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Post Idea #1: Tennant Company

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Jobs At Tennant Company

As a world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing cleaning machines and solutions that help to create a cleaner, safer world, we strive to make a positive impact on the environments where our products and solutions are used.

Tennant Company is committed to providing a rewarding work environment where employees have tremendous opportunities to contribute their unique talents and skills to building an even stronger Tennant brand and culture.

Tennant Company

Neither Tennant nor its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors or agents have any control over the External Site or any linked websites accessible through any External Site, or any data or other content contained, or accessible, therein or in or through any such linked websites.

The link to the External Site is provided for convenience purposes only.

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The waiver and release specifically includes, without limitation, any and all rights and claims pertaining to the processing of personal data, including but not limited to any rights under any applicable data protection statute(s).

If in any jurisdiction, any part of this disclaimer is determined to be unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such part of this disclaimer shall be restricted or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary to comply with such determination and the remaining disclaimer shall otherwise remain in full force and effect.

Tennant Company

The Tennant Company is a company with about 4000 employees that provides cleaning products.

Tennant’s products are used to clean and coat surfaces.

The company was founded in Minneapolis by George H. Tennant as a wood-working business in 1870.

Tennant is the U.S. market leader in cleaning equipment.

In 2017, Tennant announced the acquisition of IPC Group, a company based in Italy manufacturing cleaning machines.

In, 2018, Tennant launched their first fully-autonomous scrubber powered by the Brain Corp. AI Operating System.

As of January, 2022, the Tennant Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots with over 5,300 units deployed across the world.

United States

ABOUT.When 143 years of combined company history come together, you can expect the markets to notice.

Our goal is simple: to provide customers a singular place to solve all of their dry bulk storage, handling, & processing needs.

Capital equipment, equipment & process integration, process studies, spare parts, retrofits and much more.

April 2020.Quezon specifies enclosed Siwertell ship unloader for new power plant.

Sept 2019.Bruks Siwertell awarded repeat truck dump equipment order from Douglas Pellets.

Choosing the right thermal processing equipment for cannabis and hemp.

CST raises awareness on new combustible dust standards.

Post Idea #2: International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.

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International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. Expected To Announce Quarterly Sales Of $3.18 Billion

Brokerages forecast that International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. will announce $3.18 billion in sales for the current quarter, according to Zacks.

International Flavors & Fragrances reported sales of $2.47 billion during the same quarter last year, which indicates a positive year over year growth rate of 28.7%. The firm is expected to announce its next earnings report on Monday, May 9th. According to Zacks, analysts expect that International Flavors & Fragrances will report full year sales of $12.57 billion for the current financial year, with estimates ranging from $12.50 billion to $12.63 billion.

Zacks’ sales calculations are an average based on a survey of research firms that follow International Flavors & Fragrances.

International Flavors & Fragrances last issued its quarterly earnings data on Wednesday, February 9th. The specialty chemicals company reported $1.10 earnings per share for the quarter, beating the consensus estimate of $1.04 by $0.06.

International Flavors & Fragrances had a net margin of 2.32% and a return on equity of 6.37%. During the same period last year, the company posted $1.32 EPS. Several equities analysts have commented on IFF shares.

This represents a $3.16 annualized dividend and a dividend yield of 2.56%. The ex-dividend date is Thursday, March 24th. International Flavors & Fragrances’s payout ratio is 312.87%. About International Flavors & Fragrances.

International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc engages in the manufacture and supply of flavors and fragrances used in the food, beverage, personal care, and household products industries.

International Flavors & Fragrances

In 1958, the two companies announced their merger to become International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. IFF was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1964.

In 2000, IFF acquired Laboratoire Monique Rémy based in Grasse, France and forms IFF LMR Naturals, strengthening its position in the development and use of raw materials, natural ingredients for fragrances and flavors.

In 2000, IFF acquired Bush Boake Allen with its complementary products, technologies, and presence in key markets, making IFF the largest flavor and fragrance house in the world for several years.

In 2014, IFF acquired Aromor Flavors and Fragrances Ltd., a privately held manufacturer and marketer of complex specialty ingredients that are used in fragrances and flavors, founded in 1982 and based in Israel in Kibbutz Givat Oz. In 2015, IFF announced that it completed the acquisition of Ottens Flavors.

In 2016, IFF acquired David Michael & Company, Inc. Founded in 1896, David Michael was a privately-held flavors company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. In 2017, IFF completed the acquisition of Fragrance Resources, a privately-held, family-owned fragrance company founded in 1987 by Horst F. W. Gerberding.

On June 26, 2017, IFF launched Tastepoint by IFF – a new company designed to service the middle-market customer in North America.

IFF creative and commercial teams within fragrance compounds are organized into two broad categories, fine fragrances and consumer fragrances.

Post Idea #3: Equifax Canada

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Access Point

An email has been sent to you to complete the forgot password process.

Remember Me. Important – Read carefullyThe private Web site you are about to enter, its contents, and all information obtainable through the site are made available to authorized users as part of the InterConnect service offered by Equifax Technology Solutions LLC. The Site contains proprietary and confidential information of Equifax Technology Solutions LLC and other affiliates of Equifax Inc. Access to and use of the Site is governed by the applicable InterConnect Agreements between Customer and Equifax Technology Solutions LLC. Anyone accessing or using the Site illegally or without proper authorization may be subject to civil and criminal liability.

Your use of the Site must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Check Your Credit Report & Credit Score

Choose which credit monitoring1 and identity theft protection plan is right for you.

The credit scores provided are based on the VantageScore® 3.0 model.

For three-bureau VantageScore credit scores, data from Equifax®, Experian®, and TransUnion® are used respectively.

Third parties use many different types of credit scores and are likely to use a different type of credit score to assess your creditworthiness.

Access helpful services and useful information to help you take control of your credit report, and better protect yourself from identity theft and fraud.

Learning responsible credit behavior can set you up to reach your goals.

Find out what’s in your Equifax credit report, how your credit scores are calculated, and how to get on track in your credit journey.

Careers At Equifax

Equifax is a global data, analytics and technology company that helps people live their financial best.

Our unique data assets, technology and analytics transform knowledge into insights to power decisions that move people forward.

We serve as a consumer advocate, steward of financial literacy, and champion of economic advancement.

As an innovative global company that enables access to credit, we’re part of breakthrough collaborations and innovations that address complex social challenges such as social welfare, community relations and financial education for underprivileged youth.

We help individuals gain financial independence by increasing access to capital for small businesses.

We provide young adults entering college or university with financial education tools.

Every day, around the globe, we are Powering the World with Knowledge and helping people live their financial best.

Ordering Your Credit Report And Score

Each credit bureau may have different information about how you have used credit in the past.

Ordering your own credit report has no effect on your credit score.

Equifax Canada refers to your credit report as “Credit file disclosure”.

Your credit score is a number calculated from the information in your credit report.

You usually need to pay a fee when you order your credit score online from the two credit bureaus.

Canada’s credit bureaus, as well as many credit card issuers and financial institutions, offer credit monitoring services.

These services provide you with a notification after certain updates to your credit file, such as a credit inquiry.

Post Idea #4: Mobile app development

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Mobile App Development

Automate the lifecycle of your iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS apps.

Connect your repo and within minutes build in the cloud, test on thousands of real devices, distribute to beta testers and app stores, and monitor real-world usage with crash and analytics data.

Mobile Application Development

The mobile front-end is the visual and interactive part of the application the user experiences.

The application can be downloaded from the platform app store, side-loaded directly onto the device, or can be reached through the device’s browser, as in the case for PWAs.

When a developer says they are a mobile application programmer, they are most often referring to this front-end part of the application, and they are skilled in the languages and technologies that are used to create this front-end application.

Depending on the size of the team producing the app, there may be many different people involved in the design and development of the front-end mobile app.

Regardless of the size of the team, a critical element of the development effort is building the app logic that is responsible for making network calls to the back-end services, retrieve data and update the data in the back-end systems with new information generated from the app.

While some back-end service APIs are available directly to the application through calls in the platform itself, many of the specialized services have to be integrated into the app via a software development kit, commonly known as an SDK. Once the SDK has been added to the app via the development environment, then the application can make use of the APIs defined in the SDK. How to Interact with the Backend Data?

A GraphQL API is also another option for developers, as it makes easy to work with backend data in a mobile application.

How To Become A Mobile App Developer

If you’ve got a great mobile app idea and decided to consult with a developer or an app development company, you may have been surprised to hear how costly it is to outsource development.

Sowhy do you want to become a mobile app developer?

Throughout the app development world, there is a need for Android development, iOS app development, and development needs for multiple platforms, including hybrid mobile apps.

If you want to become a mobile app developer, learning to code is your first option.

The third choice for becoming a mobile app developer involves a combination of our last two options.

Becoming a mobile app developer is much easier than it sounds.

If you want to learn the app development process from an app builder, just download the software development kit.

Mobile App Development Process: A Step-By-Step Guide

The first phase of the mobile app development process is defining the strategy for evolving your idea into a successful app.

If your goals are to build a mobile app for both iOS and Android mobile platforms then, your mobile development team should include iOS developers and Android developers.

The first step of your mobile app design process is to determine the data your mobile app will display to the users, the data it will collect, user interactions with the finished product, and the user journeys within the app.

Establishing a style guide early on as part of your mobile app development process improves the productivity of your mobile app developers.

Similar to how use cases drive the process of mobile app development, test cases drive mobile app testing.

The complexity of mobile app testing on all mobile devices, ongoing support costs, and headaches of mobile device management are primary reasons why companies tend to build their enterprise mobile apps for a single mobile platform.

Releasing a native mobile app requires submitting your app to the app stores, Apple App Store for iOS apps and Google Play for Android apps.

Best Mobile App Development Software Of 2022

The best mobile app development software makes it simple and easy to develop apps specific to your own business.

Whether for marketing services, retail, product development and deployment, as well as Software as a Service, app development has come of age.

Here we’ll feature the best mobile app development software platforms.

Appian promote the development of “Low code” apps which they advertise as taking as little as eight weeks between developing the idea and completing the app.

The main focus of Appian’s app development software is enterprise apps for business, to optimize processes using automotive processes and AI, in order to present company data in useful and meaningful ways.

Appery is an established app development provider, offering its app builder platform for enterprises to create their own apps.

The aim is to jump start app development for a faster and cheaper development process.

The Next Era Of Mobile App Development Is Here: Major Trends To Watch In 2022

One can hire mobile app development Melbourne company to develop an app with the use of the latest technology.

The next era of mobile app development is going to be full of high-technology, and good user experience as the focus would be on allowing people to use apps easily and creating multi-use apps.

Thus, the bots are going to drive the next era of the mobile app development market in the upcoming years.

APM and EMM. Application Performance Management and Enterprise Mobile Management are not new concepts in the business mobile app development process.

They are still in the trend, and these trends are going to stay and help in mobile app development.

5G technology is soon going to enter the mobile app development.

In conclusion, we would say that mobile app development is driven by new trends and technology.

Mobile App Development

Platform Programming language Debuggers available Emulator available Integrated development environment available Cross-platform deployment Installer packaging options Development tool cost Accelerator HTML5, C# Yes Yes Microsoft Visual Studio(no lock-in) All platforms, mobile apps are browser-based Mobile Web Commercial licenses available MobileTogether XPath/XQuery, Action Trees visual programming language Yes Yes Proprietary IDE Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, browser The native distribution for each format Free Android Java but portions of code can be in C, C++,. Kotlin.

Debugger integrated in Eclipse, standalone debugging monitor available Yes Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, Project Kenai Android plugin for NetBeans Android only, because of Dalvik VM, March 2009 apk Free, IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition – Free App Inventor for Android Visual blocks-based programming language, with Interface designer Limited debugging tools built into IDE Yes Web-based interface designer, with connection to Java web-start program for blocks programming Android devices apk Free Appcelerator JavaScript Yes, in Titanium Studio.

iOS SDK Object Pascal Debugger integrated in Xcode IDE Included in Delphi XE2 professional or higher Embarcadero Delphi XE2 iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Only via App Store, needs review and approval by Apple Inc. Development requires Intel-based Mac besides the IDE on Windows.

Running native emulators on iOS and Android is also possible.

Yes Many IDEs exist for Cordova-based tools like Ionic Studio or Appery.io iPhone, Android, Tizen, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Palm, Bada The native distribution format of each platform Apache 2 Qt SDK C++, QML Yes Yes Qt Creator Android, iOS, Symbian, Maemo, MeeGo, Linux, Windows, OS X The native distribution format of each platform Free and commercial licenses available Rhomobile Ruby with HTML interface features compiled through an interpreter into native applications Yes N/A, applications can run in Win32 runner, or in device emulators for supported platforms.

NET-based languages Yes Remote used to simulate device interaction before app is uploaded to the device.

Native distribution format of each platform Free and commercial development licenses.

Post Idea #5: Diesel fuel

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Diesel Fuel

In sea-going watercraft, where diesel propulsion had gained prevalence by the late 1970s due to increasing fuel costs caused by the 1970s energy crisis, cheap heavy fuel oils are still used instead of conventional motor-vehicle diesel fuel.

Fuel equipment manufacturers have raised several concerns regarding biodiesel, identifying FAME as being the cause of the following problems: corrosion of fuel injection components, low-pressure fuel system blockage, increased dilution and polymerization of engine sump oil, pump seizures due to high fuel viscosity at low temperature, increased injection pressure, elastomeric seal failures and fuel injector spray blockage.

Due to the higher density, diesel fuel offers a higher volumetric energy density: the density of EN 590 diesel fuel is defined as 0.820 to 0.845 kg/L at 15 °C, about 9.0-13.9% more than EN 228 gasoline’s 0.720-0.775 kg/L at 15 °C, which should be put into consideration when comparing volumetric fuel prices.

Diesel fuel is mostly used in high-speed diesel engines, especially motor-vehicle diesel engines, but not all diesel engines run on diesel fuel.

Large two-stroke watercraft engines typically use heavy fuel oils instead of diesel fuel, and certain types of diesel engines, such as MAN M-System engines, are designed to run on petrol with knock resistances of up to 86 RON. On the other hand, gas turbine and some other types of internal combustion engines, and external combustion engines, can also be designed to take diesel fuel.

The viscosity requirement of diesel fuel is usually specified at 40 °C. A disadvantage of diesel fuel in cold climates is that its viscosity increases as the temperature decreases, changing it into a gel that cannot flow in fuel systems.

There is little need for using diesel fuel in aircraft, and diesel fuel is not commercially used as aviation fuel.

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Diesel fuel is the common term for the distillate fuel oil sold for use in motor vehicles that use the compression ignition engine named for its inventor, German engineer Rudolf Diesel.

Most of the diesel fuel produced and consumed in the United States is refined from crude oil at petroleum refineries.

Most diesel fuel sold in the United States contained high quantities of sulfur.

In 2006, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued requirements to reduce the sulfur content of diesel fuel sold for use in the United States.

The requirements were phased in over time, beginning with diesel fuel sold for vehicles used on roadways and eventually including all non-road diesel fuel.

Diesel fuel now sold in the United States for on-highway use is ultra-low sulfur diesel, which has a sulfur content of 15 parts per million or less.

Most diesel fuel sold for off-highway use is also ULSD. Freight truck with diesel engine.

ScienceDirect Topics

Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Numbers: 68334-30-5; 68476-34-6.Synonyms: Diesel fuel; Auto diesel; Automotive diesel oil; Diesel engine road vehicle; Diesel; Diesel fuel oil; Gas oil; Diesel fuel no.

4, Marine diesel fuel, Distillate marine diesel fuel.

Beyond the integration of the liquid fuel system and a burner, suitable for atomization and combustion of fuel oil, gas turbines are typically capable for this fuel without significant further modifications.

Fuel sulphur limits are becoming progressively more stringent and widespread, and the process of desulphurisation of diesel fuel tends to remove these naturally occurring lubricating components from the diesel fuel.

Biodiesel fuel has chemistry similar to some lubricity additives and when blended with diesel fuel provides significant improvement to the fuel’s lubricating properties, in many cases eliminating the need for additional lubricity additives.

Where renewable diesel is used as a single component fuel, lubricity additives are necessary to protect the fuel injection system.

Step-1: Problem Definition – The new diesel surrogate should have good fuel performance and meet requirements for the ASTM D975 standard as listed in Table 1.Step-2: Product Ingredients Identification – A set of chemicals that can be blended together in order to match the target properties is generated using the CAMD option provided in ProCAPD. 20 chemicals are generated according to the benchmark of the existing diesel fuel such as boiling point, type of chemicals, melting point and flash point.

About Diesel Fuels

Diesel engines and vehicles make up about a third of the entire transportation fleet in the U.S. Diesel is the predominant fuel used for shipping goods and moving freight across the country and around the world.

The amount of sulfur in diesel fuel is directly linked to the amount of pollution produced when the fuel is burned in an engine.

When diesel fuel is burned in engines, the emissions that result contributes to air pollution that has serious human health and environmental effects.

This air pollution can cause heart and lung disease and a range of other health effects.

EPA defines fuel additives as products formulated to enhance the quality and efficiency of fuels.

EPA regulates additives because they impact emissions.

The list below provides the current diesel fuel additives currently registered with EPA..

Why Do Trucks Use Diesel Fuel Instead Of Gasoline?

That’s because those types of vehicles typically have diesel engines, rather than gasoline engines.

One big difference between the two engines is how they turn fuel into energy.

According to Engineering Explained, gas engines usually use a spark plug to ignite the mixture of fuel and air in the cylinder.

Diesel engines compress the air until it reaches a high enough temperature that the fuel will ignite as soon as it gets injected into the cylinder.

In order to heat the air to that point, a diesel engine needs an especially high compression ratio: the cylinder’s volume when the piston is at its highest point compared to the volume when the piston is at its lowest point.

Those higher compression ratios-and the fact that the fuel combusts right when it enters the chamber-are part of the reason diesel engines are more fuel-efficient than gas engines.

So while you could say that semis and other load-bearing vehicles use diesel because drivers get a better bang for their buck, it’s hard to talk about the merits of diesel fuel without discussing diesel engines overall.

Cheapest Petrol And Diesel In Bristol As Fuel Prices Reach Record High

Fuel prices in the UK are continuing to soar, with the average litre of petrol now costing more than 150p. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has seen the UK impose sanctions on the country, prices have hit a new record high and are expected to keep rising.

Last month Bristol Live reported the cheapest petrol and diesel prices in the city, but those figures have since shot up by around 10p on average.

As of March 7, in Bristol you won’t find petrol cheaper than 148.9 per litre.

We have compiled a list showing the cheapest petrol stations in Bristol, using the price-comparison website PetrolPrices where data for 8,490 UK petrol stations has been collected.

The cheapest fuel is at Sainsburys in Castle Court, whereas the most expensive is at Shell on Muller Road, where diesel is reportedly more than 170p per litre.

Bristol’s cheapest petrol and diesel prices Petrol.

All the top five cheapest for petrol are supermarket forecourts, according to Petrol Prices.

Petrol, Diesel Prices In India All Set To Jump. Here’S Possibly Why

Today would be a good day to tank up your vehicle because numerous reports and indications suggest petrol and diesel prices may witness a sharp hike Tuesday onwards.

While petrol and diesel rates have remained as in the past four months in view of the state elections in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur, these rates may now see a sharp northward trajectory because of the skyrocketing prices of crude oil in the international markets.

A report by ICICI securities says that petrol and diesel rates have to be increased by more than ₹12 a lire for OMCs to break-even.

With elections over on Monday and the result to be announced Thursday, the fuel rates are likely to be hiked now.

“With state elections getting over next week, we expect daily fuel price hikes to restart across both gasoline and diesel. Pump prices have been unchanged since November,” JP Morgan had reportedly stated last week.

Since India imports a large part of its domestic requirement for fuel, the changes in these rates have a deep impact on rates within the country.

Petrol and diesel rates remain at significantly high levels in India with a litre of petrol in Delhi costing a ₹95.

Post Idea #6: Tamboran Resources

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Tamboran Resources Limited Awarded Grant Of Up To $7.5 Million Under The Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program

Sydney, Mar 7, 2022 AEST – Tamboran Resources Limited has been awarded a grant of up to $7.5 million through the Commonwealth Government’s Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program.

“We are pleased to announce that Sweetpea, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tamboran, has received an approved grant for up to $7.5 million through the Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program initiative provided by the Commonwealth Government of Australia.”

“The funding is intended to support up to 25 per cent of the costs of drilling, fracture stimulation and flow testing of the M1H well, limited to $7.5 million, in EP 136, our 100 per cent owned and operated permit in the ‘Core’ Beetaloo Sub-basin. Subject to the delivery of commercial flow rates from the M1H well, Tamboran plans to expedite the proposed Maverick Pilot Development within EP 136, which could target first gas deliveries to the Australian domestic market by the end of calendar year 2025.”.

The Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program is a key initiative of “Unlocking the Beetaloo: The Beetaloo Strategic Basin Plan” initiated in January 2021 by the Hon Keith Pitt MP, the Commonwealth’s Minister for Resources and Water, to encourage the industry to accelerate resource exploration and appraisal.

According to the Plan, “The Beetaloo Sub-basin’s resource potential is a significant opportunity for the economic recovery of the Northern Territory and Australia. Industry analysis projects that the Beetaloo development has the potential to create up to 6,000 jobs by 2040. Economic activity could increase between $18.0 billion and $36.8 billion over the same period. This investment has the potential to create long-term benefits such as local jobs, generate revenue and provide a springboard for many downstream industries in the Northern Territory.”

The Hon Keith Pitt MP released a media statement in relation to the approval of the grant to Sweetpea under the Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program and can be found in Appendix A*. *To view tables and figures, please visit:https://abnnewswire.net/lnk/57T64NS9.

Tamboran Resources Ltd is a natural gas company that intends to play a constructive role in the global energy transition towards a lower carbon future by developing low CO2 unconventional natural gas resources in the Beetaloo Sub-basin within the Greater McArthur Basin in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Tamboran Resources Ltd Awarded Grant Of Up To $7.5 Million Under Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program

“The funding is intended to support up to 25% of the costs of drilling, fracture stimulation and flow testing of the M1H well,” says MD. Tamboran Resources Ltd has been awarded a grant of up to $7.5 million through the Commonwealth Government’s Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program with the funds to support drilling of the Maverick 1H well within the ‘Core’ Beetaloo Sub-basin in the Northern Territory.

“Tamboran managing director and CEO Joel Riddle said:”We are pleased to announce that Sweetpea, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tamboran, has received an approved grant for up to $7.5 million through the Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program initiative provided by the Commonwealth Government of Australia.

“The funding is intended to support up to 25% of the costs of drilling, fracture stimulation and flow testing of the M1H well, limited to $7.5 million, in EP 136, our 100%-owned and operated permit in the ‘Core’ Beetaloo Sub-basin.”

“Riddle adds:”The award of the grant reflects the support and ongoing commitment of the Commonwealth Government to the development of the Beetaloo Sub-basin as a new source of low carbon dioxide natural gas for Australia to promote jobs, manufacturing and, importantly, national energy security.

“These wells have already provided valuable information and learnings that have validated our Mid-Velkerri ‘B’ shale model and details for the design and execution of our drilling program on EP 136 during calendar year 2022.”.

The Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program is a key initiative of ‘Unlocking the Beetaloo: The Beetaloo Strategic Basin Plan’ initiated in January 2021 by the Hon Keith Pitt MP, the Commonwealth’s Minister for Resources and Water, to encourage the industry to accelerate resource exploration and appraisal.

“Industry analysis projects that the Beetaloo development has the potential to create up to 6,000 jobs by 2040. Economic activity could increase between $18.0 billion and $36.8 billion over the same period.”

Tamboran Gets A$7.5mn Grant From Aussie Government

Sydney-listed Tamboran Resources has been awarded a grant of up to A$7.5mn through the Australian government’s Beetaloo cooperative drilling programme, it said on March 7.

The funding will support the drilling of the Maverick 1H well within Tamboran’s 100% owned and operated EP 136 permit in the Beetaloo sub-basin during the calendar year 2022.

Subject to the delivery of commercial flow rates from the M1H well, which is planned to spud in the mid-calendar year 2022, Tamboran intends to accelerate the Maverick pilot development with a target of delivering gas to the Australian domestic market by the end of the calendar year 2025.

Tamboran CEO, Joel Riddle, said the funding is intended to support up to 25% of the costs of drilling, fracture stimulation and flow testing of the M1H well, limited to A$7.5mn in EP 136.

“The award of the grant reflects the support and ongoing commitment of the Commonwealth government to the development of the Beetaloo sub-basin as a new source of low carbon dioxide natural gas for Australia to promote jobs, manufacturing and, importantly, national energy security,” Riddle said.

Tamboran’s joint venture partner and operator of EP 161, Santos, successfully drilled the Tanumbirini 2H and 3H wells, which are currently undergoing extended flow testing.

Tamboran Resources Stock Forecast, Price & News

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Proactive News Headlines Including Tamboran Resources, Imugene Ltd, Emperor Energy And Pantoro Ltd

Tamboran Resources Ltd has been awarded a grant of up to $7.5 million through the Commonwealth Government’s Beetaloo Cooperative Drilling Program with the funds to support drilling of the Maverick 1H well within the ‘Core’ Beetaloo Sub-basin in the Northern Territory.

Imugene Ltd ASX:IMU, OTC:IUGNF)’s recent clinical activities – including brokering partnerships and securing patents – along with a well-funded cash position, have prompted Roth Capital Partners to place a ‘buy’ recommendation on the clinical-stage oncology company.

Emperor Energy Ltd has engaged 3D-Geo to prepare an independent prospective resource statement for the Kipper and Golden Beach gas sands, which sit within Emperor’s wholly-owned permit in the Gippsland Basin offshore Victoria.

KGL Resources Ltd has bolstered copper resources at the high-grade Rockface deposit within its Jervois Copper Project in the Northern Territory with additional silver and gold ounces to boot.

Brookside Energy Ltd will accelerate a drill campaign at its Flames oil and gas well in Oklahoma after picking up the same drill rig used to complete its Rangers asset in just 31 days.

White Rock Minerals Ltd ASX:WRM, OTCQX:WRMCF) has intersected further high-grade gold during underground drilling at Kenny’s target area of Morning Star Underground Mine within the Woods Point Gold Project in Victoria, Australia.

Caspin Resources Ltd has restarted field activities at the Yarawindah Brook Nickel-Copper-PGE Project in Western Australia.

Post Idea #7: Iván Duque Márquez

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Biography, Education, & Age

Iván Duque, in full Iván Duque Márquez,, Colombian centre-right politician, lawyer, and author who became president of Colombia in 2018.

From an early age Duque showed an interest in politics.

Arguably, the most important development for Duque during this period was the beginning of his relationship with Uribe, who was then serving as Colombia’s president and who would become Duque’s mentor.

In 2011 Duque became Uribe’s assistant on the four-member panel that was tasked by the United Nations with investigating Israel’s attack of the flotilla that attempted to deliver humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip at the end of May 2010.A prolific writer, Duque contributed columns to several newspapers, including El Tiempo, Portafolio, and El Colombiano.

” Still, Duque joined Uribe in condemning the peace agreement that Santos had negotiated with the FARC, which stood to end that Marxist guerrilla organization’s long war with the Colombian government.

Duque, like Uribe, remained deeply disenchanted with the agreement, which they saw as too lenient in its treatment of the former guerrillas.

The presence of Petro, a onetime leftist guerrilla, in the runoff with Duque marked a significant change in the attitude of Colombian voters, who had long been leery of candidates from the left as a result of the prolonged conflict with the FARC. Notwithstanding the suspicions of some political pundits that he would prove to be a puppet for Uribe, Duque swept to a commanding victory in the runoff, capturing some 54 percent of the vote, compared with about 42 percent for Petro, to become the second youngest individual to serve as Colombia’s president when he took office in August at age 42.Once Duque was in office, his objections to the peace agreement were manifested by what his opponents characterized as his half-hearted efforts to implement the agreement.

Wikipedia, La Enciclopedia Libre

La Misión de Verificación de la ONU, así como el Consejo de Seguridad del mismo organismo, han reiterado su apoyo y acompañamiento a la implementación de los mismos.

En enero de 2018, se anunció que la Coalición de la Centro Derecha, en donde participó en la consulta interpartidista denominada La Gran Consulta por Colombia, con los candidatos Iván Duque, Marta Lucía Ramírez y Alejandro Ordóñez.

En 2020 la senadora prófuga de la justicia Aída Merlano acusó al candidato y eventual presidente Duque de confabularse con los clanes políticos de la costa Caribe, como el grupo político Char, para comprar votos en detrimento del oponente a las presidenciales Gustavo Petro.

El escándalo más grande que enfrenta el gobierno Duque es la “Ñeñepolítica”, relacionada con ayudas por parte del narcotraficante José Hernández Aponte que en su rol como ganadero financió la campaña para la actual presidencia.

El primer paro tuvo lugar después de la renuncia del Ministro de Defensa tras ser revelado que el Estado Colombiano había ocultado el bombardeo de un campamento guerrillero donde fallecieron 18 menores de edad. La crisis política desatada por la renuncia del ministro de defensa se vio aunada a las protestas por las reformas pensionales y laborales anunciadas por el gobierno durante el segundo semestre de 2019, lo que desencadenó una crisis institucional durante noviembre y diciembre del 2019, culminando en los primeros toques de queda marciales impuestos sobre Bogotá desde el paro nacional de 1977 y un saldo de 17 civiles muertos y 846 heridos.

Como resultado de la crisis del COVID el PIB en Colombia se redujo en 6,8% en 2020, la peor caída del producto interno bruto del país en su historia, comparada con el anterior peor registro, que fue una diminución del 4.5% durante la crisis de liquidez e hipotecaria de 1999.

Durante el primer semestre de 2021 tuvo lugar el paro nacional de 2021 el cual se vio motivado por la propuesta de una reforma tributaria hecha por el gobierno en marzo de ese año, mediante la cual el gobierno propuso establecer un impuesto al valor agregado del 19% al consumo de servicios públicos, además de establecer igual tarifa de IVA a todas las ventas de gasolina, internet, celulares, además de ciertos productos de la canasta básica.

Iván Duque Márquez

Experto en temas económicos, con estudios ejecutivos en Harvard, y con maestrías de Georgetown, en Gerencia de Políticas Públicas, y de American University, en Derecho Económico.

Como Senador sacó adelante cinco leyes de la República: la Ley Naranja, que impulsa las industrias creativas y la cultura como motor de desarrollo; la Ley de cesantías, que permite el uso de las cesantías para prepagar la educación de hijos y dependientes; la Ley de desfibriladores, que obliga a la instalación de reanimadores en sitios públicos y en transportes de emergencia en Colombia; la Ley de ‘Empresas B’, que brinda las condiciones para crear y desarrollar las sociedades comerciales de Beneficio e Interés Colectivo, y es coautor de la Ley que extendió la licencia de maternidad de 14 a 18 semanas.

Así mismo, es coautor, junto con Felipe Buitrago, del libro La Economía Naranja.

Fue quien redactó, presentó y defendió la demanda contra el Acto Legislativo para la Paz, ante la Corte Constitucional, que limitó el fast track y le permitió al Congreso hacer cambios en la implementación de los acuerdos con las Farc.

En el 2016 fue elegido como uno de los líderes más destacados del país por la Revista Semana y la Fundación Colombia Líder, y durante sus tres años como congresista fue elegido como mejor Senador por sus propios compañeros y por varias organizaciones locales que destacan y miden la labor de los legisladores colombianos.

El Presidente Duque está casado con la señora María Juliana Ruiz, con quien tiene tres hijos: Luciana, Matías y Eloísa.

El 17 de junio de 2018, Iván Duque fue elegido Presidente de Colombia para el periodo constitucional 2018 – 2022, con 10’398.

Columbia, Iván Duque Márquez, President

2022 is a historic milestone for the global environmental community and UNEP. It marks fifty years since the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, widely seen as the first international meeting on the environment.

The 1972 Stockholm Conference spurred the formation of environment ministries and agencies around the world, kickstarted a host of new global agreements to collectively protect the environment, and led to the formation of the United Nations Environment Programme.

For 50 years UNEP has coordinated a worldwide effort to confront the planet’s biggest environmental challenges.

This global collaboration has helped repair the ozone layer, phase out leaded fuel, stop some endangered species from going extinct and more.

UNEP’s convening power and rigorous scientific research has provided a platform for countries to engage, act boldly and advance the global environmental agenda.

These recognize the significant progress made on global environmental matters and address the planetary challenges to come.

This sets the stage for a special session of the UN Environment Assembly taking place in Nairobi, Kenya and online, on 3 and 4 March, 2022.

Iván Duque Márquez

Iván Duque Márquez – Foto: EFE. Luego de una campaña electoral en la que las difamaciones entre candidatos fueron pan de cada día, Iván Duque Márquez obtuvo la mayoría de votos que lo convirtieron en nuevo huésped del Palacio de Nariño y con eso, se ponía fin a la era Santos que dejó al país inmerso en un proceso de paz cuya ratificación en los hechos se esperaba prontamente.

Iván Duque Márquez no era ajeno a la política y menos a su ambiente porque su padre, Iván Duque Escobar fue gobernador del departamento de Antioquia de 1981 a 1982, Ministro de Minas del gobierno Betancur, en el cual se le criticó su falta de atención al riesgo de tragedia que representaba el Volcán Nevado del Ruíz y que posteriormente sepultó a la población de Armero, Tolima en 1985.

Iván Duque Márquez, bogotano y militante del partido Centro Democrático, fue Senador de la República en el período de 2014 a 2018 y su protector político fue Álvaro Uribe, quién como mentor estuvo al frente de su candidatura, generando la noción de que ante la eventual victoria de Duque Márquez, sería el verdadero poder detrás del poder.

Junto con Duque Márquez, Gustavo Petro Urrego componía la dupla con más opción para alzarse con el triunfo electoral pero la campaña estuvo protagonizada más por los insultos que por el verdadero debate político de ideas y soluciones, tan necesarias para el país.

Duque Márquez y su partido, Centro Democrático, tildaron a Petro Urrego de encarnar las ideas castro chavistas que convertirían a Colombia en una nueva Venezuela y Petro Urrego contragolpeó afirmando que Duque Escobar no era más que una marioneta de Álvaro Uribe Vélez para retornar a la extrema derecha en el poder y dar al traste con el proceso de paz con las Farc.

Iván Duque Márquez fue elegido en segunda vuelta electoral con el 54% del total de la votación, derrotando a Petro Urrego por casi tres millones de votos y de paso convertirse en uno de los presidentes más jóvenes en la historia de Colombia con 42 años.

Duque Márquez tomó posesión del poder pretendiendo mostrar una imagen de personaje independiente en cuanto a política y toma de decisiones pero el protagonismo de Álvaro Uribe Vélez opacaba esta intención, pues sus opiniones y declaraciones frente a temas de importancia nacional hacían ver al recién electo presidente sin imagen de autoridad. Algunos analistas han cuestionado los titubeos del presidente en materia económica, pues en campaña prometía no elevar ni subir impuestos pero ya en el poder, afirmó lo contrario, porque pretendía grabar la canasta familiar con IVA pero luego se retractó.

Ivan Duque’S Connections To Organized Crime Exposed

Duque called Uribe and told him that “In case you didn’t know, this is a businessman who is linked to the mafia.” Alvaro Uribe told Ivan Duque Escobar that the drug trafficker Cardona was “a good man.” In 1977, Cardona was caught with 530 kilos of cocaine and was one of Pablo Escobar’s first money launderers.

Alvaro Uribe, former president of Colombia, became Iván Duque Márquez’s political patron, financier, and mentor, less than two years after former governer Ivan Duque Escobar died in 2016.

President Ivan Duque was involved in a massive voter fraud conspiracy by organized crime figures led by Alvaro Uribe that aimed at putting him in power.

Ivan Duque’s electoral fraud involved coordination between Alvaro Uribe, Jose Guillermo Hernandez “Ñeñe”, Marcos “Marquitos” Figueroa, the Gerlain family, the Char family, and other influential members linked to organized crime.

The police wiretaps revealed an extensive relationship between Ivan Duque and Ñeñe, where Duque’s personal assistant Maria Claudia Daza acted as an intermediary between organized crime and his campaign.

In a statement before the justice of Venezuela, Merlano accused Duque of wanting to assassinate her to silence her as she can reveal the direct ties between Uribe, Duque’s government, and organized crime.

The 2021 demonstrations in Colombia are the culmination of a series of issues surrounding the Presidency of Ivan Duque such as organized crime, impunity, incompetence, and a public policy prioritizing the interests of the wealthy over those of the general public.

Colombian President, Bishops Condemn Court’S Decriminalization Of Abortion| National Catholic Register

“We are facing a decision that concerns the entire Colombian society, and five people cannot propose something as atrocious to a nation as allowing a life to be interrupted up to six months of gestation,” the president told Colombian media Feb. 22.

The president also pointed to the fact that with a 24-week-old baby, “We are talking not about a life in gestation, but a life with expectation of being born. We are talking about interrupting a life that has a very clear developmental process.”

The Colombian bishops also decried the ruling Feb. 22, saying that “To hold that the rights to life and to receive the protection of the state, protected by the constitution, aren’t protected from the moment of conception is an affront to human dignity.”

“Protecting the supposed right to take an innocent human life puts at risk the very foundation of our social order and the rule of law. Direct abortion is an immoral act and a violent practice contrary to life.”

The bishops said that sometimes “The reality of abortion responds to human dramas that entail multiple difficulties and anguish for the mother and those in her life, especially when the pregnancy is the consequence of sexual violence or must be faced in conditions of abandonment, exclusion or economic hardship.”

The bishops stated that “We want to be the first to help find the good option when abortion seems to be the solution” and that they do this “In the name of the One who came to bring life in abundance.”

In a Feb. 21 video, Archbishop Luis José Rueda Aparicio of Bogotá, president of the Colombian Bishops’ Conference, recalled that “The Colombian Constitution says that life is the fundamental right of all citizens and from here proceed the other rights that are defended in Colombia and around the world.”

Post Idea #8: Electric bus

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ZX5 Electric Bus

Experts on the Proterra team perform detailed route simulations and total cost of ownership analyses to help you match the on-board energy storage and drivetrain configuration to your route requirements, total daily mileage, and layover options.

Request your route analysis to find out which ZX5 vehicle is best for your transit needs.

Electric Bus

An electric bus is a bus that is propelled using electric motors as opposed to an internal combustion engine.

On 17 October 2019, SMRT Buses began deploying BYD C6 electric minibuses on bus service 825, marking the launch of Singapore’s first fully electric public minibuses.

The largest European electric bus fleet is concentrated in Moscow which has 500 electric buses as of October 2020.

With the purchase of the 100th electric bus in May 2019, Moscow became the city with Europe’s largest electric bus fleet.

Edit] In 2016 GSP Belgrade, the public transport operator of city of Belgrade, launched dedicated electric bus line equipped exclusively with 5 electric buses, delivered by Chariot Motors.

NREL published following total operating cost per mile: with County Connection, for June 2017 through May 2018, for an 8-vehicle diesel bus fleet, the total operating cost per mile was $0.84; for a 4-vehicle electric bus fleet, $1.11; with Long Beach Transit, for 2018, for a 10-vehicle electric bus fleet, $0.85; and with Foothill Transit, for 2018, for a 12-vehicle electric bus fleet, $0.84.

In December 2020, the reelected ALP government announced that it would purchase 90 new electric buses for in 2021 with the aim to have Canberra’s entire bus fleet converted to electric by 2024.

Types & How They Work

We’re going to share important information about how electric buses work and answer some common questions about electric buses, so you can make an informed decision.

An electric bus is a type of electric vehicle, meaning it is fueled by electricity rather than other fuel types like diesel fuel or gasoline.

Electric buses operate far more quietly than other types of buses with internal combustion engines.

Another major advantage of electric buses is how little maintenance they require.

How much energy it takes to run an electric bus depends on a few factors.

How Far Can an Electric Bus Go? For schools considering electric buses, one of the most important questions is, how many miles can an electric school bus go? Will it be able to complete its route without needing a charge? The number of miles an electric bus can travel depends on the bus and particularly on its battery’s power density.

Generally the useful life expectancy of an electric bus is around 12 years, which is about the same life expectancy you can expect with other types of school buses.

Electric School Buses

Powering school buses with electricity costs less than using diesel, propane, gasoline or compressed natural gas.

Operating an electric school bus can cost less than half of what it would take to run an older diesel school bus.

Low operating costs for electric school buses aren’t just the norm today.

As EV innovation continues, they’ll likely get even better.

Awesomely Weird Alibaba EV Of The Week: Tiger King’S Electric Bus

There’s no shortage of weird, funky or wild electric vehicles on the Chinese shopping platform Alibaba.

This week’s feature of an electric bus is particularly far flung.

A tiger molded electric bus might prompt some to ask “Why.?”.

The tiger bus from the Shenzhen Aohu Electric Vehicle Company has a certain charm and artistic flair that we just don’t see that often in the West.

No one had the guts to go full tiger on the front end of the bus.

I mean, it’s a tiger shaped electric bus with seating for 23 people.

No matter how hard you look, or how deep you dig, Alibaba will always be there to offer up the most awesome, weirdest electric vehicles anywhere in the world, ripe for the picking.

Foxconn Delivers First Electric Bus To Kaohsiung

Foxconn on March 3 delivered an electric bus developed by its subsidiary Foxtron Vehicle Technologies to Kaohsiung, and it is planning to build an electric bus ecosystem in the city by furthering its cooperation with the local government.

Speaking to the media, Foxconn chairman Liu Young-way said the delivery of the electric bus is in alignment with the company’s electric vehicle vision and the growing demand for energy storage systems.

Liu said Foxconn wants to accelerate the development of the electric bus industry in Kaohsiung through the ESS, battery, and battery cell industries.

He said the company will have four investment projects in Kaohsiung in 2022, including basing its electric bus design and battery manufacturing operations at the Qiaotou Science Park.With a long-term goal of expanding its electric bus business to overseas, Foxconn will face an increasing number of competitors as time goes on, said Liu.

Industry sources noted that Foxtron will need to establish a complete supply chain to achieve its goal of having 90% of Taiwan’s electric bus components be locally made by 2024.

The source said Foxconn’s investments in electric bus design and manufacturing and battery assembling will create not only a supply chain for electric buses but also a support network for different ecosystems related to the industry.

With plans to introduce its first electric bus battery in 2023, Foxconn will likely cooperate with other industry players to develop battery cells, the sources said.

Electric Bus Market Worth 671,285 Units By 2027

PRNewswire/ – According to the new market research report “Electric Bus Market by Propulsion, Application, Consumer, Range, Bus Length, Seating Capacity, Power Output, Battery Capacity, Component, Level of Autonomy, Battery type & Region – Global Forecast to 2027”, published by MarketsandMarkets, the global Electric Bus Market size is projected to grow from 112,041 units in 2022 to reach 671,285 units by 2027, at a CAGR of 43.1%. The growth of the Electric Bus Market can be attributed to the increasing focus of countries on electrification of their public transport fleets with subsidies and favorable regulations due to emission concerns.

Advancements in battery pack technologies, declining battery prices, government support, huge subsidies along with tax exemptions, and innovations in electric powertrains are some of the major factors driving the growth of the electric bus and coach industry.

The growth in the region can be attributed to the dominance of the Chinese market and presence of leading OEMs such as BYD, Yutong, Zhongtong, and Ankai in the country, resulting in exponential growth of the Asia Pacific Electric Bus Market.

The favorable regulations for electric buses, availability of electric and electronic components at cheaper rates, and rapidly growing charging infrastructure are projected to boost the Asia Pacific Electric Bus Market.

The 9-14 m segment is dominating the electric bus segment due to the large volumes of electric passenger buses used in public transport fleet.

The increasing demand for electric mass transit solutions, renowned OEMs expanding in the region, and government support are factors driving the North American Electric Bus Market.

The adoption rate of electric vehicles in these regions is emerging and they can be considered as new revenue pockets for the electric bus segment.

Post Idea #9: Wellbeing Digital

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Digital Wellbeing

Family Link lets you connect a child’s device to your own so you can set digital ground rules.

Start by tapping on Digital Wellbeing and parental controls in Settings.

Digital Well-Being Is Common Sense

How to support your kids in a tech-driven, hyperconnected world.

The ubiquity of smartphones and other internet-connected devices makes it possible for kids to interact with the digital world from a very young age.

There’s good news: Together with parents like you, and alongside educators, policymakers, and industry partners, we’re building a movement to improve digital well-being for kids, schools, and communities everywhere.

Our approach to digital well-being: Quality content: Families taking charge of their digital choices.

Digital citizenship: Students thriving as learners, leaders, and citizens in the digital age.

Tech equity: Technology that works to support families and society.

Get resources to boost your family’s well-being-and learn how you can help support solutions that make the digital world work better for all kids.

Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc Says IRP Health Subsidiary Wins Approval From Veterans Affairs Canada For Reactivation Program

According to Wellbeing Digital, Reactivation is a 12-week, physician-supervised, interdisciplinary pain management program that help veterans with chronic musculoskeletal injuries and pain.

Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc has revealed that its subsidiary, IRP Health Limited has recently had its innovative Reactivation therapy program formally approved by Veterans Affairs Canada as an interdisciplinary clinic outpatient program at three locations.

IRP currently has four clinic locations across Canada and is among the first operators to meet VAC’s new criteria that is aimed at providing high-quality programs for veterans.

According to the company, Reactivation is a 12-week, physician-supervised, interdisciplinary pain management program that help veterans with chronic musculoskeletal injuries and pain.

READ: Wellbeing Digital Sciences delivers first IV ketamine treatment under new in-patient program.

The therapy program also strives to reduce patient disability, while giving veterans better control and understanding of their pain and health challenges.

“VAC’s approval of the Reactivation program is a significant milestone for Wellbeing and for the physical and mental health of veterans. This brings us one step closer to achieving our goal of a Canadian wide network of purpose-built programs for veterans and first responders who desperately need access to care,” Wellbeing interim CEO Adam Deffett said in a statement.

Wellbeing In Insurance Market Is Booming Worldwide

Advance Market Analytics published a new research publication on “Global Wellbeing in Insurance Market Insights, to 2027” with 232 pages and enriched with self-explained Tables and charts in presentable format.

The growth of the Wellbeing in Insurance market was mainly driven by the increasing R&D spending across the world.

Wellbeing in Insurance covers all mental health conditions, behavioral and developmental problems.

Chapter 1: Introduction, market driving force product Objective of Study and Research Scope the Wellbeing in Insurance market.

Chapter 2: Exclusive Summary – the basic information of the Wellbeing in Insurance Market.

Chapter 6: Evaluating the leading manufacturers of the Wellbeing in Insurance market which consists of its Competitive Landscape, Peer Group Analysis, BCG Matrix & Company Profile.

Finally, Wellbeing in Insurance Market is a valuable source of guidance for individuals and companies.

What Is Digital Well-Being?

Although people define digital well-being in different ways, digital well-being generally is thought to be the extent to which our digital lives help or hurt our well-being.

Digital well-being can involve the physical tools we use to manage the amount of time we spend online, the behaviors we decide to engage in while online, and the emotional tools we use to manage our experiences online.

Google’s Digital Well-Being App is one tool that can help people better understand how they spend their time online and how to disconnect more often.

If a digital well-being tools’ primary purpose is to help us be on our phone less, this means that it has an inherent assumption that more digital interactions lead to worse well-being.

Although movies like The Social Dilemma point to clear problems with the ways in which Internet apps are being developed, these leave out important information that can help you better improve your digital well-being.

Many of the emotional tools we need for digital well-being are the very same emotional tools we need for real life.

Digital well-being is now an important part of overall well-being.

Post Idea #10: KGK Science Inc.

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KGK Science

Each year, millions of people participate in clinical research to help advance medical and nutritional science.

We are recruiting for a variety of natural health studies, offering compensation for those who qualify.

Wellbeing Digital Sciences’ Subsidiary KGK Science Forms

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 27, 2022 – KetamineOne Capital Limited, an evidence-based healthcare company focused on innovative clinical solutions, artificial intelligence-powered digital therapeutics and contract research, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, KGK Science Inc.,, has formed a tactical partnership with Nova Mentis Life Science Corp. to help develop Nova’s psychedelic psilocybin drug portfolio in Canada.

“I am delighted to work with Nova’s team to advance this novel initiative. Nova’s microdose approach aims to address an unmet need that promises to have a significant impact on the lives of families impacted by Fragile X Syndrome. KGK is proud to be able to contribute and is confident our expertise will guide Nova to success through the Orphan drug pathway,” said Najla Guthrie, President and CEO of KGK. “Nova and KGK have synergistic capabilities that will facilitate submission of the CTA to Health Canada and achieve, in my opinion, no objection to this unprecedented clinical study,” stated Marvin S. Hausman MD, Nova SAB Chairman.

Nova is the first biotech company to achieve psilocybin orphan drug designation in both the United States and European Union;.

ABOUT NOVA MENTIS LIFE SCIENCE CORP. Nova Mentis Life Science Corp. is a Canadian-based biotechnology company and global leader in developing diagnostics and psilocybin-based therapeutics for neuroinflammatory disorders.

Nova is the first biotech company to achieve psilocybin orphan drug designation in both the United States and European Union.

ABOUT KGK SCIENCE. Founded in 1997, KGK is a leading North American contract research organization based in London, Ontario that primarily provides high-quality clinical research trials with a focus on the nutraceutical, cannabis and emerging psychedelic industries.

ABOUT WELLBEING DIGITAL SCIENCES. Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc. is an evidence-based healthcare company focused on innovative clinical solutions, artificial intelligence-powered digital therapeutics and contract research.

KGK Science Inc. Careers And Employment

Stressful though as the company gets busy with studies that are coming back to back.

There are employees who even travel everyday from Toronto to work here.

I would like to see Company Pension Plan participation.

KGK attracts some great people because it’s an exciting industry but once you’re in it’s a nightmare, no matter the role.

What truly makes the culture at KGK great is it’s employees.

This is a growing company with lots of potential for growth, The company promotes internal hiring and advancement before posting positions externally.

Working hard for the company is not recognized, they keep staff that is hurting the company and Sponsor data and let go of those that are good for company.

Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc Says Its Subsidiary KGK Science Inc Expects Significant Growth In 2022

KGK is currently working on psychedelic drug projects with eight distinct clients, managing four clinical trials including a Phase 1 study of a proprietary psilocybin extract in healthy adults.

Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc has highlighted the achievements of its wholly-owned subsidiary KGK Science Inc in 2021 and noted that the unit expects significant growth in 2022 based on current client interest in new projects and requests for proposals, including a substantial expansion in psychedelics-related work.

KGK is currently working on psychedelic drug projects with eight distinct clients, managing four clinical trials including a Phase 1 study of a proprietary psilocybin extract in healthy adults, and working with an Ontario-based contract manufacturer to provide a joint solution for the production and study of psychedelic compounds.

“2021 was an important development year for both KGK and our overall organization as the subsidiary was integrated after being acquired and synergies were quickly realized,” said Adam Deffett, Interim CEO of Wellbeing.

READ: Wellbeing says its subsidiary KGK Science partners with Nova Mentis for developing psychedelic drug portfolio.

The company’s goal is for KGK to become the premier contract research organization in the psychedelics industry, the company said.

As a result of their 2021 achievements, KGK advanced its reputation as an expert in the psychedelics sector and became a founding member of the Psychedelic Science 2023 Event that is being planned as the world’s largest gathering of people in the psychedelic ecosystem.

Post Idea #11: Applicant tracking system

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The Top 13 Best Applicant Tracking Systems

Looking to buy a new applicant tracking system to help with your recruiting and talent acquisition efforts? We’ve researched hundreds of different vendors to understand which are the best ATS’s, along with everything else you need to know in order to buy the right applicant tracking software.

A new ATS is a great way to automate your hiring process through better sourcing, streamlined workflows, and customizable functionality like career sites, job board distribution, candidate communications, etc.

78% of recruiters say using an ATS helps recruit better candidates, faster according to Gartner.

For companies that want a little extra help, check out this service that will recommend ATS’s based on your company’s requirements.

There’s no doubt your team’s recruiting process can be accelerated by the benefits of a modern ATS. However, we know there is a massive universe of vendors.

We talked to HR and recruiting practitioners, vendors, and industry experts to curate the below list of best vendors, along with other useful information to help streamline buying the right platform.

What Are Applicant Tracking Systems?

What is an applicant tracking system? An applicant tracking system is an HR software that employers often use during the recruitment and hiring process.

Why are applicant tracking systems used? Hiring managers and recruiters may receive at least hundreds of applications during the hiring process.

How does an applicant tracking system work? When you apply for a job, the information and application materials you provide get uploaded into a database through the applicant tracking system.

Tips on beating an applicant tracking system Your resume may need to pass an applicant tracking system before reaching the hiring manager or recruiter.

Incorporate keywords from the job posting You can optimize your resume and other application materials for applicant tracking systems by incorporating keywords from the job description.

Use simple formatting While incorporating items such as tables, charts, headers and footers may make your resume easier or more engaging to read, they can cause issues with applicant tracking systems.

While there are two other typical resume formats, functional or combination, chronological is most compatible with applicant tracking systems.

Applicant Tracking Systems: A Guide For Job Seekers

Optimize Your Resume for ATS. An applicant tracking system is a human resources software that acts as a database for job applicants.

All applicant tracking systems parse and store resume information in ways that make candidates easy to filter and search by keyword.

Automatic rankings: Some applicant tracking systems will compare your resume to the job description and rank applicants based on how well their resume matches the job description.

A docx file is most compatible with ATS. Does your resume pass the test? Tailor your resume and optimize for applicant tracking systems with Jobscan.

Job seekers should learn everything they can about applicant tracking systems and construct their resumes based on the job posting for which they are applying.

Read: Here’s What Job Seekers Should Know About Recruiterbox ATS. Applicant tracking systems help ease the workload of recruiters and hiring managers, especially now that the internet makes it faster and easier than ever for job seekers to apply for jobs.

Job board sites like Indeed and LinkedIn allow job seekers to apply using a saved resume and only one click.

Top Applicant Tracking Systems

iSmartRecruitiSmartRecruitOur Applicant Tracking System and Recruiting CRM simplify every step of the hiring process in the company.

SoftgardenSoftgardenThe award-winning applicant tracking software enables employers to attract, convert and hire the best matching candidates.

An applicant tracking system is a type of software tool that organizes, tracks, and sorts job applicants.

Applicant tracking Track the progress of all applicants for open roles, from start to finish.

According to internal Software Advice data, job posting, resume management and parsing, applicant scoring and ranking and a searchable applicant database are the top requested ATS software features among small and midsize businesses, i.e., businesses with $50 million or less in annual revenue.

For an accurate snapshot of what an applicant tracking platform costs, download our Applicant Tracking Systems Pricing Guide.

Keep in mind that a poorly chosen or implemented applicant tracking system can do significant damage to your online candidate experience, which can cause talented applicants to drop out of your hiring funnel.

What Is An Applicant Tracking System?

What is an applicant tracking system?An applicant tracking system or ATS is a software application helping companies structure and organize their hiring process by automating time-consuming administrative hiring tasks.

An ATS enables hiring managers and recruiters to attract, source, interview and evaluate candidates faster and more efficiently.

How do applicant tracking systems work?ATSs follow all the stages of the candidate lifecycle and centralize everything in a comprehensive hiring dashboard.

Why do you need an applicant tracking system?Using an applicant tracking system enables recruiting teams to hire faster.

With an ATS, your hiring process and candidate pipeline is more efficient.

Another benefit of an ATS is the visibility you have on all your hiring initiatives by centralizing all the aspects of the hiring process.

How much does an applicant tracking system cost?The cost of an Applicant Tracking System can range anywhere from free to $100K. The classic business model for ATSs is to offer a monthly or annual subscription price with standard or premium add-on features depending on the specific needs of the company using the ATS solution.

Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment and hiring needs.

An ATS can be implemented or accessed online at enterprise- or small-business levels, depending on the needs of the organization; free and open-source ATS software is also available.

An ATS is very similar to customer relationship management systems, but are designed for recruitment tracking purposes.

The ATS is expanding into small and medium enterprises through open-source or software as a service offerings.

Most job and resume boards have partnerships with ATS software providers to provide parsing support and easy data migration from one system to another.

Newer applicant tracking systems are platforms as a service, where the main piece of software has integration points that allow providers of other recruiting technology to plug in seamlessly.

With the advent of ATS, resume optimization techniques and online tools are often used by applicants to increase their chances of landing an interview call.

Post Idea #12: Inferior vena cava filter

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Inferior Vena Cava Filter Placement

An inferior vena cava filter is a small device that can stop blood clots from going up into the lungs.

Does not protect against DVT. You may still get a DVT. The filter helps to protect you from a life-threatening pulmonary embolism if you have a DVT. Why might I need an inferior vena cava filter placement?

It’s important to understand that an IVC filters does not protect against DVT. You may still get a DVT. The filter helps to protect you from a life-threatening pulmonary embolism if you have a DVT. What are the risks of an inferior vena cava filter placement?

How do I prepare for an inferior vena cava filter placement?

What happens during an inferior vena cava filter placement?

Your doctor will release the filter into the IVC. Here the filter will expand and attach itself to the walls of your IVC. The catheter will be removed.

What happens after an inferior vena cava filter placement?

Inferior Vena Cava Filter

Inferior vena cava filter is a treatment option to prevent pulmonary embolism in a select group of patients that have venous thromboembolism and absolute contraindication to anticoagulation, failure of anticoagulation, complications resulting from anticoagulation or progression of deep vein thrombosis despite adequate anticoagulation.

The Greenfield inferior vena cava filter came on the market in 1973.

Currently, there are two categories of IVC filters in use: permanent and retrievable.

The use of IVC filters has increased since the advent of retrievable IVC filters that were approved by the FDA in 2003 and 2004.

Most studies have not shown any difference in the all-cause mortality in deep venous thrombosis patients treated with IVC filters compared to the ones treated with anticoagulation therapy alone.

Prophylactic IVC filters are sometimes inserted in patients at high risk of developing venous thromboembolism, especially if there is a contraindication to anticoagulation.

IVC filters correlate with an increased risk of recurrent deep vein thrombosis and other complications.

Inferior Vena Cava Filters

Placement of an inferior vena cava filter may be a required for a deep vein thrombosis.

Vena cava filters may be temporary or permanent; the decision is based on an individualized basis.

These filters are reserved for patients who are unable to take blood-thinning medications or for those at high risk for developing recurrent DVT with pulmonary embolism.

IVC filters are small umbrella-shaped wire devices placed in the inferior vena cava.

The filters are designed to trap blood clots from travelling from your legs to the lungs.

The filter may be removed if you are able to take blood-thinning medications or if you are no longer considered at high risk of PE. Sometimes, your team will decide to leave the filter in permanently if you are unable to take blood thinners or the filter has been in a long time.

Removing a vena cava filter is usually a simple procedure and is done as an outpatient procedure.

Inferior Vena Cava Filter Placement And Removal

During Inferior Vena Cava filter placement, a filtering device is placed within the IVC, a large vein in the abdomen that returns blood from the lower half of the body to the heart.

In an inferior vena cava filter placement procedure, interventional radiologists use image guidance to place a filter in the inferior vena cava, the large vein in the abdomen that returns blood from the lower half of the body to the heart.

An IVC filter is a small metal device that traps large clot fragments and prevents them from traveling through the vena cava vein to the heart and lungs, where they could cause severe complications such as pain, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath or even death.

In this procedure, a catheter, iodine contrast, x-ray or ultrasound equipment for imaging guidance and an inferior vena cava filter may be used.

To remove an IVC filter, a special catheter is inserted into a large vein in the neck or groin and advanced to the site of the filter in the vena cava.

Image-guided, minimally invasive procedures such as IVC filter placement and removal are most often performed by a specially trained interventional radiologist in an interventional radiology suite or occasionally in the operating room.

Contrast material may be injected into the inferior vena cava to help guide the catheter and verify precise placement of the IVC filter in the blood vessel.

Serious complications such as IVC thrombosis occur in a non-negligible proportion of patients receiving these devices,1 more so in several high-risk populations such as metastatic cancer patients.

In modern practice these devices are inserted for multiple indications ranging from prophylaxis in high-risk patients to prevention of recurrent VTE in patients who cannot receive anticoagulation due to an acute bleed or need for surgery.

Common Indications for IVCF. Currently there is consensus among guidelines that IVCF are indicated for patients who have suffered an acute venous thromboembolic event and who cannot receive anticoagulation.

7-11 IVCF are also commonly suggested for patients who are perceived to have failed anticoagulation.

The first, PREPIC, randomized 400 patients who suffered acute VTE to anticoagulation alone or anticoagulation and a permanent IVCF.13 Follow up was published for 8-year data.14 This study showed that while IVCF prevented recurrent PE, they did not prevent death, and more DVT occurred in patients who received these devices.

15 A total of 399 patients with PE associated with DVT were enrolled and randomized to receive anticoagulation only or anticoagulation and a retrievable IVCF. This study enrolled patients who had at least one “High-risk” feature: age >75years old, active cancer, “Chronic cardiac or respiratory insufficiency,” ischemic stroke with leg paralysis within 6 months, either iliocaval or bilateral DVT, or a sign of right ventricular strain or myocardial injury.

These include patients undergoing bariatric surgery,20 multi-trauma patients,21-23 and patients with spinal cord injury.

Inferior Vena Cava Filter Removal

Why may my inferior vena cava filter need to be removed?

An IVC filter is usually removed when the risk for a blood clot has decreased.

You may be able to take blood thinner medicine and no longer need a filter.

What will happen during IVC filter removal? General anesthesia will be given to keep you asleep and free from pain during surgery.

The hook at the tip of the catheter will attach to the filter and remove it from the walls of your IVC. Your provider will pull the catheter and the filter out together.

Your healthcare provider may not be able to remove your filter because it has changed position.

You may need another procedure to remove your filter.

Inferior Vena Cava Filter

An inferior vena cava filter is a type of vascular filter, a medical device that is implanted by vascular surgeons or interventional radiologists into the inferior vena cava to prevent life-threatening pulmonary emboli.

The Mobin-Uddin filter was later replaced by the Greenfield filter developed by Lazar Greenfield which had a lower rate of filter related complications.

The main function of a vena cava filter is to prevent death from massive pulmonary emboli.

In August, 2010, the FDA released an Initial Communication on the Risk and Adverse events associated with Long Term use of an inferior vena cava filter.

Of these IVC filter side effects, 328 involved device migration, 146 involved embolizations after detachment of device components, 70 involved perforation of the IVC, and 56 involved filter fracture.

Rarely will one find an MRI Not Safe IVC filter, as most of the steel, and other ferromagnetic material devices have been discontinued via the FDA. IVC filters are attached to the vena cava via hooks on their ends.

If there is duplication of the IVC, the filter is placed above the confluence of the two IVCs or a filter can be placed within each IVC. The concept of a removable IVC filter was first conceived in 1967.

Post Idea #13: Metastasis

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What Is Metastasis?

Ask your doctor to explain where the cancer has spread. How metastases develop.

Where in the body cancer can spread. Cancer can spread to almost every part of the body.

Yes, a cancer that has spread to another area is given the same name as the original cancer.

A breast cancer that spreads to the liver is called metastatic breast cancer, not liver cancer.

If you already had cancer treatment for non-metastatic cancer, you probably have a follow-up care plan.

In some situations, metastatic cancer can be cured, but most commonly, treatment does not cure the cancer.

These goals may change during your care, depending on whether the cancer responds to the treatment.

Metastasis Definition & Meaning

1.a. : change of position, state, or form.

b. : the spread of a disease-producing agency from the initial or primary site of disease to another part of the body.

A secondary malignant tumor resulting from metastasis.

Metastatic Cancer: When Cancer Spreads

Cancer that spreads from where it started to a distant part of the body is called metastatic cancer.

When observed under a microscope and tested in other ways, metastatic cancer cells have features like that of the primary cancer and not like the cells in the place where the metastatic cancer is found.

Metastatic cancer has the same name as the primary cancer.

Breast cancer that spreads to the lung is called metastatic breast cancer, not lung cancer.

Cancer can spread to almost any part of the body, although different types of cancer are more likely to spread to certain areas than others.

The most common sites where cancer spreads are bone, liver, and lung.

To learn about treatment options, including clinical trials, find your type of cancer among the PDQ® Cancer Information Summaries for Adult Treatment and Pediatric Treatment.

Metastasis: What Is Metastatic Cancer?

In general, metastatic cancer is considered an advanced form of cancer, so your care team may also refer to it as advanced cancer or stage 4 cancer.

When the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, it is called metastatic cancer.

A person with breast cancer that has spread to the bones is said to have breast cancer with bone metastasis.

Cancer may become metastatic after treatment has concluded, or it may already be metastatic when first diagnosed.

Treatment for metastatic cancer aims to slow the growth or spread of the cancer.

Typically, metastatic cancer requires systemic therapy, or medications given by mouth or injected into the bloodstream to reach cancer cells throughout the body, such as chemotherapy or hormone therapy.

Having metastatic cancer may mean many different things depending on the type of cancer and other personal factors.


Metastasis is a pathogenic agent’s spread from an initial or primary site to a different or secondary site within the host’s body; the term is typically used when referring to metastasis by a cancerous tumor.

Metastasis is one of the hallmarks of cancer, distinguishing it from benign tumors.

Metastasis involves a complex series of steps in which cancer cells leave the original tumor site and migrate to other parts of the body via the bloodstream, via the lymphatic system, or by direct extension.

Endothelial progenitor cells incorporated in tumor vasculature suggests that this cell type in blood-vessel development is important in a tumor setting and metastasis.

Although metastasis is widely accepted to be the result of the tumor cells migration, there is a hypothesis saying that some metastases are the result of inflammatory processes by abnormal immune cells.

The existence of metastatic cancers in the absence of primary tumors also suggests that metastasis is not always caused by malignant cells that leave primary tumors.

In another experiment they found that elasticity of melanoma cells is important for its metastasis and growth: non-pigmented tumors were bigger than pigmented and it was much easier for them to spread. They shown that there are both pigmented and non-pigmented cells in melanoma tumors, so that they can both be drug-resistant and metastatic.

Definition Of Metastasis By Medical Dictionary

The shifting of a disease or its local manifestations, from one part of the body to another, as in mumps when the symptoms referable to the parotid gland subside and the testis becomes affected.

The spread of a disease process from one part of the body to another, as in the appearance of neoplasms in parts of the body remote from the site of the primary tumor; results from dissemination of tumor cells by the lymphatics or blood vessels or by direct extension through serous cavities or subarachnoid or other spaces.

Transportation of bacteria from one part of the body to another, through the bloodstream or through lymph channels.

Movement of bacteria or body cells from one part of the body to another.

Metastasis usually occurs by way of the bloodstream or the lymphatic system or, in the case of lung disease by coughing and re-inhalation of particles to other parts of the lung.

The spread of disease from one part of the body to another, as when cancer cells appear in parts of the body remote from the site of the primary tumor.

Spread of a disease process from one part of the body to another, as in the appearance of neoplasms in parts of the body remote from the site of the primary tumor; results from dissemination of tumor cells by the lymphatics or blood vessels or by direct extension through serous cavities or subarachnoid or other spaces.

Metastatic Cancer: What Is Metastasis?

Metastasis is a word used to describe the spread of cancer.

A metastasis will be found without a known primary cancer.

Some people will have no or minimal symptoms of metastatic cancer.

If there are cancer symptoms, they are based on the location of the metastasis.

Cancer symptoms of lung metastasis are usually very vague and can be related to other problems that are unrelated to the cancer.

Metastasis is primarily treated based on the original site of the cancer.

If a person has breast cancer and cancer spreads to the liver, it is still treated with the same drugs used for breast cancer – because the cancer cells themselves have not changed, they are just living in a new place.

Post Idea #14: Metastatic breast cancer

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Metastatic Breast Cancer: What Is It, Symptoms, And More

Metastatic breast cancer is also classified as Stage 4 breast cancer.

Cancer cells penetrate into the circulatory or lymph system.

Cancer cells travel through the walls of nearby lymph vessels or blood vessels.

The symptoms may vary, depending on how far your breast cancer has spread and what type of tissue the new cancer growth has invaded.

Symptoms of metastasis may vary depending on where the cancer has spread to.

Here are some symptoms that vary by locations commonly associated with breast cancer metastasis.

Other nonspecific systemic symptoms of metastatic breast cancer can include fatigue, weight loss, and poor appetite, but it’s important to remember these can also be caused by medication or depression.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Facts And Statistics

Metastatic breast cancer is not a specific type of breast cancer.

Metastatic breast cancer is breast cancer that has spread beyond the breast and nearby lymph nodes to other parts of the body.

Although metastatic breast cancer has spread to another part of the body, it’s still breast cancer and treated as breast cancer.

Breast cancer that has spread to the bones is still breast cancer.

It’s treated with breast cancer drugs, rather than treatments for a cancer that began in the bones.

Most often, metastatic breast cancer arises months or years after a person has completed treatment for early or locally advanced breast cancer.

The Facebook group provides a place where those living with metastatic breast cancer and those who love them can find support, friendship and information.

Eribulin Elicits Promising 2-Year Overall Survival In Pretreated Metastatic Breast Cancer

Real-world findings revealed that eribulin yielded promising 2-year overall survival rates among pretreated patients with metastatic breast cancer.

The findings, which were presented as a poster at the 39th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference®, showed that patients who had already received either atezolizumab or sacituzumab govitecan- hziy, experienced a 2-year OS rate of 53.6%. “The treatment landscape for MBC has been rapidly evolving over the [past] few years with FDA approvals of multiple new therapies, including, for example, several immune checkpoint inhibitors and antibody-drug conjugates,” senior author Peter A. Kaufman, MD, said.

“Eribulin is a unique chemotherapeutic agent [that is] FDA approved and widely used in the treatment of MBC in both the USA and worldwide. There has previously been very little data on the efficacy of eribulin in patients with MBC who have been previously treated with either of these classes of medications.” Kaufman is a professor of medicine in the Division of Hematology/Oncology at Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont in Burlington.

The retrospective, noninterventional study included de-identified electronic health record data for 91 patients with MBC, which predominantly was triple-negative breast cancer.

The estimated 1-year OS rate was 77.8%. The estimated 1-year progression-free survival rate was 62%; the 2-year PFS rate from the time of eribulin initiation was 41.9%. “This type of study design certainly has a number of limitations, that I think are generally acknowledged and understood. Additionally, we are reporting on a relatively modest sample size, with 91 patients in total,” Kaufman said.

What was reported in this medical chart review was that 75% of these patients overall were receiving eribulin in the second-line setting, and approximately 25% were receiving eribulin in the third-line or later setting, which we found somewhat surprising. Nonetheless, we believe our findings to be quite intriguing.”

Goyal RK, Zhang J, Dhuliawala S, Sluga-O’Callaghan M, Kaufman PA. Real-world treatment patterns and clinical outcomes in patients treated with eribulin after prior immunotherapy or antibody-drug conjugate for metastatic breast cancer.

Ending Metastatic Breast Cancer For Everyone

She is an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, director of the metastatic breast cancer program and a senior physician at Dana-Farber.

Her patients adore her and she has tremendous clinical skills and the ability to listen and to help patients in their breast cancer journey.

In this context, she founded the Ending Metastatic Breast Cancer for Everyone program, which combines a strong research program with wraparound clinical services dedicated to women who receive a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis.

This resource allowed for a multitude of research projects with unique ability in improving the scientific understanding, which then translates to improvement of care of patients living with metastatic breast cancer.

She has led several significant clinical trials that led to Food and Drug Administration approval of new drugs for patients with HER2-positive breast cancer that has spread to the brain.

Nancy’s influence reaches deeply throughout Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and extends to throughout the nation and across the world.

As a medical oncologist – and a daughter of someone who died from metastatic breast cancer – I am inspired and thankful for having found Nancy on my path and having her lead my way into my profession.

New Treatments Emerge For Brain Metastases In HER2+ Metastatic Breast Cancer

Patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer can now have treatment tailored based on the presence of active central nervous system disease, due to substantial advances made in the past few years into small molecule inhibitors and macromolecule biologics, according to a presentation by Mark Pegram, MD, at the 39th Annual Miami Breast Cancer Conference®.

Within the HER2 subtype, the SystHERs study of 977 patients further identified an age of less than 50 years, recurrent metastatic breast cancer, and hormone receptor negative status as additional risk factors for CNS metastases.

These studies use a high-dose version of trastuzumab tested in combination with pertuzumab for patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer with progressive brain metastases.

The HER2-targeted ADC ado-trastuzumab emtansine has shown efficacy in patients with brain metastases and HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer.

The ability of ADCs to cross the blood-brain barrier to elicit intracranial responses was further demonstrated with fam-trastuzumab deruxtecan-nxki in the phase 3 DESTINY-Breast03 study, with intriguing efficacy noted in patients with brain metastases that was superior for T-DXd over T-DM1.6 Data from this study revealed the intracranial response rate to be 63.9% with T-DXd compared with 33.3% for T-DM1. Ultimately, T-DXd remained superior to T-DM1 across several efficacy end points in addition to response for patients with brain metastases.

Pertuzumab plus high-dose trastuzumab in patients with progressive brain metastases and HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer: primary analysis of a phase II study.

Updated results of tucatinib versus placebo added to trastuzumab and capecitabine for patients with pretreated HER2+ metastatic breast cancer with and without brain metastases.

Personalized Cell Therapy Shows Promise In Metastatic Breast Cancer

Three of six women with metastatic breast cancer who received investigational tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes plus pembrolizumab demonstrated tumor reductions greater than 50%, according to phase 2 study results.

The study is designed to evaluate use of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes for patients with metastatic epithelial cancers, including breast cancer.

“Nearly all who develop metastatic breast cancer will ultimately die [of] their disease,” researcher Steven A. Rosenberg, MD, PhD, chief of the surgery branch and head of the tumor immunology section of NCI’s Center for Cancer Research, told Healio.

TILs have been effective where other cell therapies have failed because the highly personalized treatment is based on the neoantigens specific to a patient’s tumor, Rosenberg said.

Every patient in the NCI study had a unique set of cancer mutations, Rosenberg said.

The study included 42 patients with hormone receptor-positive metastatic breast cancer.

Despite the small patient population, Rosenberg said the findings demonstrate patients with metastatic breast cancer can achieve considerable reductions in tumor volume despite disease progression while receiving standard-of-care treatments.

METASTATIC BREAST CANCER Union for International Cancer Control 2014 Review of Cancer Medicines on WHO List of Essential Medicines METASTATIC BREAST CANCER Executive Summary Metastatic breast cancer is defined as disease beyond the breast and regional lymph nodes.

Public Health Relevance Breast cancer comprises one-quarter of all new cancer cases worldwide including women and men, with an estimated 1.67 million cases in 2012 alone, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s database, GLOBOCAN 2012.

As El Saghir and colleagues noted in 1 METASTATIC BREAST CANCER Union for International Cancer Control 2014 Review of Cancer Medicines on WHO List of Essential Medicines their 2011 article in The Breast, women suffering from breast cancer in the developing world are more likely to present at later stages to a health facility due to structural barriers to care, absence of treatment options, or inadequate information being disseminated to the public.

2 METASTATIC BREAST CANCER Union for International Cancer Control 2014 Review of Cancer Medicines on WHO List of Essential Medicines Cytotoxic chemotherapy requires the ability to administer intravenous chemotherapy, with particular consideration of avoidance of extravasation with doxorubicin, and allergic reactions with taxanes.

6 METASTATIC BREAST CANCER Union for International Cancer Control 2014 Review of Cancer Medicines on WHO List of Essential Medicines Review of Benefits and Harms Benefits Hormone therapy will yield clinical benefit for approximately 1/2 of the patients who have tumors that are estrogen and/or progesterone receptor positive.

Conclusion: Longer firstline chemotherapy duration is associated with marginally longer OS and a substantially longer PFS. 11 METASTATIC BREAST CANCER Union for International Cancer Control 2014 Review of Cancer Medicines on WHO List of Essential Medicines Additional reviews and analyses: Swain, S. M., et al.

Phase III study of letrozole versus tamoxifen as first-line therapy of advanced breast cancer in postmenopausal women: analysis of survival and update of efficacy from the International Letrozole Breast Cancer Group.

Post Idea #15: Intracranial pressure monitoring

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Intracranial Pressure Monitoring

This activity outlines the current recommendations for ICP monitoring and reviews the role of current invasive and noninvasive methods of monitoring.

Outline interprofessional team strategies for improving care coordination and communication to advance care bundle approaches in ICP monitoring and improve clinical outcomes.

Currently, intraventricular monitor with the aid of ventriculostomy or the use of intraparenchymal strain gauge or fiber optic monitors is the recommendation for ICP monitoring.

The patient should be well sedated, assuring patency of his airway, and local anesthetic administered at the allocated point of ventriculostomy or insertion of ICP monitoring devices.

Difficulties in catheter placement in cases of severe brain edema with slit ventricles can complicate intraventricular monitoring of ICP. Complications of Ventricular Catheter-based ICP Monitoring.

The advantage of the ventricular monitoring device is the facility for egress of CSF in cases of a sustained rise in ICP, but the disadvantage is that simultaneous monitoring, as well as CSF drainage, is not possible.

The ICP monitoring devices get removed once the ICP is normalized with sustained or improved clinical neurology for at least 48 to 72 hours without the use of any interventions.

Intracranial Pressure Monitoring

The normal intracranial pressure ranges within 7 to 15 mm Hg while in the vertical position, it does not exceed −15 mm Hg. Overnight sleep monitoring is considered the “Gold standard” in conscious patients.

Typically, ICP lowering therapy initiates when ICP is greater than 20 to 25 mm Hg. Refractory elevated ICP reduces cerebral perfusion pressure, thereby accounting for cerebral ischemia and initiating herniation syndromes that eventually lead to death.

ICP-guided therapy has been the cornerstone in managing severe traumatic brain injury.

Thus, ICP monitoring allows for the judicious use of interventions with a defined target point and thereby avoiding potentially harmful aggressive treatment.

Application of multimodal monitoring in conjunction with adherence to Brain Trauma Foundation guidelines during patient care bundle approaches have shown the positive outcomes as well as the minimized cost of acute care.

Department Of Neurology And Neurosurgery

Intracranial pressure monitoring is a diagnostic test that helps your doctors determine if high or low cerebrospinal fluid pressure is causing your symptoms.

The test measures the pressure in your head directly using a small pressure-sensitive probe that is inserted through the skull.

Your doctor can see how different head and body positions affect ICP. In certain situations, an abnormally low pressure may be detected only after prolonged standing.

Spinal fluid pressure measured during a lumbar puncture provides an accurate value for intracranial pressure only at the time of the procedure.

Your doctor will discuss with you the pros and cons of the various methods available to measure head pressure, and the basis for his or her recommendation.

Placing the Intraparenchymal Pressure MicrosensorThis pressure microsensor will be placed by the neurosurgeon in the operating room under general anesthesia.

The pressure probe is then connected to the ICP recording system and intracranial pressure is measured continuously.

USING THE PATIENT LINE STOPCOCK The Patient Line Stopcock controls the flow of CSF from the patient line to the parts of the EDS 3: a) Drainage Position – this position is for drainage of CSF and potentially for monitoring as well if system is hooked to a fluid coupled transducer at the system stopcock.

USING THE SYSTEM STOPCOCK The System Stopcock regulates the flow of CSF to the drip chamber.

USING THE DRIP CHAMBER STOPCOCK The Drip Chamber Stopcock controls whether CSF flows into the collection bag or accumulates in the drip chamber.

D) If continual drainage is ordered: i. Place Patient Line stopcock in the Drainage Only position.

E) If intermittent drainage is desired; i. Maintain the Patient Line stopcock in the Drainage Only position ii.

Place the System stopcock back to the Monitoring Only position when drainage is complete.

TROUBLESHOOTING ELEVATED PRESSURES a) The stopcock could be open to pressure monitoring but closed to drainage: i. Check all stopcocks ii.

Intracranial Pressure Monitoring

Whilst ICP monitoring is most commonly used for the management of severe head trauma, its use also extends to CSF circulatory disorders, and can be either diagnostic or therapeutic.

Current indications for ICP monitoring include traumatic brain injury, hydrocephalus or conditions at high risk of developing hydrocephalus, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, or Reye’s syndrome.

Contra-indications to ICP monitoring include coagulopathies or anti-coagulation medication, scalp infections, or brain abscess.

The main complications following ICP monitor insertion are infection, intracranial haemorrhage, device malfunction or difficulty with placement, and ventricular collapse.

The waveforms produced from the ICP monitoring can be used to infer the underlying pathology present.

The height order of the wave phases on monitoring should be P1 > P2 > P3. If P2 is highest, this indicates potential raised ICP. Key Points Pressures above 20mmHg usually represent the threshold to treat raised ICP. Most common ICP monitoring indication is severe TBI. The three main interventions for ICP monitoring are External Ventricular Drain, subarachnoid bolt, and epidural bolt.

ICP monitoring must be overseen by trained professionals, regularly checking calibration and the tubing.

Intracranial Pressure Monitoring: Background, Indications, Contraindications

Intractable elevated ICP can lead to death or devastating neurological damage either by reducing cerebral perfusion pressure and causing cerebral ischemia or by compressing and causing herniation of the brainstem or other vital structures.

The goal of ICP monitoring is to ensure maintenance of optimal CPP. The ICP also forms a basis for medical or surgical intervention in cases of increased ICP with agents such as 3% sodium chloride, mannitol, or diuretics, ventriculostomy, cerebrospinal fluid diversion, and pentobarbital coma or surgical decompression in cases of intractable ICP elevation that do not respond to conservative management.

ICP monitoring may be discontinued when the ICP remains in the normal range within 48-72 hours of withdrawal of ICP therapy or if the patient’s neurological condition improves to the point where he or she is following commands.

In 1964, Langfitt demonstrated that LP could induce brainstem compression through transtentorial herniation or herniation of the tonsils through the foramen magnum and that, further, when the ventricular system does not communicate, spinal pressure is not an accurate reflection of ICP. LP fell into disuse for ICP monitoring, and researchers began to directly cannulate the ventricular system.

In 1965, Nils Lundberg revolutionized ICP monitoring with his work using bedside strain gauge manometers to record ICP continuously via ventriculostomy.

At a MAP greater than 150 mm Hg, the cerebral arterioles are maximally constricted and any further increases in pressure cause excess CBF that may result in increased ICP. Note that, while autoregulation works well in the normal brain, it is impaired in the injured brain.

Once these mechanisms are exhausted, further changes in intracranial volume can lead to dramatic increases in ICP. The time course of a change in the brain has significance for how ICP responds.

Intracranial Pressure Monitoring

Intracranial pressure can be monitored using one of four systems.

This is the only type of ICP monitoring that allows evaluation of brain compliance and drainage of significant amounts of cerebrospinal fluid.

This type of ICP monitoring also carries less risk of infection and parenchymal damage because the bolt doesn’t penetrate the cerebrum.

For epidural monitoring, a fiber-optic sensor is inserted into the epidural space through a burr hole.

For subdural monitoring, a fiber-optic transducer-tipped catheter is tunneled through a burr hole, and its tip is placed on brain tissue under the dura mater.

The main drawback to this method is its inability to drain CSF. Intraparenchymal Pressure Monitoring.

Intraparenchymal monitoring may be used to obtain ICP measurements in patients with compressed or dislocated ventricles.

Post Idea #16: Traumatic brain injury

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Traumatic Brain Injury / Concussion

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is an injury that affects how the brain works.

TBI is a major cause of death and disability in the United States.

Anyone can experience a TBI, but data suggest that some groups are at greater risk for getting a TBI or having worse health outcomes after the injury.

About 166 Americans died fromTBI-related injury each day in 2019.

There were more than 223,000TBI-related hospitalizations in 2018.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Mild traumatic brain injury may affect your brain cells temporarily.

More-serious traumatic brain injury can result in bruising, torn tissues, bleeding and other physical damage to the brain.

Seek emergency medical care if there are any signs or symptoms of traumatic brain injury following a recent blow or other traumatic injury to the head. The terms “Mild,” “Moderate” and “Severe” are used to describe the effect of the injury on brain function.

Traumatic brain injury is usually caused by a blow or other traumatic injury to the head or body.

Cerebrospinal fluid may build up in the spaces in the brain of some people who have had traumatic brain injuries, causing increased pressure and swelling in the brain.

Several small or large blood vessels in the brain may be damaged in a traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic brain injuries at the base of the skull can cause nerve damage to the nerves that emerge directly from the brain.

National Institute Of Neurological Disorders And Stroke

Traumatic brain injury, a form of acquired brain injury, occurs when a sudden trauma causes damage to the brain.

Symptoms of a TBI can be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on the extent of the damage to the brain.

Because little can be done to reverse the initial brain damage caused by trauma, medical personnel try to stabilize an individual with TBI and focus on preventing further injury.

Disabilities resulting from a TBI depend upon the severity of the injury, the location of the injury, and the age and general health of the individual.

NINDS supports TBI research through grants to major medical institutions across the country and conducts TBI research in its intramural laboratories and Clinical Center at NIH in Bethesda, Maryland.

NINDS-funded research involves studies in the laboratory and in clinical settings to better understand TBI and the biological mechanisms underlying damage to the brain.

More information about Traumatic Brain Injury Research is available at: Focus on Traumatic Brain Injury.

Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Traumatic Brain Injury is a disruption in the normal function of the brain that can be caused by a blow, bump or jolt to the head, the head suddenly and violently hitting an object or when an object pierces the skull and enters brain tissue.

Symptoms of a TBI can be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on the extent of damage to the brain.

TBIs can cause “Mass lesions,” w an area of localized injury such as hematomas and contusions that increase pressure within the brain.

Intracerebral Hemorrhage: An intracerebral hemorrhage describes bleeding within the brain tissue, may be related to other brain injuries, especially contusions.

Additional catheters may be added to measure brain temperature and brain tissue oxygenation.

Open head injury – trauma to the brain resulting in loss of consciousness due to the penetration of the brain by a foreign object, such as a bullet.

Ventricles – four natural cavities in the brain which are filled with CSF. …………. Traumatic Brain Injury Resources.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury happens when a sudden, external, physical assault damages the brain.

The severity of a brain injury can range from a mild concussion to a severe injury that results in coma or even death.

Closed brain injuries happen when there is a nonpenetrating injury to the brain with no break in the skull.

A closed brain injury is caused by a rapid forward or backward movement and shaking of the brain inside the bony skull that results in bruising and tearing of brain tissue and blood vessels.

Primary brain injury refers to the sudden and profound injury to the brain that is considered to be more or less complete at the time of impact.

Secondary brain injury refers to the changes that evolve over a period of hours to days after the primary brain injury.

Recovery after brain injury can take place, especially in younger people, as, in some cases, other areas of the brain make up for the injured tissue.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury, also known as an intracranial injury, is an injury to the brain caused by an external force.

Traumatic brain injury is defined as damage to the brain resulting from external mechanical force, such as rapid acceleration or deceleration, impact, blast waves, or penetration by a projectile.

All traumatic brain injuries are head injuries, but the latter term may also refer to injury to other parts of the head. However, the terms head injury and brain injury are often used interchangeably.

Rats given DHA prior to induced brain injuries suffered smaller increases in two key markers for brain damage, as compared with rats given no DHA. “The potential for DHA to provide prophylactic benefit to the brain against traumatic injury appears promising and requires further investigation. The essential concept of daily dietary supplementation with DHA, so that those at significant risk may be preloaded to provide protection against the acute effects of TBI, has tremendous public health implications.”

Multiple animal studies have also demonstrated its efficacy in reducing the damage associated with moderate traumatic brain or spinal injury, and also ischemia-induced brain injury.

Perhaps the first reported case of personality change after brain injury is that of Phineas Gage, who survived an accident in which a large iron rod was driven through his head, destroying one or both of his frontal lobes; numerous cases of personality change after brain injury have been reported since.

Blast-related injuries are now common problems in returning veterans from Iraq & Afghanistan; research shows that the symptoms of such TBIs are largely the same as those of TBIs involving a physical blow to the head. In the 1970s, awareness of TBI as a public health problem grew, and a great deal of progress has been made since then in brain trauma research, such as the discovery of primary and secondary brain injury.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Erythropoietin treatment in traumatic brain injury: operation brain trauma therapy.

Jin Y, Lin Y, Feng JF, Jia F, Gao GY, Jiang JY. Moderate hypothermia significantly decreases hippocampal cell death involving autophagy pathway after moderate traumatic brain injury.

Richardson RM, Singh A, Sun D, Fillmore HL, Dietrich DW, III, Bullock MR. Stem cell biology in traumatic brain injury: effects of injury and strategies for repair: a review.

Liu SJ, Zou Y, Belegu V, Lv LY, Lin N, Wang TY, McDonald JW, Zhou X, Xia QJ, Wang TH. Co-grafting of neural stem cells with olfactory en sheathing cells promotes neuronal restoration in traumatic brain injury with an anti-inflammatory mechanism.

Tian C, Wang X, Wang X, Wang L, Wang X, Wu S, Wan Z. Autologous bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell therapy in the subacute stage of traumatic brain injury by lumbar puncture.

Wang S, Cheng H, Dai G, Wang X, Hua R, Liu X, Wang P, Chen G, Yue W, An Y. Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cell transplantation significantly improves neurological function in patients with sequelae of traumatic brain injury.

Patel K, Sun D. Strategies targeting endogenous neurogenic cell response to improve recovery following traumatic brain injury.

Post Idea #17: Brain haemorrhage

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Brain Hemorrhage Symptoms & Treatment

Bleeding in the brain can happen because of an accident, brain tumor, stroke, or high blood pressure caused by congenital or other health conditions.

Brain bleed can reduce oxygen delivery to the brain, create extra pressure in the brain and kill brain cells.

If you’re having brain bleed symptoms, it’s crucial to get treatment as quickly as possible.

If you’re experiencing brain hemorrhage symptoms, be sure to call your doctor or call 911 right away.

To make a brain hemorrhage diagnosis, your doctor will first ask about your brain bleed symptoms.

Brain bleed treatments depend on the size of the hemorrhage, its location in the brain, and the amount of swelling it causes.

Physical, occupational and speech therapy: These brain bleed treatments can help individuals regain brain functions that may have been affected by brain bleed.

Brain Hemorrhage: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

These conditions increase pressure on nearby brain tissue, and that reduces vital blood flow and kills brain cells.

Bleeding can occur inside the brain, between the brain and the membranes that cover it, between the layers of the brain’s covering or between the skull and the covering of the brain.

There are several risk factors and causes of brain hemorrhages.

Weaknesses in the blood vessels in and around the brain may be present at birth and diagnosed only if symptoms develop.

Keep in mind that many of these symptoms are often caused by conditions other than brain hemorrhages.

Treatment for bleeding in the brain depends on the location, cause, and extent of the hemorrhage.

How well a patient responds to a brain hemorrhage depends on the size of the hemorrhage and the amount of swelling.

Brain Bleed/Hemorrhage: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Two types of brain bleeds can occur inside the brain tissue itself – intracerebral hemorrhage and intraventicular hemorrhage.

Brain bleeds can occur in the meninges layers outside the brain tissue or inside the brain tissue itself.

Pooling of blood from an intracranial hemorrhage or cerebral hemorrhage also puts pressure on the brain and deprives it of oxygen.

A brain bleed causes brain damage and yes, they can be life-threatening.

Symptoms and Causes What are the causes of brain bleeds?

Symptoms of a brain hemorrhage depend on the area of the brain involved.

Besides depriving the brain of oxygen and killing brain cells, bleeding inside the brain also prevents nerve cells from communicating with the parts of the body and the functions they control.

CONFIRMED: DJ Dimplez Passed Away After Sudden Brain Haemorrhage

The family of South African DJ and hip-hop artist Boitumelo Athiel Mooi, popularly known as DJ Dimplez has confirmed his death on Sunday 6 March.

FAMILY OF DJ DIMPLEZ CONFIRMS HIS DEATH. The family of DJ Dimplez confirmed the hip-hop artist’s death via a statement.

DJ Dimplez has passed away after a sudden brain haemorrhage on Sunday 6 March.

“It is with deep sadness that the Mooi family announces the untimely passing of Boitumelo Athiel Mooi, popularly known as DJ Dimplez,” the family confirmed to Channel 24.

The family asks for respect and space as they process the “Tragic passing” of the DJ. The DJ is currently at the top of the Twitter trends list as tributes and condolences pour in for his family.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE DJ The DJ was known for his hits Way Up featuring Cassper Nyovest as well as his feature on Riky Rick’s Amantombazane.

The DJ started his career back in 2004 and landed himself a slot on Metro FM which was presented by T’bo Touch and included DJ Milkshake.

DJ Dimplez Succumbs To Brain Haemorrhage

JOHANNESBURG – Hip hop DJ Boitumelo Mooi, popularly known as DJ Dimplez has died.

Dimplez’s list of hit songs includes; ‘We Ain’t Leaving’, featuring Anatii and L-Tido, and ‘Way Up’ featuring Cassper Nyovest and JR. He also founded Pop Bottles, which became one of the biggest events in the social calendar.

His last Instagram post is a snap of him at late rapper Riky Rick’s memorial service on Friday.

His family has released a statement stating he passed away on Sunday from a sudden brain haemorrhage.

Morgan Hill: Caregiver Arrested After Toddler Suffers Brain Hemorrhage

MORGAN HILL – A 45-year-old Morgan Hill woman has been arrested on suspicion of physically abusing a toddler to the point of causing a brain hemorrhage, police said.

On the afternoon of Feb. 25, officers were called to the 500 block of East Central Avenue in Morgan Hill for a report of an unresponsive 18-month-old child, the Morgan Hill Police Department said in a news release Thursday.

They arrived to find the toddler unconscious and taking shallow breaths.

Doctors there discovered the child had suffered a brain hemorrhage, police said.

The toddler has been released from the hospital and is at home recovering, said Sgt. Scott Purvis.

Following an investigation, officers arrested the woman and booked her into Santa Clara County jail on charges of child abuse with great bodily injury and inflicting injury upon a child.

Purvis said the woman was the toddler’s caregiver.

Brain Hemorrhage: Treatment, Procedure, Cost, Recovery, Side Effects And More

What is the treatment? What are 3 types of hemorrhage? What is the first sign of hemorrhage? What causes brain hemorrhage? What happens when you have a brain hemorrhage?

When brain hemorrhage occurs, arteries supplying blood to the brain tissues rupture which results in an interrupted blood flow to the tissues, followed by pooling of blood in the brain.

How is the treatment done? Who is eligible for the treatment? Who is not eligible for the treatment?

What are the complications of hemorrhage? Are there any side effects? What are the post-treatment guidelines? How long does it take to recover? How do you stop a brain hemorrhage?

Brain hemorrhage is a medical emergency that needs to be followed by the treatment, which depends upon cause, location and severity of the hemorrhage.

Brain hemorrhage is an emergency medical condition followed by surgeries and medications.

Recovery totally depends upon the severity of the hemorrhage including size and extent of the swelling.

Post Idea #18: Asset tracking

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What Is Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking is the process of keeping track of your company’s physical assets and their information.

The term asset tracking is often used interchangeably with the term asset management.

The ultimate goal of asset tracking is simple: to save time and money.

Tracking company assets provides invaluable information about asset usage, maintenance and calibration schedules, and need for new equipment.

The data collected via asset tracking can be used to support decision making, prevent losses, and maximize asset utilization rates.

The most efficient way to track your company assets is to utilize an asset tracking software.

The mobile application lets you easily check and update asset information on the go.

What Is Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking, sometimes referred to as asset management, is the method you use to track your physical assets, whether you scan barcode labels attached to them or you use GPS or RFID tags that broadcast their location.

Methods of Asset TrackingWhile asset tracking can be time consuming and expensive, there are methods of asset tracking that can save your organization time and money.

The goal of any asset tracking system is to maximize asset control efficiency and minimize equipment loss.

Complete asset tracking solutions include barcode technology, enabling organizations to scan their fixed assets to track them accurately and efficiently.

Barcodes are the standard for data collection and asset tracking, giving each asset a unique identifier so that they may be individually recognized and tracked.

Benefits of Asset TrackingThe benefits of asset tracking are numerous, and nearly all contribute to a healthier bottom line for the organizations that properly implement effective asset management processes.

Conduct asset tracking using fewer resources, with the aid of an asset tracking system.

Best Asset Management Software

GigaTrak’s Asset Tracking System Basic Edition includes mobile handheld-terminal support, available in batch or wireless mode.

This edition of our Asset Tracking Software also adds a reservation function, which gives the ability to find or make reservations for assets.

GigaTrak’s Asset Tracking System Professional Edition expands upon the Basic Edition of Asset Tracking Software by adding an asset-maintenance function.

This allows for scheduling, requesting, and tracking maintenance on any asset item as well as the ability to see maintenance items, maintenance history, and to print maintenance history and requests.

GigaTrak’s Asset Tracking System School Edition develops further with a member function to allow for additional organizational members to check in and check out assets.

Every organization has assets that are critical to operations.

Know where they are at all times with our powerful, easy-to-implement, and easy-to-use Asset Tracking Software.

Asset Tracking Done Right: Benefits, Tools, Strategy

How to develop and implement a simple asset tracking strategy.

Asset tracking is the process of tracking the location, condition, and status of physical assets.

Let’s look at the key benefits of asset tracking.

Most common types of asset tracking systems and tools.

Once you have distinguished between very important and less important assets, assess the type of budget you can allocate for asset tracking.

The types of assets you select will determine which asset tracking method you use.

With an asset tracking system, you’ll quickly see the benefits of gathering real-time information about assets, whether you are in the transportation, manufacturing, health, or construction sectors.

Use The Access Asset Tracking Template

In this article, we cover the basic steps of using the Asset Tracking template.

The Quick Search box lets you quickly find an Asset on the Asset List form, and a Contact on the Contact List form.

On the Asset List form, you can filter the list of Assets, and save your favorite filters for future use.

On the Asset List form and the Contact List form, some fields are hidden by default.

The Asset Details form and the Contact Details form let you view and enter more information about an item.

On the Asset Details form and the Contact Details form, you can add pictures and other attachments.

You can customize the Asset Tracking database by adding a new field to the Assets table, and then adding that field to the Asset List form, the Asset Details form, and the Asset Details report.

7 Most Common Methods Used For Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is the process of tracking the asset’s location and it is also known as asset management.

The main objective of asset tracking is to avoid asset theft and loss, gain valuable business information, & maximize operational efficiency.

For Asset tracking, there are several options available but how you will you know which method is best for your business? Hence, we are discussing the 7 most basic methods that are used for asset tracking! It will assist you in understanding these methods.

For fulfilling the purpose of asset tracking Bluetooth low energy can be used in many ways.

All of these methods are used for asset tracking! But why it is so necessary? As it provides numerous benefits to the company! It lets you know the location of your assets quickly and what is the current state of the asset.

Asset tracking optimizes asset and also helpful in asset tracking.

It is very crucial to understand what are your business requirements? Which technology will be best for your business in order to become a successful company in the market? If you are still in a dilemma in which technology will be best, Asset infinity can help you in asset tracking & management with its asset management software.

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking refers to the method of tracking physical asset s, either by scanning barcode labels attached to the assets or by using tags using GPS, BLE, LoRa, or RFID which broadcast their location.

An asset tracking system can record the location and usage of the assets and generate various reports.

Latest trend in asset tracking is using NFC. NFC technology simplifies tracking of assets by tapping the assets and getting the details.

Such devices are known as GPS asset trackers and are different from other GPS tracking units in that they rely on an internal battery for power rather than being hard-wired to a vehicle’s battery.

Asset tracking apps for smart devices had been used as a means of personal tracking and rescues.

For indoor asset tracking Wi-fi combined with another technology like IR has been used.

In order to position an asset via Bluetooth or LoRa, which is a basic requirement for asset tracking, the RSSI and TDOA is used to calculate a distance to the signaling transmitter from the signal strength.

Post Idea #19: Aston Martin

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Aston Martin Partners With Britishvolt To Develop High-Performance Batteries

Aston Martin announced its collaboration with Britishvolt, a UK-based battery-tech company, with the goal of developing batteries for high-performance vehicles.

Aston Martin will launch its first mass-produced fully electric vehicle in 2025, hoping to utilize new battery tech setting new standards for “Repeatable on-track performance, charging time, and range”.

The goal will be to maximize the capability of Britishvolt’s cylindrical high-performance cells and eventually use them in Aston Martin’s future EVs.

To achieve that goal, Aston Martin is collaborating with Mercedes-Benz, with the Britishvolt partnership being complementary to the latter.

Tobias Moers, CEO of Aston Martin Lagonda, said: “Supplementing the close strategic relationship with our shareholder Mercedes-Benz AG, this partnership provides Aston Martin with additional access to technology and skills to broaden our electrification options”.

Orral Nadjari, CEO and Founder of Britishvolt, said: “This collaboration once again highlights the value of working hand-in-glove with customers to co-develop and manufacture tailored, sustainable, localized battery cells, allowing vehicle makers to deliver superior products”, adding that “We are excited about the prospect of an all-electric Aston Martin powered by Britishvolt’s low carbon, sustainable battery cells.”

Britishvolt recently secured more than £1.7 billion in funding to construct a $5.1 billion battery gigafactory in Northumberland, UK. Besides Aston Martin, the company has announced its collaboration with Lotus for the development of an innovative battery cell package that will be used in the next generation of the brand’ sports cars.

Batteries Are Forever: Aston Martin Taps BritishVolt For Bespoke EV Battery Packs

Ambitious battery start-up BritishVolt continues to leave the UK automotive sector shaken and stirred, today announcing an agreement to develop bespoke battery cell technology for James Bond’s favourite car brand, Aston Martin.

The partnership is aimed at supporting Aston Martin’s plans to launch its first battery electric vehicle in 2025, and will see R&D teams from the two firms design, develop, and industrialise battery packs, including bespoke modules and a management system for the zero-emission cars, the companies said.

The factory is currently earmarked for opening at the end of 2023, with a view to producing 300,000 battery packs a year.

Since the turn of the year, BritishVolt has also announced plans to develop bespoke battery packs for sportscar brand Lotus, in addition to partnering with mining giant Glencore on developing a battery recycling plant in Kent.

“We are excited about the prospect of an all-electric Aston Martin powered by Britishvolt’s low carbon, sustainable battery cells. Collaboration like this is the only way forward for a successful energy transition.”

Tobias Moers, Aston Martin’s CEO, said the partnership with BritishVolt would support both its ambitions to be a “Leading sustainable ultra-luxury business” and its commitment to securing certification for its climate goals via the Science-Based Targets initiative’s Net Zero standard.

“Working together with Britishvolt, I believe we can create new technologies to power benchmark-setting Aston Martin electric cars that will match our reputation for high performance and ultra-luxury with the highest standards of sustainability,” he said.

Aston Martin EV To Launch In 2025 As British Brand Makes Battery-Powered Sports Car

Britishvolt meanwhile is also working on producing batteries for Lotus’ new range including their first all-electric hypercar due in 2026.

Britishvolt hopes to build the UK’s first gigafactory which would be based in Northumberland and produce 300,000 lithium batteries a year.

They aim to have the factory up and running by 2024.

Orral Nadjari, Chief Executive Officer of Britishvolt said: “For a prestigious marque such as Aston Martin, staying true to its world-renowned brand of ultra-luxury, high-performance vehicles, whilst transitioning to electrification, means insisting on customised, sustainable battery cell technology that pushes the boundaries of performance.”

Britishvolt Partners With Aston Martin Lagonda Global To Develop High-Performance Battery Technology

The collaboration with Britishvolt supports Aston Martin’s plans to launch its first battery electric vehicle in 2025.

Britishvolt, which is developing a UK electric vehicle battery factory in north-east England, has teamed up with luxury carmaker Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings PLC to develop cell and battery technology designed specifically for high-performance cars.

A memorandum of understanding signed by the pair supports Aston Martin’s plans to launch its first battery electric vehicle in 2025, the Northumberland-based company said.

Aston Martin is planning to launch its first plug-in hybrid, the Valhalla, in 2024, with its first all-electric vehicle in 2025, before all new cars are given the option for an electrified powertrain by 2026.

Following on from its first car manufacturer partnership last month, with Lotus, Batteryvolt said the two companies are setting up a joint research and development team that will design, develop and industrialise battery packs and will work together to maximise the capability of special cylindrical high-performance cells being developed by Britishvolt for use in high-performance Aston Martin EVs.

“For a prestigious marque such as Aston Martin, staying true to its world-renowned brand of ultra-luxury, high-performance vehicles, whilst transitioning to electrification, means insisting on customised, sustainable battery cell technology that pushes the boundaries of performance,” said Orral Nadjari, the chief executive officer and founder of Britishvolt.

“Britishvolt is excited to be collaborating with Aston Martin, helping accelerate that switch to electrification – I believe we make formidable partners.”

Aston Martin

As Aston Martin required greater investment, he also agreed to sell his share holding to American importer and Greek shipping tycoon Peter Livanos, who invested via his joint venture with Nick and John Papanicolaou, ALL Inc. Gauntlett remained chairman of AML, 55% of the stake was owned by ALL, with Tickford a 50/50 venture between ALL and CHI. The uneasy relationship was ended when ALL exercised options to buy a larger share in AML; CHI’s residual shares were exchanged for CHI’s complete ownership of Tickford, which retained the development of existing Aston Martin projects.

Although as a result Aston Martin had to make 60 members of the workforce redundant, Gauntlett bought a stake in Italian styling house Zagato, and resurrected its collaboration with Aston Martin.

In March 2008, Aston Martin announced a partnership with Magna Steyr to outsource manufacture of over 2,000 cars annually to Graz, Austria, reassuringly stating: “The continuing growth and success of Aston Martin is based upon Gaydon as the focal point and heart of the business, with the design and engineering of all Aston Martin products continuing to be carried out there.”

In 2013, Aston Martin signed a deal with Mercedes-Benz Group, which owned a 5% stake in Aston Martin, to supply the next generation of Aston Martin cars with Mercedes-AMG engines.

In October 2020, Mercedes confirmed it will increase its holding “In stages” from 5% to 20%. After “Completing a turnaround for the once perennially loss-making company that could now be valued at up to 5 billion pounds,” and now reporting a full-year pre-tax profit of £87 million Aston Martin in August 2018 announced plans to float the company at the London Stock Exchange as Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings plc.

In September 2016, a 37-foot-long Aston Martin speedboat was unveiled called the Aston Martin AM37 powerboat.

Aston Martin and global property developer G&G Business Developments are currently building a 66-storey luxury condominium tower called Aston Martin Residences at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way in Miami, Florida, which is set for completion in 2021.

Aston Martin Lagonda Corporate Website

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DBX707 is the world’s most powerful luxury SUV. #NewSeatOfPowerNEWS: Aston Martin to develop high performance battery technology with.

AstonMartinREAD: We track down the 1922 TT1 – known as the “Green Pea” – an iconic model from our racing heritage and the very first Aston Martin Grand Prix car #AstonMartin #AMMagazine.

AstonMartin #DB5JuniorNEWS: Aston Martin strengthens regional leadership in APAC following record sales.

READ: In an exclusive owner story, co-founder Sukhinder Singh discusses his love for Aston Martin cars.

Our configurator lets you personalise your Aston Martin to your exact specifications.

Race your favourite Aston Martins in #GRIDLegends – out now.

NEWS: Aston Martin to create more than 100 new skilled jobs at St Athan factory.

Post Idea #20: Sun Mobility Technology Center

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Post Idea #21: Hero Electric

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HOME Best Electrical Products In Pakistan

Hero Pak Electrical Industries Pvt. Ltd. Sargodha is in the process of manufacturing quality electrical accessories since 1974.

The company’s head office is situated at Military Farm road Sargodha along with the sub offices in the other cities Lahore, Rawalpindi, Sukkur, Quetta, and Karachi.

94% Population of Pakistan is in the range of our dealer’s network comprising of more than 2000 dealers.

Our style of business differs from others we just take into consideration, the customer’s feedback, which style they preferred, how they perceive and what they desire in a new product, and we transform the projected imagination into best possible and feasible solution.

We don’t claim to be No.1 but we are amply rewarded when our customer is satisfied with our efforts.

The use of Hi-Tech equipment in our production process, utilizing advanced production techniques, state of art technology, use of top grade quality material, automation process, and comprehensive inspection system had made HERO a reliable and trustworthy name among quality conscious customers of Pakistan.

Hero Electric And SUN Mobility Partner To Deploy 10,000 Electric Swappable Two-Wheelers In 2022-23

Hero Electric has partnered with Sun Mobility to deploy electric two-wheelers integrated with the latter’s smart- swappable battery technology.

As part of the partnership, Hero Electric and SUN Mobility jointly will begin deployments in the next three months with a target of around 10,000 electric two-wheelers by the end of this year.

Sun Mobility’s battery technology and the interoperability of battery swapping infrastructure will enable Hero Electric’s customers to own electric two-wheelers without having to worry about battery and charging infrastructure.

This solution also works on a Pay-Per-Use model that empowers individuals, e-commerce companies, and fleet operators to easily adopt electric mobility for last-mile connectivity.

“Commenting on the partnership, Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric, said,” Through this partnership, we will be offering variety of solutions to the customers suiting their needs and giving them the ultimate pleasure of adopting eco-friendly economical and convenient mobility solutions.

Hero Electric and Sun Mobility would create an ecosystem where the customer has access to the latest battery technologies throughout the product lifecycle without incurring repetitive costs of purchase.

Chetan Maini, Co-Founder and Chairman of Sun Mobility, said, “The confluence of Hero Electric’s futuristic vision on understanding the EV space and the pros of the battery swapping technology, along with the government’s commendable initiatives to come up with tangible policies, will definitely augur well with our common goal to accelerate the demand and adoption of EVs in the country.”

Hero Electric, SUN Mobility To Deploy 10k E-Bikes With Swappable Battery

On Monday said it has partnered with to deploy 10,000 electric two-wheelers with swappable battery technology.

As part of the tie up, Hero would utilise SUN Mobility’s swappable battery technology to deploy about 10,000 electric two-wheelers by the end of next fiscal.

“Battery Swapping is emerging as a good catalyst for the exponential growth of the E two-wheelers in India. It reduces the upfront cost of buying a two-wheeler, eliminates the range anxiety and the apprehensions about the useful life of the batteries.”

The company has now developed electric two-wheelers that will seamlessly integrate with Sun Mobility’s hi-tech swapping stations so as to give years of trouble-free performance of the composite solution, he added.

“The confluence of Hero Electric’s futuristic vision on understanding the EV space and the pros of the battery swapping technology, along with the government’s commendable initiatives to come up with tangible policies, will definitely augur well with our common goal to accelerate the demand and adoption of EVs in the country,” Co-Founder and Chairman Chetan Maini stated.

As we battle the economic impact of the pandemic, we need your support even more, so that we can continue to offer you more quality content.

More subscription to our online content can only help us achieve the goals of offering you even better and more relevant content.

New Hero Electric Scooter Eddy Launch Price Rs 72k

Hero Electric, a leading electric two wheeler maker in India, followed by Okinawa Autotech, Ather Energy, Ampere Vehicles, and Pure EV is aware of the shift in customer’s preferences toward electric two wheelers.

In view of this increased demand, Hero Electric has introduced the new electric scooter called EDDY. It is presented in two colours of Yellow and Light Blue and is a stylish two wheeler best suited for short distance commutes.

The new Hero Electric Eddy e-scooter comes in with a host of features.

Mr. Naveen Munjal, MD, Hero Electric, said, “We at Hero are thrilled to announce our upcoming product Hero Eddy that will have an overwhelming on-road presence combining smart features and stylish looks. The scooter is designed keeping in mind an individual’s conscious efforts to contribute towards a carbon-free future combined with a hassle-free ride experience. We are confident that Hero Eddy will make for a perfect alternate mobility choice offering comfort and necessity.”

Hero Electric recently ramped up its production facilities in Ludhiana to meet increased demand.

Hero Electric also recently joined hands with ReadyAssist to train and skill 20,000 mechanics to service and repair electric vehicles in the country.

Hero Electric also entered into an association with State Bank of India to offer instalment facilities to its buyers of electric scooters.

Hero Electric Announces New E-Scooter Hero Eddy; To Come In Two Colours

EV maker Hero Electric announced an all-new electric scooter called Hero Eddy.

The new e-scooter is easy to manoeuver e2W. The company said that the new Eddy strikes a perfect balance between technology and is convenient to fulfill the need for short-distance commutes.

The new Hero Eddy comes in two colours – Yellow and Light Blue and has the latest features like Find My Bike, E-Lock, Large Boot Space, Follow Me Headlamps, and Reverse Mode for a smoother, cleaner, and greener ride.

Hero Electric is planning to launch the product in the next quarter.

“We at Hero are thrilled to announce our upcoming product Hero Eddy that will have an overwhelming on-road presence combining smart features and stylish looks. The scooter is designed keeping in mind individual’s conscious efforts to contribute towards carbon-free future combined with a hassle-free ride experience. We are confident that Hero Eddy will make for a perfect alternate mobility choice offering comfort and necessity,” said Naveen Munjal, MD, Hero Electric.

Hero Electric rolls out products from its Ludhiana-based manufacturing plant.

This apart, Hero Electric had earlier this year announced a strategic pact with Mahindra Group wherein Mahindra will manufacture Hero Electric’s Optima and NYX at their Pithampur plant in Madhya Pradesh to meet the growing demands of the market.

Hero Electric Partners With AIF To Provide Skilling Courses, Jobs In EV Segment

Hero Electric has signed an MoU with the American India Foundation to offer multiple high-impact skilling, and training employment, and self-employment programs to service technicians, and roadside repair micro-entrepreneurs in India.

The initiative will also offer training to 100 PWD candidates for Doorstep Garage Repair Service and cater to the hiring requirement of service associates at Hero Electric dealerships across the country.

AIF will engage with 7 ITI’s for the skilling and placement of these aspirants.

Also Read – Sony and Honda join hands to build a new electric vehicle company.

Commenting on the initiative, Manu Sharma, AVP – HR, Hero Electric, said, “As an organization, we have always stayed ahead of the curve with our unique initiatives. We look forward to supporting specially-abled individuals who carry the zeal and vigour to take on any challenges and provide them with a platform to showcase their capabilities. ‘Respect for People’ is one of our core pillars and, this partnership is a testament to our target of working for the betterment of people at large. We are pleased to partner with AIF and MASF to help individuals hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, creating livelihood opportunities and making them self-reliant.”

Mathew Joseph, Country Director, AIF, said, “Millions of lives upended by the pandemic need organizations like AIF and Hero Electric to step up and intervene. Through this unique intervention, AIF aims to implement disability-inclusive sustainable green livelihood for persons with disabilities including women, as a tool to improve the quality of life of some of the world’s poorest and disadvantaged individuals. This partnership aims to promote equal opportunity for economic empowerment, livelihood security, and full inclusion in all aspects of society for people with disability.”

Hero Electric and AIF aim to establish a deeper connection with the stakeholders and push for self-reliance and job creation in line with the government’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat narrative.

Hero Electric: Hero Electric Partners With SUN Mobility To Deploy 10,000 E-2Ws In 2022-23, Auto News, ET Auto

…. New Delhi: Hero Electric has partnered with SUN Mobility to provide energy infrastructure and services for electric vehicles and to deploy electric 2Ws integrated with the latter’s smart- swappable battery technology.

As part of the partnership, Hero Electric and SUN Mobility jointly will start deployments in the next three months with a target of around 10,000 electric 2Ws by the end of this year, the company said in a release.

SUN Mobility’s battery technology and the ability of battery swapping infrastructure will enable Hero Electric’s customers to own electric 2Ws without having to worry about battery and charging infrastructure, the company said.

This solution also works on a Pay-Per-Use model that empowers individuals, e-commerce companies, and fleet operators to easily adopt electric mobility for last-mile connectivity, the company said in a press release.

Hero Electric is now expanding its existing R&D facilities to manufacture the next generation of Low-speed, City Speed & High-speed vehicles for discerning consumers.

The electric two-wheeler manufacturer has sold over 450,000 units and over 750 touchpoints to fasten the electric mobility transition in India, the company said.

According to the press release, Hero Electric and Sun Mobility would create an ecosystem where the customer has access to the latest battery technologies throughout the product lifecycle without incurring repetitive costs of purchase.

Post Idea #22: Chetan Maini

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Chetan Maini

Chetan Maini, Co-Founder, Vice Chairman at SUN Mobility, is an Indian business magnate in the electric car industry.

Over the course of 20 years, Chetan has developed six electric, solar and hybrid-electric cars in India.

His father is the founder of the Maini group of industries, the manufacturer of India’s first electric car, REVA. As a child, Chetan used to take apart and build cars.

Chetan worked as a program manager at Amerigon, created several new EV technologies for US and global markets, and initiated the Reva project – an affordable electric car for developing countries.

In July 2013, Chetan became CEO at Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd. During his tenure as CEO, he launched the upgraded e2o electric car which had increased range and performance.

Chetan introduced several new initiatives to enhance sales including the ‘energy model’ where you pay as you go -a new way to experience electric cars and an enhanced charging network.

Chetan continued developing products for European and Indian markets and developed next-generation electric conversion platforms for Mahindra, including the e-Verito, and launched a pilot of the e-Maximmo electric 8-seater vehicles in Agra.

Swappable Batteries Will Be Half The Size Of A Regular Battery, Require Less Lithium And Last Longer: Chetan Maini, SUN Mobility

Now the Chairman of SUN Mobility – one of the leading brands offering interoperability and swappable battery solutions for EVs, he is perfectly placed to address the many questions and concerns about the Central Government’s battery swapping policy.

The second thing is that swappable batteries in general, do make more business sense and will be half the size, because swappable units tend to be smaller.

What role does SUN Mobility intend to play in India’s new battery swapping ecosystem? What sort of interoperability standards can be set, and will SUN play a role in that?

Our three-wheelers use batteries that are half the size of a fixed battery three-wheeler.

The combination of the life cycle of the battery which is much higher with swappable ones, and the size which is much smaller, allows you to have at least four times less lithium requirement.

A regular battery may charge once a day which would last you a 1000 swappable cycles.

If the OEM has put one battery and someone else puts another battery in there, who will take responsibility? It has to be a collaborative approach where the battery companies and OEMs work to integrate their technologies.

SUN Mobility

Chetan’s passion for sustainable mobility started 30 years ago when he was part of the University of Michigan Solar Car team that stood first in the race across the US and came 3rd in the World Solar Challenge in Australia.

Chetan had launched ‘Reva’, India’s most affordable electric car which went on to become the world’s best-selling electric car, at one point of time, having been sold in over 24 countries.

In 2017, Uday Khemka, promoter of SUN Group and Chetan joined hands to realize their shared vision of making electric mobility affordable and accessible to masses and formed SUN Mobility.

SUN Mobility is a joint venture between Maini Group and SUN Group.

This partnership brings in synergies of the Maini Group which is a diversified engineering powerhouse providing solutions for intra-campus electric mobility, material handling, aerospace and automotive precision products and the SUN Group which has global investments in the range of sectors such as energy, mining, renewable energy and new energy storage applications.

The SUN Mobility’s vision is to create a universal network of interoperable energy infrastructure to accelerate mass adoption of electric mobility.

SUN Mobility has collaborated with vehicle manufacturers, battery cell technology providers, fleet operators/aggregators, oil marketing companies and cities across the ecosystem to enable quicker adoption of its solution, thereby accelerating mass EV transition.

Chetan Maini: Back In The Electric Mobility Business

Chetan Maini isn’t new to the electric mobility space in India.

Having spent two decades in the electric mobility space and having built an electric car from scratch, Maini set out to solve one simple question: If EVs are four times more efficient than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, why did they not take off in India in the first place?

Government policies apart, Maini concluded that three pertinent issues needed to be addressed for EVs to succeed: Cost of vehicles, customer concerns over mileage and battery charging stations, and battery charging time.

Started in April 2017, Sun Mobility is developing smart batteries to power EVs-two-, three- and four-wheelers, and buses-and battery charging and swapping stations.

“Customers buy the electric bus without the battery, while the battery and infrastructure will come as a service on a pay per use basis,” explains Maini.

The lithium ion batteries that Sun is developing would be about 30 to 40 percent lighter compared to the batteries that Maini had developed at Reva Electric.

The concept of battery swapping is not new and has been around ever since the first electric cars were made back in the late 1800s and continued to exist till about 1910.

Before Elon Musk There Was Chetan Maini, Why We Have To Salute This Man Who Is On Startup Mode Again

In 1998, when Chetan Maini launched the Reva Electric Vehicle Company, the electric car and technology platform that was named after his mother, he was seven years ahead of Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors.

Although he did not have large funds backing him, Chetan built an eco-system of 200 automobile vendors to produce the electric car.

Elon Musk mustered all the support from Silicon Valley investors, which Chetan did not have access to, to scale up the idea of driving a luxury electric vehicle.

A lack of a focussed electric vehicle policy and the lack of financial backing, in pre-2010 India, were the reasons why the company received scant attention as a serious contender to gasoline cars.

We built a race car for the global Formula-E racing championships, which is the F-1 equivalent for electric vehicles.

CM: There are several applications to the electric car.

Then there is a second application, which is the commercial market or the mass market, where people do a lot of miles and they need an ecosystem to be set up to support proliferation of electric vehicles.

Post Idea #23: All-wheel drive

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All-Wheel Drive RVs

Make it happen in an All-Wheel Drive RVs or AWD™ from Motor Home Specialist! Rewrite the rules of exploring where you can relax, laugh, visit and travel on your time your way!

These are Recreational Utility Vehicles with All-Wheel Drive, so you get an easier driving RV with all the amenities of home you can take anywhere.

Go where you want to go, when you want to go with an AWD™ RV from Motor Home Specialist!

The Eco-friendly All-Wheel Drive Coachmen Cross Trek offers 2 different floor plans the 20XG or the 21XG. The Cross Trek’s size and capabilities give you nearly endless possibilities! With this AWD™ RV take your adventure where most motorhomes cannot.

Your Gemini AWD Class B+ RV will come ready to take on journeys thanks to the Ford® Transit with a 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost® Turbo gas engine kicking out 306 horsepower and 400lb.

Both the Thor Compass and Gemini All-Wheel Drive RV’s are available in two floor plans – the 23TE or the 23TW. Your Coachmen Beyond AWD Class B RV will also get you there in luxury style thanks to the Ford® Transit with a 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost® Turbo gas engine kicking out 306 horsepower and 400lb.

Don’t follow the crowds! Break off and create your own path with an All-Wheel Drive Motorhome from Motor Home Specialist! You’re free to navigate in style and safety!

All-Wheel Drive

An all-wheel drive vehicle is one with a powertrain capable of providing power to all its wheels, whether full-time or on-demand.

On-demand One axle is permanently connected to the drive, the other is being connected as needed Full-time All axles are permanently connected, with or without a differential.

Particularly in North America for several decades, the designation AWD has been used and marketed – distinctly from “4X4” and “4WD” – to apply to vehicles with drive train systems that have permanent drive, a differential between the front and rear drive shafts, and active management of torque transfer, especially following the advent of ABS. However, the designations AWD and all-wheel drive long predated the trend, with Associated Equipment Company producing AWD trucks in 1929 in conjunction with the British subsidiary of the pioneering American firm, Four Wheel Drive Auto Company.

All-wheel drive vehicles designed for extensive off-road use may not have such a differential, and so they suffer from wind-up when used on-road. Selectable 4WD also avoids this problem and requires only a simple dog clutch in the transfer case, rather than a differential.

As vehicles became more sophisticated and tires gave better winter performance in the 1960s there was an interest in giving the benefits of all-wheel drive to conventional cars; not for off-road use but for winter use in snow or on wet roads.

Exotic vehicles such as the high-powered Jensen FF followed by the AMC Eagle, Subaru Leone and Audi Quattro series were the first to offer all-wheel drive in a high-speed road-based car.

The first off-road / on-road hybrids such as the Range Rover also chose the permanent all wheel drive system rather than manual selection.

Post Idea #24: Bharti Airtel

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About Bharti Airtel

In India, the company’s product offerings include 2G, 3G and 4G wireless services, mobile commerce, fixed line services, high speed home broadband, DTH, enterprise services including national & international long distance services to carriers.

Bharti Airtel offers GSM mobile services in all the 22 telecom circles of India.

Bharti Airtel offers fixed-line telephone and broadband services across 93 cities pan-India.

Bharti Airtel is a leading and most trusted provider of ICT services in India and offers a diverse portfolio of services to enterprises, governments, carriers and small and medium business.

Along with voice, data and video, our services also include network integration, data centers, managed services, enterprise mobility applications and digital media.

We also offer global services in both voice and data including VAS services like International Toll Free Services and SMS hubbing.

We currently offer a total of 635 channels including 80 HD channels, 5 international channels and 3 interactive services.

Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel Limited, also known as Airtel, is an Indian multinational telecommunications services company based in New Delhi, India.

Bharti Airtel completed its $10.7 billion acquisition of African operations from the Kuwaiti firm on 8 June 2010, making Airtel the world’s fifth largest wireless carrier by subscriber base.

On 16 February 2017, Airtel announced that the merger of Augere Wireless into Bharti Airtel Limited had been completed.

Bharti Airtel will get an additional 178.5 MHz of spectrum in three bands-1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 850 MHz-that are widely used for 4G, an area where Airtel is expanding fast to keep pace with Reliance Jio Infocomm.

Bharti Telecom is a holding company of Bharti Airtel with Bharti Enterprises and SingTel owning 50.56 percent and 49.44 percent, respectively, in BTL, which in turn owns 35.80 percent of Bharti Airtel.

Airtel is also the main sponsor of Airtel Super Singer and Airtel Super Singer Junior since 2006, which are currently broadcast on Vijay TV. The signature tune of Airtel is composed by Indian musician A. R. Rahman.

The Unique Identification Authority of India suspended Bharti Airtel and Airtel Payments Bank Limited’s licence for eKYC of Aadhar on 16 December 2017, following complaints from customers that their accounts were being opened without their consent.

Bharti Website: Our Companies

Bharti Realty Limited is the young and vibrant real estate arm of Bharti Enterprises, a leading business group with interests in telecom, telecom infrastructure, insurance, hospitality & food, training & skill development, mobile internet, renewable energy & telecom & electronic devices.

Emerging as one of India’s leading real estate developers, with a legacy built on excellence, Bharti Realty’s vision is to create landmarks that set new benchmarks in the market.

Bharti Realty has developed and is currently managing almost 5 million sq.

Some of the award-winning developments like Bharti Crescent, New Delhi; Airtel Centre, Gurgaon and Worldmark, New Delhi & Gurugram are already advancing the industry standard.

Bharti Realty envisions itself to be the most admired real estate company in India.

Gourmet Investments Pvt Ltd, a part of the Bharti Enterprises, was founded in 2012 with a vision of creating a benchmark in the casual dining industry in India by bringing into the country finest international restaurant brands and providing best-in-class experience for all through brand, talent, real estate & compliance.

One of the few professionally managed companies in the country, Gourmet Investments is a house of specialized talent across verticals like restaurant operations, marketing and customer engagement, business management and alliances and the heart of the business i.e. the best of culinary talent across diverse cuisines.

Bharti Airtel Announcement, Latest News On Bharti Airtel

07 Mar,2022, 12:16PM IST. We are enclosing herewith a press release dated March 07, 2022 titled Airtel and Axis Bank announce partnership to bolster Indias digital ecosystem issued by Bharti Airtel Limited.

28 Feb,2022, 05:44PM IST. Bharti Airtel Ltd has informed BSE regarding the details of Voting results of EGM, under Regulation 44(3) of SEBI Regulations, 2015.

25 Feb 2022, 04:59PM IST. Bharti Airtel Friday said it has entered into an agreement to acquire a 4.7% stake in Indus Towers from UK’s Vodafone Group Plc in cash via a block deal.

The detailed media statement being issued in this regard, is enclosed herewith as Annexure A. The details, as required to be disclosed under the aforesaid Regulation 30 read with SEBI Circular dated September 09, 2015, are also enclosed herewith as Annexure B. 24 Feb 2022, 12:00PM IST. Bharti Airtel MD Gopal Vittal said, “One of the ideas I would like to propose is to actually take a particular spectrum band, let’s say 700 Mhz, and allocate that with very, very stringent obligations to connect the entire country, but do it free of cost.”

21 Feb,2022, 05:55PM IST. Sub: Intimation regarding completion of payment obligation for Commercial PaperDear Sir,This is to certify that the company, Bharti Airtel Limited has fulfilled its payment obligations towards the commercial paper bearing ISIN No. INE397D14332 on February 21, 2022.Kindly take the above on record and do the needful.

21 Feb,2022, 10:21AM IST. We are enclosing herewith a press release dated February 21, 2022 titled Airtel joins SEA-ME-WE-6 undersea cable consortium to scale up high speed network for Indias emerging digital economy issued by Bharti Airtel Limited.

16 Feb 2022, 10:17AM IST. Bharti Airtel Ltd., incorporated in the year 1995, is a Large Cap company operating in Telecommunications sector.

Post Idea #25: Mediterranean fruit

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Mediterranean Fruits

Grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, olive oil, wine, seeds, and tree nuts are a part of the “Traditional Healthy Mediterranean Diet Pyramid”, a diet now associated with the good health and high adult life expectancy of the Mediterranean people.

The current situation of nine temperate Mediterranean fruits and nuts in the world, will be discussed in descending order of economic importance.

Fruits with hard seeds possess poor eating quality and cultivars producing soft seeded fruits are preferred.

The fruit is harvested by hand from mid-Sept. to early Nov. The most important problems cause cracking of fruits that affects the pomegranate quality in storage.

The future of this fruit depends on the selection of high quality cultivars with soft seeds, higher total soluble solids and richer color and fruits resistant to cracking and fruit borers.

Generally, the loquat tree blooms in the autumn with fruits ripening in early spring.

In recent years, perhaps because of the crises that many agricultural sectors have experienced, and because of the need for new crop alternatives, and also for health reasons, interest has developed in traditional Mediterranean fruits.

The Best Mediterranean Fruits To Keep On Hand In Your Kitchen

That’s right; fruit is always an integral part of table setting for Italians.

While we love to use fruit as a basic ingredient for fantastic recipes, it tastes best eaten on its own.

Figs started to appear on Italian tables during the first weeks of August, but they are considered the fruit of September par excellence.

This fruit – native to Central America and naturalized in the Mediterranean basin – grows luxuriously even in the driest areas, with the best varieties found in Sicily, Puglia, Calabria, and Sardinia.

June is the harvest month par excellence – the perfect month to serve a cornucopia of fruits like apricots, cherries, and peaches to finish off a meal in sweetness.

Quince is one of the oldest known fruits in existence.

The star of the Italian fruit harvests, grapes are appreciated both fresh and aged as wine.

What Fruits Can You Eat On Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean diet comes from the Mediterranean region and Europe, and fruits are abundant, making it great when you love eating fruits.

Most fruits should be there for you to consume, and even if they are high in sugar, you can still consume them.

Since there are so many different fruits that you can choose from, we must look at some of the top options for this diet.

While the fruits we discuss in this article are not the “Be all” of fruits, they are still healthier than some of the alternatives you can find.

Here are some of the best fruits that you can consume when you are following the Mediterranean diet.

If you don’t like the taste of grapefruit, you can add it to a smoothie or create a fruit bowl of different fruits that should be much healthier.

Watermelon is the perfect example of a fruit that is almost tailor-made for the Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean Fruits Informations

As is carries a long history of cultivation for fruit, its exact native distribution is difficult to find, but the date palm probably originated somewhere in the desert oases of the North Africa, and perhaps also in the southwest Asia.

The leaves are very pinnate, up to 3 m long, with spines on the petiole and also about 150 leaflets; The leaflets grow between 30 cm long and 2 cm broad. They are oval-cylindrical, 3-7 cm long, and 2-3 cm diameter, yellow-brown in colour, and contain a single seed but about 2-2.5 cm long and 6-8 mm thick.

Three main types of date Palm exist; soft, semi-dry, and dry.

Natural pollination requires about an equal number of the male and female plants.

With assistance one male can palletize about 50 females.

Since the males are of value only as palletizes, this allows the growers to use their resources for many more fruit producing female plants.

Some growers do not maintain any male plants as male flowers become available at the local markets at pollination time.

Mediterranean Fruit Fly

The Mediterranean fruit fly is a threat to many fruits and vegetables.

The Mediterranean Fruit Fly is considered the most important agricultural pest in the world.

The Mediterranean fruit fly is currently found in Hawaii.

California, Florida and Texas are at high risk for the Mediterranean fruit fly.

The Medfly can infest hundreds of varieties of fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Do not bring or mail fresh fruits, vegetables, plants into your state or another state unless agricultural inspectors have cleared them first.

Fresh produce, fruit and vegetables brought into the U.S. without inspection.

Crossword Clue Answers

The crossword clue Mediterranean fruit with 5 letters was last seen on the August 13, 2021.

We think the likely answer to this clue is OLIVE. Below are all possible answers to this clue ordered by its rank.

You can easily improve your search by specifying the number of letters in the answer.

Refine the search results by specifying the number of letters.

If certain letters are known already, you can provide them in the form of a pattern: “CA????”..

Mediterranean Fruit Crossword Clue, Crossword Solver

Search millions of clues to find answers to crossword puzzle clues.

Wordplays has answers to Quick puzzles, General Knowledge puzzles, Cryptic Crossword Puzzles, and Variety puzzles.

The Crossword Solver find answers to clues found in the New York Times Crossword, USA Today Crossword, LA Times Crossword, Daily Celebrity Crossword, The Guardian, the Daily Mirror, Coffee Break puzzles, Telegraph crosswords and many other popular crossword puzzles.

Post Idea #26: Wellness tourism

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Global Wellness Institute

In 2013, the Global Wellness Institute unveiled the inaugural edition of the Global Wellness Tourism Economy report-a landmark study that defined the parameters and characteristics of the emerging wellness tourism sector, estimated its global size, and highlighted its far-reaching economic impacts.

The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness tourism as travel associated with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing one’s personal wellbeing.

Secondary wellness traveler: A traveler who seeks to maintain wellness while traveling or participates in wellness experiences while taking any type of trip for leisure or business.

Over time, some secondary wellness travelers will decide to take a primary wellness trip, as their interest in and experience with wellness grows.

The wellness tourism economy is much larger than a narrowly defined set of typical wellness businesses, such as spas, wellness retreats, thermal/mineral springs and boot camps.

Within each of the international and domestic tourism segments, we estimate the portion of trips and expenditures that are represented by wellness tourists, including both the primary and secondary wellness tourism segments.

We aggregate the spending of primary and secondary wellness tourists, both international/inbound and domestic, across 212 countries, to arrive at the size of the global wellness tourism industry.

What Is Wellness Tourism, Wellness Tourism Segment Of The Tourism Industry

Wellness Tourism, as we know it today, is a relatively new segment of the very broad tourism industry.

While the concept of wellness travel began to emerge around 2004 and 2005, the WTA and the Global Wellness Institute agree that the terms and concepts around ‘wellness tourism’ really started taking off in 2008.

GWI research benchmarked wellness tourism as a $106 billion global industry.

Their 2018 survey of the industry predicted that by 2022, global wellness tourism would near the $1 trillion mark.

While the pandemic has taken its toll on the global tourism industry, it is believed that as the industry recovers, personal health will continue to be a top priority and the wellness sector may recover faster than other areas of the tourism industry.

The WTA defines Wellness Tourism as “A specific division of the global tourism industry that is defined by the common goal of marketing natural assets and/or activities primarily focused on serving the wellness-minded consumer and those who want to be.” Wellness Travel, on the other hand, is defined as “Travel that allows the traveler to maintain, enhance or kick-start a healthy lifestyle, and support or increase one’s sense of wellbeing.”

The WTA looks at wellness tourism as being more ‘proactive’ with one’s own health and wellbeing and medical tourism being more ‘reactive’; reactive as in treating a medical condition or providing procedures that are more ‘invasive’, such as surgery.

Wellness Tourism: Which Are The Top Trends And Destinations?

The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness tourism as travel with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing one’s personal wellbeing.

Therefore we can say that wellness tourism turns travel into an opportunity to maintain and improve holistic health.

Wellness retreats are on the rise, growing more than twice as fast as general tourism.

Recent studies demonstrate that wellness travellers are more discerning, more cultured and more affluent than many other tourists and their higher spending capacity is a vital contributor to wellness travel.

Each destination has its own character in relation to wellness tourism and can offer something unique to wellness travellers.

Wellness tourists increasingly want to indulge in memorable experiences and satisfy their wellness requirements to feel good.

No matter, if you are after rejuvenating spa experiences, fitness classes, and culinary experiences or simply want to immerse yourself in nature, wellness tourism has always something to offer.

The Best Kept Secret About Wellness Tourism

It’s no secret that sustainable hospitality and the wellness tourism market is exploding right now.

The wellness tourism industry drives $639B of spend globally and that spend is growing at more than twice the rate of the broader tourism market.

In this article we’ll educate you on the data around wellness in travel, review successful hotel wellness tourism initiatives and empower you to bring wellness into any property regardless of location or market segment.

What is Driving the Wellness Tourism Market’s Growth? It’s not hard to see why the wellness market is exploding.

Better Breathing & Sanitation is at the Core of Any Wellness Program When examining these successful wellness programs, they all center around one thing: helping hotel guests recreate home environments and routines while they’re on the road which ultimately helps them feel good and be their best.

Pure Room Conversions: A Turnkey Wellness Initiative for Every Hotel Pure Wellness patented 7-step process and technology treats every last surface and air particle in a room, giving guests more comfort in their surroundings and peace of mind.

Ultimately Pure Wellness helps hotels convert anywhere from 1 – 1,000 of their rooms into Pure Rooms through a patented 7-step room conversion process that creates a best-in-class wellness environment for the wellness-minded travelers.

MP Tourism Showcased Wellness And Mindful Tourism Opportunities In The State At Ayush Natural World Expo 2022 In Mumbai

The focus was to showcase the Wellness and Mindful Tourism opportunities in the state.

“Madhya Pradesh has a lot to offer in terms of Wellness and Mindful Tourism. A good number of tourist visit nature centric pollution free wellness destinations and get themselves rejuvenated and relaxed, Madhya Pradesh also offers Yoga, Meditation, Panchkarma & Spa centres for their tourists,” said an official of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board.

“We have played an active role in shaping the tourism sector in terms of Wellness Tourism in India. Participation in this expo will definitely connect us with prominent tourists and help us to showcase the tremendous tourism potential that Madhya Pradesh possess in terms of Wellness and Mindful Tourism,” said the official.

“This event will definitely help us to achieve our goals of increasing footfalls to the State,” he added.

MPTB is working strategically towards getting more domestic and international tourists, promoting new travel circuits in different segments to the tourist exploring heritage, culture, adventure, wildlife, spiritual, rural & wellness destinations.

“We are promoting the state as the destination that fits into the frame of experiential activities. Responsible Tourism, Activity filled tourism, Wellness, and Mindful tourism. We are in to promotion of Homestays, Gramstays and Farmstays as a safe and culturally rich stay option for the guests to experience the rich rural culture, food and traditions of the state and have healthy non polluted tourism.We have special itineraries created for our source markets to promote Destination Madhya Pradesh,” the official said.

Wellness Tourism

Within the US $3.4 trillion spa and wellness economy, wellness tourism is estimated to total US$494 billion or 14.6 percent of all 2013 domestic and international tourism expenditures.

Domestic wellness tourism is significantly larger than its international equivalent, representing 84 percent of wellness travel and 68 percent of expenditures.

International wellness tourism represents 16 percent of wellness travel and 32 percent of expenditures.

The wellness tourism market includes primary and secondary wellness tourists.

Primary wellness tourists travel entirely for wellness purposes while secondary wellness tourists engage in wellness-related activities as part of a trip.

Secondary wellness tourists constitute the significant majority of total wellness tourism trips and expenditures.

Domestic tourism accounts for about 71 percent of wellness tourism trips, and 54 percent of wellness tourism expenditures.

Post Idea #27: Allison Transmission

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Allison Transmission Home

Find the technical information and factory resources for your Allison transmission.

Allison Transmission is the world’s largest manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles and is a leader in hybrid-propulsion systems for city buses.

Allison Transmission Models Explained

Allison transmissions are the only fully automatic models on the market.

Pro Tip: When finding parts for your Allison Transmission, make sure you know what generation your transmission is.

More sensors, more diagnostic capabilities, and advanced configurations of the Allison Transmission product line.

In1998, the Allison Generation 3 replaced the original WTEC II transmission controls.

Theis generation ushered in the computer-based diagnostic era, which meant you could use a variety of diagnostic tools to connect to the Allison Transmissions to read codes, clear codes, perform diagnostic commands, and more.

The controls for the Allison Transmission were updated, offering several different styles.

Allison WTEC. The oldest Allison Transmission configuration was the WTEC. If your commercial truck, RV, or machine is from before 1998, it probably has a WTEC II transmission.

Post Idea #28: Touchstone Exploration

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Relative to year-end 2020, increased 3P gross reserves by 21% to 121,332 Mboe, increased 2P gross reserves by 16% to 75,547 Mboe and increased 1P gross reserves by 13% to 38,731 Mboe in 2021.Touchstone’s net present value of future net revenues discounted at 10% on a before tax 3P basis increased by 31% to $1.31 billion, before tax 2P NPV10 increased by 29% to $881.8 million and before tax 1P NPV10 increased by 31% to $474.9 million from the prior year.

Relative to year-end 2020, increased Cascadura 1P reserves by 14% to 26,902 Mboe and 2P total reserves by 16% to 52,082 Mboe following our successful Cascadura Deep-1 well tested in 2021.The Royston exploration discovery was assigned gross working interest 3P reserves of 4,800 Mboe, gross working interest 2P reserves of 3,520 Mboe and gross working interest 1P reserves of 1,280 Mboe.Our independent reserves evaluator estimates that the Royston structure has a low estimate of 128.3 MMbbl, a best estimate of 165.7 MMbbl and a high estimate of 211.7 MMbbl of total petroleum initially-in-place from the overthrust and intermediate sheets of the Herrera Formation, with no estimate provided in the subthrust sheet.

Reconciliation of Gross Reserves by Product Type.The following table sets forth a reconciliation of the Company’s total gross proved, gross probable and total gross proved plus probable reserves as of December 31, 2021 by product type against such reserves as at December 31, 2020 based on forecast prices and cost assumptions.

Full disclosure with respect to the Company’s reserves as at December 31, 2021 will be contained in the Company’s Annual Information Form for the year ended December 31, 2021 which will be filed on SEDAR on or before March 31, 2022.The recovery and reserve estimates of crude oil, natural gas and NGL reserves provided herein are estimates only, and there is no guarantee that the estimated reserves will be recovered.

“Probable” reserves are those additional reserves that are less certain to be recovered than proved reserves.

“Possible” reserves are those additional reserves that are less certain to be recovered than probable reserves.

The recycle ratio compares netbacks from existing reserves to the cost of finding new reserves and may not accurately indicate the investment success unless the replacement of reserves are of equivalent quality as the produced reserves.

Post Idea #29: Axial piston pump

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What They Are And How They Work

A basic piston pump is made up of a piston, a chamber, and two valves.

The pump operates by driving the piston down into the chamber, thereby compressing the media inside.

Piston pumps are among the most efficient types of pumps.

Axial piston pumps are positive displacement pumps that use multiple cylinders grouped around a central axis.

Axial piston pumps can be designed as variable displacement piston pumps, making them very useful for controlling the speeds of hydraulic motors and cylinders.

In a typical pressure-compensated pump, the swashplate angle adjusts through the action of a valve using pressure feedback to make sure that the pump output flow is precisely enough to maintain a designated pressure.

Axial piston pumps can contain most of the necessary circuit controls intrinsically by controlling the swash-plate angle, to regulate flow and pressure.

Axial Piston Pump

Axial piston pumps have several pistons that are arranged parallel to the drive shaft.

They are available as either variable pumps or constant pumps.

Variable displacement axial piston pumps adjust the geometric output volume from maximum to zero.

As a result they vary the flow rate that is provided to the consumers.

Fixed displacement axial piston pumps have a constant geometric displacement and convey a constant flow rate depending on the rotation speed.

Axial Piston Pumps

Axial piston pumps in swash plate and bent axis design are intended for the medium and high pressure range.

Numerous variations in the designs, performance ranges, and adjustment options offer ideal solutions for mobile and stationary applications.

Well-known types of control are: electroproportional control, constant pressure control, constant horsepower control.

Title Index constant HP control: hyperbolic control adjustable spring force summated pressure valve 20 Components 3.4 Axial Piston Units 3.4.1 Variable Pump of Bent Axis Design Pump Control Devices of modular design for a variety of control and regulating functions for universal industrial applications Examples: O = open circuit G = closed circuit H = semi-closed circuit HD hydr.

Title Index 22 Components 3.7 Axial Piston Units Variable Pump of Swashplate Design for mobile applications in open circuit with charging pump The control functions of the A11VLO illustrated here can be operated either super-imposed or as individual functions: constant horsepower control with hyperbolic curve constant pressure control via sequence valve load-sensing control via ∆p-control of load-pressure signa High Pressure Range A11VLO 350/400 bar control LRDS L = charging pump p = operat.

Variable motor/switching motor Hydraulic or electrical two-point adjustment with mounted switching valve Adjustment range 1 : 2,5 Mechanical holding brake can be built on Also available as a small compact plug-in motor Title Index A10VM 24 Components 3.11 Axial Piston Units Summary Different features of the controls are: n type of circuit n force transfer n operation of control n curve n open loop control – mechanical/manual – mechanical/electrical – hydraulic/mechanical – hydraulic/electrical – hydraulic/hydraulic n closed loop control – hydraulic/mechanical – hydraulic/electrical of the most common control options on pumps and motors The electronic components, used to amplify the signals, are not listed here.

EO electronic control U = control voltage Title Index VS = pilot oil flow pHD = high pressure 26 Components Axial Piston Units 3.11.2 Closed-Loop Pump Controls n Hydraulic: DR – constant system pressure through suitable adjustment of pump flow DR FR DFR constant pressure control constant flow control const.

G min g min g max g max g min g max EZ electrical two-point control with switching solenoid current connected no current Vg = specific displacement pst = pilot pressure I = control current 3.11.4 Closed-Loop Motor Controls n Hydraulic: HA – automatic high-pressure-related control; automatic adjustment to current torque requirement HA DS DA automatic control high pressure related constant speed control, with secondary control hydr.

Control speed related DS – pumps with DS control are used as motors for “Secondary control” DA – speed-related hydraulic control is the basis for “Mobile transmission” with “Automotive control”.

Axial Piston Pump

An axial piston pump is a positive displacement pump that has a number of pistons in a circular array within a cylinder block.

An axial piston pump has a number of pistons arranged in a circular array within a housing which is commonly referred to as a cylinder block, rotor or barrel.

There are two kinds of variable-displacement axial piston pumps: direct displacement control pump, a kind of axial piston pump with a direct displacement control.

A direct displacement control uses a mechanical lever attached to the swashplate of the axial piston pump.

Designers have a number of problems to overcome in designing axial piston pumps.

Often a vane pump is located on the same drive shaft to provide this pressure and it also allows the pump assembly to draw fluid against some suction head from the reservoir, which is not an attribute of the unaided axial piston pump.

Axial piston pumps are used to power the hydraulic systems of jet aircraft, being gear-driven off of the turbine engine’s main shaft, The system used on the F-14 used a 9-piston pump that produced a standard system operating pressure of 3000 psi and a maximum flow of 84 gallons per minute.

Post Idea #30: Plastic pollution

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Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues, as rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products overwhelms the world’s ability to deal with them.

The conveniences plastics offer led to a throw-away culture that reveals the material’s dark side: today, single-use plastics account for 40 percent of the plastic produced every year.

Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic waste escapes into the oceans from coastal nations.

Most of the plastic trash in the oceans, Earth’s last sink, flows from land.

Once at sea, much of the plastic trash remains in coastal waters.

Mechanical systems, such as Mr. Trash Wheel, a litter interceptor in Maryland’s Baltimore Harbor, can be effective at picking up large pieces of plastic, such as foam cups and food containers, from inland waters.

Once plastics break down into microplastics and drift throughout the water column in the open ocean, they are virtually impossible to recover.

Plastic Pollution

In some areas there have been significant efforts to reduce the prominence of free range plastic pollution, through reducing plastic consumption, litter cleanup, and promoting plastic recycling.

At least 0.19 kg per person per day of Trinidad and Tobago’s plastic debris end up in the ocean, or for example Saint Lucia which generates more than four times the amount of plastic waste per capita as China and is responsible for 1.2 times more improperly disposed plastic waste per capita than China.

Marine plastic pollution is a type of marine pollution by plastics, ranging in size from large original material such as bottles and bags, down to microplastics formed from the fragmentation of plastic material.

“Marine life is one of the most important when one is affected by plastic pollution. Plastic pollution puts animals’ lives in danger and is in constant fear of extinction. Marine wildlife such as seabirds, whales, fish and turtles mistake plastic waste for prey; most then die of starvation as their stomachs become filled with plastic. They also suffer from lacerations, infections, reduced ability to swim, and internal injuries”.

Efforts to reduce the use of plastics, to promote plastic recycling and to reduce mismanaged plastic waste or plastic pollution have occurred or are ongoing.

The first scientific review in the professional academic literature about global plastic pollution in general found that the rational response to the “Global threat” would be “Reductions in consumption of virgin plastic materials, along with internationally coordinated strategies for waste management” – such as banning export of plastic waste unless it leads to better recycling – and describes the state of knowledge about “Poorly reversible” impacts which are one of the rationales for its reduction.

So the industry launched a $50 million/year corporate propaganda campaign targeting the American public with the message that plastic can be, and is being, recycled, and lobbied American municipalities to launch expensive plastic waste collection programs, and lobbied U.S. states to require the labeling of plastic products and containers with recycling symbols.

Plastic Pollution

It is estimated that of the 1.5 million Laysan Albatrosses which inhabit Midway, all of them have plastic in their digestive system; for one third of the chicks, the plastic blockage is deadly, coining Midway Atoll as “Albatross graveyards” by five media artists, led by photographer Chris Jordan, who recently filmed and photographed the catastrophic effects of the plastic pollution there.

Only in 1997, with Captain Charles Moore’s discovery, was the plastic waste pollution in the ocean widely brought to media light and finally began to receive more serious attention from the public and the scientific world, stepping the way to more exhaustive research about plastic and its consequences and effects when entering marine life.

Of particular concern are the floating small plastic fragments often referred in the media to as mermaids’ tears, which are tiny nurdles of raw plastic resin that form the building material of every manufactured plastic product, or are granules of domestic waste that have fragmented over the years.

Studies on small plastic pellet by Dr Richard Thompson and by Hideshige Takada, Yukie Mato professor of organic geochemistry at Tokyo University, have shown that plastic debris meeting other pollutants in the oceans absorbs harmful chemicals from the sea water they float in, acting like a pollution sponges.

The process involved modeling plastic decomposition at room temperature, removing heat from the plastic and then using a liquid to extract the BPA and PS Oligomer that are not found naturally, thus must have been created through the decomposition of the plastic.

Katsuhiko Saido, Ph.D said, “We found that plastic in the ocean actually decomposes giving rise to yet another source of global contamination that will continue into the future.” Furthermore, as Saido added: “We are concerned that plastic pollution is also caused by these invisible materials and that it will harm marine life.” While the potential toxicity of these tiny plastic constituents is still understudied for much of marine life, plastics are abundant in many forms.

“Our country consumes a huge amount of plastic shopping bags each year” a spokesperson for China’s State Council said, when announcing the ban last May. “While plastic shopping bags provide convenience to consumers, this has caused a serious waste of energy and resources and environmental pollution because of excessive usage, inadequate recycling and other reasons.” In January 2008, The State Council, China’s parliament, passed legislation to prohibit shops and supermarkets from providing free plastic bags that are less than 0.025 millimeters thick.

Plastic Pollution

How much plastic has the world produced cumulatively? The chart shows that by 2015, the world had produced 7.8 billion tonnes of plastic – more than one tonne of plastic for every person alive today.

This model uses data on global plastic production, emissions into the ocean by plastic type and age, and transport and degradation rates to map not only the amount of plastic in different environments in the ocean, but also its age.

Very small particles such as plastic fibres can be taken up by small organisms such as filter-feeding oysters or mussels; larger materials such as plastic films, cigarette packets, and food packaging have been found in large fish species; and in extreme cases, documented cases of sperm whales have shown ingestion of very large materials including 9m of rope, 4.5m of hose, two flowerpots, and large amounts of plastic sheeting.

Three possible toxic effects of plastic particle have been suggested: the plastic particles themselves, the release of persistent organic pollutant adsorbed to the plastics, and leaching of plastic additives.

This has important implications for managing global plastic waste: if countries with effective waste management systems – predominantly high-income countries – export plastic waste to middle to low-income countries with poor waste management systems, they could be adding to the ocean plastic problem in this way.

The implications of this complexity are two-fold: in many cases it is convenient for countries to export their recycled plastic waste; and for importing countries, this plastic is often discarded if it doesn’t meet the sufficient requirements for recycled or is contaminated by non-recyclable plastic.

Plastic pollution in the world’s oceans: more than 5 trillion plastic pieces weighing over 250,000 tons afloat at sea.

Explanation, Causes, Types And Effects

Plastic pollution is the buildup of plastic objects and particles in the environment that harms wildlife, natural and wildlife habitats, and mankind.

Microplastics, and mega- and macro-plastics, are the three main types of plastic that lead to plastic pollution.

Commercial Pollutants: Break Free From Plastic, a non-profit organisation, mobilised over 70,000 volunteers in 51 countries to acquire and recognize plastic waste in 2019.

Effect of Plastic on Environment: Plastic debris distribution is extremely variable due to a variety of factors including wind and ocean currents, metropolitan areas, coastline geography, and trade routes.

Effects of Plastic on Land: Plastic pollution on land endangers plants and livestock, as well as humans who live off the land.

Effect of Plastic in the Ocean: Each year, the amount of plastic in the ocean waste reaching the seas grows, with the majority of the plastic approaching the seas in fragments smaller than 5 millimetres.

Plastic pollution in the world’s oceans was reported to be around 150 million tonnes in 2016, with that number expected to rise to 250 million tonnes by 2025.Effects on Animals: Animals can be poisoned by plastic pollution, that can have a negative impact on human food supplies.

Plastic Pollution And Potential Solutions

Since 2004, the world has made as much plastic as it did in the previous half century, and it has been reckoned that the total mass of virgin plastics ever made amounts to 8.3 billion tonnes, mainly derived from natural gas and crude oil, used as chemical feedstocks and fuel sources.

In 2015, 407 million tonnes of plastic was produced, of which 164 Mt was consumed by packaging.

Plastic accounts for around 10% by mass of municipal waste, but up to 85% of marine debris items – most of which arrive from land-based sources.

Larger, primary plastic items can undergo progressive fragmentation to yield a greater number of increasingly smaller ‘secondary’ microplastic particles, thus increasing the overall surface area of the plastic material, which enhances its ability to absorb, and concentrate, persistent organic pollutants such as dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane and polychlorinated biphenyls, with the potential to transfer them to the tissues of animals that ingest the microplastic particles, particularly in marine environments.

In regard to such airborne sources, it is noteworthy that small plastic particles have been found in human lung tissue, which might prove an adverse health issue under given circumstances.

Since 6% of the current global oil production is used to manufacture plastic commodities – predicted to rise to 20% by 2050 – the current approaches for the manufacture and use of plastics demand immediate revision.

More extensive collection and recycling of plastic items at the end of their life, for re-use in new production, to offset the use of virgin plastic, is a critical aspect both for reducing the amount of plastic waste entering the environment, and in improving the efficiency of fossil resource use.

Plastic Pollution Solutions

Nearly 2.4 billion people, 40% of the world’s population, live within 60 miles of the coast, including residents of some of the planet’s largest cities.

Plastic waste generated in coastal communities is significantly more likely to end up in the ocean, and yet many coastal communities worldwide lack the infrastructure for waste management.

Plastic waste that has already entered the ocean is continually washing ashore along the world’s coastlines, even in remote areas.

At the same time, coastal residents share a greater interest in ocean conservation as they directly reap the economic and aesthetic benefits of healthy seas and are also most directly impacted by declining ocean health.

Due to this combination of factors, coastal communities have an incredibly important role to play in fighting ocean plastic pollution.

Through our global sea turtle conservation efforts, nature travel programs, Blue Habits program, and our work to improve access to nature in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are supporting coastal communities’ efforts to reduce plastic waste and clean coastlines worldwide.

Our work includes small grants, business partnerships, hands-on classroom education, digital campaigns, community cleanups, and much more.

Post Idea #31: Herpes labialis

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Treatment And Prevention Of Herpes Labialis

Treatment of herpes simplex labialis with topical acyclovir in polyethylene glycol.

Fiddian AP, Yeo JM, Stubbings R, Dean D. Successful treatment of herpes labialis with topical acyclovir.

Shaw M, King M, Best JM, Banatvala JE, Gibson JR, Klaber MR. Failure of acyclovir cream in treatment of recurrent herpes labialis.

Raborn GW, McGaw WT, Grace M, Percy J, Samuels S. Herpes labialis treatment with acyclovir 5% modified aqueous cream: a double-blind randomized trial.

Raborn GW, McGaw WT, Grace M, Houle L. Herpes labialis treatment with acyclovir 5 per cent ointment.

Horwitz E, Pisanty S, Czerninski R, Helser M, Eliav E, Touitou E. A clinical evaluation of a novel liposomal carrier for acyclovir in the topical treatment of recurrent herpes labialis.

Raborn GW, Martel AY, Grace MG, McGaw WT. Oral acyclovir in prevention of herpes labialis.

Herpes Labialis: An Update

Background: Herpes labialis is characterized by recurrent vesicular eruptions primarily on the lips and perioral skin.

Objective: To update the evaluation and treatment of herpes labialis.

Patents were searched using the key term “Herpes labialis” from www.

Results: The diagnosis of herpes labialis is mainly clinical based on classic grouped lesions on the lip.

Recent patents related to the management of herpes labialis are also discussed.

Topical antiviral agents such as 5% acyclovir cream/ointment hydrocortisone, 1% penciclovir cream, and 50 mg Buccal Adhesive Tablet can also be used for episodic treatment of herpes labialis.

These topical agents are not effective in the prevention of recurrent herpes labialis.

Herpes Labialis

Herpes labialis, commonly known as cold sores, is a type of infection by the herpes simplex virus that affects primarily the lip.

The cause is usually herpes simplex virus type 1 and occasionally herpes simplex virus type 2.

The recurrent infection is thus often called herpes simplex labialis.

Rare reinfections occur inside the mouth affecting the gums, alveolar ridge, hard palate, and the back of the tongue, possibly accompanied by herpes labialis.

Herpes labialis infection occurs when the herpes simplex virus comes into contact with oral mucosal tissue or abraded skin of the mouth.

Further reviews conclude that “Lysine’s efficacy for herpes labialis may lie more in prevention than treatment” and that “The use of lysine for decreasing the severity or duration of outbreaks” is not supported, while further research is needed.

A large survey of young adults on six continents reported that 33% of males and 28% of females had herpes labialis on two or more occasions during the year before the study.

Causes, Symptoms, Treatments And The Cure

Is often referred to as cold sores and it is not a wrong classification since lips are a part of the face, which is where the symptoms usually occur in case of orofacial herpes.

If the symptoms are mostly confined to the lips, then it is herpes labialis.

The other strains in the family are human herpes virus three or varicella-zoster virus that can cause chickenpox, human herpes virus four or Epstein-Barr virus that causes infectious mononucleosis, human herpes virus five or cytomegalovirus that causes mononucleosis, human herpes virus six that is now recognized as one of the agents commonly found in people suffering from roseola and different types of fever, human herpes virus seven that may also cause or facilitate roseola and human herpes virus eight that is found in tumors known as Kaposi’s Sarcoma.

Kissing, normal touch on the face or lips and other nonsexual contact can easily spread the virus and can also worsen the symptoms or signs of herpes labialis.

There are two types of treatments for herpes labialis.

There are many natural treatments for herpes labialis.

Herbal extracts, natural homemade remedies, dietary changes, lifestyle and adequate rest coupled with impeccable hygiene would speed up the healing process and you would be able to cure herpes labialis, not just suppress the virus to dormancy.

Herpes Labialis: Triggers, Symptoms, Treatment

The transmission of Herpes labialis is particularly common in children because they often touch their mouth with their fingers and have close physical contact.

Indirect infection with lip herpes via infected objects such as glasses, napkins and cutlery is also possible because the herpes virus can survive outside the body for up to two days.

Even after these symptoms have healed, the herpes viruses remain in the body for a lifetime.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, approximately 85 percent of the adult population in Germany is infected with HSV1. Herpes labialis: Symptoms.

Even with an initial infection with Herpes simplex, the symptoms can sometimes be more pronounced than with later reactivations.

As a rule, in the case of herpes labialis, a gaze diagnosis based only on the symptoms is completely sufficient.

A simple herpes reactivation does not require a visit to the doctor, only if complications arise or other diseases with similar symptoms have to be excluded, special examinations are helpful.

Cold Sores: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, And More

A common virus called herpes simplex causes cold sores.

The herpes simplex type 1 virus usually causes cold sores, and the herpes simplex type 2 virus usually causes genital herpes.

Oral sex may spread both cold sores and genital herpes.

You’re at risk of getting a cold sore if you come in contact with the fluid of a cold sore through kissing, sharing foods or drinks, or sharing personal care items such as toothbrushes and razors.

Cold sores can also be treated with oral antiviral medications, such as acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir.

Symptoms may be eased by applying ice or washcloths soaked in cold water over the sores.

Canker sores and cold sores both cause pain and discomfort, but that’s where their similarities end.

What Is Herpes Labialis?

Herpes labialis is a type of herpes simplex virus that infects the gums, mouth, and lips with blisters.

Two common names for herpes labialis are fever blisters and cold sores.

A physician can sometimes identify herpes labialis with a visual examination, but viral cultures are available for further diagnosis.

The frequent recurrence of blisters can be difficult to treat because of both the continuous activity of the infection and the inability to treat existing sores before new blisters emerge.

An infection can spread to other areas of the body due to the contagious nature of herpes labialis.

There are numerous ways that herpes labialis can be transmitted or contracted by others.

There are treatments available for herpes labialis that can reduce pain associated with the virus and typically help prevent incessant recurrence.

Post Idea #32: Herpes simplex virus

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Herpes Simplex Virus

Infection with herpes simplex virus, commonly known as herpes, can be due to either herpes simplex virus type 1 or herpes simplex virus type 2.

Both oral herpes infections and genital herpes infections are mostly asymptomatic or unrecognized but can cause symptoms of painful blisters or ulcers at the site of infection, ranging from mild to severe.

The vast majority of HSV-1 infections are oral herpes, but a proportion of HSV-1 infections are genital herpes.

HSV-1 is mainly transmitted by oral-to-oral contact to cause oral herpes infection, via contact with the HSV-1 virus in sores, saliva, and surfaces in or around the mouth.

In rare circumstances, HSV-1 infection can be transmitted from a mother with genital HSV-1 infection to her infant during delivery to cause neonatal herpes.

People who already have HSV-1 infection are not at risk of getting it again, but they are still at risk of acquiring herpes simplex virus type 2 genital infection.

Preventing acquisition of a new genital herpes infection is particularly important for women in late pregnancy, as this is when the risk for neonatal herpes is greatest.

Herpes Simplex Virus

Herpes simplex virus 1 and 2, also known by their taxonomical names Human alphaherpesvirus 1 and Human alphaherpesvirus 2, are two members of the human Herpesviridae family, a set of new viruses that produce viral infections in the majority of humans.

Asymptomatic reactivation means that the virus causes atypical, subtle, or hard-to-notice symptoms that are not identified as an active herpes infection, so acquiring the virus is possible even if no active HSV blisters or sores are present.

Contrary to popular myths, herpes cannot be transmitted from surfaces such as toilet seats because the herpes virus begins to die immediately after leaving the body.

A 2018 retrospective study from Taiwan on 33,000 patients found that being infected with herpes simplex virus increased the risk of dementia 2.56 times in patients not receiving anti-herpetic medications.

MR was originally discovered with the bacterial virus bacteriophage T4, but was subsequently also found with pathogenic viruses including influenza virus, HIV-1, adenovirus simian virus 40, vaccinia virus, reovirus, poliovirus and herpes simplex virus.

Herpes simplex virus is likely the most common cause of Mollaret’s meningitis.

Herpes simplex virus has also been studied in the central nervous system disorders such as multiple sclerosis, but research has been conflicting and inconclusive.

Herpes: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, And More

The herpes simplex virus, also known as HSV, is a viral infection that causes genital and oral herpes.

Many people live with asymptomatic HSV, which means they have the virus without ever having an outbreak or active episode of herpes.

Many people living with genital herpes actually have HSV-1, since the virus can easily be transmitted through oral-to-genital contact.

Remember: Though many people think of HSV-1 as oral herpes and HSV-2 as genital herpes, both types of the virus can cause oral or genital episodes.

Evidence suggests more AFAB folks than people assigned male at birth develop HSV, but this could also mean AFAB folks are more likely to experience symptoms.

Much of the time, HSV doesn’t pose a major cause for concern, and symptoms will improve without medical treatment.

Herpes blisters can cause some pain and discomfort, but home remedies can help ease these symptoms and may help sores heal more quickly.

Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Infection: Overview On Relevant Clinico-Pathological Features

x. Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 is a nuclear replicating enveloped virus, usually acquired through direct contact with infected lesions or body fluids.

The prevalence of HSV-1 infection increases progressively from childhood, the seroprevalence being inversely related to socioeconomic background.

Primary HSV-1 infections in children are either asymptomatic or following an incubation period of about 1 week gives rise to mucocutaneous vesicular eruptions.

Most primary oro-facial HSV infection is caused by HSV-1, infection by HSV-2 is increasingly common.

Recurrent infections, which occur at variable intervals, typically give rise to vesiculo-ulcerative lesions at mucocutaneous junctions particularly the lips.

Recurrent HSV-1 infection within the mouth is uncommon in otherwise healthy patients, although in immunocompromised patients, recurrent infection can be more extensive and/or aggressive.

The diagnosis of common herpetic infection can usually be based upon the clinical history and presenting features.

Herpes Simplex: Symptoms, Pictures, Types, Treatment

The majority of people with HSV will not show any symptoms at all, but they can still pass on the virus.

The symptoms of HSV are typically mild but can cause discomfort.

This article will outline the symptoms of HSV, the different types of the virus, and how to treat it.

The symptoms of HSV typically occur in outbreaks that can last between 2 and 6 weeks, depending on the type of HSV. The frequency of these outbreaks can vary.

Herpes simplex virus type 1 is the most common form of HSV. Due to its constant presence worldwide, the medical community considers HSV-1 to be an endemic disease.

Although there is no cure for either type of HSV, symptoms are often not present, and treatment may not be necessary.

When symptoms do occur, they often resolve without treatment after several weeks.

Herpes Simplex Virus: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Herpes simplex viruses – more commonly known as herpes – are categorized into two types: herpes type 1 and herpes type 2.

HSV-1 can cause genital herpes, but most cases of genital herpes are caused by herpes type 2.

Pregnant women with genital herpes should talk to their doctor, as genital herpes can be passed on to the baby during childbirth.

Symptoms of herpes simplex virus typically appear as a blister or as multiple blisters on or around affected areas – usually the mouth, genitals, or rectum.

Often, the appearance of herpes simplex virus is typical and no testing is needed to confirm the diagnosis.

If a health care provider is uncertain, herpes simplex can be diagnosed with lab tests, including DNA – or PCR – tests and virus cultures.

Some people experience very mild genital herpes symptoms or no symptoms at all.

Herpes Simplex Virus Mouth Infection

What is a herpes simplex virus mouth infection? Some people call it a cold sore, others a fever blister.

What causes an HSV mouth infection? The virus is spread by skin-to-skin contact with someone who carries the virus.

Once infected, a person will have the herpes simplex virus for the rest of their life.

What are the symptoms of an HSV mouth infection? The initial infection of the oral herpes simplex virus is often the worst.

How is an HSV mouth infection diagnosed? Herpes simplex virus may be difficult to diagnose because it may be confused with many other infections, such as allergic reactions.

How is an HSV mouth infection treated? Treatment will depend on your symptoms, age, and general health.

Key points about an HSV mouth infection A cold sore or fever blister is caused by the herpes simplex virus.

Post Idea #33: Teva Pharmaceuticals

Related Articles – Summarized

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Find more information about Teva in your location, or contact a local representative on our local sites.

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …. ESG in Action: At Teva, our commitment to helping improve patients’ health is closely intertwined with our responsibility to preserve the environment and ensure that our medicines are produced in the most sustainable way.

‘The most important thing I’ve learned from football is how to work as part of a team’.

‘One of the most important attributes for developing people is listening’.

At Teva, we strive to make a difference in the lives of people around the world each and every day.

At Teva, we strive to deliver quality medicines to patients around the world with integrity and ethical business practices.

What we do is important, but how we do it is just as important.

Teva Pharmaceuticals

In 1976, the three companies merged into the modern-day Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. In 1980, Teva acquired Ikapharm, then Israel’s second largest drug manufacturer.

In June 2013, Teva acquired US firm MicroDose Therapeutx for $40 million with as much as $125 million being paid in regulatory and developmental milestones In 2010, Teva announced that it would build its main distribution center for the Americas in Philadelphia, PA, and was considering opening its US headquarters in the area.

Teva Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients operates within Teva as a stand-alone business unit.

In February 2018, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd has completed the sale of a portfolio of products within its global women’s health business across contraception, fertility, menopause and osteoporosis for $703 million in cash to CVC Capital Partners Fund VI. Teva also agreed to sell its Plan B One-Step and its brands of emergency contraception to Foundation Consumer Healthcare for $675 million in cash.

On June 25, 2010, Bayer sued Teva for falsely claiming that Teva’s Gianvi was stabilized by betadex as a clathrate, and could consequently be advertised as a generic of Yaz The settlement resulted in Teva changing its product marketing to remove the claim that it used the same ingredients as Yaz.

In January 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States decided on the Copaxone patent in Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. v. Sandoz, Inc. In December 2016, the attorneys general of 20 states filed a civil complaint accusing Teva of a coordinated scheme to artificially maintain high prices for a generic antibiotic and diabetes drug.

In January 2019, the Supreme Court of the United States decided for Teva in Helsinn Healthcare S.A. v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. On May 11 2019, Teva Pharmaceuticals USA was one of 19 drug companies sued for price fixing in the United States by 44 states for inflating its prices, sometimes up to 1000%, in an illegal agreement among it and its competitors.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

There have been reports about a recruiting scam targeting our company, involving “Online interviews” for open and virtual positions at Teva.

Please be aware that Teva Pharmaceuticals in no way endorsed or initiated these fraudulent communications, nor would the company ever request or send any type of monetary deposit related to a job interview.

The scam often directs potential job applicants to an online chat-room interview and often includes immediate job offers.

You can always find the latest job postings on this site.

Ly/3otSKP5#DYK 1 in 2 #healthcare consumers said they postponed or canceled healthcare services since the pandemic began? Learn more about the realities experienced by healthcare professionals and consumers.

Learn more from Teva’s Dr. Sven Dethlefs on what our recent survey insights mean here: bit.

CEO Kåre Schultz and members of Teva’s leadership team shared #quarterlyresults and updates during today’s earnings webcast.

Our live Q4 and full year 2021 earnings call is starting soon! Join President and CEO Kåre Schultz and the Teva leadership team to discuss Teva’s business performance and plans ahead. Register here: bit.

Ly/3sgkLe0 #womeninscience #ourpeople58% of healthcare consumers are likely to continue telehealth visits even after the pandemic, according to the State of Access to Healthcare in America report we worked on with and.

Ly/3rqCReg #PathtoEquityThe COVID-19 pandemic worsened inequities in healthcare, a study by and found.

Roughly 2 out of 3 members of minority groups delayed or canceled healthcare services during the pandemic.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

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