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Post Idea #1: Calcium phosphate

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Structure, Side Effects, Properties & Uses Of Calcium Phosphate

Calcium phosphate is a calcium salt of phosphoric acid with a chemical formula Ca3(PO4)2.

Apatite is a mineral rock which is an impure and complex form of calcium phosphate which produces tribasic calcium phosphate.

Monobasic calcium phosphate is obtained by adding excess phosphoric acid to either a dibasic solution or a tribasic calcium phosphate solution and letting the solution to evaporate.

Uses of Calcium phosphate2) Calcium phosphate is used as an antacid and dietary supplement in veterinary medicine.

Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate is also of concern as it is the most soluble of barely soluble calcium phosphate crystals, making it a good choice for rock phosphate dissolution tests.

Cells are able to remove calcium from the cytoplasm within a few hours, unless very high doses of calcium phosphate are used.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs.What are the benefits of calcium phosphate?Is calcium phosphate safe in food?How do you make calcium phosphate fertilizer?What is calcium phosphate used for?Is calcium phosphate soluble in water?What are the side effects of calcium phosphate?What is the purpose of calcium phosphate?What is the difference between calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate?Is calcium phosphate better than calcium carbonate?What type of calcium is best?What type of calcium is best for osteopenia? Keep visiting us for the latest updates on the chemical compound names.

Calcium Phosphate: What Is It And What Are The Risks?

Calcium phosphate is a compound that contains both calcium and phosphorus.

Too much calcium phosphate can also cause some health risks.

This article discusses the potential benefits and risks of calcium phosphate and whether a person should consider taking them.

It is available as an option for calcium supplements, along with calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

As many people may use calcium phosphate to supplement their calcium intake, they may take too much and develop hypercalcemia.

People may want to include dietary sources or a calcium phosphate supplement that already contains vitamin D. If a person is also taking an iron supplement, it is advisable to take the calcium supplement 2 hours before or 2 hours after to maximize absorption.

Calcium phosphate is a compound containing calcium and phosphorus.

Calcium Phosphate, Tribasic Uses, Side Effects & Warnings

Generic name: calcium phosphate, tribasicBrand name: PostureDosage forms: oral tabletDrug class: Minerals and electrolytes.

Calcium phosphate is a mineral that is used as a supplement in people who do not get enough calcium from food.

Calcium phosphate is used to treat calcium deficiencies that may be associated with low blood calcium, a parathyroid disorder, or osteoporosis and other bone conditions.

Calcium phosphate may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects.

Ask a doctor or pharmacist before using calcium phosphate with any other medications, especially.

Other drugs may affect calcium phosphate, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products.

Calcium Phosphate: How Does It Work?

Calcium phosphate is most often used to treat calcium deficiencies in your diet.

Calcium phosphate is a supplement you can take if you don’t get enough calcium in your diet through food.

Do not take extra calcium phosphate supplements to make up for the missed dose.

When you take your calcium phosphate supplement, drink a full glass of water.

Calcium phosphate may interact with other medications or make them less effective.

You may think that calcium phosphate supplements cause your kidney stones, but that isn’t true.

Too much sodium can lead to calcium phosphate turning into kidney stones.


Potassium citrate, a common stone prevention, may not be appropriate as a treatment because it raises urine pH. Alkaline Urine Causes Phosphate Stones.

If the average stone mineral composition of all available stones for a given patient is above 50% calcium oxalate, the patient is considered a calcium oxalate stone former.

If the average calcium phosphate content is above 50% the patient is considered a calcium phosphate stone former.

CaOx stones preponderate among both sexes over all ages, except in women between ages 20 – 39 stones were about half CaOx and HA. With age, HA stone frequency fell in both sexes, so that most men, and most older women have CaOx stones.

Use of potassium citrate did not seem to increase stone CaP. The number of shock wave procedures per patient adjusted for the number of stones and the years of stone disease rose with the percent of CaP in stones and the percent of CaP likewise adjusted for number of stones and duration of stones and sex rose progressively with the number of shock wave procedures.

Genetic hypercalciuria promotes calcium stones, and urine pH controls the fraction of phosphate in the stones.

I am aware that calcium oxalate in stones matters, and that even high phosphate stones often contain that crystal.

Calcium Phosphate

Calcium phosphate is a family of materials and minerals containing calcium ions together with inorganic phosphate anions.

Some so-called calcium phosphates contain oxide and hydroxide as well.

Calcium phosphates are white solids of nutritious value and are found in many living organisms, e.g., bone mineral and tooth enamel.

In milk, it exists in a colloidal form in micelles bound to casein protein with magnesium, zinc, and citrate-collectively referred to as colloidal calcium phosphate.

Various calcium phosphate minerals are used in the production of phosphoric acid and fertilizers.

Overuse of certain forms of calcium phosphate can lead to nutrient-containing surface runoff and subsequent adverse effects upon receiving waters such as algal blooms and eutrophication.

5H2O. Amorphous calcium phosphate, a glassy precipitate of variable composition that may be present in biological systems.

Should You Take Calcium Phosphate?

They’re made of calcium phosphate, a compound of calcium and phosphorous.

Your body absorbs calcium better when you take it in small doses with food.

Calcium phosphate – which you find as tricalcium phosphate in supplements – contains close to 39 percent elemental calcium.

This is just a fraction below calcium carbonate, but well above calcium citrate, calcium lactate, and calcium gluconate.

Many calcium supplements also contain vitamin D. “In most cases, calcium phosphate offers no advantage over calcium carbonate or calcium citrate,” said Dr. Roger Phipps, assistant professor at Husson University School of Pharmacy.

“However, adequate phosphate is needed for bone health. So calcium phosphate may be a more appropriate supplement in someone with phosphate deficiency.”

If getting enough calcium is a concern for you, calcium carbonate and calcium citrate are likely your best options.

Post Idea #2: 3D Systems

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Investor Relations

More than 30 years ago, 3D Systems brought the innovation of 3D printing to the manufacturing industry.

Today, as the leading AM solutions company, it empowers manufacturers to create products and business models never before possible through transformed workflows.

This is achieved with the Company’s best-of-breed digital manufacturing ecosystem – comprised of plastic and metal 3D printers, print materials, on-demand manufacturing services and a portfolio of end-to-end manufacturing software.

Each solution is powered by the expertise of the company’s application engineers who collaborate with customers to transform manufacturing environments.

3D Systems’ solutions address a variety of advanced applications for prototyping through production in markets such as aerospace, automotive, medical, dental and consumer goods.

130.+. 3D printing materials available.

500.K+. production parts on our printers every day.

3D Systems

3D Systems, headquartered in Rock Hill, South Carolina, is a company that engineers, manufactures and sells 3D printers, 3D printing materials, 3D scanners, and offers a 3D printing service.

In January 2015, 3D Systems acquired the 3D printer manufacturer botObjects, the first company to commercialize a full-color printer using the fused deposition modeling technique.

In April 2015, 3D Systems announced it acquired the Easyway Group of companies in China, creating 3D Systems China.

As part of 3D Systems’ effort to consolidate 3D printing under one logo, its products span a range of 3D printers and print products to target users of its technologies across industries.

In November 2012, 3D Systems filed a lawsuit against prosumer 3D printer company Formlabs and the Kickstarter crowdfunding website over Formlabs attempt to fund a printer which it claimed infringed its patent on “Simultaneous multiple layer curing in stereolithography.” The legal procedure lasted more than two years and was significant enough for Netflix to add it to its documentary about 3D printing called “Print the Legend”.

In 2007, the company consolidated its offices, operations, and research and development functions into a new global headquarters in Rock Hill, South Carolina, US. About half of the headquarters’ 80,000 square feet consist of research and development laboratories with an 18,000-square-foot Rapid Manufacturing Center with 3D Systems’ rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing and 3D printing systems at work.

3D Systems has contributed two production-grade 3D printers to the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute in Youngstown, Ohio, the first center of a federal initiative to enhance the competitiveness of US industry.

3D Systems Corp. Stock Quote

3D Systems Corp. is a holding company, which engages in the provision of comprehensive three-dimensional printing solutions.

It offers a comprehensive range of 3D printers, materials, software, haptic design tools, 3D scanners, and virtual surgical simulators.

The company was founded by Charles W. Hull in 1986 and is headquartered in Rock Hill, SC..

Why 3D Systems Stock Is Plummeting This Week

Shares of the tech stock likely fell because one of 3D Systems’ rivals made an acquisition that could strengthen its competitive position.

On Monday, Desktop Metal, another 3D printing company, said that it had acquired the Belgium-based company Aerosint, which has developed a proprietary way to layer multiple materials in the 3D printing process.

Desktop Metal said in a press release that “Multi-material printing is the next frontier” and that Aerosint’s technology “Unlocks a range of new use cases” for additive manufacturing.

The CEO of Desktop Metal, Ric Fulop, added that, “This transaction advances our strategy to own differentiated print technologies that enable an expanding set of AM 2.0 applications at scale.”

3D Systems’ stock fell by nearly 10% after the news was reported on Monday and has continued falling since, indicating that its investors are likely worried that the acquisition could give Desktop Metal an advantage.

Investors should know that 3D Systems’ stock can be a bit volatile, and even though its shares are experiencing a huge drop this week, the stock has still gained about 150% year to date.

Long-term investors should be cautious about making changes to their investing thesis based on minor news or even one quarterly earnings report.

Post Idea #3: Lee Kum Kee

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Lee Kum Kee

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Lee Kum Kee Home

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Lee Kum Kee

Lee Kum Kee Company Limited is a Hong Kong-based food company which specializes in manufacturing a wide range of Chinese and Asian sauces.

Founded by Lee Kum Sheung in 1888 in Nanshui, Guangdong, Lee Kum Kee produces over 200 Chinese-style sauces, including oyster sauce, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, XO sauce, one-step recipe sauce, chili sauce, cooking ingredients, and dipping sauce.

In April 2016, the Lee Kum Kee family donated $21 million to fund Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness, to “Help identify how positive aspects of living can lead to better health and a longer life” and “Coordinate research across many disciplines at Harvard University” and “Understanding the complex interplay between positive psychological well-being and human health.”

In 2000-2001, Britain’s Food Standards Agency identified various brands of Chinese and South-East Asian sauces, including Lee Kum Kee products, with known carcinogens 3-MCPD and 1,3-dichloropropanol contamination at levels hundreds of times higher than those deemed safe by the UK and European Union.

Lee Kum Kee responded by stating that the affected products were all manufactured before 1999 when the manufacturing technology was updated; as a result, from 1999 their products contain no DCP. [dead link.

In a press release, Lee Kum Kee said that FSA cleared Lee Kum Kee’s name in a separate statement to the industry issued within 24 hours of the FSA’s initial report which indicated that “None of the products sampled from major retail chains posed any safety concern” and stressed that “There was no reason to avoid Chinese food.” Lee Kum Kee also claimed that Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of the Government of Hong Kong has indicated that all Lee Kum Kee products in Hong Kong complied with safety standards as evidenced by a separate study.

In July 2001, Lee Kum Kee submitted to FSA certificates of analysis for the presence of 3-MCPD which showed that the soy sauce imported into Europe complies with the proposed EU limit for 3-MCPD. Lee Kum Kee Group, or LKK Group, oversees all LKK-related businesses beyond just the sauce business, including LKK Health Products, Happiness Capital, and a charitable foundation.

Post Idea #4: Cloud computing security

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What Is Cloud Security? Cloud Security Defined

As companies continue to migrate to the cloud, understanding the security requirements for keeping data safe has become critical.

While third-party cloud computing providers may take on the management of this infrastructure, the responsibility of data asset security and accountability doesn’t necessarily shift along with it.

By default, most cloud providers follow best security practices and take active steps to protect the integrity of their servers.

These threats explicitly target cloud computing providers due to an organization’s overall lack of visibility in data access and movement.

Without taking active steps to improve their cloud security, organizations can face significant governance and compliance risks when managing client information, regardless of where it is stored.

Cloud security should be an important topic of discussion regardless of the size of your enterprise.

Regardless of whether your organization operates in a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment, cloud security solutions and best practices are a necessity when ensuring business continuity.

Cloud Computing Security

Cloud computing security or, more simply, cloud security refers to a broad set of policies, technologies, applications, and controls utilized to protect virtualized IP, data, applications, services, and the associated infrastructure of cloud computing.

Security concerns associated with cloud computing are typically categorized in two ways: as security issues faced by cloud providers and security issues faced by their customers.

According to a 2010 Cloud Security Alliance report, insider attacks are one of the top seven biggest threats in cloud computing.

An efficient cloud security architecture should recognize the issues that will arise with security management and follow all of the best practices, procedures, and guidelines to ensure a secure cloud environment.

Cloud security engineering is characterized by the security layers, plan, design, programming, and best practices that exist inside a cloud security arrangement.

Cloud security concerns can be grouped in various ways; Gartner named seven while the Cloud Security Alliance identified twelve areas of concern.

Cloud access security brokers are software that sits between cloud users and cloud applications to provide visibility into cloud application usage, data protection and governance to monitor all activity and enforce security policies.

Cloud computing which is one of the most demanding technology of the current time, starting from small to large organizations have started using cloud computing services.

Where there are different types of cloud deployment models are available and cloud services are provided as per requirement like that internally and externally security is maintained to keep the cloud system safe.

Cloud computing security or cloud security is an important concern which refers to the act of protecting cloud environments, data, information and applications against unauthorized access, DDOS attacks, malwares, hackers and other similar attacks.

As security is a major concern in cloud implementation, so an organization have to plan for security based on some factors like below represents the three main factors on which planning of cloud security depends.

There are 4 types of cloud computing security controls i.e.Deterrent Controls : Deterrent controls are designed to block nefarious attacks on a cloud system.

For the organizations making their transition to cloud, cloud security is an essential factor while choosing a cloud provider.

Reduced costs : Investing in cloud computing and cloud security results in less expenditure in hardware and also less manpower in administrationReduced Administration : It makes it easier to administer the organization and does not have manual security configuration and constant security updates.

What Is Cloud Security? How To Secure The Cloud

Most cloud providers attempt to create a secure cloud for customers.

Cloud providers can attempt to avoid cloud security issues with the service they provide, but can’t control how customers use the service, what data they add to it, and who has access.

In each public cloud service type, the cloud provider and cloud customer share different levels of responsibility for security.

Within all types of public cloud services, customers are responsible for securing their data and controlling who can access that data.

Data security in cloud computing is fundamental to successfully adopting and gaining the benefits of the cloud.

Organizations considering popular SaaS offerings like Microsoft Office 365 or Salesforce need to plan for how they will fulfill their shared responsibility to protect data in the cloud.

Those considering IaaS offerings like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure need a more comprehensive plan that starts with data, but also covers cloud app security, operating systems, and virtual network traffic-each of which can also introduce potential for data security issues.

CLOUD SECURITY BASICS BACKGROUND Cloud services provide enterprise organizations flexibility and new capabilities, however they introduce new risks that must be understood and addressed before procuring a cloud service provider.

With public clouds, organizations share security responsibilities with the CSP. Services that use the cloud to perform some functions have the same shared responsibility and management requirements as other SaaS cloud services.

U/OO/189300-18 PP-18-0571 29 August 2018 1 Shared Responsibility Cloud service providers and DoD organizations share unique and overlapping responsibilities to ensure the security of services and sensitive data stored in public clouds.

While FedRAMP accredits cloud service providers according to several standards, DoD organizations are still responsible for determining their requirements and whether a particular cloud service provider is authorized to handle their data.

The DoD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide3 outlines the security controls and requirements requisite for utilizing cloud services within DoD. In order to be approved for use by DoD organizations, CSPs must be accredited according to requirements set by the SRG. Sensitive data should only be handled by CSPs that are accredited for that type of data.

Depending upon the type of cloud service, cloud service providers will allocate resources differently.

Sensitive data should be encrypted at rest in accordance with requirements set by the DoD Cloud SRG. Utilize Cloud Security Services Cloud service providers are uniquely positioned to provide threat information as well as defensive countermeasures.

How Cloud Computing Security Works?

Cloud computing security refers to the security enforced on cloud computing technology.

There is only one single server where all user data are stored, so in order to utilize resources, in order to restrict user data to get leaked or viewed by other users, cloud computing security handles such sensitive computing resources.

The web security services solved it by working on a cloud model where data gets filtered in the secured cloud itself before reaching other computing systems.

This is where cloud computing security takes the advantage, and it is very important because the security model is purely defined in a cloud server that provides the best resource backup and security when data is concerned.

Under the Data Privacy Act, the cloud providers perform efficiently, which outsources the organization’s critical data over the cloud protecting every customer’s private data utilizing every service of the cloud provider.

Besides having a lot of advantages of cloud computing systems, cloud computing security also plays a major role in this technology that ensures clients to use it without any risk or tension.

That is why cloud computing security plays a major role in data protection because it filters data in the cloud server before reaching cloud applications by erasing the threat of data hack.

Cloud Computing Security: Your Comprehensive Guide

Is the data you send to the cloud really secure? Cloud security practices aim to answer that question with an emphatic “Yes.”

Cloud computing security concerns tend to stem from two factors.

Hybrid clouds: Most midsize to large companies choose this model of cloud computing.

How do users gain access to the resources on the cloud? Some cloud computing companies tap into their customers’ identity management system.

Despite your best efforts, you’ll never eliminate every security risk that comes with cloud computing.

FedRAMP. Federal agencies, cloud service providers, and third parties follow these standardized rules as they work to secure documents in the cloud.

Cloud computing is here to stay, but its success and ability to improve a company are based on the quality of that company’s cloud security.

Post Idea #5: Kathy Hochul

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Kathy Hochul

In the 2014 New York gubernatorial election, Andrew Cuomo selected Hochul as his running mate; after they won the election, Hochul was inaugurated as lieutenant governor.

A late April poll had Corwin leading Hochul by 36% to 31%; Tea Party candidate Jack Davis trailed at 23%. An early May poll gave Hochul a lead of 35% to 31%, and shortly thereafter the nonpartisan Rothenberg Political Report called the race a toss-up.

The organization also faulted the Republicans for ads portraying Hochul as a puppet of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and for claiming that Hochul planned to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits.

In September, Cuomo and Hochul won their Democratic primary elections, with Hochul defeating Timothy Wu. They were also the Working Families Party nominees.

In the 2018 Democratic primary for lieutenant governor of New York, Hochul defeated Jumaane Williams, a member of the New York City Council, 53.3%-46.7%. In the November 6 general election, the Cuomo-Hochul ticket defeated the Republican ticket of Marc Molinaro and Julie Killian, 59.6%-36.2%. [edit].

A spokesman for Kathy Hochul has said that she had a recusal policy as lieutenant governor and would maintain that policy as governor.

Hochul is married to William J. Hochul Jr., a former United States attorney for the Western District of New York and the Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary to Delaware North Companies, a hospitality and gambling company.

Poll Finds Former Governor Andrew Cuomo Narrowly Trailing Gov. Kathy Hochul If He Were To Run In Democratic Primary

NEW YORK – A new poll shows a hypothetical matchup between New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and former governor Andrew Cuomo.

The poll from The Hill and Emerson College shows Hochul at 37%, but Cuomo is just four points behind at 33%. The former governor has not announced any future political plans.

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Exclusive Poll: Hochul, Zeldin Ahead In Respective Gubernatorial Primaries

NEW YORK – With Primary Day less than four months away, Democrat Kathy Hochul and Republican Lee Zeldin each have the inside track to win their party nomination.

Exclusive polling from News 4, The Hill, and Emerson College show they both have leads over rivals from their own party.

Hochul, the incumbent who took the job when Andrew Cuomo resigned amid a sexual harassment scandal last August, enjoys the more comfortable lead. The polling shows Democratic voters favor her 42.1% to 9.7% over New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams.

In a hypothetical Democratic primary involving Cuomo, Hochul would lead him 37% to 33.2%. The polling of Democratic voters carries a margin of error of +/-4.3%. Zeldin, the Republican congressman, leads his next closest challenger by less than 10 points.

26.9% of registered Republicans polled support him, while Andrew Giuliani has support from 17.2% of them.

Former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has 11.2%. Harry Wilson, who entered the race last month, receives 5.8%, while Lewis County Sheriff Michael Carpinelli has 5.2%. Derrick Gibson and Kris Lord round out the crowded Republican field.

The margin of error in the Republican polling is +/- 6.5%. Primary Day is June 28.

Gov. Kathy Hochul, Be A Hero: Lift The NY HERO Act

Gov. Kathy Hochul and Mayor Eric Adams have been pushing New York businesses to reopen and office workers to return to their workplaces since the start of the new year.

The NY HERO Act, a little-known law enacted quietly last year, is the proverbial fly in the ointment.

When Hochul declared COVID-19 an airborne infectious disease in September, as The Post reported at the time, she triggered a host of “Onerous new [workplace] demands on businesses statewide – while exempting government agencies.” The law requires all employers to implement workplace safety plans.

The act micromanages the smallest details of business hygiene, including “Sneezing etiquette” and “Shaking out soiled laundry,” and empowers workers to sue their employers for up to $20,000 for minor infractions.

Despite Hochul’s spokeswoman’s denial, the Labor Department regs and model plan rely on CDC guidance that imposes 6 feet of social distancing in the workplace.

With many businesses simply struggling to survive, the HERO Act isn’t on their radar.

If Hochul is serious about New York’s economic recovery, she should lift the COVID designation and the HERO Act restrictions.

Gov. Kathy Hochul Had A Plan For School Masks. Then Came The CDC.

The state would assess whether there was a post-recess COVID spike before deciding whether to ditch indoor masks for students, educators and anyone else visiting a school.

On Sunday, Hochul announced she would be dropping the statewide mask mandate for pre-K through 12 schools effective Wednesday – the day students were supposed to be taking their second COVID test for the state’s analysis.

“Our vaccination rates are going up, as well as our hospitalizations are down and then the CDC came out on Friday and gave their recommendations,” Hochul said Monday on PIX11 News.

The CDC guidelines also call for masks to return if COVID metrics worsen, and the governor hasn’t said if she is following this guidance.

Hochul’s decision to drop the statewide school mask mandate a few days earlier than anticipated also left the decision to local officials to decide whether to still keep masking in place for schools.

“Finally, Kathy Hochul has succumbed to the pressure of millions of parents, teachers and New Yorkers fighting to unmask our kids,” said Rep. Lee Zeldin, a Long Island Republican who is expected to get the state Republican Committee’s nod to run for governor at the party’s convention on Tuesday.

Hochul first hinted that a change in strategy may be coming late Friday, a few hours after the CDC announced its new advice.

Kathy Hochul

Kathy Hochul is the 57th and first female Governor of New York State.

Governor Kathy Hochul began her career in public service on her local Town Board before serving as Erie County.

She more recently served in statewide office as Lieutenant Governor and now as the first female Governor of the State of New York.

As Lieutenant Governor from 2015 to 2021, Hochul successfully spearheaded numerous initiatives and lead the administration’s economic development and job creation efforts across the state, working every day to advocate for policies that help all New Yorkers make ends meet.

She also served as co-chair of the State’s Heroin and Opioid Task Force.

To hear from experts and community members in search of answers to the opioid crisis and develop a comprehensive strategy for New York. . As Lieutenant Governor, she championed the ‘Enough is Enough’ law to prevent sexual assault on college campuses, spearheaded the State’s Paid Family Leave.

She served as chair of the State’s Women’s Suffrage Commission.

Kathy Hochul Bio, Wiki, Net Worth, Husband, Age, Height

Kathy Hochul, lieutenant governor of New York since 2015, will become the first female and the 57th governor of New York on 24 August 2021.

Initially, Hochul worked as a lawyer and legislative aide.

In May 2011, Hochul became the first Democrat to represent New York’s 26th congressional district in 40 years.

Hochul then began working as a government relations specialist with Buffalo-based M&T Bank.

After Cuomo’s ressignation becomes effective on 24 August 2021, Hochul is to become governor of New York on the same day.

Hochul is happily married to her husband, William J. Hochul Jr. Her husband is a former United States attorney for the Western District of New York.

The family of five resides happily in Buffalo, New York.

Post Idea #6: Debt-to-income ratio

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Calculate Your Debt-To-Income Ratio

In addition to your credit score, your debt-to-income ratio is an important part of your overall financial health.

Calculating your DTI may help you determine how comfortable you are with your current debt, and also decide whether applying for credit is the right choice for you.

When you apply for credit, lenders evaluate your DTI to help determine the risk associated with you taking on another payment.

Use the information below to calculate your own debt-to-income ratio and understand what it means to lenders.

Your debt-to-income ratio compares how much you owe each month to how much you earn.

Specifically, it’s the percentage of your gross monthly income that goes towards payments for rent, mortgage, credit cards, or other debt.

Divide the total by your gross monthly income, which is your income before taxes.

Debt-To-Income Ratio Definition

The debt-to-income ratio is the percentage of your gross monthly income that goes to paying your monthly debt payments and is used by lenders to determine your borrowing risk.

The debt-to-income ratio is a personal finance measure that compares an individual’s monthly debt payment to their monthly gross income.

The debt-to-income ratio is the percentage of your gross monthly income that goes to paying your monthly debt payments.

The DTI ratio calculates your monthly debt payments as compared to your income, whereby credit utilization measures your debt balances as compared to the amount of existing credit you’ve been approved for by credit card companies.

As a result, your total monthly debt payments and your DTI ratio would decrease, but your total debt outstanding would remain unchanged.

Using the above example, if John has the same recurring monthly debt of $2,000 but his gross monthly income increases to $8,000, his DTI ratio calculation will change to $2,000 $8,000 for a debt-to-income ratio of 0.25 or 25%. Similarly, if John’s income stays the same at $6,000, but he is able to pay off his car loan, his monthly recurring debt payments would fall to $1,500 since the car payment was $500 per month.

John’s DTI ratio would be calculated as $1,500 $6,000 = 0.25 or 25%. If John is able to both reduce his monthly debt payments to $1,500 and increase his gross monthly income to $8,000, his DTI ratio would be calculated as $1,500 $8,000, which equals 0.1875 or 18.75%. The DTI ratio can also be used to measure the percentage of income that goes toward housing costs, which for renters is the monthly rent amount.

Debt-To-Income Ratio Calculator

Zillow’s debt-to-income calculator takes into account your annual income and monthly debts to determine your debt-to-income ratio – one of the qualifying factors by lenders to determine your eligibility for a mortgage.

Is the percentage of income that goes toward paying all recurring, minimum monthly debt payments, in addition to the monthly mortgage costs covered by the front-end ratio.

Our debt-to-income calculator looks at the back-end ratio when estimating your DTI, because it takes into account your entire monthly debt.

Paying down debt or increasing your income can help improve your DTI ratio.

Not applicable29%Back-end.46%41%How to calculate your debt-to-income ratioTo calculate your DTI for a mortgage, add up your minimum monthly debt payments then divide the total by your gross monthly income.

To get the percentage, you’d take 0.3 and multiply it by 100, giving you a DTI of 30%. Monthly debt Gross monthly income 100 = Debt-to-income ratio.

If you owe $5,000 on a high-interest credit card and your minimum monthly payment on that card is $100, then $100 is the minimum monthly debt amount used for your DTI.What is gross monthly income?Your gross monthly income is the sum of everything you earn in one month, before taxes or deductions.

Overview, Formula, Example

The DTI ratio compares an individual’s monthly debt payments to his or her monthly Gross Income.

A higher ratio is unfavorable for creditors to see, as it indicates that a higher proportion of an individual’s income goes towards monthly debt payments.

A DTI ratio of 20% means that 20% of the individual’s monthly gross income is used to servicing monthly debt payments.

Overall, the front-end ratio helps measure the portion of income that goes towards housing costs, while the back-end ratio measures the portion of income that goes towards all costs.

It is important to note that, for example, an individual with a DTI ratio of 15% does not necessarily possess less credit risk than an individual with a DTI ratio of 25%. The DTI ratio only forms part of the credit evaluation of an individual; a thorough credit analysis must be conducted to correctly determine the credit risk of an individual.

Consider an outstanding $50,000 student loan with a monthly interest rate of 1%. Scenario one involves an individual who is not repaying their principal debt, while scenario two involves an individual who has paid down $30,000 of their principal debt.

The method is self-explanatory – due to the fact that the gross income is in the denominator of the ratio, an individual with a higher income would lower their debt-to-income ratio.

Debt To Income Ratio Calculator

If your monthly debt equals $2,500 and your gross monthly income is $7,000, your DTI ratio is about 36 percent.

What factors make up a DTI ratio? There are two components mortgage lenders use for a DTI ratio: a front-end ratio and back-end ratio.

Back-end ratio shows what portion of your income is needed to cover all of your monthly debt obligations, plus your mortgage payments and housing expenses.

Does my debt-to-income ratio impact my credit? Credit bureaus don’t look at your income when they score your credit so your DTI ratio has little bearing on your actual score.

Borrowers with a high DTI ratio may have a high credit utilization ratio – and that accounts for 30 percent of your credit score.

Lowering your credit utilization ratio will not only help boost your credit score, but lower your DTI ratio because you’re paying down more debt.

How to lower your debt-to-income ratio To get your DTI ratio under better control, focus on paying down debt with these four tips.

Debt-To-Income Ratio Calculator

Debt-to-income ratio is the ratio of total debt payments divided by gross income expressed as a percentage, usually on either a monthly or annual basis.

As a quick example, if someone’s monthly income is $1,000 and they spend $480 on debt each month, their DTI ratio is 48%. If they had no debt, their ratio is 0%. There are different types of DTI ratios, some of which are explained in detail below.

There is a separate ratio called the credit utilization ratio that is often discussed along with DTI that works slightly differently.

Front-end debt ratio, sometimes called mortgage-to-income ratio in the context of home-buying, is computed by dividing total monthly housing costs by monthly gross income.

Back-end debt ratio is the more all-encompassing debt associated with an individual or household.

This ratio is commonly defined as the well-known debt-to-income ratio, and is more widely used than the front-end ratio.

If debt level stays the same, a higher income will result in a lower DTI. The other way to bring down the ratio is to lower the debt amount.

Debt-To-Income Ratio Calculator

Figuring out your DTI is simple math: your total monthly debt payments divided by your gross monthly income.

To calculate his DTI, add up his monthly debt and mortgage payments and divide it by his gross monthly income to get 0.32.

With a DTI ratio over 50%, that means over half of your monthly income is going to pay debt.

Back-end ratio:A back-end ratio includes your monthly housing costs plus any other monthly debt payments you have, like credit cards, student loans or medical bills.

If you want to lower your DTI, you need to decrease your monthly debt or increase your monthly income.

To pay off debt faster, start by tackling the smallest debt first, not the one with the highest interest rate.

If you make adjustments to those areas, you’ll have more money to throw at your debt every single month-which will lower your DTI. A lot of companies will say that keeping your debt at a level you can manage is a sign of good financial health.

Post Idea #7: Peloton Interactive

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Peloton’S New CEO Has A Plan To Fix The Company

New Peloton Interactive CEO Barry McCarthy is testing subscription options in his efforts to turn around the fitness firm.

The company on Thursday unveiled One Peloton Club, a limited offering that promises its flagship bike as a subscription option, rather than an upfront purchase.

A One Peloton Club member can later decide to buy the bike outright.

“Peloton has created a limited pilot program in select U.S. markets to explore various pricing models and options for new members,” Peloton said in an emailed statement to Barron’s.

He told the Journal that Peloton plans to test new offerings and strategy, much like Netflix has in the past.

The Journal’s report refers to other options being considered, such as a social-media platform and partnerships to put Peloton classes on non-Peloton exercise equipment or allow outside content on Peloton’s bike tablet.

McCarthy told the Journal that insiders who control 70% of Peloton voting shares agreed to put off discussions of selling the company while he attempts his turnaround plan.

Peloton To Roll Out New Pricing Model: What You Need To Know

Peloton Interactive Inc CEO Barry McCarthy took over as chief executive officer last month and immediately went to work following months of downward price action in Peloton’s stock.

What Happened: According to several reports, Peloton has confirmed it will test out a new pricing plan beginning Friday.

Peloton customers will now be able to combine the costs of their workout equipment with Peloton’s on-demand fitness classes, allowing them to pay a single monthly fee.

In addition to the management change, Peloton cut back production of some of its products and trimmed 20% of its workforce.

Last week, Peloton announced that new customers who buy a Peloton Bike or Tread between March 3 and March 22 will get 100 days to decide if they want to keep the product.

It appears many of the prospective customers who decide to take Peloton products for test rides will be met with more attractive pricing packages, which could sway potential customers to purchase following the trial.

PTON Price Action: Peloton has traded between $21.33 and $129.70 over a 52-week period.

Peloton To Test New Price Plans In Effort To Turn The Company Around

Peloton Interactive Co.’s new chief executive is looking to overhaul the stationary-bike maker’s pricing strategy in a bid to turn around the company.

The company on Friday will start testing a new pricing system in which customers pay a single monthly fee that covers both the namesake stationary bike and a monthly subscription to workout courses.

If a customer cancels, Peloton PTON, -3.54% would take back the bike with no charge.

Peloton Interactive

Peloton defended the ad, arguing that it was intended to celebrate a “Fitness and wellness journey”, inspired by how its users were often “Meaningfully and positively impacted after purchasing or being gifted a Peloton Bike or Tread, often in ways that surprise them.” Criticism over the campaign had an impact on Peloton’s share price.

Ryan Reynolds hired Ruiz, the actress that played the wife, for an ad titled “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back” for Aviation American Gin released in December 2019, which lightly mocked the Peloton ad. In February 2020, Flywheel Sports ceased its at-home cycling services after it had settled with Peloton over a patent lawsuit.

After Flywheel’s service shut down, Peloton offered Flywheel users the opportunity to exchange their Flywheel bikes with refurbished Peloton bikes for no cost.

In September 2020, Peloton released a high-end new version of the stationary bike, dubbed Bike+, and a lower-end treadmill, Tread. On December 21, 2020, Peloton announced it plans to acquire fitness-equipment company Precor USA for $420 million from Finnish sporting good company Amer Sports.

Peloton officially launched in Australia with Bike and Bike+ available for purchase, in addition to the Peloton App.

In November 2021, Peloton announced the Peloton Guide, a digital media player with camera to stream workouts while tracking movements.

Classes are recorded daily and streamed live from instructors’ homes or Peloton’s cycling studios in Hudson Yards, Manhattan and London and are then uploaded to the Peloton library for on-demand access 24/7. Peloton produces up to 19 new classes a day.

Workouts Streamed Live & On-Demand

100-Day Home TrialFor a limited time only, get a risk-free 100-day home trial on any new Peloton Bike, Bike+ or Tread. Limited-time offer.

Based on a survey of over 2,400 Peloton Members conducted by Peloton in April 2021.Peloton TreadMore than 60% of Treads are used by 2 or more people in the household.

100 day home trial only available for a purchaser’s first new Peloton Bike, Peloton Bike+, or Peloton Tread. Orders must be placed between March 3, 2022 at 5:00 PM EST and March 22, 2022 at 2:59 AM EST to qualify.

For the Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread, additional delivery fees may apply outside of the continental U.S. For the Peloton Bike+ delivery fees may apply outside of the continental U.S. ** Based on internal data and information in Peloton’s public filing through Q1 2022.

1) Monthly payments for the Peloton Bike are based on 39 months at 0% APR and $0 down.

Monthly payments for the Peloton Bike+ are based on 43 months at 0% APR and $0 down.

Monthly payments for the Peloton Tread are based on 43 months at 0% APR and $0 down.

Peloton Interactive, Inc. operates at-home fitness platform for live and on-demand indoor cycling classes.

The company pioneered connected, technology-enabled fitness, and the streaming of immersive, instructor-led boutique classes for its Members.

It operates through three reportable segments: Connected Fitness Products, Subscription and Other.

The Connected Fitness Product segment consists of sales of bike, tread & related accessories.

The Subscription segment involves in the monthly subscription and credits from live.

The Other segment consists of boutique and apparel sales.

Peloton Hits Reset With CEO Change, Job Cuts

Feb 8 – Peloton Interactive Inc will replace its chief executive and cut about 2,800 jobs, the company said on Tuesday, as the exercise bike maker looks to revitalize sagging sales and win back investor confidence.

L1N2UJ17Z.”Foley has proven he is not suited to lead Peloton, whether as CEO or Executive Chair, and he should not be hand-picking directors, as he appears to have done,” Jason Aintabi, Blackwells’ chief investment officer, said.

While Peloton has attracted interest from potential buyers including e-commerce giant Amazon.com Inc and Nike Inc , according to media reports, analysts have said the company might be a difficult takeover target as it has two classes of stock, effectively allowing insiders to control it.

Shares surged 28% in midday trading on Tuesday as the company reassured investors on a call that the benefits of the restructuring and pricing changes will be visible in the second half of fiscal 2022.”Wall Street likes the new Peloton CEO… so the stock is up again today anticipating that the new CEO will streamline the company and cut any waste,” said Louis Navellier, chief investment officer for Navellier & Associates.

“As Peloton cleans up its balance sheet and cuts costs, it is definitely making itself a more attractive acquisition candidate.”

The company plans to offer “Meaningful cash severance”, health care, career services and 12 months of free Peloton membership, Foley wrote in a letter to staff.

Peloton will wind down the development of its planned factory in Ohio, where it was set to invest about $400 million and add more than 2,000 jobs over the next few years.

Post Idea #8: Capsule hotel

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Capsule Hotels

Capsule hotels are Japan’s quirky contribution to architecture; a hotel of very small unit, or in some cases just one bed in a tube.

The capsule provided cheap overnight accommodation and lacks the amenities of traditional hotels.

The first capsule hotel in the world, Capsule Inn Osaka, opened in 1979 and has been enticing guests ever since.

While many modern capsule hotels are co-ed, the original Capsule Inn Osaka – located in Japan – was intended.

Different from most capsule hotels because it offers double rooms and couples accommodation.

Switzerland just got its very first capsule hotel with a pretty affordable price tag! Capsule Hotel Lucerne is located right on the edge of the historic city center and just 10 minutes on.

Unlike normal hotels where you book a self-contained room, the Capsule Hotel offers brand-new spacious sleeping capsules with a bed and wall-mounted television.

The World’S Top 10 Capsule Hotels

Capsule or ‘pod’ hotels were developed in Japan as a way for budget travellers to have somewhere safe and affordable to sleep.

Over the years capsule hotels have remained popular but the experience of staying in one has dramatically changed, with pod hoteliers competing to provide guests with the most stylish and luxurious experience.

At Capsule Hotel Astil Dotonbori all the capsules are non-smoking, and come with a flat-screen TV, phone charging points, USB ports, and free WiFi.

Based in the Tsentralny district and with plenty of restaurants nearby, visitors are given all the convenience of a traditional hotel, with the simplicity of a capsule experience.

The Star Anise Boutique Capsules are an example of how the traditional capsule hotel has evolved.

Despite only opening in February 2017, The Prime Pod is already one of the top ten highest-reviewed capsule hotels on Booking.com.

The UZ Hostel is an example of how Taiwan’s hoteliers are taking capsule hotels to the next level.

Capsule Hotel

Capsule hotel, also known in the Western world as a pod hotel, is a type of hotel developed in Japan that features many small bed-sized rooms known as capsules.

Capsule hotels provide cheap, basic overnight accommodation for guests who do not require or who cannot afford larger, more expensive rooms offered by more conventional hotels.

The first capsule hotel in the world opened in 1979 and was the Capsule Inn Osaka, located in the Umeda district of Osaka, Japan and designed by Kisho Kurokawa.

In Japan, a capsule hotel may have a communal bath and sauna.

Capsule hotels vary in size, from 50 or so capsules to 700, and primarily cater to men.

As of 2010, these customers made up 30% of visitors at the Capsule Hotel Shinjuku 510 in Tokyo.

Due to the arrangement of capsules, Web Urbanist has compared the beds in capsule hotels to corpse drawers in a morgue.

What Are Capsule Hotels?

A capsule hotel is a hotel that offers incredibly small rooms.

In these hotels of very dense occupancy, a “Room,” or capsule, is a modular space of approximately 2 x 1.25 x 2 meters.

A capsule hotel offers guests little more than a place to sleep.

It is important to note that capsule hotels are not ideal lodging facilities for those who are light sleepers.

Many capsule hotels also have restaurants inside or quite nearby.

Although capsule hotels are highly regarded for their price and convenience, they are usually utilized by businessmen who require a place to stay after missing the last train home.

The price of a night’s sleep at a capsule hotel usually ranges between 2,000 and 4,000 yen.

Capsule Hotel Definition / Meaning

A hotel that provides accommodation in form of a small clear capsule rooms, which are as large as a single bed.

These hotels originated in Japan in the core business districts.

They were originally meant for business professionals to sleep close to populated business districts without the large price tag.

Capsule hotels are meant to be cheap accommodation for travellers.

It provides an alternative accommodation for travellers who want to stay in the core of Japan’s cities, but may not be able to afford the expensive traditional hotel rooms.

Top Capsule Hotels In California In 2022

In general, capsule hotels are for individuals, so they’re not designed for couples and romance.

As for families, some capsule hotels allow children, but you’ll have to read about each one in California to find out the rules and regulations-whether you can stay in a single capsule with a small kid, or if you have to book two.

Some capsule hotels cater more to tourists, but it’s important to read about each place-there are lots of options in California.

Capsule Hotels Market 2022 Emerging Trends, Overview, Share, Global Research, Development, Business Prospects, Companies Analysis, Top Key Players And Forecast By 2027

The competitive data type analysis includes capacity, market trends, profit margin, market growth, imports, exports, revenue and Marketing strategies, policies, industry chain analysis that are changing the wave of the market are also catered in the report.

With industry-standard accuracy in analysis and high data integrity, the report makes a brilliant attempt to unveil key opportunities available in the global Capsule Hotels market to help players in achieving a strong market position.

Buyers of the report can access verified and reliable market forecasts, including those for the overall size of the global Capsule Hotels market in terms of revenue.

The analysts who have authored the report took a unique and industry-best research and analysis approach for an in-depth study of the global Capsule Hotels market.

Global Capsule Hotels Scope and Market Size.Capsule Hotels market is segmented by players, region, by Regions and by End Users.

Details included are company description, major business, company total revenue and the sales, revenue generated in Capsule Hotels business, the date to enter into the Capsule Hotels market, Capsule Hotels product introduction, recent developments, etc.

What will the Capsule Hotels market growth rate? What are sales, revenue, and price analysis of top manufacturers of Capsule Hotels market? Who are the distributors, traders and dealers of Capsule Hotels market? What are the Capsule Hotels market opportunities and threats faced by the vendors in the global Capsule Hotels Industry? What are sales, revenue, and price analysis by types and applications of Capsule Hotels Industry? What are sales, revenue, and price analysis by regions of Capsule Hotels industry? What are the key factors driving the global Capsule Hotels market? Who are the key manufacturers in Capsule Hotels market space? What are the market opportunities, market risk and market overview of the Capsule Hotels market?

Post Idea #9: Prostate cancer

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Symptoms And Causes

Prostate cancer is cancer that occurs in the prostate.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer.

Many prostate cancers grow slowly and are confined to the prostate gland, where they may not cause serious harm.

Prostate cancer that’s detected early – when it’s still confined to the prostate gland – has the best chance for successful treatment.

Prostate cancer may cause no signs or symptoms in its early stages.

If you have a family history of genes that increase the risk of breast cancer or a very strong family history of breast cancer, your risk of prostate cancer may be higher.

Targeted prostate biopsy and MR-guided therapy for prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer-Patient Version

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death among men in the United States.

Prostate cancer usually grows very slowly, and finding and treating it before symptoms occur may not improve men’s health or help them live longer.

Explore the links on this page to learn about prostate cancer treatment, prevention, screening, statistics, research, and more.

Screening For Prostate Cancer Better With Two Blood Markers

Improved screening accuracy in calculating a man’s risk of prostate cancer is achievable using results from two blood markers rather than one alone, said the researchers behind a new study.

It is well-known that prostate specific antigen is not a particularly reliable screening test for prostate cancer, as the test often gives false positives or misses cases of prostate cancer altogether.

Lead author Professor Sir Nicholas Wald, University College London Institute of Health Informatics, said: “A key drawback of screening for prostate cancer using a PSA test alone is the higher risk of a false positive, which can lead to an unnecessary, invasive biopsy and the unnecessary treatment of a clinically insignificant cancer that would not have caused harm anyway.”

Prof Roger Kirby, president of the Royal Society of Medicine and vice-president of Prostate Cancer UK, who was not involved in the study, said: “This is a novel approach which utilises the levels of two prostate cancer markers, to refine prostate cancer screening. The use of PSA alone has significant drawbacks in terms of screening, but the addition of the hK2 marker in this context carries the genuine promise of significantly reducing the death rate from this most common cancer in men.”

The authors said that the improvement in screening performance is worthwhile and added that their screening method “Has the advantage that should new markers be identified in the future, they can easily be incorporated into the screening algorithm, as can existing marker parameters be updated in the light of new information”.

If screening for prostate cancer is to be carried out in the future then “It should be done using a multi-marker risk-based screening algorithm instead of a fixed PSA cut-off level”, they advised.

Prof Wald said that a different screening approach would “Make screening for prostate cancer safer and more accurate, reducing overdiagnosis and overtreatment”.

VIDEO: CAR T-Cell Therapy ‘Showed Efficacy’ In Prostate Cancer Subgroup

Disclosures: Dorff reports no relevant financial disclosures.

Healio spoke with Tanya Dorff, MD, section chief of the genitourinary disease program at City of Hope, about a study evaluating the use of a chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy in a subgroup of patients with prostate cancer.

The study, which was presented by Susan F. Slovin, MD, PhD, a medical oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, at the 2022 ASCO Genitourinary Cancers Symposium, evaluated the use of an autologous CAR-T cell therapy that targeted prostate-specific membrane antigen in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

According to Dorff, the phase 1 results “Clearly showed efficacy” and included a dataset from a patient who had radiographic response to treatment, PSMA positron emission tomography response, PSA response, and biopsies that demonstrated tumor eradication and infiltration of T cells.

Dorff noted that the presentation included “Really robust data showing that this PSMA-targeted CAR-T can induce a really big remission, and we’re hoping it will stay durable.”

She added that “There’s already a few months of durability in the abstract, but [it’s] just exciting to see that not one CAR-T construct, but two separate CAR-T constructs have potential in prostate cancer,” referencing data she presented at the meeting on the use of a PSCA-targeted CAR T-cell therapy in patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer.

Novel Radioligand Therapy Shown To Increase Survival Of Metastatic Prostate Cancer Patients

A novel prostate cancer treatment-;225Ac-PSMA-617 radioligand therapy-;has been shown to increase the progression free survival and overall survival of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer patients, according to research published by The Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Ninety-one percent of patients experienced a greater than 50 percent reduction of their initial PSA value after treatment with 225Ac-PSMA-617, resulting in a PFS of 22 months and an OS not yet reached at the conclusion of the study.

While the five-year survival rate of localized prostate cancer is nearly 100 percent, for mCRPC patients it is only 30 percent.

Clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy and safety of several therapies, including 177Lu-PSMA in the post- androgen deprivation therapy setting in patients with mCRPC. Additional therapies, such as 225Ac-PSMA-617, are often considered once the disease begins to progress again.

The retrospective study included 53 patients who received 225Ac-PSMA-617 directly following ADT therapy.

“This radioligand therapy may be a viable treatment option, especially if standard of care options are not available or are contraindicated. Since 225Ac-PSMA-617 has few treatment-related toxicities, it could also prove helpful in low middle income countries where patients are more likely to refuse chemotherapy or the current standard of care due to fear of side effects.”

mCRPC patients receiving 225Ac-PSMA-617 therapy in post androgen deprivation therapy setting: Response to treatment and survival analysis.

Prostate Cancer

Autopsy studies of Chinese, German, Israeli, Jamaican, Swedish, and Ugandan men who died of other causes found prostate cancer in 30% of men in their 50s, and in 80% of men in their 70s. Men with high blood pressure are more likely to develop prostate cancer.

Transrectal ultrasonography creates a picture of the prostate using sound waves from a probe in the rectum, but the only test that can fully confirm the diagnosis of prostate cancer is a biopsy, the removal of small pieces of the prostate for microscopic examination.

An MRI alone will correctly identify 91% of men with clinically significant prostate cancer but will misclassify 63% of men at risk for prostate cancer as having clinically significant prostate cancer.

It will classify 6% of men at risk for prostate cancer as having clinically significant prostate cancer.

As of 2012, prostate cancer is the second-most frequently diagnosed cancer and the sixth leading cause of cancer death in males worldwide.

Prostate cancer is the third-leading cause of cancer death in men, exceeded by lung cancer and colorectal cancer.

A 2007 report by the U.S.-based National Prostate Cancer Coalition stated that prostate cancer drugs were outnumbered seven to one by breast cancer drugs.

Prostate Cancer: Symptoms, Tests, And Treatments

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates screening tests and treatments for prostate cancer to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

If the risk of prostate cancer is high, the physician performs a biopsy to remove a sample of prostate tissue for examination to determine if cancer is present and, if so, how aggressive the cancer appears.

In most of these cases, the prostate cancer may not require treatment, and the use of PSA testing to screen for prostate cancer is controversial, says Daniel Suzman, M.D., a medical oncologist in the FDA’s Office of Oncologic Diseases in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

Localized Prostate Cancer: Radiation and/or surgery are the preferred treatments for localized prostate cancer that is at risk for spread. Radiation may be administered after surgery to certain men if they are at high risk for any prostate cancer remaining.

Hormone therapy may be given to patients with prostate cancer that has recurred after radiation or surgery and is the standard of care for men with cancer that has spread outside the prostate to other areas of the body.

Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: In 2004, the FDA approved docetaxel, the first chemotherapy for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer that showed a survival benefit, after years of research failed to find a treatment that would prolong the lives of metastatic prostate cancer patients.

One promising area of prostate cancer research is related to preventing overtreatment of patients with prostate cancer that is still localized to the prostate and who have a low risk of becoming symptomatic or dying from the condition.

Post Idea #10: ViewRay, Inc.

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MRIdian MRI-Guided Linac

A multi-institutional experience of MR-guided liver stereotactic body radiation therapy.

Using adaptive magnetic resonance image-guided radiation therapy for treatment of inoperable pancreatic cancer.

Phase I trial of stereotactic MR-guided online adaptive radiation therapy for the treatment of oligometastatic or unresectable primary malignancies of the abdomen.

Stereotactic mr-guided online adaptive radiation therapy for ultracentral thorax malignancies: Results of a phase 1 trial.

A multi-institutional experience of mr-guided liver stereotactic body radiation therapy.

ViewRay’S MRI-Guided Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Shows Favorable Toxicity Profile In Prostate Cancer

ViewRay Inc has announced the first toxicity results from the Phase 2 SCIMITAR trial assessing stereotactic body radiation therapy in prostate cancer patients who have undergone surgery.

The first toxicity results evaluated 100 patients with recurrent prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy.

The patients underwent SBRT delivered under either CT guidance or MRI guidance.

The data found that patients treated with MRI guidance had a 30.5% reduction in any grade acute gastrointestinal toxicity and a 32% reduction in cumulative GI toxicity for up to 6 months.

No patient treated with MRI-guided radiation therapy experienced grade 3 genitourinary or GI toxicity.

Primary endpoint analysis is planned once the 100th patient has 2-year Patient-reported toxicity outcomes data available.

Another Phase 2 trial called SHORTER is comparing urinary and bowel side effects of MRI-guided hypofractionated radiotherapy in 20 treatments to MRI-guided ultra- hypofractionated radiotherapy in 5 treatments for prostate cancer that has returned after prostatectomy.

ViewRay Enters Into Cooperation Agreement With Hudson Executive Capital

CLEVELAND, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – ViewRay, Inc. today announced that it has reached an agreement with Hudson Executive Capital LP to appoint Susan Schnabel to the ViewRay Board of Directors as an independent director, effective as of March 8, 2022.

ViewRay has retained Sai Nanduri, a Senior Investment Analyst and representative of HEC, as a consultant to work with the Company to enhance shareholder returns.

“ViewRay prides itself on its commitment to strong corporate governance and shareholder engagement. We look forward to welcoming Ms. Schnabel to our Board and working with Mr. Nanduri,” said Scott Drake, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of ViewRay.

In connection with this announcement, ViewRay has entered into a cooperation agreement with HEC, which currently owns approximately 8.8% of the Company’s outstanding common stock.

The full agreement between HEC and ViewRay will be filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on a Current Report on Form 8-K. Separately, ViewRay also announced that Mr. Kevin Xie has tendered his resignation from the ViewRay Board effective March 8, 2022.

“On behalf of ViewRay, I wish to thank Kevin for his valuable contributions and partnership, and we wish him continued success,” said Dan Moore, Chairman of the Board of ViewRay.

Among others, the ability to commercialize the MRIdian Linac System, demand for ViewRay’s products, the ability to convert backlog into revenue, the timing of delivery of ViewRay’s products, the timing, length, and severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, including its impacts across our businesses on demand, our operations and global supply chains, the results and other uncertainties associated with clinical trials, the ability to raise the additional funding needed to continue to pursue ViewRay’s business and product development plans, the inherent uncertainties associated with developing new products or technologies, competition in the industry in which ViewRay operates, and overall market conditions.

ViewRay Inc.: These Numbers Are Too Good To Be True – Invest Chronicle

For the readers interested in the stock health of ViewRay Inc. It is currently valued at $3.75.

ViewRay Inc. had a pretty Dodgy run when it comes to the market performance.

ViewRay Inc. full year performance was -13.05%. Price records that include history of low and high prices in the period of 52 weeks can tell a lot about the stock’s existing status and the future performance.

Presently, ViewRay Inc. shares are logging -54.54% during the 52-week period from high price, and 7.76% higher than the lowest price point for the same timeframe.

Market experts do have their say about ViewRay Inc. During the last month, 4 analysts gave the ViewRay Inc. a BUY rating, 0 of the polled analysts branded the stock as an OVERWEIGHT, 2 analysts were recommending to HOLD this stock, 0 of them gave the stock UNDERWEIGHT rating, and 0 of the polled analysts provided SELL rating.

In a similar fashion, ViewRay Inc. posted a movement of -38.70% for the period of last 100 days, recording 1,493,244 in trading volumes.

Technical breakdown of ViewRay Inc. Raw Stochastic average of ViewRay Inc. in the period of last 50 days is set at 9.83%. The result represents downgrade in oppose to Raw Stochastic average for the period of the last 20 days, recording 19.11%. In the last 20 days, the company’s Stochastic %K was 34.55% and its Stochastic %D was recorded 37.08%. Bearing in mind the latest performance of ViewRay Inc., several moving trends are noted.

ViewRay Enters Into Cooperation Agreement With Hudson Executive Capital

PRNewswire/ – ViewRay, Inc. today announced that it has reached an agreement with Hudson Executive Capital LP to appoint Susan Schnabel.

To the ViewRay Board of Directors as an independent director, effective as of March 8, 2022.

ViewRay has retained Sai Nanduri, a Senior Investment Analyst and representative of HEC, as a consultant to work with the Company to enhance shareholder returns.

In connection with this announcement, ViewRay has entered into a cooperation agreement with HEC, which currently owns approximately 8.8% of the Company’s outstanding common stock.

The full agreement between HEC and ViewRay will be filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on a Current Report on Form 8-K. Separately, ViewRay also announced that Mr. Kevin Xie.

Has tendered his resignation from the ViewRay Board effective March 8, 2022.

Among others, the ability to commercialize the MRIdian Linac System, demand for ViewRay’s products, the ability to convert backlog into revenue, the timing of delivery of ViewRay’s products, the timing, length, and severity of the COVID-19 pandemic, including its impacts across our businesses on demand, our operations and global supply chains, the results and other uncertainties associated with clinical trials, the ability to raise the additional funding needed to continue to pursue ViewRay’s business and product development plans, the inherent uncertainties associated with developing new products or technologies, competition in the industry in which ViewRay operates, and overall market conditions.

Post Idea #11: Stereotactic surgery

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Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Stereotactic radiosurgery uses many precisely focused radiation beams to treat tumors and other problems in the brain, neck, lungs, liver, spine and other parts of the body.

When doctors use stereotactic radiosurgery to treat tumors in areas of the body other than the brain, it’s sometimes called stereotactic body radiotherapy or stereotactic ablative radiotherapy.

These machines can perform stereotactic radiosurgery in a single session or over three to five sessions for larger tumors, which is called fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy.

Proton beam therapy can treat brain cancers in a single session using stereotactic radiosurgery, or it can use fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy to treat body tumors over several sessions.

Around 50 years ago, stereotactic radiosurgery was pioneered as a less invasive and safer alternative to standard brain surgery, which requires incisions in the skin, skull, and membranes surrounding the brain and brain tissue.

You don’t need a head frame with LINAC stereotactic radiosurgery of the brain.

If treating with LINAC stereotactic radiosurgery of the brain the treatment will be quicker.

Stereotactic Surgery

Almost 40 years passed between the development of the Horsley-Clark frame and stereotactic surgery in humans.

As no commercial frames were available, each neurosurgeon who wanted to perform stereotactic surgery needed to design and manufactured their own frame.

l.-Dopa became readily available in 1968 and the number of surgical patients with Parkinson’s disease decreased markedly, as did the number of neurosurgeons performing stereotactic surgery.

Functional stereotactic surgery relies on the acquisition of data from various imaging modalities and its transfer to the Cartesian coordinates referenced to an apparatus, the stereotactic frame, which is rigidly fixed to the patient’s head. By using computed tomography, MRI, or positive-contrast ventriculography, the target coordinates for functional stereotactic surgery are determined by extrapolation referring to the coordinates of the anterior and posterior commissure.

To improve the accuracy despite normal anatomic variability, physiologic verification of the target by microelectrode recordings of spontaneous neuronal activity or by electric stimulation has been considered critical by some, but other investigators think that stereotactic surgery can be performed safely and effectively without microelectrode recording, using MRI-directed targeting or computed tomography-guided placement.

The preoperative MRI may be obtained on the day of surgery with an MRI localizer attached to the stereotactic frame.

Stereotactic and NeurosurgeryAnesthesia for stereotactic surgery.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Stereotactic radiosurgery does not involve an incision or opening; it carefully aims beams of X-rays at abnormal tissues through the skin from multiple directions.

With optimal treatment, the abnormal tissue becomes inactive and gradually shrinks.

Lesions in the spine or other locations can be treated with a mechanized arm that moves around the patient during treatment.

A key element of planning the procedure is maximizing the treatment to abnormal tissues, while protecting healthy tissues around the abnormal area.

You can expect to spend several hours in the outpatient center, which includes preparation for the procedure, the treatment, and observation after your procedure.

Your treatment team will program the machine and deliver the X-rays for your treatment, which include several doses of focused X-rays.

Some lesions may require more than one treatment session, likely finishing within five treatments.

Stereotactic Surgery

Stereotactic surgery is a minimally invasive form of surgical intervention that makes use of a three-dimensional coordinate system to locate small targets inside the body and to perform on them some action such as ablation, biopsy, lesion, injection, stimulation, implantation, radiosurgery, etc.

Like stereotactic radiosurgery, the intent of stereotactic body radiotherapy is to eradicate a defined extra-cranial target.

As a consequence, stereotactic body radiotherapy is mostly delivered in a limited number of fractions, thereby blending the concept of stereotactic radiosurgery with the therapeutic benefits of fractionated radiotherapy.

The stereotactic method has continued to evolve, and at present employs an elaborate mixture of image-guided surgery that uses computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and stereotactic localization.

Stereotactic surgery is sometimes used to aid in several different types of animal research studies.

In rodents, the main applications of stereotactic surgery are to introduce fluids directly to the brain or to implant cannulae and microdialysis probes.

For protocols in which rodents’ behaviors must be assessed soon after injection, stereotactic surgery can be used to implant a cannula through which the animal can be injected after recovery from the surgery.

What Is Stereotactic Radiosurgery, And What Conditions Does It Treat?

Stereotactic radiosurgery was conceived by a team of neurosurgeons and physicists in Sweden about 50 years ago to deliver radiation to precise targets in the brain while minimizing injury to adjacent areas.

Staged radiosurgery, also known as fractionated stereotactic radiosurgery, is a process in which the total dose of stereotactic radiation is divided into several smaller doses of radiation, on separate days of treatment.

The treatment team is comprised of a number of specialized medical professionals: a radiation oncologist, neurosurgeon, medical radiation physicist, dosimetrist, radiation therapist and a radiation therapy nurse.

Stereotactic radiosurgery is also a noninvasive treatment option for many patients with conditions such as: arteriovenous malformations, arteriovenous fistulas, trigeminal neuralgia and various intracranial tumors.

Stereotactic radiosurgery works in the same way as other forms of radiation treatment.

Stereotactic radiosurgery delivers a single, highly concentrated dose of ionizing radiation to a small, precise target at the trigeminal nerve root.

One late complication that may be seen is known as radiation necrosis: tumor cells killed by radiation but inadequately cleared by the body.

University Of Rochester Medical Center

A stereotactic brain surgery is a surgical procedure where lesion, frequently a brain tumor, is removed with assistance of image guidance, that is previously obtained images are used to guide the surgeon to the exact location of the lesion to facilitate as accurate a pathway through the brain and safe removal of as much abnormal tissue as possible while leaving normal, healthy brain relatively intact.

Stereotactic brain surgery is performed with a computer system that integrates previous imaging, usually a special MRI or CT performed one or two days before the surgery.

Stereotactic brain surgery gives us the added advantage of planning as an small incision as possible over the target area of interest.

The biggest risk is bleeding in the tumor and brain from the surgery.

The risk of bleeding following surgery is around 5% and the risk of mortality is around 1%. Additional risks can include headache from the surgical site, infection, and seizures.

To minimize risk, we ensure that a patient’s medical condition is optimized before beginning surgery, use of intraoperative antibiotics, stop all blood thinners including aspirin before surgery, and keep everyone overnight in the hospital for observation at the completion of surgery.

The surgery itself generally requires a 2-3 day stay, but because some patients will have other problems such as seizures, weakness, or coordination problems associated with their disease, additional hospital time may be needed to address or treat those problems separate from the surgery.

Types Of Cancer Treatments: What Is Stereotactic Radiosurgery?

Stereotactic radiosurgery, or SRS, is a method for delivering radiation to brain tumors, which may be given in place of surgery.

The radiation conforms to the three-dimensional shape and size of a tumor, resulting in minimal exposure to the rest of the brain and fewer side effects than conventional radiation techniques.

Stereotactic radiosurgery has become an increasingly common approach for patients who have smaller brain tumors.

To deliver stereotactic radiosurgery, a radiation oncologist uses a computerized system to shape the radiation beam to match a three-dimensional outline of the tumor.

Radiation oncologists at Memorial Sloan Kettering collaborate closely with medical physicists to design a treatment plan that allows the delivery of radiation that conforms to the dimensions of your tumor.

The technique allows the radiation to be delivered with greater precision to the cancerous tissue than other types of radiation therapy, sparing the surrounding healthy brain tissue from any significant dose.

At Memorial Sloan Kettering, patients with primary brain tumors and brain metastases are cared for by a multidisciplinary team of experts – which includes radiation oncologists, medical physicists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuro-radiologists, and expert nursing staff – that is among the most experienced in the world, treating hundreds of people with stereotactic radiosurgery every year.

Post Idea #12: Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy

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Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy

When it’s performed on the body rather than the brain, this procedure is sometimes called stereotactic body radiotherapy or stereotactic ablative radiotherapy.

It can use fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy to treat body tumors over several sessions.

Stereotactic body radiotherapy is most commonly delivered as an outpatient and takes between 20 to 60 minutes for each treatment.

Stereotactic body radiotherapy machines use many precisely focused radiation beams to treat tumors and other problems all over the body.

Prior to LINAC stereotactic radiosurgery or stereotactic body radiotherapy, Mayo Clinic radiation therapists create a customized immobilization device.

Following stereotactic radiosurgery, the tumor may shrink over a period of 18 months to two years, but the main goal of treatment for benign tumors is to prevent any future tumor growth.

Liver tumor before and after SBRT. Tumor in the liver before and after stereotactic body radiotherapy.

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy

Stereotactic body radiation therapy, also known as stereotactic ablative radiotherapy, or stereotactic ablative body radiation precisely targets tumors with very high doses of radiation.

A patient with an abdominal tumor may have SBRT-related gastrointestinal problems.

A patient with a tumor near a bone could experience bone damage.

SBRT uses several radiation beams of various intensities aimed at the tumor from different angles.

If the tumor is in or near the lungs the care team will also make a time-lapsed video of the patient breathing.

The care team will also create a mold of the patient’s body near the tumor site.

It also holds the patient still during treatment, ensuring the tumor gets the full dose of radiation while sparing nearby healthy tissue.

Types Of Cancer Treatments: What Is SBRT?

Stereotactic body radiation therapy, or SBRT, is a cancer treatment that delivers extremely precise, very intense doses of radiation to cancer cells while minimizing damage to healthy tissue.

SBRT involves the use of sophisticated image guidance that pinpoints the exact three-dimensional location of a tumor so that the radiation can be more precisely delivered to cancer cells.

Which types of cancer can be treated using SBRT? How is SBRT delivered?

SBRT is typically used to treat small, early-stage lung cancer and pancreatic cancer, or cancers that have spread to the lung, liver, adrenal gland, or spine.

SBRT is delivered through devices called linear accelerators, which form beams of fast-moving subatomic particles.

At Memorial Sloan Kettering, doctors who specialize in radiation therapy, called radiation oncologists, use a computerized system to shape the radiation beams to match a three-dimensional outline of the tumor.

SBRT also can lead to better outcomes and fewer side effects than conventional radiation therapy.

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy: Procedure

Signing this form means you were given treatment options to consider, that you chose this therapy and your healthcare provider has your permission to provide the therapy.

Technicians under the supervision of your healthcare provider operate the radiation machine from a shielded room so they aren’t exposed to radiation.

The radiation will come from a wide arm that hangs over you as you lie on the treatment table.

All radiation therapy comes with very small potential that you’ll develop cancer from your treatment.

One of the benefits of being treated with SBRT is the treatment limits radiation impact on healthy organs and tissues.

Stereotactic body radiation treatment is an example of that approach.

Not everyone will benefit from SBRT, so talk to your healthcare provider about your radiation treatment options.

Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy > Fact Sheets > Yale Medicine

Stereotactic body radiotherapy is a precise, high-dose form of radiation therapy that allows physicians to treat cancer in just one to five treatments, rather than the multiple doses over many weeks required in conventional radiation.

“The most common site is lung, early lung, or lung metastases,” says Roy Decker, MD, PhD, director of Yale Medicine’s Thoracic Radiotherapy Program.

The liver is similarly accessible; Yale Medicine doctors also work on the prostate, the head and neck, and the base of the skull.

Yale Medicine takes a multidisciplinary approach to treatment.

Yale Medicine frequently follows patients indefinitely.

As adept as Yale Medicine physicians and radiation therapists are at administering the treatment, they are equally adept at helping patients feel comfortable during the discussions and simulations.

Yale Medicine has such a breadth and depth of experience, and so many doctors with subspecialties, that doctors can offer the patient the solace of undergoing treatment in a place where physicians have usually seen similar cases.

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy

Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy is a treatment procedure similar to central nervous system stereotactic radiosurgery, except that it deals with tumors outside of the CNS. A stereotactic radiation treatment for the body means that a specially designed coordinate-system is used for the exact localization of the tumors in the body in order to treat it with limited but highly precise treatment fields.

SBRT involves the delivery of a single high dose radiation treatment or a few fractionated radiation treatments.

A high potent biological dose of radiation is delivered to the tumor, improving the cure rates for the tumor, in a manner previously not achievable by standard conventional radiation therapy.

Because this specialized form of radiation involves the use of multiple radiation beam angles, expert Radiation Oncologists specialized in this technique are able to safely deliver high doses of radiation, with very sharp dose gradient outside the tumor and into the surrounding normal tissue.

SBRT a specialized type of external beam radiation that allows highly precise delivery of high doses of radiation to small targets.

UCLA’s Department of Radiation Oncology faculty offer the most advanced treatments to patients whose cancers range from the relatively common to the most complex and rare in a caring, patient-focused environment.

UCLA is the first center in the area to install a new, state-of-the-art, image-guided device that provides more accurate, concentrated doses of radiation.

Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy: Uses, Side Effects, Procedure, Results

SBRT is used to treat non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer and certain types of cancer that have spread to the lungs or other parts of the body.

SBRT may be used to treat oligometastases in other parts of the body that have spread from the lungs or from other primary tumors in the body.

Cost and Insurance The cost of SBRT can vary by your location and the facility used, with the median costs hovering around $27,145 in 2016. While that is around half the cost of wedge resection surgery, it is still an expensive procedure requiring prior authorization from your health insurer.

The nurse will then take you to the procedure room where you will have your SBRT. Even though the linear accelerator is a relatively open device, some people experience claustrophobia when lying still for a long period of time.

Post-Procedure Most radiology units will ask you to stay for 30 minutes to an hour after SBRT to ensure that you don’t experience any unexpected side effects.

The risk of side effects from SBRT are closely linked to the total amount of radiation received.

Still, because the area of treatment exposure is relatively small, around 50% of people who undergo SBRT experience no side effects at all.

Post Idea #13: Prostatectomy

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Prostatectomy is surgery to remove part or all of the prostate gland.

Radical prostatectomy is surgery to remove the entire prostate gland and surrounding lymph nodes to treat men with localized prostate cancer.

Less often, simple prostatectomy may be recommended for men with severe urinary symptoms and very enlarged prostate glands.

Enlarged prostate glands are known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH. Simple prostatectomy is usually performed as a minimally invasive procedure with robotic assistance.

Simple prostatectomy to treat BPH doesn’t always involve removing the entire prostate, as in a radical prostatectomy.

At Mayo Clinic, the urologists who perform prostatectomy procedures have advanced training and extensive experience in all aspects of the surgery.

Although simple prostatectomy works well at relieving urinary symptoms, it has a higher risk of complications and a longer recovery time than other enlarged prostate procedures such as transurethral resection of the prostate, laser PVP surgery or holmium laser prostate surgery.

Prostatectomy: What To Expect During Surgery And Recovery

One of the most common questions they hear from patients: “What should I expect after surgery?”.

Johns Hopkins urologist Mohamad Allaf, M.D. , explains the surgery and recovery.

Robotic surgery : Tiny incisions and robotic technology help doctors perform a precise, minimally invasive procedure with faster recovey time and smaller incisions.

Open surgery : This approach uses traditional incisions and tools.

For more complex circumstances, an open surgery may be a more appropriate option than a robotic surgery.

One week after surgery : After your surgery site heals, your catheter will be removed.

One month after surgery : Doctors recommend no strenuous activity or heavy lifting for at least one month after surgery.


Prostatectomy is a surgical procedure that removes part or all of the prostate gland in men.

Radical prostatectomy surgery, described below, removes the entire prostate and some of the surrounding tissues as part of a prostate cancer treatment.

Types of Radical Prostatectomy Surgeries There are four main types of radical prostatectomy, each of which takes between three and four hours to perform.

Robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy: Similar to the laparoscopic surgery, this procedure uses a robotic arm to remove the prostate and some of its surrounding tissue.

Preparation for Prostatectomy Surgery During the weeks before the surgery, patients should stop taking anything that prevents blood clotting, including aspirin, ibuprofen, warfarin, vitamin E, and fish oil.

Recovery After Prostatectomy Surgery After prostatectomy performed via open surgery, patients typically remain in the hospital for between one and four days.

Su LM, & Smith JA Jr. Laparoscopic and robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy.

What Is A Radical Prostatectomy?

Removing the entire prostate gland through surgery, known as a radical prostatectomy, is a common option for men whose cancer has not spread. For men with advanced or recurrent disease, other surgical procedures may be chosen, such as removal of lymph nodes, which are initial landing spots for the spread of prostate cancer.

Open radical prostatectomy is the classical way of surgically removing the prostate.

In the initial weeks to months after surgery, it is expected and common to have incontinence or leakage of urine, and patients will need to wear adult diapers and/or pads; this generally improves over the first year following surgery.

Calisthenics, weight lifting, golf, and many physical activities are prohibited for about the first 2 months after surgery, as the abdominal muscles and urethra heal from the surgery.

Radiation therapy is recommended in some men with high-risk prostate cancer who have cancer that has penetrated through the prostate capsule and/or who have positive margins after surgery.

Hormone therapy may be recommended for men who have cancer found in their lymph nodes at the time of surgery; for these men, hormone therapy following surgery has been shown to help patients live longer.

Multiple clinical trials have not demonstrated a significant benefit to using hormone therapy before surgery, however.

Types, Procedure & Risks

A prostatectomy is surgery to remove all or part of the prostate.

You may need a prostatectomy if you have prostate cancer, severe urinary symptoms, or an enlarged prostate.

There are two main types of prostatectomy: a radical prostatectomy, and an open simple prostatectomy.

In a radical prostatectomy, your surgeon will remove the entire prostate gland along with surrounding tissue, including lymph nodes.

In an open simple prostatectomy, your surgeon will remove only the problematic part of the prostate, not the entire gland.

If you’re having a radical prostatectomy, a surgeon will use one of several techniques to remove the prostate gland and surrounding tissue.

If you’re having an open simple prostatectomy, your surgeon will make a cut below your navel, and possibly through the bladder.


Prostatectomy as a medical term refers to the surgical removal of all or part of the prostate gland.

For most prostate cancers classified as ‘very low risk’ and ‘low risk,’ radical prostatectomy is one of several treatment options; others include radiation, watchful waiting, and active surveillance.

Radical prostatectomy is not recommended in the setting of known metastases when the cancer has spread through the prostate, to the lymph nodes or other parts of the body.

A retropubic prostatectomy describes a procedure that accesses the prostate by going through the lower abdomen and behind the pubic bone.

A suprapubic prostatectomy describes a procedure cuts through the lower abdomen and through the bladder to access the prostate.

The use of radical prostatectomy as treatment for prostate cancer increased significantly from 1980 to 1990.

As of 2000, the median age of men undergoing radical prostatectomy for localized prostate cancer was 62.

Radical Prostatectomy: Purpose, Procedure, Types, Risks, Recovery

Radical prostatectomy can cure prostate cancer in men whose cancer is limited to the prostate.

Men younger than age 75 with limited prostate cancer who are expected to live at least 10 more years tend to get the most benefit from radical prostatectomy.

Surgeons choose from two different approaches to reach and remove the prostate during a radical prostatectomy.

There are two minimally invasive procedures used in radical prostatectomy: laparoscopic prostatectomy and robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy.

A man undergoing radical prostatectomy by a surgeon at an advanced prostate cancer center has a better chance of maintaining sexual and urinary function.

The goal of radical prostatectomy is to cure prostate cancer.

Men with no evidence of prostate cancer spread have an 85% chance of surviving 10 years after radical prostatectomy.

Post Idea #14: Market capitalization

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Market Capitalization Definition

Market capitalization refers to the total dollar market value of a company’s outstanding shares of stock.

Market capitalization is a quick and easy method for estimating a company’s value by extrapolating what the market thinks it is worth for publicly traded companies.

Using market capitalization to show the size of a company is important because company size is a basic determinant of various characteristics in which investors are interested, including risk.

Market cap = share price x # shares outstanding Given its simplicity and effectiveness for risk assessment, the market cap can be a helpful metric in determining which stocks you are interested in, and how to diversify your portfolio with companies of different sizes.

Market capitalization refers to the market value of a company’s equity.

A company priced at $20 per share and with 100 million shares outstanding would have a market capitalization of $2 billion.

The key difference between market capitalization and enterprise value is that market capitalization reflects only the value of a company’s equity, whereas enterprise value reflects the total amount of capital-including from debt-invested in the business.

What Is Market Cap?

Knowing a company’s market cap can help you compare the relative size of one company versus another.

Market cap-or market capitalization-refers to the total value of all a company’s shares of stock.

A company with 20 million shares selling at $50 a share would have a market cap of $1 billion.

Market cap measures what a company is worth on the open market, as well as the market’s perception of its future prospects, because it reflects what investors are willing to pay for its stock.

Market cap is based on the total value of all a company’s shares of stock.

As the exercise of the warrants is typically done below the market price of the shares, it could potentially impact the company’s market cap.

Although the number of outstanding shares and the stock price change, a company’s market cap remains constant.

Learn About Market Cap & How To Calculate It

Market Capitalization is the most recent market value of a company’s Weighted Average Shares Outstanding.

To determine a company’s market cap, simply take its current market Par Value.

Large Cap – Companies with a market cap above $10 billion are classified as large-cap stocks.

Mid Cap – Companies whose market cap ranges from $1 billion to $10 billion.

Small Cap – Companies with a market capitalization between $250 million to $1 billion.

A company with a Market Cap of $10 billion and debt of $5 billion has an Enterprise Value of $15 billion.

Market Cap to GDP RatioThe Market Cap to GDP ratio is a measure of the total value of all publicly traded stock in a country, divided by GDP..

Market Capitalization: Types, How It Values Companies

Market capitalization is usually called market cap for short.

The market cap of the Nasdaq would equal the market cap of all the companies traded on the Nasdaq combined.

Small cap companies have a market cap between $300 million to $2 billion.

Market cap would be a great way to value companies if they all had the same price to earnings ratio.

Their stock prices are undervalued, and so are the market caps of companies in that industry.

During the Internet bull market in 1999, many companies’ capitalization values were worth far more than their income or asset value.

In 2018, Apple became the first company traded in the U.S. to cross $1 trillion in market capitalization and just two years later it was the first to surpass the $2 trillion market cap milestone as well.

Market Capitalization: What It Is And Why It’S Important

Market capitalization is the total value of all of a company’s shares of stock and is calculated by multiplying the number of stock shares outstanding by the current share price.

If a company has issued 10 million shares and its share price is $100, its market cap is $1 billion.

Float-adjusted market cap is meant to give an even more accurate picture of how the market views and values a company’s stock.

The annualized 10-year total return of the S&P 100 index – an index of the 100 largest U.S. companies by market cap, including all large-cap stocks – is currently about 14%.There are several funds that track large-cap stocks, including iShares S&P 100 ETF, Vanguard Value ETF and Schwab U.S. Large-Cap Value ETF. Many brokerages.

Offer tools to screen and discover more funds that track companies with specific market capitalizations.

There’s one final distinction to understand: Market capitalization isn’t the same as a company’s enterprise value.

While market cap measures the value of a company’s equity, enterprise value measures the total value of the business, including its debts, assets and cash.

Market Capitalization

Market capitalization, commonly called market cap, is the market value of a publicly traded company’s outstanding shares.

Market capitalization is equal to the share price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding.

Market capitalization is used by the investment community in ranking the size of companies, as opposed to sales or total asset figures.

The total market capitalization of all publicly traded companies in 2020 was approximately US$93 trillion.

Total market capitalization of all publicly traded companies in the world from 1975 to 2020.

If a company has 4 million shares outstanding and the closing price per share is $20, its market capitalization is then $80 million.

The definitions expressed in nominal dollars need to be adjusted over decades due to inflation, population change, and overall market valuation, and market caps are likely to be different country to country.

Cryptocurrency Prices, Charts And Market Capitalizations

Welcome to CoinMarketCap.com! This site was founded in May 2013 by Brandon Chez to provide up-to-date cryptocurrency prices, charts and data about the emerging cryptocurrency markets.

The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency has grown exponentially and we are very proud to have grown with it.

We receive updated cryptocurrency prices directly from many exchanges based on their pairs.

We calculate the total cryptocurrency market capitalization as the sum of all cryptocurrencies listed on the site.

In 2018, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission clarified their rules relating to fundraising for assets, which made it much harder for new cryptocurrency projects to issue their own tokens in this way.

Price volatility has long been one of the features of the cryptocurrency market.

These new cryptocurrency are known as stablecoins, and they can be used for a multitude of purposes due to their stability.

Post Idea #15: Health technology

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What Is Healthcare Technology?

Many innovative leaps in health technology have been made in the centuries people have been practicing medicine, yet few have had as much widespread influence or impact as digital technology.

As technology improved and costs came down, policies and data standards were created to encourage healthcare organizations to adopt new technology not just for medical equipment, like diagnostic imaging machines, but also for everyday record keeping.

Currently, most healthcare organizations have a wealth of data they could use to improve their procedures and business practices, but they might not have the tools or expertise to uncover insights in that data.

Newer technologies, like cloud, blockchain and AI tools based on machine learning, can help healthcare organizations uncover patterns in large amounts of data while also making that data more secure and easier to manage.

As the healthcare industry faces new challenges, technology solutions are helping leaders to improve performance, increase collaboration across systems and manage costs.

As demands on organizations increase, healthcare technology can streamline processes, automate tasks and improve workflows at a scale that’s not possible for humans alone.

As providers at hospitals and health systems embrace value-based health reimbursement models, these solutions are helping healthcare professionals to improve patient care, create better experiences and reduce burnout.

Now, through the use of secure health information technology, health care will benefit from advancements that are making sure health information is confidential, available when and where it is needed, contributing to safer, higher quality, more coordinated, and more efficient and less costly care for everyone.

What Is Health IT? The term “Health information technology” refers to the electronic systems health care professionals – and increasingly, patients – use to store, share, and analyze health information.

Rapid information sharing: When a provider adds patient notes or test results to your EHR, that information may be available to the health care providers authorized to view your records, so that they can have access to the most up-to-date information about your health.

Some health care providers may allow you to access your own health information directly, meaning you no longer have to wait to hear back from your doctor for information, such as test results.

Some EHRs remind your doctor to follow up with you about ongoing health conditions or to offer you information or services in response to changes in your health.

Federal laws require many of the key persons and organizations that handle health information to have policies and security safeguards in place to protect your health information, whether it is stored on paper or electronically.

You have strong, clearly defined rights when it comes to protecting your health information, and these rights extend to electronic health information.

Healthcare Technology: What It Is + How It’S Used

The uses for technology in the healthcare industry are seemingly endless.

Tech is being implemented in everything from hospital administrative processes to cancer research and surgery in order to improve efficiency throughout the industry and make the patient experience as painless as possible.

These tools are currently being used in a variety of aspects across the industry to help speed up time-consuming tasks like pinpointing certain chemical combinations that might help create the optimal drug and identifying patients who could best benefit from a particular drug trial.

The industry has developed hundreds of wearables, apps and other tools that do everything from track our workouts to measure our sleep schedules, all in the name of increasing fitness and reducing preventable costs on the healthcare system.

Diagnostics & Error Reduction The healthcare industry is now using a variety of tech tools to tackle one of its major problems: incorrect or overdue diagnosis.

Best Healthcare Technology Companies With Open Jobs.See the Top Healthcare Technology Companies Hiring Now.Mental Health Mental health is one of the emerging sectors of healthcare truly benefiting from an influx of technology.

Telemedicine apps have made access to counselors and healthcare professionals easier by opening the lines of communication and support, and reducing the need to wait for an in-person appointment during times of duress.

Digital Adoption Healthcare

Health technology is an umbrella term that encompasses the various technological advances in health care.

Health technology encompasses all of these areas and includes “Medicine”, “Healthcare”, “Pharmaceuticals”, “Information management”, “Social care” and “e-healthcare”.

Health technology can be used to improve the lives of people who are ill.

As with any other treatments or procedures, technology in healthcare has associated risks.

Technology in healthcare is a phenomenon that begins with technological research and development, continues through product design and production, then moves to clinical trials and commercial applications, where it finally reaches its end phase of use, maintenance, and disposal.

Technology in healthcare is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of products and services.

Thus, technology in healthcare has become an important part of modern health care.

9 Health Technologies Every Executive Should Be Excited About In 2022

Health technologies encompass all the devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures and systems designed to streamline healthcare operations, lower costs and enhance the quality of care.

As a result, we’ve put together a list of 9 health technologies that every healthcare executive should be excited about in 2022.1.

The bottomline is simple: keep AI on the radar and utilize the concept as one of the main health technologies for marketing in 2022.

Since 20% of Google searches are voice searches in 2018, voice has become one of the main health technologies healthcare marketers must invest in come 2022.

There’s so much potential in health mobile apps, yet so many marketers are missing the opportunity of giving credence to the criticisms that the healthcare industry is still not innovating.

Mobile apps can prove to be expensive and if a specific health organization is not interested in investing in mobile, there is another shortcut healthcare marketers should look at in 2022.

There’s so much to be excited about when it comes to technology and healthcare marketing in 2022.

Health Information Technology

Health information technology involves the processing, storage, and exchange of health information in an electronic environment.

Widespread use of health IT within the health care industry will improve the quality of health care, prevent medical errors, reduce health care costs, increase administrative efficiencies, decrease paperwork, and expand access to affordable health care.

It is imperative that the privacy and security of electronic health information be ensured as this information is maintained and transmitted electronically.

With the proliferation and widespread adoption of cloud computing solutions, HIPAA covered entities and business associates are questioning whether and how they can take advantage of cloud computing while complying with regulations protecting the privacy and security of electronic protected health information.

The materials below are the HIPAA privacy components of the Privacy and Security Toolkit developed in conjunction with the Office of the National Coordinator.

These guidance documents discuss how the Privacy Rule can facilitate the electronic exchange of health information.

Learn more about the Privacy and Security Framework and view other documents in the Privacy and Security Toolkit, as well as other health information technology resources.

Health Technology

Health technology is defined by the World Health Organization as the “Application of organized knowledge and skills in the form of devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures, and systems developed to solve a health problem and improve quality of lives”.

Lastly, phase three focused on using Certified Electronic Health Record Technology to improve health outcomes.

Health Information Technology: Integration, Patient Empowerment, and Security by K. Marvin provided multiple different polls based on people’s views on different types of technology entering the medical field most answers were responded with somewhat likely and very few completely disagreed on the technology being used in medicine.

The concept of health technology assessment was first coined in 1967 by the U.S. Congress in response to the increasing need to address the unintended and potential consequences of health technology, along with its prominent role in society.

Several American organizations provide health technology assessments and these include the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Veterans Administration through its VA Technology Assessment Program.

With this technology, innovations like electronic health records, health information exchange, Nationwide Health Information Network, personal health records, patient portals, nanomedicine, genome-based personalized medicine, Geographical Positioning System, radio frequency identification, telemedicine, clinical decision support, mobile home health care and cloud computing came to exist.

These devices run numerous applications that are designed to provide simple health services and the monitoring of one’s health with finding as critical problems to health as possible.

Post Idea #16: Electronic packaging

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Electronics Packaging

Packaging classification also recognizes different mounting methods, such as “Through-hole mount surface” THD, “Surface-mount packaging” SMD, and “Custom packaging techniques.”1-6,48,276-277.Figure 9.1.

The polymer packaging systems can be divided into polymer dual in-line package, single in-line package, and zigzag in-line package ZIP.3,6 Examples of through-hole mount surface THD packaging include7,8 dual in-line package DIP and pin grid array P-GA package.

Examples of surface-mount packaging SMD packaging include10 quad flat package QFP and quad flat J-leaded QFJ package.

Electronic packaging can be classified into several packaging levels as shown in Fig.

The fourth and final packaging level is the packaging of the motherboard in an electronic system such as a laptop computer or a cellular phone.

There are several exceptions to the mentioned packaging levels: for example, the chip may be directly connected to the PCB and then encapsulated, or the PCBs may be directly packaged in an electronic system, foregoing third-level packaging.

There are numerous variations to the packaging and interconnection styles and designs in each level, particularly in first-level microelectronic packaging.

What Is Electronic Packaging? – Electronic Ink

There are four major functions of electronic packaging in relation to their performance – interconnection of electrical signals multiple levels; distribution of power to the electronic circuits and devices; protecting parts in need of mechanical and environmental protection; and dissipating heat.

How Do You Package Electronics? To avoid moving all items inside the box, make sure all items remain secure by enclosing them in bubble wrap or other packing materials.

Fill in any spaces where there was no padding or padding.

What Are The Different Ic Packages? The double line package consists of a power supply, outlet switch, and a terminal.

QFN/LCC. o. Packages for storing chips: c..

Electronic Packaging

Electronic packaging is the design and production of enclosures for electronic devices ranging from individual semiconductor devices up to complete systems such as a mainframe computer.

Packaging of an electronic system must consider protection from mechanical damage, cooling, radio frequency noise emission and electrostatic discharge.

Electronic packaging is a major discipline within the field of mechanical engineering.

Level 1 – Component, such as semiconductor package design and the packaging of other discrete components.

Electronic packaging relies on mechanical engineering principles such as dynamics, stress analysis, heat transfer and fluid mechanics.

In the design of electronic products, electronic packaging engineers perform analyses to estimate such things as maximum temperatures for components, structural resonant frequencies, and dynamic stresses and deflections under worst-case environments.

Punched and formed sheet metal is one of the oldest types of electronic packaging.

Electronics Packaging Is The Design And Production Of Enclosures For Electronic Devices – International Defense Security & Technology Inc.

Electronic packaging is the design and production of enclosures for electronic devices ranging from individual semiconductor devices up to complete systems such as a mainframe computer.

Electronic packaging is the science of placing electronic devices and circuitry in protective enclosures and providing interconnections within and between different electronic devices.

Electronic packaging can be organized by levels: from Level 0 – “Chip”, protecting a bare semiconductor die from contamination and damage; Level 1 – this electronic packaging level protects electronic components such as semiconductor package design and the packaging of other discrete components.

These levels are necessary to help electronic manufacturing companies easily assess electronic packaging materials needed for an electronic packaging design.

Electronic packaging is arguably the most complex among all levels of packaging as it requires extensive engineering and skill set in order to come up with an optimal overall electronics packaging design compared to other industry packaging designs.

Aside from the electrical circuits, the electronics packaging engineer should also be able to interpret the non-electrical concerns needed for the electronics packaging design.

The electronic design engineer must explore all options available with regards to electronic packaging foam and electronic packaging materials until the end result has a rational cost to value.

Electronic Packaging: The Best Electronic Packaging Ideas

Great packaging shows the world what you stand for, makes people remember your brand, and helps potential customers understand if your product is right for them.

Packaging communicates all of that through color, shape and other design elements.

Learn how to make your electronic packaging tell your brand’s story.

Discover stunning label design trends and find out what’s new in the world of product packaging design Keep reading.

Creating great labels and packaging can be complicated.

This guide will walk you through the design process step-by-step Keep reading.

Discover the best freelance packaging designers for hire and let their work inspire you Keep reading.

Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering

Students pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Engineering must complete the two electronic packaging core courses and two of the technical electives listed above.

MAGE students are assessed the MAGE tuition rates, on campus / remote sites and online as it applies, when enrolled in Professional Master of Engineering, Engineering and Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences courses only.

MAGE students can also apply for an administrative graduate assitantship.

Additional resources for graduate students are available here.

00 per credit hour Fees: $417.50 for part-time graduate students taking classes at the College Park campus.

817.50 for full-time graduate students taking classes at the College Park campus.

International Students: Effective Fall 2017, the University of Maryland began charging a fee of $125 per semester for all newly enrolled students requiring an I-20 issued by the University or degree seeking students in J-1 status.

A Guide To Electronics Packaging Design: All You Need To Know

Some electronics manufacturing companies simply outsource from established electronic packaging companies who are already proven when it comes to creating custom electronic packaging.

Electronic packaging is arguably the most complex among all levels of packaging as it requires extensive engineering and skill set in order to come up with an optimal overall electronics packaging design compared to other industry packaging designs.

The electronic packaging design will continuously be rethought and revised until the final packaging design is achieved.

Technological advancements also put a lot of pressure to electronic packaging companies because functions of the electronics packaging design evolve at a fast rate, keeping up with modern technology.

These levels are necessary to help electronic manufacturing companies easily assess electronic packaging materials needed for an electronic packaging design.

Aside from the electrical circuits, the electronics packaging engineer should also be able to interpret the non-electrical concerns needed for the electronics packaging design.

The electronic design engineer must explore all options available with regards to electronic packaging foam and electronic packaging materials until the end result has a rational cost to value.

Post Idea #17: StreetShares

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MeridianLink To Acquire FinTech StreetShares

MeridianLink, which provides modern software platforms for financial institutions and consumer reporting agencies, announced Thursday that it intends to buy StreetShares, a FinTech for small business lending.

According to the press release, StreetShares’ Atlas Platform program lets banks and running in a fully digital business lending environment within 45 days or less.

MeridianLink CEO Nicolaas Vlok said StreetShares was attractive because of the way it wanted to provide lenders with lending capabilities including business loans, automated decisioning and business credit.

“Adding the StreetShares team, technology, and strong partnerships with organizations like Fiserv to the MeridianLink family will accelerate our small business lending capabilities and further strengthen our MeridianLink One platform,” Vlok said in the release.

“Enhancing MeridianLink’s platform with StreetShares’ Atlas Platform technology will provide community banks and credit unions with industry-leading tools to better serve small business customers,” Rockefeller said.

PYMNTS wrote in 2020 that StreetShares had secured $10 million in a funding round led by Motley Fool Ventures and Ally Ventures, which is the strategic investment arm of Ally Financial.

The pandemic created a new need for the company’s loan providing services, with loans being requested by more lenders for the Paycheck Protection Program’s digital lending.

MeridianLink, Inc.®, a leading provider of modern software platforms for financial institutions and consumer reporting agencies, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire StreetShares®, a mission-driven financial technology company that provides digital small business lending technology to banks and credit unions.

StreetShares later launched its digital business lending platform to allow community banks and credit unions to affordably make small business loans with a 100% digital, omnichannel experience.

“StreetShares’ commitment to providing lenders across the U.S. with state-of-the-art business lending capabilities, including business loans, automated decisioning, and business lines of credit, aligns with our focus on empowering more banks and credit unions to better serve consumers and communities,” said Nicolaas Vlok, CEO of MeridianLink.

ADVERTISEMENT.The StreetShares Atlas Platform™ enables banks and credit unions to get up and running in a fully digital, business lending environment in 45 days or less.

“StreetShares is thrilled to join forces with the innovators at MeridianLink to better serve America’s main street business owners,” said Mark L. Rockefeller, StreetShares co-founder and CEO. Mickey Konson, StreetShares co-founder and president added, “Enhancing MeridianLink’s platform with StreetShares’ Atlas Platform technology will provide community banks and credit unions with industry-leading tools to better serve small business customers.”

StreetShares is a small business banking software-as-a-service technology company that powers community banks, credit unions, and non-financial organizations.

Its Atlas Platform offers a full suite of digital, white-labeled, small business banking products to their customers.

StreetShares Small-Business Loans: 2022 Review

Have strong cash flow: Though StreetShares uses a combination of traditional and alternative underwriting practices, the lender focuses primarily on cash flow as an indicator of your business’s ability to repay the loan.

Are looking for financing options: StreetShares offers multiple loan products, including term loans, invoice factoring and lines of credit.

Access to capital for newer businesses: Finding loans for businesses with low revenue can be tricky, but StreetShares offers loans to companies that have been in business for just one year and pull in $75,000 in annual revenue.

If your company is young, there’s a good chance you’ll alter your financing plan as your business changes, says Mel Levey, director of investor relations for StreetShares.

Funding limitations: Though StreetShares offers term loans and standard lines of credit up to $250,000, the maximum amount you can qualify for is 20% of your annual revenue.

StreetShares does not lend to non-commercial construction contractors and those who will use the loan to flip homes or other real estate.

If you’d like to compare loan options, NerdWallet has a list of small-business loans.

Carta Worldwide Archives

“Carta-Connect for Mobile is a turn-key product for issuers and MNOs that brings NFC mobile payments to market with a rapid and low-cost deployment model. Utilizing a virtual account instantly personalized to the mobile phone, consumers can access immediate spending power with any NFC-enabled handset. This introduces a simple and convenient experience for consumer adoption, while limiting exposure of personal banking information.”

“By leveraging underlying technology in place, Carta reduces setup and deployment cost for NFC projects, and minimizes the need to update core systems. Offered as an end-to-end product, or compatible with existing m-wallet applications, the uniquely flexible solution represents a key step in the mass-market adoption of NFC mobile payments.”

Metrics: 50 employees, raised over $30M to date, offices in Toronto, London, Casablanca, and Dubai.

MeridianLink Acquires StreetShares

MeridianLink, Inc.®, a leading provider of modern software platforms for financial institutions and consumer reporting agencies, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire StreetShares®, a mission-driven financial technology company that provides digital small business lending technology to banks and credit unions.

StreetShares is an award-winning financial technology company that started in 2014 as a low-cost, digital lender to veteran-owned small businesses.

StreetShares later launched its digital business lending platform to allow community banks and credit unions to affordably make small business loans with a 100% digital, omnichannel experience.

“StreetShares’ commitment to providing lenders across the U.S. with state-of-the-art business lending capabilities, including business loans, automated decisioning, and business lines of credit, aligns with our focus on empowering more banks and credit unions to better serve consumers and communities,” said Nicolaas Vlok, CEO of MeridianLink.

“Adding the StreetShares team, technology, and strong partnerships with organizations like Fiserv to the MeridianLink family will accelerate our small business lending capabilities and further strengthen our MeridianLink One platform.”

The StreetShares Atlas Platform™ enables banks and credit unions to get up and running in a fully digital, business lending environment in 45 days or less.

“StreetShares is thrilled to join forces with the innovators at MeridianLink to better serve America’s main street business owners,” said Mark L. Rockefeller, StreetShares co-founder and CEO. Mickey Konson, StreetShares co-founder and president added, “Enhancing MeridianLink’s platform with StreetShares’ Atlas Platform technology will provide community banks and credit unions with industry-leading tools to better serve small business customers.”


StreetShares, Inc. is a financial technology company and small business funding marketplace based outside of Washington, D.C. StreetShares Inc. launched in 2014 as a military veteran-focused peer-to-peer lender by Mark L. Rockefeller, Mickey Konson, and Ben Shiflet.

In May 2014, StreetShares raised a $1.2 million seed stage investment with investors including global microfinance company, ACCION International, Washington D.C. area community bankers, military veteran investors, Harvard Business School angel investors, and Capital One alumni.

From 2014 to 2016, StreetShares operated as a “Veterans funding veterans” peer-to-peer lender focused on funding businesses owned by military veterans.

Since 2015, StreetShares was on the list of financial technology companies to support the transparent lending practices articulated in the Small Business Borrowers Bill of Rights, a pledge requiring online lenders to clearly disclose the terms of a business loan and to follow other fair lending practices.

In June 2019, StreetShares launched the StreetShares Platform to help community banks and credit unions make loans to small businesses.

StreetShares offers a white-labeled service on behalf of banks and credit unions so that banks can offer offers 3 to 36-month term business loans.

StreetShares investments are available to qualified investor members with an established StreetShares account.

Post Idea #18: CLIMAVENETA

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Climaveneta began operations in 1971 in Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Italy.

Climaveneta produced heating and cooling systems and then added a production line of “Free cooling liquid chillers” for computer processing and server rooms.

In the years that followed, Climaveneta began adding distribution partners in France and Germany and entered into a joint venture with a Chinese company.

In 2007, Climaveneta introduced a new line, Prana, of residential heat pumps.

Climaveneta was acquired by Mitsubishi in March 2016, being integrated into the MELCO. Because of their identity as a leading brand in climate control systems and cooling, MELCO chose to use Climaveneta as their specialized brand for hydronic comfort platform.

As a result, Climaveneta offers a complete array of comfort solutions that offer energy efficiency and environmental protection that contribute to the health of those who work and live in the buildings.

Climaveneta products include: air cooled chillers, water cooled chillers, condenserless chillers, reversible heat pumps with heat recovery, condensing units, fan coils, wall mounted terminals, ducted terminals, rooftop units, wall mounted system controllers and air handling units.


Climaveneta’s mission is to provide energy efficient heating and cooling solutions that enhance everyone’s comfort, improves the profitability of a building, and does not contribute to an increase in CO2 emissions.

Headquartered in Italy, Climaveneta is a leading brand globally in central climate control systems for comfort and process cooling, as well as the growing IT cooling sector, with over 45 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and marketing of high efficiency, reliable, and sustainable heating and cooling solutions.

Climaveneta delivers superior energy efficiency thanks to their innovative reversible heat pump systems.

Unlike traditional chiller and boiler plants, these units utilize R410A refrigerant combined with optimized controls to provide heating and cooling, allowing for higher energy efficiency, while being environmentally friendly with zero ozone depletion potential.

The Climaveneta NX-N product family can also be used as the sole heating and cooling solution, and depending on temperature conditions, can significantly reduce the buildings annual carbon footprint compared to a traditional chiller and boiler strategy.

From smaller light commercial applications to centralized district heating and cooling plants, the NX-N offers a wide range of configurations, capacity sizes, options, and is capable of sizing up to fulfil even the largest applications.

The electronic expansion valve is standard on the NX-N series and ensures a quick response to changes in heating or cooling loads, as well as changes in outdoor ambient conditions throughout the day.

Climaveneta Chillers

Modern architecture and occupiers increased sensitivity to comfort in the workplace require a focus on the specific characteristics of each building, both in terms of usage as well as of structural features.

From 1 to 4190 kW Any kind of system design: hydronic, all-air, data centre solutions and water loop heat pumps Any kind of technology, divided into 12 product sub-rangesHighest configurability.

A wide range of configurations has been developed in order to give customers maximum design freedom: all the units are adaptable to a variety of plant configurations to cover a very wide range of requirements and goals.

Each product is available in countless configurations for all relevant aspects Efficiency versions as a standard in all hydronic products Noise reduction versions as a standard in all products Heat recovery options as a standard for all hydronic systems Heat recovery options as a standard for rooftop units for all-air-systems Air-treatment version as a standard for all air handling units.

I-FX chillers and heat pumps with full inverter technology.

Climaveneta Technology // Mitsubishi Electric

Environmental Respect Climaveneta’s mission is to provide energy efficient heating, air conditioning, and optimisation solutions.

These solutions strive to enhance everyone’s comfort, improve the profitability of buildings and do not contribute to an increase in Co2 levels.

As a European leader in the HVAC industry, Climaveneta has provided premium air conditioning and heating solutions for the most challenging and demanding projects worldwide for over 45 years.

A. has decided to turn Climaveneta into the group’s specialised brand for hydronic comfort applications.

The result is the most complete range of advanced solutions providing enhanced usability, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability to modern buildings, for the health, and well-being of the people who spend their time there.

Climaveneta manufacture a diverse range of products including chillers, heat pumps, units for the simultaneous production of hot and cold water, air handler units, controls and more.

Climaveneta draws on the vast experience and strength of belonging to a large multinational group such as Mitsubishi Electric in terms of integrated R&D, operations and central functions.


In 1993 Climaveneta acquires a new distributor for ICC&R in France and in the same year the company set up the Chinese joint venture.

In 1994 Climaveneta joins the De’Longhi Group, four years later in 1998 the new branch Climaveneta Deutschland is established.

In 2000 Climaveneta starts participating in Eurovent Certification, among the initiators, aligning Europe with the USA. In 2004 the company started adopting the Lean manufacturing, introducing Kaizen continuous improvement process.

In 2007 Climaveneta launched Prana residential heat pumps, integrating alternative energy sources in medium & small systems.

In 2011 Climaveneta acquires a distributor in UK and set up operations for HPAC and Air Handling units in Shanghai.

A. Climaveneta produces Chillers and Heat Pumps, Air handling units, terminal units, control systems, rooftops and other packaged units, close controls.

Behavior-based safety: In June 2015 Climaveneta started the BBS safety management system in the Bassano del Grappa plant;.

Post Idea #19: Frontier Airlines

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Frontier Airlines

O The fee is waived if the child is an Elite level member of Frontier Miles®.

We recommend you feed your child prior to departure or provide your child with a snack to carry on the flight.

The Unaccompanied Minor Request For Carriage Form is required at check-in and must be completed by the person bringing the child to the airport.

You’ll need to escort your child to the gate and wait until the aircraft has taken off before you leave the airport.

During courtesy boarding, one of our representatives will escort your child onto the plane, assist with any carry-on luggage, and introduce your child to the crew.

For your child’s safety, the child won’t be released to the designated recipient until the identification has been reviewed by one of our employees.

Upon arrival, your child will have a personal escort from the aircraft to the designated pick-up person.

Book With Frontier Airlines

Search Expedia for the very best selection of Frontier Airlines flights to whatever destination you’re headed.

Fly with Frontier Airlines today to see the difference.

Frontier Airlines is a valued partner of Expedia, and we work together to provide you with all the tools you need to book your next Frontier Airlines flight.

From last-minute flights to flights planned ahead, Frontier Airlines has a huge inventory of cheap flights to help you save even more.

All Frontier Airlines flights offer expansive routes to your destination and provide you with flexible departure and arrival times giving you more selection than ever before.

By booking with Expedia, you have access to online tools to help you plan the best trip, from fare alerts, to calendar tools and more; use these to help book the best Frontier Airlines flight you can find.

If you need additional assistance, Expedia Customer Service Representatives are available 24 hours a day to help you with any questions when booking your Frontier Airlines flights.

Frontier Airlines Adds New Nonstop Destination From Bradley International Airport

Low-fare carrier Frontier Airlines said Wednesday it will add Dallas-Fort Worth as its seventh nonstop destination from Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, in a week marked by a flurry of low-cost airline announcements about new nonstop routes from Connecticut.

Frontier, which resumed service flying out of Bradley in 2019 after an eight year absence, said the new route to Texas will launch May 27 and operate seasonally on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“Today’s announcement is a reflection of our very strong commitment to provide consumers in the region with even more of Frontier’s ultra-low fares and friendly service,” Daniel Shurz, a Frontier senior vice president, said, in a release.

Frontier also flies nonstop from Bradley to Atlanta, Cancun, Denver, Miami, Orlando and Raleigh Durham.

Frontier’s announcement came day after the airline launched its first flight from Bradley to Cancun.

On Tuesday, low-cost Breeze Airways said it would add six nonstop destinations in June from Bradley to Nashville, Tenn.; Akron/Canton, Ohio; Savannah, Georgia; Richmond, Virginia, and Jacksonville and Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida.

The start-up would then have 10 nonstop destinations from Bradley.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines was created by Frederick W. “Rick” Brown, his wife Janice Brown, and Bob Schulman, the latter two having worked at the original Frontier Airlines.

Five weeks later on July 30, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines announced that it would be making a competing bid of $113.6 million for Frontier with intentions to also operate Frontier as a wholly owned subsidiary, but that it would gradually fold Frontier resources into current Southwest operating assets.

As a result, in the Spring of 2010, Frontier and Midwest Airlines announced that their brands would merge, with Frontier being the surviving brand.

Chautauqua Airlines had been operating feeder flights on behalf of Midwest Airlines and began service for Frontier with the merger of Frontier and Midwest in October 2010.

Frontier Miles can be earned by flying Frontier Airlines, using the Frontier Airlines World MasterCard, or by spending at partner hotels, car rental chains, cruises, and merchants.

On November 30, 2018, a Frontier Airlines Airbus A320-200, operating as Frontier Airlines Flight 260, had its engine fan cowlings ripped off during take-off.

On August 8, 2019, a Frontier Airlines Airbus A321-200, operating as Frontier Airlines Flight 1187, suffered a tailstrike during landing.

Frontier Airlines COVID-19 Test Requirements: Things To Know

Disclaimer: Flycoair is an independent travel portal with no third party association.

Agency* we are entirely acting as an agent, Our aim is to create a connection between travellers and suppliers of travel services.

We do not own any travel services or We are not the airlines, hotel, cruise, and car rental as well as we are not associated with any of them.

Entire branding is notable for significant purposes only and does not signify any involvement with any airline or organisation.

Fares presented on the website are quoted by the Pricing Strategy of travel services, in circumstances like seat availability and demand it can be different.

Additional baggage fees and fees for other services may apply.

The services are offered to the customers by us to help in collecting travel information, availability of travel goods and services and for no other purposes.

Frontier Airlines

It’s World Wildlife Day, which is a big day for our tails here at Frontier! We launched our “Spirit of the West” animal livery back in 1994, which helped distinguish us from our competitors.

Our animal livery has been through several iterations, and Senior Manager of Brand Creative Strategy, Juliette Hemingway, has been at the helm of overseeing our newest tail face-lift that took place in 2014.

Not only does Julie research our animals before we put them on our tails, she also researches the names because we want the names to be just as authentic and just as meaningful as the story of the animals.

As of October 2019, all of our new Frontier aircraft feature North American endangered species to spotlight their plight and further the education of these beautiful creatures.

Learn about the animals on our plane tails here: bit.

Post Idea #20: Advocacy group

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Advocacy Groups: Definition & Examples

While some advocacy groups are very broad in focus, some are narrower and focus on the interests of a specific group of people.

Some advocacy groups may be even narrower in focus and concentrate on a few issues or a single issue.

Some groups focus on tax policy, and some groups focus on human rights.

Finally, some advocacy groups may seek support from Harry on international issues, such as issues of war, peace, terrorism, trade, and human rights.

While advocacy groups hold no governmental authority over policy making, they attempt to influence policymakers to act in accord with the group’s interests.

Some advocacy groups represent specific groups of people or organizations that share common interests, such as industries or laborers.

Some advocacy groups are even narrower in scope and focus on a single political issue, such as gun rights.

Advocacy Group

Advocacy groups, also known as interest groups, special interest groups, lobbying groups or pressure groups use various forms of advocacy in order to influence public opinion and ultimately policy.

An advocacy group is a group or an organization which tries to influence the government but does not hold power in the government.

“Another important advocacy group that emerged in the late 18th century was the British abolitionist movement against slavery. Starting with an organised sugar boycott in 1791, it led the second great petition drive of 1806, which brought about the banning of the slave trade in 1807. In the opinion of Eugene Black,”…association made possible the extension of the politically effective public.

An example of such a group is the environmentalist group Greenpeace; Greenpeace use lobbying to gain political support for their campaigns.

Advocacy group influence has also manifested itself in supranational bodies that have arisen through globalisation.

An interest group dedicated to improving farming standards will fight for the general goal of improving farming for every farmer, even those who are not members of that particular interest group.

“A solidary incentive is a reward for participation that is socially derived and created out of the act of association. A selective solidary benefit offered to members or prospective members of an interest group might involve such incentives as”socializing congeniality, the sense of group membership and identification, the status resulting from membership, fun, conviviality, the maintenance of social distinctions, and so on.

TAG Is A One-Stop-Shop With A Global Presence

TAG firms have been solving public policy challenges for businesses, trade associations, and not-for-profits since it was founded in 1992.

TAG members develop tailored strategies and solutions for clients and then skillfully shepherd them through the often daunting political, legislative, and regulatory arenas where public policy becomes law.

TAG is a one-stop, results-oriented network for clients with needs in multiple jurisdictions.

TAG is the perfect place to find the very best lobbyist in a single city, state, country or specialty.

Top 10 Conservative Advocacy Groups

Advocacy groups are one of the best ways for concerned Americans to get involved in the political process.

The goal of these groups, also known as lobby groups or special interest groups, is to organize activists, establish goals for policy, and influence lawmakers.

While some advocacy groups get a bad rap for their ties to powerful interests, others are more grassroots in nature, mobilizing ordinary citizens who otherwise might not have an impact on the political process.

Advocacy groups conduct polls and research, provide policy briefings, coordinate media campaigns, and lobby local, state, and federal representatives about key issues.

Founded in 1964, ACU is one of the first groups established to advocate for conservative issues.

The group states on its website that it also seeks Americans’.

With its motto “Government fails, freedom works,” this advocacy group has been fighting for individual liberty, free markets, and a Constitution-based limited government since 1984.


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Search for a company or officer Registered office address Lumns Lane, Manchester, M27 8LN Company status Active Company type Public limited Company Incorporated on.

Next accounts made up to 31 December 2021 due by 30 June 2022.

Luxfer Holdings PLC Expected To Announce Earnings Of $0.32 Per Share

Wall Street analysts expect that Luxfer Holdings PLC will announce $0.32 earnings per share for the current fiscal quarter, Zacks reports.

Luxfer reported earnings per share of $0.39 during the same quarter last year, which would indicate a negative year over year growth rate of 17.9%. The company is scheduled to issue its next quarterly earnings report on Monday, April 25th. On average, analysts expect that Luxfer will report full-year earnings of $1.38 per share for the current fiscal year, with EPS estimates ranging from $1.35 to $1.40.

For the next fiscal year, analysts forecast that the firm will report earnings of $1.60 per share.

Luxfer last released its quarterly earnings results on Sunday, February 20th. The industrial products company reported $0.28 EPS for the quarter, topping the Zacks’ consensus estimate of $0.23 by $0.05.

Luxfer had a net margin of 7.99% and a return on equity of 17.79%. During the same period in the previous year, the firm posted $0.25 earnings per share.

Zacks Investment Research lowered shares of Luxfer from a “Hold” rating to a “Sell” rating in a report on Tuesday, March 1st. B. Riley upped their target price on shares of Luxfer from $26.50 to $27.00 and gave the stock a “Buy” rating in a research report on Wednesday, February 23rd. Finally, StockNews.com downgraded shares of Luxfer from a “Strong-buy” rating to a “Buy” rating in a research report on Wednesday, March 2nd. Shares of Luxfer stock opened at $19.73 on Tuesday.

Luxfer Holdings Plc is a global producer of highly-engineered industrial materials, which specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance products for transportation, defense and emergency response, healthcare, and general industrial purposes.

Post Idea #22: Councillor

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What Does Councillor Stand For? The Free Dictionary

Mikulin, making the point softly, as if with discretion, but making it nevertheless plainly enough, as if he too were put off his guard by Razumov’s remark.

Mikulin glanced down his beard with a faint grimace; but he did not pause for long.

Razumov stared with enormous wide eyes at the side view of Councillor.

“Councillor. Mikulin threw back his head into proper focus and went on reading monotonously:”Question-Has the man well known to you, in whose rooms you remained for several hours on Monday and on whose information you have been arrested-has he had any previous knowledge of your intention to commit a political murder?

Mikulin dropped the page of foolscap, glanced down his beard, and turning to Razumov, added in an easy, explanatory tone-.

Mikulin shrugged his shoulders slightly, and Razumov got up with an effort.

Mikulin’s eyes seemed to spread all over his face and made it indistinct to Razumov’s sight.

Article About Councillor By The Free Dictionary

It is not to be seriously supposed that Razumov had actually dozed off and had dreamed in the presence of Councillor.

“Councillor. Mikulin uttered a series of broken sentences.”

“He’s Councillor. McGinty, young man,” said a voice from the group.

“I’m sorry, Councillor. I’m strange to the ways of the place.”

Monsieur de Richelieu would have said, `Five hundred crowns for the councillor.

“You know, sir, that they wished to murder that good councillor., Broussel, the father of the people?”.

In a little while the people had the whole power in their own hands, and chose annually the governor, the councillors.


A councillor is a member of a local government council in some countries.

In Finland councillor is the highest possible title of honour which can be granted by the President of Finland.

Councillor of State: the highest class of the titles of honour; granted to successful statesmen.

Councillor of Culture/Theatre Councillor/Film Councillor: granted to leading cultural figures.

Council member, councilman/councilwoman, councilor, or councillor is a title for a member of a council used in the United States.

In Australia, The Bahamas, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Botswana, Trinidad and Tobago and other parts of the Commonwealth, as well as in the Republic of Ireland, a councillor or councilor is an elected representative on a local government council.

Two types of councillor are elected in local elections held every five years in Turkey.

Councilor Vs. Counselor: What Is The Difference?

Two such words that can confuse people are councilor and counselor.

While counselor and councilor may sound the same, they refer to people in many professions that are all very different from each other.

So how do you know if you need a counselor or a councilor, counselor or councilor, and what type of counselor you may need?

While the definition of a counselor is the same for people who don’t work in the mental health field, their jobs are very different.

Take a look at the list below to learn about some of the different counseling programs that the word counselor can refer to.

A health counselor is concerned with helping people make their overall health better to improve their quality of life by developing healthier habits.

We hope that this article has helped you learn the difference between the words councilor and counselor, whether you need a councilor or counselor, and the different types of counseling available.

Counselor: Real Meaning

There is the legal counselor for when you might require legal advice, and then there is the therapist or counselor that you might seek for psychological counseling or any other problems related to your life and mental well-being.

People often get councilor and counselor confused, but only a counselor provides professional counseling.

Whether it’s to work on your marriage with a couple’s therapist going to see a grief counselor to work through the death of a loved one, or seeing an individual counselor for your mental health, therapy can help us get through difficult times.

You can visit a therapist or counselor in your local area, or you can see an online therapist or counselor if you’d prefer the convenience and ease of working with a therapist at any time in the privacy of your home.

While there may be a life coaches or a life counselor who is excellent at their jobs, due to a lack of regulation, others might not be a good life coach or counselor.

Finding a counselor is a personal experience, and each counselor is different – we’re here to help you find the right counselor for you.

A counselor can help you navigate life’s challenges, a counselor can help you navigate family difficulties, a counselor can help you feel like yourself again.

“Councilor” Vs. “Councillor”

First, councilor and councillor are exactly the same word under two variant spellings, just like the names John and Jon.

Second, it is not true that councilor “Is the US spelling”.

Do not believe everything that you’re told by meddlesome spellchecking software or even by newspaper editors: fully two thirds of American uses in the studied corpus are still the longer version.

That’s because there is no shortage of living American writers who, being from a generation that was never taught to trust programs before themselves, continue to spell such words as they were first taught to, not how some unscholarly programer programmer from some monopolistic leviathan thought they should spell things.

Post Idea #23: Misconduct

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An ambitious young lawyer is approached by an ex-lover who offers him all the evidence he needs to form a legal case against her husband, a powerful and ruthless executive of a large pharmaceutical company.

The lawyer starts the legal proceedings and continues begins an affair with the woman.

The lawyer’s boss and the executive settle the case without going to court.

The lawyer finds the woman dead in her apartment, and it appears someone is trying blackmail the executive.

The lawyer leaves the body in the apartment, but a mysterious stranger moves the body to his house moments before the police raid.

The stranger was employed by the lawyer’s boss, to kill the lawyer’s wife for the murder of the woman, because the lawyer’s boss works for the executive.

The lawyer kills the stranger, and he and his wife agree not to tell anyone about all the people they murdered.

Definition Of Misconduct By The Free Dictionary

Misconduct – bad or dishonest management by persons supposed to act on another’s behalfmanagement, direction – the act of managing something; “He was given overall management of the program”; “Is the direction of the economy a function of government?”.

Misfeasance – doing a proper act in a wrongful or injurious manner.

Malpractice – a wrongful act that the actor had no right to do; improper professional conduct; “He charged them with electoral malpractices”.

Injury – an act that causes someone or something to receive physical damage.

Infringement, violation – an act that disregards an agreement or a right; “He claimed a violation of his rights under the Fifth Amendment”.

Misconduct – behave badly; “The children misbehaved all morning”act, move – perform an action, or work out or perform; “Think before you act”; “We must move quickly”; “The governor should act on the new energy bill”; “The nanny acted quickly by grabbing the toddler and covering him with a wet towel”.

Act up, carry on – misbehave badly; act in a silly or improper way; “The children acted up when they were not bored”.

Misconduct Legal Definition Of Misconduct

MISCONDUCT. Unlawful behaviour by a person entrusted in any degree: with the administration of justice, by which the rights of the parties and the justice of the, case may have been affected.

A verdict will be set aside when any of the jury have been guilty of such misconduct, and a court will set aside an award, if it has been obtained by the misconduct of an arbitrator.

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Misconduct is a 2016 American thriller film directed by Shintaro Shimosawa in his directorial debut and written by Simon Boyes and Adam Mason.

Arthur Denning is the owner of a major pharmaceutical firm.

Back at her apartment, she shows Cahill files that she has stolen from Denning’s laptop that reveal his criminal behavior during drug trials.

Cahill uses the information from Hynes to pitch a class action lawsuit to his boss Charles Abrams which he then files as a class action suit against Denning.

At a preliminary deposition to the lawsuit, Denning suddenly settles the suit for $400 million, provided that the stolen documents are returned to him.

Abrams has been colluding with Denning for years, deliberately losing all the cases his clients brought against the pharmaceutical magnate.

Misconduct received negative reviews from film critics.

Philadelphia Restaurant And Bar

O U R S T O R Y. Misconduct is a nautical-themed bar and eatery and has been a favorite for Philadelphians for years.

Known for its burgers and sophisticated bar food, Chef Mezzina passionately takes staple comfort foods and spins them wildly and deliciously into hip, modern, mouth-watering cuisine.

HSH’S Canucks Scouting Report: One Year Later, Pearson Providing Value Based On Contract

With these two wins, the Canucks extended their winning streak to 3 games and they have now won 6 of their last 7 as they gradually continue to climb the standings.

Pro: Tanner Pearson turning it up When Tanner Pearson was signed to a 3-year contract extension almost a year ago, numerous people questioned the move, and with good reason too.

Pearson is 29 and the more ideal situation for a team in a spot like the Canucks would have been to trade him for future assets at last year’s deadline.

Con: Where is the captain? While the Canucks have been getting solid production from Tanner Pearson, JT Miller, Elias Pettersson, and a bit from Brock Boeser as of late, Bo Horvat has largely been unnoticeable.

It would be extremely beneficial for the Canucks and their playoff aspirations if Horvat can turn it up a bit offensively, particularly at 5-on-5, and help keep the Canucks in the race.

Will the Great 8 be able to achieve the record against the Canucks tomorrow night? Hopefully not.

From a Canucks perspective, an interesting thing to watch for would be how Elias Pettersson performs against the Caps.

More Privacy Breaches In Handling Of Military Sex Misconduct Settlement Deal – Vancouver Island Free Daily

The company overseeing the federal government’s $900-million settlement deal with military members who experienced sexual misconduct in uniform has admitted to more privacy breaches.

France Menard said she decided to speak up after reading a Canadian Press report last month about Epiq having inadvertently sent fellow veteran Amy Green the names, email addresses and claim numbers of dozens of other claimants.

The Department of National Defence and lawyer Jonathan Ptak, who represents some of the veterans and active service members involved in the three lawsuits settled by the government, said Epiq has since confirmed three different privacy breaches.

Those include two breaches reported by the company on Feb. 8, when The Canadian Press first asked about the information sent to Green, and another on Feb. 24, when Epiq was asked about the email sent to Menard, which she received in November.

Epiq did not confirm the number of actual or suspected breaches to The Canadian Press.

Menard and Green say they are unsatisfied with Epiq’s response, particularly given the sensitive nature of the claims and settlement deal.

The office of the privacy commissioner confirmed last week that it had received a privacy breach report, and was continuing to work with Epiq and the Defence Department to obtain more information and determine next steps.

Post Idea #24: Metabolism

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The three main purposes of metabolism are: the conversion of the energy in food to energy available to run cellular processes; the conversion of food to building blocks for proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and some carbohydrates; and the elimination of metabolic wastes.

Amino acids also contribute to cellular energy metabolism by providing a carbon source for entry into the citric acid cycle, especially when a primary source of energy, such as glucose, is scarce, or when cells undergo metabolic stress.

As a result, after long-term starvation, vertebrates need to produce ketone bodies from fatty acids to replace glucose in tissues such as the brain that cannot metabolize fatty acids.

The enzymes of fatty acid biosynthesis are divided into two groups: in animals and fungi, all these fatty acid synthase reactions are carried out by a single multifunctional type I protein, while in plant plastids and bacteria separate type II enzymes perform each step in the pathway.

Such as the bacteria Mycoplasma pneumoniae, lack all amino acid synthesis and take their amino acids directly from their hosts.

Nonessensial amino acid synthesis depends on the formation of the appropriate alpha-keto acid, which is then transaminated to form an amino acid.

The central pathways of metabolism described above, such as glycolysis and the citric acid cycle, are present in all three domains of living things and were present in the last universal common ancestor.

The Truth About Metabolism

In simple terms, metabolism is the internal process by which your body expends energy and burns calories.

Differences in metabolism speed are evident in how easy or hard it is for people to gain or lose weight.

A slow metabolism burns fewer calories, which means more get stored as fat in the body; that’s why some people have difficulty losing weight by just cutting calories.

A fast metabolism burns calories at a quicker rate, which explains why some people can eat a lot and not gain extra pounds.

You can’t entirely blame a sluggish metabolism for weight gain, says Dr. Lee.

It’s not clear how much of an effect protein has on metabolism, but studies suggest the best approach is to combine adequate protein intake with weight training, which increases muscle mass – and that also can boost metabolism.

A 2011 meta-analysis published in Obesity Reviews found that consuming about 250 milligrams of epigallocatechin gallate helped boost metabolism enough to burn an average of 100 extra calories a day.


Acetyl CoA is a molecule that lies at the hub of carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism.

As mentioned earlier, PPARα also potentially decreases glucose oxidation by increasing the expression of the PDH inhibitor, PDK4. The process of PPARα activation by fatty acids, means that an increase in fatty acid availability is met by an increase in metabolism of fatty acids.

The metabolism of amino acids occurs predominantly within the liver however, the kidney, muscles, and adipose tissues also carry out amino acid metabolism.

Following amino acid metabolism within the liver, due to its toxicity, the synthesised ammonia, cannot be simply transported in the bloodstream.

Ammonia is a by-product of protein metabolism through the transamination of amino acids and the deamination of l.-glutamate.

Metabolic diseaseMetabolic disruptionPhenylketonuriaAmino acid disorderMedium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiencyFatty acid oxidation disorderMaple syrup urine diseaseAmino acid disorderIsovaleric acidaemiaAmino acid disorderGlutaric aciduria type 1Amino acid disorderHomocystinuriaAmino acid disorderPhenylketonuria and medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency are the two most commonly inherited metabolic disorders, which affects approximately 1 in 10000 newborns in the U.K.PKU is an amino acid disorder that is caused by the deficiency of the enzyme phenylalanine hydroxylase causing an enzymatic block.

In the second step of catabolism, the BCKAD complex initiates oxidative decarboxylation of the α-ketoacids resulting in the formation of acetoacetate, acetyl CoA and succinyl CoA. The normal functioning of amino acid catabolism is essential for protein synthesis, cell signalling, and glucose metabolism.

Metabolism And Weight Loss: How You Burn Calories

Find out how metabolism affects weight, the truth behind slow metabolism and how to burn more calories.

You’ve probably heard people blame their weight on a slow metabolism, but what does that mean? Is metabolism really the culprit? And if so, is it possible to rev up your metabolism to burn more calories?

You gain weight when you eat more calories than you burn – or burn fewer calories than you eat.

While it is true that some people seem to be able to lose weight more quickly and more easily than others, everyone loses weight when they burn up more calories than they eat.

To lose weight, you need to create an energy deficit by eating fewer calories or increasing the number of calories you burn through physical activity or both.

Even activities such as gardening, washing your car and doing housework burn calories and contribute to weight loss.

Don’t look to dietary supplements for help in burning calories or weight loss.

Definition, Types, Process

Bioenergetics describes the metabolism as the biochemical pathway through which the cells obtain energy.

The processes of metabolism depend on the nutrients that get digested to produce energy.

Encompassed nutrients include various substances for the body requirements which are either in the sufficient amount or insufficient, resulting in poor health, concerning metabolism.

Eating too little quantities could slow down our metabolism and body cannot provide essential minerals.

Having proper breakfast, boost up the body’s metabolism and keeps us energetic throughout the day.

Including more organic foods like peaches, bell peppers, celery, apples, lettuce, grapes can boost up the metabolism rate in our body.

Stay tuned with BYJU’S to learn more about metabolism, its definition, types and process.

Metabolism: What It Is, How It Works And Disorders

A few people have endocrine disorders that cause their metabolism to work slower.

Many factors can affect how your metabolism functions.

Age: You lose muscle as you get older, which slows down the metabolism.

Your metabolism quickly adapts and starts using fewer calories for body functions.

Your metabolism plays a critical role in keeping your body functioning.

Certain factors like age, muscle mass and physical activity can affect how your metabolism uses calories for energy.

Drastically cutting back on calories can have a negative effect on how your metabolism works.

Metabolism: What It Does, What Affects It, And More

It can be low, high, slow, or fast, but what does it mean? Metabolism is a series of processes that control how your body creates and uses energy.

Your metabolism controls how much of that energy your body uses.

A lack of activity combined with lower energy needs creates a slow metabolism.

If you give your body too much energy in the form of calories, that energy has nowhere to go and is stored as fat.

Men tend to have less body fat and more muscle mass, so they need more calories.

Boosting your metabolism through diet and exercise will also help your body burn more calories while at rest.

Regularly moving, even on a walk around the block, boosts your metabolism to help you use excess energy, burn fat, and improve your heart health.

Post Idea #25: Metabolic disorder

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Symptoms And Causes

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Most of the disorders associated with metabolic syndrome don’t have obvious signs or symptoms.

If you know you have at least one component of metabolic syndrome, ask your doctor whether you need testing for other components of the syndrome.

Carrying too much weight, especially in your abdomen, increases your risk of metabolic syndrome.

You’re more likely to have metabolic syndrome if you had diabetes during pregnancy or if you have a family history of type 2 diabetes.

Your risk of metabolic syndrome is higher if you’ve ever had nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, polycystic ovary syndrome or sleep apnea.

A lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle may prevent the conditions that cause metabolic syndrome.

ScienceDirect Topics

Inborn metabolic disorders are caused by several genetic abnormalities that result in the abnormal accumulation of metabolites, such as the alteration in enzyme activities or the use of an alternative metabolic pathway.

Metabolic disorders can be broadly classified into inherited metabolic disorders and acquired metabolic disorders.

Abnormal metabolic function in humans causes various types of inherited metabolic disorders, such as lysosomal storage disorders, peroxisomal disorders, and metal metabolism disorders, etc.

Metabolic syndrome is the most common metabolic disorder associated with the global epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

Increasing evidence links parental nutritional status to metabolic traits in offspring, potentially providing an explanation for a subset of missing heritability in metabolic diseases.

Neonatal-onset chronic static encephalopathies are increasingly linked to genetic metabolic disease, and may have few features distinguishing them as metabolic.

Metabolic DisordersMetabolic diseases constitute a very large group of hereditary disorders with varying degrees of involvement of the CNS. Depending on the severity of the metabolic derangement, they may present perinatally, during infancy, or in some cases, even at adult age.

Inheritance: Autosomal recessive Estimated Incidence: Homocystinuria-1:200,000 Primary hypermethioninemia – unknown, very rare Abnormal Screen Result: Elevated MET Elevated MET/PHE Method of Notification: All abnormal results are called to provider of record Next Steps if Abnormal: See infant as soon as possible to ascertain health status and repeat amino acid profile on filter paper.

Inheritance: Autosomal recessive Estimated Incidence: 1:185,000 Abnormal Screen Result: Elevated LEU+ILE Elevated VAL Elevated LEU+ILE/PHE Elevated VAL/PHE Method of Notification: All abnormal results are called to provider of record Next Steps if Abnormal: Potential medical emergency! See infant as soon as possible to ascertain health status and repeat amino acid profile on filter paper.

Estimated Incidence: Unknown; thought to be very rare Abnormal Screen Result: Elevated C4DC + C5OH Elevated C5:1 Method of Notification: All abnormal results are called to provider of record Next Steps if Abnormal: See infant as soon as possible to ascertain health status and repeat acyl carnitine profile on filter paper.

Inheritance: Autosomal recessive Estimated Incidence: Unknown Abnormal Screen Result: Primary Markers Elevated C4 Elevated C5 Secondary Markers Elevated C6 Elevated C8 Elevated C10 Elevated C10:1 Elevated C12 Elevated C12:1 Elevated C14 Elevated C14:1 Elevated C16OH Method of Notification: All abnormal results are called to provider of record Next Steps if Abnormal: Potential medical emergency! See infant as soon as possible to ascertain health status and repeat acyl carnitine profile on filter paper.

Inheritance: Autosomal recessive Estimated Incidence: Unknown; thought to be more common in persons of Inuit or Hutterite origins Abnormal Screen Result: Primary High Markers Elevated C0 Elevated C0/C16 + C18 ratio Primary Low Markers Low C16 Low C18 Low C18:1 Low C18:2 Method of Notification: All abnormal results are called to provider of record Next Steps if Abnormal: Potential medical emergency! See infant as soon as possible to ascertain health status and repeat acyl carnitine profile on filter paper.

Inheritance: Autosomal recessive Estimated Incidence: Unknown Abnormal Screen Result: Primary Markers Elevated C16 Elevated C18 Informative Markers Elevated C12 Elevated C16OH Elevated C18:1 Method of Notification: All abnormal results are called to provider of record Next Steps if Abnormal: Potential medical emergency! See infant as soon as possible to ascertain health status and repeat acyl carnitine profile on filter paper.

Inheritance: Autosomal recessive Estimated Incidence: Unknown, thought to be very rare Abnormal Screen Result: Primary Markers Elevated C16 Elevated C18 Informative Markers Elevated C12 Elevated C16OH Elevated C18:1 Method of Notification: All abnormal results are called to provider of record Next Steps if Abnormal: Potential medical emergency! See infant as soon as possible to ascertain health status and repeat acyl carnitine profile on filter paper.

Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Metabolic disorders occur when these normal processes become disrupted.

Metabolic disorders can also be complications of severe diseases or conditions, including liver or respiratory failure, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and HIV/AIDS. Enormous advances have been made in the recognition and treatment of metabolic disorders.

Sometimes there are highly complex pathways that result in a metabolic disorder.

Symptoms of metabolic disorders will vary among individuals and by the type of disorder.

Some metabolic disorders result in mild symptoms that can be managed with medication and lifestyle changes, while others can cause severe and life-threatening symptoms, such as breathing problems, seizure, and organ failure.

Some inherited metabolic disorders can require long-term nutritional supplementation and treatment, while metabolic disorders that arise as a result of another disease or condition often resolve once the underlying condition is treated.

Seek prompt medical care if you are being treated for metabolic disorders but mild symptoms recur or are persistent.

Metabolic Disorders: Types, Causes, And Symptoms

Metabolic disorders are conditions that affect any aspect of metabolism.

The complexity of metabolism means there are many types of metabolic disorders.

Metabolic disorders are diverse and can affect many aspects of bodily functioning.

Metabolic disorders can have a wide range of impacts on the body.

Metabolic disorders have a wide range of treatments depending on the cause.

Metabolic disorders affect some aspects of metabolism, which can result in a range of symptoms or complications.

Genetic mutations affecting biochemical processes are the cause of many metabolic disorders.

Overview, Causes, Types, Symptoms, & Treatment

Recent epidemiological studies by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that 10% of the entire adult population in the USA suffer from metabolic disorders.

A metabolic disorder is a collective term for a group of syndromes that disrupt the normal metabolic processes in the body.

These disorders gradually lead to a metabolic block that causes a build-up of toxic molecules inside the body.

The main causes of metabolic disorders are listed below-.

Toxicity: Toxicity induced by certain compounds can damage tissues in the gastrointestinal tract, causing secondary metabolic diseases.

Lesch Nyhan syndrome: It is an inherited metabolic disorder that arises from impaired metabolism of purines, which are integral parts of DNA and RNA. Several enzymes are involved in the synthesis and recycling of purine.

This treatment method helps in reducing the symptoms of Lysosomal storage disorder.

Metabolic Disorder

A metabolic disorder is a disorder that negatively alters the body’s processing and distribution of macronutrients such as proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Metabolic disorders can happen when abnormal chemical reactions in the body alter the normal metabolic process.

Some of the symptoms that can occur with metabolic disorders are lethargy, weight loss, jaundice and seizures.

The symptoms expressed would vary with the type of metabolic disorder.

Inherited metabolic disorders are one cause of metabolic disorders, and occur when a defective gene causes an enzyme deficiency.

If a metabolic disorder is not identified early, then it may be diagnosed later in life, when symptoms appear.

In terms of pathophysiological/mechanism interactions, an abnormal gut microbioma can play a role in metabolic disorder related obesity.

Post Idea #26: Silica gel

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Silica Gel: Properties, Uses And Side Effects

By analysing silica gel structure and silica gel formula together, it is evident that silica gel has a large internal surface area that makes it a highly active and porous substance.

In medicine, the quantity of micro powder silica gel must not exceed above 2%.Selective Absorbed Silica Gel: This category of silica gel has bulk-shaped and microsphere-shaped particles whose granularity varies from 60-300 meshes and its specific surface area ranges from 300-750 m.2./g. Thus it is mainly used for absorption, separation and purification of any substance.

Though there is no silica gel reaction with water chemically, silica gel or silicon dioxide are desiccant which means it can adsorbed water on its surface due to its high porosity and wide range of surface area of adsorption.

The process of adsorption of water by silica gel is a reversible process, as the water molecules can be separated from the host by heating the silica gel crystals.

This placing packets of silica gel inside helps the absorption of extra moisture into the silica gel keeping the objects, chemicals as well as food dry and preventing decomposition action.

The stationary phase in the column chromatography is often made of silica gel particles 40-63 μm. Different chromatography uses different silica particles as the silica particles are related to the surface area.

As the water gets adsorbed on the surface of the silica gel, some minerals along with water get trapped onto the surface of the silica gel that is commonly known as ion exchange.

Silica Gel

Silica gel is often described as “Absorbing” moisture, which may be appropriate when the gel’s microscopic structure is ignored, as in silica gel packs or other products.

Material silica gel removes moisture by adsorption onto the surface of its numerous pores rather than by absorption into the bulk of the gel.

Silica gel may also be used to keep the relative humidity inside a high frequency radio or satellite transmission system waveguide as low as possible.

Silica gel is also used to dry the air in industrial compressed air systems.

In column chromatography, the stationary phase is most often composed of silica gel particles of 40-63 μm. Different particle sizes are used for different kinds of column chromatography as the particle size is related to surface area.

The hydroxy groups on the surface of silica can be functionalized to afford specialty silica gels that exhibit unique stationary phase parameters.

Crystalline silica dust can cause silicosis, but synthetic amorphous silica gel is indurated so does not cause silicosis.

ScienceDirect Topics

Silica gel can be defined as a coherent, rigid three-dimensional network of contiguous particles of colloidal silica, which can be prepared by the polymerization of silicic acid or by the aggregation of particles of colloidal silica.

In contrast, silica gel is easier to reduction can be heated to as low as 150°C, while zeolite must be heated to about 350°C. Due to these properties, silica gel is used in environments where a low temperature, moderate water vapor pressure, and high adsorption capacity are required.

Silica gel with small pores is obtained in acidic media, while wide-pore silica gel is formed in weakly alkaline media.

There are some specific parameters that characterize the silica gel used for TLC:.Particle size distribution: As silica gels are produced by grinding rather large granules, irregularly broken particles with a rather wide particle size distribution are obtained.

Pore diameter, specific pore volume: A controlled, macroporous silica can be obtained by hydrolytic polycondensation of polyethoxysiloxane, while silica gel structure modification results from thermal or rather hydrothermal treatment.

Aluminas as adsorbents applied in TLC have the general formula Al2O3 which has been used for a long time in column LC and has been the next most widely used adsorbent in TLC after silica gel.

Linked CD to silica gel via a diamino linkage (Figure 3(a.25 Subsequently, amide26 (Figure 3(b and carbamate27 (Figure 3(c linkages were used to couple CD to silica gel.

What Happens If You Eat Silica Gel? The Risks And Treatments

Silica gel is a drying agent that often comes in the form of small, clear beads or clear rock crystals placed in small packets made of paper or cloth.

Silica gel packets can be found in a wide range of products, such as food, clothing, and electronics.

Silica gel packets are frequently labeled with “Do not eat” because of the risk of choking.

Desiccant silica gel packets are put in store-bought products to prevent damage due to humidity.

Manufacturers frequently label packets “Do not eat” because poison control centers have reported increases in incidences of people accidentally eating silica gel packets.

Children can mistake silica gel for food or candy and eat either the silica gel or the entire packet.

Adults sometimes mistake silica gel packets for the salt or sugar packets commonly found in takeout food.

Silica Gel

Silica gel is a drying agent, meant to remove moisture from an enclosed space.

Silica gel packs may be found in boxes containing electronics or new shoes and inside purses or medicine bottles.

The packets contain either granular silicic acid, which resembles sand, or tiny gel beads.

Silica gel is non-toxic, meaning that it is not poisonous if eaten.

The whole packet, granules, or beads may become lodged in the throat of a small child or animal.

When bringing new items such as shoes, purses, or electronics into the house, look for silica gel packets and throw them away immediately.

Before disposing of a silica gel packet, break it open, so it cannot be swallowed whole.

What Is Silica Gel And What Are The Advantages

Formed from silicon dioxide, silica gel is amorphous and produced synthetically into granules that are hard.

Since their micro-porous makeup has cavities that are interlocking, the gel has an extremely high area of surface, it makes for a perfect desiccant of high capacity.

Since silica gel is non-toxic, odorless, and non-corrosive, it provides premium large volume desiccant dryers with lower energy costs.

Once the gel adsorbs the moisture, it will remain unchanged physically.

For gel that is self-indicating, an additive is added to the basic gel so that it change color upon the adsorption of water.

A self-indicating silica gel allows for a visual indication of the level of activity that is taking place.

Dryers have two cylinders that are connected by a valve system and contain a desiccant material like silica gel.

7 Surprising Uses For Silica Gel Packets

Did you notice a small white bag in the box with your last purchase? Though they look deceivingly like little salt sachets, they are actually silica gel packets.

That is why the most common use for silica gel is found in storing and transporting goods: Manufacturers use silica gel to keep goods from spoiling, molding, or degrading due to humidity.

Did You Know: Though silica gel packets usually say “Do Not Eat” – the gel is not poisonous.

Tip: Collect silica gel packets in an airtight container and leave them in a dark and dry space so that you always have a small supply when needed.

Drying Cell Phones: place your wet phone in a container filled with silica gel packets as soon as possible and the gel will gradually remove the moisture from the device.

Minimizing Odors: pop a few silica gel packets into reusable shopping bags, sports bags, or shoes to counteract the development of bacteria and fungi which causes musty smells.

There aren’t just many handy uses for silica gel – the packets can even be used over and over again, even after they have become saturated with moisture.

Post Idea #27: Silicon dioxide

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Silicon Dioxide

Silicon dioxide, also known as silica, is an oxide of silicon with the chemical formula SiO2, most commonly found in nature as quartz and in various living organisms.

Notable examples include fused quartz, fumed silica, silica gel, and aerogels.

Silica fume is an ultrafine powder collected as a by-product of the silicon and ferrosilicon alloy production.

Thin films of silica grow spontaneously on silicon wafers via thermal oxidation, producing a very shallow layer of about 1 nm or 10 of so-called native oxide.

Many routes to silicon dioxide start with an organosilicon compound, e.g., HMDSO, TEOS. Synthesis of silica is illustrated below using tetraethyl orthosilicate.

The chemical vapor deposition of silicon dioxide onto crystal surface from silane had been used using nitrogen as a carrier gas at 200-500 °C. Silica is converted to silicon by reduction with carbon.

The solubility of silicon dioxide in water strongly depends on its crystalline form and is three-four times higher for silica than quartz; as a function of temperature, it peaks around 340 °C. This property is used to grow single crystals of quartz in a hydrothermal process where natural quartz is dissolved in superheated water in a pressure vessel that is cooler at the top.

What Is Silicon Dioxide And Is It Safe? Uses, Risks And Benefits

What is silicon dioxide exactly, and is it safe? Also known as silica, this compound exists in nature in the form of certain minerals and is also man-made in labs to be used in foods, supplements and cosmetics.

The type found in our food supply has been shown to be safe in studies, however ongoing exposure to certain types of silicon dioxide can pose a risk to people who work in mining, construction and steel industries.

What is silicon dioxide made of? It’s composed of a combination of silicon and oxygen, which is why it has the chemical formula SiO2.

Synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide is the type most often used as a food additive.

Is silicon dioxide safe to consume? The FDA considers silicon dioxide in food to be generally safe for human consumption, as long as it’s consumed in small amounts.

Is silicon dioxide a carcinogen? There isn’t evidence that the type used in foods contributes to cancer formation.

Is silicon dioxide safe to ingest? Experts believe that silicon dioxide side effects are rare and that consuming this food additive poses minimal risk.

Silicon Dioxide: Definition, Safety, And Effects

Silicon dioxide is a natural chemical mix of silicon and oxygen that has uses in many food products as an anticaking agent.

Silicon dioxide is generally safe as a food additive, though some agencies are calling for stricter guidelines about the quality and characteristics of the silicon dioxide found in foods.

Studies about the side effects of using silicon dioxide in food have found it to be of little risk to human health.

Silicon dioxide, or silica, is a combination of silicon and oxygen, two very abundant, naturally occurring materials.

In animal models, researchers noted no accumulation of silicon after the animals repeatedly ate silica.

While most people think standard silicon dioxide is generally safe, the EFSA have expressed concerns about using silica nanoparticles in food, as there are no long-term safety studies.

The EFSA note that even after administering very high doses of up to 9,000 milligrams of silica per kilogram of body weight, no adverse effects appeared.

Structure, Properties, Uses Of SiO2

What is Silicon Dioxide? SiO2 is an oxide of silicon with a chemical name Silicon Dioxide.

SiO2Uses Silicon Dioxide is used in the construction industry to produce concrete.

Used in the production of produce elemental silicon.

Silica gets converted to silicon by reducing with carbon.

Fluorine when reacted with silicon dioxide it produces SiF4 and O2. Silicon dioxide reacts with hydrofluoric acid to produce hexafluorosilicic acid.

SiO2 + 6HF H2SiF6 + 2H2O. In silicon dioxide each Si atom is surrounded by 4 oxygen atom and each oxygen atom is bonded to 2 silicon atom.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs.What are the uses of silicon dioxide?How is silicon dioxide produced?Is silicon dioxide toxic?What is the function of silicon dioxide?Is SiO2 linear or tetrahedral?

Silicon Dioxide: What It Is, Side Effects, And Health Benefits!

Considering that silica is not well known, we will explain some of the side effects of consuming silicon dioxide supplements, the benefits, and how much you should consume.

As you will see later on, silicon dioxide is used for weak bones, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, hair loss, heart diseases, and increasing bone strength.

Some of the side effects related to consuming silicon dioxide are kidney stones.

Exposure to silicon dioxide has been linked with small vessel vasculitis, autoimmune diseases, kidney damage, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Finally, let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of silicon dioxide.

Silicon dioxide has a long history of usage in the food industry without any side effects.

The FDA recommends that silicon dioxide should not exceed 2% of a food’s total weight.

Silicon Dioxide: The Shocking Truth About This Food Additive

Wait, what? What is silicon dioxide, and why is it in your seasonings? Is silicon dioxide harmful, and should you be sprinkling it onto your food?

Silicon dioxide is an additive that’s frequently used in seasonings, medicines, supplements and foods like cereals.

Beets, alfalfa, sunflower seeds, celery, cucumber and apples all contain silicon dioxide.

The most common use of silicon dioxide in your food is as an anti-clumping agent.

The US Food and Drug Administration has recognized silicon dioxide as safe for human consumption.

Everything should be consumed in moderation, and in the same was as you wouldn’t swallow a bottle of potassium pills, nor should you eat silicon dioxide in large quantities.

The additive is safe to eat, and you can rest assured that you won’t fall ill by eating silicon dioxide.

Is Silicon Dioxide Safe?

As with many food additives, consumers often have concerns about silicon dioxide as an additive.

While many of the studies on silica have been done on animals, researchers have found no link between the food additive silicon dioxide and increased risk of cancer, organ damage, or death.

Studies have found no evidence that silicon dioxide as an additive in food can affect reproductive health, birth weight, or bodyweight.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has also recognized silicon dioxide as a safe food additive.

In 2018, the European Food Safety Authority urged the European Union to impose stricter guidelines on silicon dioxide until further research could be done.

This paper found the only negative health effects related to silicon dioxide have been caused by silicon deficiency.

Though the research so far suggests there aren’t many risks associated with silicon dioxide ingestion, the FDA has set upper limits on its consumption: Silicon dioxide shouldn’t exceed 2 percent of a food’s total weight.

Post Idea #28: Bank of America

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Banking, Credit Cards, Loans And Merrill Investing

Select Your Device *iPhoneiPadAndroidOtherGet it on the App StoreBefore you leave our site, we want you to know your app store has its own privacy practices and level of security which may be different from ours, so please review their policies.

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Bank Of America Financial Centers And ATMs

Select Your Device *iPhoneiPadAndroidOther Get it on the App Store Before you leave our site, we want you to know your app store has its own privacy practices and level of security which may be different from ours, so please review their policies.

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Banking, Credit Cards, Loans And Merrill Investing

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‘Black Panther’ Director Was Falsely Accused Of Robbery At Bank Of America. It’S Eerily Similar To A Black Lawyer’S Experience.

Oscar-nominated ‘Black Panther’ director Ryan Coogler was falsely accused of being a bank robber and was detained by police after trying to withdraw his own money from Bank of America.

It’s eerily similar to the story of a Black lawyer, who was also accused of being a thief when he tried to withdraw money from his own bank account at a California branch last year.

Bank of America does not have a public policy about customer dress codes in their banks, and does not post signs instructing customers to remove sunglasses or hooded sweatshirts in their various locations.

The teller’s comments about black hats and sunglasses raising suspicions as part of the bank’s security protocols is not reflective of Bank of America’s wider stance on customer dress code requirements, a company source, who wished to remain anonymous, told Fortune.

Bank of America was also fined $2 million for race discrimination in 2013, after a judge found that the bank “Applied unfair and inconsistent selection criteria resulting in the rejection of qualified African American applicants for teller and entry-level clerical and administrative positions,” according the U.S. Department of Labor.

In 2019, a Bank of America employee refused to open a joint bank account for an African-American woman, Robyn Murphy, and her son, Jason, at the Owings Mills branch, because the son’s social security number was allegedly fraudulent, despite Jason already having a checking account and having previously used his social security number without issue, as reported by the New York Times.

While Bank of America is facing backlash on Twitter over alleged racial profiling, the teller who alerted her manager that Coogler was trying to rob the bank branch in the Buckhead section of Atlanta was Black.

Bank Of America Mistakes “Black Panther” Director For Robber, Calls Police

Ryan Coogler, the director of Marvel and Disney’s iconic 2018 film Black Panther, was handcuffed in Atlanta after he tried to withdraw money from his own bank account.

Coogler was at a Bank Of America location on January 7, 2022, trying to withdraw US$12,000 from his checking account.

Despite him having a valid bank account number, his ID, and a working debit card, the teller called the cops on the filmmaker for “Attempted robbery.” He was escorted out, handcuffed, and was made to sit in the back of a police car without his phone.

Police draw firearm on Marvel’s Black Panther director Ryan Coogler before pulling out the handcuffs.

Bank of America employee says “Good Job Officer” as they take him out! pic.

Police noted on the case say that officers arrived outside the bank and saw a black Lexus with a man and a woman inside.

The report further states that it was later determined that Bank Of America was at fault, and “Mr. Coogler was never in the wrong” and police apologized for the mistake made by Bank Of America.

Stock Market Outlook: Buy The Dip During War, Says BofA

Stock Market Outlook: Buy the Dip During War, Says BofA Home Chevron iconIt indicates an expandable section or menu, or sometimes previous / next navigation options.

NEWS Chevron iconIt indicates an expandable section or menu, or sometimes previous / next navigation options.

Bank Of America Mobile Banking On The App Store

Bank conveniently and securely with the Bank of America® Mobile Banking app for U.S.-based accounts.

Securely send and receive money with Zelle® using a U.S. mobile number or email address¹ Transfer funds between your Bank of America accounts.

Get cash back with BankAmeriDeals® when you use your eligible Bank of America credit/debit cards.

With our Mobile Banking Security Guarantee, you’re not liable for fraudulent transactions when reported promptly⁴.

Transfers require enrollment and must be made from a Bank of America consumer checking or savings account to a domestic bank account or debit card.

You’re not liable for fraudulent Mobile Banking transactions when you notify the bank within 60 days of the transaction first appearing on your statement and comply with security responsibilities.

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated makes available certain investment products sponsored, managed, distributed or provided by companies that are affiliates of Bank of America Corporation.

Post Idea #29: Compass Minerals

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Compass Minerals

Compass Minerals produces salt, plant nutrients and magnesium chloride for distribution primarily in North America.

We also provide secure records storage in a retired mine in the U.K. Products from Compass Minerals serve a variety of applications in industrial, agricultural, commercial and consumer markets.

Compass Minerals

Compass Minerals also produces consumer de-icing and water conditioning products, consumer and commercial culinary salt, and other mineral-based products for consumer, agricultural, and industrial applications.

Compass Minerals is the largest rock salt producer in North America and the U.K. It operates underground salt mines at Goderich, Ontario, the largest salt mine in the world with an annual capacity of 9 million tons; Cote Blanche, Louisiana, with annual capacity of 3.4 million tons; and Winsford, Cheshire, United Kingdom, with annual capacity of 1.5 million tons.

Compass Minerals is a leading producer of mechanically evaporated salt in North America.

At the Great Salt Lake near Ogden, Utah, Compass Minerals draws naturally occurring brine out of the lake into shallow ponds and allows solar evaporation to produce salt, sulfate of potash and magnesium chloride.

Compass Minerals operates two business segments, Salt and Plant Nutrition.

Compass Minerals’ Salt Segment mines, produces, processes and distributes sodium chloride and magnesium chloride in North America and the U.K. The segment’s largest business is highway deicing, which primarily sells bulk rock salt to states, provinces, counties, municipalities and road maintenance contractors for ice control on public roadways.

The salt segment also includes consumer and industrial product lines, which includes pure sodium chloride and blended products containing magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and potassium chloride for applications such as consumer and professional deicing, water conditioning, culinary salt, animal nutrition, swimming pool minerals, and industrial applications.

Where Compass Minerals Intl Stands With Analysts

Over the past 3 months, 5 analysts have published their opinion on Compass Minerals Intl stock.

These analysts are typically employed by large Wall Street banks and tasked with understanding a company’s business to predict how a stock will trade over the upcoming year.

According to 5 analyst offering 12-month price targets in the last 3 months, Compass Minerals Intl has an average price target of $56.4 with a high of $73.00 and a low of $51.00.

Below is a summary of how these 5 analysts rated Compass Minerals Intl over the past 3 months.

The greater the number of bullish ratings, the more positive analysts are on the stock and the greater the number of bearish ratings, the move negative analysts are on the stock.

Analysts may attend company conference calls and meetings, research company financial statements, and communicate with insiders to publish “Analyst ratings” for stocks.

Analysts typically rate each stock once per quarter.

Why Compass Minerals International Is Plunging Today

Shares of Compass Minerals International tumbled more than 21% by 10:30 p.m. EST on Tuesday.

Compass Minerals had to taper its salt production during the third quarter to manage inventory levels and volumes lost to Hurricane Ida.

Compass Minerals also unveiled an updated capital allocation plan.

One of the company’s major investment initiatives is lithium.

Compass Mineral continues to invest in developing a sustainable lithium resource on the Great Salt Lake, aiming to enter the commercial market with a battery-grade lithium product by 2025.

Compass Minerals battled production headwinds during the third quarter, which impacted its financial results.

On top of that, it slashed its dividend by nearly 80% to invest in high-growth opportunities, including lithium.

Compass Minerals International Inc. Stock Quote

Inc. engages in the production of salt, plant nutrients, and magnesium chloride for distribution in North America.

The Salt segment offers products for use in road deicing and dust control, food processing, water softeners, and agricultural and industrial applications.

The Plant Nutrition North America segment produces and markets sulfate of potash crop nutrients, industrial-grade SOP and micronutrients.

The Plant Nutrition South America segment manufactures specialty plant nutrition solution-based products that are used in direct soil and foliar applications.

The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Overland Park, KS..

Post Idea #30: Donald F. Colleran

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Richard W. Smith Will Become The Next President Of FedEx Express

Richard W. Smith will become the next president of FedEx Express, replacing Donald F. Colleran, who plans to retire Dec. 31, the company announced on Thursday afternoon.

Smith is the son of FedEx founder Fred Smith and has held various jobs in the company since joining in 2005.

The news release says Richard Smith will become president and CEO-elect of FedEx Express on April 1 and will assume full duties on Sept. 1.

FEDEX NEWS: Fifty years ago, FedEx was incorporated.

FedEx Express is one of five operating companies under the larger FedEx umbrella.

Raj Subramaniam is president and COO of the larger FedEx Corp. Fred Smith, the founder, still holds the title of chairman and CEO. “Richard has a deep understanding of our business and has played a pivotal role in many of our most important initiatives, including our electric vehicle strategy and our life-saving vaccine distribution efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic,” Subramaniam said in a statement.

This article originally appeared on Memphis Commercial Appeal: Richard W. Smith will become the next president of FedEx Express.

FedEx Express Chief To Retire; Richard Smith Will Take Over

Richard W. Smith will become president and CEO-elect of FedEx Express following the announcement Thursday, March 10, that Donald F. Colleran will retire effective Dec. 31, 2022.

Rob Moore Rob Moore is an Arkansas native who moved to Memphis to attend the University of Memphis.

He holds a B.A. and an M.A. in English.

FedEx Founder’S Son To Take Reins Of Flagship Division

FedEx Corp. said late Thursday that Richard W. Smith, the son of FedEx founder, Chairman and CEO Frederick W. Smith, will become president and CEO of FedEx Express, the company’s air and international unit and what is still its core business.

Smith will succeed Donald F. Colleran, who will retire on Dec. 31 after 33 years with the Memphis, Tennessee-based company.

Smith will become the unit’s president and CEO-elect on April 1 and take over full duties on Sept. 1.

The younger Smith currently serves as the unit’s regional president of the Americas and executive vice president of global support.

He joined FedEx in 2005 and has held numerous high-level positions at the company.

Colleran joined FedEx in 1989 after it acquired air cargo carrier Flying Tigers the prior year.

FedEx Express, the business that built the company’s legendary brand, today generates more than half of the parent’s annual revenue.

Donald F. Colleran

Colleran began his FedEx career in 1989 as an international sales manager in Philadelphia.

In 1992, he moved to Tokyo and began a 12-year global career in international sales and operations management.

While in Tokyo, Colleran became managing director of sales, North Pacific region, and in 1997 was named vice president, sales, for the Asia-Pacific region, headquartered in Hong Kong.

In 2000, Colleran was promoted to president, FedEx Canada, and remained in that capacity for three years before being named senior vice president, international sales, and moving to Memphis.

In 2006, he was named executive vice president of global sales and solutions of FedEx Services.

A native of Massachusetts, Colleran earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of New Hampshire.

He is also a member of the American Chamber of Commerce and has been recognized as one of the Irish America magazine Business 100.

FedEx Express President And CEO Donald F. Colleran To Retire December 31, 2022

FedEx Corp. announced today that Donald F. Colleran, president and CEO, FedEx Express, will retire effective Dec. 31, 2022, after a distinguished nearly 40-year career at FedEx.

Richard W. Smith, regional president of the Americas and executive vice president of global support, will succeed Colleran as president and CEO of FedEx Express.

Colleran has served in several key leadership roles at FedEx since he joined from Flying Tigers in its acquisition by FedEx in 1989.

He assumed his current role as president and CEO of FedEx Express in 2019.

Richard W. Smith will become president and CEO-elect of FedEx Express on April 1, 2022, and will assume full duties on Sept. 1, 2022.

Colleran will remain at FedEx Express as the CEO Executive Advisor through the end of December to help ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities.

He previously served as the president and CEO of FedEx Logistics, and in a series of leadership positions in life sciences, healthcare, and customer solutions, including serving as vice president of global trade services and managing director of life sciences and specialty services.

Donald F. Colleran Net Worth, Biography & Insider Trading History

FedEx Corp. is a holding company, which engages in the provision of a portfolio of transportation, e-commerce, and business services.

The FedEx Express segment consists of domestic and international shipping services for delivery of packages and freight.

The FedEx Ground segment focuses on small-package ground delivery services.

The FedEx Freight segment offers less-than-truckload freight services across all lengths of haul.

The FedEx Services segment provides sales, marketing, information technology, communications, customer service, technical support, billing and collection services, and certain back-office functions.

The Corporate, Other & Eliminations segment includes corporate headquarters costs for executive officers and certain legal and finance functions, as well as certain other costs and credits not attributed to the firm’s core business.

FedEx Express President And CEO Donald F. Colleran To Retire December 31, 2022

Memphis, Tenn.-(ANTARA/Business Wire)- FedEx Corp. announced today that Donald F. Colleran, president and CEO, FedEx Express, will retire effective Dec. 31, 2022, after a distinguished nearly 40-year career at FedEx.

Richard W. Smith, regional president of the Americas and executive vice president of global support, will succeed Colleran as president and CEO of FedEx Express.

Colleran has served in several key leadership roles at FedEx since he joined from Flying Tigers in its acquisition by FedEx in 1989.

He assumed his current role as president and CEO of FedEx Express in 2019.

Richard W. Smith will become president and CEO-elect of FedEx Express on April 1, 2022, and will assume full duties on Sept. 1, 2022.

Colleran will remain at FedEx Express as the CEO Executive Advisor through the end of December to help ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities.

He previously served as the president and CEO of FedEx Logistics, and in a series of leadership positions in life sciences, healthcare, and customer solutions, including serving as vice president of global trade services and managing director of life sciences and specialty services.

Post Idea #31: Frederick W. Smith

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Frederick W. Smith

Frederick Wallace Smith is an American business magnate and investor.

Frederick Smith was born in Marks, Mississippi, the son of James Frederick “Fred” Smith, the founder of the Toddle House restaurant chain and the Smith Motor Coach Company.

While Smith was Bush’s first choice for the position, he declined for medical reasons – Donald Rumsfeld was named instead. Although Smith was friends with both 2004 major candidates, John Kerry and George W. Bush, Smith chose to endorse Bush’s re-election in 2004.

While CEO of FedEx in 2008, Frederick W. Smith earned a total compensation of $10,434,589, which included a base salary of $1,430,466, a cash bonus of $2,705,000, stocks granted of $0, and options granted of $5,461,575.

In 2009, Frederick W. Smith earned a total compensation of $7,740,658, which included a base salary of $1,355,028, a cash bonus of $0, stocks granted of $0, options granted of $5,079,191, and other compensation totaling $1,306,439.

A warrant for Smith’s arrest was issued for which Smith posted bond with federal authorities in Memphis.

Smith has ten children, including photographer Windland Smith Rice, film producer Molly Smith and Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith.

Frederick W. Smith

Smith is responsible for providing strategic direction for all FedEx operating companies: FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Services, which includes FedEx Office, FedEx Logistics, and FedEx Dataworks.

FedEx operations include 689 aircraft, more than 200,000 vehicles, and more than 5,200 operating facilities.

FedEx has been widely acknowledged for its commitment to total quality service.

FedEx has been recognized by Time Magazine as one of the “Time100 Most Influential Companies” and has consistently been ranked on FORTUNE magazine’s industry lists, including “100 Best Companies to Work For” and “World’s Most Admired Companies.”

Smith is a trustee for the Center for Strategic and International Studies and a member of both the Business Council and Business Roundtable.

Smith has received several honorary degrees and numerous civic, academic, and business awards including the Global Leadership Award from the U.S.-India Business Council; the George C. Marshall Foundation Award; the Atlantic Council’s Distinguished Business Leadership Award; the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy; and the Circle of Honor Award from the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation.

Smith is a member of the Aviation Hall of Fame and the Business Hall of Fame.

Academy Of Achievement

Frederick Smith: There were several people who profoundly affected me.

Frederick Smith: First and foremost is our corporate philosophy, which we call PSP: People, Service, Profit.

Our “People, Service, Profit” philosophy insists that our people be treated fairly.

That’s what it’s all about, giving people good jobs and we try to have a lot of fun.

Secondarily, I’ve been very interested in the people who I work with being successful as well.

There are a lot of good lessons in history, and other peoples’ experiences in the past, that could be exactly the solution to the problem you’re looking for.

Very few people in the history of the world have ever had that enormous opportunity.

Frederick W. Smith Net Worth 2022: Wiki, Married, Family, Wedding, Salary, Siblings

A famous businessman, how rich is Fred Smith? Smith is a billionaire whose net worth reaches $4.7 billion, as reported by sources in early 2016.

His successful business ventures have enabled him to amass this incredible wealth; Smith was ranked as 171 on Forbes 400 list, and 144 on the list of billionaires in the US in 2015.Fred Smith Net Worth $4.7 Billion.

Smith’s father, who also went by the name of Fred Smith, was a self-made millionaire, the owner of the restaurant chain Toddle House and the Smith Motor Coach Company, which later became part of the Greyhound Bus Lines company.

While there, Smith wrote a paper which outlined his idea for a company offering overnight package delivery services across the USA. This was the idea that later brought Smith huge success.

Eventually, he expanded the company into buying and selling corporate jets, which became very successful, with the company’s annual revenues being around $9 million, which boosted Smith’s net worth.

In his personal life, in 1969 Smith married Linda Black Grisham with whom he had two children before they divorced in 1977.

Smith has been married to Diane Avis since, with whom he has eight children.

Biography & Facts

Frederick W. Smith, in full Frederick Wallace Smith, byname Fred Smith,, American business executive who founded Federal Express, one of the largest express-delivery companies in the world.

As a child, the younger Smith suffered from Legg-Calvé-Perthes syndrome, a potentially crippling disease.

After graduating in 1966, Smith served two tours with the U.S. Marines during the Vietnam War.

In 1971 Smith became the founding president of Federal Express, an express-delivery service that he envisioned as an integrated system of airplanes and trucks.

Smith reportedly kept the business afloat with money he won playing blackjack in Las Vegas.

Under Smith’s direction-he held various positions within the business-Federal Express began offering intercontinental services in 1984, and by the early 21st century the company operated in some 220 countries.

Smith oversaw the acquisition of Kinko’s, which eventually became FedEx Office, and the rebranding of the company as FedEx.

Frederick W. Smith Net Worth, Biography & Insider Trading History

FedEx Corp. is a holding company, which engages in the provision of a portfolio of transportation, e-commerce, and business services.

The FedEx Express segment consists of domestic and international shipping services for delivery of packages and freight.

The FedEx Ground segment focuses on small-package ground delivery services.

The FedEx Freight segment offers less-than-truckload freight services across all lengths of haul.

The FedEx Services segment provides sales, marketing, information technology, communications, customer service, technical support, billing and collection services, and certain back-office functions.

The Corporate, Other & Eliminations segment includes corporate headquarters costs for executive officers and certain legal and finance functions, as well as certain other costs and credits not attributed to the firm’s core business.

10 Things You Didn’T Know About FedEx CEO Frederick Smith

FedEx is the dream come true for Frederick Smith who founded and served as their Chairman and CEO, leading the well known delivery company into a high period of productivity.

He’s a savvy business man, but how much do we know about him? We checked into Fred Smith’s personal and business life to highlight this extraordinary CEO and found 10 interesting things that you probably didn’t know about him, to share.

Smith was born Frederick Wallace Smith, after his father, on August 11 of 1944 in Marks, Mississippi.

Although it’s obvious that he inherited his father’s business savvy, sadly, his dad passed away when Smith was just 4 years old.

Frederick Smith played the part of himself in the blockbuster film “Cast Away,” released in 2000.

Right after Fred Smith graduated from college in 1966, he enlisted in the military.

Fred Smith started a small recording studio called Ardent Records while he was still a high school student.

Post Idea #32: South by Southwest

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SXSW 2022: South By Southwest Conference & Festivals

Bringing thousands of visitors to Austin each March, SXSW is one of the world’s premier events showcasing music, film and interactive media.

Check out our guide to plan your 2022 SXSW experience.

SXSW 2022 will also be a hybrid event with an online component.

The event features Conference sessions, Film Festival screenings, Music Festival showcases, world-class Exhibitions, networking opportunities, competitions, awards ceremonies, and much more.

All SXSW Badges gain access to SXSW Online, the digital event component which includes live streamed content from Conference sessions to the iconic film and music festivals as well as unique networking opportunities and much more.

Each year, the greatest minds from around the globe converge at the SXSW Conference.

During the 29th annual SXSW Film Festival, thousands of fans, filmmakers, press, and industry leaders will have the opportunity to experience film screenings, sessions, meetups and special events.

South By Southwest

An aspiring actor comes to LA to search for his former girlfriend only to be terrorized by a trio of thugs searching for diamonds hidden in a calculus textbook they believe is in his apartme… Read allAn aspiring actor comes to LA to search for his former girlfriend only to be terrorized by a trio of thugs searching for diamonds hidden in a calculus textbook they believe is in his apartment.

An aspiring actor comes to LA to search for his former girlfriend only to be terrorized by a trio of thugs searching for diamonds hidden in a calculus textbook they believe is in his apartment.

South By Southwest

Annual festival held in Austin, Texas, U.S. South by Southwest, abbreviated as SXSW and colloquially referred to as South By, is an annual conglomeration of parallel film, interactive media, and music festivals and conferences organized jointly that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas, United States.

In addition to the three main South by Southwest festivals, the company runs other conferences: SXSW EDU, a conference on educational innovation, held in Austin, and the me Convention, held in Frankfurt, Germany and in Stockholm, Sweden, in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz.

Previously, SXSW produced music festivals North by Northwest in Portland, Oregon, North by Northeast in Toronto, and West by Southwest in Tucson, Arizona.

In 1995, the SXSW Film and Multimedia Conference was split into two separate events, “SXSW Film” and “SXSW Multimedia”.

The SXSW Gaming section introduced its SXSW Gaming Awards to recognize achievement in video and other types of gaming, which has continued through future SXSW festivals.

On March 24, the winners of the 2020 SXSW Gaming Awards were announced on the SXSW website, and the honorees recorded acceptance messages for the SXSW YouTube channel and website.

On October 3, 2016, a one-day festival, called “South by South Lawn”, was held at the White House; it was a collaboration between SXSW, US President Barack Obama, and the American Film Institute.

AUSTIN, Texas, March 10, 2022 – TrendiTech Inc., Canada’s robotics start-up focused on innovative food waste and upcycling solutions, serves as an official sponsor of South by Southwest 2022 and will have a presence at various events throughout the conference.

Attendees are invited to learn about Trendi’s food waste technology, taste samples of upcycled drinks, engage in a food waste video games and AR activation, and meet Co-Founder and CMO Carissa Campeotto.

In addition to hosting and participating in official sponsored SXSW events, Trendi is focused on securing commitments to The Pledge to Stop Food Waste.

The Pledge is intended to make food waste reduction part of a lifestyle, to raise awareness, introduce food wasters to innovative solutions, and encourage more long-term, sustainable operations.

The event will feature a mobile game tournament and AR activation to encourage conversation and sharing about food waste issues.

Campeotto will discuss the brand’s innovative robotics technology and roadmap to reducing food waste at its source.

Its mission is to rescue misfit and excess food at the source and upcycle them into nutritious shelf-stable products for human consumption – making healthy plant-based foods more accessible.

Film About Life And Career Of Astros Icon Nolan Ryan To Premiere At South By Southwest Festival

Inspired by another sports icon, Houston native Bradley Jackson was driven to direct a film about Texas legend Nolan Ryan.

Born and raised in Houston with Ryan as his childhood hero, worked with a pair of collaborators to formulate a pitch to the Ryan family.

Just more than a year later, after a nudge from Nolan’s wife Ruth, Facing Nolan, a documentary about the life and career of Ryan will premiere at the South by Southwest film festival Saturday.

“(Jackson) ended up creating a film that, whether you’re a diehard baseball fan or you’re somebody that doesn’t know anything about Ryan, you’re going to find the story interesting,” Reid Ryan, Nolan’s son and an executive producer on ‘Facing Nolan’ explained.

“He really was sort of the last kind of a class of players that came up with depression-era parents that had incredible work ethic. His Texas roots and who he was on the field represented a lot of people in the way they live their life in this state, and I think that Nolan Ryan the Texan and the baseball player are synonymous with one another.”

“Nolan Ryan might be the main character of this film, but his wife, Ruth, and their family are the true engine behind the Ryan Express,” Jackson noted.

‘ “I think we put the team together that really told a story that is the true Nolan Ryan – one that’s interesting, first class – and the editing and cinematography is incredible. I don’t want to ruin it for people, but it’s just a very well made film and I think whatever people’s expectations are when they go in and see it it’s going to exceed them.”

South By Southwest Fast Facts

It is nicknamed “South by” and abbreviated SXSW. March 11-20, 2022 – The South by Southwest conference and festivals are scheduled to take place.

March 16-20, 2021 – The South by Southwest conference and festivals take place online only due to the ongoing pandemic.

The economic impact on the Austin economy from SXSW in 2019 was $355.9 million.

1993 – SXSW moves to the Austin Convention Center in downtown Austin, where it is currently held.

1994 – SXSW Film and Multimedia Conference is launched, joining the music segment.

2010 – SXSW Interactive attendance exceeds SXSW Music for the first time; 14,251 Interactive registrants and 13,020 Music registrants.

2017 – For the first time, SXSW is a unified event with 24 tracks across Interactive, Film, Music and Convergence, open to all badge holders via primary and secondary access.

Festival & Parking Info

Two onsite parking garages offer more than 1,600 parking spaces.

While hosting events like the South by Southwest festival, it is nearly impossible to find onsite parking.

The onsite parking gets full quickly during festivals or events.

The parking rate depends on the parking lot you choose near the venue.

Getting parking at the South by Southwest venue can cost you between $2 and $25 for an hour’s parking.

These lots offer round-the-clock security, contactless parking, and more amenities! Book via the Way.com app or website to get parking near Austin Convention Center or Austin parking for affordable rates.

The festival will take place from March 11-20 at the Austin Convention Center.

Post Idea #33: Refrigeration

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All of these scenarios increased the demands for modern refrigeration and manufactured ice.

The most common types of refrigeration systems use the reverse-Rankine vapor-compression refrigeration cycle, although absorption heat pumps are used in a minority of applications.

The reason adsorption refrigeration technology has been extensively researched in recent 30 years lies in that the operation of an adsorption refrigeration system is often noiseless, non-corrosive and environment friendly.

Other methods of refrigeration include the air cycle machine used in aircraft; the vortex tube used for spot cooling, when compressed air is available; and thermoacoustic refrigeration using sound waves in a pressurized gas to drive heat transfer and heat exchange; steam jet cooling popular in the early 1930s for air conditioning large buildings; thermoelastic cooling using a smart metal alloy stretching and relaxing.

The refrigeration capacity of a refrigeration system is the product of the evaporators’ enthalpy rise and the evaporators’ mass flow rate.

For commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, the kilowatt is the basic unit of refrigeration, except in North America, where both ton of refrigeration and BTU/h are used.

It is defined as refrigeration capacity in kW divided by the energy input in kW. While CoP is a very simple measure of performance, it is typically not used for industrial refrigeration in North America.

Article About Refrigeration By The Free Dictionary

In the absorption system, widely employed in commercial installations, ammonia is usually used as a refrigerant to cool brine that is then sent through pipes to cool the refrigerated space.

Mechanical refrigeration is primarily an application of thermodynamics wherein the cooling medium, or refrigerant, goes through a cycle so that it can be recovered for reuse.

The term “Refrigeration” is used to signify cooling below the environmental temperature to lower than about 150 K. The term “Cryogenics” is used to signify cooling to temperatures lower than 150 K. See Cryogenics.

The vapor-compression cycle consists of an evaporator in which the liquid refrigerant boils at low temperature to produce cooling, a compressor to raise the pressure and temperature of the gaseous refrigerant, a condenser in which the refrigerant discharges its heat to the environment, usually a receiver for storing the liquid condensed in the condenser, and an expansion valve through which the liquid expands from the high-pressure level in the condenser to the low-pressure level in the evaporator.

In the open system, the refrigerator is replaced by the space to be cooled, the refrigerant air being expanded directly into the space rather than through a cooling coil.

The working fluid in a two-phase refrigeration cycle is called a refrigerant.

Primary refrigerants are those fluids used to directly achieve the cooling effect in cycles where they alternately absorb and reject heat.

History, Technology, Process, Types, & Facts

Refrigeration, the process of removing heat from an enclosed space or from a substance for the purpose of lowering the temperature.

Air-conditioning, the use of refrigeration for comfort cooling, has also become widespread in more developed nations.

Before mechanical refrigeration systems were introduced, ancient peoples, including the Greeks and Romans, cooled their food with ice transported from the mountains.

The technique of evaporative cooling, as described heretofore, has been known for centuries, but the fundamental methods of mechanical refrigeration were only discovered in the middle of the 19th century.

In 1805 an American inventor, Oliver Evans, designed the first refrigeration machine that used vapour instead of liquid.

Shortly afterward, an Australian, James Harrison, examined the refrigerators used by Gorrie and Twinning and introduced vapour-compression refrigeration to the brewing and meat-packing industries.

Carré’s refrigerators were widely used, and vapour-compression refrigeration became, and still is, the most widely used method of cooling.

Refrigeration Principles And How A Refrigeration System Works

COMPRESSORS. Modern vapor-compression systems for comfort cooling and industrial refrigeration use one of several types of compressors: reciprocating, rotary, helical, centrifugal, and scroll.

The purge unit is a condensing unit with a compressor and condenser that draws vapor from the highest point of the system condenser and compressor and condenses it.

HELICAL SCREW COMPRESSORS. Screw-type compressors are generally and efficiently used in system with capacity above 20 tons of refrigeration.

Small system may use two-piston compressor, while large industrial systems use multi-cylinder multi piston compressors.

Evacuate the compressor and open necessary valves to restore the system to operating conditions.

A regular system oil test should be perform, to detect damaging acidity in the refrigeration compressor oil.

The heat rejected by the condenser enters the system in the evaporator and the compressor.


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Refrigeration: Definition, Types, Classification Of Refrigerants, Advantages, Disadvantages, And Applications [PDF]

In the last session, we had discussed Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle and in today’s session, we can discuss in detail the concept of Refrigeration along with its Definition, Unit, Classification of Refrigerants and Applications.

There are various types of Refrigeration Cycles but majorly Two types of Refrigeration are important and are as follows.

The explanation for the above types of Refrigeration cycles are as follows.

The working mediums or heat carries which directly take part in the refrigeration system and cool the substance by the absorption of latent heat are called as Primary refrigerants.

High COP. These are the various properties of Refrigerants and now we can see the applications of Refrigeration.

The Disadvantages of Refrigeration System are as follows.

The applications of Refrigeration System are as follows.

Refrigeration Basics

Learn about the mechanical refrigeration process and how to diagnose and troubleshoot refrigerant side, air and water and electrical side problems.

Refrigeration Basics is an introduction to the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Trade and focuses on creating a solid foundation which can be built upon readily.

Learning about refrigeration is a never ending process and well understood fundamentals make learning more advanced concepts much easier.

Refrigeration Basics is a preparation for anyone interested in entering the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning trade and is an introduction to some of the immediate problems one will face in the field.

Are considering going into the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning trade or trade college.

Wish an easily understandable overview of HVAC/R. wish a reference of basic refrigeration concepts.

The original Refrigeration Basics CD-ROM was released in 2001.

Post Idea #34: Bartter syndrome

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Bartter Syndrome: MedlinePlus Genetics

Bartter syndrome is a group of very similar kidney disorders that cause an imbalance of potassium, sodium, chloride, and related molecules in the body.

In some cases, Bartter syndrome becomes apparent before birth.

Bartter syndrome is also characterized by low levels of potassium in the blood, which can result in muscle weakness, cramping, and fatigue.

Two major forms of Bartter syndrome are distinguished by their age of onset and severity.

Once the genetic causes of Bartter syndrome were identified, researchers also split the disorder into different types based on the genes involved.

Because type IV is also associated with hearing loss, it is sometimes called antenatal Bartter syndrome with sensorineural deafness.

Type III usually has the features of classical Bartter syndrome.

Bartter Syndrome: Causes, Diagnosis, And Treatment

Bartter syndrome is an inherited renal tubular disorder caused by a defective salt reabsorption in the thick ascending limb of loop of Henle, resulting in salt wasting, hypokalemia, and metabolic alkalosis.

Mutations of several genes encoding the transporters and channels involved in salt reabsorption in the thick ascending limb cause different types of Bartter syndrome.

A poor phenotype-genotype relationship due to the interaction with other cotransporters and different degrees of compensation through alternative pathways is currently reported.

Phenotypic identification still remains the first step to guide the suspicion of Bartter syndrome.

Given the rarity of the syndrome, and the lack of genetic characterization in most cases, limited clinical evidence for treatment is available and the therapy is based mainly on the comprehension of renal physiology and relies on the physician’s personal experiences.

A better understanding of the mutated channels and transporters could possibly generate targets for specific treatment in the future, also encompassing drugs aiming to correct deficiencies in folding or plasma membrane expression of the mutated proteins.

Keywords: Bartter syndrome; Gitelman syndrome; hypokalemia; metabolic alkalosis; tubulopathy.

Bartter Syndrome

Bartter syndrome is a rare inherited disease characterised by a defect in the thick ascending limb of the loop of Henle, which results in low potassium levels, increased blood pH, and normal to low blood pressure.

A closely associated disorder, Gitelman syndrome, is milder than both subtypes of Bartter syndrome.

Like infants with the neonatal subtype, patients with classic Bartter syndrome also have polyuria, polydipsia, and a tendency to dehydration, but normal or just slightly increased urinary calcium excretion without the tendency to develop kidney stones.

Bartter syndrome consists of low levels of potassium in the blood, alkalosis, normal to low blood pressures, and elevated plasma renin and aldosterone.

People suffering from Bartter syndrome present symptoms that are identical to those of patients who are on loop diuretics like furosemide, given that the loop diuretics target the exact transport protein that is defective in the syndrome.

Bartter syndrome is also characterized by high renin, high aldosterone, hypercalciuria, and an abnormal Na+-K+-2Cl− transporter in the thick ascending limb of the loop of Henle, whereas Gitelman syndrome causes hypocalciuria and is due to an abnormal thiazide-sensitive transporter in the distal segment.

Pseudo-Bartter’s syndrome is a syndrome of similar presentation as Bartter syndrome but without any of its characteristic genetic defects.

Bartter Syndrome: Symptoms, Cause, Treatment

Bartter syndrome is a group of similar rare conditions that affect the kidneys.

Antenatal Bartter syndrome may be diagnosed before birth.

At least five genes are linked to Bartter syndrome, and they all play an important role in how your kidneys work – especially in your ability to take in salt.

Too little salt can cause dehydration, constipation, and frequent peeing.

Too little calcium can weaken bones and cause frequent kidney stones.

For children with symptoms of classic Bartter syndrome, a doctor will do a thorough exam along with blood and urine tests.

Because there’s no cure, people who have Bartter syndrome will need to take certain medications or supplements for life.

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