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Post Idea #1: Liability insurance

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Liability Insurance Definition

The term liability insurance refers to an insurance product that provides an insured party with protection against claims resulting from injuries and damage to other people or property.

Liability insurance is also called third-party insurance.

Most states require that vehicle owners have liability insurance under their automotive insurance policies to cover injury to other people and property in the event of accidents.

Personal liability insurance policies are purchased primarily by high-net-worth individuals or those with sizeable assets, but this type of coverage is recommended to anyone with a net worth that exceeds the combined coverage limits of other personal insurance policies, such as home and auto coverage.

According to data from the Insurance Information Institute, the United States is the largest market for commercial liability insurance.

Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance: An errors and omissions liability insurance policy covers lawsuits arising from negligent professional services or failing to perform professional duties.

Commercial liability insurance is a standard commercial general liability policy also known as comprehensive general liability insurance.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance, also known as business liability insurance, is a type of insurance policy that helps protect businesses from claims that happen as a result of normal operations.

Business liability insurance typically provides coverage to small businesses for bodily injuries, medical payments, advertising injuries and more.

GEICO can help small business owners and contractors get the coverage they need with a general liability insurance quote.

The cost of general liability insurance is based on your specific business needs.

Still not sure if general liability insurance is right for you? That’s OK. We’re here to help.

Should you get general liability insurance for your LLC? While an LLC provides some protection from personal liability for members, the protection is not absolute and your business can still be sued.

General liability insurance helps protect your small business from the consequences of third party claims for injury or property damage.

Progressive Commercial

Vehicle liability insurance is the basic insurance coverage that covers injuries or damage to other people or property if you’re at fault for an accident.

General Liability insurance is coverage that protects you against financial liabilities resulting from accidents such as spilling paint on someone’s carpet or someone slipping on your floor.

These limits determine the maximum amount your insurance company will pay if you need to use the insurance coverage.

With a combined single limit, or CSL, only one number is used to describe the limits for both Bodily Injury insurance and Property Damage insurance.

Your Property Damage insurance limits cannot exceed your Bodily Injury insurance per person limits if you choose a split limit.

Progressive knows the requirements for each state and will make sure you have at least the minimum amount of Liability insurance required to meet your state’s laws.

Filings Liability insurance is required when a filing is on a commercial auto insurance policy.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is a part of the general insurance system of risk financing to protect the purchaser from the risks of liabilities imposed by lawsuits and similar claims and protects the insured if the purchaser is sued for claims that come within the coverage of the insurance policy.

Liability insurance is designed to offer specific protection against third-party insurance claims, i.e., payment is not typically made to the insured, but rather to someone suffering loss who is not a party to the insurance contract.

The duty to defend is prevalent in the United States and Canada, where most liability insurance policies provide that the insurer “Has the right and duty” to defend the insured against all “Suits” to which the policies apply.

Outside of the United States and Canada, liability insurers generally do not assume a duty to defend, in the sense of assuming a direct responsibility for hiring and paying a lawyer to defend the insured.

Traditionally, liability insurance was written on an occurrence basis, meaning that the insurer agreed to defend and indemnify against any loss which allegedly “Occurred” during the policy period as a result of an act or omission of the insured.

Not surprisingly, insureds recognized what the insurance industry was up to in trying to use claims-made policies to push a substantial amount of risk back to insureds, and claims-made coverage was the subject of extensive litigation in several countries throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

In other words, liability insurance does not protect against liability resulting from crimes or intentional torts committed by the insured.

General Liability Insurance

Enhance a basic policy with additional commercial liability insurance options that meet the specific needs of your business.

Provides auto liability coverage for short-term auto rental or for employees using their personal car for business.

Extends coverage over and above your other liability coverage.

Provides coverage for situations where a poor decision was made by a company’s board of directors or officers resulting in a claim for damage.

Coverage can be provided for condominium associations, golf courses and churches.

Provides coverage if your negligence causes fire damage to premises you rent or occupy with the landlord’s permission.

Provides coverage for copyright infringement, libel and slander.

Liability Car Insurance Coverage

What is liability insurance Liability car insurance, also known as liability coverage, helps pay for the costs of the other driver’s property and bodily injuries if you are “At fault” in an accident.

What does liability insurance cover? Liability car insurance falls into two categories.

Why should you consider more – rather than less – liability insurance? While most states require drivers to carry basic liability insurance, which offers the minimum coverage limits required by law, it’s a good idea to purchase higher coverage limits than your state requires.

To fully understand the difference between minimum liability coverage and the amount of coverage you may actually need, contact a State Farm agent.

Personal liability umbrella policies There’s another type of liability coverage that can protect your assets in the event you’re in an accident: a personal liability umbrella policy.

Umbrella policies provide coverage above and beyond what your car liability insurance covers, especially if you’re the target of a lawsuit after an accident involving your car, home or boat.

How much car liability coverage should you have? The minimum amount of liability coverage you’re legally required to carry varies by state, and the amount your premium may rise if you purchase additional liability insurance also will vary by state.

Post Idea #2: Legal liability

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Definition From Insuranceopedia

Legal liability is a person or entity’s legal responsibility under the law.

The legal liability portion of the policy would pay to fix the fence the car drove through and the medical bills of the vehicle’s other occupant.

With a home insurance policy, the legal liability follows the owner anywhere in the world – if a policyholder accidentally lights their hotel room on fire while on vacation, the legal liability portion of their home insurance will pay for any damages caused to the hotel.

While legal liability comes standard with $1-$2 million in coverage on most policies, purchasing an umbrella policy can also be helpful.

The legal liability limit for an umbrella policy can range from $3-$10 million, depending on the provider.

Say a person purchased a condo insurance policy with $1 million in legal liability coverage, an auto insurance policy with $2 million legal liability coverage and a $3 million umbrella policy.

The insured’s condo insurance would pay for damages to their own unit and the legal liability coverage plus the umbrella coverage would cover the damages to the other units.

Definition In The Cambridge English Dictionary

Legal liability may result if access to material is disabled or identity disclosed in this case.

The company attempts to remove legal liability from the business or person responsible for the activity.

Linking to illegal or infringing content can be sufficiently problematic to give rise to legal liability.

Not using these kinds of restraints when needed can lead to legal liability for preventable injuries.

This is part of the law of legal liability and public liability.

Off-label use is generally legal unless it violates specific ethical guidelines or safety regulations, but it does carry health risks and differences in legal liability.

In the business world, front organizations such as front companies or shell corporations are used to shield the parent company from legal liability.

Legal Liability

Claimants can prove liability through a myriad of different theories, known as theories of liability.

In case involving a contractual dispute, one available theory of liability is breach of contract; or in the tort context, negligence, negligence per se, respondeat superior, vicarious liability, strict liability, or intentional conduct are all valid theories of liability.

Each theory of liability has certain conditions, or elements, that must be proven by the claimant before liability will be established.

In commercial law, limited liability is a method of protection included in some business formations that shields its owners from certain types of liability and that amount a given owner will be liable for.

Forms of businesses that offer the limited liability protection include limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations.

Professionals in limited liability partnerships and limited liability companies will have unlimited liability for their own torts and malpractices.

For business owners, there are main categories of liability exposure to be aware of in order to protect their businesses from liability and financial troubles and issues.

Liability Legal Definition Of Liability

Joint liability is an obligation for which more than one person is responsible.

Primary liability is an obligation for which a person is directly responsible; it is distinguished from secondary liability which is the responsibility of another if the party directly responsible fails or refuses to satisfy his or her obligation.

n. one of the most significant words in the field of law, liability means legal responsibility for one’s acts or omissions.

In order to win a lawsuit the suing party must prove the legal liability of the defendant if the plaintiff’s allegations are shown to be true.

Jack has a duty of care to Sarah which he breaches by his negligence, and therefore has liability for Sarah’s injuries, and gives her the right to bring a lawsuit against him.

Jack’s father owns the automobile and he, too, may have liability to Sarah based on a statute which makes a car owner liable for any damages caused by the vehicle he owns.

A contractor who has agreed to complete a building has liability to the owner if he fails to complete on time.

What Is Legal Liability?

Legal liability is a term applied to being legally responsible for a situation, and is often associated with a contract, especially if the terms of that contract are not fulfilled.

In some cases, liability may be subject to interpretation by an individual such as a judge, or group of individuals, as in the case of a jury.

In most cases, the question of legal liability is a question of civil law, rather than criminal law.

One of the most familiar situations in which legal liability is often a prime area of concern is in vehicle accidents.

To protect against such large payouts, drivers may carry insurance liability coverage.

Business matters are another area where liability can play a large role, especially in sole proprietorships, where individuals can lose personal assets because of such issues.

Those who have questions about liability issues should consult an attorney, as these can be complex legal matters.

A design professional’s proposal, submitted in response to a 1-2 Legal Liability of Design Professionals – 3 client’s request for proposal, is usually an offer that the client may accept to bind the professional.

Since all states require that architects, engineers, and many other design professionals be licensed in the state before practicing there, a design professional who is not properly 1-2 Legal Liability of Design Professionals – 4 licensed may be denied access to the courts in the state to enforce a contract if that should ever be necessary.

If a client failed to execute and return a proposed agreement to a design professional, but subsequently made one or more progress payments due the design professional in accordance with the terms of the agreement, the law would infer acceptance of the agreement from the client’s payment.

If a court is convinced that the design professional should have been able to foresee that specific persons or classes of persons would be injured if there were substandard performance of professional services, then the design professional will probably be liable to those persons if such harm occurs.

Design professionals are also liable for the professional acts and omissions of the consultants that they hire or those for whom the design professional takes responsibility by contract.

Professional liability consists of those obligations that are or will be legally enforceable and that arise out of the performance of or failure to perform professional services by the design professional.

Design professionals may also be liable under tort law to anyone who it was reasonable to foresee would be injured if the design professional did not exercise due care and diligence in performing professional services.

Due Care & The Prudent Person Concept

The code of professional conduct states that auditors must go about their business with due care.

The auditor has a duty to employ such skill with reasonable care and diligence.

Even though the auditor does not know the specific user, the auditor is aware that the client will be using the financial statements to raise bank financing or issue new shares – thus, they know the type of user.

If a third party sues the auditor because the client is no longer a viable company, that is not justified, because the auditor is not responsible for making sure that the company is viable and can continue operating in the long-term.

The auditor is solely responsible for making sure that the financial statements are presented fairly against the appropriate evaluation criteria.

Audit risk is the risk that an auditor does everything correctly/to the best of his/her ability, but may still express an inappropriate audit opinion on the financial statements.

An independent Auditor’s Report is an official opinion issued by an external or internal auditor as to the quality and accuracy of the.

Post Idea #3: Electric bicycle

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13 Best Electric Bikes: Affordable, Cargo, Folding, Commuter, And More

For years, electric bicycles were bulky, inconvenient, expensive machines with limited battery life.

Ebikes are now lighter, more attractive, and more powerful than ever.

They get you outside, reduce traffic congestion, and shrink your carbon footprint.

Over the past few years, my fellow Gear writers and I have tried almost every kind of electric bike, from the best heavy-duty cargo bikes to high-end mountain bikes.

Once you buy an ebike, check out our favorite biking accessories, bike locks, and gear for a bikepacking adventure.

Special offer for Gear readers: Get a 1-year subscription to WIRED for $5. This includes unlimited access to WIRED.com and our print magazine.

Updated November 2021: We updated our pricing information, added new picks, and removed older ones.

X-Treme Electric Bicycles Wholesale

I have seen my friend has a x-treme bike and I looked their website to decide to buy one, their customer service is very professional and kind, and ship very quick.

When it arrived, the bike looks more beautiful than the website picture.

…. I have seen my friend has a x-treme bike and I looked their website to decide to buy one, their customer service is very professional and kind, and ship very quick.

If I have questions, they will answer me in time.

If I have friend like to buy a electric bike, I definitely will introduce their bikes.

Best Electric Bikes

No segment of bicycles is growing faster than electric bikes.

Whether you want to purchase online or through a retailer, you can find everything from folding e-bikes, fat-tire e-bikes, electric-assist road bikes, and a sea of commuter and city electric bikes.

Class 1 bikes have a motor that assists while you’re pedaling, up to 20 mph.

Lighter road bikes typically have 30 to 40Nm of torque, trail and cargo models typically have at least 80Nm, and most commuter bikes fall somewhere in between.

We tested most of these bikes on our local roads, commuting to and from work on them, using them to stock up on groceries and beer, and running their batteries down to officially see how long they last on one charge.

The battery is hidden in the bike’s frame, a surprising feature compared to the bolt-on vibe of many bikes in this price range.

A $1,500, fully loaded e-cargo bike seemed too good to be true, so we borrowed the RadWagon from Rad Power Bikes to see if it could stand up to competitors that cost thousands more.

Harley-Davidson USA

Purchaser who purchases an Eligible Motorcycle during the Sales Period has the option to trade-in the Eligible Motorcycle at its original purchase price towards the purchase of a new, unregistered, model year 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020 Harley-Davidson Touring, Trike, Softail, Dyna, Sportster, Street or Special 3.

The offer only applies to Eligible Motorcycles submitted for trade-in on a new, unregistered Eligible Trade-Up Motorcycle of greater value and not the same model.

The Purchaser is responsible for the difference between the trade-in value of the Eligible Motorcycle and the purchase price of the Eligible Trade-Up Motorcycle.

Eligible Trade-Up Motorcycles must be taken from dealer stock and are not available on future motorcycle orders, deliveries or deposits outside the Trade-Up Period.

Financing Offer available only on new Harley-Davidson® Sportster® motorcycle models financed through Eaglemark Savings Bank and is subject to credit approval.

Financing Offer available only on new 2019 Harley-Davidson® Touring motorcycle models financed through Eaglemark Savings Bank and is subject to credit approval.

The $75 USD / $100 CAD voucher cannot be used towards the down payment on a motorcycle, must be used by March 31, 2022, can be applied to current customer orders that are on backorder but is not available on previous purchases, future motorcycle orders, or deposits outside of the Sales Period.

Electric Bicycle

E-bikes can also be defined separately and treated under distinct electric bicycle laws.

American car icon, Lee Iacocca founded EV Global motors in 1997, a company that produced an electric bicycle model named E-bike SX and it was one of the early efforts to popularize e-bikes in the United States.

E-bikes are classed according to the power that their electric motor can deliver and the control system, i.e., when and how the power from the motor is applied.

Allowed on bike paths when electric systems are turned off E-bikes are illegal in this region Some regions have special regulations, see corresponding entry under Electric bicycle laws.

An Electric Pusher Trailer is an e-bike design which incorporates a motor and battery into a trailer that pushes any bicycle.

The environmental credentials of e-bikes, and electric / human powered hybrids generally, have led some municipal authorities to use them, such as Little Rock, Arkansas with their Wavecrest electric power-assisted bicycles or Cloverdale, California police with Zap e-bikes.

E-bikes have reached a market share of 10% by 2009, as e-bikes sales quadrupled from 40,000 units to 153,000 between 2006 and 2009, and the electric-powered models represented 25% of the total bicycle sales revenue in that year.

Post Idea #4: Radiography

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Medical radiography is a broad term that covers several types of studies that require the visualization of the internal parts of the body using x-ray techniques.

For the purposes of this page radiography means a technique for generating and recording an x-ray pattern for the purpose of providing the user with a static image(s) after termination of the exposure.

Radiography is used in many types of examinations and procedures where a record of a static image is desired.

Radiography is a type of x-ray procedure, and it carries the same types of risks as other x-ray procedures.

The radiation dose the patient receives varies depending on the individual procedure, but is generally less than that received during fluoroscopy and computed tomography procedures.

The major risks associated with radiography are the small possibilities of.

When an individual has a medical need, the benefit of radiography far exceeds the small cancer risk associated with the procedure.


Radiography is an imaging technique using X-rays, gamma rays, or similar ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation to view the internal form of an object.

The generation of flat two dimensional images by this technique is called projectional radiography.

Medical radiography acquisition is generally carried out by radiographers, while image analysis is generally done by radiologists.

Medical radiography includes a range of modalities producing many different types of image, each of which has a different clinical application.

Although not technically radiographic techniques due to not using X-rays, imaging modalities such as PET and MRI are sometimes grouped in radiography because the radiology department of hospitals handle all forms of imaging.

Dual-energy radiography is where images are acquired using two separate tube voltages.

Although a nonspecialist dictionary might define radiography quite narrowly as “Taking X-ray images”, this has long been only part of the work of “X-ray departments”, radiographers, and radiologists.

What Is Radiography?

Radiography uses the science of radiation to produce images of tissues and organs.

Read on to learn more about radiography and those who work within the field.

Radiography is used by medical professionals to diagnose and treat medical conditions.

The diagnostic side of radiography uses specialized equipment to create images, such as x-rays, that show the inside of the human body.

Another important part of the radiography medical personnel team is the radiologist.

Many radiologist specialize a sub-specialties of radiography.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, other key jobs within the field of radiography include cardiovascular technologists and technicians, diagnostic medical sonographers and nuclear medicine technologists.

ScienceDirect Topics

Radiography remains the first-line investigation for suspected bone pathology, before other imaging modalities such as MRI or CT.Radiography is also a relatively accurate means of evaluating orthopaedic hardware and its relationship to bone.

Radiographic film has been the main means of recording such images, so it is necessary to explore the generation and properties of the image with respect to exposure as well as explain the terminology.

A radiograph is a two-dimensional image of a three-dimensional object.

Again, these images can be produced either using a high-resolution radiograph film to be processed or utilizing a digital-based system that is viewed directly on a computer screen.

The utility of radiography is limited in septic arthritis, and immediate joint aspiration is required for early diagnosis; more advanced imaging techniques are required for assessment of associated osteomyelitis or other complications.

Radiography, like all x-ray-based technologies, primarily images bone calcium and the majority of the calcium is found in the cortex.

The high specificity and low cost of radiography make it an ideal initial imaging modality for the detection of bony metastases in areas of focal bone pain.3 Radiography is also the optimal imaging modality to assess for pathologic fracture in the appendicular skeleton where no overlapping structures obscure the lesions.

What Is Radiography?

Radiography includes diagnostic radiography as well as additional imaging modalities such as mammography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, PET-CT, PET-MRI, cardiac-interventional radiography, vascular-interventional radiography, quality management, bone densitometry, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, and sonography.

Radiography has been an indispensable diagnostic tool of modern medicine.

Radiography is the art and science of using radiation to provide images of the tissues, organs, bones, and vessels that comprise the human body.

Radiologists, physicians who have had special training in interpreting diagnostic images, read or diagnose these images.

Treatment of a patient depends on the accurate and precise production of radiographic images.

The radiographer is responsible for producing many of the diagnostic images of the patient that radiologists use to diagnose patient conditions.

The body part of the patient must be accurately positioned, and only the amount of radiation necessary to produce a quality diagnostic image must be applied.

Definition Of Radiography By Medical Dictionary

Electron radiography radiography consisting of electronic images that can be computer enhanced, electronically reversed, stored, retrieved, transmitted, and/or printed on photographic film.

Mass radiography examination by x-rays of the general population or of large groups of the population.

Mucosal relief radiography a technique for revealing any abnormality of the intestinal mucosa, involving injection and evacuation of a barium enema, followed by inflation of the intestine with air under light pressure.

Serial radiography the making of several exposures of a particular area at arbitrary intervals.

Spot-film radiography the making of localized instantaneous radiographic exposures; see also spot film.

Radiography Roentgenography, radiographic imaging Imaging The recording of an image of a region placed in a beam of radiation.

Radiography includes the use of CT SCANNING, which is an X-ray technique,RADIONUCLIDE SCANNING and, by courtesy, magnetic resonance imaging.

Radiography At PCC

The Oregon Employment Department estimates that nearly 70 radiography positions open in the Portland metropolitan area each year.

Why choose Radiography at PCC? We offer comprehensive, rigorous training in all aspects of radiography, enabling you to obtain the skills you need for an entry-level radiography job.

Upon completion of PCC’s Radiography program, you will possess the skills and training required to meet national standards, allowing you to gain a competitive edge in the field.

100% of our graduates since 2014 found a radiography job within 12 months.

The Radiography Program has a full 8-year accreditation which was awarded in 2019.

PCC also offers programs in MRI Technology and Computed Tomography.

Radiography is a “People” profession, working with patients and other healthcare professionals employed in hospitals and clinics.

Post Idea #5: Higher education

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What Is Higher Education?

In the United States, higher education is considered to be voluntary studies beyond the high school level.

This article discusses some of the characteristics of higher education in the U.S.Overview of Higher Education.

No matter which type of postsecondary school you attend, there are several common characteristics of higher education.

Higher education in the Western world is usually voluntary.

Higher education students in the U.S. usually study subjects of interest to them personally.

Some definitions of higher education include a component that the study must be for the purpose of obtaining a college degree, certificate or other recognition of achievement.

Others define higher education as both voluntary and in pursuit of at least an associate’s degree.

Higher Education

Tertiary education at a non-degree level is sometimes referred to as further education or continuing education as distinct from higher education.

Non-degree level Tertiary education, sometimes referred to as further education or continuing education was reordered ISCED 2011 level 4, with level 5 for some higher courses.

Tertiary education at non-degree level is sometimes referred to as further education or continuing education as distinct from higher education.

In many developed countries, participation in higher education has continued to increase towards universal or, what Trow later called, open access, where over half of the relevant age group participate in higher education.

Some commentators have suggested that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education is rapidly making certain aspects of the traditional higher education system obsolete.

Higher education differs from other forms of post-secondary education such as that offered by institutions of vocational education, which are more colloquially known as trade schools.

This describes a distinct form of higher education that offers a particularly intense integration with the world of work in all its aspects and at all levels of the overarching Qualifications Framework of the European Higher Education Area.

University Of Phoenix Leadership Selected As Leading Women In Higher Education By Diverse: Issues In Higher Education

University of Phoenix is pleased to share that leadership members Saray Lopez, MBA, director, Student Diversity & Inclusion, and Tondra Richardson, MBA, director, Student Diversity & Inclusion, both with the Office of Educational Equity, have been selected as honorees of the 2022 class of leading women in higher education by the publication, Diverse: Issues In Higher Education.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Diverse has published its eleventh annual special report recognizing the contributions of women to higher education.

” Diverse has been following the work of the Office of Educational Equity at the University of Phoenix for some time and we have been impressed by the many ways that the institution is actively working to promote inclusivity, not only in the Phoenix area but throughout the nation,” said Walter Hudson, assistant editor at Diverse who oversaw the project.

Lopez recently completed the New Leadership Academy Fellowship at University of Michigan in partnership with the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University.

Richardson has over 20 years of experience in higher education and is certified by the National Diversity Council as a Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner and completed Cornell University’s Diversity and Inclusion certificate program.

Richardson currently serves on the Board for the Diversity Leadership Alliance and chairs the Education Committee for the Diversity Leadership Alliance.

For more than three decades,Diverse: Issues In Higher Educationhas been America’s premier source of timely news, provocative commentary, insightful interviews and in-depth special reports on diversity in higher education.

Amazon Employees Have The Opportunity To Advance Their Education At The University Of Utah

The University of Utah on Thursday announced that the school has been selected as an education partner for Amazon’s Career Choice Program, providing Amazon’s hourly employees access to an undergraduate education at the U. Estimated read time: 3-4 minutes.

SALT LAKE CITY – Hourly employees at Amazon will now have the option to attend the University of Utah for undergraduate education.

“We’re looking forward to the University of Utah coming on board as an education partner for Career Choice, adding to the hundreds of best-in-class offerings available to our employees,” said Tammy Thieman, global program lead of Amazon’s Career Choice program, in a statement.

The program was established by Amazon in 2012, with the purpose of providing an educational pathway for Amazon associates.

“It allows for education alignment with programs we have established with local community colleges, trade schools, universities high schools,” said Nicole Bilich, Amazon human relations manager.

The e-commerce giant selected the Utah university for a variety of reasons, but a big one was that Amazon believed the U. could provide diversification in the programs available to associates, as well as schedule flexibility for associates balancing educational ventures with jobs at Amazon.

“Today, over 50,000 Amazon employees around the world have already participated in Career Choice and we’ve seen firsthand how it can transform their lives,” she said.

UMD Student Works To Merge Outdoor Learning With Higher Education

DULUTH – University of Minnesota Duluth student Janett Prev is a multilingual secondary teacher from Estonia studying environmental education.

Prev is a recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship that placed her at UMD. The fellowship provides grants for individually designed study and research projects for English teaching assistant programs.

Prev decided to pursue an educational master’s degree after quitting basketball, although teaching wasn’t her preferred career choice.

ADVERTISEMENT. Prev is in the process of developing a new national framework for outdoor education.

Prev wants to reinvent teacher preparation in Estonia by applying environmental teaching practices to higher education.

“Nonformal and formal education are seen as separate, so I’m trying to close the gap a little more,” Prev said.

Prev is still in the very beginning stage of creating a national framework for outdoor education, but hopes to narrow ideas and make it her final project before she graduates.

House Republicans Slam Broad Student-Loan Forgiveness As ‘Reckless’ And ‘Short-Sighted,’ Telling Biden It’S ‘Not A Solution’ To Higher Education Costs

House Republicans offered a piece of advice to President Joe Biden before his first State of the Union: don’t cancel student debt broadly.

The White House released a fact sheet on Monday outlining points Biden planned to detail during his national address on Tuesday, and one of those points focused on higher education affordability.

While he said he will look into other affordability ideas, the Republicans on the House Committee of Education and Labor made clear broad student-loan forgiveness “Is not a solution” to tackling the issue.

“Instead of advocating for sensible policy solutions, Democrats are pushing radical student loan forgiveness schemes. Blanket forgiveness would compound the nation’s 40-year-high inflation rate, while disproportionately benefiting high-income borrowers – the very people who least need help and are reaping the benefits of the postsecondary education taxpayers provided them,” the Republicans wrote in a blog post.

“President Biden and radical progressives have nothing to say to the thousands of students taking on education debt the day after forgiveness hits other than ‘good luck,'” they added.

“Reckless loan forgiveness policies are a short-sighted answer that would crush American taxpayers and leave our higher education system more broken than before.”

The Roosevelt Institute found that canceling $50,000 in student debt per borrower would be progressive, noting that 61% of students with income of $30,000 and under who began college in 2012 graduated with student debt, compared with 30% of students with incomes $200,000 and higher who left school with such debt.

College And Higher Education

Federal student aid – The federal government offers financial aid programs, many of which do not require repayment.

To apply, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form.

State student aid – Even if you’re not eligible for federal aid, you can still apply for financial aid from your state.

Your college or career school – Many institutions offer financial aid from their own funds.

Learn how to find government education programs and financial aid for people with disabilities.

If you suspect fraud, waste, or abuse of federal student aid, contact the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Education.

If you have done everything you can to resolve a student loan issue, contact the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman Group.

Post Idea #6: Allen Sports

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Allen Sportswear Custom Team Packages

Here at Allen Sportswear, we understand that your team uniforms need to stand out and wear comfortably without breaking your bank.

As a leading manufacturer of custom basketball uniforms, custom football uniforms, custom baseball uniforms, custom softball uniforms, custom flag football uniforms and more, we offer the ultimate in sports uniform design, quality, competitive pricing and personalized customer service.

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Allen Sportswear makes customizing your new team sports uniforms such as custom basketball uniforms, custom football uniforms, custom baseball uniforms, custom softball uniforms, custom flag football uniforms and other team sports uniforms as easy as pointing your mouse and clicking.

If you really want to set your team apart, you can check out our sublimation capabilities that will allow you to design custom sports uniforms with any pattern and color you can imagine.

All of our athletic uniforms are easily washable and quick-drying; everything you expect in professional team sports uniforms.

Direct control over production means we take zero shortcuts, manage our costs, and consequently pass on those savings to YOU. We serve nationwide orders and meet with our clients in the US! Along with athletic uniforms, we also make custom warmups, custom coach gear, and custom fan apparel.

Richmond Resident, Top Flight Ref Inducted Into Soccer Hall Of Fame

A former top flight soccer referee and player, with more than 70 years of dedication to the sport, has been inducted into the Soccer Hall of Fame of British Columbia.

Allen, 82, was also known locally as being an early recruit to refereeing women’s soccer in 1979 and as BC Soccer Director for 10 years to 1997.

“Allen’s wife, Linda, said her husband is also”really proud of his involvement in women’s and youth soccer.

“He’s been involved in the soccer community for 70 years, so we’re all very proud of this. He’s very modest.”

Allen moved up to adult soccer with Wallace Thistles for 1957-1959, then on to the Pacific Coast League, playing with Canadians for 1960-63 and then Vancouver Firefighters for 1964-1966.

Allen became a referee in 1960 while still a player, first refereeing youth, school and men’s soccer.

Off the field, he was a director of the British Columbia Soccer Referees Association from 1984 to 1987 and its president in 1984.

Community: Alpha Lambda Visits World War II Exhibit In Port Allen

Alpha Lambda Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma met Feb. 12 at the West Baton Rouge Museum in Port Allen to discuss chapter business and further explore the history of Louisiana.

Members took a self-guided tour of the “Pelican State Goes to War” exhibit, which covered the Louisiana contributions toward achieving victory in World War II. It included photographs, artifacts and oral history of Louisiana involvement in the war.

The Kiwanis Club of Red Stick has been designated a Distinguished Club for 2020-21 by the LAMISSTENN District of Kiwanis International.

Region V includes 19 Kiwanis clubs in the Baton Rouge area and stretches from the Atchafalaya area to the Florida Parishes.

At Red Stick’s Jan. 28 weekly meeting, Robinson saluted the club’s members for contributing to the success of efforts in member recruitment, program development, fundraising through special projects and leadership education.

Vivian Frey, who represents the Baton Rouge Regional Eye Bank, was installed as president of the Inter-Civic Council of Greater Baton Rouge at its monthly meeting Jan. 11 at Hunan Restaurant.

The ICCGBR is composed of some 30 nonprofit and community service organizations in the nine-parish Baton Rouge area.

Post Idea #7: VIP Industries

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VIP Industries

Under Missouri Senate Bill #53, VIP Industries was formed as a nonprofit organization to provide employment for individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Sheltered Workshop provides a place of employment for adults whose disabilities prevent them from maintaining regular employment or as a training grounds for successfully entering the workforce.

State regulations dictate that the only service VIP Industries provide are the operation of the Sheltered Workshop.

As one part of the “We Are VIP” partnership of organizations that serve the developmentally disabled, we are one choice of many options available for the individual and their family.

The We Are VIP partnership of organizations goal is to provide the widest array of services for the entire lifetime of the individual and their family.

Why VIP Ind. Share Price Is Up By 0.25% Today? VIP Ind. Share Price Analysis

What’s VIP Ind. share price today and what are VIP Ind. share returns ?.

VIP Ind. share price was Rs 629.45 as on 04 Mar, 2022, 03:59 PM IST. VIP Ind. share price was up by 0.25% based on previous share price of Rs. 644.05.

In last 1 Month, VIP Ind. share price moved down by 2.89%. 2.

In last 52 weeks VIP Ind. share had a high price of Rs 696.00 and low price of Rs 304.60.

What are the key metrics to analyse VIP Ind. Share Price?

VIP Industries Ltd. share price moved up by 0.25.% from its previous close of Rs 627.90.

VIP Industries Ltd. stock last traded price is 629.45.VIP Industries Ltd. share price moved up by 0.30.% from its previous close of Rs 627.85.

VIP Brands In India

CARLTON With every passing day, the rules of business are changing.

Carlton is a tribute to this young, passionate breed of business people.

The campaign illustrates how the new generation has moved beyond the old business clichés and fixed set of rules.

Carlton’s new marketing positioning as ‘The New Face of Business’ positions the brand as the luggage of choice for the daring new business generation and celebrates their remarkable, out-of-the box qualities.

ARISTOCRAT Aristocrat caters to the demands of the frequent traveller of the Indian heartland.

From being the trademark Suitcase and Briefcase of the yester-years to being the up-to-date soft luggage makes, Aristocrat has had a remarkable journey which stretches over decades.

With an array of luggage options such as Soft Uprights, Duffles, Vanity Cases, Hard Suitcases, Briefcases and Uprights for their consumers, Aristocrat can proudly say that they can deliver to every consumer and every travel demand.


Our Products are approved by National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and control,.

Standard Organization of Nigeria and other regulatory agencies in Nigeria.

As a result of the consistency quality and standard, which our products have been associated with over the years, we have become one of the major players in the cosmetic industry in Nigeria as attested to by the network of our depots located in major cities in Nigeria and beyond.

RECENT NEWS. V.I.P. Industries was set up in the year 1994, for the manufacturing of cosmetics and personal care products.

We are the makers of TopKlass and Viola ranges of cosmetic products, which include; – Shampoo, Relaxer, Conditioner, and Hair cream, Oil Moisturizers, Weavon oil and Bath Shampoo among others.

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VIP Industries

VIP Industries is India’s largest luggage manufacturing company which manufactures luggage and travel accessories.

The company has more than 8,000 retail outlets across India and a network of retailers in 50 countries.

The company has recorded a sale of around 100 million pieces of luggage worldwide.

Formerly, the company was known by the name Aristo Plast VIP Industries and it was incorporated in 1968.

1971 – at Nasik, the company’s manufacturing factory was commissioned.

1989 – the company introduced a new brand by the name Alfa.

Soft luggage inside hard luggage i.e. Convipack was introduced by the company.

Post Idea #8: Rhino Rack

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Make Space For Adventure

SHOP NOW FIND A STORAGE SOLUTION FOR YOUR VEHICLE. ACCESSORIES FOR ALL ACTIVITIES. We make durable and easy-to-use roof racks, luggage boxes, bike carriers, kayak carriers, load securing accessories and more.

With customised products and the latest in carrier technology, you can rely on Rhino-Rack to transform your vehicle for work, play, or anything in between.

FIND A DEALER NEAR YOU. Rhino-Rack products can be purchased and installed through our vast network of authorized dealers throughout the USA. To locate your nearest dealer, enter your Zip Code into the dealer search form below.

Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers

New pre-assembled roof mounted MountainTrail bike carrier, with a stylish matt black look, combines the unique features pioneered in other best selling Roof Top Bike Carriers.

If you’re a contractor or inveterate DIYer you need a roof rack system with the versatility to handle cargo like ladders and building materials, as well as other roof mounted…. Quick and easy to install.

The Vortex Quick Mount RLT600 roof rack system is attached to the set of factory tracks on your vehicle’s roof.

The Heavy Duty 2500 roof rack system is matched to fit the contours of your vehicle’s roof.

Rhino-Rack develops roof racks for most motor vehicle manufacturers and their huge line of accessories sets them apart from other brands.

Regardless of your type of vehicle, Rhino-Rack has a roof rack system for you, with rack legs to fit bare roof lines, gutters, flush or raised factory roof rails, adjustable roof tracks, fixed pad mounts, even systems specifically designed for bed caps and hardshell tonneau covers.

Unlike some roof rack manufacturers that concentrate only on the recreational market, Rhino-Rack hasn’t forgotten the tradesman who depends on his roof rack to transport the tools and equipment with which he makes his living.

Rhino-Rack’s focus on high quality roof racks has helped their company grow from “Some other rack company” to a household name in the car rack industry.

While Rhino-Rack makes roof racks for nearly every vehicle make and model, where they really shine is their commitment to the heavy-duty needs of overlanding and off-road enthusiasts.

With products like their backbone capable of holding up to 331lbs on some vehicles, Rhino-Rack allows you to put the gear you need, all of it, on your roof and take it with you off road..

Rhino Rack Storage Solutions Exclusive For Polaris RANGER

Introducing an industry exclusive – Rhino-Rack storage solutions designed specifically for Polaris RANGER. From opposite sides of the globe, some of the most capable machines in the off-road world meet a trusted outdoor adventure brand to deliver purpose-built roof racks, bed racks and accessories to help Polaris RANGER users stay prepared for whatever the day may bring.

Designed for perfect integration and tested to off-road standards, a Rhino-Rack-equipped RANGER will help you get more storage capacity out of your machine – so you can carry whatever you want, wherever you want.

Post Idea #9: Turbocharger

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The key difference between a turbocharger and a conventional supercharger is that a supercharger is mechanically driven by the engine, often through a belt connected to the crankshaft, whereas a turbocharger is powered by a turbine driven by the engine’s exhaust gas.

Turbocharger lag refers to the amount of time required for the turbocharger to increase intake pressure to the target level, noticed as a hesitation or slowed throttle response when accelerating as compared to a naturally aspirated engine.

The result is that the turbocharger improves fuel efficiency without a noticeable level of turbocharger lag.

The reverse flow back across the turbocharger makes the turbine shaft reduce in speed more quickly than it would naturally, possibly damaging the turbocharger.

A free floating turbocharger is the simplest type of turbocharger.

The first turbocharged passenger car was the Oldsmobile Jetfire option on the 1962-1963 F85/Cutlass, which used a turbocharger mounted to a 215 cu in all aluminum V8. Also in 1962, Chevrolet introduced a special run of turbocharged Corvairs, initially called the Monza Spyder and later renamed the Corsa, which mounted a turbocharger to its air cooled flat six cylinder engine.

Since the size of the turbocharger is chosen to produce a given amount of pressure at high altitude, the turbocharger is oversized for low altitude.

What Are Turbochargers? Explaining How A Turbocharger Works

So what is a turbocharger? A turbocharger,, is a turbine-driven forced induction device that increases an internal combustion engine’s efficiency and power output by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber.

In naturally aspirated piston engines, intake gases are “Pushed” into the engine by atmospheric pressure filling the volumetric void caused by the downward stroke of the piston, similar to how liquid is drawn up into a syringe.

The objective of a turbocharger is to improve an engine’s efficiency by increasing the density of the intake gas, thereby allowing more power per engine cycle.

The turbocharger’s compressor draws in ambient air and compresses it before it enters into the intake manifold at increased pressure.

The power needed to spin the centrifugal compressor is derived from the kinetic energy of the engine’s exhaust gases.

A turbocharger may also be used to increase fuel efficiency without increasing power.

Find out more about Melett’s range of turbochargers.

How A Turbocharger Works

A significant difference between a turbocharged diesel engine and a traditional naturally aspirated gasoline engine is the air entering a diesel engine is compressed before the fuel is injected.

A turbocharger is made up of two main sections: the turbine and the compressor.

The turbine consists of the turbine wheel and the turbine housing.

The energy from the exhaust gas turns the turbine wheel, and the gas then exits the turbine housing through an exhaust outlet area.

The compressor’s mode of action is opposite that of the turbine.

The compressor wheel is attached to the turbine by a forged steel shaft, and as the turbine turns the compressor wheel, the high-velocity spinning draws in air and compresses it.

The compressed air is pushed into the engine, allowing the engine to burn more fuel to produce more power.

Hop Inside This S2000-Swapped Ford Escort As It Massacres A Hillclimb

High-level hillclimb events always bring out the craziest cars.

This Mk2 Ford Escort with the heart of a Honda S2000 is a perfect example.

The car, built and driven by Adrian Hall, sports a whole bunch of aero-focused upgrades, including a big wing, a gigantic front splitter, and a set of delicious fender flares.

Thanks to a big turbocharger and a sky-high redline, this Escort has more power than it can handle.

The Hillclimb Monsters YouTube channel was on the scene to capture this hotted-up Escort in action during the event, and even managed to snag onboard footage of the car flying up the hill.

Even with the extra tire and downforce, it seems like the car makes way more power than it can handle.

Looking to purchase a car? Find your match on the MSN Autos Marketplace.

Automotive Turbocharger Market Trends, Growth, Scope, Size, Overall Analysis And Forecast By 2027

Feb 24, 2022 – The research report provides Automotive Turbocharger Market Growth and information corresponding to market segments such as geographies, product type, application, and end-use industry.

Experts use the most recent Automotive Turbocharger Market research techniques and tools to assemble widespread and precise marketing research reports.

A detailed outline about Automotive Turbocharger market size and share were combined in this report which gives a comprehensive analysis of different verticals of businesses.

The performance of the automotive turbocharger influences all the essential engine parameters like power, emissions, and fuel economy.

Automotive turbocharger market is segmented in terms of vehicle type, technology, fuel type, distribution channel, and regional landscape.

In V-engines, each turbocharger is normally given its own bank of cylinders, not a large turbocharger which would need to pass the air through a convoluted plumbing network and make its way around the engine bay to the required cylinders.

Diesel turbocharger segment is expected to witness a considerable growth in the locomotive engines sector.

Automotive Turbochargers Market Exhibiting Robust Growth At 8.8% CAGR Between 2021 And 2031

As per a recent study by ESOMAR-certified firm Future Market Insights, the global automotive turbochargers market will be valued at US$ 9.6 Bn in 2021, exhibiting robust growth at 8.8% CAGR between 2021 and 2031.

In developing countries such as China, India, South Korea, and Brazil, automotive turbochargers market growth can be attributed to growing consumer preference for high-performance and fuel-efficient passenger cars, creating lucrative opportunities for leading manufacturers in the market.

“Technological advancements in automotive turbochargers that support fuel efficiency and optimal performance, coupled with increasing automotive sales will broaden growth prospects for players operating in the market,” says the FMI analyst.

As per FMI’s analysis, the global automotive turbochargers market is dominated by top 5 players, including Garret Advancing Motion, BorgWarner Inc., IHI Corporation, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Cummins Inc., accounting for nearly 85% of the market share.

As per a Future Market Insights analysis, the global golf cart market is estimated to be valued at ~US$ 2.59 Bn in 2021, expanding at a CAGR of ~4.3% during the forecast period from 2021 to 2031.

Automotive Interior Leather Market : Globalization of the automobile industry and rising demand for automotive interior customization are expected to remain chief driving factors of the global automotive interior leather market.

According to Future Market Insights, the global automotive interior leather market is estimated to be valued at ~US$ 29.9 Bn in 2021.

Marine Turbocharger Market To Cross US$ 1.5 Bn By 2031, TMR Report

The marine turbocharger market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 7.14% during the forecast period from 2021 to 2031.

The proliferation of the marine industry for transportation of goods, travel to coastal destinations, and scientific expeditions is fueling the growth of the marine turbocharger market.

Declined seaborne trade and marine recreation due to restrictions of COVID-19 hampered the manufacturing and distribution of marine turbochargers to impede the growth of the marine turbocharger market.

Significant volume of seaborne trade across the world that requires marine vessels underscores growth of the marine turbocharger market.

Increasing integration of advanced technologies in marine turbochargers to increase the performance of marine engines boosts demand from the marine industry.

Partnerships between companies to engage in R&D to improve the fuel efficiency of marine vessels stimulate the marine turbocharger market.

Proliferation of the marine industry for seaborne trade, water-based recreation and adventure sports, and scientific studies propels the marine turbocharger market.

Post Idea #10: Diesel engine

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ScienceDirect Topics

Are more efficient than gasoline engines for two reasons: higher cylinder pressures and corresponding higher temperatures lead to improved thermal efficiency for the diesel engine; the air throttling required to control the gasoline engine power output reduces engine efficiency and is not used on diesel engines.

There are obstacles to the adoption of the diesel engine in automobiles: poor consumer perceptions that originated with the noise and smoke of the diesel engines that were marketed in the early 1980s; increased costs for diesel engines; the lack of catalytic converters for the diesel engine exhaust to reduce emissions.

Lower diesel engine costs will occur with higher engine production volumes and there is a sincere desire to reduce the cost of both the engine and the drive train.

The chapter employs a systems engineering approach and applies the concepts of reliability and robust engineering to diesel engine system design to address the optimization topics encountered in design for target, design for variability, and design for reliability.

The large disparity in efficiency between a spark ignition engine and a diesel engine has prompted engine developers to search for a way of achieving the efficiency of a diesel engine in spark ignition engine.

Care has to be taken to avoid spontaneous ignition of the natural gas-air mixture, but with careful design the engine can operate at close to the compression conditions of a diesel engine, with a high-power output and high efficiency, yet with the emissions close to those of a gas-fired spark ignition engine.

Since a dual fuel engine must be equipped with diesel injectors, exactly as if it were a diesel engine, a dual fuel engine can also burn 100% diesel if necessary, though with the penalty of much higher emissions.

Definition, Development, Types, & Facts

Diesel engine, any internal-combustion engine in which air is compressed to a sufficiently high temperature to ignite diesel fuel injected into the cylinder, where combustion and expansion actuate a piston.

Air temperatures are typically in excess of 526 °C; however, at engine start-up, supplemental heating of the cylinders is sometimes employed, since the temperature of the air within the cylinders is determined by both the engine’s compression ratio and its current operating temperature.

Diesel engines are sometimes called compression-ignition engines because initiation of combustion relies on air heated by compression rather than on an electric spark.

The combustion process in a diesel engine is heterogeneous-that is, the fuel and air are not premixed prior to initiation of combustion.

These engines typically discharge high levels of particulate matter, reactive nitrogen compounds, and odour compared with spark-ignition engines.

A diesel engine is started by driving it from some external power source until conditions have been established under which the engine can run by its own power.

Other starting methods involve auxiliary equipment and include admitting blasts of compressed air to an air-activated motor geared to rotate a large engine’s flywheel; supplying electric current to an electric starting motor, similarly geared to the engine flywheel; and applying a small gasoline engine geared to the engine flywheel.

How Diesel Engines Work

Diesel engines work on the same basic principles as an internal combustion engine, but they do the work differently.

The story of the diesel engine actually begins with the invention of the gasoline engine.

His invention used the four-stroke combustion principle, also known as the “Otto Cycle,” and it’s the basic premise for most car engines today.

Only about 10 percent of the fuel used in these types of engines actually moved a vehicle.

In 1878, Rudolf Diesel created an engine with a higher efficiency, and he devoted much of his time to developing a “Combustion power engine.” By 1892 Diesel had obtained a patent for what we now call the diesel engine.

For decades, diesel engines had a reputation for being sooty, dirty and loud.

By the 21st century diesel engines became far cleaner, much quieter and even more efficient, but they experienced a setback in popular opinion because of the Volkswagen diesel scandal in 2014.

A Beginner’S Guide To Understanding Diesel Engines

The easiest way to explain the difference between gasoline and diesel engines is with “Air” and “Fuel.” In a gasoline engine, airflow is everything.

For our purposes, we’ll use a four-stroke, turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine to illustrate the flow of air and fuel throughout a modern diesel power plant.

One of the primary differences between diesel and gas engines exists in the type of combustion each uses.

More than 99 percent of all diesel engines utilize the Mexican Hat design due to the center of the piston receiving the brunt of the combustion explosion, not the piston crown.

Efficiency is further illustrated by the fact that modern day direct injection diesel engines inject fuel at pressures approaching 30,000 psi.

The torque-to-horsepower ratio in diesel engines is rarely lower than 2:1, and it’s typical to see ratios of 3:1 and even 4:1 in heavy-industry engine applications.

Rest assured, diesel engines are not only here to stay-they very well may be the engine of the future.

JASPER Remanufactured Diesel Engines

JASPER® remanufactures a complete line of domestic and import diesel engines including Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, GM, International, Isuzu, and Perkins.

We offer both immediate exchange and custom remanufacturing programs designed to minimize your downtime.

Every year, JASPER remanufactures over 6,500 diesel engines of all sizes and makes, from on-highway to off-road and industrial.

JASPER provides you with more than just a remanufactured diesel engine… we provide confidence.

Confidence in your equipment’s performance and our remanufacturing procedures.

Confidence in knowing that you have installed the best remanufactured diesel engine available.

Post Idea #11: BorgWarner

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BorgWarner Inc. is an American multinational automotive supplier headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

In 1987 Borg-Warner Corporation ceased to exist as a result of a series of complex financial transactions, although a new company of the same name continued the business.

At the same time, Borg-Warner Automotive Inc. was created as a subsidiary of the new company; the mother company, the new Borg-Warner Corporation, was later known as Borg-Warner Security Corporation.

In 1993 Borg-Warner Automotive Inc. was spun-off from Borg-Warner Security Corporation and became an independent company.

Over the years, BorgWarner has bought many other automotive companies that have become part of BorgWarner, giving BorgWarner a very wide pedigree in the automotive world.

Since 1936, the company has offered an annual prize for the winner of the Indianapolis 500.

In February 2022, it was announced BorgWarner had acquired Santroll Automotive Components – a subsidiary of the Chinese company Santroll’s eMotor business, for up to ¥1.4 billion.

BorgWarner Inc.: How Investors Can Get The Most Out Of Their Investments – Invest Chronicle

Let’s start up with the current stock price of BorgWarner Inc., which is $39.91 to be very precise.

BorgWarner Inc. full year performance was -14.19%. Price records that include history of low and high prices in the period of 52 weeks can tell a lot about the stock’s existing status and the future performance.

Presently, BorgWarner Inc. shares are logging -28.15% during the 52-week period from high price, and 4.15% higher than the lowest price point for the same timeframe.

Specialists analysis on BorgWarner Inc. During the last month, 6 analysts gave the BorgWarner Inc. a BUY rating, 3 of the polled analysts branded the stock as an OVERWEIGHT, 9 analysts were recommending to HOLD this stock, 0 of them gave the stock UNDERWEIGHT rating, and 1 of the polled analysts provided SELL rating.

In a similar fashion, BorgWarner Inc. posted a movement of -14.45% for the period of last 100 days, recording 1,890,857 in trading volumes.

Trends and Technical analysis: BorgWarner Inc. Raw Stochastic average of BorgWarner Inc. in the period of last 50 days is set at 13.51%. The result represents downgrade in oppose to Raw Stochastic average for the period of the last 20 days, recording 21.54%. In the last 20 days, the company’s Stochastic %K was 19.87% and its Stochastic %D was recorded 18.98%. Now, considering the stocks previous presentation, multiple moving trends are noted.

Year-to-date Price performance of the company’s stock appears to be encouraging, given the fact the metric is recording -11.45%. Additionally, trading for the stock in the period of the last six months notably deteriorated by -6.23%, alongside a downfall of -14.19% for the period of the last 12 months.

BorgWarner Unveils Castroneves’ 2021 Indy 500 Portrait

Helio Castroneves has made his fourth appearance on BorgWarner’s iconic Indianapolis 500 winner’s trophy.

“I am thrilled to have my fourth silver likeness on the Borg-Warner Trophy,” the Meyer Shank Racing driver said.

“It’s such a special moment in my career to see my face alongside other Indy 500 winners and the three other four-time winners – A.J., Al and Rick.”.

“To visit sculptor Will Behrends in person for the first time was an extremely special experience for me. To see the level of detail and professionalism he puts into his craft makes it that much more gratifying to see the final product of his amazing work. Today unveiling my image was a special day for myself and Meyer Shank Racing.”

The 110-pound trophy, which stands more than five feet tall, is valued at over $1 million.

“The Borg-Warner Trophy represents one of the greatest traditions and honors in the world of motorsports,” said Michelle Collins, BorgWarner’s global director of marketing and PR. “It’s a triumph all drivers hope to experience, and I am truly pleased and honored to carry on the legacy of unveiling the trophy. To have your face etched on the Borg-Warner Trophy once is an accomplishment of a lifetime, but four times speaks to Hélio’s dedication, persistence and passion to his sport. On behalf of all of BorgWarner, we extend our sincerest congratulations on this outstanding achievement.”

Later in the year, Castroneves, Jim Meyer, and Mike Shank will receive the traditional ‘Baby Borg’ trophies which serve as a prized and exclusive keepsake made for Indy 500 winners and team owners.

108th Face Unveiled On Borg-Warner Trophy®: 2021 Indianapolis 500 Winner Hélio Castroneves

PRNewswire/ – Following his record-breaking victory at the 2021 Indianapolis 500, where he recorded an average speed of 190.690 mph, Hélio Castroneves will further cement his name in the history books by becoming the 108th face to adorn the Borg-Warner Trophy®.

The trophy was officially unveiled during a ceremony earlier today at the Indiana Statehouse in downtown Indianapolis.

Global Director, Marketing and Public Relations BorgWarner Inc. “To have your face etched on the Borg-Warner Trophy once is an accomplishment of a lifetime, but four times speaks to Hélio’s dedication, persistence and passion to his sport. On behalf of all of BorgWarner, we extend our sincerest congratulations on this outstanding achievement.”

The trophy currently stands more than 5 feet, 4-3/4 inches tall and weighs approximately 110 pounds, carrying the face of every winner since 1911.

Even though Behrends crafted Castroneves’ face for the trophy three times in the past, this was the first year that he was able to visit him in person and use his physical features in addition to photos, to model a full-scale sculpture.

“I am thrilled to have my fourth silver likeness on the Borg-Warner Trophy. It’s such a special moment in my career to see my face alongside other Indy 500 winners and the three other four-time winners – A.J., Al and Rick,” said Castroneves.

Later this year, Castroneves will receive his BorgWarner Championship Driver’s Trophy, also known as a Baby Borg, which is a miniature replicate of the Borg-Warner Trophy.

Morgan Stanley Raises BorgWarner Price Target To $32.00

BorgWarner had its price target upped by equities research analysts at Morgan Stanley from $31.00 to $32.00 in a research report issued on Monday, Analyst Ratings Network reports.

BorgWarner last released its quarterly earnings data on Monday, February 14th. The auto parts company reported $1.06 earnings per share for the quarter, beating the consensus estimate of $0.75 by $0.31.

As a group, equities analysts anticipate that BorgWarner will post 4.44 earnings per share for the current fiscal year.

AlphaCentric Advisors LLC acquired a new stake in shares of BorgWarner in the fourth quarter valued at approximately $113,000.

JustInvest LLC increased its holdings in shares of BorgWarner by 31.5% in the fourth quarter.

Sequoia Financial Advisors LLC increased its holdings in shares of BorgWarner by 287.6% in the fourth quarter.

Finally, Vident Investment Advisory LLC increased its holdings in shares of BorgWarner by 54.0% in the fourth quarter.

Delta Vs. Borg Warner??

Ok, So I have been doing a lot of research on the Delta Turbo Kits, and the Borg Warner Kits.

I have yet to see a firm detail that really persuades me into which to buy.

I have read that the Delta kits Spool a bit faster than the Borg Warner kits, but do they hold the Powerband all the way till redline…My redline is 6500k.

I have my mind set on 2 Different Kits, which include the Delta 55 Kit, the BW S256( Extended Tip).

I know they are similar Turbos, but which is better to go with…My goal is to get to 550WHP…Im on a Stock ported Turbo now runnin 12.65’s, and I am shooting for low 11’s. Im on a stock bottom end, and Built Top End with Stock Cams for now.

I am goin to get DCR Valve Springs and retainers and a Set of Cam Gears with a set of either BC Stage 2 Cams or Crane 16’s. If anybody can give me sum ideas on wat powerband and which turbo setup would best be in my path, then please let me know.

We’re proud of her leadership at BorgWarner and within the industry at large.

To/3rXYql7″Hoy en día, no hay desafío más importante para la industria que el compromiso de fabricar vehículos que promuevan un mundo más limpio, con consumo más eficiente de la energía; este ha sido el compromiso de BorgWarner durante décadas.” – bit.

Make sure to complete your checklist and follow us on all our other social channels – whether that be Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook – so you never miss any BorgWarner updates or news!

BorgWarner is proud to promote a diverse and inclusive environment that allows our employees to take pride in their work and the ways they contribute to a clean, energy-efficient world.

In his 10+ years working at BorgWarner Iasi, Maintenance Manager Andrei Bucur has enjoyed the diverse offerings from BorgWarner, from moving products to “Bring Your Kids to Work Day.” #IWorkForBorgWarner.

Happy New Year’s Day from the BorgWarner team! We hope today, and this year, are filled with happiness!

To learn more about how BorgWarner values Integrity, Inclusion, Equality and more, visit bit.

Post Idea #12: Cell culture

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Cell Culture Laboratory Cell Culture Equipment The specific requirements of a cell culture laboratory depend mainly on the type of research conducted; for example, the needs of mammalian cell culture laboratory specializing in cancer research is quite different from that of an insect cell culture laboratory that focuses on protein expression.

Basic Equipment Cell culture hood Incubator Water bath Centrifuge Refrigerator and freezer Cell counter Inverted microscope Liquid nitrogen freezer or cryostorage container Sterilizer Expanded Equipment Aspiration pump pH meter Confocal microscope Flow cytometer Additional Supplies Cell culture vessels Pipettes and pipettors Syringes and needles Waste containers Media, sera, and reagents Cells 6  Cell Culture Basics Part 2.

Basic Cell Culture Insect Cells Morphology of Sf21 Cells Sf21 cells are ovarian cells isolated from Spodoptera frugiperda.

Loosely adherent cells, mitotic cells Scraping Cell scraper Cell lines sensitive to proteases; may damage some cells Trypsin Strongly adherent cells Trypsin + collagenase High density cultures, cultures that have formed multiple layers, especially fibroblasts Dispase Detaching epidermal cells as confluent, intact sheets from the surface of culture dishes without dissociating the cells TrypLE™ dissociation enzyme Strongly adherent cells; direct substitute for trypsin; applications that require animal origin-free reagents Enzymatic dissociation TrypLE™ Dissociation Enzymes 30  Cell Culture Basics TrypLE™ Express and TrypLE™ Select are microbially produced cell dissociation enzymes with similar kinetics and cleavage specificities to trypsin.

Materials Needed Protocol for Passaging Adherent Cells Culture vessels containing your adherent cells Tissue-culture treated flasks, plates or dishes Complete growth medium, pre-warmed to 37°C Disposable, sterile 15-mL tubes 37°C incubator with humidified atmosphere of 5% CO2 Balanced salt solution such as Dulbecco’s Phosphate Buffered Saline, containing no calcium, magnesium, or phenol red Dissociation reagent such as trypsin or TrypLE™ Express, without phenol red Reagents and equipment to determine viable and total cell counts such as Countess® Automated Cell Counter, Trypan Blue and hemacytometer, or Coulter Counter® All solutions and equipment that come in contact with the cells must be sterile.

Dilute cell suspension to the seeding density recommended for the cell line, and pipet the appropriate volume into new cell culture vessels, and return the cells to the incubator.

Cell Lines In addition to the mammalian and insect cell lines listed below, Invitrogen offers primary mammalian cells and complete cell culture systems, including keratinocyte, fibroblast, melanocyte, hepatocyte, corneal and mammary epithelial, large vessel and microvascular endothelial, smooth muscle, and neuronal cell culture systems.

Cell Culture

Since the selection of a particular cell line and specific cell culture conditions depends on the readout of the desired assay, this chapter will present a generalized overview of common mammalian cell culture components and properties that contribute to a suitable cell culture microenvironment.

The Cell Culture LaboratoryCell Culture Laboratory Safety The exciting application of cell culture techniques in biomedical research requires the management of potential hazards linked to infectious agents harbored by cultured cells, but also the control of reagents that can be of toxic, corrosive, or mutagenic nature.

Safe Experimental Procedures in the Cell Culture Laboratory In order to ensure a safe working environment with cell lines and biohazardous agents, personal protective equipment must be worn in the cell culture lab.

Equipment for the cell culture laboratory Despite the various techniques and assays carried out in different cell culture labs, the common theme of cell culture work is asepsis-the creation of a microenvironment free of unwanted pathogenic microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

This can be achieved by eliminating the entry of microorganisms into the cell culture through contaminated equipment, media, cell culture components, incubators, work surfaces, and defect or opened cell culture vessels.

The Cell LineThe choice of a cell line for cell culture depends heavily on the functional properties and specific readouts required of the cell model.

In contrast, some fibroblast cell lines favor slightly more alkaline conditions between pH 7.4 and 7.7, while transformed cell lines prefer more acidic environments between pH 7.0 and 7.4.Stable temperatures for cell cultures can be achieved through incubators that tightly regulate and monitor the temperature of the cell culture environment.

Cell Culture

The historical development and methods of cell culture are closely interrelated to those of tissue culture and organ culture.

Major cell line repositories, including the American Type Culture Collection, the European Collection of Cell Cultures and the German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures, have received cell line submissions from researchers that were misidentified by them.

A cell strain is derived either from a primary culture or a cell line by the selection or cloning of cells having specific properties or characteristics which must be defined.

At present, the practice of cell culture remains based on varying combinations of single or multiple cell structures in 2D. Currently, there is an increase in use of 3D cell cultures in research areas including drug discovery, cancer biology, regenerative medicine, nanomaterials assessment and basic life science research.

The 3D Cell Culturing by Magnetic Levitation method is the application of growing 3D tissue by inducing cells treated with magnetic nanoparticle assemblies in spatially varying magnetic fields using neodymium magnetic drivers and promoting cell to cell interactions by levitating the cells up to the air/liquid interface of a standard petri dish.

The major application of human cell culture is in stem cell industry, where mesenchymal stem cells can be cultured and cryopreserved for future use.

Cell Culture Basics – Introduction to cell culture, covering topics such as laboratory set-up, safety and aseptic technique including basic cell culture protocols and video training.

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The growth can be characterized by cell division or by other processes, such as differentiation, during which the cells can change into specific types that are capable of functions analogous to tissues or organs in the whole organism.

The advantages of using nanoemulsions in cell culture technology are better uptake of lipophilic supplements in cell culture, improved growth and vitality of cultured cells, and feasibility to conduct toxicity studies of lipophilic drugs in cell cultures.

With the advent of molecular diagnostic assays based on nucleic acid detection, cell culture is being used less often for routine clinical diagnostic purposes, because of the long turnaround times, cost, and requirement for significant technical expertise to perform cell culture and interpret results.

EVs different strains can be isolated in cell cultures of mammalian cell lines and some other cell lines including monkey kidney cells, human fibroblasts.

The most widely used cell-culture practice nowadays is to culture cells using multiwell microplates or Petri dishes as culture vessels.

2.2.1 Virus isolation in cell culturePreviously, cell culture.

Growth in cell culture can be used to identify many different viruses from clinical specimens but it is generally considered to be too time-consuming and too slow to contribute to meaningful management of AGE. Rapid cell culture is commonly used for the detection of enteroviruses, as centrifugation-enhanced rapid cell culture can be used with standard cell lines, such as Super E-Mix, for the detection of enteroviruses.

Introduction To Cell Culture

Cell culture refers to the removal of cells from an animal or plant and their subsequent growth in a favorable artificial environment.

The cells may be removed from the tissue directly and disaggregated by enzymatic or mechanical means before cultivation, or they may be derived from a cell line or cell strain that has already been established.

Normal cells usually divide only a limited number of times before losing their ability to proliferate, which is a genetically determined event known as senescence; these cell lines are known as finite.

When a finite cell line undergoes transformation and acquires the ability to divide indefinitely, it becomes a continuous cell line.

Most cells are anchorage-dependent and must be cultured while attached to a solid or semi-solid substrate, while others can be grown floating in the culture medium.

Cell culture is one of the major tools used in cellular and molecular biology, providing excellent model systems for studying the normal physiology and biochemistry of cells, the effects of drugs and toxic compounds on the cells, and mutagenesis and carcinogenesis.

The major advantage of using cell culture for any of these applications is the consistency and reproducibility of results that can be obtained from using a batch of clonal cells.

Introduction To Cell Culture

The basics of cell culture as applied to human cells are discussed.

Biosafety when working with human tissue, which is often pathogenic, is important.

The requirements for a tissue culture laboratory are described, particularly the range of equipment needed to carry out cell isolation, purification, and culture.

Steps must be taken to maintain aseptic conditions to prevent contamination of cultures with micro-organisms.

Basic cell-handling techniques are discussed, including choice of media, primary culture, and cryopreservation of cells so they can be stored for future use.

Common assays which are used to determine cell viability and activity are considered.

Definition, Protocol & Contamination

Cell culture can be used to create a scaled-up source of a limiting population of cells found in-vivo, such as stem cells.

All steps of the protocol should be attempted in a cell culture hood that is maintained for aseptic technique to prevent contamination.

The media should be sterile filtered and usually contains antibiotics to prevent bacterial contamination of the cell culture.

Cell culture contamination happens when the cells become infected with bacteria, mycoplasma, yeast and/or mold.

Cell culture contamination can also happen by non-biological sources, such as chemicals, detergents or endotoxins, that appear in the media or materials used to culture the cells.

The applications of cell culture can be wide and varied; however, of the listed possibilities, large-scale cell production is the best answer, because cell culture can expand a small starting cell population.

Mycoplasma are a type of bacteria organism that are a biological source of cell culture contamination.

Post Idea #13: Cell sorting

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Flow Cytometry

The final cell concentration for cell sorting should be between 5 x 106 and 30 x 106 cells per ml depending on the concentration that the cells tend to aggregate.

If lymphocytes were concentrated to 20 million per ml, the flow rate at the instrument could be run as high as 20,000 cells per second.

Cells larger than lymphocytes require a larger nozzle to be placed on the instrument and the flow rate is lower.

Improved post-sort cell viability can be acomplished by keeping the sort collection media pH constant and providing a source of protein to the sorted cells.

The final fluid volume in the sort collection vessel will be a mix of collection media plus cell sorter sheath fluid deposited as result of sorting.

Sorted cells ride in droplets composed of sheath fluid on their way to the sort collection tube.

In experiments where cells may not tolerate exposure to the sheath fluid preservative, we recommend substituting either Facility supplied preservative-free sheath fluid or 1X PBS. To allow enough set up time to prepare the instrument using 1X PBS, the lab requesting the sort should bring 4-10L for the FACS Aria or FACS Fusion to the Facility the day before the sort.

Cell Sorting

Cell sorting is the process through which a particular cell type is separated from others contained in a sample on the basis of its physical or biological properties, such as size, morphological parameters, viability and both extracellular and intracellular protein expression.

Methods of cell sorting fall into two major categories: fluorescence activated cell sorting and immunomagnetic cell sorting.

Due to many years of refinement and increased demand for cell separation however, researchers are working to develop microfluidic sorting devices that have many benefits in comparison to the main types of fluorescence-activated cell sorting and immunomagnetic cell sorting methods.

These last considerations are of particular importance when cell sorting is used for clinical applications, for example cell therapy and should therefore be performed under Good Manufacturing Practise conditions.

Diagram A shows fluorescence-activated cell sorting of negative cell selection and diagram B shows FACS of positive cell selection.

Immunomagnetic cell sorting is also known as immunomagnetic cell separation, immunomagnetic cell enrichment, or magnetic-activated cell sorting, and commonly known by the acronym MACS which is a trademark of Miltenyi GmbH. Immunomagnetic cell sorting is based on separation of beads passing a magnetic field.

A study done in 2019 found immunomagnetic cell sorting to be a cheap, simple way to yield such purity with minimal damage to the cell lines, therefore maintaining better quality cells, collecting more homogeneous NPCs, and increasing their chances of finding effective treatments for neurological disorders.

Drop Delay Distance from interrogation point to drop1 position 4/21/2016 Marcus Eich, Steffen Schmitt HI-STEM Core Facility Flow Cytometry Droplet characteristics Calculation by Tobias Rubner 4/21/2016 Marcus Eich, Steffen Schmitt HI-STEM Core Facility Flow Cytometry Distributions of cells in stream In reality there is no equal distribution of particles.

A cell can be located in one or more ogf these segments The relative position of the cell inside the drop influences the sort decision.

32 If possible two drops are sorted without contamination of nontarget cells in the neighboring drop.

32 Drop is sorted, if the cell is in the middle of a drop.

Multiple Thresholds Advantages Analysis only of the cells of interest at a faster rate Rare cell populations become better visible on the plots High throughput sorting Isolation of rare cells at high speed with high yield Disadvantage Purity cannot be achieved, because events under the thresholds are not analysed and evaluated for the sort decision 4/21/2016 Marcus Eich, Steffen Schmitt HI-STEM Core Facility Flow Cytometry 4.

Detection of the sorted cells on histograms, plots and in the statistics 4/21/2016 Marcus Eich, Steffen Schmitt HI-STEM Core Facility Flow Cytometry Index sort Sorting of single cells into single wells.

Detection of the sorted cells on histograms, plots and in the statistics 4/21/2016 Marcus Eich, Steffen Schmitt HI-STEM Core Facility Flow Cytometry ..

Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Any type of cells, which can be easily kept in single cell suspension, can theoretically be sorted.

The effects of sorting on cells is dependent on several factors:a) cell type – some cell types are more “Fragile/labile” than others.

Any type of cell that has structure on the outside of the cell membrane is more likely to be damaged during the sorting process.

B) condition of the cells prior to being sorted – cells that have been activated or treated with drugs may be more susceptible to the effects of sorting.

B) sort conflicts – a target and non-target cell occurring within the same or overlapping sort envelopes; both target and non-target cells are not sorted.

Cell clumping can be a problem with adherent cells, activated cells, or samples with a high percentage of dead cells.

If there are a large number of dead or damaged cells in the sample, soluble DNA can cause the cells to become “Sticky” and start to clump.

Definition Of Cell Sorting By Medical Dictionary

The authors thank Paz Reyes for technical help with cell sorting.

Cultures of cells isolated from rat skeletal muscle were sorted using fluorescence-activated cell sorting.

Our methods are useful in flow cytometry and fluorescence activated cell sorting.

“We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to add Dako’s MoFlo XDP high-performance sorter, the gold standard for cell sorting., and the highly capable nine-color CyAn research flow cytometer to our existing portfolio of cytometry instruments,” stated Scott Garrett, Beckman Coulter president and CEO.BioDefense will evaluate the hepatic stem cell sorting.

Harnessing the power of fluorescence-activated cell sorting.

The scientists are preparing and concentrating pathogens using techniques such as sequential filtration, gravitation, immunotrapping, ligand-receptor interactions and cell sorting.

The eighth and ninth chapters provide good introductions to the topics of DNA analysis and flow cytometric cell sorting.

Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting

Fluorescence activated cell sorting showed that 1,25(OH)2D blocks the transition of cells from early G1 phase to late G1 phase.

The cleared cell solution was filtered by 40 μm cell strainer and the protoplasts were sedimented by centrifugation at 500G and resuspended to be directly used for FACS. The FACS setup depends on the experiment and requirement of cell densities.

Further, FACS sorting may have nonnegligible effects on cell viability, as was demonstrated for Chinese hamster ovary cells and for a human monocytic cell line by trypan blue exclusion and necrosis/apoptosis assays.

Fluorescence-Activated Cell SortingFluorescence-activated cell sorting can be used to obtain very pure populations of cells from leukemia and solid tumor PDXs, but first requires either red cell lysis or in the case of solid tumors, processing into a single-cell suspension followed by red cell lysis.

4.1.2 Fluorescence-Activated Cell SortingFluorescence-activated cell sorting is a specialized type of flow cytometry that rapidly separates labeled living cells of particular types from a heterogeneous mixture of different cell types, based on the specific fluorescence characteristics and light-scattering properties of the target cells.

Sperm cell populations labeled with pAtGEX2::eGFP were prepared from inflorescences, and a series of preliminary purification steps was performed prior to FACS. Finally, living sperm cell fractions were sorted for RNA extraction and further gene chip analysis of the sperm cell transcriptome.

Fluorescence-Activated Cell SortingFluorescence-activated cell sorting measures the antigen levels on the cell surface quantitatively.

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ScienceDirect Topics

Arthrex, Celling Biosciences, EmCyte, Exactech, ISTO Tech, Harvest Tech/Terumo BCT, and Zimmer/BIOMET.81 Moving forward we expect such devices to be common place in cell therapy clinics.

Cells were allowed to sediment 4 hours at 4°C, fractions collected, cell concentrations determined, and adjacent tubes pooled and washed to form appropriate fractions.

50 μl of EAC were incubated with 50 μl of bone marrow cells at 3 106 cells at 37°C for 30 minutes and 300 cells then counted in a hemocytometer in the presence of 0.03% Toluidine Blue.The mouse erythrocyte receptor assay was performed according to the method of Gupta and Grieco.

50 μl of cells at 3 106 cells/ml were mixed with 50 μl of 1% fresh washed MRBC from 6 week old Swiss mice and 20 μl of heat inactivated MRBC-absorbed FCS. This mixture was centrifuged 5 minutes at 50 g at 24°C and then incubated 1 hour at 24°C. 300 cells were then counted in the presence of Toluidine Blue in a hemocytometer.

50 μl of cells at 3 106 cells/ ml were mixed with 50 μl of washed SRBC at 2 108 cells/ml and 25 μl of heat inactivated SRBC-absorbed FCS. This mixture was incubated 5 minutes at 37°C, centrifuged at 200 g for 5 minutes at 24°C, incubated at 4°C for 3 to 6 hours, and 400 cells counted in Toluidine Blue in a hemocytometer.

One method of cell isolation is to perform the complete “Explants” method, where the pieces of tissue are plated and cultured in a medium over a period of time until a layer of adherent cells can be isolated.

Once cells are isolated, they can be cryopreserved with the standard procedures for cryopreserving stem cells.

Cell Separation And Cell Isolation: Techniques, Methods, Applications

Thus, mastering the basic techniques of cell isolation is a valuable skill for any cell biologist.

Cell separation, also commonly referred to as cell isolation or cell sorting, is a process to isolate one or more specific cell populations from a heterogeneous mixture of cells.

What cell separation methods and techniques are available?

Common characteristics used to isolate cells include cell size, cell density, cell shape, and surface protein expression.

There are also less commonly used cell separation methods, including buoyancy-activated cell sorting, aptamer-based cell isolation, complement depletion, and more.

Recovery answers the question: out of all the desired cells you can possibly obtain from your sample, how many are you actually able to isolate? Conversely, how many of your desired cells have you lost through your cell separation method? Learn how to assess recovery from cell isolation procedures >.

Function of the cells you isolate should be preserved throughout the cell separation process to ensure that your downstream assays accurately represent the physiological function of your cell type of interest.

Cell Isolation

Why automate cell isolation Manual cell isolation and enrichment methods can be time-consuming, imprecise, and prone to contamination.

Consistent cell enrichment with high-quality reagents For more than 40 years, scientists have enriched cells with reliable results using Ficoll-Paque and Percoll density-gradient media.

To enrich mononuclear cells with confidence, we recommend sterile, ready-to-use Ficoll-Paque PREMIUM medium, which is manufactured under a Quality Management System certified to ISO 13485:2012.

Flexible for use in manual procedures or with Sepax C-Pro and Sefia systems.

Prepare other cell types using low viscosity and low osmolality Percoll PLUS medium.

Flexible cell isolation methods Choose and refine your approach with Cytiva’s modular systems comprised of instruments, protocol software, and kits.

Flexible options allow you to enrich blood components by density-based centrifugation or incubate cells with magnetic beads.

Cell Isolation

Cell isolation is the process of separating individual living cells from a solid block of tissue or cell suspension.

While some types of cell naturally exist in a separated form, other cell types that are found in solid tissue require specific techniques to separate them into individual cells.

The techniques required to obtain isolated cells vary depending on the cell type required.

As blood samples contain a mixture of many different cell types, a method of separating out cells into different types must be used.

If cells are exposed to these enzymes for too long then cell death results, but if they are not exposed to the enzymes for long enough then digestion of the extracellular matrix will not be complete.

Isolated cells can also be used for cell culture, in which a single cell multiplies to create a colony of cells.

Cell isolation can also be used as part of a treatment.

Cell Isolation & Expansion

The gentle Dynabeads tube-based cell separation is the technology of choice when you need high yields of pure, viable and functional cells.

Combine with our cellular analysis products to easily isolate and characterize any cell type.

State-of-the-art Dynabeads activation and expansion technology mimics in vivoT cell activation available for human & mouse basic research as well as clinical research settings.

Isolation Cells And Level Shifter Cells – VLSI Tutorials

Isolation cells are additional cells inserted by the synthesis tools for isolating the buses/wires crossing from power-gated domain of a circuit to its always-on domain.

Level Shifters are special standard cells used in Multi Voltage designs to covert one voltage level to another.

As Multi Voltage designs have more than one voltage domain, level shifters are used for all the signals crossing from one voltage domain to another voltage domain.

Now in the lower voltage domain it corresponds to logic-1 but in higher voltage domain it is neither logic-1 nor logic-0, so the signal becomes unknown in the absence of Low to High LS. High to Low Level Shifters.

High to Low LS are used for signals crossing from higher voltage domain to lower voltage domain.

Although putting a LS for signals crossing from higher voltage domain to lower voltage domain is optional as signals will be interpreted properly in destination domain, but typically we put a LS to avoid stress on the transistors of lower voltage domain due to high voltage of the source signal.

In that case we need level shifter which is capable of shifting both low to high voltage signals and high to low voltage signals.

Post Idea #15: Influenza vaccine

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Key Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine

During seasons when flu vaccine viruses are similar to circulating flu viruses, flu vaccine has been shown to reduce the risk of having to go to the doctor with flu by 40 percent to 60 percent… Flu vaccination has been shown in several studies to reduce severity of illness in people who get vaccinated but still get sick.

A number of studies have shown that in addition to helping to protect pregnant people from flu, a flu vaccine given during pregnancy helps protect the baby from flu for several months after birth, when he or she is too young to be vaccinated… Flu vaccine can be lifesaving in children.

Despite the many benefits offered by flu vaccination, only about half of Americans get an annual flu vaccine and flu continues to cause millions of illnesses, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and tens of thousands of deaths.

A “Good match” is said to occur when the flu vaccine viruses used to produce flu vaccine and the viruses circulating among people during a given flu season are “Like” one another such that the antibodies produced by vaccination protect against infection with circulating viruses.

Over the course of flu season, CDC studies samples of circulating flu viruses to evaluate how close a match there is between viruses used to make the flu vaccine and circulating flu viruses.

While a flu vaccine cannot give you flu illness, there are different side effects that may be associated with getting a flu shot or a nasal spray flu vaccine.

A flu shot: The viruses in a flu shot are killed, so you cannot get flu from a flu shot.

Influenza Vaccine

Influenza viruses belong to Orthomyxoviridae RNA virus family and classify into three distinct types based on their major antigenic differences; influenza A, influenza B and influenza C. Influenza viruses cause the annual human epidemics, seasonal and pandemic.

Influenza viruses belong to the Orthomyxoviridae RNA virus family and classify into three distinct types based on their significant antigenic differences; influenza A, influenza B, and influenza C. Influenza viruses cause the annual human epidemics, seasonal and pandemic.

The efficacy of the seasonal influenza vaccine ranges between 10% and 60%. The lowest efficacy occurs when vaccine strains are not well matched to circulating strains.

Influenza vaccine conveys immunity against the influenza virus by stimulating the production of antibodies specific to the disease.

Trivalent flu vaccines provide protection against two influenza A strains, H1N1 and H3N2, and one influenza B strain.

Quadrivalent flu vaccines protect against the same strains as the trivalent vaccine as well as an additional strain of influenza B. The mechanism of immune protection is more complicated, as while primarily humoral, cell-mediated immunity also plays an essential role in immunity to influenza.

A universal influenza vaccine is undergoing trials and serves the purpose of building a single vaccine that targets all strains of the virus; this will, in turn, minimize the need for frequent vaccination and be the bright future of this vaccination.

Influenza Vaccine

In 2012, the US Food and Drug Administration approved influenza vaccines made by growing virus in cell cultures and influenza vaccines made from recombinant proteins have been approved, with plant-based influenza vaccines being tested[when?] in clinical trials.

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the flu vaccine as the best way to protect people against the flu and prevent its spread. The flu vaccine can also reduce the severity of the flu if a person contracts a strain that the vaccine did not contain.

The flu vaccine is contraindicated for those under six months of age and those with severe, life-threatening allergies to flu vaccine or any ingredient in the vaccine.

Audenz is a vaccine indicated for active immunization for the prevention of disease caused by the influenza A virus H5N1 subtype contained in the vaccine.

A filtered and purified Influenza A vaccine for humans is being developed[when?] and many countries have recommended it be stockpiled so if an Avian influenza pandemic starts jumping to humans, the vaccine can quickly be administered to avoid loss of life.

“The WHO Global Influenza Surveillance Network was established in 1952. The network comprises four WHO Collaborating Centres and 112 institutions in 83 countries, which are recognized by WHO as WHO National Influenza Centres. These NICs collect specimens in their country, perform primary virus isolation and preliminary antigenic characterization. They ship newly isolated strains to WHO CCs for high level antigenic and genetic analysis, the result of which forms the basis for WHO recommendations on the composition of influenza vaccine for the Northern and Southern Hemisphere each year.”

For vaccine manufacturers considering the use of a B/Yamagata/16/88 virus lineage vaccine virus in quadrivalent vaccines containing two influenza B viruses, a B/Phuket/3073/2013-like virus in addition to the strains mentioned above was considered appropriate.


Two types of influenza vaccine are available, an inactivated preparation that is injected and an attenuated influenza vaccine normally delivered nasally.

Guidance to provide National Regulatory Authorities and vaccine manufacturers with state-of-the-art advice concerning regulatory pathways for pandemic influenza vaccines, regulatory considerations to take into account in evaluating the quality, safety and efficacy of vaccine candidates and requirements for effective post-marketing surveillance of pandemic influenza vaccines were endorsed by ECBS in 2007 and in 2016.

Careful risk assessment and strict biosafety and biosecurity precautions are needed in laboratory and manufacturing environments in order to ensure the safe handling of human pandemic influenza viruses, candidate vaccine viruses and influenza viruses with pandemic potential as the uncontrolled release of such viruses could have a significant impact on public health.

In 2007, the WHO biosafety risk assessment and guidelines for the production and quality control of human influenza pandemic vaccines were published in response to the pandemic threat posed by highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) viruses and the need to begin vaccine development.

In response to the 2009 pandemic caused by the A(H1N1)pdm09 subtype virus and the emergence of low pathogenic avian influenza A(H7N9) viruses that are able to infect humans and cause severe disease with a high case fatality rate, the 2007 guidance was updated on two occasions by WHO. In addition, several WHO consultations – including the biannual WHO Vaccine Composition Meetings, the Global Action Plan for Influenza Vaccines meetings and “Switch” meetings on influenza vaccine response at the start of a pandemic – identified the testing timelines for CVVs as one of the bottlenecks to rapid vaccine responses.

Following series consultation process, the updated guidelines were endorsed by ECBS in 2018, published as annex 3 in TRS 1016.Guidelines on Regulatory preparedness for human pandemic influenza vaccines, TRS 963, Annex 2.Guidelines on regulatory preparedness for provision of marketing authorization of human pandemic influenza vaccines in non-vaccine-producing countries, TRS 1004, Annex 7.Guidelines for the safe development and production of vaccines to human pandemic influenza viruses and influenza viruses with pandemic potential, TRS 1016, Annex 3.

Generic protocol for the calibration of seasonal and pandemic influenza antigen working reagents by WHO essential regulatory laboratories, TRS 979, Annex 5.WHO Working Group meeting on Revision of WHO TRS 941, Annex 5: WHO Biosafety Risk Assessment and Guidelines for the Production and Quality Control of Human Influenza Pandemic Vaccines, 9-10 May 2017.Informal consultation on WHO biosafety risk assessment and guidelines for the production and quality control of novel human influenza candidate vaccine viruses and pandemic vaccines, Geneva, Switzerland, 23-24 April 2018.Reference materials.

IIV4 = egg-based quadrivalent inactivated influenza vaccine; where necessary to refer to cell culture-based vaccine, the prefix “Cc” is used; RIV4 = quadrivalent recombinant hemagglutinin influenza vaccine; aIIV4 = adjuvanted quadrivalent inactivated influenza vaccine.

An administration code should always be reported in addition to the vaccine product code.

Afluria is approved by the Food and Drug 35 months: Administration for intramuscular administration with the PharmaJet Stratis Needle-Free Afluria 0.25 mL Injection System for persons age 18 through Fluarix 0.5 mL 64 years.

Influenza Virus Vaccine Injection Uses, Side Effects & Warnings

Influenza virus vaccine is for use in adults and children at least 6 months old, to prevent infection caused by influenza virus.

Influenza virus vaccine is redeveloped each year to contain specific strains of inactivated flu virus that are recommended by public health officials for that year.

The injectable influenza virus vaccine is made from “Killed viruses.” Influenza virus vaccine is also available in a nasal spray form, which is a “Live virus” vaccine.

Like any vaccine, influenza virus vaccine may not provide protection from disease in every person.

Influenza virus vaccine is made from “Killed viruses” and will not cause you to become ill with the flu virus.

Since the influenza virus vaccine is redeveloped each year for specific strains of influenza, you should receive a flu vaccine every year.

If you receive an influenza virus vaccine in the future, you will need to tell the vaccination provider if the previous shot caused any side effects.

Post Idea #16: Chickenpox

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If one person has it, up to 90% of the people close to that person who are not immune will also become infected.

Chickenpox can also be serious, even life-threatening, especially in babies, adolescents, adults, pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems.

Before the vaccine was available, about 4 million people got chickenpox each year in the United States, over 10,500 of those people were hospitalized, and about 100-150 people died.

Chickenpox: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Before the first vaccine against chickenpox was approved in the U.S. in 1995, almost everyone got chickenpox.

Adults who get chickenpox may become very sick, so it’s better to have chickenpox when you’re a child, or prevent getting it by being vaccinated.

Symptoms and Causes What are the signs and symptoms of chickenpox?

What complications are possible with chickenpox? Complications from chickenpox are unlikely, but possible.

Who shouldn’t get the chickenpox vaccine? There are people who shouldn’t get the chickenpox vaccine.

People who have shingles can spread chickenpox to people who haven’t had chickenpox.

If you don’t get chickenpox, you won’t get shingles, a painful condition that happens because the virus that causes chickenpox stays in your body long after the rash is gone.

Chicken Pox: Symptoms, Treatment, & Prevention

Chickenpox is a very contagious infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus.

The telltale sign of chickenpox is a super-itchy skin rash with red blisters.

Chickenpox is generally mild, especially in children.

You can get the virus by breathing in particles that come from chickenpox blisters or by touching something on which the particles landed.

Chickenpox is most contagious from 1 to 2 days before the rash appears until all the blisters are dried and crusted.

Children who’ve never had chickenpox should get two doses of the vaccine – the first at 12 to 15 months of age, and the second between ages 4 and 6.

Once you’ve had chickenpox, the varicella-zoster virus stays in your nerve cells for years.

Chickenpox: Overview, Causes, And Symptoms

An itchy rash is the most common symptom of chickenpox.

Varicella-zoster virus causes the chickenpox infection.

You doctor may be able to diagnose chickenpox based on a physical exam of blisters on you or your child’s body.

Most people diagnosed with chickenpox will be advised to manage their symptoms while they wait for the virus to pass through their system.

Once chickenpox heals, most people become immune to the virus.

The chickenpox vaccine prevents chickenpox in 98 percent of people who receive the two recommended doses.

Chickenpox can’t be identified by its blisters until it has already been spreadable to others for days.

History Of Vaccines

In uncommon cases, vaccination for chickenpox can also cause shingles to develop eventually.

Chickenpox is usually a mild disease in children, and they generally do not experience complications.

The U.S. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommends two doses of the chickenpox vaccine for most children.

A single dose of the vaccine reduces risk of chickenpox between 70-90%, and two doses reduce the risk even more.

The chickenpox vaccine is a live, attenuated vaccine and is not recommended for people with weakened immune systems.

The chickenpox vaccine was added to the childhood immunization schedule in 1995.

Not all states report chickenpox cases to the CDC, and so it is difficult to know how many cases occur yearly in the United States.

Chickenpox Is A Lifelong Herpes Virus That Comes With A Serious Side Effect

The Kentucky teenager who caught chickenpox after refusing to be vaccinated for religious reasons may not realize there can be lifelong consequences from being infected with a herpes virus.

Chickenpox – technically known as the varicella zoster virus – is a type of herpes virus that, just like its close relative herpes simplex, becomes a lifelong resident in the body.

A person has to have had chickenpox in order to develop shingles.

That’s because the chickenpox virus hides out, dormant, in nerve cells all over the body, waiting for an opportunity to explode back into action as shingles, the blistering, burning skin rash.

Shingles comes with its own risks: People who developed shingles had an almost 60 percent higher risk of heart attack and a 35 percent higher risk of stroke, according to a recent study.

“A person has to have had chickenpox in order to develop shingles,” Tan said.

For people over age 50 who had chickenpox in the past, doctors say, the best defense against developing shingles is the Shingrix vaccine.

Post Idea #17: Pilgrim’s Pride

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Pilgrim’S Pride

Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation is an American, multi-national food company, currently one of the largest chicken producers in the United States and Puerto Rico and the second-largest chicken producer in Mexico.

Pilgrim’s traces its origins to a feed store opened in 1946 in Pittsburg, Texas, by Lonnie “Bo” Pilgrim and his older brother, Aubrey.

Bo, wearing traditional Pilgrim clothing, with a pet chicken named “Henrietta” under his arm, was featured in Pilgrim’s Pride advertisements.

Today, Pilgrim’s Pride is vertically integrated, meaning the company has its own divisions for every process from “Egg to table”.

The video showed Pilgrim Pride employees kicking, jumping, throwing, and spitting on live chickens.

Pilgrim’s Pride held an investigation, fired 11 employees, including managers, and has provided ongoing animal welfare training to its work force after KFC owner Yum Brands threatened to cease purchasing from the company following the incident; none of the employees faced any criminal charges.

At least one worker has tested positive at the Pilgrim’s Pride plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and other workers have tested positive at the company’s plant in Timberville, Virginia, where dozens of workers protested in early April, although the company has declined to release the number of cases there.

Oct. 14, 2020.Pilgrim’s Pride, one of the largest poultry producers in the United States, said on Wednesday that it would pay $110.5 million to settle federal charges that it had helped fix prices and then passed on higher costs for chicken to consumers, restaurants and supermarkets.

In June, prosecutors indicted Jayson Penn, who was president and chief executive of Pilgrim’s Pride, and Roger Austin, its former vice president, on a price-fixing charge.

The Justice Department’s antitrust division confirmed that it had entered into a plea agreement with Pilgrim’s Pride that was subject to court approval.

A settlement could help ease pressure on Pilgrim’s Pride, which is among a number of major poultry producers that have been contending with price-fixing allegations for years.

Pilgrim’s Pride said the agreement included a provision that the Justice Department would not bring any more charges against the company on this matter.

Last year, the Justice Department intervened in a lawsuit brought by major chicken customers against Pilgrim’s Pride, Tyson Foods and other producers.

In 2019, Pilgrim’s Pride reported $11.4 billion in sales.

Post Idea #18: Tyson Foods

Related Articles – Summarized

Why Tyson Foods Inc. [TSN] Is A Good Choice For Investors After New Price Target Of $101.64

Tyson Foods Inc. [NYSE: TSN] jumped around 1.21 points on Wednesday, while shares priced at $95.04 at the close of the session, up 1.29%. The company report on February 18, 2022 that Tyson Foods to Present at the 2022 CAGNY Conference.

Analysis on target price and performance of stocks is usually carefully studied by market experts, and the current Wall Street consensus on TSN stock is a recommendation set at 2.20.

While these analysts kept the previous recommendation, Stephens raised their target price from $110 to $115. The new note on the price target was released on February 08, 2022, representing the official price target for Tyson Foods Inc. stock.

The Average True Range for Tyson Foods Inc. is set at 2.43, with the Price to Sales ratio for TSN stock in the period of the last 12 months amounting to 0.67.

The current RSI for TSN stock in for the last two-week period is set at 56.82, with the RSI for the last a single of trading hit 58.20, and the three-weeks RSI is set at 56.93 for Tyson Foods Inc. [TSN].

The progress of the company may be observed through the prism of EPS growth rate, while Wall Street analysts are focusing on predicting the 5-year EPS growth rate for TSN. When it comes to the mentioned value, analysts are expecting to see the 5-year EPS growth rate for Tyson Foods Inc. go to 7.50%. Insider trade positions for Tyson Foods Inc. [TSN].

The top three institutional holders of TSN stocks are: VANGUARD GROUP INC with ownership of 34,940,320, which is approximately 0.375% of the company’s market cap and around 1.30% of the total institutional ownership; BLACKROCK INC., holding 20,842,831 shares of the stock with an approximate value of $1.96 billion in TSN stocks shares; and STATE STREET CORP, currently with $1.34 billion in TSN stock with ownership of nearly 4.176% of the company’s market capitalization.

Tyson Ventures Launches First Pitch Event For Innovators

Tyson Ventures, the venture capital arm of Tyson Foods, announced its first ever pitch event for sustainability entrepreneurs and startups.

The goal of the event is to identify and ultimately invest in breakthrough, sustainable technologies that can help Tyson Foods reach its sustainability goals.

At Tyson Demo Day, the selected companies will virtually pitch their solutions to a group of Tyson Foods executives.

“Our ambition is to be the most sustainable and transparent food company in the world – and we believe long-term sustainability will be tied to innovation. We want to play our part and help foster those innovations we think will have the greatest impact to our food system,” said John Tyson, president of Tyson Ventures, EVP, and chief sustainability officer of Tyson Foods.

Startups can apply to participate in Tyson Demo Day by visiting the event website.

Applicants will be evaluated based on alignment with Tyson Ventures’ investment strategy, the solutions they present, and the potential those solutions have to help Tyson Foods meet its sustainability goals.

Since its inception in 2016, Tyson Ventures has invested more than $100 million in startups and other companies focused on emerging proteins, new technologies for food and worker safety and sustainable food production.

Tyson Foods

In 2007, Tyson created the Tyson Discovery Center, a 100,000-square-foot R&D center at their headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas, to work on new products and better packaging.

On June 2, 2021, President and CEO Dean Banks stepped down for family reasons and was replaced by Donnie King, the former Chief Operating Officer from February 2021 until June 2021 who graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and has worked at Tyson for 36 years beginning in 1982 with a brief hiatus from the firm from 2017 to 2019 due to the CEO at the time Tom Hayes’ restructuring of Tyson Foods.

Environmental groups have blamed Tyson for polluting the Illinois River with poultry litter, though a company spokesperson said the litter belongs to independent contract famers and not to Tyson.

The 36-count indictment, which was unsealed at Federal District Court in Chattanooga, Tennessee, accused Tyson of arranging to transport undocumented workers across the border and helping them to get counterfeit work papers for jobs at 15 Tyson plants.

“Officials including the sheriff in Black Hawk County, Iowa were critical of Tyson Foods on April 17, 2020, after an outbreak began at a company plant in Waterloo, Iowa. Tyson closed the Waterloo plant on April 22. According to an Associated Press report, the company said the shutdown”would deny a vital market to hog farmers and further disrupt the nation’s meat supply”.

Tyson competitors Perdue Farms and Sanderson Farms sued, claiming that Tyson’s claim violated truth-in-advertising/labeling standards, and Tyson acknowledged using ionophores in chicken feed.

In 2015, Tyson Foods severed ties with a supplier after Mercy For Animals published videos showing that employees at a Tyson supplier were stabbing, clubbing and stomping on chicken.

Tyson Foods, Inc. engages in the production of processed food.

It operates through the following segments: Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Prepared Foods.

The Chicken segment involves in domestic operations related to raising and processing live chickens into fresh, frozen, and value-added chicken products, as well as sales from allied products.

The Beef segment includes operations related to processing live fed cattle and fabricating dressed beef carcasses into primal and sub-primal meat cuts and case-ready products.

Segment comprises operations related to processing live market hogs and fabricating pork carcasses into primal and sub-primal cuts and case-ready products.

The Prepared Foods segment manufactures and markets frozen and refrigerated food products and logistic operations to move products through the supply chain.

Our theme of Plant-Based Meat Stocks, which includes companies that produce plant-based meat and related vegan ingredients, has returned just about 2% year-to-date, considerably underperforming the S&P 500, which has returned about 23% year-to-date.

Official Listing of USDA-Approved Laboratories Laboratory Approval Program for Export of Meat and Poultry Products The participants listed below have been evaluated by the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, and have been found to be in conformance with the requirements of USDA, AMS Laboratory Approval Program for Export of Meat and Poultry Products.

This LAP-Export is to assure participant laboratories perform validated confirmatory analysis of chemical residues, microorganisms, and parasites in pork, beef and poultry products.

Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods, Inc. is the largest American-owned processor and marketer of protein-centric brands.

What We Do.Great food, made by good people.

We grew from humble beginnings into a company that operates across the world.

Congratulations to our own Sufana Kreber on being recognized by the The Manufacturing Institute as a 2022 STEP Ahead Awards Honoree/Emerging Leader! Sufana has been in food and agricultural manufacturing for over 10 years and is now a project engineer with Tyson Foods.

Post Idea #19: Raytheon Company

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Raytheon Company

The Raytheon Company was a major U.S. defense contractor and industrial corporation with manufacturing concentrations in weapons and military and commercial electronics.

In 1925, the company changed its name to Raytheon Manufacturing Company and began marketing its rectifier, under the Raytheon brand name, with commercial success.

In 1928 Raytheon merged with Q.R.S. Company, an American manufacturer of electron tubes and switches, to form the successor of the same name, Raytheon Manufacturing Company.

In 1958, Raytheon acquired the marine electronics company Applied Electronics Company, which significantly increased its strength in commercial marine navigation and radio gear, as well as less-expensive Japanese suppliers of products such as marine/weather band radios and direction-finding gear.

Raytheon also divested itself of several nondefense businesses in the 1990s, including Amana Refrigeration, Raytheon Commercial Laundry, and Seismograph Service Ltd. On October 12, 1999, Raytheon exited the personal rapid transit business as it terminated its PRT 2000 system due to the high cost of development and the lack of interest.

Raytheon’s businesses are supported by several dedicated international operations including: Raytheon Australia; Raytheon Canada Limited; operations in Japan; Raytheon Microelectronics in Spain; Raytheon UK; and ThalesRaytheonSystems, France.

In another case, Raytheon was ordered by the Environmental Protection Agency to treat groundwater at the Tucson Plant in Arizona since Raytheon used and disposed metals, chlorinated solvents, and other substances at the plant since 1951.

Raytheon Missiles & Defense

U.S. Navy’s SPY-6 family of radars.

SPY-6 is the U.S. Navy family of radars that perform air and missile defense on seven classes of ships.

From sensors to command and control systems to precision weapons, we’re engineering advanced tech to protect navies around the world.

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We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to your market.

We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.

Raytheon Company

1925: Company changes its name to Raytheon Manufacturing Company and begins making tubes for radios.

Raytheon Company is the third largest defense contractor in the United States, trailing only the Boeing Company and Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Raytheon has pioneered in the conversion of defense technologies into commercial products handled by Raytheon Commercial Electronics, such as marine electronic equipment, broadband wireless communications products, and infrared night vision systems for automobiles.

Virtually all the tubes produced by Raytheon were used in radio sets whose design patents were held by RCA. In 1927 RCA altered its licensing agreements with radio manufacturers to stipulate that the radios could be built only with new rectifier tubes manufactured by RCA. Raytheon was, in effect, denied access to its markets.

Following the completion of the Hughes transaction, Raytheon consolidated its defense businesses-Raytheon Electronic Systems, Raytheon E-Systems, and the Texas Instruments and Hughes units-into a new operation called Raytheon Systems Company.

In connection with this restructuring and a smaller restructuring of Raytheon Engineers & Constructors, Raytheon took a $495 million restructuring charge in 1997 for a plan that by 1999 eliminated more than 14,000 jobs from the workforce and closed about 28 facilities in the United States.

To flatten the organizational structure, Raytheon Systems Company was reorganized into several smaller units: Electronic Systems; Command, Control, Communication and Information Systems; Raytheon Technical Services Company; and Aircraft Integration Systems.

Post Idea #20: Conference call

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Free Audio Conferencing

It’s hard to believe you get so many features with a free conference call service.

We’re much more than just a conference call line.

FreeConferenceCall.com is where collaboration happens.

Free Conference Call Service

Setup is easy and the conference call service is always free!

Conference Calling 24/7. Host free conference calls on-demand with no reservations required.

Access call details and reports in your online dashboard to know who attended, your call length, and more.

Supports Popular VOIP. Attendees can dial into our free conference call service by regular phone, cell phone or popular VOIP services without issue.

Traditional conference call services too pricey? Free Conference Calling gives you high-quality audio conferencing at no cost.

I’ll highly recommend Free Conference Calling to people in the future.

Join the thousands of companies using Free Conference Calling today.

What Is A Conference Call?

Since everything goes over an IP network such as the public internet, calling costs can be kept down, e.g. when making international conference calls between farflung remote teams.

This evolution of the traditional conference call has helped drive more productive meetings, increased engagement and focus, and improved interpersonal connections.

Instant messaging: Real-time chat may be integrated into a web-based conference call.

Advanced audio and meeting controls: Free from the hardware constraints of a desk phone, web conference call organizers and attendees can use software buttons to mute themselves, record the call, view a list of participants, and more.

Conference calls have steadily evolved to keep up with technological trends, and it’s now common for invites to include a link or button so that the conference can be joined without a conventional dial-in.

Learn more about the video conferencing and conference call features in Cisco Webex.

The first rule of conference call etiquette, if we had to draw one up, would be to go on mute unless speaking.

Free Conference Calls For Business For 30 Days

Learn More Superior Call Quality Experience crystal clear conference call sound quality through our network of Tier 1 carriers around the world.

Learn More Always Ready Start a global conference call without any prior reservations or time restrictions.

Learn More Record and Listen Later Record your conference call on-the-fly using handy touchtone commands and download past recordings.

A conference call is a sophisticated type of phone call that allows multiple parties to connect to the same call.

Continue to Article Conference call services are offered at a variety of levels to best serve the varied needs of conference call users.

Continue to Article There are occasions when the services of professional operator assisted conference calls are beneficial.

Continue to Article To identify the right conference call service for your company look for a service with the following features … Continue to Article.

Free Conference Call Services

Start your free video or voice conference call, share a screen or create a meeting room.

With no fees, no credit cards, no surcharges and no limitations, you can host or join a free conference call with up to 100 participants to discuss the topic of the day, whether it’s launching that new feature or just catching up with your family and friends.

FreeConference offers a free and unlimited conference calling service with HD quality.

Free online meeting rooms come with free video and audio conferencing, free screen and document sharing, online whiteboard and free dial-in integration.

Share your screen straight from your web browser during a free conference call for more compelling presentations and real-time collaboration.

With FreeConference you can start a free video or audio call for up to 100 participants.

Use our free conference call service on any phone or web browser connected to the Internet.

Conference Call

The conference call may be designed to allow the called party to participate during the call or set up so that the called party merely listens into the call and cannot speak.

It is sometimes called ATC. Conference calls can be designed so that the calling party calls the other participants and adds them to the call; however, participants are usually able to call into the conference call themselves by dialing a telephone number that connects to a “Conference bridge,” which is a specialized type of equipment that links telephone lines.

A standard conference call begins with a disclaimer stating that anything said in the duration of the call may be a forward-looking statement, and that results may vary significantly.

Prepaid conference call services allow businesses and individuals to purchase conferencing services online, and conduct conference calls on a pay-as-you-go basis.

With free conference calling, as mentioned above, there are no organizer fees so these services do not double-dip: the consumer pays for a regular call with the same three components – origination, transport, and termination – of any call.

In other words, the call costs the same as any other call under the customer’s calling plan, but the conferencing is included for free to the host and participants of the conference call.

Systems were soon moved to 0844 and 0871 prefixes in order to retain the revenue sharing arrangement, this means that whilst you wouldn’t pay the conference call provider directly, you would dial an expensive premium-rate number to access your conference call.

Post Idea #21: Food steamer

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Steamers / Small Appliances: Home & Kitchen

Eating healthy can sometimes be a struggle, but a food steamer is a great way to remove some of the guesswork.

Steaming doesn’t require the addition of any fatty oils so meals stay as lean as possible, and the cooking method keeps all of the nutrients in your food rather than boiling them away and dumping them down the drain.

Best of all, food steamers are quick and convenient for cooking veggies, meat, seafood, and grains, and you can prepare them at once in a multi-tiered appliance.

That having been said, there are a wide variety of food steamers out there, of different shapes, sizes and designs, so it can be a little difficult to sort through the crowd to find the best option for your needs.

The 7 Best Food Steamers Of 2022

Steaming is a moist-heat cooking method that cooks food by surrounding it with hot vapor in an enclosed environment.

Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone electric model to prepare a feat or a convenient steamer insert to fit in a pot you already own for veggies and baby food prep, we’ve compiled a variety of food steamers to meet your needs.

The food is placed in the insert, and the perforated base of the insert allows the steam to surround and heat the food.

Electric steamers can be found with stackable, perforated trays or divided so that large batches of food or different types of food can be steamed at the same time.

How long does it take to steam food in a steamer? Steaming is one of the quicker cooking methods.

How do you descale a food steamer? Keeping a food steamer clean is pretty easy, since there are no oils or sauces involved in cooking.

In addition to the best food steamers, she’s also written roundups on the best cookware, bread machines, and pressure cookers.

5 Best Food Steamers

In short order, you may view your food steamer as your new best friend – especially when you step on the scale.

Because of the elementary nature of this method, it’s best to steam either one type of food – say broccoli – or a group of items that require the same amount of cooking time.

Steamers date back to 5000 BC, when the Chinese used pottery steamers to cook food.

Food steamers come in a number of sizes and shapes, and while they generally perform the same function, there are myriad options.

As with most kitchen appliances, not all food steamers are created equally.

PriceUnder $25. The Oster 5-Quart steamer hovers in this price range at a cost of $34. It’s definitely one of the cheaper quality food steamers you’ll find on today’s market.

Food steamers require less energy than other cooking methods.

Vancouver, BC Household Items

Vancouver, BC household items – by owner “Steamer” – craigslist.

There was an error loading the page; please try to refresh the page.

We’ve detected you are using a browser that is missing critical features.

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Food Steamer

A food steamer or steam cooker is a small kitchen appliance used to cook or prepare various foods with steam heat by means of holding the food in a closed vessel reducing steam escape.

The ancient Chinese used pottery steamers to cook food.

Archaeological excavations have uncovered pottery cooking vessels known as yan steamers; a yan composed of two vessel, a zeng with perforated floor surmounted on a pot or caldron with a tripod base and a top cover.

The earliest yan steamer dating from about 5000 BC was unearthed in the Banpo site.

In the lower Yangzi River, zeng pots first appeared in the Hemudu culture and Liangzhu culture and used to steam rice; there are also yan steamers unearthed in several Liangzhu sites, including 3 found at the Chuodun and Luodun sites in southern Jiangsu.

Due to their health aspect, food steamers are used extensively in health-oriented diets such as cuisine minceur, some raw food diets, the Okinawa diet, a macrobiotic diet, or the CRON-diet.

Food steamers release less heat to the kitchen environment, therefore helping keep the kitchen cool during hot summers.

Post Idea #22: Clothes steamer

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5 Best Clothes Steamers

The best clothes steamer will heat up quickly, feature temperature control, and come with a tank that allows you to steam for sufficient periods of time, but is not too heavy to move.

Fabric steamers essentially do the same job as a clothes iron, but many people find them easier to use.

Handheld fabric steamers are, as the name suggests, small enough to hold in one hand as you do your steaming.

“Fabric steamers with a continuous steam function are ideal for people with arthritis or any other condition that might make it uncomfortable to hold down a button for long periods of time.”

Many fabric steamers require the user to constantly hold a button down for steam to come out.

These clothes steamers cost between $40 and $70. These tend to have a range of accessories and are known to be durable and long-lasting.

We spent 39 hours researching 74 clothes steamers before picking our best.

6 Best Clothes Steamers And Garment Steamers Of 2021

If you’re thinking of buying a steamer, here’s what experts recommend knowing, from key features some of the best steamers to consider right now.

There are two different types of steamers: Handheld steamers and standing steamers.

Prices range from $25 to over $200 – you’ll mostly get what you pay for, said Maker, so if you plan to use your steamer often, it may be worthwhile to invest in a higher-quality steamer: “I’m a huge fan of buying the better model and buying it only once. You don’t want to save money now, but then have it break in six months.” Some steamers come with additional features like steam settings, heat adjustments and attachments.

RelatedBest steamers this yearTo help you find the right steamer for you, here are some highly-rated handheld and standing steamers across price points.

Jiffy J-2000 Garment Steamer with Plastic Steam HeadThis 1,300-watt standing steamer has a 0.75-gallon water tank, enough water to steam for up to an hour and a half.

Reliable Vivio 500GC Garment SteamerMaker recommends Reliable as a durable, high-quality steamer brand – this standing model comes with a one-gallon water tank, wheels, a 5-foot-plus hose and a removable hanger to easily hang your clothes.

SALAV GS18-DJ/120 Garment Steamer This standing steamer is a more affordable option for those who want the size and power of a standing steamer without the high price tag.

The 8 Best Clothes Steamers, Tested By The Spruce

Clothes steamers are also ideal for quick touch-ups, and they can even be used on curtains and upholstery to sanitize fabric and remove wrinkles.

Here, the best clothes steamers, backed by our testing.

If you’re looking for a full-size clothes steamer, we highly recommend the Steamfast Canister Garment Steamer.

Type “Home steamers basically come in two varieties: base-mounted steamers and handheld steamers,” says Wayne Edelman, CEO of Meurice Garment Care.

“Handheld steamers are good to use for a quick touch-up or to travel with. Base tank steamers are used in retail environments because they have larger water reservoirs and therefore will run longer without refilling with water.”

Power level Most home steamers have a wattage between 500 and 1500, and steamers with a high wattage produce more steam at once.

She took these scores, as well as her overall experience with each steamer, into consideration as she put together this list of the best clothes steamers.

9 Best Clothes Steamers For 2022

A garment steamer is a great addition to a traditional steam iron for quickly removing wrinkles and freshening fabrics.

Because they are so portable, garment steamers are perfect for travel and they are easy to use around the house to spruce up bed skirts, draperies and window treatments, pillow shams and more.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab tests all garment steamers for efficiency, heat-up time and ease of use.

You can steam way more than just clothing with the Black + Decker Advanced Garment Steamer.

We have used it many times in the Good Housekeeping Cleaning Lab and have always considered it the gold standard of upright garment steamers.

According to the manufacturer, this model has 15 minutes of continuous steam and has an eight ounce removable water tank, perfect for those who have multiple garments in need of good steaming.

The stylish steamer heats up quickly, is easy to fill and pumps out five minutes of steam when you press the button.

The Best Clothing Steamers For 2022

I tested three basic types of steamers for this guide: midsize handheld models, which look like small dumbbells and are a good choice if you steam semi-regularly; small portable models, which hold a few ounces of water and are best for light use; and full-size, floor-standing models, which have a rod to hang your garments and the biggest tanks, so you can steam for long stretches without refilling.

Good power: The steamers with the strongest bursts of hot steam flattened wrinkles the fastest.

Several steamers we’ve considered have multiple holes for the steam to escape, but the Sunbeam has a thin, long slit, which results in a more targeted sheet of steam.

Handheld steamers can be uncomfortable to use after a few minutes-of the three steamer types we tested, they were the heaviest to hold, and they tended to be awkwardly top-heavy.

Portable steamers are not the most impressive examples of modern engineering-most of them leak, and they’re not that powerful-but the Conair Complete Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer is the best one we’ve found, and it even outperformed some bigger, pricier models.

If you have a lot of steaming to do, if you prefer to steam clothes spread out on a table or bed instead of hanging upright, or if you don’t find heavy handheld steamers comfortable to use, the floor-standing Reliable Vivio 500GC Professional Garment Steamer is a solid alternative that left its four competitors in the dust.

The Black+Decker 2-in-1 Steam & Iron Handheld Steamer & Press Plate was the best of the three Black+Decker steamers we tried, and it performed about as well as the Sunbeam and Conair steamers.

12 Best Clothes Steamers 2022

A garment steamer is an efficient, convenient way to give your clothes a swift refresh with zero ironing required.

So while we’ve written about the best clothing irons before and even featured one stylist’s favorite travel garment steamer, here we’re rounding up the best clothes steamers as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

“Amazing handy steamer to have when you’re on the go and need to freshen up some clothes for a business trip, or even for at-home use when you need to quickly take the wrinkles out of your garments,” one writes, adding that it’s “a great purchase and perfect cost.” Another says it “Fits perfectly in your carry-on or luggage.” Even if you’re staying put and just don’t have room for a traditional iron, reviewers say this works well.

“WOW, what a lifesaver,” says a boutique owner who tackles “Approximately 15 garments per hour” without “Having to refill it every four garments.” Another reviewer calls it “a game-changer, so light and easy to use and blows steam like crazy.” Part of the ease of use, according to at least one reviewer, is the garment hanger that comes with the steamer.

The head of the steamer converts into a hot iron, which pleasantly surprised one reviewer who “Didn’t expect it to function as an iron separately. I thought the board was to be able to steam on an ironing board, but the head heats up like an iron!” They add that they’re required to “Wear a suit every day for work, and this got the job done in the morning in less than five minutes.” Although the steamer’s various functions at first could seem to complicate things, another reviewer promises it’s “Easy to put together and easy to use. It also is not clunky, so handling it is effortless It has really made the chore of getting wrinkles out of fabric ten times easier and more enjoyable.”

One reviewer who is a “TV wardrobe stylist” considers herself an expert on steamers.

“The steamer is shaped like a tube, and the handle folds flat so it was easy to tuck in among clothes in my bag,” one user says.

Clothes Steamer

A clothes steamer, also called a garment steamer or simply a steamer, is a device used for quickly removing wrinkles from garments and fabrics with the use of high temperature steam.

There are three basic sizes of clothes steamers: commercial floor models used in large manufacturing plants and dry cleaners, mid-sized models for small businesses such as tailors or seamstresses, and the most recent evolution in the steamer industry the handheld mini steamers typically for household use or traveling.

Steamers relax fibers rather than flattening like traditional ironing, this process is gentler on clothing and eliminates scorching.

This means a clothes steamer can also be used to remove wrinkles from delicate fabrics such as silk.

The most popular steamers are handheld and easy to use, simply hang garment, fill the steamer’s water reservoir, wait a few minutes for it to heat and proceed to go over the article with a sweeping motion.

Many of these features are typically only found on the more expensive vertical valet clothes steamer models.

Handheld, or travel, clothes steamers don’t often include these additional features and are usually less powerful than their vertical valet steamers counterparts.

Post Idea #23: Food industry

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ScienceDirect Topics

The aims of this overview are to examine various methods of immobilization accessible to the food industry, to present potential applications of ICT to food & beverage industries, as well as examine some challenges related to upscaling the processes.

The consumption of ready-to-eat foods makes food as an important issue because it has socioeconomic and health impacts.

Although a fair amount of work has been done on novel reactors and processes for the production of food enzymes, extensive work has yet to be carried out on several topics related to food enzyme production.

Integrating fuel production from food waste into existing biofuel infrastructure can be very economical, since food waste can generally be obtained at low or zero cost.

Food markets have evolved, along with changing consumer demographics, into sophisticated and efficient systems that supply a broad array of fresh and processed food items sourced from all over the world.

Finally, traditional food retailers face competition from food service firms as time-strapped consumers devote more and more of their food spending to the away-from-home market.

Specific issues in this arena include food safety, the role of the food marketing system in rising rates of obesity and associated health problems, and the development and promotion of functional foods.

Food Industry

The food industry is a complex, global network of diverse businesses that supplies most of the food consumed by the world’s population.

Regulation: local, regional, national, and international rules and regulations for food production and sale, including food quality, food security, food safety, marketing/advertising, and industry lobbying activities.

Research and development: food science, food microbiology, food technology, food chemistry, and food engineering.

Areas of research such as food grading, food preservation, food rheology, food storage directly deal with the quality and maintenance of quality overlapping many of the above processes.

Most food produced for the food industry comes from commodity crops using conventional agricultural practices.

Regulations exist to protect consumers and somewhat balance this economic orientation with public interests for food quality, food security, food safety, animal well-being, environmental protection and health.

Today, two food industry sectors are in apparent competition for the retail food dollar.

New World Encyclopedia

The food industry is the complex network of farmers and diverse businesses that together supply much of the food consumed by the world population.

Although there is no formal definition for the term, the food industry covers all aspects of food production and sale.

Regulation: Local, regional, national, and international rules and regulations for food production and sale, including food quality and food safety, and industry lobbying activities.

More people in the world are involved in agriculture as their primary economic activity than in any other, yet it only accounts for four percent of the world’s GDP. Food processing is the methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into food for human consumption.

With populations around the world concentrating in urban areas, food buying is increasingly removed from all aspects food production.

The food service industry offers prepared food, either as finished products, or as partially prepared components for final “Assembly.”

The Food World is the biggest directory for food, beverage and agriculture industries, worldwide.

81 Important Food Industry Statistics: 2021/2022 Data Analysis And Market Share

With the cannabidiol or CBD industry flourishing, the restaurant industry is also exploring its creative uses in food and drink.

The restaurant industry also experienced sweeping changes because of the novel coronavirus.

The number of hourly workers in restaurants went down by 45%. The food industry lost almost 2.5 million jobs in 2020.

It’s important for restaurant owners to provide good service and food.

Lock, S. Restaurant industry in the U.S. – statistics & facts.

State of the Industry: The restaurant industry in recovery.

Schouten, R. Generation Z restaurant habits changing the food industry.

Food Industry Market Research Reports, Analysis & Trends

Food industry comprises companies that operate by manufacturing, producing, packaging, retailing and distribution of food products in various forms.

Food retail is dominated by outfits in the EU and the US, growing their market share in emerging nations and small retailers accounting for an increasing share of food sales.

The industry is not concentrated, with the 50 leading food manufacturers representing less than 20% of the global packaged food sales.

The food industry encompasses several categories of food including: dairy, seafood, eggs, fruit and vegetables, luxury foods, organic food, meat, packaged food, condiments, and cereal-based products.

When negative impacting issues such as the horse meat scandal that kept the food industry in the news for all the wrong reasons in 2012, and food and out of stock scares take their toll on consumer confidence, lately companies have finally understood and worked a cut out in order to regain consumer trust.

An increasing global population and a shift towards convenience food has continued to push the industry forward and that is why changing habits in food culture have come to mean varied tastes while increasing demand for ethnic foods and newer formats, newer formats such as microwaveable food products.

According to Global Industry Analysts, the world market for muscle food packaging, which encompasses meat, seafood and poultry packaging, is expected to exceed $31 billion by 2017.

Food And Beverage Industry Trends 2022

Total online sales of food and beverage-including groceries and takeout food-jumped 125% from the previous year, to $106 billion, according to research from the Food Industry Association and NielsenIQ. “This is an incredible acceleration of the online food and beverage space. It shattered all of our projections,” Elizabeth Buchanan, head of consumer intelligence for North America at NielsenIQ said during a virtual presentation for FMI. “COVID-19 [brought] more digitally engaged food shoppers into the mix.”

In 2022 and moving into 2023, DTC ecommerce will continue to be a critical sales tool for businesses in the food and beverage industry.

That’s why experts predict that one of the biggest trends in the food and beverage industry in 2022 will be a focus on “Preventative eating” or “Proactive eating.”

New and innovative superfoods marketed to boost immunity will be one of the top food and beverage industry trends in 2022, whether it comes in the form of mushroom coffee, algae capsules, no- or low-alcohol beverages, or bone broth.

Food & Beverage Insider also predicts that this approach to health will be holistic, with customers seeking out food and ingredients that can help with mental clarity and stress relief, such as adaptogens, CBD, and I-theanine.

In mid-2020, frontrunner brands Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat both launched DTC websites, demonstrating the role that ecommerce in the food and beverage industry will play in this category.

Will this hold strong as one of the biggest digital trends in the food and beverage industry when stores reopen and lockdowns end? Experts think so.

Post Idea #24: Procurement

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A Complete Guide To Procurement Processes

It is critical to understand what is procurement first because it will give an in-depth understanding of procurement and supply processes.

The procurement team endeavors to create and sustain a good relationship with the direct procurement vendors.

The number of people involved in the procurement process depends on the sale of the manufacture and procurement orders.

On one hand, procurement is defined as the set of processes such as selection, identification, and acquiring of goods and services from vendors through a range of different processes.

The procurement process involves ensuring that the goods and services are received on or before time and that the correct amount of goods and services has been delivered to the business as specified in the PO. However, purchasing focuses on acquiring goods and services which are needed by an organization and doesn’t focus on the other aspects like procurement.

The purchase is not ongoing like procurement because once the goods and services are acquired, that is the end of procurement.

Procurement places emphasis on ensuring care is taken to find the best suppliers who can meet those requirements and when a relationship is built, procurement emphasizes ensuring it is maintained.

Procurement Definition

Procurement generally refers to the final act of purchasing but it can also include the procurement process overall which can be critically important for companies leading up to their final purchasing decision.

Companies can be on both sides of the procurement process as buyers or sellers though here we mainly focus on the side of the soliciting company.

Procurement and procurement processes can require a substantial portion of a company’s resources to manage.

Chief Procurement Officers Some companies may even choose to hire a chief procurement officer to lead these efforts.

A chief procurement officer can oversee the establishment of procurement standards, work with accounts payable to ensure procurement standard integration and efficient payment, and serve on procurement teams making procurement decisions when there are multiple competitive bids.

Overall, procurement costs will be integrated into the financial accounting of a business, as procurement involves acquiring goods and/or services for the revenue goals of the business.

Goods vs. Services Procurement Accounting Procurement is part of the expense process for all types of companies, but goods and services companies account for revenues and costs differently.

What Is Procurement? The Complete 101 Guide To Procurement Principles

Procurement in manufacturing, supply, and other privately owned businesses is not the only type of procurement.

While procurement in business makes up a large portion of all procurement activities, nonprofits and governmental organizations also depend on this process to get the products and services they need.

More information about this subfield of procurement can be found in our eBook on the principles of public procurement.

The procurement team is managed by the chief procurement officer.

Procurement is generally divided into two subcategories – direct procurement and indirect procurement.

The difference between procurement and purchasing is that procurement, which is closely entwined with a company’s overall corporate strategy, deals with the complexity of managing the bigger picture, while purchasing is a smaller, straight-forward process that falls under the procurement umbrella.

Blockchain presents many advantages in supply chain and procurement management practices, including enhanced traceability, increased control, reduced data entry and paperwork, and the ability to automate various processes by working in combination with other digital technologies like IoT. While blockchain has a lot of potential for procurement applications, some in the supply chain industry have been hesitant to fully adopt it as technology is still fairly new and not yet widespread. Conclusion.

What Is Procurement? Types, Processes & Technology

Many companies consider that procurement encompasses all the stages, from gathering business requirements and sourcing suppliers to tracking the receipt of goods and updating payment terms, while others define procurement as a narrower range of activities, such as issuing purchase orders and making payments.

Technology can reduce procurement cost and administrative overhead by automating and tracking procurement processes.

These records act as a store of organizational knowledge about payment terms and supplier performance, helping the business maintain an efficient procurement process – even if the procurement staff changes over time.

Procurement vs. purchasing: If procurement involves purchasing, you might be wondering: What’s the difference between purchasing and procurement? The answer is that purchasing is essentially transactional, focusing on managing specific orders to meet company needs.

Another way to think about the difference between purchasing and procurement is that procurement takes a proactive approach that starts with analyzing the company’s needs, whereas purchasing is a reactive approach – simply focusing on obtaining what the company has already decided it needs.

Procurement vs. supply chain: Procurement covers one aspect of supply chain management.

As with almost any other area of the business, technology can increase the productivity of procurement groups, while reducing process costs by as much as 30%. You can also simplify steps such as soliciting bids, creating orders and paying for supplies using ERP solutions with procurement software.

Procurement Definition & Meaning

The act of procuring, or obtaining or getting by effort, care, or the use of special means: The organ procurement procedure is very complicated.

MORE ABOUT PROCUREMENT. What does procurement mean?

Such a department is often simply referred to as procurement, as in You’ll have to ask procurement to order those materials.

In general, procurement means the act of getting something, especially through special means or extra effort, as in The procurement of transplant organs is a complex process.

Procurement can simply refer to the act of acquiring something, as in The procurement of this replacement part for the refrigerator was no easy task.

People who work in this field are said to work in procurement, and such a department is often referred to as simply procurement, as in Jim in procurement said that order will take at least two weeks.

Words related to procurementHow to use procurement in a sentence Barry Parkin is chief sustainability and procurement.


Direct procurement and indirect procurement Types Direct procurement Indirect procurement Raw material and production goods Maintenance, repair, and operating supplies, outsourcing Capital goods and services.

In 2021 the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council put forward an appeal asking everyone working in the procurement profession in Australia to include the term in their occupational title when completing their August 2021 census return.

“The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply promotes a model of”five rights”, which it suggests are “a traditional formula expressing the basic objectives of procurement and the general criteria by which procurement performance is measured”, namely that goods and services purchased should be of the right quality, in the right quantity, delivered to the right place at the right time and obtained at the right price.

Ardent Partners published a report in 2011 which presented a comprehensive, industry-wide view into what was happening in the world of procurement at that time by drawing on the experience, performance, and perspective of nearly 250 chief procurement officers and other procurement executives.

The average procurement department also achieved an annual saving of 6.7% in the last reporting cycle, sourced 52.6% of its addressable spend, and has a contract compliance rate of 62.6%. Consultants A.T. Kearney have developed a model for assessing the performance of a procurement organisation or the procurement function within a wider organisation, known as ROSMASM. According to the 2016 ROSMA℠ Performance Check Report, What Good Looks Like,.

Page 5 . Spend under management also contributes to an additional measure of procurement performance or procurement efficiency: procurement operating expense as a percentage of managed spend.

Procurement fraud can be defined as dishonestly obtaining an advantage, avoiding an obligation or causing a loss to public property or various means during procurement process by public servants, contractors or any other person involved in the procurement.

Meaning & Examples

Direct procurement for a company that makes cookies would include items such as flour, eggs, and butter.

Through indirect procurement, a company can amass the materials necessary to run its operation.

With services procurement, a company would seek to obtain the necessary labor to run its operation.

The first step of the procurement process is realizing that a good or service is required by the company.

An effective procurement process will allow a company to obtain the goods and services they require at the appropriate time.

A successful company cannot operate efficiently without the backing of a competent procurement team.

With a streamlined procurement process, a company can ensure the timely arrival of goods and services without breaking its budget.

Post Idea #25: Carbon fibers

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Innovative Composite Engineering

Carbon fiber is made of thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon that is used to strengthen material.

Carbon fiber can be thinner than a strand of human hair and gets its strength when twisted together like yarn.

Carbon fiber dates back to 1879 when Thomas Edison baked cotton threads or bamboo silvers at high temperatures, which carbonized them into an all-carbon fiber filament.

In 1963 a new manufacturing process was developed at a British research center, which is where carbon fiber’s strength potential was realized.

Carbon fiber is made from a process that is part chemical and part mechanical.

A typical sequences used to form carbon fibers from polyacrylonitrile involves spinning, stabilizing, carbonizing, treating the surface and sizing.

If you would like a carbon fiber pint glass, that can be made.

Carbon Fibers

Carbon fibers or carbon fibres are fibers about 5 to 10 micrometers in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms.

To produce a carbon fiber, the carbon atoms are bonded together in crystals that are more or less aligned parallel to the long axis of the fiber as the crystal alignment gives the fiber high strength-to-volume ratio.

Carbon fibers derived from polyacrylonitrile are turbostratic, whereas carbon fibers derived from mesophase pitch are graphitic after heat treatment at temperatures exceeding 2200 °C. Turbostratic carbon fibers tend to have high ultimate tensile strength, whereas heat-treated mesophase-pitch-derived carbon fibers have high Young’s modulus and high thermal conductivity.

In a comparison between steel and carbon fiber materials for automotive materials, carbon fiber may be 10-12x more expensive.

Carbon fiber is most notably used to reinforce composite materials, particularly the class of materials known as carbon fiber or graphite reinforced polymers.

Molding a thin layer of carbon fibers significantly improves fire resistance of polymers or thermoset composites because a dense, compact layer of carbon fibers efficiently reflects heat.

Carbon heated in the range of 1500-2000 °C exhibits the highest tensile strength, while carbon fiber heated from 2500 to 3000 °C exhibits a higher modulus of elasticity.

Carbon fiber is a material consisting of thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon.

Carbon fiber is composed of carbon atoms bonded together to form a long chain.

Carbon fiber material comes in a variety of “Raw” building blocks, including yarns, uni-directional, weaves, braids, and several others, which are in turn used to create carbon fiber composite parts.

The utilization of prepreg, and in particular high modulus and ultra high modulus carbon fiber prepregs, yields substantially higher stiffness to weight ratios.

“FEA analyses comparing sandwich laminate with solid carbon fiber are shown below. These calculations show the deflections of a cantilever beam with a load placed at the end. In the figure, 3/16” birch plywood core laminate is shown next to a solid carbon fiber layup of equal weight.

The two most common uses for carbon fiber are in applications where a high strength to weight and high stiffness to weight are desirable.

The properties of a carbon fiber part are close to that of steel and the weight is close to that of plastic.

Top 9 Things You Didn’T Know About Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber – sometimes known as graphite fiber – is a strong, stiff, lightweight material that has the potential to replace steel and is popularly used in specialized, high-performance products like aircrafts, racecars and sporting equipment.

Current methods for manufacturing carbon fiber tend to be slow and energy intensive, making it costly for use in mass-produced applications.

With a goal of reducing carbon fiber production costs by 50 percent, the Energy Department’s new Carbon Fiber Technology Facility at Oak Ridge National Laboratory is working with manufacturers and researchers to develop better and cheaper processes for producing carbon fibers.

The 42,000-square foot facility features a 390-foot-long processing line that is capable of producing up to 25 tons of carbon fiber a year – that is enough carbon fiber to cover the length of almost 138,889 football fields.

The most common carbon fiber precursor – the raw material used to make carbon fibers – is polyacrylonitrile, accounting for more than 90 percent of all carbon fiber production.

As part of conventional carbon fiber production, precursors go through several processes that include stretching, oxidation and carbonization in high-temperature furnaces that vaporize about 50 percent of the material, making it nearly 100 percent carbon.

In addition to its uses in manufacturing of cars and trucks, advances in carbon fiber will help American manufacturers lower the cost and improve the performance of wind turbine blades and towers, electronics, energy storage components and power transmission lines.

All About Carbon Fiber And How It’S Made

Also called graphite fiber or carbon graphite, carbon fiber consists of very thin strands of the element carbon.

Carbon fiber is made from organic polymers, which consist of long strings of molecules held together by carbon atoms.

Carbon fiber manufacturers use proprietary formulas and combinations of raw materials for the materials they produce and in general, they treat these specific formulations as trade secrets.

After the carbonization process is complete, the remaining fiber is made up of long, tightly interlocked carbon atom chains with few or no non-carbon atoms remaining.

Carbon nanotubes are manufactured via a different process than standard carbon fibers.

As carbon fiber technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for carbon fiber will only diversify and increase.

Hart worked with MIT Associate Professor of Chemistry Mircea Dinca on a recently concluded three-year collaboration with Automobili Lamborghini to investigate the possibilities of new carbon fiber and composite materials that might one day not only “Enable the complete body of the car to be used as a battery system,” but lead to “Lighter, stronger bodies, more-efficient catalytic converters, thinner paint, and improved power-train heat transfer [overall].”

How Is Carbon Fiber Made?

The raw material used to make carbon fiber is called the precursor.

About 90% of the carbon fibers produced are made from polyacrylonitrile.

This process is called carbonization and leaves a fiber composed of long, tightly interlocked chains of carbon atoms with only a few non-carbon atoms remaining.

While ZOLTEK has its own trade secrets, we’re also eager to encourage a broader understanding of carbon fiber as an ideal material for commercial use.

As the fibers are heated, they begin to lose their non-carbon atoms, plus a few carbon atoms, in the form of various gases including water vapor, ammonia, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, and others.

As the non-carbon atoms are expelled, the remaining carbon atoms form tightly bonded carbon crystals that are aligned more or less parallel to the long axis of the fiber.

Oxidation can be achieved by immersing the fibers in various gases such as air, carbon dioxide, or ozone; or in various liquids such as sodium hypochlorite or nitric acid.

Toray Composite Materials America

Toray’s TORAYCA® carbon fiber is globally recognized for its outstanding performance, quality, and consistency in processing.

Toray is the world’s first commercial manufacturer of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibers, since 1971, and Toray Composite Materials America, Inc., has been producing TORAYCA® carbon fibers in Decatur, Alabama, since 1999, and recently expanded to Spartanburg, South Carolina, as well.

Toray is the largest carbon fiber manufacturer in the world with a global capacity of 29,100 metric tons per year of TORAYCA® carbon fiber produced in the United States, Japan, France, and South Korea.

While originating as primarily an aerospace material, cost-effective TORAYCA® carbon fibers are used today in a wide variety of industrial and recreational applications as well.

A full portfolio of carbon fiber products is offered, including standard-modulus, intermediate-modulus, and high-modulus fibers with a range of material properties.

A comprehensive TORAYCA® Technical Manual is available with further information that may assist you in selecting the correct carbon fiber product for your specific application.

The tables below show the TORAYCA® carbon fiber product line available along with some of their properties and a link to the technical datasheet.

Post Idea #26: Carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers

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Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymers

In CFRP the reinforcement is carbon fiber, which provides its strength.

The properties of CFRP depend on the layouts of the carbon fiber and the proportion of the carbon fibers relative to the polymer.

Many CFRP parts are created with a single layer of carbon fabric that is backed with fiberglass.

One method of producing CFRP parts is by layering sheets of carbon fiber cloth into a mold in the shape of the final product.

Retrofitting is popular in many instances as the cost of replacing the deficient structure can greatly exceed the cost of strengthening using CFRP. Applied to reinforced concrete structures for flexure, CFRP typically has a large impact on strength, but only a moderate increase in stiffness.

CFRP spokes are rare and most carbon wheelsets retain traditional stainless steel spokes.

Carbon nanotube reinforced polymer is several times stronger and tougher than CFRP and is used in the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II as a structural material for aircraft.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers

The diffusion of a multi-material design, where metallic and non-metallic materials are used together to fabricate the same component, has driven the research towards efficient joining technologies of metals to carbon fiber reinforced composites.

More recently, the introduction of nanofillers into conventional carbon fiber reinforced polymers offered the opportunity to combine the potential benefits of nanoscale reinforcement with well-established fibrous composites to create multiscale or hierarchical composites, characterized by enhanced structural and functional properties.

The Special Issue Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers collects 31 papers, 3 reviews and 28 research papers, with the aim to present recent advances in carbon fiber reinforced polymers, focusing on emerging trends in matrix development, composite manufacturing technologies and joining methods and mechanical behavior modeling.

Prepared high-performance composites by combining traditional Resin Transfer Molding and compression molding, obtaining composites with superior mechanical properties and reduced porosity.

Critically reviewed the elastoplastic micromechanics models of composites and compared them in the case of the elastoplastic behavior of long fibrous composites subjected to a static load. Xie et al.

Developed a multiscale modeling approach to estimate the effect of defects on the strength of unidirectional carbon fiber composites.

Investigated the influence of unit cell size and fiber packing on the transverse tensile response of fiber-reinforced composites in the context of integrated computational materials engineering.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer – Abdul Mohaiman Andrew Washington Chris King Dominic DeMartini Material * Carbon fiber-reinforced polymer(CFRP) is an extremely strong and lightweight fiber reinforced polymer.

Automotive Applications Carbon fiber is generally used in high end racing applications, where the high cost is offset by the unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio, where low weight is critical.

The low weight but high strength of carbon fiber allows the frames to be smaller and lighter while still extremely strong.

Aerospace Applications Recently Carbon fiber has become a major material in the manufacturing of commercial aircraft namely the new Airbus A350 and Boeing Dreamliner.

Use of carbon fiber in flight is not new, it was even being used back in 1968 as fan assemblies.

Carbon Fiber cloth is cut into layers of desired shape and hand laid, layer by layer, into the mold.

Our second objective was to find the strength difference between hand laid sample with 12 layers of.010 oz Carbon Fiber and a vacuum bagged sample of same amount of Carbon Fiber.

What Is A Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer?

A carbon fiber-reinforced polymer refers to a type of durable and strong material that is composed of linked-chain carbon atoms in a matrix structure of polymer resin.

Carbon fiber-reinforced polymers include epoxy, polyester, nylon and vinyl.

The fibers often include glass or aluminum in addition to carbon.

This material variation provides strength and rigidity to CFRP. The properties of CFRP are dependent on the ratio of fiber to polymer, the types of additives and the matrix structure.

Carbon fiber-reinforced polymers have the best strength-to-weight ratio of all construction materials.

Despite having a high strength-to-weight ratio, one structural disadvantage is its relatively low fatigue endurance limit.

A sufficient safety limit must be factored in when it is used in applications that may present significant risk to humans or the environment in the event of a premature failure.

Properties, Applications, Advantages & Disadvantages – Mastercivilengineer

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) are composite materials that rely on the carbon fiber to provide the stiffness and strength while the polymer provides a cohesive matrix to protect & hold the fiber together and provides some toughness.

Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Carbon fiber reinforced polymer is a bad conductor of electricity and is non-magnetic.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer has been in the construction of new building & strengthening reinforced concrete structures using near-surface mounted carbon fiber reinforced polymer reinforcement technique.

There are many techniques that use carbon fiber reinforced polymer strips, laminates for strengthening concrete structures such as externally bonded carbon fiber reinforced polymer sheets and near-surface mounted fiber-reinforced polymer.

The performance of the strengthening methods depends on the strength of the adhesive used to bond carbon fiber reinforced polymer to the concrete surface and the degree of stress at the interface of the concrete and carbon fiber reinforced polymer.

Strips of carbon fiber reinforced polymer measuring just 8 mm in thickness have been used to strengthen a road bridge in Rochdale, UK. Advantages and Disadvantages of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Advantages of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Tensile Strength.

Depending on the type of fiber and method of manicuring carbon fiber reinforced polymer can be exceptionally stable.

Fiber-Reinforced Polymer

Simpson Strong-Tie Composite Strengthening Systems provide efficient fiber reinforced polymer solutions for the structural reinforcement and strengthening of concrete, masonry and timber structures in need of repair or upgrade.

Fiber-reinforced polymer systems are simply defined as high-strength and lightweight reinforcements created by combining carbon or E-glass fibers with a polymer material.

The performance characteristics of FRP strengthening have become increasingly popular in construction and retrofit applications, specifically in aging, damaged or overloaded concrete structures.

Steel plate bonding, concrete section enlargement and steel jacketing have been the renovation methods of choice for decades, yet corrosion, bond degradation and installation difficulty, time, and cost are consistent challenges to overcome, and the resultant retrofit generally adds weight, reduces usable space, clearance, or both.

Composite Strengthening Systems may be used to increase the strength of slabs, slab openings, beams, walls, new wall openings, columns, silos, chimneys, piles and pier caps.

FRP may be applied to strengthen reinforced concrete and pre-stressed/post-tensioned concrete, steel, masonry and timber.

Leverage our expertise to help with your fiber reinforced polymer strengthening designs.

Fiber Reinforced Polymer Reinforcing

GFRP, BFRP and/or CFRP reinforcing bars may be used in the following concrete components when approved by the SSDE:.Approach Slabs.

GFRP and/or CFRP reinforcing bars may be used for expansion joints in junction slabs when paired with a keyed joint.

The use of GFRP, BFRP and/or CFRP reinforcing bars in other locations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The historical in-service performance of these components and/or structures that were designed, detailed and constructed using the conventional reinforcing steel, prestressing steel and concretes that are currently required.

Additional design and detailing criteria are available in the FDOT Structures Manual, Volume 4 Fiber Reinforced Polymer Guidelines.

Specifications 400, 410, 415, 450, 932 and 933 are available on the Specifications webpage for the use of FRP reinforcing bars and strands.

FRP producers seeking to be included on the FRP Production Facility Listing may find guidance for material acceptance on the State Materials Office Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites webpage.

Post Idea #27: Gold Fields

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Gold Fields Stock Price, News & Info

A producer of gold and holder of gold reserves in South Africa, Ghana, Australia, Venezuela and Peru.

The Company is involved in underground and surface gold mining and related activities, including exploration, extraction, processing and smelting.

The Fool has written over 100 articles on Gold Fields.

The gold miner delivered a solid performance in the first half of 2019, but investors are remaining cautious.

After bumbling along with the price of gold, Gold Fields stock took off in May and June.

Gold prices are surging, which seems like it should be good news for a gold miner.

Spot gold and silver get another Brexit boost, with Gold Fields, Great Panther Silver, and Fortuna Silver Mines being today’s beneficiaries.

Jan 15, 2016.Friday’s ETF Movers: GDX, XOP. In trading on Friday, the Gold Miners ETF is outperforming other ETFs, up about 0.9% on the day.

Components of that ETF showing particular strength include shares of Detour Gold, up about 7.6% and shares of Gold Fields, up about 5.3% on the day.

Gold Fields

Gold Fields Limited is one of the world’s largest gold mining firms.

The firm was formed in 1998 with the amalgamation of the gold assets of Gold Fields of South Africa Limited and Gencor Limited.

The company traces its roots back to 1887, when Cecil Rhodes founded Gold Fields of South Africa Limited.

As of 2019, Gold Field was the world’s eighth-largest producer of gold.

Edit] [edit] All the mines are located in Western Australia [edit] 4 km west of the town of Tarkwa30 km north of the neighbouring Tarkwa Gold Mine [edit] The Cerro Corona Mine in Peru is in the highest part of the western Cordillera of the Andes Mountains in the north of the country.

In 2012, Gold Fields Limited unbundled its subsidiary, GFI Mining South Africa Proprietary Limited, which was then renamed Sibanye Gold Limited, and consisted of the KDC and Beatrix mines, as well as an array of support service entities in South Africa.

Includes an image of Guy Carleton Jones, and refers to Consolidated Gold Fields and its subsidiary companies.

Gold Fields Upgraded At Investec

Investec upgraded shares of Gold Fields from a sell rating to a hold rating in a research note released on Tuesday, The Fly reports.

StockNews.com raised Gold Fields from a hold rating to a buy rating in a research report on Thursday, February 24th. Zacks Investment Research lowered Gold Fields from a buy rating to a hold rating in a research report on Wednesday, February 23rd. Finally, The Goldman Sachs Group lowered Gold Fields from a neutral rating to a sell rating in a research report on Monday, January 17th. One research analyst has rated the stock with a sell rating, two have issued a hold rating and two have assigned a buy rating to the company.

According to MarketBeat.com, Gold Fields presently has an average rating of Hold and an average price target of $12.50.

Rockefeller Capital Management L.P. grew its stake in Gold Fields by 76.4% during the 3rd quarter.

Atlas Capital Advisors LLC grew its stake in Gold Fields by 130.1% during the 4th quarter.

Quadrant Capital Group LLC grew its stake in Gold Fields by 34.3% during the 4th quarter.

Gold Fields Ltd. is a gold mining company, which engages in the production of gold and operation of mines.

Shout out to our #Damang team in #Ghana for the biggest improvement in #safety performance during 2021, earning them #GoldFields’ annual Chair’s Safety Shield! The mine achieved a 52% improvement in its total recordable injury frequency rate rate.

Watch ‘s interview with our CEO Chris Griffith about our performance, especially that of our #SouthDeep mine in #SouthAfrica:Our CEO Chris Griffith is delivering a keynote at Africa Virtual Summit focused on #Renewables for #Mines next week: See you there:Despite high capital commitments, particularly to the #SalaresNorte project in #Chile, #GoldFields reduced its net debt by a further US$100m & achieved a net debt/EBITDA ratio of 0.40x – its lowest in a decade.

CELEBRATING INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR WOMEN & GIRLS IN SCIENCE: To meet our commitment to #diversity at our operations we need a wide range of skills with a strong technology, science, engineering and mining focus.

‘Creating enduring value beyond mining’ – this is our just launched Purpose statement.

Congratulations to our #Ghana Finance team for winning the Accounting and Finance Team of the Year award at the Ghana Accountancy and Finance Awards.

The award recognises Pilar and her team’s projects & practices that drive diversity at #GoldFIelds in Chile.

Our #Tarkwa mine has won the ‘Mining Company of the Year’ award at the #Ghana Mining Industry Awards! The award is based on the highest aggregate result in enviro management, health & safety, social investment, innovation and fiscal contribution, among others.

Gold Fields Limited

GOLDFIELDS’ 2021 ANNUAL RESULTS ARE OUT We are pleased to share our 2021 annual results.

The company improved gold production and profits in line with our 2021 guidance to the market, and we made progress towards our Environment, Social and Governance priorities.

Take a look at some of our performance highlights and read our full results at bit.

Post Idea #28: CK Infrastructure Holdings

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CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited

CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited is a global infrastructure company that aims to make the world a better place through a variety of infrastructure investments and developments in different parts of the world.

Listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in July 1996, CKI’s market capitalisation was over HK$120 billion as of 31 December, 2021.

CK Infrastructure Holdings

CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited, is the largest publicly listed infrastructure company in Hong Kong with diversified investments in energy infrastructure, transportation Infrastructure, water Infrastructure and infrastructure related business, parented by CK Hutchison Holdings, businessman Li Ka Shing’s flagship company.

It is a leading player in the global infrastructure arena in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe and North America.

The chairman is Victor Li, the elder son of Li Ka Shing.

On 30 July 2010, CK Infrastructure, the former Hongkong Electric Holdings and the Li Ka Shing Foundation announced the acquisition of three UK electricity networks business from Électricité de France.

Shareholders Board Members Managers And Company Profile

CK Infrastructure Holdings Limited, formerly Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Limited, is a company mainly engaged in the development, investment and operation of infrastructure businesses.

Its operations include electricity generation, transmission and distribution, gas distribution, transportation, water treatment and distribution, waste management and waste-to-energy, as well as infrastructure materials.

Its transportation business includes the operation of airport car parks, as well as toll roads and bridges.

Its infrastructure materials business includes the production and sale of cement, concrete and aggregates.

The Company is also involved in oil pipelines and storage business.

CK Infrastructure Confirms Interest Over Stake Sale In UK Power Networks

China’s CK Infrastructure Holdings said on Friday certain parties have expressed an interest in acquiring either a portion or the company’s entire stake in UK Power Networks Holdings Ltd. Earlier this week, media reported a consortium led by Australia’s Macquarie Group and U.S. investment giant KKR & Co were in talks to buy the electricity distribution network operator, offering up to 15 billion pounds.

CK Infrastructure did not name the parties involved in any potential transaction, and added there was no certainty an agreement would be reached.

Electricity distribution grids, which connect homes and businesses with local transmission systems, are attracting attention as being vital components of the network as transition towards greener energy gathers pace.

UK Power Networks is controlled by a group of companies – CK Infrastructure, Power Assets Holdings and CK Asset Holdings – all owned by the family of Hong Kong tycoon Victor Li, who is also the top shareholder in conglomerate CK Hutchison Holdings.

Based out of London, UK Power Networks owns and maintains electricity distribution network across London, and south-east and east England.

KKR And Macquarie In Talks To Buy UK Power Networks

KKR and Macquarie Group have held talks to buy Britain’s largest electricity distributor UK Power Networks from companies controlled by Hong Kong’s billionaire Li family, two people with knowledge of the matter said.

Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing’s CK Infrastructure Holdings, which bought the business in 2010, said in a stock exchange filing on Friday that unnamed parties had expressed an interest in all or part of its stake in UK Power Networks.

UK Power Networks is the largest electricity distribution network operator in the UK, transmitting electricity to 8.3mn homes and businesses in the south-east and East Anglia, and earning about a quarter of all revenues in the sector.

Last year, National Grid agreed to buy PPL Corp’s UK electricity distribution business for £7.8bn, while Macquarie bought a majority stake in Southern Water, one of the largest water monopolies, for £1bn. Energy is the world’s indispensable business and Energy Source is its newsletter.

KKR has been expanding its operations in the UK. Last year it agreed a £2bn takeover deal for UK infrastructure investor John Laing.

In the year to March 31 2020, UK Power Networks delivered a pre-tax profit of £614.8mn on revenues of £1.76bn, while paying out £237mn in dividends as well as £76.9mn in interest on shareholder loans.

Li Ka-shing’s empire bought UK Power Networks from France’s EDF in 2010 for £5.5bn. Ofgem has said it plans to cut returns for the sector, when the next price control settlement begins next year.

Three companies controlled by tycoon Victor Li Tzar-kuoi have received a notice of interest from unnamed parties to buy one of the UK’s largest power distribution companies that they jointly own.

The preliminary expression of interest has yet to be “Properly analysed,” Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings, Power Assets Holdings, CK Asset Holdings and CK Hutchison Holdings said in a joint filing to Hong Kong’s bourse late on Friday, without naming the potential buyers.

“The companies have noted recent media speculation regarding a possible transaction involving the companies’ interests in UK Power Networks Holdings,” they said.

“The companies confirm that parties have expressed an interest in respect of a possible purchase of part or all of the companies’ interests in UKPN, which has yet to be properly analysed.”

“There can be no certainty that any agreement will be entered into or that the companies will proceed any further,” they added.

Despite More Than Double Q4 Sales, Chembio Diagnostics Posts Deeper Losses By Benzinga

Chembio Diagnostics Inc’s Q4 sales increased 101% Y/Y to $20.6 million, beating the consensus of $13.55 million.

Net product sales increased 154% to $17.4 million.

Government grant, license, and royalty, and R&D revenue totaled $3.2 million, down 6%. Chembio posted a wider operating loss of $(13.97) million, compared to $(7.14) million a year ago.

Reported EPS loss widened to $(0.47) from $(0.35) a year ago.

The gross product margin was negative, compared to, impacted by an unfavorable mix of average selling prices, increased labor costs, and an inventory write-down of $2.5 million.

Cash and cash equivalents totaled $28.8 million.

Revenues during 2021 did not meet the Company’s expectations.

Post Idea #29: UK Power Networks

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UK Power Networks Services

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KKR And Macquarie In Talks To Buy UK Power Networks

KKR and Macquarie Group have held talks to buy Britain’s largest electricity distributor UK Power Networks from companies controlled by Hong Kong’s billionaire Li family, two people with knowledge of the matter said.

Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing’s CK Infrastructure Holdings, which bought the business in 2010, said in a stock exchange filing on Friday that unnamed parties had expressed an interest in all or part of its stake in UK Power Networks.

UK Power Networks is the largest electricity distribution network operator in the UK, transmitting electricity to 8.3mn homes and businesses in the south-east and East Anglia, and earning about a quarter of all revenues in the sector.

Last year, National Grid agreed to buy PPL Corp’s UK electricity distribution business for £7.8bn, while Macquarie bought a majority stake in Southern Water, one of the largest water monopolies, for £1bn. Energy is the world’s indispensable business and Energy Source is its newsletter.

KKR has been expanding its operations in the UK. Last year it agreed a £2bn takeover deal for UK infrastructure investor John Laing.

In the year to March 31 2020, UK Power Networks delivered a pre-tax profit of £614.8mn on revenues of £1.76bn, while paying out £237mn in dividends as well as £76.9mn in interest on shareholder loans.

Li Ka-shing’s empire bought UK Power Networks from France’s EDF in 2010 for £5.5bn. Ofgem has said it plans to cut returns for the sector, when the next price control settlement begins next year.

CK Infrastructure Confirms Interest Over Stake Sale In UK Power Networks

China’s CK Infrastructure Holdings said on Friday certain parties have expressed an interest in acquiring either a portion or the company’s entire stake in UK Power Networks Holdings Ltd. Earlier this week, media reported a consortium led by Australia’s Macquarie Group and U.S. investment giant KKR & Co were in talks to buy the electricity distribution network operator, offering up to 15 billion pounds.

CK Infrastructure did not name the parties involved in any potential transaction, and added there was no certainty an agreement would be reached.

Electricity distribution grids, which connect homes and businesses with local transmission systems, are attracting attention as being vital components of the network as transition towards greener energy gathers pace.

UK Power Networks is controlled by a group of companies – CK Infrastructure, Power Assets Holdings and CK Asset Holdings – all owned by the family of Hong Kong tycoon Victor Li, who is also the top shareholder in conglomerate CK Hutchison Holdings.

Based out of London, UK Power Networks owns and maintains electricity distribution network across London, and south-east and east England.

Three companies controlled by tycoon Victor Li Tzar-kuoi have received a notice of interest from unnamed parties to buy one of the UK’s largest power distribution companies that they jointly own.

The preliminary expression of interest has yet to be “Properly analysed,” Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings, Power Assets Holdings, CK Asset Holdings and CK Hutchison Holdings said in a joint filing to Hong Kong’s bourse late on Friday, without naming the potential buyers.

“The companies have noted recent media speculation regarding a possible transaction involving the companies’ interests in UK Power Networks Holdings,” they said.

“The companies confirm that parties have expressed an interest in respect of a possible purchase of part or all of the companies’ interests in UKPN, which has yet to be properly analysed.”

“There can be no certainty that any agreement will be entered into or that the companies will proceed any further,” they added.

UK Power Networks

UK Power NetworksUK Power Networks – Current Network Incidents Here’s a simple list of all of the current power cuts we’re aware of in London, South and East of England and when we estimate power will be back on.

We recognise that during a power cut customers won’t have access to WIFI. If you’re using 3G/4G then you may have trouble downloading images so here’s a simple list of all of the current power cuts we’re aware of in London, South and East of England.

This is exactly the same information you’ll find on our interactive map.

Potentially affected postcodes This power cut was reported at Estimated time for power to be restored Reason for the power cut Number of customers affected Reference number.

UK Power Networks Innovation

UK Power Networks is at the forefront of the low carbon energy revolution.

Innovation has a crucial role to play in keeping our customers’ lights on.

Innovating to make our network safer, more reliable or more cost-effective for our customers.

Projects aim to deliver good value by maximising the smart savings we deliver for customers.

Our work in this portfolio sets out to create measureable social environmental and safety benefits through our innovation projects – including customer interruptions, customer minutes lost, carbon emissions and safety performance.

An active enabler of low carbon technologies like electric vehicles, renewable energy, energy storage and low carbon heating.

Projects are facilitating a low carbon system by improving network access through reducing time and cost to connect low carbon load, generation, and storage technologies.

UK Power Networks

We’re working around the clock to restore the final customers without power as a result of the weekends storms.

Our Customer Support Officers, like Miguel and Guy, are out again today to support those in vulnerable circumstances.

If you need extra support, call us on 105 so we can get you the help you need, we can offer you up to £30 for a meal as well as hotel accommodation.

Post Idea #30: Eaton Corporation

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Power Management Solutions

Every day, all around the world, people depend on technology, transportation, energy and infrastructure to live and work.

With rapid growth in electrification, an energy transition driven by climate change and explosive growth in connectivity, we’re well positioned to solve the world’s toughest electrical and mechanical power management challenges.

Eaton Corporation

Eaton Corporation PLC is a multinational power management company with 2020 sales of $17.86 billion, founded in the United States with global headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, and a secondary administrative center in Beachwood, Ohio.

Eaton and Torbensen were not content and bowed out of Republic to form the Eaton Axle Company in 1919.

In 1923, Eaton bought the Torbensen Axle Co. back from Republic and changed the name to the Eaton Axle and Spring Company.

After several years of co-branding UPS products “Eaton|Powerware” the company is switching to the single brand Eaton for all UPS products including; BladeUPS, 9355, 9390, 9395, and 9E. In 2006, Eaton entered the data center power distribution market.

The new company is called Eaton Corporation plc and is incorporated in Ireland.

Eaton Corporation plc completed its acquisition of Cooper Industries on 30 Nov 2012.

Eaton relocated to its new 580,000 square foot facility, named Eaton Centre, in Beachwood, Ohio in early 2013.

Working At Eaton: 3,050 Reviews

I would not recommend working there bast on my experience.

Management is uninformed of the day to day operations and shows no interest in trying.

If you are a person who wants to work some days but not really Full time this is the place for you.

If you have no work ethic, and would rather talk, play on your phone, or just walk around all day doing nothing this is the place for you.

Benefits are really bad. Was this review helpful?

Eaton Corporation

Among the brands that Eaton uses to market its products and services are Aeroquip, Airflex, Bill, Boston, Char-Lynn, Challenger, Durant, Eaton Electrical, Elek, Fuller, Golf Pride, Heinemann, Holec, Home Automation, Hydro-Line, MEM, Sterer, Tabula, Tedeco, Vickers, VORAD, and Weatherhead. Eaton generates business in more than 100 countries worldwide, with about one-third of revenues originating outside the United States-19 percent in Europe and about 6 percent each in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.

In 1922 Eaton reentered the picture, buying back his original company from Republic Motor Truck Co. and renaming it one year later the Eaton Axle and Spring Co. Over the next several years, the company acquired several smaller auto parts manufacturers, including makers of chassis leaf springs, bumpers, engine valves and tappets, and coil springs.

Under Virden, Eaton made 23 major acquisitions between 1958 and 1973, including Fuller Manufacturing Co., which produced automotive transmissions; Dole Valve Co., the deal through which Eaton entered the appliance and automotive controls sectors; and, perhaps more importantly, the Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company.

Yale & Towne was acquired by Eaton on October 31, 1963, and a full merger occurred on January 1, 1966, under the name of Eaton Yale & Towne Inc. During this time, Eaton’s auto parts division suffered a temporary setback when General Motors, one of Eaton’s primary customers, reduced its orders after model changes and higher wages forced the auto manufacturer to scale down production.

Stover maintained de Windt’s commitment to the company’s substantial foreign markets, remarking that Eaton had learned from the recession that “You compete on a global basis or you don’t compete at all.” Stover took over after Eaton had reported a 1985 profit of $231 million on sales of $3.7 billion.

To finance the acquisition, Eaton subsequently sold off several operations, some of which had come to the company through Aeroquip-Vickers: Eaton’s engineered fasteners business, to TransTechnology Corp.; its fluid power division, producer of engine cooling systems for cars and trucks, to Borg-Warner Automotive, Inc.; its Vickers electronic systems division, to Siemens Energy and Automation, Inc.; and its mobile hydraulic cylinder business, to Hyco International, Inc. Eaton also reorganized its operations into five segments: automotive components, fluid power and other components, industrial and commercial controls, semiconductor equipment, and truck components.

In March 2001 Eaton purchased Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.’s 50 percent interest in the two companies’ fluid-power joint venture in Japan, which was subsequently renamed Eaton Fluid Power Limited.

Eaton Union Members Reject 2nd Contract Offer, Company Will Now Try Hiring Permanent Replacements

On Friday, 97% of union members on strike against Eaton Corporation voted to reject a second contract offer, according to a representative from the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers.

Hours later, Eaton announced that permanent replacement workers will be hired due to the union employees currently on strike, but negotiations IAM remain ongoing.

According to a statement from IAM, members from Locals 388 and 1191 met on Friday, March 4 to vote on a second proposed contract from Eaton.

After a two-hour meeting, 97% of union members voted against the offer.

The votes comes two weeks after 98% of local union members voted to go on strike against Eaton, saying the company’s original contract offer fell flat on wages, health care and retirement including 401k matches.

The union says 97% of members voted to reject the 2nd proposal even after 2 weeks on the picket lines.

Now, Eaton says it’s hiring permanent replacement workers pic.

Eaton Corporation Plc [ETN] Revenue Clocked In At $19.63 Billion, Down -10.33% YTD: What’S Next?

Wolfe Research have made an estimate for Eaton Corporation plc shares, keeping their opinion on the stock as Outperform, with their previous recommendation back on February 07, 2022.

The Average True Range for Eaton Corporation plc is set at 4.99, with the Price to Sales ratio for ETN stock in the period of the last 12 months amounting to 3.07.

The current RSI for ETN stock in for the last two-week period is set at 49.89, with the RSI for the last a single of trading hit 53.27, and the three-weeks RSI is set at 48.08 for Eaton Corporation plc [ETN].

Operating Margin for any stock indicates how profitable investing would be, and Eaton Corporation plc [ETN] shares currently have an operating margin of +14.62 and a Gross Margin at +32.17.

The progress of the company may be observed through the prism of EPS growth rate, while Wall Street analysts are focusing on predicting the 5-year EPS growth rate for ETN. When it comes to the mentioned value, analysts are expecting to see the 5-year EPS growth rate for Eaton Corporation plc go to 18.61%. Eaton Corporation plc [ETN]: Insider Ownership positions.

The top three institutional holders of ETN stocks are: VANGUARD GROUP INC with ownership of 34,026,467, which is approximately 0.475% of the company’s market cap and around 0.10% of the total institutional ownership; BLACKROCK INC., holding 26,509,697 shares of the stock with an approximate value of $4.03 billion in ETN stocks shares; and JPMORGAN CHASE & CO, currently with $3.91 billion in ETN stock with ownership of nearly 7.733% of the company’s market capitalization.

Positions in Eaton Corporation plc stocks held by institutional investors increased at the end of February and at the time of the February reporting period, where 699 institutional holders increased their position in Eaton Corporation plc [NYSE:ETN] by around 16,075,948 shares.

Strike At Eaton Corporation Reaches Two-Week Mark, Still No Tentative Agreement

Union members on strike at Eaton Corporation in Davenport have now been on the picket line for about two weeks.

“(There are) other local unions coming out, and I know some of the Deere members, Kraft workers were here the other day,” said Kim Buchanan, a 10-year employee of Eaton Corporation on strike.

Eaton Corporation representatives and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers union went back to the negotiating table Tuesday and Wednesday but were unable to reach a tentative agreement.

“The statement said,”The union and representatives from Eaton met on Tuesday and Wednesday in efforts to resolve the strike at Mission Systems Division of Davenport.

“Although several passes were made on each day, and parties discussed all the sticking points – which have resulted in this strike action – the parties have not been able to reach a tentative agreement.”

Thursday morning, union members on strike sent Local 4 News photos of a bus arriving at Eaton Corporation that they say was full of replacement workers.

Local 4 News reached out to Eaton Corporation about the discussions at the negotiating table, and the bus, but did not receive a response back.

Post Idea #31: Argonaut Gold Ltd.

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Argonaut Gold Reports Record Production In 2021, Net Income Jumps 87%

Argonaut Gold announced yesterday that in 2021, the company produced record 244,156 gold equivalent ounces.

The company achieved above its production guidance at La Colorada, near the top of production guidance at El Castillo and San Agustin and near the mid-point of its production guidance at Florida Canyon.

Argonaut said it also achieved record annual revenue for 2021 of $436.9 million, an increase from $319.7 million in 2020.

The company’s net income for 2021 was $26.5 million or earnings of $0.09 per basic share, an increase from net income of $14.2 million or $0.06 per basic for 2020, representing an 87% increase in net income primarily as a result of increased GEO sold.

Adjusted net income for 2021 was $57.1 million or $0.19 per basic share, an increase from adjusted net income of $44.6 million or $0.19 per basic share for 2020, representing an 41% increase in adjusted net income primarily as a result of increased GEO sold.

The company added it also anticipates higher cash taxes will impact cash flow in 2022, particularly during the first quarter of 2022 when most of the final tax payments for 2021 are made, as a result of Argonaut’s highly profitable operations in 2021 combined with the exhaustion of net operating losses at its Mexican subsidiaries.

Argonaut Gold is a Canadian gold company engaged in exploration, mine development and production.

Argonaut Gold Price Target Cut To C$3.25 By Analysts At Laurentian

Argonaut Gold had its price target reduced by investment analysts at Laurentian from C$3.65 to C$3.25 in a note issued to investors on Thursday, BayStreet.

Laurentian’s price objective suggests a potential upside of 39.48% from the company’s current price.

Desjardins cut their price target on Argonaut Gold from C$4.25 to C$3.50 and set a “Buy” rating on the stock in a research note on Thursday, December 16th. Royal Bank of Canada lowered their target price on Argonaut Gold from C$4.25 to C$3.50 and set an “Outperform” rating for the company in a report on Thursday, December 16th. Finally, Echelon Wealth Partners reaffirmed a “Buy” rating on shares of Argonaut Gold in a report on Thursday, November 11th. One investment analyst has rated the stock with a hold rating and four have assigned a buy rating to the company.

Based on data from MarketBeat, the stock has an average rating of “Buy” and a consensus price target of C$3.53.

Argonaut Gold has a 12 month low of C$1.90 and a 12 month high of C$4.09.

Argonaut Gold Inc engages in the mining, mine development, and mineral exploration activities at gold-bearing mineral properties in North America.

The company primarily explores for gold and silver deposits.

Argonaut Gold Ltd. Investigation

Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman, LLC is investigating potential claims on behalf of purchasers of Argonaut Gold Ltd. Investors who purchased Argonaut shares: between October 14, 2020, and December 13, 2021, both dates included,; or pursuant or traceable to its February 17, 2021, public offering; are encouraged to obtain additional information and assist the investigation.

The investigation concerns whether Argonaut and certain of its officers and/or directors have engaged in corporate wrongdoing.

If you are aware of any facts relating to this investigation or purchased Argonaut shares, you can assist this investigation.

Bronstein, Gewirtz & Grossman, LLC is a corporate litigation boutique.

Our primary expertise is the aggressive pursuit of litigation claims on behalf of our clients.

In addition to representing institutions and other investor plaintiffs in class action security litigation, the firm’s expertise includes general corporate and commercial litigation, as well as securities arbitration.

Argonaut Gold Announces Record Annual Production Of 244,156 Gold Equivalent Ounces, Leading To Record Annual Revenue Of $437 Million And Record Annual Cash Flow(1) Of $125 Million

For 2021, the Company reports record annual production of 244,156 gold equivalent ounces2, record annual revenue of $436.9 million.

Gold ounces sold for the fourth quarter of 2021 increased 7% compared to the same period in 2020 primarily due to increases in gold ounces produced at all four mines, including higher gold grades at El Castillo.

Gold ounces sold for 2021 increased compared to the same period in 2020 primarily due to the addition of the gold ounces sold from the Florida Canyon mine, higher gold grade at the La Colorada.

Since the number of gold ounces sold does not change, the cash cost per gold ounce sold was affected.

Cash cost per gold ounce sold is equal to production costs less silver sales divided by gold ounces sold.

All-in sustaining cost per gold ounce sold is equal to production costs less silver sales plus general and administrative, exploration, accretion and other expenses and sustaining capital expenditures divided by gold ounces sold.

Argonaut Gold is a Canadian gold company engaged in exploration, mine development and production.


Forward-looking statements and forward-looking information in this press release include, but are not limited to, statements with respect to the use of proceeds of the Private Placement, tax treatment of the CDE and CEE flow through shares and timing of the renunciation of the CDE and CEE expenses.

Except for statements of historical fact relating to Argonaut, certain information contained herein constitutes forward-looking statements.

Forward-looking statements are frequently characterized by words such as “Plan,” “Expect,” “Project,” “Intend,” “Believe,” “Anticipate”, “Estimate” and other similar words, or statements that certain events or conditions “May” or “Will” occur.

Forward-looking statements are based on the opinions and estimates of the management of Argonaut at the date the statements are made, and are based on a number of assumptions and subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements.

Although Argonaut have attempted to identify important factors that could cause actual actions, events or results to differ materially from those described in forward-looking statements, there may be other factors that cause actions, events or results not to be anticipated, estimated or intended.

There can be no assurance that forward-looking statements will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements.

Argonaut does not undertake any obligation to update forward-looking statements if circumstances or management’s estimates or opinions should change except as required by applicable securities laws.

Post Idea #32: Medicinal fungi

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ScienceDirect Topics

The production of medicinal fungi fruit bodies by cultivation on farms has brought greater accessibility and usability of fungal polysaccharides and terpenoids in practice.

In recent decades, there has been growing interest in mushrooms as a source of biologic active compounds of medicinal value, including use as as complementary medicinal and dietary supplements – as anticancer, antiviral, immunopotentiating, hypocholesterolemic, and hepatoprotective agents.

3.2 Potential therapeuticsAlthough many therapeutics from fungi have been developed, as discussed above, many potential therapeutics from the secondary metabolites of medicinal fungi.

Besides the fungi listed in Table 7., many other medicinal fungi are sources for potential therapeutics.

Cultivation of medicinal plants can meet the long-term use of medicinal plant resources.

Many medicinal crops are also used for cosmetic and aromatic purposes, and thus the definition medicinal, aromatic, and cosmetic plants would better describe such crops.

Abstractβ-d.-glucan is a major type of bioactive polysaccharide commonly found in edible fungi, especially Lentinus, Cordyceps, and Ganoderma, which are among the most popular and treasured edible and medicinal fungi.


Wikipedia defines medicinal fungi as “Fungi that contain metabolites, or can be induced to make metabolites through biotechnology that can be used to develop prescription drugs.” The naturally occurring compounds in many fungi that have made them important in traditional medicine throughout the world for many years.

Taxol is produced by endophytic fungi in the Pacific Yew Tree is used to treat breast, ovarian and uterine cancers.

Since the naturally occurring compounds found in fresh fungi are not able to be patented, there is little motivation for big Pharmaceutical companies to study the effects of naturally occurring or cultivated mushrooms.

There may very well be valid therapeutic uses for cultivated or naturally occurring fungi, but rigorous scientific research needs to be done.

FUNGI WITH MEDICINAL PROPERTIES. Below is a short list of fungi thought to have medicinal properties.

NJMA does not recommend treating health conditions with fungi, although interested people are encouraged to do their own research into how fungi may enhance their health.

Always consult your medial professional before using fungi to treat health conditions since some compounds may interact with medications.

North American Mycological Association

His books, including Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Save the World,11 have inspired the creation and growth of medicinal fungi research at American universities as well as numerous Citizen Science projects, such as those involving the use of fungi to solve difficult environmental12 and health problems.

In addition to its numerous mushroom identification groups, Facebook hosts at least 15 different North American groups devoted solely to medicinal fungi.

What diseases are medicinal mushrooms used for and what is the level of evidence available to confirm we can safely take them to assist us in preventing and curing these diseases? What dosages are effective and for how long? Can medicinal mushrooms safely be taken along with herbal and/or conventional medicines? What is the quality of current information on medicinal mushrooms? Can all of it be trusted?

Like many western proponents of employing medicinal fungi for disease prevention and cure, pharmaceutical researchers, who are advocates of what is known as Traditional Chinese Medicine believe they may hold the keys which will unlock the secrets of long life.

Becoming the most recent Chair of the Medicinal Fungi Committee has given me a unique opportunity to update my knowledge of Chinese medical practices especially with regard to fungi throughout Chinese history and wherever classical Chinese medicine has taken hold as an alternative or integrative system of ideas, pharmacology and healing methodologies.

The term is often presumed to imply that ‘medicinal fungi’ are universally or even mostly effective as preventative and/or curative of diseases.

My educational background, coupled with extensive recent exploration of literature on the history of disease theories, pharmaceutical testing standards and protocols, and medical practices in ancient and modern times, affords me a unique perspective from which to consider the current state of affairs with respect to questions related to the efficacy of medicinal fungi.

Medicinal Mushrooms: List Of The Best Fungi And Their Healing Benefits

The use of medicinal mushrooms in the treatment of human illness dates back thousands of years; notably, Li Shizhen included numerous fungi as effective treatments in his 1578 Compendium of Materia Medica, regarded by many as the most comprehensive medical work ever completed in the history of traditional Chinese medicine.

Within the past several decades, foresters, pharmacologists, ecologists, and researchers in both the Eastern and Western world have dedicated much clinical research to the effectiveness of medicinal mushrooms and their numerous immunological, antioxidant, anti-metastatic, cardioprotective, and obesity management properties.

During the four-week follow-up to the trial, researchers found that cognitive function in the non-control group had declined significantly after ceasing the consumption of medicinal mushrooms.

In terms of modern medicine, more research has been dedicated to Turkey Tail’s pharmacological properties than virtually any other mushroom, even the shiitake and reishi mushrooms.

Alongside the Turkey Tail mushroom and the shiitake mushroom, reishi is one of the most well-researched medicinal mushrooms in contemporary science.

Anti-Cancer: Within the past few decades, researchers have been examining the efficacy of various types of medicinal mushrooms as adjuvant treatments for several cancers.

These researchers in the latter study discovered that poria mushrooms cultivated from the Gangwon-do district had a particularly strong antioxidant activity in comparison to mushrooms cultivated from the Geyongsang-do and Jeolla-do districts.

Medicinal Fungi

Medicinal fungi are fungi which contain metabolites or can be induced to produce metabolites through biotechnology to develop prescription drugs.

Although fungi products have long been used in traditional medicine, the ability to identify beneficial properties and then extract the active ingredient started with the discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1928.

Pharmacological research identified antifungal, antiviral, and antiprotozoan compounds from fungi.

Statins are an important class of cholesterol-lowering drugs; the first generation of statins were derived from fungi.

Thermophilic fungi were the source of the fingolimod precursor myriocin.

More widely used informally are a range of fungi collectively known as “Magic mushrooms”, which contain psilocybin and psilocin.

Fungi are a source of ergosterol which can be converted to vitamin D2 upon exposure to ultraviolet light.

Medicinal Mushrooms-Patient Version

Today, medicinal mushrooms are also used to treat lung diseases and cancer.

For more than 30 years, medicinal mushrooms have been approved as an addition to standard cancer treatments in Japan and China.

In Asia, there are more than 100 types of mushrooms used to treat cancer.

This PDQ cancer information summary gives an overview of the use of medicinal mushrooms in treating cancer.

See the Laboratory/Animal/Preclinical Studies section of the health professional version of Medicinal Mushrooms for information on laboratory and animal studies done using PSK.Have any studies of PSK been done in people?PSK has been studied in patients with gastric cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer.

In 1994, a study in Japan followed 262 patients who had successful surgery for gastric cancer and were given chemotherapy with or without PSK. Patients who received chemotherapy and PSK were less likely to have recurrent cancer and lived longer than those who did not.

The researchers thought the study showed that PSK and chemotherapy should be given to gastric cancer patients after surgery to remove the cancer.

The Healing Power Of Medicinal Mushrooms

Many mushrooms have long been used throughout Asia for medicinal purposes.

The practice of using mushrooms in Chinese herbal medicines has been recorded in early records of the Materia Medica.

Although mushrooms are still harvested in their natural habitats, our ability to cultivate many different mushroom species has improved greatly over the past few decades.

As a result, large numbers of scientific studies on medicinal mushrooms over the past three decades, especially in Japan, China and Korea, have confirmed the traditional uses and also demonstrated new applications for health benefits.

While much attention in recent years has focused on various immunological and anti-cancer properties of certain mushrooms, they also offer other potentially important health benefits, including antioxidants, anti-hypertensive and cholesterol-lowering properties, liver protection, as well as anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-viral and anti-microbial properties.

These properties have attracted the interest of many pharmaceutical companies, which are viewing the medicinal mushroom as a rich source of innovative biomedical molecules.

Below is a brief description of 5 popular medicinal mushroom varieties: Coriolus versicolor, Ganoderma lucidum, Agaricus blazei, Polyporus umbellatus, Hericium erinaceus.

Post Idea #33: Steel abrasive

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Steel Abrasive

Steel abrasives are steel particles that are used as abrasive or peening media.

Steel shot refers to spherical grains made of molten steel through an atomization process, available in different sizes and hardnesses.

Most steel abrasives are made of a high-carbon steel composition, the best compromise between mechanical properties, efficiency and durability.

The recyclability of steel shot and grit ranges between 2000 and 3000 cycles.

Due to its high recyclability level, steel shot and grit tend to generate less waste when compared to other expendable abrasives.

The steel shots are generally employed in shot blasting machines, first made by US-based company Wheelabrator in 1932.

The annual steel abrasive production in the world is estimated to be above 1 million tonnes, the world’s largest producer being Winoa Group by production and capacity.

Definition From Corrosionpedia

Steel abrasives are a type of media used in the blast cleaning or shot peening process.

Cast steel shot are spherically shaped particles that are produced by granulating a stream of molten steel with either air or water.

Cast steel grit, on the other hand, are irregularly shaped particles that are obtained by crushing steel shot.

Steel abrasive media is typically composed of high-carbon steel to provide an optimal balance of mechanical and strength properties.

Cleaning – Steel shot and grit are used to loosen materials such as mill scale, rust and other contaminants from steel substrates.

Shot peening – Shot peening involves striking a metal surface repeatedly with steel shot particles.

Stone cutting – Steel abrasive particles possess the hardness to penetrate stone materials such as granite.

Steel Grit Blasting Abrasive Supplier » Blast Booths Spray Paint Booths Abrasives Media And Equipment

Understanding Steel Grit HardnessHardness is a resistance of the metal to plastic deformation – usually by indentation.

Types of Steel GritThere are different grades, sizes and applications with steel grit.

BlastOne can help you decide which steel media is appropriate for your usage and indeed suggest which wheel machine or similar is most appropriate for your applications.

The additional particles hit the steel surface and thus increase blasting speed.

They will always maintain their sharp edges providing a speed increase of 8-12% compared with standard steel grit.

GL Steel GritLoses it sharp edges during shot blasting and is best suited to descaling and surface preparation applications.

APPLICATIONS- Steel shot blast media is a general-purpose abrasive well suited to shot peening applications.

Steel Abrasives For Shot Blasting Operations

Customized solutions for surface preparation of wind turbines.

High durability conditioned Cut Wire for shot peening applications.

Premium products, unique services, innovative technologies, we work hard to provide the best solutions and to position ourself as a key success factor for our clients.

Select your market, choose an application and find your blasting solution.

Select your applicationDeburringDesandingDescalingGranite CuttingShot PeeningSurface preparation – air blastingSurface preparation – wheel blasting Select your industryAerospaceAutomotiveConstructionForge & FoundryMachinery & EquipmentMetallurgyOil & GasRailwayShipyardsWind.

A winning combination for the shot peening end users, by merging Toyo Seiko’s high performance products with Winoa’s high service level and expertise.

W Abrasives is an innovative and eco-friendly solution provider for all your blasting operations : desanding, deburring, descaling, shot-peening, surface preparation before coating, stone cutting …. Learn more.

Quality Low Carbon Bainite Cast Steel Shot Abrasive Products

Founded in 1981, Metaltec Steel Abrasive Company is the only American steel shot producer to succeed in the manufacturing of low carbon, Bainite cast steel shot.

Metaltec’s low carbon bainite cast steel shot is competitively priced, with the cost advantages of longer life.

Metaltec’s bainite cast steel shot meets the SAE J2175 cast steel shot specifications for hardness, density, sizing and general appearance.

Our commitment to quality and customer service ensures complete satisfaction with all of our cast steel shot abrasive products.

For more aggressive finishes a full range of SAE cast steel grit sizes are also available.

Metaltec Steel Abrasive Co. forms on-going partnerships with our customers.

Metaltec’s experienced service professionals will evaluate your operations and equipment, recommend improvements and cost saving measures, guide abrasives selection, and conduct in-plant training sessions.

Understanding Abrasion And Wear-Resistant Steel

Even within certain groups of steel like Abrasion and Wear-Resistant steels there are many different grades, each with different chemistry and mechanical properties that yield different performance.

Each of the numbers of these AR steel types refers to the hardness of the steel as measured on the Brinell hardness scale.

What Makes Steel AR? AR steel alloys are made from billets of steel containing different alloying elements such as carbon, manganese, chrome, nickel, and boron.

Of all these alloys, carbon is the most important in making steel abrasion resistant, as it increases hardness and toughness.

Tempering is the process or reheating the steel to around 300-700 degrees F which allows the steel to become more ductile.

Water quenching, used by other AR steels, disrupts the grain, resulting in a microstructure that is like fallen “Pick-Up sticks”, making it more susceptible to gouging and tearing of the steel, speeding up wear and deforming the steel.

ENDURA AR 430 has an initial hardness of 430 BHN but, as it withstands impacts, it will harden up to 560 BHN. That’s an increase in hardness of 30%. Titus Manganese will work harden from 280 BHN to 550 BHN-which is an increase in hardness of over 200%. If you need abrasion or wear-resistant steel materials, give us a call and let us know the application, conditions, and what you need out of your steel components.

Post Idea #34: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Related Articles – Summarized

U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission

The SEC’s authority was established by the Securities Act of 1933 and Securities Exchange Act of 1934; both laws are considered parts of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal program.

Since 1994, most registration statements filed with the SEC can be accessed via the SEC’s online system, EDGAR. In 2019, the Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society introduced an online gallery to illustrate changes in the US securities market structure since the 1930s.

The SEC Office of the Whistleblower provides assistance and information from a whistleblower who knows of possible securities law violations: this can be among the most powerful weapons in the law enforcement arsenal of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

In addition to working with various self-regulatory organizations such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, and Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, the SEC also works with other federal agencies, state securities regulators, international securities agencies and law enforcement agencies.

The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 transferred this responsibility from the FTC to the SEC. The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 also gave the SEC the power to regulate the solicitation of proxies, though some of the rules the SEC has since proposed have been controversial.

While most violations of securities laws are enforced by the SEC and the various SROs it monitors, state securities regulators can also enforce statewide securities blue sky laws.

The SEC is a member of International Organization of Securities Commissions, and uses the IOSCO Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding as well as direct bilateral agreements with other countries’ securities commissions to deal with cross-border misconduct in securities markets.

Securities And Exchange Commission Definition

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is an independent federal government regulatory agency responsible for protecting investors, maintaining fair and orderly functioning of the securities markets, and facilitating capital formation.

Generally, issues of securities offered in interstate commerce, through the mail or on the Internet, must be registered with the SEC before they can be sold to investors.

The SEC’s primary function is to oversee organizations and individuals in the securities markets, including securities exchanges, brokerage firms, dealers, investment advisors, and investment funds.

The SEC also serves as the first level of appeal for actions sought by the securities industry’s self-regulatory organizations, such as FINRA or the New York Stock Exchange.

Among all the SEC’s offices, the Office of the Whistleblower stands out as one of the most potent means of securities law enforcement.

To restore confidence, Congress passed the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, which created the SEC. The SEC’s primary tasks were to ensure that companies made truthful statements about their businesses and that brokers, dealers, and exchanges treated investors in an honest and fair manner.

Today the SEC brings numerous civil enforcement actions against firms and individuals that violate securities laws every year.

Congress Created the SEC. When the stock market crashed in October 1929, so did public confidence in the U.S. markets.

Congress held hearings to identify the problems and search for solutions.

Based on its findings, Congress – in the peak year of the Depression – passed the Securities Act of 1933.

Companies offering securities for sale to the public must tell the truth about their business, the securities they are selling, and the risks involved in investing in those securities.

Those who sell and trade securities – brokers, dealers, and exchanges – must treat investors fairly and honestly.

What Is The U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission?

Is an independent government agency responsible for regulating the securities industry in the United States.

The first regulatory body of its kind, the SEC was introduced after the stock market crash of 1929 when public confidence in the securities industry was at a low.

Following the passage of the Securities Act and the Securities Exchange Act, the SEC was established in 1934 with a goal to ensure that securities institutions operated safely, told the truth about their products and services, and treated their investors “Fairly and honestly”.

Headquartered in Washington DC, the SEC maintains 11 regional offices across the US. What Does the SEC Do? The SEC is primarily concerned with monitoring the key participants in the securities industry: securities exchanges, brokers and dealers, investment advisors and mutual funds.

Overseeing the inspection of securities firms, brokers, investment advisers, and rating agencies.

Coordinating US securities regulations with federal, state, and foreign authorities.

Which investors can use to access information about securities companies they are dealing with.

SEC Philly Director Kelly Gibson will be joining and on a tele-town hall at noon on Apr 8 to help older Americans avoid scammers that try to take your money by preying on #COVID19 fears.

Today the SEC suspended trading in the securities of Zoom Technologies.

We mourn the passing of Judge Stanley Sporkin, former Director of the Division of Enforcement.

He leaves behind a lasting and indelible impact on the SEC and will be missed.

Ly/kBe450yTs15The SEC has suspended trading in securities of companies based on unreliable claims they were developing treatments for COVID-19.

Gov/tcrThe SEC’s Enforcement Division is fighting Coronavirus-related investment scams.

Gov/tcrThe Division of Enforcement returned nearly $1.2 billion to investors last year.

Post Idea #35: IDT Corporation

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IDT Corporation: Communications And Payments Services

Who We Are For four decades IDT Corporation has pioneered technologies and services that enable people and businesses around the world to communicate and share more easily and affordably.

Today we leverage our expertise to provide consumers and businesses with innovative communications and payment services through our flagship brands: IDT, BOSS Revolution, net2phone, National Retail Solutions, IDT Global and IDT Express.

IDT is a market leader in both retail and wholesale international voice and data services.

Leveraging its numerous interconnects with leading Telecom operators globally, IDT has also become a leader in the delivery of airtime and data top-up services to consumers and service providers around the world.

Net2phone evolves into a Unified Communications as a Service provider with feature rich all-in-one, voice, messaging and chat services for businesses.

IDT becomes recognized as a pioneer in VoIP as it evolves into the technology of choice for voice services.

IDT introduces its international voice services with an innovative, low-cost two way international calling solution.

IDT Corporation

We appreciate your feedback, and your opinions mean a lot to us.

We use your responses to help determine future web site enhancements, product offerings, and more.

It takes just a few minutes, and you will remain completely anonymous.

IDT created the My Account area to give our customers online access to their accounts, whenever they need it.

Local and long distance phone service customers can view their current statements, review calls in detail, pay their phone bills, manage their accounts settings and contact online customer service.

Calling Card customers can log on to recharge their Global Call accounts, view call and billing history, and more.

Prepaid Card customers can check their account balance, convert funds in their account to a foreign currency, and more.

IDT Corporation

IDT Corporation is a multinational provider of cloud communications, point of sale systems, unified communications, and financial services for businesses and consumers, headquartered in Newark, New Jersey.

January 2006: IDT Telecom, Inc. sold to GVC Networks LLC all its IDT Winstar Solution subsidiaries: Winstar Communications, Winstar Government Solutions, LLC and Winstar Wireless, LLC. February 2006: IDT announced it would reacquire full ownership of Net2Phone, a company it had launched in the mid 1990s.

May 2006: IDT agreed to sell its IDT Entertainment division to Liberty Media.

In 2009, IDT increased its interest to 76%. Shortly afterwards, IDT created CTM Media Holdings, which consisted of the majority interest in IDW and CTM Media Group, a distributor of print and online media advertising focused on tourist destinations.

In March 2018, IDT completed its spinoff of Rafael Holdings with IDT founder Howard Jonas serving as Chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer Rafael Holdings holds commercial real estate assets and interests in two clinical stage, oncology focused pharmaceutical companies.

On April 20, 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, IDT Corporation applied for and received a loan of US$10 million as part of the Paycheck Protection Program.

IDT inaugurated a service of low cost international calling called PennyTalk.

IDT Corporation

Most laboratories are full of many kinds of scientific equipment and instrumentation from a variety of manufacturers.

When instrument services are needed, this variety is translated into lost productivity and money as lab personnel are forced to contact different service providers to individually satisfy their support needs.

Our solutions to replaces this piecemeal approach with a proven system that consolidates all laboratory service management with a single provider to reduce costs, streamline the service procurement process, and improve service performance.

With more than 20 years of experience managing instrument services for entire labs, our personnel.

Has the hands-on experience, knowledge and processes our customers rely on to optimize laboratory service spend.

IDT Biologika

IDT Biologika is a global biologics CDMO with expertise in a full spectrum of products.

We provide end-to-end services for live viral products and aseptic liquid filling and lyophilization of vaccines, recombinant proteins, and antibodies.

Post Idea #36: Unified communications as a service

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Cisco UCM Cloud components Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cisco Unified Communications Manager is the heart of Cisco collaboration services, enabling session and call control for video, voice, messaging, mobility, instant messaging, and presence.

Cisco Unity Connection Cisco Jabber Cisco Unity Connection lets people access and manage messages from an email inbox, web browser, Cisco Jabber, Cisco unified IP phone, smartphone, or tablet.

Cisco Jabber® delivers instant messaging, voice and video calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, Cisco Unified Communications Mobile and Remote Access Cisco Webex Meetings Cisco MRA enables endpoints such as Cisco Jabber to gain the registration, call control, provisioning, messaging, and presence services provided by Cisco Unified Communications Manager, when the endpoint is outside the enterprise network.

Cisco UCM Cloud support for your private instance Cisco UCM Cloud provides the essential support you need for your private instance.

Unified Communications as a Service, Powered by Cisco UCM Cloud helps maximize your UC investment by activating the full value of the Cisco UCM Cloud suite.

Under Cisco UCM Cloud, Cisco is already managing the health and welfare of the cloud service shared infrastructure.

Unified Communications as a Service, Powered by Cisco UCM Cloud provides proactive and preemptive monitoring and management of customer premise devices that are connected to Cisco UCM Cloud.

Definition From WhatIs.Com

Many UCaaS vendors also offer contact-center capabilities, including auto-attendant, interactive voice response, call routing and customer relationship management integrations.

UCaaS vendors are increasingly adding communications platform as a service capabilities and application programming interfaces to their cloud platforms.

UCaaS vendors range from providers that sell directly to organizations, such as RingCentral, 8×8 Inc. and Microsoft, to third-party cloud service providers, such as Verizon, AT&T and BT. Types of UCaaS architectures.

Enterprises may take a hybrid approach to UCaaS to keep certain applications on premises for security or management reasons.

Why use UCaaS. Many companies, primarily small businesses, use UCaaS to avoid the capital and operational expenses associated with deploying a UC service on their own.

Small businesses were the early adopters of UCaaS technologies, as they often lack the staff and resources to maintain and support on-premises UC. Large enterprises are beginning to deploy UCaaS to streamline their UC services and support multiple or global locations.

Cloud-based enterprise communications also offer a more consistent user experience for remote and mobile workers, as access to UCaaS features is consistent regardless of location.

Unified Communications As A Service: How UCaaS Is Driving The Modern Workforce

Organizations with unified communications as a service, or UCaaS technology, were able to transition to a work-from-home model much more seamlessly than those dependent on on-premise and multi-platform solutions.

UCaaS can be broken down into two elements: “Unified communications” and “As-a-service.”

Unified communications refers to a single platform that delivers a variety of communications services.

Unified communications is a strategic investment for businesses looking to improve their communications in an increasingly remote work environment.

According to a Zoom-Forbes Insight report, 61% of executives in 2019 said their companies are operating three or more video communications platforms.

Ease of use: UCaaS simplifies communications for traditional as well as tech-savvy users.

Choosing a UCaaS provider that offers the right fit for your organization’s current and future needs is key to simplifying communications, mobilizing your workforce, and ensuring business continuity and scalability.

What Is UCaaS? Unified Communications As A Service Explained

Enter UCaaS, which stands for Unified Communications as a Service, which integrates this communication through a cloud model, as well as integrating with cloud-based software applications.

UCaaS is a variant of the “As a service” model of cloud computing, such as the popular Software as a Service, better known as SaaS. UCaaS through the cloud simplifies the deployment, as a large in-house IT team is not needed, as the support is on the backend for a monthly service fee to the provider.

UCaaS offers the opportunity to integrate multiple communication methods through a single cloud provider, including enterprise messaging, telephone communication, and video conferencing, which facilitates team communication.

An example of a UCaaS provider is the RingCentral Office offering, which delivers unified communications with “Enterprise VoIP capabilities.” It offers a gaggle of features, including local, international and toll-free numbers, an auto-receptionist, music on hold, call monitoring, hot desking, call reports, internet fax, and user templates via their hosted PBX service, as well as mobile capability via available iOS and Android apps.

In large companies, Unified Communications means not only chatting and exchanging information with the outer world; it is also about users’ provisioning and administering, and supervising and overseeing.

Almost every department benefits from UCaaS because modern communication takes on different forms and for business that use cloud-based platforms, that UCaaS analytical data is available not just to a few people but to an entire team or department.

Tips for implementing UCaaS at your organizationStart researching the market of UCaas-solutions, when you observe, that processes linked to external communications are increasing and growing.

Unified Communications As A Service

Unified communications as a service is a category of “As a service” or “Cloud” delivery mechanisms for enterprise communications.

Similar to the platform as a service, with UCaaS, unified communications services can be made available from the cloud to businesses from SMB to an enterprise.

Communications-enabled applications – integrated contact centers, communications platform as a service and workstream collaboration.

Prior to the cloud, service providers offered IP Centrex and Hosted communications services.

Secondly, the growing sophistication of enterprise unified communications has meant that companies must invest not only capital.

Companies are able to off-load most of this complexity to service providers with a UCaaS model, as well as ensuring that they always have the very latest versions and features.

There is a significant level of internal competition within organizations as to whether they retain their existing enterprise communications platform, or move to a cloud-based UCaaS model.

Post Idea #37: Alzheimer’s disease

Related Articles – Summarized

What Is Alzheimer’S Disease?

What is Alzheimer’s Disease? Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia.

Who has Alzheimer’s Disease? In 2020, as many as 5.8 million Americans were living with Alzheimer’s disease.

Currently, many people living with Alzheimer’s disease are cared for at home by family members.

Although most people willingly provide care to their loved ones and friends, caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease at home can be a difficult task and may become overwhelming at times.

As the disease gets worse, people living with Alzheimer’s disease often need more intensive care.

In 2020, an estimated 5.8 million Americans aged 65 years or older had Alzheimer’s disease.

Death rates for Alzheimer’s disease are increasing, unlike heart disease and cancer death rates that are on the decline.

What Is Alzheimer’S Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills and, eventually, the ability to carry out the simplest tasks.

In most people with the disease – those with the late-onset type symptoms first appear in their mid-60s. Early-onset Alzheimer’s occurs between a person’s 30s and mid-60s and is very rare.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia among older adults.

The disease is named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer.

A decline in other aspects of thinking, such as finding the right words, vision/spatial issues, and impaired reasoning or judgment, may also signal the very early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is currently ranked as the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, but recent estimates indicate that the disorder may rank third, just behind heart disease and cancer, as a cause of death for older people.

Learn more about how Alzheimer’s disease is treated.

Alzheimer’S Disease

As the disease progresses, a person with Alzheimer’s disease will develop severe memory impairment and lose the ability to carry out everyday tasks.

There is no treatment that cures Alzheimer’s disease or alters the disease process in the brain.

Alzheimer’s is not a part of normal aging, but as you grow older the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease increases.

People who’ve had a severe head trauma have a greater risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Several large studies found that in people age 50 years or older who had a traumatic brain injury, the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease increased.

Research has shown that the same risk factors associated with heart disease may also increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Evidence suggests that changes in diet, exercise and habits – steps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease – may also lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders that cause dementia.

What Is Alzheimer’S Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills and, eventually, the ability to carry out the simplest tasks.

More than 6 million Americans, many of them age 65 and older, are estimated to have Alzheimer’s disease.

Many more people experience Alzheimer’s in their lives as family members and friends of those with the disease.

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease – changes in thinking, remembering, reasoning, and behavior – are known as dementia.

Doctors may ask questions about health, conduct cognitive tests, and carry out standard medical tests to determine whether to diagnose a person with Alzheimer’s disease.

There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s, though there are several medicines approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that can help manage some symptoms of the disease along with coping strategies to manage behavioral symptoms.

How long a person can live with Alzheimer’s disease varies.

What Is Alzheimer’S Disease? Symptoms & Causes

Alzheimer’s disease accounts for 60-80% of dementia cases.

Alzheimer’s disease is considered to be younger-onset Alzheimer’s if it affects a person under 65.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, where dementia symptoms gradually worsen over a number of years.

Scientists believe Alzheimer’s disease prevents parts of a cell’s factory from running well.

It’s the destruction and death of nerve cells that causes memory failure, personality changes, problems carrying out daily activities and other symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

In 1906, German physician Dr. Alois Alzheimer first described “a peciliar disease” – one of profound memory loss and microscopic brain changes – a disease we now know as Alzheimer’s.

Researchers are working to uncover as many aspects of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias as possible.

Stages Of Alzheimer’S Disease

Alzheimer disease is a brain disorder that causes memory loss, confusion, and changes in personality, and gradual loss of independence.

In the final stage, people with Alzheimer disease may be unable to talk with family members or know what is going on around them.

Alzheimer disease usually affects people older than 65.

The stages of Alzheimer disease usually follow a progressive pattern.

Knowing these stages helps healthcare providers and family members make decisions about how to care for someone who has Alzheimer disease.

The early signs of Alzheimer disease may not be obvious to anyone except the person with the disease and the people closest to them.

People with Alzheimer disease need to follow a full treatment plan to protect their health.

2021 Alzheimer’S Disease Facts And Figures

The Special Report discusses the challenges of providing equitable health care for people with dementia in the United States.

These figures reflect a decline in the number of caregivers compared with a decade earlier, as well as an increase in the amount of care provided by each remaining caregiver.

Total payments in 2021 for health care, long-term care and hospice services for people age 65 and older with dementia are estimated to be $355 billion.

Despite years of efforts to make health care more equitable in the United States, racial and ethnic disparities remain – both in terms of health disparities, which involve differences in the burden of illness, and health care disparities, which involve differences in the ability to use health care services.

Blacks, Hispanics, Asian Americans and Native Americans continue to have a higher burden of illness and lower access to health care compared with Whites.

Surveys commissioned by the Alzheimer’s Association recently shed new light on the role of discrimination in dementia care, the varying levels of trust between racial and ethnic groups in medical research, and the differences between groups in their levels of concern about and awareness of Alzheimer’s disease.

Keywords: Alzheimer’s dementia; Alzheimer’s disease; Biomarkers; COVID-19; Caregivers; Dementia; Diagnostic criteria; Discrimination; Diversity; Equity; Ethnicity; Family caregiver; Health care costs; Health care disparities; Health care expenditures; Health care professional; Health disparities; Implicit bias; Incidence; Long-term care costs; Medicaid spending; Medicare spending; Morbidity; Mortality; Prevalence; Race; Risk factors; Spouse caregiver.

Post Idea #38: The Insight Partners

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Syndicated, Custom, Rapid Market Research Reports

We are committed to providing highest quality research and consulting services to our customers and help them understand key market trends, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions by providing market research solutions at an affordable cost.

We help our clients in getting solutions to their research requirements through our syndicated and consulting research services and specialize in industries exhibited below,.

E-Insights – one stop solution for all your market research needs.

The research industry has evolved over a period of time and most of the customers are interested in research as per their requirements.

Our rapid research solutions help clients in getting quick solutions without burning much of their approved budgets.

We work with agile research approach to meet specific client requirements in short turnaround time, our domain expertise, reports repository, databases, integrated with project management skills makes it different from the rest! We have expertise in delivering custom/rapid research solutions in shortest turnaround time.

E-Insights is the one stop solution for all your market research needs.

The Insight Partners

The Insight Partners is a one stop industry research provider of actionable intelligence.

They help their clients in getting solutions to their research requirements through their syndicated and consulting research services.

They are a specialist in Technology, Media, and Telecommunication industries.

Insight Partners Commercial HVAC

Sales As manufacturers’ representatives, we’ve curated a line card of some of the best products in the business to bring quality and value to your system.

Service Start-up, warranty, maintenance, and more – our experienced technicians are prepared to service any part of your HVAC system.

Parts With extensive product offerings, competitive pricing, and knowledgeable counter help, Insight Parts is another way we partner with you for your project’s entirety.

Recon Our Insight Recon subdivision means factory authorized refurbishment, repairs, reconstruction, and replacements to lengthen the life of your cooling tower.

Anyone Have Info On Insight Partners?

Does anyone have any recent information on Insight Partners? The forum doesn’t have much mention of the firm, and a majority of the information here is pretty dated.

They recently raised their eleventh fund at $9.5B, and I know they recruit undergrads which is isn’t the norm for VC/PE. Looking for any information whatsoever on culture, how it’s viewed by other firms, work and salary, etc.

Beware Scam Market ‘Research’

By 2020, the market will be worth 6.18 billion U.S. dollars, according to research firm MarketsandMarkets.

According to the Grand View Research firm, the global smart cities market size was valued at $567.45 billion in 2014, with security accounting for $77.19 billion.

According to a report from Technavio, the market will reach US$1,505.

Have non-experts who repackage Google search results, moving from market to market.

Update March 2018: Reportlinker contacted us, noting “We are not responsible for the content of their market research.”

Technavio demonstrates not only a complete lack of understanding of the security camera market but also incredible laziness to not even spend ten minutes googling to figure who is in the market.

Over the past year, since we originally published this, these firms have threatened us but they know the reality – the posturing of being from the US, the lack of original research into the markets they claim to analyze, the press releases with big statistical claims used for SEO / marketing.

Post Idea #39: AstraZeneca

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Research-Based BioPharmaceutical Company

You are about to access AstraZeneca historic archive material.

Any reference in these archives to AstraZeneca products or their uses may not reflect current medical knowledge and should not be used as a source of information on the present product label, efficacy data or safety data.

Please refer to your approved national product label for current product information.

I have read this warning and will not be using any of the contained product information for clinical purposes.

Working At AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca completed the acquisition of Alexion, marking the creation of Alexion, AstraZeneca Rare Disease.

Empowered to disrupt and innovate a new futureWe’ve put Digital at the heart of AstraZeneca and how it shapes the future of Pharma.

Backed by investment at every step, we harness the latest technology, data and cutting-edge ways of working to achieve new, better outcomes.

Data Science and AI. This is the place where data impacts lives.

At AstraZeneca, Data Science has the potential to transform the way we discover and develop new medicines – turning science fiction into life-changing solutions.

We have a quantity and complexity of data that’s been built up over more than 20 years.

At AstraZeneca, you have the freedom to be your authentic self.

AstraZeneca US

You are about to access AstraZeneca historic archive material.

Any reference in these archives to AstraZeneca products or their uses may not reflect current medical knowledge and should not be used as a source of information on the present product label, efficacy data or safety data.

Please refer to your approved national product label for current product information.

I have read this warning and will not be using any of the contained product information for clinical purposes.


In February 2007, AstraZeneca agreed to buy Arrow Therapeutics, a company focused on the discovery and development of anti-viral therapies, for US$150 million.

In June 2012, AstraZeneca and Bristol Myers Squibb announced a two-stage deal for the joint acquisition of the biotechnology company Amylin Pharmaceuticals.

In October 2013, AstraZeneca announced it would acquire biotech oncology company Spirogen for around US$440 million.

On 19 May 2014 AstraZeneca rejected a “Final offer” from Pfizer of £55 per share, which valued the company at £69.4 billion.

Towards the end of April the company announced a number of collaborations worth an estimated US$1.8 billion; first, to develop and commercialise MEDI4736, with Celgene, for use against non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, myelodysplastic syndromes, and multiple myeloma with AstraZeneca receiving US$450 million.

In February 2018, AstraZeneca announced it was spinning off six early-stage experimental drugs into a new biotechnology company, known as Viela Bio, valued at US$250 million.

In October 2019, AstraZeneca announced it would sell the global commercial rights for its drug to treat acid reflux to German pharmaceutical company Cheplapharm Arzneimittel GmbH for as much as US$276 million.

The Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine: What You Need To Know

Individuals may wish to defer their own COVID-19 vaccination for up to six months from the time of SARS-CoV-2 infection, to allow others who may need the vaccine more urgently to go first.

The Astra-Zeneca vaccine recommendations have also been modified to indicate that either of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines can be used as a second dose following a first dose with the AstraZeneca vaccine dependant on product availability.

The Astra-Zeneca vaccine can be used as a second dose following any WHO EUL COVID-19 inactivated vaccines dependant on product availability.

The Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety, a group of experts that provides independent and authoritative guidance to the WHO on the topic of safe vaccine use, receives and assesses reports of suspected safety events of potentially international impact.

Preliminary findings highlight the urgent need for a coordinated approach for surveillance and evaluation of variants and their potential impact on vaccine effectiveness.

As of September 2021, the AstraZeneca vaccine is safe and effective at protecting people from the extremely serious risks of COVID-19, including death, hospitalization and severe disease.

Read the 16 April 2021 statement of the WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety on AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for reports of very rare side effects.

AstraZeneca Stock Rating Reaffirmed By Berenberg Bank

Berenberg Bank reissued their buy rating on shares of AstraZeneca in a research report released on Tuesday, Analyst Ratings Network reports.

Berenberg Bank currently has a £100 price target on the biopharmaceutical company’s stock.

According to MarketBeat, AstraZeneca currently has a consensus rating of Buy and a consensus price target of GBX 9,690.

The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 82.58, a quick ratio of 0.67 and a current ratio of 1.16.

AstraZeneca has a 52-week low of GBX 6,761 and a 52-week high of GBX 9,523.

The ex-dividend date of this dividend is Thursday, February 24th. This represents a yield of 1.74%. AstraZeneca’s dividend payout ratio is presently 47.53%. AstraZeneca Company Profile.

AstraZeneca PLC discovers, develops, manufactures, and commercializes prescription medicines in the areas of oncology, cardiovascular, renal and metabolism, respiratory, infection, neuroscience, and gastroenterology worldwide.

Shot In The Arm As Kenya Receives 500,000 Doses Of AstraZeneca

The ongoing accelerated Covid-19 vaccination drive received a boost following the arrival of a further 500,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine into the country.

Speaking while receiving the consignment, National COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment Taskforce chairperson Willis Akhwale said the doses will go a long way in supporting the government in its endeavor to vaccinate its eligible population.

“We have cooperated with Kenya for many years, and we are happy that we can work together to end the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

The arrival of the consignment brought the number of vaccine doses received in the country to slightly over 27 million.

Kenya has administered close to 17 million Covid-19 vaccine doses since its kicked off the vaccination exercise of its adult population in March 2021.

The entire adult population of 27 million people by the end of the year.

During the same period, it will also aim to fully vaccinate 2.9 million teenagers aged 15-17 years and the entire teenage population of 5.8million by end of December 2022.

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