to a data warehouse.

Data Integration

The data being integrated must be received from a heterogeneous database system and transformed to a single coherent data store that provides synchronous data across a network of files for clients.

As of 2009 the trend in data integration favored the loose coupling of data and providing a unified query-interface to access real time data over a mediated schema, which allows information to be retrieved directly from original databases.

As of 2011 it was determined that current data modeling methods were imparting data isolation into every data architecture in the form of islands of disparate data and information silos.

One enhanced data modeling method recasts data models by augmenting them with structural metadata in the form of standardized data entities.

As a result of recasting multiple data models, the set of recast data models will now share one or more commonality relationships that relate the structural metadata now common to these data models.

Data virtualization as well as data federation depends upon accidental data commonality to support combining data and information from disparate data sets.

This type of data integration is especially challenging for ecological and environmental data because metadata standards are not agreed upon and there are many different data types produced in these fields.

Post Idea #33: Informatica

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What Is Informatica? Complete Introduction Tutorial

Informatica is a Software development company, which offers data integration products.

Informatica Powercenter ETL/Data Integration tool is the most widely used tool and in the common term when we say Informatica, it refers to the Informatica PowerCenter tool for ETL. In this Informatica tutorial, we will cover Informatica meaning and Informatica overview.

The popular clients using Informatica Power center as a data integration tool are U.S Air Force, Allianz, Fannie Mae, ING, Samsung, etc.

Integration of data from various heterogeneous systems like multiple databases and file-based systems can be done using Informatica.

Informatica offers real-time data integration, Web services integration, Business to business data integration, Big data edition, Master Data Management and connectors for social media and Salesforce.

Informatica comes to the picture wherever we have a data system available and at the backend we want to perform certain operations on the data.

Informatica software offers a rich set of features like operations at row level on data, integration of data from multiple structured, semi-structured or unstructured systems, scheduling of data operation.

Informatica Inc.: Does This Stock Hold The Most Enticing Factor Today? – Invest Chronicle

At the end of the latest market close, Informatica Inc. was valued at $21.77.

Presently, Informatica Inc. shares are logging -49.76% during the 52-week period from high price, and 6.78% higher than the lowest price point for the same timeframe.

The stock’s price range for the 52-week period managed to maintain the performance between $18.88 and $40.13.

Specialists analysis on Informatica Inc. During the last month, 9 analysts gave the Informatica Inc. a BUY rating, 0 of the polled analysts branded the stock as an OVERWEIGHT, 2 analysts were recommending to HOLD this stock, 0 of them gave the stock UNDERWEIGHT rating, and 0 of the polled analysts provided SELL rating.

Trends and Technical analysis: Informatica Inc. Raw Stochastic average of Informatica Inc. in the period of last 50 days is set at 6.02%. The result represents downgrade in oppose to Raw Stochastic average for the period of the last 20 days, recording 11.02%. In the last 20 days, the company’s Stochastic %K was 21.04% and its Stochastic %D was recorded 20.69%. Now, considering the stocks previous presentation, multiple moving trends are noted.

Year-to-date Price performance of the company’s stock appears to be encouraging, given the fact the metric is recording -45.48%. The shares increased approximately by -0.93% in the 7-day charts and went up by -22.13% in the period of the last 30 days.

Common stock shares were lifted by -38.89% during last recorded quarter.

Informatica Inc. Stock: Up 6.20% Since Low, This Stock Is Just Getting Warmed Up – Stocks Register

Informatica Inc. price closed lower on Tuesday, March 01, dropping -0.55% below its previous close.

Taking into account the 52-week price action we note that the stock hit a 52-week high of $40.13 and 52-week low of $18.88.

Revisions to the company’s EPS highlights a short term direction of a stock’s price movement, which in the last 7 days came up with no upward and no downward reviews.

Here is a look at the average analyst rating for the stock as represented on a scale of 1.00 to 5.00, with the extremes of 1.00 and 5.00 suggesting the stock is strong buy or strong sell respectively.

0 analyst(s) have tagged the Informatica Inc. stock as Underweight, with 0 recommending Sell.

Considering analysts have assigned the stock a price target range of $32.00-$46.00 as the low and high respectively, we find the trailing 12-month average consensus price target to be $37.83.

An analysis of the Informatica Inc. stock in terms of its daily trading volume indicates that the 3-month average is 730.14K. However, this figure increases on the past 10-day timeline to an average of 1.53 million.

Informatica Sees IPaaS As The Path To Better Data Management

With the race to the cloud and digital modernization, many companies are experiencing increased data fragmentation, data dispersal and technology sprawl.

With the bombardment of increasing amounts of data, organizations are recognizing the importance of data management and centralized systems to innovate their data and achieve digital transformation.

The Redwood City, California-based enterprise cloud data management and iPaaS company opted to go private in 2015, then returned to the public market on October 27, 2021.

The cloud-native, low-code/no-code platform is designed to help businesses scale their data management and innovate with their data on any platform, any cloud, multicloud and multi-hybrid, explained CEO Amit Walia.

The Intelligent Data Management Cloud was designed to help companies with data warehouse, lake and app modernization, as well as data governance and privacy.

Beyond providing a single source for data, improving data quality and enabling end-to-end process automation, cloud-based data management overall helps businesses to improve decision-making processes and customer experiences, bolster their security and compliance and reduce costs, Walia said.

“Our cloud-first strategy is resonating with our enterprise customers,” he said, “Who are looking for an end-to-end data management platform that offers them the flexibility to manage data across any cloud, any system at enterprise-scale.”

Informatica Expands Wipro Partnership To Power Customers’ Digital Transformation

PRNewswire/ – Informatica, an enterprise cloud data management leader, today announced an expanded partnership with Wipro Limited, a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company, to power digital transformation for shared customers.

With Wipro’s 2,500 consultants trained in Informatica products and solutions including Informatica’s industry’s first end-to-end, AI-powered, cloud data management platform – Intelligent Data Management Cloud™, companies can accelerate their vision of a cloud-first, cloud-native, and data-driven digital transformation.

Automated Cloud Modernization: Wipro’s unique approach for moving customers to a multi-cloud world includes services for PowerCenter to IICS and Informatica’s Cloud Data Quality migrations, to accelerate business value delivery for our joint customers.

Automated Data Integration: Wipro’s Next-Gen Data Integration platform automates the Informatica Data integration development process using a pattern-based approach to reduce development effort by up to 60%, while improving ETL quality.

“Wipro is expanding its partnership with Informatica at a time when enterprises around the world have an unprecedented need to transform their data with efficiency and agility,” said Narayan Kamat.

“Wipro and Informatica are laser-focused on helping customers with cloud-enabled, data-led transformation and this is a strong partnership that brings a wealth of opportunities for our joint customers to unleash the value of data from their transformation,” said Richard Ganley.

We have pioneered a new category of software, the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloudä, powered by AI and a cloud-first, cloud-native, end-to-end data management platform that connects, manages, and unifies data across any multi-cloud, hybrid system, empowering enterprises to modernize and advance their data strategies.

What Is Informatica ETL Tool

It has become so popular that Informatica PowerCenter has now become synonymous to Informatica.

So whenever I use Informatica in the blog now, it essentially means Informatica PowerCenter.

Informatica is a data integration tool based on ETL architecture.

So it is imperative that we understand What is ETL and how Informatica performs ETL to solve such business problems.

If we have understood what is ETL and the ETL process, we are now in a better position to appreciate why Informatica is the best solution in such cases.

If you want to learn about Informatica Architecture step-by-step and use-case to further reinforce the power of Informatica, you can have a look at my Informatica Tutorial blog.

If you have already decided to take up Informatica as a career, I would recommend you why don’t have a look at our Informatica training course page.

Informatica Tutorial

The Informatica tool provides a complete data integration solution and data management system.

Informatica is used to extracting required data form operation all systems and transforms the same data on its server and load it to the data warehouse.

The process of reading and extracting the data from multiple source systems into the Informatica server is called the data extraction.

Informatica data can extract or read different methods such as SQL Server, Oracle, and many more.

Informatica has a property to communicate with all major data sources such as RDBMS, mainframe, Flat files, XML, SAP, VSM, and many more.

The Allianz, Fannie Mae, Samsung, ING, and U.S Air Force are the popular clients using the Informatica PowerCenter as the data integration tool.

Why We Need Informatica? To perform some operations on the data at the backend in a data system, then we need the Informatica.

Post Idea #34: Integration platform

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What Is An Integration Platform And How Does It Work?

An integration platform is similar-it’s built using different technologies that help solve the problem of integration across different applications and their data.

How does an integration platform use APIs? An integration platform leverages the APIs of an application to extract and push information.

There are multiple ways in which an integration platform can achieve this, depending on the features the application provides in its Fetch API. In some cases, the platform can use the date-time fields, which store the added/modified times-and in other cases, the platform can leverage the incremental nature of ID values.

How an integration platform uses webhooksLike we’ve seen already, webhooks are primarily used for receiving notifications when there’s something is updated.

How does an integration platform receive it? The integration platform creates a unique URL for the workflow, which it registers as a webhook in the application using its API. It also passes the configuration details, such as the event when the URL is to be called, whether it is a create, update, delete, or any other kind of action.

How does an integration platform execute workflows?At its heart, an integration platform is a workflow engine.

In a way, an integration platform transforms you into an integration developer without the gruelling nature of learning a full-blown programming language.

What Is An Integration Platform? And Why Is It Important?

While most organisations are somewhere in the midst of these approaches, experimenting with new technologies and getting into the nitty-gritty of application integration and data liberation, a solution has been building traction: the integration platform.

What is an integration platform? An integration platform is a solution that allows the development of integrations, strategies and API’s for various systems.

Establishing an integration platform reduces the complex maintenance and communication channels generated by point to point integrations and decouples the connections between source and destination by providing a platform for integration.

We’ve supported a lot of integration programmes over the years, with recent clients including Heathrow and University of Nottingham, and despite the popularity of iPaaS products, we’ve seen time and time again that building a cloud-native integration platform is often the best way to integrate systems and accelerate your transformation.

With IT strategy aligning more and more closely with the cloud provider of choice, it is imperative that the wealth of opportunities and tools they make available form part of the integration conversation; If you’re using the cloud already for your identity, data and productivity needs, you should consider a solution that can make full use of that, without introducing further platform divergence and data siloing.

By using the wealth of tools, services, and software components offered by your cloud platform provider, not only can you build out a best in class integration platform, organisations can reduce their software engineering workload and develop new system integrations quickly and cost-effectively.

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The 16 Top Integration Platform As A Service Vendors For 2022

Solutions Review’s listing of the top Integration Platform as a Service vendors is an annual mashup of products that best represent current market conditions, according to the crowd.

Our editors selected the top Integration Platform as a Service products based on each solution’s Authority Score; a meta-analysis of real user sentiment through the web’s most trusted business software review sites and our own proprietary five-point inclusion criteria.

The editors at Solutions Review have developed this resource to assist buyers in search of the top Integration Platform as a Service vendors to fit the needs of their organization.

To make your search a little easier, we’ve profiled the top Integration Platform as a Service vendors all in one place.

Description: Flowgear is a South Africa-based integration Platform as a Service provider that offers enterprise application integration tools.

Qlik also offers Integration Platform as a Service functionality through its Blendr.io product, which touts API connectivity, no-code integration and application automation.

Integration Platform as a Service features are available through the SAP Cloud Platform.

What Is An Integration Platform As A Service?

In order to meet the growing need for secure and reliable cloud integration solutions, several vendors have started to offer integration services known as Integration Platform as a Service.

In simplest terms, iPaaS is a platform for building and deploying integrations within the cloud and between the cloud and enterprise.

These include tools and technologies that support the execution of integration flows, the development and lifecycle management of integrations, the management and monitoring of application flows, governance, and essential cloud features such as multitenancy, elasticity and self-provisioning.

Gartner also sees iPaaS as a potential platform for the buying, selling, and exchange of integration flows between users, service providers, and integration providers.

Instead, Gartner identifies three categories of iPaaS vendors, each of which emphasizes a different area of integration: e-commerce and B2B integration, cloud integration, and Enterprise Service Bus and Service Oriented Architecture infrastructure.

For short-term integration needs, iPaaS offerings that focus on e-commerce/B2B integration and cloud integration provide simple solutions that quickly connect partner applications and cloud services.

Although Gartner points out that some of these offerings are currently in beta or development, it is clear that iPaaS vendors with expertise in ESB and SOA are in the best position to tackle systematic integration for the cloud era.

Post Idea #35: Dental cement

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ScienceDirect Topics

16 Pretreatment can be etch and rinse, a self-etch dentin adhesive, a self-adhesive resin cement or a dual-affinity adhesive resin.

Without light activation, dual-polymerized cements act as self-polymerize cements.

The self-etching primers can be categorized as one-step system or two-step system, which uses an additional resin coating placed over the primed dentin surface prior to application of the dual-polymerized resin cement.

Zinc oxide-eugenol cement has been frequently and euphemistically described as obtundent, or even “Palliative”, yet apart from the lack of pain there seems to be no evidence of any other beneficial effects under such material: there is no reparative dentine, and only inflammatory responses are found, mostly ascribed to the eugenol.

Zinc oxide-eugenol is also used as an impression material in prosthetic dentistry, when it is called a ‘paste’ rather than cement it is often presented in the two-paste form.

Resin-Based MaterialsResin-based materials have been used as dental cements.

Glass IonomersGlass ionomer has been used as a cement, liner, base, and restorative material.

The 10 Best Dental Cements To Buy

Discover now our comparison of the best Dental Cements.

As you will discover, the best Dental Cements are not always the ones at the highest prices! Many criteria are used, and they make the richness and relevance of this comparison.

To help you make the best choice among the hundreds of products available, we have decided to offer you a comparison of the Dental Cements in order to find the best quality/price ratio.

Instant Pain Relief: This quick-set dental cement formula is ready to use, no mixing required; It provides multiple applications for temporary repair and pain relief from loose crowns and missing fillings.

FAST-ACTING FORMULA: Address your dental care needs with this Dentemp Recap-It Cap and Crown Repair Kit.

Dentemp dental cement for crowns includes 3 Recap-It packs, enough for 30+ repairs.

Don’t be disappointed with your purchases made on the Internet and compare the best Dental Cements now!

Dental Cement. Temporary Cementation And Permanent Cementation

There are 2 types of cementation depending on the type of dental cement utilized: temporary and permanent.

Temporary cementation utilizes soft materials called temporary dental cement.

A temporary crown is usually cemented in place with a soft temporary dental cement.

Fixed dental restorations are permanently attached to the abutment teeth with specific dental cement.

Dental cement is used for a variety of dental and orthodontic applications, including use as luting agents, pulp-protecting agents or cavity-lining material.

It is argued that quality dental cement form a very resistant chemical bond with dental tissues.

The primary role of dental cement is to act as luting agents by filling the space between the inner walls of the dental crown and the prepared tooth.

Dental Cement

Dental cements have a wide range of dental and orthodontic applications.

Recent uses of dental cement also include two-photon calcium imaging of neuronal activity in brains of animal models in basic experimental neuroscience.

Resistant to dissolution in saliva, or other oral fluid – a primary cause of cement failure is dissolution of the cement at the margins of a restoration.

Edit] Clinical application Type of cement used Crowns Metal Zinc phosphate, GI, RMGI, self or dual cured resin * Metal ceramic Zinc phosphate, GI, RMGI, self or dual cured resin * All ceramic Resin cement Temporary crown Zinc oxide eugenol cement 3/4 crown Zinc phosphate, GI, RMGI, self or dual cured resin * Bridges Conventional Zinc phosphate, GI, RMGI, self or dual cured resin * Resin bonded Resin cement Temporary bridge Zinc oxide eugenol cement Veneers Resin cement Inlay Zinc phosphate, GI, RMGI, self or dual cured resin * Onlay Zinc phosphate, GI, RMGI, self or dual cured resin * Post and core Metal post Any cement which is non-adhesive Fibre post Resin cement Orthodontic brackets Resin cement Orthodontic molar bands GI, zinc polycarboxylate, composite.

Edit] Fracture Toughness Thermocycling significantly reduces the fracture toughness of all resin-based cements except RelyX Unicem 2 AND G-CEM LinkAce… Compressive Strength All automixed resin-based cements have greater compressive strength than hand-mixed counterpart, except for Variolink II…. Zinc polycarbonate was invented in 1968 and was revolutionary as it was the first cement to exhibit the ability to chemically bond to the tooth surface.

Zinc phosphate was the very first dental cement to appear on the dental marketplace and is seen as the “Standard” for other dental cements to be compared to.

Zinc Phosphate cement can irritate nerve pulp hence pulp protection is required but the use of polycarboxylate cement is highly recommended since it is a more biologically compatible cement.

Post Idea #36: Renal cell carcinoma

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Renal Cell Carcinoma

Epidermal growth factor receptor expression is associated with rapid tumor cell proliferation in renal cell carcinoma.

Haibach H, Burns TW, Carlson HE, Burman KD, Deftos LJ. Multiple hamartoma syndrome associated with renal cell carcinoma and primary neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin Am J Clin Pathol.

Gene expression profiling of clear cell renal cell carcinoma: gene identification and prognostic classification.

Gene expression profiling separates chromophobe renal cell carcinoma from oncocytoma and identifies vesicular transport and cell junction proteins as differentially expressed genes.

MicroRNA profiling of clear cell renal cell cancer identifies a robust signature to define renal malignancy.

Nagy A, Zoubakov D, Stupar Z, Kovacs G. Lack of mutation of the folliculin gene in sporadic chromophobe renal cell carcinoma and renal oncocytoma.

Evidence for polyclonal origin of multifocal clear cell renal cell carcinoma.

Renal Cell Carcinoma

The characteristic appearance of renal cell carcinoma is a solid renal lesion which disturbs the renal contour.

The main imaging tests performed in order to identify renal cell carcinoma are pelvic and abdominal CT scans, ultrasound tests of the kidneys, MRI scans, intravenous pyelogram or renal angiography.

Key parts of the human body which are examined for metastatic involvement of renal cell carcinoma may include the renal vein, lymph node and the involvement of the inferior vena cava.

The type of treatment depends on multiple factors and the individual, some of which include the stage of renal cell carcinoma, type of renal cell carcinoma, pre-existing or comorbid conditions and overall health and age of the person.

Metastatic renal cell carcinoma is the spread of the primary renal cell carcinoma from the kidney to other organs.

Incidentally diagnosed renal cell cancer differs in outlook from those diagnosed after presenting symptoms of renal cell carcinoma or metastasis.

The 5 year survival rate was higher for incidental than for symptomatic tumours: 85.3% versus 62.5%. Incidental lesions were significantly lower stage than those that cause symptoms, since 62.1% patients with incidental renal cell carcinoma were observed with Stage I lesions, against 23% were found with symptomatic renal cell carcinoma.

Renal Cell Carcinoma: Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Treatment

Most people who have renal cell carcinoma are older, usually between ages 50 and 70.

Scientists aren’t sure exactly what causes renal cell carcinoma.

Early on, renal cell carcinoma doesn’t usually cause any symptoms.

Nephrectomy, when doctors remove part of one of your kidneys, or sometimes the whole kidney, to check it for renal cell carcinoma.

If the results show that you have renal cell carcinoma, your doctor will find out what stage it’s in, so you can decide on the best treatment options.

There are a few different ways doctors can treat renal cell carcinoma.

These treatments usually don’t work well for renal cell carcinoma.

Renal Cell Carcinoma

Renal cell carcinoma denotes cancer originated from the renal epithelium and accounts for >90% of cancers in the kidney.

The disease encompasses >10 histological and molecular subtypes, of which clear cell RCC is most common and accounts for most cancer-related deaths.

Although somatic VHL mutations have been described for some time, more-recent cancer genomic studies have identified mutations in epigenetic regulatory genes and demonstrated marked intra-tumour heterogeneity, which could have prognostic, predictive and therapeutic relevance.

Localized RCC can be successfully managed with surgery, whereas metastatic RCC is refractory to conventional chemotherapy.

Over the past decade, marked advances in the treatment of metastatic RCC have been made, with targeted agents including sorafenib, sunitinib, bevacizumab, pazopanib and axitinib, which inhibit vascular endothelial growth factor and its receptor, and everolimus and temsirolimus, which inhibit mechanistic target of rapamycin complex 1, being approved.

Since 2015, agents with additional targets aside from VEGFR have been approved, such as cabozantinib and lenvatinib; immunotherapies, such as nivolumab, have also been added to the armamentarium for metastatic RCC. Here, we provide an overview of the biology of RCC, with a focus on ccRCC, as well as updates to complement the current clinical guidelines and an outline of potential future directions for RCC research and therapy.

Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma

Clear cell renal cell carcinoma, or ccRCC, is a type of kidney cancer.

Clear cell renal cell carcinoma is also called conventional renal cell carcinoma.

Clear cell renal cell carcinoma is named after how the tumor looks under the microscope.

In adults, ccRCC is the most common type of kidney cancer, and makes up about 80% of all renal cell carcinoma cases.

Renal cell carcinoma makes up 2-6% of childhood and young adult kidney cancer cases.

Imaging: If are suspected to have clear cell renal cell carcinoma, your doctor will use imaging scans such as X-rays, CT or MRI to look at the size of the tumor.

Targeted therapy: Targeted therapy targets the changes in cancer cells that help them grow, divide, and spread. Some targeted therapies that are used to treat clear cell renal carcinoma include cabozantinib, axitinib, sunitinib, sorafenib, and pazopanib.

Renal Cell Carcinoma: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, And Treatment

You may need to have a number of diagnostic tests to identify the cause of your symptoms because renal cell carcinoma has such vague effects.

The first symptoms of renal cell carcinoma can vary.

Symptoms of Cancer Spread Your renal cell cancer might not produce symptoms until it spreads outside your kidney-what’s called metastatic renal cell cancer.

How Renal Cell Carcinoma Spreads Renal cell carcinoma can spread from the kidney to other areas of the body.

Keytruda is approved for the adjuvant treatment of adults with renal cell carcinoma at risk of recurrence after nephrectomy or following nephrectomy and resection of metastatic lesions.

If you are diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma at an early stage, you may require long term monitoring after your cancer treatment to identify any tumor recurrence.

Because there are several known risk factors of renal cell carcinoma that are related to lifestyle habits-such as smoking, obesity, and toxin exposure-it is especially important that you avoid these risks if you have a family history of renal cell carcinoma.

Symptoms And Causes

The most common type of kidney cancer is renal cell carcinoma.

The exact causes of kidney cancer, like many other cancers, are not known.

Kidney cancer is often hard to diagnose, as it doesn’t have clear signs or symptoms in its early stages.

If it’s determined that you have kidney cancer, the next step is staging that cancer.

Depending upon the stage and severity of cancer, surgeons may remove the affected kidney altogether – a procedure known as a nephrectomy or radical nephrectomy.

The best treatment for you depends on a handful of factors, including your overall health, the kind of kidney cancer you have, whether the cancer has spread and your preferences for treatment.

If you’d like to learn even more about kidney cancer, here are our other related videos or visit mayoclinic.org.

Post Idea #37: Allied Market Research

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Better Business Bureau® Profile

The company states on its website they have additional locations in Brazil, United Kingdom, India, Singapore and Hong Kong.

BBB has received several Scam Tracker submissions alleging Allied Market Research offers mystery shopping opportunities.

BBB attempted to contact the company via phone, 894-6022; BBB left a message and is currently awaiting a response from the company.

As of January 19, 2017, BBB has not received a callback from the company.

BBB could not locate any business registration, business license or business ownership information in the state of Oregon.

BBB has reasons to believe Allied Market Research is not physically located in the state of Oregon.

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