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Post Idea #1: Prudential Financial

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United States Financial Wellness Benefits Market Outlook Report 2022-2027 Featuring Prominent Players

The U.S. financial wellness benefits market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.71% during the forecast period 2022-2027.

More than 2/3rd of financial wellness programs are employer-sponsored.

Almost 1/3rd of them are provided by third-party providers such as those involved in retirement plan recordkeeping, where the employees themselves pay less than 19%. Disposable personal income per capita will increase when the growth in disposable income is greater than the growth in the population – revenues in the financial wellness benefit market increase when the real disposable personal income per capita rises.

U.S. FINANCIAL WELLNESS BENEFITS MARKET SEGMENT ANALYSIS. New players are entering the industry to fill this void, ramping up activity.

Workplace financial wellness programs in healthcare companies and systems have been going strong because the industry is specifically susceptible to disadvantageous outcomes due to workforce volatility in a system where reliable and consistent care is a priority.

VENDOR ANALYSIS. Prudential Financial is one of the prominent players in the market.

Mercer is a significant player in the US financial wellness market.

Kovack Advisors Inc. Trims Stock Position In Prudential Financial, Inc.

Kovack Advisors Inc. cut its stake in shares of Prudential Financial, Inc. by 5.5% in the fourth quarter, HoldingsChannel reports.

Kovack Advisors Inc.’s holdings in Prudential Financial were worth $317,000 as of its most recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Finally, Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC bought a new position in shares of Prudential Financial during the 3rd quarter valued at approximately $28,221,000.

Prudential Financial’s dividend payout ratio is presently 24.73%. In other Prudential Financial news, SVP Timothy L. Schmidt sold 14,713 shares of the stock in a transaction on Monday, February 7th. The stock was sold at an average price of $120.00, for a total value of $1,765,560.

Barclays upped their price target on Prudential Financial from $114.00 to $115.00 and gave the stock an “Equal weight” rating in a research note on Tuesday, January 11th. Wolfe Research started coverage on Prudential Financial in a research note on Friday, January 21st. They issued a “Market perform” rating and a $131.00 price target for the company.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. upped their price target on Prudential Financial from $112.00 to $114.00 in a research note on Tuesday, January 4th. Morgan Stanley upped their price target on Prudential Financial from $114.00 to $123.00 and gave the stock an “Equal weight” rating in a research note on Tuesday, February 22nd. Finally, The Goldman Sachs Group started coverage on Prudential Financial in a research note on Thursday, December 2nd. They issued a “Neutral” rating and a $115.00 price target for the company.

Prudential Financial, Inc engages in the provision of financial products and services including life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, and investment management to both individual and institutional customers.

Prudential Grants $300K To Help Newark Small Businesses

Several small businesses in downtown Newark have yet to fully rebound from the pandemic, so says New Jersey Community Capital, a nonprofit community development financial institution that supports underserved communities.

The grant is designed to help small businesses grow, create job opportunities and sustain an inclusive local economy, NJCC said in the March 9 announcement.

The grant also provides up to $50,000 for technical assistance from Greater Newark Enterprises Corp., which offers small businesses expert advice and resources to grow their business.

The GSRF provides low-interest loans between $10,000 and $75,000 to small businesses and nonprofits with up to 75 full-time employees.

“Anchor organizations like Prudential Financial and others are deploying strategies to reach small businesses. NJCC is excited to play an important role in driving economic opportunity in New Jersey’s largest city alongside Prudential Financial – a steadfast investor and supporter of our work for nearly 20 years and $35 million in impact investments.”

NJCC said there are more than 200 Newark small businesses, 60% of which are minority- or women-owned, that support over 1,300 jobs.

“An increase in employees returning to their offices will help stimulate the local economy, and we are excited to support businesses by providing access to flexible capital so that they are well-positioned for the anticipated foot traffic and revenue,” Shanè Harris, president of The Prudential Foundation, said in a statement.

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Variable annuities are distributed by Prudential Annuities Distributors, Inc. All are Prudential Financial, Inc. companies, and each is solely responsible for its financial condition and contractual obligations.

These materials are being provided for informational or educational purposes only and do not take into account the investment objectives or financial situation of any client or prospective clients.

The information is not intended as investment advice and is not a recommendation about managing or investing your retirement savings.

Clients seeking information regarding their particular investment needs should contact a financial professional.

Prudential, Prudential Financial, the Rock logo, and the Rock Prudential logo are registered service marks of The Prudential Insurance Company of America and its affiliates.

Prudential Financial Inc. Stock Quote

Prudential Financial, Inc. engages in the provision of insurance, investment management, and other financial products and services to both individual and institutional customers.

The U.S. Businesses are organized into five segments: Retirement, Group Insurance, Individual Annuities, Individual Life and Assurance IQ. The Retirement segment provides retirement investment and income products and services to retirement plan sponsors in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors.

The Group Insurance segment provides group life, long-term and short-term group disability, and group corporate bank, and trust-owned life insurance in the U.S., primarily to institutional clients for use in connection with employee plans and affinity groups.

The Individual Life segment develops and distributes individual variable life, term life and universal life insurance products primarily to the U.S. mass middle, mass affluent and affluent markets.

The Assurance IQ segment leverages data science and technology to primarily distribute third-party products and a proprietary term life product directly to retail shoppers, primarily through its digital and agent channels.

The International Businesses segment develops and distributes life insurance, retirement, and related products to the mass affluent and affluent markets in Japan, Korea, and other foreign countries through its Life Planner operations.

The Closed Block segment includes certain in force participating insurance and annuity products and corresponding assets that are used for the payment of benefits, expenses and policyholders’ dividends related to these products.

Prudential Financial

Prudential Financial, Inc. is an American Fortune Global 500 and Fortune 500 company whose subsidiaries provide insurance, investment management, and other financial products and services to both retail and institutional customers throughout the United States and in over 40 other countries.

Prudential Financial is the largest insurance company in the United States, with total assets amounting to approximately 1.456 trillion U.S. dollars.

Prudential has operations in the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America and has organized its principal operations into the Financial Services Businesses and the Closed Block Business.

In 1981, the company acquired Bache & Co., a stock brokerage service that operated as a wholly owned subsidiary until 2003, when Wachovia and Prudential combined their retail brokerage operations into Wachovia Securities, with Prudential a minority stake holder.

In 1999, Prudential sold its healthcare division, Prudential HealthCare, to Aetna for $1 billion.

During the 1980s and 1990s, Prudential Securities Incorporated, formerly a division of Prudential Financial, was investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission for suspected fraud.

In 1997, Prudential settled a class action lawsuit by millions of its customers who had been sold unnecessary life insurance by Prudential agents over a 13-year period ending in 1995.

Post Idea #2: Chris Terrill

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Chris Terrill

As a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and the Royal Geographical Society, Terrill is regarded as a practising anthropologist/geographer who uses film as his primary research tool and recording medium in the field.

For Shine Terrill made several prime time music and arts films and a major series about the Royal Navy.

In 2009 Terrill made a series on the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London, called Theatreland for Sky Arts.

In 2011 Terrill returned to working with the Royal Marines when he joined 42 Commando in the dangerous Nad e Ali district of Helmand Province.

2007 Commando Century Random House Chris Terrill’s experience of training with the elite Royal Marines Commandos and winning his own green beret before following them to the front line in Afghanistan.

2007 The 55 Year Old Commando ITV1 and 4 The story of Chris Terrill’s attempt to win the iconic green beret of the Royal Marines Commando 2007 Commando: On the Front Line ITV4 8 part series as above-one hour versions 2007 The Parish Church of England-St Martin-in-the-Fields Five 3-part series on a year in the life of this iconic church in Trafalgar Square.

2021-2022 Strike Force BBC2 Major 6 part series on HMS Queen Elizabeth’s first operational deployment leading a task force to several of the world’s hotspots [edit] Year Honour Organisation/Body Reason 2007 Honorary Royal Marines Commando Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines For close association with the Corps and in recognition of being only civilian and oldest person to win a green beret on merit 2015 Maritime Fellowship Maritime Foundation Lifetime achievement 2018 Honorary Doctorate of Science Durham University Pioneering work in anthropology and filmmaking [edit] Year Type Film/television series Broadcaster Category 1992 Emmy Ape Trade.

Yelp Appoints Home Services Leader Chris Terrill To Its Board Of Directors

Yelp Inc., the company that connects people with great local businesses, today announced the appointment of Chris Terrill, former chief executive officer of ANGI Homeservices and HomeAdvisor.com, to its Board of Directors, effective immediately.

“Chris brings extensive experience in building online marketplaces that connect consumers with local service professionals,” said Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp’s co-founder and chief executive officer.”His perspective will bring tremendous value as we continue to differentiate the services product experience for users and businesses on Yelp.”.

Terrill joins Yelp’s Board of Directors following Brian Sharples’ decision to step down at the end of his current term on June 2, 2022, after serving more than three years on the Yelp Board and Audit Committee.

“We are pleased to welcome Chris to the Yelp board. His expertise, energy and enthusiasm for connecting people with great local service businesses will serve us well as we continue to execute our strategy and build long-term shareholder value,” said Diane Irvine, chair of the Yelp Board of Directors.”On behalf of the Board, I’d also like to extend my sincere appreciation to Brian for the expertise, valuable perspectives and commitment he has brought to the Yelp Board.

Yelp Inc. connects people with great local businesses.

With trusted local business information, photos, and review content, Yelp provides a one-stop local platform for consumers to discover, connect, and transact with local businesses of all sizes by making it easy to request a quote, join a waitlist, and make a reservation, appointment, or purchase.

Yelp intends to make future announcements of material financial and other information through its Investor Relations website.

Universal Pictures Sets THE LAST MOUNTAIN Release Date

Directed by Emmy award-winner Chris Terrill and from Emmy Award-winning producer Julia Nottingham and BAFTA Award winning producer Olivia Lichtenstein, THE LAST MOUNTAIN explores the forces that drove two mountaineers to their untimely deaths – a quarter of a century apart.

It’s the compelling true story of 30-year-old climber Tom Ballard who disappeared on one of the Himalayas’ most deadly mountains, Nanga Parbat, in February 2019.

Mother and son, two of the greatest climbers of all time, died at almost the same age, in the same mountain range, both doing what they loved best.

Using archive footage from 1995 and Tom’s own extraordinary footage taken up until the days before his death, the film explores what made Tom continue his ascent with Italian climber Daniele Nardi after THE OTHER TWO members of the expedition turned back.

THE LAST MOUNTAIN is a heart-breaking yet uplifting story about one of THE WORLD’S BEST climbing families, and their passion.

Filmed over 25 years with intimate access and breathtaking archive footage, this is a must-see documentary that will tell the story of mountains and mountaineers as never before.

THE LAST MOUNTAIN will be released in the U.S. on Digital and on Demand from March 15, 2022.

Yelp Appoints Home Services Leader Chris Terrill To Its Board Of Directors

Yelp Inc., the company that connects people with great local businesses, today announced the appointment of Chris Terrill, former chief executive officer of ANGI Homeservices and HomeAdvisor.com, to its Board of Directors, effective immediately.

“His perspective will bring tremendous value as we continue to differentiate the services product experience for users and businesses on Yelp.”.

Terrill joins Yelp’s Board of Directors following Brian Sharples’ decision to step down at the end of his current term on June 2, 2022, after serving more than three years on the Yelp Board and Audit Committee.

“We are pleased to welcome Chris to the Yelp board. His expertise, energy and enthusiasm for connecting people with great local service businesses will serve us well as we continue to execute our strategy and build long-term shareholder value,” said Diane Irvine, chair of the Yelp Board of Directors.

“On behalf of the Board, I’d also like to extend my sincere appreciation to Brian for the expertise, valuable perspectives and commitment he has brought to the Yelp Board. We are thankful for his many contributions and wish him well in all future endeavors.”

Yelp Inc. connects people with great local businesses.

With trusted local business information, photos, and review content, Yelp provides a one-stop local platform for consumers to discover, connect, and transact with local businesses of all sizes by making it easy to request a quote, join a waitlist, and make a reservation, appointment, or purchase.

Chris Terrill

Mr. Terrill has served as Executive Co-Chairman of Z-Work Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company, since September 30, 2020.

He served as the Chief Executive Officer, and a director, of ANGI Homeservices, an international digital marketplace for home services that helps connect consumers with home professionals in the United States and other countries under various brands, including HomeAdvisor® and Angie’s List, among others, from September 2017 to November 2018.

Prior to assuming that role in September 2017, Mr. Terrill served as Chief Executive Officer of HomeAdvisor.com, a wholly owned subsidiary of IAC, from May 2011.

Prior thereto, he held senior marketing positions at Nutrisystem.com, the leader in the direct-to-consumer diet space, serving as its Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of eCommerce from June 2009 to May 2011 and Senior Vice President of e-commerce from January 2007 to June 2009.

For one year prior to joining Nutrisystem.com, he served as Vice President of Product and Marketing for Blockbuster.com, the online division of Blockbuster Inc. Additionally, he spent six years with Match.com where he held several senior marketing roles, his last being Vice President of New Brands & Verticals, where he developed and launched new online brands, including Chemistry.com.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of Z-Work Acquisition Corp., Terminix Global Holdings Inc., and Vacasa, Inc. Mr. Terrill brings to the Board relevant experience in the areas of executive leadership, strategic planning and marketing and managing consumer behavior, including direct to consumer brands in the real estate services industry.

Mr. Terrill is a seasoned Internet veteran who has specialized in consumer online subscription and marketplace business models.

My latest film “The Last Mountain” tells the story of a family of climbers who lived for the love of scaling the world’s highest peaks.

At almost 70 my running times are back to what they were 30 years ago.

Strikecarrier #royalnavy #bbcThis can be a difficult time of year for some people – especially some military personnel suffering PTSD or other types of anxiety.

My latest film, “The Last Mountain”, 25 years in the making, will be premiered on BBC2 at 2100 on Sunday 26th September.

Deployed with on so away for transmission of my latest film that’s been 25 years in the making: “The Last Mountain” Sunday Sept 26th at 2100 on BBC2. It’s an incredible story so I hope my film does it justice.

What a lovely message to read. My year spent living with the Acholi tribe back in 1976 was one of the most special of my life.

Beautifully executed; beautifully understated; beautifully British.

Chris Terrill Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend, And Biography

Chris Terrill is a well-known celebrity and his real name is Chris Terrill.

Chris Terrill age is 68 years as of in 2021 and his birthplace is Brighton.

Chris Terrill height is 6 feet 0 inches tall and he looks tall when standing with his friends.

We have no more Information about Chris Terrill Father, we will try to collect information and update soon.

We have no information about Chris Terrill girlfriend.

We are sure that Chris Terrill is Not Available and his wife name is Not Available.

Chris Terrill estimated Net Worth is $4 million- $6 million USD. He lives a luxurious life and he has a personal luxury car, a big bungalow, lives a luxurious lifestyle and travel throughout the world that we can see through his daily updates on social media post and stories.

Post Idea #3: HomeAdvisor

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What To Know And How It Works

A contractor-matching service such as HomeAdvisor is also a solid way to connect you with an individual or company that will be perfect for your home project.

HomeAdvisor is a contractor-matching service that connects homeowners with home service professionals who can help with home improvement projects such as carpentry, electrical work, foundation crack repair, vinyl siding installation, or plumbing repairs, as well as other general home-related projects like house cleaning, tree trimming, and lawn care.

Contractor-matching services link prospective customers with service providers.

While these may be local brick-and-mortar companies, they might also be web-only HomeAdvisor affiliates that earn a fee by referring you to HomeAdvisor.

HomeAdvisor’s cost estimates are based on surveys from actual project costs as reported by HomeAdvisor members.

As a result, HomeAdvisor’s TrueCost Guide offers a real-time estimating tool that is always up-to-date, and always based on actual costs.

Speaking to The Spruce, Brooke Gabbert, the now-former Director of Public Relations and Social Media at HomeAdvisor, said that both “Service” and “Magic” no longer reflected the company’s aims.

HomeAdvisor Review: 3 Things To Know Before You Sign Up

Whether you need help with home improvement, maintenance or repair, you’ll likely find a professional on HomeAdvisor who can help.

HomeAdvisor lets users find prescreened local professionals, request quotes and book appointments.

After signing up for HomeAdvisor, as well as competitors like Angi and Thumbtack, I found that HomeAdvisor offered one feature that stood out among the rest: fixed-price services.

Whether you decide to compare quotes yourself or opt for a fixed price, HomeAdvisor can be a great resource for connecting with recommended professionals in your area.

Search for fixed-price services and pay an upfront fee for HomeAdvisor to send a qualified, background-checked professional to complete the job.

When you book and pay for home services with a company that HomeAdvisor has matched you with, you’ll also be covered by the HomeAdvisor Happiness Guarantee.

Connecting with professionals in your area, reading reviews, finding company information and using all the other features available through HomeAdvisor is completely free.


HomeAdvisor incorporates home improvement project planning resources like True Cost Guide, where customers can view average project costs.

On October 2, 2017, HomeAdvisor acquired Angie’s List and renamed itself ANGI Homeservices, the world’s largest digital marketplace for home services.

In 2016, HomeAdvisor acquired the German home services company, MyHammer.

In 2017, HomeAdvisor acquired Canada’s leading home services platform, HomeStars, and MyBuilder, the UK’s leading home services platform connecting homeowners and tradesmen.

On May 1, 2017, HomeAdvisor parent company IAC announced they entered into a definitive agreement to combine IAC’s HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List into a new publicly traded company, to be called ANGI Homeservices, Inc. On October 2, 2017, HomeAdvisor merged with Angie’s List to form ANGI Homeservices, the world’s largest digital marketplace for home services.

Instant Connect, a service where “Homeowners are contacted by a HomeAdvisor specialist via phone within one to two minutes.”

A standard CCPA/TCPA disclaimer is included at or above the “Submit” button, which states “By clicking View Matching Pros, you affirm you have read and agree to the HomeAdvisor Terms, and you agree and authorize HomeAdvisor and its affiliates, and their networks of Service Professionals, to deliver marketing calls or texts using automated technology to the number you provided above regarding your project and other home services offers. Consent is not a condition of purchase.” This and other standard disclaimers have been present on HomeAdvisor and their other sites like Angie’s List since the inception of the company.

A digital marketplace connecting millions of homeowners with local service professionals for home improvement, maintenance and remodeling projects.

The difference between laminate and hardwood flooring is more than just cost.

Via Whether you’re looking to bid on a large project, hire a crew or market your services, there are financing options that can help you grow your business and bottom line.

Ly/3u7sfisThe average cost to build a house is influenced by the location, quality of the materials you use, cost of labor, and several other factors.

These projects will take a bigger bite out of your budget than in the recent past.

The price you pay to build a house will depend on the location, labor costs and quality of the finishes.

Home addition cost: Price per square foot, where to save, and financing options.

Post Idea #4: Data breach

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Data Breach

Many jurisdictions have passed data breach notification laws, which requires a company that has been subject to a data breach to inform customers and take other steps to remediate possible injuries.

The departure of a trusted staff member with access to sensitive information can become a data breach if the staff member retains access to the data after termination of the trust relationship.

Data quality is one way of reducing the risk of a data breach, partly because it allows the owner of the data to rate data according to importance and give better protection to more important data.

On 29 March, Under Armour disclosed a data breach of 150 million accounts at MyFitnessPal, with compromised data consisting of user names, the users’ e-mail addresses and hashed passwords.

Ministers on a press conference dubbed the data breach as the “Most serious breach of personal data”.

On December 3, Quora reported a data breach that affected its 100 million users data.

Edit] On July 7, the writing site Wattpad suffered a major data breach by ShinyHunters, involving over 270 million users; users’ data were sold on a forum in the darknet, including password hashes.

FTC Fines CafePress Over 2019 Data Breach Coverup

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has fined online merchandise provider CafePress Inc. $500,000 over a data breach that the company failed to disclose in 2019.

“The data breach first came to light in August 2019 after a database of the company’s customer records was found online. The database contained 23,205,290 records, including email addresses, names, phone numbers and physical addresses. About half the records also had encrypted passwords attached, with most of them hashed using an older form of encryption known as”base64 SHA1″ that can be easily cracked.

When it was disclosed that the data had been leaked in August, CafePress didn’t confess to having suffered a data breach but instead forced customers to reset their passwords under the guise of a new password policy.

Pretty disingenuous of CafePress to mask a data breach of names, mobiles, and street addresses under a password policy update.

The FTC was not amused by both the failure to disclose the data breach and the lax security protections employed by CafePress.

Along with the $500,000 fine, the FTC also requires CafePress to bolster its data security.

Discussing the case, Saumitra Das, chief technology officer and co-founder of agentless cloud security company Blue Hexagon Inc., told SiliconANGLE that organizations need to understand where their data is stored, which data is sensitive and who has access to the data and from where.

Meta Slapped With $18 Million Fine In Ireland For 2018 Data Breaches

The Ireland Data Protection Commission has slapped Facebook’s parent company, Meta, with a €17 million fine.

The decision follows an investigation into a series of data breaches dating back to 2018.

According to the regulator’s press release, Facebook had notified it of 12 data breaches in the six months between 7 June 2018 and 4 December 2018, when the company hadn’t changed its name to Meta.

The DPC’s decision to fine Meta €17 million for those security lapses “Represents the collective views of both the DPC and its counterpart supervisory authorities throughout the EU.”.

Last month, the company agreed to pay a $90 million fine to settle a 2012 lawsuit.

In September 2021, Meta was fined €225 million by the DPC. It concerned the company’s handling of the personal data of WhatsApp users.

So an $18 million fine is a drop in the ocean for it.

BBB: What To Do If Impacted By Data Breach

While almost every consumer has been impacted by a data breach, few took strong actions to protect themselves after being notified.

The Identity Theft Resource Center has tracked data breaches for 15 years.

It said data breaches in 2021 surpassed the previous annual record.

85% of people use the same or similar passwords on multiple accounts.

Only 22% of people who were notified a password had been stolen then went and changed passwords on other accounts.

Co/ANzR9GLDj8 PRESS RELASE: According to the ITRC’s 2021 Annual Data Breach Report, the overall number of data compromises is up more than 68 percent compared to 2020.

The new record number of data compromises is 23 percent over the previous all-time high set in 2017.- IDTheftCenter January 24, 2022.

What Is A Data Breach?

A data breach is a security incident in which information is accessed without authorization.

Globally, the average total cost to a company of a data breach is $3.86 million, according to a study by the Ponemon Institute.

If your information was stolen in a data breach, let them know that, as well.

Given the recent number of data breaches, it’s important to consider identity theft protection or a credit monitoring service.

Norton Security now includes LifeLock identity theft protection, helping to protect your personal information in an age of data breaches.

Laws and regulations are in place that require companies to take specific steps in the event of a data breach or other security incident.

Most states require companies to send data breach notifications to consumers when their personally identifiable information may have been compromised.

What is a Data Breach? To define data breach: a data breach exposes confidential, sensitive, or protected information to an unauthorized person.

How do Data Breaches happen? The assumption is that a data breach is caused by an outside hacker, but that’s not always true.

Malicious Methods used to Breach Data Since malicious data breaches result from cyberattacks, you should know what to watch for.

These social engineering attacks are designed to fool you into causing a data breach.

What is targeted in Data Breaches? Although a data breach can be the result of an innocent mistake, real damage is possible if the person with unauthorized access steals and sells Personally Identifiable Information or corporate intellectual data for financial gain or to cause harm.

Once inside, malicious criminals have the freedom to search for the data they want – and lots of time to do it, as the average breach takes more than five months to detect.

How to prevent being a Data Breach victim Data breach prevention needs to include everyone at all levels – from end-users to IT personnel, and all people in between.

The 63 Biggest Data Breaches

To prevent the repetition of mistakes that result in data theft, we’ve compiled a list of the 63 biggest data breaches in history, which includes the most recent data breaches in February 2022.

Each of the data breaches reveals the mistakes that lead to the exposure of up to millions of personal data records.

The hacker scraped the data by exploiting LinkedIn’s API. LinkedIn claims that, because personal information was not compromised, this event was not a ‘data breach but, rather, just a violation of their terms of service through prohibited data scraping.

These events have earned Experian the reputation of suffering one the biggest data breaches in the financial services sector.

Quora, a popular site for Q&A suffered a data breach in 2018 exposed the personal data of up to 100 million users.

Men’s clothing store Bonobos suffered a data breach in 2021 after a cybercriminal compromised its backup server containing customer data.

UpGuard prevents data breaches by scanning both the internal and third-party attack surfaces for security vulnerabitlies, data leaks, and overlooked exposures.

Post Idea #5: Federal Trade Commission

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Federal Trade Commission

The FTC shares jurisdiction over federal civil antitrust enforcement with the Department of Justice Antitrust Division.

The agency is headquartered in the Federal Trade Commission Building in Washington, DC. The FTC was established in 1914 with the passage of the Federal Trade Commission Act, signed in response to the 19th-century monopolistic trust crisis.

Under the FTC Act, the Commission has the authority, in most cases, to bring its actions in federal court through its own attorneys.

The FTC serves as a federal repository for individual consumer complaints regarding identity theft.

Even though the FTC does not resolve individual complaints, it does use the aggregated information to determine where federal action might be taken.

Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act, 15 U.S.C. 45 grants the FTC power to investigate and prevent deceptive trade practices.

In September 2013, a federal court closed an elusive business opportunity scheme on the request of the FTC, namely “Money Now Funding”/”Cash4Businesses”.

Post Idea #6: Automotive aftermarket

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Automotive Aftermarket Definition: What Is The Automotive Aftermarket?

The aftermarket includes companies in manufacturing, re-manufacturing, distribution, retailing, and installation of replacement vehicle parts, equipment, service repair and automotive accessories.

Automotive aftermarket market segments include the type of parts and accessories; do-it-yourself vs. do-it-for-me; or light, medium or heavy-duty vehicles.

Aftermarket parts can be OEM replacement parts made by the OEM, or aftermarket including performance and accessories.

Click To TweetThe automotive aftermarket definition starts with this: Vehicle parts and accessories may or may not be manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer.

Automotive aftermarket parts are divided into three categories: OEM replacement parts made by the OEM; aftermarket parts including performance parts for modification; and aftermarket accessories.

Aftermarket parts can be parts intended to be an alternative to OEM replacement parts, or can be an aftermarket part with different specifications altogether, and can be an add-on part or can be intended to replace an existing part.

In many cases, automotive aftermarket parts are manufactured to provide additional performance or with features not available from the OEM part.

Automotive Aftermarket

The automotive aftermarket is the secondary market of the automotive industry, concerned with the manufacturing, remanufacturing, distribution, retailing, and installation of all vehicle parts, chemicals, equipment, and accessories, after the sale of the automobile by the original equipment manufacturer to the consumer.

For sale may or may not be manufactured by the OEM. According to a report by the International Trade Administration in the US Department of Commerce, “Aftermarket parts are divided into two categories: replacement parts and accessories. Replacement parts are automotive parts built or remanufactured to replace OE parts as they become worn or damaged. Accessories are parts made for comfort, convenience, performance, safety, or customization, and are designed for add-on after the original sale of the motor vehicle.”

The aftermarket encompasses parts for replacement, collision, appearance, and performance.

The United States automotive aftermarket is estimated to be worth $383 billion, contributing more than 2.3% to GDP. The aftermarket employs 4.4 million people who work at manufacturers, distributors, retailers and repair shops.

Combined with a high demand for “Accessories, car-care products, prestige items, and new spare parts,” Singapore’s automotive aftermarket is large.

Among online retailers, Amazon.com and eBay Motors are the largest sellers of aftermarket parts and accessories in the U.S. by both units sold and revenue, and are expected to grow 25% in 2014, far outstripping traditional chain stores.

In 2005 Harley-Davidson filed a patent and trademark infringement lawsuit against two aftermarket engine manufacturers producing drop-in replacements for Harley’s engines, namely S&S Cycle and Delkron, Inc. Harley accused S&S and Delkron of copying parts for Twin Cam engines and using Harley trademarks without permission.

The Automotive Aftermarket In 2030

DOWNLOADS. Dramatic changes are ahead for the automotive aftermarket.

In the mature markets of Europe and North America, the pace of consolidation will accelerate, and competition will arise from unexpected players-for instance, digital natives pursuing opportunities to move into the automotive aftermarket space.

This article, based on our new report Ready for inspection: The automotive aftermarket in 2030, aims to illuminate the changes and disruptive trends that the automotive aftermarket is going to face in the coming years and provide answers to some of the key questions that these trends pose to all players: Which trends will affect the automotive aftermarket, and how will the aftermarket value chain be disrupted? How will customer involvement and the customer journey change? How will profit pools shift along the value chain? What are the initial steps aftermarket players should take to be prepared?

In discussing the situation-the trends and the pragmatic action recommendations-we rely on our various project experiences, analyses, industry expertise, and insights derived from interviews with more than 40 experts and executives in the automotive aftermarket.

The automotive aftermarket has a current business value of about €800.0 billion and is expected to grow 3 percent annually to around €1.2 trillion by 2030.

Based on the estimated impact of trends such as EVs, connected cars, and e-commerce, more than €100 billion-or 30 to 40 percent of aftermarket profits-could be subject to redistribution along the value chain in 2030.

A series of trends will significantly affect the future landscape of the automotive aftermarket industry.

Automotive Aftermarket

At Henkel, we manufacture and market more than just quality products, we also provide high performance repair solutions for mechanical, OES, and collision repair applications.

Our automotive aftermarket product solutions include more than 500 specifications, many of which are OEM-approved, of Loctite adhesives, gasketing materials, threadlockers, and sealants.

These solutions are preferred around the world by automotive experts for more than 65 years.

Our goal is your goal: faster repair times, reduced downtime, reliable repairs, and extended vehicle life, all while maintaining high safety standards.

Henkel’s portfolio of threadlockers, thread sealants, gasketing materials, grease, cleaners, and anti-seize lubricants offer reliable solutions for several different automotive aftermarket applications that target mechanical systems.

In addition to automotive applications, our Henkel mechanical solutions include product formulations designed for heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles, marine applications, and more.

Our fast curing and easy-to-apply repair material solutions include underbody coating, chip guard materials, cavity wax, seam sealers, and auto body repair panel adhesives.

Global Automotive Aftermarket Industry Report, 2021-2028

The global automotive aftermarket size was valued at USD 390.10 billion in 2020.

Regional regulatory authorities, such as the Japanese Automobile Sports Muffler Association and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, monitor the built-up standards and environmental impacts associated with automotive component functioning the noise emission levels associated with the modern-day automotive resonators and mufflers in automotive exhaust systems.

Access to elaborative component assortment coupled with the simplicity of transactions, delivered through the digitalization of the global automotive component sales, is destined to resolve the obtainability issues, thereby driving the automotive aftermarket industry.

Some automotive replacement parts such as aftermarket filters offer the chance of choosing a part that suits the conditions in which a vehicle operates.

Automotive aftermarket economies are important parts of the overall automotive manufacturing and maintenance scheme, as automotive components need to be replaced on time to maintain the overall performance of the vehicle.

Advanced technology usage in the fabrication of auto parts, a surge in consumer and passenger automobile production and sales, and digitalization of automotive component delivery services are anticipated to spur automotive sales in the region.

The key industry participants are 3M Company, Continental AG, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, Delphi Automotive PLC, Denso Corporation, Federal-Mogul Corporation, HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co., Robert Bosch GmbH, Valeo Group, and ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Technological proliferation and increasing investments in R&D activities by manufacturers and associations are expected to drive industry growth.

Automotive Aftermarket Size Statistics, 2021-2027 PDF Report

Automotive Aftermarket size exceeded USD 535 billion in 2020 and is estimated to exhibit 6.2% CAGR from 2021 to 2027.

The increasing competition among the automotive industry is driving the exponential development of online sales platforms for automotive components.

Replacement parts segment is set to dominate the industry with around 80% of the automotive aftermarket revenue share in 2027.

The increasing requirements of maintenance and services owing to excessive strain by poor road conditions and vehicles’ aging will provide a positive outlook for aftermarket components.

Consumer awareness toward the online upkeep tutorials is one of the key factors enhancing the automotive aftermarket size.

Get more details on this report – Request Free Sample PDF. Asia Pacific automotive aftermarket size is set to expand at above 7% CAGR through 2027.

Some of the major manufacturers include 3M, Robert Bosch GmbH, Denso Corporation, Continental AG, Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd., ACDelco, Lear Corporation, ALCO Filters Ltd., Akebono Brake Corporation, Aisin Seiki, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Delphi Automotive PLC. The automotive parts manufacturers and several auto care brands are forming strategic collaborations to offer a wide range of vehicle care products.

Post Idea #7: Advance Auto Parts

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Carquest Auto Parts To Sponsor IRacing World Of Outlaws Sprint Car Series

RALEIGH, N.C. – Carquest Auto Parts, the automotive parts retailer in the Advance Auto Parts family of brands, has reached an agreement with iRacing and World of Outlaws to sponsor the iRacing World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series.

“We look forward to activating with iRacing’s World of Outlaws series to benefit our independent owners and reach more customers and race fans than ever.”

The Carquest World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series will begin in October with a series of six qualifying races.

Those who qualify will compete in 10 World of Outlaws Pro Series races beginning in November and concluding in January, with the winner taking home the Carquest Cup and a grand prize of $10,000.

“We’re thrilled to have Carquest on board as we continue to present the best iRacing Sprint Car competition,” said Cristina Cordova, World of Outlaws executive director of communications.

“They’ve been a great partner to 10-time World of Outlaws NOS Energy Drink Sprint Car Series champion Donny Schatz for multiple seasons and we’re looking forward to a great relationship with them in the rapidly expanding world of sim racing as well.”

In addition to sponsorship of the iRacing World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, Carquest will be featured on the World of Outlaws website and featured in iRacing commercials during the 2022 season.

Advance Auto Parts Teams Up With CPD In Vehicle Safety Program

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The Columbia Police Department and Advance Auto Parts launched a new partnership Tuesday aimed at vehicle safety.

The program unveiled at the 7531 Garners Ferry Rd. location for the business.

Drummond Nunn, Advance’s vice president of operations said, “The distribution of these gift cards by Columbia Police officers will allow motorists with equipment issues to visit their local Advance to rectify the violation. We are thrilled to continue serving the motorists of Columbia with care and speed and look forward to witnessing the impacts of this program.”

ColumbiaPDSC officers will pass out $25 gift cards to drivers who need to fix equipment violations such as a broken headlight.

Tuesday’s launch included the presentation of a gift card donation equaling $2,500 for the auto parts store to Chief Skip Holbrook and other members of the department.

When pulling motorists over for damaged equipment such as broken headlights, officers will be able to issue them a gift card to help them safely repair their car.

Holbrook said of the program, “These complimentary gift cards from our valued partner, Advance Auto Parts, serve as a reminder about traffic safety education and provides an opportunity for drivers with minor violations to remedy safety issues before they become more serious.”

Advance Auto Parts Coupon

What part of the year can I find the best Advance Auto Parts savings?The Advance Auto Parts Black Friday sale.

For the biggest savings on car parts during the year, take advantage of the Advance Auto Parts Black Friday Sale.

Current Advance Auto Parts clearance savings include codes up to 20% off of selection products types, oil change specials, and a monthly flyer ad.Can I get free shipping at Advance Auto Parts?

Free delivery from Advance Auto Part is available for all standard ground US orders totaling more than $35.Can I get a military discount at Advance Auto Parts?

Is there an Advance Auto Parts newsletter coupon I can use?

How do I use my Advance Auto Parts coupon code?What can I do if my Advance Auto Parts coupon code isn’t working?Advance Auto Parts price match policy.

Get a coupon for $10 off of your next order when your friend makes a purchase thanks to the Advance Auto Parts refer a friend program.

Advance Auto Parts

The first major expansion of Advance Auto Parts was in 1998 when the company acquired the remaining operations of Western Auto, an auto parts and general store retailer.

In April 2001, Advance Auto Parts acquired Carport Auto Parts, a regional retail chain with 29 stores in Alabama and Mississippi.

On November 28, Advance acquired Discount Auto Parts, Inc., a regional auto parts chain with 671 stores in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Louisiana.

On October 16, 2013, Advance Auto Parts entered into a definitive agreement to acquire General Parts International, Inc., a leading privately held distributor and supplier of original equipment and aftermarket replacement products for commercial markets operating under the CARQUEST and WORLDPAC brands.

From 2009 to 2013, Advance Auto Parts was a title sponsor of Monster Jam and sponsored a truck on the circuit called the Advance Auto Parts Grinder.

Advance Auto Parts has also served as a sponsor in NASCAR, where it is the official auto parts retailer of the sanctioning body.

In 2017, the company sponsored the Advance Auto Parts Clash exhibition race at Daytona International Speedway, while it became the title sponsor of the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series in 2020.

Post Idea #8: Food safety

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Ensure that foods are cooked safely by always using a food thermometer.

Bacteria that cause food poisoning multiply quickest between 40°F and 140°F..

Food Safety

The International Conference on Food Safety held in Addis Ababa in February 2019, and the International Forum on Food Safety and Trade held in Geneva in 2019, reiterated the importance of food safety in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Governments should make food safety a public health priority, as they play a pivotal role in developing policies and regulatory frameworks, and establishing and implementing effective food safety systems.

Policy-makers can:build and maintain adequate food systems and infrastructures to respond to and manage food safety risks along the entire food chain, including during emergencies;.

Integrate food safety into broader food policies and programmes;.

Assessing, in structured, transparent and measurable ways, the performance of food control systems throughout the entire food chain, identifying priority areas for capacity development, and measuring and evaluating progress over time through The FAO/WHO food control system assessment tool;.

The International Food Safety Authorities Network was developed by WHO and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization to rapidly share information during food safety emergencies;.

Advocating for food safety as an important component of health security and for integrating food safety into national policies and programmes in line with the International Health Regulations.

Food Safety At Home

Each year millions of people get sick from food illnesses which can cause you to feel like you have the flu.

Food illnesses can also cause serious health problems, even death.

Always wash your food, hands, counters, and cooking tools.

Keep raw meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs away from other foods.

Never thaw food by simply taking it out of the fridge.

Call your local health department if you think you got sick from food you ate in a restaurant or other food seller.

Some people are more likely to get sick from food illnesses.

Ready-to-eat foods are foods which will not be cooked prior to serving such as sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit, bread, or any cooked foods.

Cooking Temperatures Poultry Stuffing or stuffed food Casseroles Reheated leftovers for hot holding All raw animal foods cooked in a microwave Ground meats Ground fish Mechanically tenderized or injected meats Eggs which are not for immediate service Non-ground or whole muscle meats Seafood Eggs for immediate service Fruits and vegetables for hot holding Commercially cooked foods being reheated 165°F 155°F 145°F 135°F Additional cooking requirements apply to whole meat roasts.

If using ice to keep foods cold, be sure that the ice comes up to the level of the food in the pan.

PREVENTING CROSS CONTAMINATION Cross contamination can happen when germs from raw food or contaminated surfaces gets onto foods.

Improper Holding Temperatures – hot foods hot and cold foods cold, thawing, cooling curve and reheating.

Cross Contamination – When germs from one item are passed to another food item, usually raw food to ready-to-eat food.

Potentially Hazardous Food – Foods which are moist and protein rich and will support germ growth when the temperature is in the danger zone.

Food Safety

In considering industry to market practices, food safety considerations include the origins of food including the practices relating to food labeling, food hygiene, food additives and pesticide residues, as well as policies on biotechnology and food and guidelines for the management of governmental import and export inspection and certification systems for foods.

In recent years, the Chinese government attempted to consolidate food regulation with the creation of the State Food and Drug Administration in 2003, and officials have also been under increasing public and international pressure to solve food safety problems.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, is the regulating body related to food safety and laying down of standards of food in India.

In the UK the Food Standards Agency is an independent government department responsible for food safety and hygiene across the UK. They work with businesses to help them produce safe food, and with local authorities to enforce food safety regulations.

The main requirement resulting from this change is that anyone who owns or run a food business in the UK must have a documented Food Safety Management System, which is based on the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point HACCP. Furthermore, according to UK legislation, food handlers and their supervisors must be adequately trained in food safety.

There are 15 agencies sharing oversight responsibilities in the food safety system, although the two primary agencies are the US Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service, which is responsible for the safety of meat, poultry, and processed egg products, and the FDA, which is responsible for virtually all other foods.

According to Dr. Dean Wyatt, a USDA veterinarian who oversees federal slaughterhouse inspectors, “Upper level management does not adequately support field inspectors and the actions they take to protect the food supply. Not only is there lack of support, but there’s outright obstruction, retaliation and abuse of power.” A growing number of food and beverage manufacturers are improving food safety standards by incorporating a food safety management system which automates all steps in the food quality management process.

Post Idea #9: ATLAS Space Operations, Inc.

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Traverse City, MI, US Startup

ATLAS is a state-of-the-art satellite data communications company utilizing the latest software-based technologies to provide cost-effective solutions.

Having moved hardware to the cloud, ATLAS completely bypasses the need for onsite antenna maintenance and associated engineering costs – saving customers time and money.

The ATLAS antenna network offers global coverage and data services for a fraction of the price of legacy solutions.

Post Idea #10: Ball Aerospace & Technologies

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Broomfield Colorado

Fast Facts Location Broomfield Operations Spacecraft, advanced instruments and sensors, components, data exploitation systems and RF solutions for strategic, tactical and scientific applications to support critical missions for the Department of Defense, NASA, NOAA and other U.S. government and commercial entities.

The iconic Ball logo originated in 1880, when the glass jar business was beginning to boom.

A book titled “From Jars to the Stars” tells the whole story.

Ball products are hosted on hundreds of air, ground and sea platforms used by all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Ball built the instruments and spacecraft for NASA’s CALIPSO and CloudSat missions, which celebrated 10 years on orbit in 2016, even though both missions were only designed for a program life of three years.

Learn more about Colorado’s aerospace industry VIEW Learn more about Colorado’s defense and homeland security industry VIEW Read how Surrey Satellite has also found success in Colorado.

VIEW Learn about Lockheed Martin’s experience in Colorado’s aerospace cluster.

Ball Aerospace & Technologies

Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. is an American manufacturer of spacecraft, components, and instruments for national defense, civil space and commercial space applications.

Ball Aerospace began building pointing controls for military rockets in 1956 back then), and later won a contract to build some of NASA’s first spacecraft, the Orbiting Solar Observatory satellites.

Ball Aerospace also has many other products and services for the aerospace industry, including lubricants, optical systems, star trackers and antennas.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ball Corporation, Ball Aerospace was cited in 2014 as the 88th largest defense contractor in the world.

Ball Aerospace developed the Cryogenic Telescope Assembly and two of the three science instruments: the Infrared Spectrograph and the Multiband Imaging Photometer.

Ball Aerospace designed and built the spacecraft and all of its instrument packages for NASA. Star trackers for NASA’s Space Shuttle program.

Ball Aerospace developed and built the cryogenically cooled telescope, dewar and sunshade.

Ball Aerospace-Built Spacecraft For NASA X-Ray Astrophysics Mission Successfully Launches From Kennedy Space Center

“IXPE is going to provide unprecedented insight into how the universe works,” said Dr. Makenzie Lystrup, vice president and general manager, Ball Aerospace.

As part of the NASA Astrophysics Explorers Program, the mission addresses NASA’s science goal “To probe the origin and destiny of our universe, including the nature of black holes, dark energy, dark matter, and gravity.” It is led by principal investigator Dr. Martin C. Weisskopf at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, with support from Ball Aerospace, the Italian Space Agency, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at University of Colorado Boulder and other partners.

In addition to the mechanical and structural elements of the payload and observatory assembly, Ball Aerospace provided the IXPE spacecraft and conducted integration and testing.

The spacecraft is based on the smallest Ball Configurable Platform model.

The BCP has a broad spectrum of capabilities, is highly reliable with proven stability and pointing performance, which are essential for astrophysics missions, such as IXPE. As part of Ball Aerospace’s commitment to sustainability, a similar BCP was developed for NASA’s technology demonstration Green Propellant Infusion Mission and is currently in the design phase for the BCP spacecraft for NASA’s Spectro-Photometer for the History of the Universe, Epoch of Reionization and Ices Explorer.

Powered by endlessly curious people with an unwavering mission focus, Ball Aerospace pioneers discoveries that enable our customers to perform beyond expectation and protect what matters most.

About Ball Corporation Ball Corporation supplies innovative, sustainable aluminum packaging solutions for beverage, personal care and household products customers, as well as aerospace and other technologies and services primarily for the U.S. government.

Ball Aerospace COSMOS

All of the code is open source – no surprises, easy to debug, and fully documented.

Support contracts, and complete configuration support available.

Post Idea #11: BridgeSat Inc.

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BIG DATA DELIVERED. Space-based optical communication systems are poised to take a breakthrough role in commercial SmallSat missions.

Backed by successful on-orbit demonstrations, and led by new technology developments, the migration to optical communications from traditional radio frequency designs will provide a significant leap in the data downlink capabilities of low Earth orbit small satellites.

PROVIDING AN OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTION. BridgeComm’s mission is to speed the adoption of optical communications systems by providing operators with a solution that seamlessly connects satellites and high-altitude unmanned vehicles to the ground, and accommodates accelerating demand for accurate and frequent data collection from LEO satellites.

Designed to either augment existing RF systems or provide a primary downlink channel, BridgeComm’s solution includes mission analysis, upfront design work, delivery and integration of space terminals, and access to a ground network that provides delivery of the operator’s data directly from their satellite or UAV to their server.

AstroTerrace, Inc., And BridgeSat, Inc. Announce The Contract Award To Develop The Optical Communications Solution For The Japanese Government’S ETS-IX Program

AstroTerrace, Inc., and BridgeSat, Inc. announced today that they were awarded a contract to support the development of the optical communications system on the Japanese Government’s Engineering Test Satellite 9.

As a recognized world leader in space-based optical communications systems, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, NICT, has embarked on the development of an advanced optical communications system for the ETS-IX satellite, known as the High speed Communication with Advanced Laser Instrument.

BridgeSat will provide the optical front end design, leveraging their experience delivering commercial optical communications systems that provides secure, high data rate communications at a price that is more attractive than traditional RF systems.

“The goal of this development is to advance the state of the art in optical communications in a system that will provide benefit to future satellite communication needs. BridgeSat and AstroTerrace have offered a solution that will not only meet our program needs, but also will serve the future innovation for the space laser communication opportunity between GEO and Ground,” said a NICT Research Director.

“NICT has provided decades of leadership with space optical communications, and we look forward to working with the BridgeSat team for NICT on this important project,” said Hisanori Tsuji, President and Founder of AstroTerrace.

The National Institute of Information and Communications Technology promotes the full spectrum of research and development in information and communications technology from basic to applied research with an integrated perspective, and thus promotes the advancement of Japan as an intellectual nation that leads the international community.

BridgeSat has designed an optical communications ground network that aims to improve the transfer of data from satellites.

BridgeSat Changes Name To BridgeComm

BridgeSat, Inc., based in Denver, CO announced on July 16 its official corporate name change to BridgeComm, Inc. Supporting the company’s vision to provide organizations worldwide with fast, secure, enterprise-grade broadband services, the name change reflects its role as an OWC pioneer in growing marketplaces adjacent to the space sector, where it has built strong relationships among public, private and government organizations.

“While we are still committed to providing solutions to enable advances in the space ecosystem, we are at the forefront of developing solutions for high-growth markets, specifically terrestrial and airborne, where 5G and United States Government demands are increasing at a rapid pace.”

Launched in 2015, BridgeComm garnered attention as the first organization to commercialize OWC and begin development of a global network of optical ground stations designed to support complimentary fixed and mobile terminals that provide high-bandwidth, high-security solutions for unique applications.

A wireless technology offering rapid point-to-point data transmission via beams of light that connect from one telescope to another using low-power, safe, infrared lasers in the terahertz spectrum, OWC holds tremendous potential to augment RF, fiber and mmWave technologies and extend the capabilities of the terrestrial fiber grid-particularly in hard-to-access environments and in areas where cell towers do not currently exist.

Analytics firm Research and Markets predicts the global OWC market will experience significant growth by 2023 at an estimated compound annual growth rate of 33.49 percent, from $229.2 million generated in 2017.

“Working across industry sectors to bring integrated, multi-domain solutions to market, we look forward to BridgeComm’s evolution,” added Matsumori, whose company is engaged in a wide range of U.S. Government activities, with several commercial airborne lasercom projects well underway.

“As a terminal agnostic provider of OWC solutions, we are proud to be at the leading edge enabling a new era of connectivity.”

BridgeSat, Inc. Appoints Barry Matsumori As CEO

BridgeSat, an Allied Minds subsidiary, was founded on technology sourced from The Aerospace Corporation, seeking to revolutionise satellite data downlinking with an advanced optical communications network.

Barry Matsumori commented “I am delighted to take up the CEO position at BridgeSat and look forward to delivering on the huge potential for this company to service the fast growing LEO satellite market with a new and differentiated optical communications technology.”

Allied Minds is an IP commercialisation company focused on venture creation within the life science and technology sectors.

Based in Boston, Allied Minds supports its businesses with capital, central management, and shared services.

The forward-looking statements are based on current expectations and are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results, performance and achievements to differ materially from current expectations, including, but not limited to, those risks and uncertainties described in the risk factors included in Allied Minds’ regulatory filings.

These forward-looking statements are based on assumptions regarding the present and future business strategies of Allied Minds and the environment in which it will operate in the future.

Except as required by law, regulatory requirement, the Listing Rules and the Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules, neither Allied Minds nor any other party intends to update or revise these forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Post Idea #12: Maxar Technologies

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Earth Intelligence & Space Infrastructure

Here’s the latest in partnerships, products and inspiring innovations that are driving better outcomes for a better world.

NGA’s G-EGD program, powered by Maxar, provides mission-critical geospatial data across the U.S. government.

Learn more Maxar Integrates NASA Pollution-Monitoring Payload. Maxar integrated the Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution payload with its host spacecraft.

Maxar Purpose Partner Amazon Conservation Team uses SecureWatch to protect indigenous people and the environment.

Maxar Technologies Inc.

Maxar is a trusted partner and innovator in Earth Intelligence and Space Infrastructure.

We deliver disruptive value to government and commercial customers to help them monitor, understand and navigate our changing planet; deliver global broadband communications; and explore and advance the use of space.

Our unique approach combines decades of deep mission understanding and a proven commercial and defense foundation to deploy solutions and deliver insights with unrivaled speed, scale and cost effectiveness.

Maxar’s 4,400 team members in 20 global locations are inspired to harness the potential of space to help our customers create a better world.

J.P. Morgan Industrials Conference New York, NY March 17, 2022 6:40 a.m. PST / 9:40 a.m. EST Date and time subject to change; see the Investor section of the Maxar website for current details.

Maxar Technologies is a provider of comprehensive space solutions and secure, precise, geospatial intelligence.

We deliver disruptive value to government and commercial customers to help them monitor, understand and navigate our changing planet; deliver global broadband communications; and explore and advance the use of space.

ADVERTISEMENT.This press release may contain forward-looking statements that reflect management’s current expectations, assumptions and estimates of future performance and economic conditions.

Any such forward-looking statements are made in reliance upon the safe harbor provisions of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

The Company cautions investors that any forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results and future trends to differ materially from those matters expressed in or implied by such forward-looking statements, including those included in the Company’s filings with U.S. securities and Canadian regulatory authorities.

The Company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise, other than as may be required under applicable securities law.

American International Group Inc. Sells 933 Shares Of Maxar Technologies Inc.

American International Group Inc. reduced its stake in Maxar Technologies Inc. by 2.3% during the 3rd quarter, according to its most recent 13F filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

The fund owned 39,260 shares of the company’s stock after selling 933 shares during the period.

American International Group Inc. owned 0.05% of Maxar Technologies worth $1,112,000 at the end of the most recent quarter.

Janus Henderson Group PLC bought a new position in shares of Maxar Technologies in the 3rd quarter worth $204,000.

Toroso Investments LLC bought a new position in shares of Maxar Technologies in the 3rd quarter worth $726,000.

Finally, Voloridge Investment Management LLC boosted its position in shares of Maxar Technologies by 88.6% in the 3rd quarter.

BMO Capital Markets reduced their target price on Maxar Technologies to C$33.00 in a report on Wednesday, February 23rd. Finally, Zacks Investment Research upgraded Maxar Technologies from a “Sell” rating to a “Hold” rating and set a $35.00 target price on the stock in a report on Wednesday, March 2nd. Six investment analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating and seven have assigned a buy rating to the stock.

Maxar Technologies Inc. Is A Blank Check For Growth – Stocks Register

Maxar Technologies Inc. shares, rose in value on Wednesday, 03/09/22, with the stock price up by 4.32% to the previous day’s close as strong demand from buyers drove the stock to $35.27.

Actively observing the price movement in the last trading, the stock closed the session at $33.81, falling within a range of $33.90 and $35.89.

The company’s Forward Dividend Ratio is 0.04, with its dividend yield at 0.11%. As a result, investors might want to see an improvement in the stock’s price before the company announces its earnings report.

The stock is rated as a Hold by 3 analyst(s), 6 recommend it as a Buy and 1 called the MAXR stock Overweight.

The stock’s technical analysis shows that the PEG ratio is about 0, with the price of MAXR currently trading nearly 19.04% and 23.04% away from the simple moving averages for 20 and 50 days respectively.

The company’s stock has been forecasted to trade at an average price of $42.10 over the course of the next 52 weeks, with a low of $32.00 and a high of $52.00.

The stock has risen by 19.44% since the beginning of the year, thereby showing the potential of a further growth.

Russian Military Convoy Northwest Of Kyiv Has Dispersed, Redeployed -Maxar

1 Min Read.WASHINGTON, March 10 – Satellite images taken on Thursday show a large Russian military convoy, last seen northwest of Kyiv near Antonov airport, has largely dispersed and redeployed, a private U.S. company said on Thursday.

Maxar Technologies said images show armored units maneuvering in and through the surrounding towns close to the airport.

It said images also show convoy elements further north have repositioned near Lubyanka with towed artillery howitzers in firing positions nearby.

Maxar Technologies

Maxar Technologies is the parent holding company of Space Systems Loral, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, US; DigitalGlobe, headquartered in Westminster, Colorado, US; and Radiant Solutions, headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, US. Maxar Technologies is dual-listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange as MAXR. In May 2019, the company was selected as the provider of the power and propulsion element for the Lunar Gateway developed by NASA. On December 30, 2019, the company announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement to sell MDA’s assets to a consortium of financial sponsors led by Northern Private Capital for CAD$1 billion.

The sale includes all of MDA’s Canadian businesses, encompassing ground stations, radar satellite products, robotics, defense, and satellite components, representing approximately 1,900 employees.

The company was dual-listed on the TSX and NYSE. In 2020, Maxar divested itself of the Canadian MDA portion, returning MDA to a separate operating company.

2017 – Completed its acquisition of DigitalGlobe, MDA now will be named Maxar Technologies, dual-listed on NYSE and TSX. MDA will then be a subsidiary of US-based Maxar by 2019.

2012 – acquired Space Systems/Loral for US $875 million, making MDA one of the world’s leading communication satellite companies.

2000/01 – Orbital Sciences divested its MDA shares through an initial public offering; trades as TSX: MDA. 2000 – entered joint venture with LandAmerica Financial Group to create LandMDA, a provider of property reports to lenders.

1995 – MDA was acquired by Orbital Sciences for $67 million in stock.

Post Idea #13: Service provider

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What Is A Service Provider?

A service provider is a business that supplies expert care or specialized services rather than an actual product.

The term is usually saved for companies related to communication or technology, such as mobile phone companies or Internet service providers.

Internet service providers provide access to the Internet and are a base for several other computer-related service providers.

While there are a wide variety of service types, dial-up, cable modem, or DSL to name a few, the overall service is similar across the companies.

A network service provider connects ISPs and business networks together, allowing separate networks to talk.

Application service providers provide computer services like program access or remote troubleshooting and repair.

A telecommunications service provider allows people to talk to one another through the phone system.

Definition Of Service Provider

A service provider is an individual or entity that provides services to another party.

The provision of services between a service provider and a company is typically governed by a service agreement.

Examples of potential service providers for a company are advisors, individual consultants, law firms, design shops and investment banks.

What Is A Service Provider?

A service provider is a vendor that provides IT solutions and/or services to end users and organizations.

This broad term incorporates all IT businesses that provide products and solutions through services that are on-demand, pay per use or a hybrid delivery model.

A service provider’s delivery model generally differs from conventional IT product manufacturers or developers.

Typically, a service provider does not require purchase of an IT product by a user or organization.

Rather, a service provider builds, operates and manages these IT products, which are bundled and delivered as a service/solution.

In turn, a customer accesses this type of solution from a service provider via several different sourcing models, such as a monthly or annual subscription fee.

Service Provider

Organization that provides services to other organizations.

A service provider is an organization that provides services, such as consulting, legal, real estate, communications, storage, and processing services, to other organizations.

Although a service provider can be an sub-unit of the organization that it serves, it is usually a third-party or outsourced supplier.

Examples include telecommunications service providers, application service providers, storage service providers, and internet service providers.

IT professionals sometimes differentiate between service providers by categorizing them as type I, II, or III. The three service types are recognized by the IT industry although specifically defined by ITIL and the U.S. Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Type III SPs provide IT services to external customers and subsequently can be referred to as external service providers which range from a full IT organization/service outsource via managed services or MSPs to limited product feature delivery via ASPs.

What Does Service Provider Mean?

A service provider is a company that provides organizations with consulting, legal, real estate, education, communications, storage, processing, and many other services.

Although the term service provider can refer to organizational sub-units, it is more generally used to refer to third party or outsourced suppliers, including telecommunications service providers, application service providers, storage service providers, and Internet service providers.

IT professionals sometimes differentiate between service providers by categorizing them as type I, II, or III. The three service types are recognized by the IT industry although specifically defined by ITIL and the US Telecommunications Act of 1996 ⁕Type I: internal service provider ⁕Type II: shared service provider ⁕Type III: external service provider Type III SPs provide IT services to external customers and subsequently can be referred to as external service providers which range from a full IT organization/service outsource via managed services or MSPs to limited product feature delivery via ASPs.Editors Contribution.

The numerical value of service provider in Chaldean Numerology is: 6.Pythagorean Numerology.

The numerical value of service provider in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8.Examples of service provider in a Sentence.

The chances of customer retaliation will be reduced if the service provider has an efficient complaint-handling policy.

It’s completely disrupting the service provider model.

Post Idea #14: Westinghouse Electric Company

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Westinghouse Electric Company

Westinghouse Electric Company LLC is an American nuclear power company formed in 1999 from the nuclear power division of the original Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

On March 24, 2017, parent company Toshiba announced that Westinghouse Electric Company would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy because of US$9 billion of losses from nuclear reactor construction projects.

Westinghouse Electric Company was formed in 1999 after the original company with that name, George Westinghouse’s Westinghouse Electric, founded in 1886, ceased to exist due to a series of divestitures and mergers through the mid-to-late 1990s.

On 6 April 2018, Toshiba announced the completion of the sale of Westinghouse’s holding company to Brookfield Business Partners and some partners for $4.6bn. [edit] 1999: Westinghouse Electric Company officially began operations as BNFL’s nuclear power business.

Westinghouse Electric Company was sold by BNFL to Toshiba,.

Although no longer associated with CBS Corporation, Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, as of 2011, still uses the trademarks owned by Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Paramount’s brand management subsidiary, under license, as is the case with other Westinghouse licensees.

Westinghouse Electric Company fully owns several subsidiaries in Europe, such as the European Service Center, also called Westinghouse Electric Belgium located in Nivelles, Belgium, where equipment is prepared for projects throughout Europe.

Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Westinghouse Electric Corporation is among the country’s largest electronics companies, with units committed to serving the U.S. defense industry, as well as interests in power generation and manufacturing.

George Westinghouse, who invented the air-brake as a 22 year-old engineer with little formal education, founded the Westinghouse Electric Company in Pittsburgh in 1886 as a way of entering the infant electrical industry.

During these years both Edison General Electric and Westinghouse spent small fortunes accumulating patents, with the result that neither company could market new products without fear of patent infringement litigation.

The infancy of the electrical industry was dominated by inventor-entrepreneurs like George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison, but their professional rivalry would continue long after both men had died and the Edison General Electric Company had dropped its founder’s name.

After years of expansion, Westinghouse Electric found itself unable to produce the necessary cash to pay $14 million worth of debt that was about to come due because a stock panic had depressed the financial markets and made it impossible to raise money through them.

If Westinghouse Electric missed the guiding hand of its founder, it didn’t show.

In 1992, Westinghouse exited the rough and tumble financial service business and also announced plans to sell its office furniture, residential real estate, electric-supply, and electric distribution and control subsidiaries.

Revised January 2022 1 Introduction If you are a Westinghouse employee considering retirement, this Retirement Event Guide will help you navigate through all phases of the retirement process – to make your pension choices and review your health care benefits.

You must start your retirement process before your retirement date to be eligible to receive retirement benefits effective with the month of your retirement.

The session is not “Advice” or “Financial planning” – its purpose is to provide full, up-to-date information about Westinghouse plans and the retirement processes associated with retirement benefits, and to allow you to get all your benefitsrelated retirement questions answered in-depth, in a focused conversation with a Specialist.

Starting the On-line Retirement Process This Retirement Event Guide will walk you through the on-line retirement process.

If you have elected to receive a retirement kit in the mail or Secure Mailbox, you will receive a kit that contains the following documents: Starting Your Pension Benefit Pension Elections Worksheets Pension Calculation Statement Pension Option Descriptions Notice of Rights Relative Values Notice State Notice Withholding Notice If you have elected a “Paperless” retirement, you will not receive a retirement kit in the mail.

Authorize – Submitted Successfully If You Elected a Paper Retirement Kit or Paperless Retirement and Spousal Consent IS REQUIRED If you selected to receive a retirement kit or if your paperless retirement requires spousal consent, you will now see the words “Submitted Successfully”.

If you are not enrolled in medical, vision and/or dental coverage as an active employee immediately prior to your retirement, or retirement at the same time as a layoff or permanent job separation, you will not automatically be enrolled in pre-Medicare medical, vision and/or dental coverage upon retirement, and you cannot enroll in preMedicare retiree medical, vision and/or dental coverage at any time in the future.

Company History & Capabilities

These partnerships assure our customers that anything they purchase from us will be proven, reliable, and top quality.

With nearly 800 branches and warehouses worldwide, we are a global strategic partner who efficiently and consistently supports our customers’ operations, wherever they are located.

With our integrated supply, eCommerce, and global account programs, we’re able and ready to help customers streamline their supply chain.

We use our value-driven solutions to bring exceptional service to our customers.

We combine our product and service offerings, expertise, and supplier relationships into comprehensive supply chain management solutions for our customers and their operations around the world.

Our goal is always to provide customers with a full range of products, services, and solutions that keep their business running in top form and help them stay ahead of the competition.

With our lean supply chain solutions, we help uncover opportunities that can directly impact our customers’ bottom line.

Post Idea #15: Coors Light

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Coors Brewing Company

My first experience of Coors Light here in Australia, was several years back when Coca Cola first started importing it.

The little I remember of that night, I remember the bar tender telling me they’d be convinced by Coke to order way too much of this beer, and run a promotion on it, assuring the owners of the pub that it would sell like hotcakes.

Taste: Grains, slight floral flavour, sparkling water with a bit of beer in it.

Feel: Watery, carbonated, Would be mistaken for a flavoured mineral/soda water.

I suppose it would be refreshing when it’s hot and the beer is ice cold, but so can a glass of water, or cold mineral water.

Sure, it’s Refreshing when it’s ice cold, but why waste the calories on a flavourless beer? If you’re looking to get tanked, I mean sure, you can knock these back one after another, until you’re inebriated, but why knock back 20 of these when a decent flavoured beer will do the same?

There’s plenty of mediocre Aussie beers that I can drink for the purpose of being inebriated, I honestly don’t see the market for this in Australia.

Coors Light

Suggested Serving Temperature35-40° FProduct DescriptionCrisp, clean and refreshing, Coors Light is an American-style light lager beer.

Not only is Coors Light golden beer crafted with pure water, lager yeast, two-row barley malt, and four hop varieties, but it’s cold lagered, cold filtered, and cold packaged to deliver an unforgettable beer-drinking experience.

A carry case of Coors Light beer bottels makes for great party drinks or for tailgating, barbecues, and any holiday that calls for beer.

Light beer is a beer that has lower calories and alcohol than typical beer.

The drop in calories often means light beers have a “Lighter” taste as well, but they can be great session beers if you’re planning to have more than one.

Some beer snobs will tell you light beers taste like beer-flavored water.

Most light beers have a significantly low alcohol content, with some going as low as 1-2% ABV, but typically 3% – 4%. Compare this with most comparable “Regular” beers, which fall in the range of 4% – 5% ABV. For those who thirst for more, we are The World’s Most Refreshing Beer.

Coors Light

The beer has a “Cold Certified” label which turns the mountains on the label from white to blue when the beer’s temperature is lowered to 39 °F. Coors Light has a “Mountain icon” to represent the beer as part of the logo.

Coors Light advertising highlights the quality of the beer as the most refreshing place on earth.

In April 2013, the agency produced a Digital Video for Coors Light ad known as Coors Light the brewer ambushes a summer pool party with the frosty taste of winter.

In May 2013, the Coors Light aluminum pint, featuring Ball Corporation Alumi-Tek® bottle, has been awarded a Gold Award from The Packaging Association and was chosen as the Canadian Packaging Consumers Voice Award winner at the recent PAC Leadership Awards.

In order to expand Molson Coors brand portfolio outside of its major markets, Molson Coors established Molson Coors International in 2008.

In 2005, Coors light was awarded with a silver medal in the Great American Beer Festival in the American-Style Light Lager category.

In 2008, Coors Light became known as the “Official Beer of NASCAR”, succeeding Budweiser.

Happy Stone Cold Steve Austin Day to all who celebrate.

To prep for , we created Coors Almighty Light, made with real Blessed Water to ward off demons and keep your soul safe Head to bit.

Running out of beer during the halftime show The Coors Light I drank during the halftime show .

6.5 million 30-second commercial < drinking Coors Light during 30-second commercial.

Your Coors Lights are probably getting lonely in the fridge.

Notices it’s 5pm* I can tell you need a cold Coors Light cause I’m an empath.

Give your boss a 6-pack of Coors Light to let them know it’s championship-watching time.

Post Idea #16: Intelligent document

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What Is Intelligent Document Processing -?

Extract information from any business document automatically to enable end-to-end business process automation.

Intelligent Document Processing converts unstructured data.

Embedding Intelligent Document Processing within the RPA platform is what enables business users to automate processes end-to-end.

Built-in IDP makes it easy to get started with pre-packaged use cases to choose from for the most common document processing scenarios.

Where Can You Apply IDP? Intelligent Document Processing software is ready to extract and organize data across industries and business functions, right out of the box.

Use IDP document scanning to convert paper-based documents into machine-readable file formats with searchable text for optimal performance.

Automate document creation by pulling from different data sources and using document templates to produce in-depth reports, complex legal documents, and much more.

What Is Intelligent Document Processing? The Complete Guide

In order to meet their difficult intelligent document automation and digitization demands, businesses want more complicated, adaptable, and precise solutions than OCR. In this post, we will define Intelligent Document Processing, compare it to other document capture approaches, and discuss the benefits it provides companies.

Intelligent document processing, also referred to as intelligent data capture, is the automation of data extraction from complicated semi-structured/unstructured documents and transform it into structured useable data providing end-to-end automation to document-centric business practices.

Intelligent document processing converts unstructured data by utilizing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Optical Character Recognition, and Intelligent Character Recognition to classify, categorize, extract, and validate the extracted data.

Intelligent document processing is gaining popularity because it offers innovative solutions for automating intelligent data extraction tasks that were previously exceedingly difficult,.

Intelligent document processing helps organizations integrate with other core business applications, minimize human intervention, handle challenges associated with reading complicated document formats, and fulfill legal and compliance requirements.

Intelligent document processing reduces the costs of manually processing documents, extracting information, and feeding other business systems.

Intelligent document processing significantly improves performance by automating manual labor processes such as data input, document sorting, and information validation and reducing the time necessary to handle these documents.

What Is Intelligent Document Processing?

Intelligent Document Processing is more advanced than Digital Capture and OCR. As per International Data Corporation estimates, in less than four years, worldwide enterprise data will exceed 175 zettabytes.

Intelligent Document Processing sorts information from any unstructured source – be it invoices, orders and receipts, emails, claim forms, registries, contracts, scanned documents or printed books – into structured, easily accessible, validated data as required by any business.

What makes Intelligent Document Processing impressive is that it uses a combination of these data tools as a singular solution to transform how we work with data.

Intelligent Document Processing has revolutionised traditional Data Capture by integrating AI into its platforms.

Document Classification – Classification of information is what sets Intelligent Document Processing apart from other data automation solutions.

The best way to harness the full potential of a Document Processing platform is to develop document data literacy.

Apart from governments and large organisations with huge data mines, innumerable industries are fast taking to Intelligent Document Processing to transform enormous depositories of documents into millions of data extractions on critical day-to-day workflows.

IDP(Intelligent Document Processing): How To Improve Quality?

The whole process of data extraction is impacted through IDP. IDP carries out most of the steps of the automation process namely, document collection, document pre-processing, document classification, data extraction, validation, and integration.

Sometimes the task of document processing becomes difficult for IDP. IDP can also fail in the step of integration and export of data.

These issues could be addressed and solved to an extent to improve the overall performance of IDP. How to improve IDP?

IDP can be combined with other automated software solutions like OCR, RPA to improve the processing and extraction quality of the valuable data.

Intelligent Document Processing can be improved by following some steps related to the common flaws in IDP as discussed above.

One more challenge faced in using IDP is that people often misjudge the unique technological possibilities of IDP. Having wrong expectations and underestimating the IDP technology can eventually hinder the innovative results from Intelligent Document Processing.

Lastly, data integration will process easily with already improved IDP. Following these processes can improve Intelligent Document Processing in the best way out there.

Intelligent Document Processing: Everything You Need To Know

The value of automated data processing from very different business documents is clear across verticals.

Intelligent document processing is a technology that uses Optical Character Recognition and Artificial Intelligence to convert unstructured or semi-structured data into structured formats for analysis and/or further automation.

To begin to understand this form of intelligent data processing, you need to know the difference between structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Every business document is an accumulation of data, whether it’s a client’s email message or an inventory spreadsheet.

Before an end-to-end automation system can proceed to performing a processing task, it may need to impose structure on semi-structured and unstructured data.

So how does a software system like IDP perform the very human task of scanning a document, recognizing what’s relevant and what isn’t, and extracting the valuable data while ignoring the rest? To perform intelligent data extraction, an IDP system uses two types of digital technology.

Implement intelligent document processing to improve efficiency, accuracy, and data visibility-the key ingredient of growth-focused decision making-and to claim the competitive advantage in any industry.

AWS Intelligent Document Processing

Millions of contracts, purchase orders, and bill of materials are required to keep your business operations running smoothly.

The data stored in the documents is vital to business functions which run across several departments.

Using Artificial Intelligence to automate the document processing operation and provide the information to your systems is key to reducing manual efforts and speeding up internal processes.

Using Optical Character Recognition and Natural Language Processing can help you extract text from documents quickly and understand the text which can then be routed to one system for cross-functional use.

Intelligent Document Processing: Is It More Than Just Old Wine In A New Bottle?

In 2021, this market experienced a resurgence that’s been driven by a new flavor of capture known as intelligent document processing.

What is IDP, and why is it generating interest? Is this the next natural iteration of capture, or is it something more profound? And, to recite a question asked by many, “Is this just old wine in a new bottle?” Before I answer this question, let’s take a look back.

MORE FROMFORBES ADVISOR. Much as the grape juice that comes from wine pressing isn’t a refined finished product, neither was the output from most capture solutions.

Capture tools often serve as the first step of content ingestion into business processes such as claims processing, accounts payable processing and customer onboarding.

Deep Analysis researchers take this a little further by claiming that cognitive capture “Is the starting point for, among other things, generating and managing clean and accurate data in extended machine learning and intelligent automation business processes.” They define the three steps of cognitive capture as acquire, understand and integrate.

If you’re not wanting anything more than your regular two buck chuck capture equivalent, then chances are you may be just fine without IDP. But for those who want to step up to a new generation of tools, today’s IDP technologies are similar to a trip to Napa Valley vineyards.

Like an expert winemaker blending different grapes, modern IDP creates new flavors of content classification, data extraction and integration to key business systems and processes by blending new and old technologies together.

Post Idea #17: Orletto Capital II

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Charbone Corporation And Orletto Capital II Inc. Announce Closing Of Brokered Private Placement Of Subscription Receipts

BROSSARD, Quebec, March 17, 2022 – Charbone Corporation and Orletto Capital II Inc. a capital pool company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange are pleased to announce that Charbone has completed its previously announced brokered private placement of subscription receipts of Charbone, as previously announced on October 22, 2021 and March 4, 2022, consisting of 11,270,000 Subscription Receipts at a price of $0.40 for total gross proceeds of $4,508,000.

The total gross proceeds of the Private Placement will be held in escrow by TSX Trust Company, until the closing of the Qualifying Transaction and the satisfaction of certain escrow release conditions.

Charbone has paid to Desjardins a corporate finance fee, through the issuance of 250,000 Subscription Receipts and agreed to pay an 8% cash commission on the gross proceeds from the Private Placement.

As further consideration for the services rendered in connection with the Private Placement, Charbone also issued an aggregate of 901,600 non-transferable compensation options, which will, after the closing of the Qualifying Transaction, give the right to its holder thereof to purchase 901,600 Resulting Issuer Shares at a price of $0.40 per Resulting Issuer Share for a period of 18 months.

The net proceeds of the Private Placement will be used on the hydrogen facility project of Charbone and related equipment purchases; maintenance and repair of hydropower plant, payment of interest of Charbone debentures and for working capital and general corporate purposes.

Charbone has supplied all information contained in this news release with respect to Charbone and Orletto and its directors and officers have relied on Charbone for any such information.

All information contained in this news release with respect to Orletto and Charbone was supplied by the parties, respectively, for inclusion herein, and Orletto and its respective directors and officers have relied on Charbone for any information concerning Charbone.

Charbone Corporation And Orletto Capital II Inc. Announce

BROSSARD, Quebec, March 17, 2022 – Charbone Corporation and Orletto Capital II Inc. a capital pool company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange are pleased to announce that Charbone has completed its previously announced brokered private placement of subscription receipts of Charbone, as previously announced on October 22, 2021 and March 4, 2022, consisting of 11,270,000 Subscription Receipts at a price of $0.40 for total gross proceeds of $4,508,000.

As further consideration for the services rendered in connection with the Private Placement, Charbone also issued an aggregate of 901,600 non-transferable compensation options, which will, after the closing of the Qualifying Transaction, give the right to its holder thereof to purchase 901,600 Resulting Issuer Shares at a price of $0.40 per Resulting Issuer Share for a period of 18 months.

The net proceeds of the Private Placement will be used on the hydrogen facility project of Charbone and related equipment purchases; maintenance and repair of hydropower plant, payment of interest of Charbone debentures and for working capital and general corporate purposes.

Except as specifically contemplated in such policy, until the completion of its Qualifying Transaction, Orletto will not carry on business, other than identification and evaluation of companies, businesses or assets with a view to completing a Qualifying Transaction.

Charbone has supplied all information contained in this news release with respect to Charbone and Orletto and its directors and officers have relied on Charbone for any such information.

All information contained in this news release with respect to Orletto and Charbone was supplied by the parties, respectively, for inclusion herein, and Orletto and its respective directors and officers have relied on Charbone for any information concerning Charbone.

Among the key factors that could cause actual results to differ materially: whether the parties are successful in negotiating and entering a definitive agreement for the Qualifying Transaction, whether they are able to obtain all necessary regulatory approvals for the Qualifying Transaction and whether they are able to satisfy the listing conditions for the listing of the common shares of the resulting issuer of the Qualifying Transaction on the Exchange; whether they are able to complete any necessary financing; and whether they are able to obtain all shareholder and third party consents necessary to complete the Qualifying Transaction.

Charbone Corporation And Orletto Capital II Inc. Announce Closing Of Brokered Private Placement Of Subscription Receipts

BROSSARD, Quebec, March 17, 2022 – Charbone Corporation and Orletto Capital II Inc. a capital pool company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange are pleased to announce that Charbone has completed its previously announced brokered private placement of subscription receipts of Charbone, as previously announced on October 22, 2021 and March 4, 2022, consisting of 11,270,000 Subscription Receipts at a price of $0.40 for total gross proceeds of $4,508,000.

The total gross proceeds of the Private Placement will be held in escrow by TSX Trust Company, until the closing of the Qualifying Transaction and the satisfaction of certain escrow release conditions.

Charbone has paid to Desjardins a corporate finance fee, through the issuance of 250,000 Subscription Receipts and agreed to pay an 8% cash commission on the gross proceeds from the Private Placement.

As further consideration for the services rendered in connection with the Private Placement, Charbone also issued an aggregate of 901,600 non-transferable compensation options, which will, after the closing of the Qualifying Transaction, give the right to its holder thereof to purchase 901,600 Resulting Issuer Shares at a price of $0.40 per Resulting Issuer Share for a period of 18 months.

The net proceeds of the Private Placement will be used on the hydrogen facility project of Charbone and related equipment purchases; maintenance and repair of hydropower plant, payment of interest of Charbone debentures and for working capital and general corporate purposes.

Charbone has supplied all information contained in this news release with respect to Charbone and Orletto and its directors and officers have relied on Charbone for any such information.

All information contained in this news release with respect to Orletto and Charbone was supplied by the parties, respectively, for inclusion herein, and Orletto and its respective directors and officers have relied on Charbone for any information concerning Charbone.

Each Subscription Receipt will entitle its holder, after the closing of the Qualifying Transaction, to receive one common share and one-half warrant of the resulting issuer of the Qualifying Transaction.

Each Resulting Issuer Warrant shall entitle its holder thereof to purchase one Resulting Issuer Share at an exercised price of $0.60 per Resulting Issuer Share for a period of 18 months following the Qualifying Transaction date.

As further consideration for the services rendered in connection with the Private Placement, Charbone also issued an aggregate of 901,600 non-transferable compensation options, which will, after the closing of the Qualifying Transaction, give the right to its holder thereof to purchase 901,600 Resulting Issuer Shares at a price of $0.40 per Resulting Issuer Share for a period of 18 months.

After the Qualifying Transaction, all Resulting Issuer Shares and all Resulting Issuer Warrants will be freely tradeable.

Except as specifically contemplated in such policy, until the completion of its Qualifying Transaction, Orletto will not carry on business, other than identification and evaluation of companies, businesses or assets with a view to completing a Qualifying Transaction.

Investors are cautioned that, except as disclosed in the filing statement to be prepared in connection with the Qualifying Transaction, any information released or received with respect to the Qualifying Transaction may not be accurate or complete and should not be relied upon.

Among the key factors that could cause actual results to differ materially: whether the parties are successful in negotiating and entering a definitive agreement for the Qualifying Transaction, whether they are able to obtain all necessary regulatory approvals for the Qualifying Transaction and whether they are able to satisfy the listing conditions for the listing of the common shares of the resulting issuer of the Qualifying Transaction on the Exchange; whether they are able to complete any necessary financing; and whether they are able to obtain all shareholder and third party consents necessary to complete the Qualifying Transaction.

Post Idea #18: Glycol ethers

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Chronic exposure to the glycol ethers in humans may result in neurological and blood effects, including fatigue, nausea, tremor, and anemia.

Animal studies have reported reproductive and developmental effects from inhalation and oral exposure to the glycol ethers.

Health Hazard Information Acute Effects: Acute exposure to high levels of the glycol ethers in humans results in narcosis, pulmonary edema, and severe liver and kidney damage.

Animal studies have reported adverse effects on weight gain, peripheral blood counts, bone marrow, and lymphoid tissues from acute, inhalation exposure to 2-methoxyethanol.

Chronic Effects : Chronic exposure to the glycol ethers in humans results in fatigue, lethargy, nausea, anorexia, tremor, and anemia.

Reproductive/Developmental Effects: No information is available on the developmental effects of the glycol ethers in humans.

NIOSH IDLH – National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health’s immediately dangerous to life or health concentration; NIOSH recommended exposure limit to ensure that a worker can escape from an exposure condition that is likely to cause death or immediate or delayed permanent adverse health effects or prevent escape from the environment.

ScienceDirect Topics

Animal studies have reported testicular damage, reduced fertility, early embryonic death, birth defects, and delayed development from inhalation and oral exposure to the glycol ethers.

Studies of exposed male workers show that glycol ethers can reduce sperm counts and pregnant women exposed to glycol ethers in their work environments are significantly more likely to have children with birth defects such as neural tube defects and cleft lip.157,158.

In a multicenter case-control study, maternal glycol ether exposure was associated with congenital malformations.

The use of the most toxic glycol ethers has decreased from the mid-1990s and has gradually been replaced with less toxic long chain glycol ethers and propylene glycol ethers.

In a British study, glycol ether exposure was related to low motile sperm count.

14.2.5 Glycol EthersImmune studies involving glycol ethers.

Similar findings were reported in a rodent teratology study involving diethylene glycol and triethylene glycol but studies of propylene glycol have not observed any developmental effects at doses ranging from 1000 to 10 000 mg kg−1 day−1.

Diethylene Glycol Ether Market Report Covers Future Trends With Research 2022 To 2029

The Diethylene Glycol Ether market research report offers pleasant intelligence that helps market players to equip themselves to evolve in line with the changes and secure a solid market position in this competitive Diethylene Glycol Ether for longer period of time.

The Diethylene Glycol Ether market report utilizes quantitative and qualitative investigation that will most likely help different market players to recognize key development pockets in the market.

The Diethylene Glycol Ether market offers market segmentation analysis for this increasing sagacious Diethylene Glycol Ether market so that players can recognize the genuinely necessary segments of the market which can eventually improve their way to perform in this competitive market.

This market research report delves deep into the global Diethylene Glycol Ether market.

The global Diethylene Glycol Ether market has been examined thoroughly on the basis of key criteria such as end user, application, product, technology, and region.

The estimated revenue and volume growth of the global Diethylene Glycol Ether market has also been offered in the report.

Recognizes the market development patterns, size and offers, driving players and portions in the Diethylene Glycol Ether Market.

Glycol Ethers

Glycol ethers are a group of solvents based on alkyl ethers of ethylene glycol or propylene glycol commonly used in paints and cleaners.

The first one was ethyl cellosolve, with the name now generic for glycol ethers.

Glycol ethers are either “e-series” or “p-series” glycol ethers, depending on whether they are made from ethylene oxide or propylene oxide, respectively.

Typically, e-series glycol ethers are found in pharmaceuticals, sunscreens, cosmetics, inks, dyes and water-based paints, while p-series glycol ethers are used in degreasers, cleaners, aerosol paints and adhesives.

Both E-series glycol ethers and P-series glycol ethers can be used as intermediates that undergo further chemical reactions, producing glycol diethers and glycol ether acetates.

P-series glycol ethers are marketed as having lower toxicity than the E-series.

One study suggests that occupational exposure to glycol ethers is related to low motile sperm count, a finding disputed by the chemical industry.


LyondellBasell offers a broad line of glycol ethers based on ethylene and propylene.

These solvents are widely used paints & coatings, industrial cleaners, and inks.

Technical Data Sheet Glycol Ether & Solvents Selection Guide For Home and Institutional Care Applications Description Dow has one of the world’s largest glycol ether solvent portfolios for use in home and institutional care applications.

This guide is intended to provide you with a means of determining which of these Dow glycol ether solvents is best matched to your formulation objectives.

For examples, fast evaporators are good for window cleaners, slow evaporators are better for fragrance release and very slow evaporators work well in oven cleaners.

P-Series Glycol Ethers P-Series glycol ethers are propylene oxide-based, more hydrophobic, have lower surface tension and lower toxicity, and work well in higher pH systems.

ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES Observe all relevant local and international regulations PROTECTIVE MEASURES Avoid contact with spilled or released material.

Allow residues to evaporate or soak up with an appropriate absorbent material and dispose of safely.

Allow residues to evaporate or soak up with appropriate absorbent material and dispose of safely.

Handling: Handling temerature: AMBIENT Storage: Must be kept inhibited during storage and shipment as material can polymerize.

Recommended Materials For containers, or container linings use mild steel, or stainless steel Container Advise Containers, even those that have been emptied, can still contain explosive vapors.

Materials to Avoid: Aluminum Strong oxidizing agents.


Post Idea #19: Waste container

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Dumpster Sizes & Dimensions

Containers should never be positioned underneath overhead power lines to avoid danger of electrocution.

Toxic, hazardous, liquids, or flammable materials are not allowed in the containers.

Containers can be placed on a driveway or concrete slab.

Before ordering a container, it is wise to measure the area where you want the roll-off driver to unload the container and to check that there are no overhead hazards like power lines and tree branches.

Waste Container

A waste container, also known as a dustbin, garbage can, and trash can is a type of container that is usually made out of metal or plastic.

“Garbage” may refer to food waste specifically or to municipal solid waste in general.

A pedal bin is a container with a lid operated by a foot pedal.

Lillian Moller Gilbreth, an industrial engineer and efficiency expert, invented the pedal bin in the 1920s for the disposal of kitchen waste.

Legislation surrounding waste receptacles is first introduced in France in an 1883 prefectural order signed by Eugène Poubelle, from whose name the French word for a waste receptacle comes.

Three waste bins were to be allocated for each household in order to sort refuse from reclaimable fibres such as paper and cloth and other reusable materials like ceramics, glasses and oyster shells.

Roadside waste collection is often done by mean of larger metal containers of varying designs, mostly called dumpsters in the US, and skips in the UK. Public areas such as parks, often have litter bins placed to improve the social environment by encouraging people not to litter.

Post Idea #20: Hepatitis B

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FAQs, Statistics, Data, & Guidelines

Hepatitis B is a vaccine-preventable liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus.

Hepatitis B is spread when blood, semen, or other body fluids from a person infected with the virus enters the body of someone who is not infected.

Not all people newly infected with HBV have symptoms, but for those that do, symptoms can include fatigue, poor appetite, stomach pain, nausea, and jaundice.

For many people, hepatitis B is a short-term illness.

For others, it can become a long-term, chronic infection that can lead to serious, even life-threatening health issues like cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Risk for chronic infection is related to age at infection: about 90% of infants with hepatitis B go on to develop chronic infection, whereas only 2%-6% of people who get hepatitis B as adults become chronically infected.

The best way to prevent hepatitis B is to get vaccinated.

Symptoms And Causes

Hepatitis B is a serious liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus.

Most adults with hepatitis B recover fully, even if their signs and symptoms are severe.

Signs and symptoms of hepatitis B range from mild to severe.

If you think you have signs or symptoms of hepatitis B, contact your doctor.

Hepatitis B infection is caused by the hepatitis B virus.

Acute vs. chronic hepatitis B. Hepatitis B infection may be either short-lived or long lasting.

If you’re traveling to a region where hepatitis B is common, ask your doctor about the hepatitis B vaccine in advance.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is an infectious disease caused by the hepatitis B virus that affects the liver; it is a type of viral hepatitis.

Breastfeeding after proper immunoprophylaxis does not appear to contribute to mother-to-child-transmission of HBV. The virus may be detected within 30 to 60 days after infection and can persist and develop into chronic hepatitis B. The incubation period of the hepatitis B virus is 75 days on average but can vary from 30 to 180 days.

Most hepatitis B diagnostic panels contain HBsAg and total anti-HBc. Shortly after the appearance of the HBsAg, another antigen called hepatitis B e antigen will appear.

For newborns of HBsAg-positive mothers: hepatitis B vaccine alone, hepatitis B immunoglobulin alone, or the combination of vaccine plus hepatitis B immunoglobulin, all prevent hepatitis B occurrence.

Tenofovir given in the second or third trimester can reduce the risk of mother to child transmission by 77% when combined with hepatitis B immunoglobulin and the hepatitis B vaccine, especially for pregnant women with high hepatitis B virus DNA levels.

Hepatitis D can occur only with a concomitant hepatitis B infection, because HDV uses the HBV surface antigen to form a capsid.

World Hepatitis Day, observed 28 July, aims to raise global awareness of hepatitis B and hepatitis C and encourage prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a potentially life-threatening liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus.

The burden of hepatitis B infection is highest in the WHO Western Pacific Region and the WHO African Region, where 116 million and 81 million people, respectively, are chronically infected.

Hepatitis B infection acquired in adulthood leads to chronic hepatitis in less than 5% of cases, whereas infection in infancy and early childhood leads to chronic hepatitis in about 95% of cases.

It is not possible on clinical grounds to differentiate hepatitis B from hepatitis caused by other viral agents, hence laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis is essential.

In 2021 WHO estimated that 12% to 25% of people with chronic hepatitis B infection will require treatment, depending on setting and eligibility criteria.

WHO recommends that all infants receive the hepatitis B vaccine as soon as possible after birth, preferably within 24 hours, followed by 2 or 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine at least 4 weeks apart to complete the vaccination series.

WHO organizes annual World Hepatitis Day campaigns to increase awareness and understanding of viral hepatitis.

Hepatitis B

What is hepatitis B? Hepatitis B is a type of viral hepatitis.

What causes hepatitis B? Hepatitis B is caused by the hepatitis B virus.

Have diabetes, hepatitis C, or HIV. What are the symptoms of hepatitis B? Often, people with hepatitis B don’t have symptoms.

Some people with acute hepatitis B have symptoms 2 to 5 months after infection.

What are the treatments for hepatitis B? If you have acute hepatitis B, you probably don’t need treatment.

The best way to prevent hepatitis B is to get the hepatitis B vaccine.

Article: Hepatitis C prevalence and quality of health services among HIV-positive mothers…. Article: Assessing the feasibility, acceptability and impacts of an education program on…. Article: A non-inferiority trial comparing two recombinant vaccines for…. Hepatitis B – see more articles.

What Is Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is the most common serious liver infection in the world.

Two billion people have been infected and about 300 million people are living with a chronic hepatitis B infection.

There is a safe vaccine to prevent hepatitis B. There are effective drug therapies that can manage a chronic hepatitis B infection, and a cure is within sight.

With early detection and appropriate follow-up medical care, people living with a chronic hepatitis B infection can expect to enjoy a long and healthy life.

Structure of the Hepatitis B VirusThe hepatitis B virus contains an outer envelope and an inner core.

The inner core of the virus is a protein shell referred to as the hepatitis B core antigen or “HBcAg,” which contains the hepatitis B virus DNA and enzymes used in viral replication.

New HBV virus is packaged and leaves the liver cell, with the stable viral cccDNA remaining in the nucleus where it can integrate into the DNA of the host liver cell, as well as continue to create new hepatitis B virus.

What Is Hepatitis B & How Do You Get It?

How to prevent hepatitis B. Hepatitis B is a liver infection caused by a virus.

You can protect yourself by getting the hepatitis B vaccine and having safer sex.

To help stop the spread of hepatitis B and other STDs. How do you get hepatitis B? Hepatitis B is really contagious.

Hepatitis B can also be passed to babies during birth if their mother has it.

Hepatitis B isn’t spread through saliva, so you CAN’T get hepatitis B from sharing food or drinks or using the same fork or spoon.

Hepatitis B is also not spread through kissing, hugging, holding hands, coughing, sneezing, or breastfeeding.

Yes, the most common kinds of hepatitis are hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. Hepatitis B is the kind that is most likely to be spread through sex.

Post Idea #21: Fluke Corporation

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Fluke Corporation: Fluke Electronics, Calibration And Networks

Our customers count on us for rugged, reliable and accurate test instruments.

We offer test, measurement and monitoring products and software that are used in electronic design, manufacturing, and network troubleshooting, as well as in electrical, industrial, medical, process and calibration applications.

Fluke Corporation

Fluke Corporation is a manufacturer of industrial test, measurement and diagnostic equipment including electronic test equipment.

Fluke Corporation was founded by John Fluke in October 1953 as the John Fluke Manufacturing Company, Inc., producing electrical metering equipment.

In 1987, Fluke partnered with the Dutch electronics manufacturer Philips.

Fluke purchased the testing and measurements division of Philips in 1993 for $41.8 million.

The Philips PM series of measurement instruments was rebranded as Fluke.

Fluke was bought by the Danaher Corporation in 1998.

Danaher spun off several subsidiaries, including Fluke, in 2016 to create Fortive.

Fluke Corporation

Fluke Corporation is a leading designer, developer, manufacturer, and seller of commercial electronic test and measurement instruments for scientific, service, educational, industrial, and government applications.

Fluke Corporation was founded in 1948 by John Fluke to manufacture electronics testing equipment like power meters and Ohmmeters.

John Fluke incorporated his company in the State of Washington on October 7, 1953 as the John Fluke Manufacturing Company, Inc. That move reflected healthy demand for Fluke’s power meters and other measuring devices during the 1950s and 1960s.

During those years, Fluke prospered by designing and manufacturing contraptions that were used by research and development lab scientists at high-technology companies like Hewlett-Packard, which was an important customer for Fluke.

At the same time, Fluke and its U.S. competitors were facing a new threat from foreign companies vying for a share of a global market that the U.S. had traditionally dominated along with a few European manufacturers.

Just one year before his death, Fluke made his son, John Fluke Jr., chief executive.

Parzybok spent his first several months at Fluke working with existing managers in an effort to build some sort of consensus about Fluke’s future.

Fluke Corporation

Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page.

See actions taken by the people who manage and post content.

FLUKE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED is responsible for this Page..

Post Idea #22: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

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Four Seasons Hotels And Resorts

Four Seasons Hotels Limited, trading as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, is an international luxury hotel and resort company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Four Seasons operates more than 100 hotels and resorts worldwide.

In the 1990s, Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton began direct competition, with Ritz-Carlton emphasizing a uniform look while Four Seasons emphasized local architecture and styles with uniform service; in the end Four Seasons gained market share.

“Challenges returned again during the financial crisis of 2007-2010. The company made the first corporate layoffs in its history, cutting 10% of its Toronto workforce. In April 2010, after a year-long dispute with Broadreach Capital Partners and Maritz, Wolff & Co., owners of the Aviara resort near San Diego, an arbitration panel ruled that, while both parties contributed to the demise of the business relationship, Four Seasons had not violated its management agreement. The arbitrators ordered Broadreach to pay Four Seasons to terminate the contract.” The resort is no longer a Four Seasons.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts began offering vacation rentals in June 2014.

Residential Rentals provide the same services as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in a residential setting.

On June 19, 2002, the Canadian Opera Company announced Four Seasons Hotels as the naming donor for the COC’s new Opera House, also home to the National Ballet of Canada, the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, located in Toronto, Ontario.

Four Seasons Hotels And Resorts

Fine Hotels + Resorts: Fine Hotels + Resorts® program benefits are available for new bookings made through American Express Travel with participating properties and are valid only for eligible U.S. Consumer, Business, and Corporate Platinum Card® Members and Centurion® Members.

Bookings must be made using an eligible Card and must be paid using that Card, or another American Express® Card, in the eligible Card Member’s name, and that Card Member must be traveling on the itinerary booked.

To receive the statement credits, an eligible Card Member must make a new booking using their eligible Platinum Card through American Express Travel on or after July 1st, 2021, that is prepaid, for a qualifying stay at an available, participating Fine Hotels + Resorts or The Hotel Collection property.

Your transaction will not be eligible if it is a booking: made with a property not included in the Fine Hotels + Resorts or The Hotel Collection programs, not made through American Express Travel, or not made with an eligible Platinum Card.

To be eligible for the additional points, you must both reserve and charge the travel purchase with the same eligible Platinum Card®.

To be eligible for the 5x Membership Rewards® points, you must both reserve and charge the travel purchase with the same eligible Business Platinum Card®.

Eligible purchases through American Express Travel exclude non-prepaid car rentals and non-prepaid hotels.

Ly/FSWellness #FSWellnessGet ready to reach new heights of luxury in #Melbourne.

Ly/FSLangkawi #DreamWithFSPicture yourself here, among the treetops – experiencing an innovative new tented resort in a destination you know and love.

‘Soak it all in from ‘s indoor saltwater pool, surrounded by neoclassical stylings.

Ly/FSAtlanta 📷: mr lastimpression #DreamWithFS #AtlantaLittle ones can recap the day’s adventures – cycling through Berber villages, a sunrise hot-air balloon ride, or a day of play in ‘s kids-only “Kasbah” – in one of our family pool’s many quiet alcoves, perfect for rapt conversation.

Ly/FSJet 2023Welcome home to #India’s most exclusive new urban residential address, set against sweeping views of the Arabian Sea.

Ly/ FSResidences #MumbaiYour pool never closes when you stay in ‘s #FSPrivateRetreats.

Ly/FSKohSamui #KohSamuiDrop a pin at ‘s iconic Serenity Pool – where you’re sure to find what its name promises, plus panoramic views from its infinity edge.

Post Idea #23: Avery Dennison

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Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison exhibits on-demand manufacturing tools at the Window of Textile Opportunities™ showroom in Amsterdam.

WoTO™ is a permanent interactive showroom located in Amsterdam that connects industry-leading suppliers and change agents.

WoTO™ is a space to facilitate and connect a community of like-minded people by giving access to tools, education on the latest developments and events to activate change.

As a founding partner, Avery Dennison is playing a key role in shaping the future of the textile industry, bridging the gap between creativity and supply chain transparency, to promote sustainability.

Buy Blank & Custom Printed Labels Online

Choose from thousands of professional designs and blank templates.

Personalize your labels online with custom fonts, colors and graphics.

Flat rate shipping offer applies to economy shipping only.

Free economy shipping offer applies to orders with a merchandise total of $50.00 or greater.

If another shipping method is selected, charges may apply.

Offer applies only to orders shipped to the United States and Puerto Rico.

Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison Corporation is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of pressure-sensitive adhesive materials, apparel branding labels and tags, RFID inlays, and specialty medical products.

In 1946, the company was incorporated as Avery Adhesive Label Corp., and the name was subsequently changed to Avery Adhesive Products, Inc. in 1958, and to Avery Products Corporation in 1964.

The name was changed again to Avery International Corporation in 1976, and it became Avery Dennison after the company merged with the Dennison Manufacturing Company in 1990.

In February 2022, it was announced Avery Dennison had acquired the Frick, Switzerland-based company, TexTrace, a technology developer specializing in custom-made woven and knitted RFID products that can be sewn onto or inserted into garments.

In March 2022, Avery Dennison announced it had acquired the linerless label technology developed by the UK company, Catchpoint Ltd. The purchase covers Catchpoint’s patents and brand.

In 2012, Avery Dennison and 3M Company agreed to settle patent and antitrust litigation between the parties.

The litigation began when 3M alleged that Avery Dennison infringed 3M’s patents related to retroreflective sheeting used for road signs and other highway and transportation products and requested an injunction to prevent Avery Dennison from selling its OmniCube retroreflective product.

Co/37tAmA2 #News Avery Dennison Vietnam has been certified as a Great Place to Work! This recognition is a true testament to our company’s commitment to workplace and employee safety, growth and engagement.

ICYMI Avery Dennison VisiFlex™ V-8000 prismatic film provides striking and bold reflectivity to critical safety and emergency vehicles.

Co/35MP0BU Are you looking for an opportunity where you can bring your unique skills and talents to work every day? Consider Avery Dennison.

Co/3pvaiL3 Ryan Yost, VP + GM, Avery Dennison Identification Solutions, shares what food industry leaders should know about the Food Safety Modernization Act 204 and how to prepare for it.

Co/3uVWooR Today Avery Dennison are delighted to announce the extension of its ongoing partnership with the to supply the official shirt names, numbers, and sleeve badges to all 20 clubs until the end of the 2024/25 season.

Co/3vfnpnuWe are pleased to announce that Deon Stander has been named president and chief operating officer for Avery Dennison, effective March 1, 2022.

Avery Dennison Malaysia shared the festive #celebration of Chinese New Year with the less fortunate by donating packs of cookies and mandarin oranges to homeless occupants in Kajang, Selangor.

Post Idea #24: Garmin Ltd.

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Garmin International

“Road trip-ready GPS navigator with a 5” display and simple on-screen menus.

“Road trip-ready 5” GPS navigator with traffic, voice assistant, hands-free calling and helpful travel information.

Whatever you do, own it with the Instinct® 2/2S series of rugged GPS smartwatches.

For professional truck drivers, this rugged smartwatch provides all-day health monitoring and helps promote a healthy over-the-road lifestyle.

You need a compact GPS satellite communicator that can keep you in touch globally for up to 2 weeks.

You need aviation capabilities in your GPS smartwatch – and you want to monitor your health, take calls and send texts from your wrist.

Roam the unknown with Tread SxS Edition and Overland Edition off-road navigators.


The acquired company changed its name to Garmin AT, Inc. and continued operations as a wholly owned subsidiary of Garmin International, Inc. Garmin has acquired Dynastream Innovations, EME Tec Sat SAS, and Digital Cyclone.

EME Tec Sat SAS is the distributor of Garmin’s consumer products in France; following the acquisition, EME changed its name to Garmin France SAS. Digital Cyclone Inc, located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, provides mobile weather solutions[buzzword.

On July 23, 2020, Garmin shut down its call centres, website and some online services, including Garmin Connect and flyGarmin, after a ransomware attack encrypted its internal network and some production systems.

In May 2011 Garmin refreshed the eTrex product line with new mechanical design and support for advances in cartography and hardware technology with its release of the eTrex 10, eTrex 20, and eTrex 30, Garmin became the first company to manufacture and distribute a worldwide consumer navigation product supporting both GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations.

In 2004, Garmin introduced its 60C line of handheld GPS mapping receivers, featuring increased sensitivity and storage capacity along with a battery life of up to 30 hours in battery-save mode.

In April 2008, Garmin launched Garmin Mobile PC, a GPS navigation software program for laptop PCs and other computers, based on the Microsoft Windows operating system, now discontinued.

In 1998, Garmin introduced the GNS-430, an integrated GPS navigation receiver/communications transceiver.

Der Verwaltungsrat legt den Ausgabebetrag, die Art der Einlagen, den Zeitpunkt der Ausgabe, die Bedingungen der Bezugsrechtsausübung und den Beginn der Dividendenberechtigung fest.

Genehmigung der Jahresrechnung und einer allfälligen Konzernrechnung; Beschlussfassung über die Verwendung des Bilanzgewinnes, insbesondere Festsetzung der Dividende sowie der Tantième des Verwaltungsrates; Genehmigung der Vergütung des Verwaltungsrates und der Geschäftsleitung gemäss Art.

Entlastung der Mitglieder des Verwaltungsrates und der übrigen mit der Geschäftsführung betrauten Zivilrechtlichen Personen; Beschlussfassung über die Gegenstände, die der Generalversammlung durch das Gesetz oder die Statuten vorbehalten sind; Die Genehmigung von Zusammenschlüssen, soweit sich die Zuständigkeit der Generalversammlung nicht bereits aus Art.

Die Aktionäre sind bei der ordentlichen Generalversammlung darüber zu orientieren, dass der Geschäftsbericht, der Vergütungsbericht und die Revisionsberichte mindestens 20 Tage vor dem Versammlungstag zur Einsicht der Aktionäre am Sitz der Gesellschaft aufliegen, sowie dass jeder Aktionär verlangen kann, dass ihm unverzüglich eine Ausfertigung dieser Unterlagen zugestellt wird.

2 und 4, an jeder ordentlichen Generalversammlung die Anträge des Verwaltungsrates betreffend den Maximalgesamtbetrag: der Vergütung des Verwaltungsrates für die Periode zwischen der ordentlichen Generalversammlung, an welcher um Genehmigung ersucht wird, und der nächsten ordentlichen Generalversammlung; und der Vergütung der Geschäftsleitung für das Geschäftsjahr, welches nach der ordentlichen Generalversammlung, an welcher um Genehmigung ersucht wird, beginnt.

1 oder 2 hiervor nicht, so zieht der Verwaltungsrat den Antrag, der nicht genehmigt wurde, unter Berücksichtigung, soweit feststellbar, der Gründe, aus welchen die Aktionäre den Antrag nicht genehmigt haben, in Wiedererwägung, und ersucht die Aktionäre um Genehmigung eines überarbeiteten Antrags; die Genehmigung kann an der Generalversammlung, an welcher der Antrag gemäss Abs.

Der Vergütungsausschuss hat, unter anderem, die Aufgabe, die Vergütung und die damit verbundene Offenlegung durch den Verwaltungsrat zu überprüfen und dem Verwaltungsrat Empfehlungen diesbezüglich zu unterbreiten; den Verwaltungsrat in der Erfüllung seiner Pflichten bezüglich der Vergütung der Mitglieder der Geschäftsleitung und der damit verbundenen Offenlegung, einschliesslich der Erarbeitung von Richtlinien betreffend die Vergütungs- und Leistungsprogramme der Geschäftsleitung zu unterstützen; und die Anträge des Verwaltungsrates an die Generalversammlung betreffend die Vergütung des Verwaltungsrates und der Geschäftsleitung vorzubereiten und dem Verwaltungsrat Empfehlungen diesbezüglich zu unterbreiten.

Post Idea #25: Cognitive test

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Cognitive Testing: MedlinePlus Medical Test

Cognitive testing checks for problems with cognition.

Cognitive testing can’t show the specific cause of impairment.

Testing can help your provider find out if you need more tests and/or take steps to address the problem.

Cognitive testing is often used to screen for mild cognitive impairment.

You may need cognitive testing if you show signs of cognitive impairment.

You don’t need any special preparations for a cognitive test.

The MoCA test is usually better at finding mild cognitive impairment.

Cognitive Ability Test: Take Our Free Practice Tests

Cognitive tests measure a candidate’s thinking abilities, including, reasoning, perception, memory, problem-solving skills, and verbal reasoning.

They are usually used by potential employers to assess an applicant’s thinking abilities.

The questions featured in these tests tend to include verbal analogies, arithmetic calculations, spatial relations number series puzzles, comprehension, and reading comprehension.

Cognitive ability tests are notoriously tricky, as they often come with harsh time-limits and specific question types.

Rest assured, through practice it is possible to familiarize yourself with the types of questions featured on these tests and to improve your speed.

Five-Minute Cognitive Test As A New Quick Screening Of Cognitive Impairment In The Elderly

Lonie JA, Tierney KM, Ebmeier KP. Screening for mild cognitive impairment: a systematic review.

PubMed] Ozer S, Young J, Champ C, Burke M. A systematic review of the diagnostic test accuracy of brief cognitive tests to detect amnestic mild cognitive impairment.

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment, MoCA: a brief screening tool for mild cognitive impairment.

PubMed] Petersen RC. Mild cognitive impairment as a diagnostic entity.

PubMed] Roalf DR, Moberg PJ, Xie SX, Wolk DA, Moelter ST, Arnold SE. Comparative accuracies of two common screening instruments for classification of Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment, and healthy aging.

Bridging cognitive screening tests in neurologic disorders: A crosswalk between the short Montreal Cognitive Assessment and Mini-Mental State Examination.

Comparing predictors of conversion and decline in mild cognitive impairment.

Cognitive Tests: Why You Need One, What They Are, And What Your Results Could Mean

Cognitive tests are designed to determine whether you may have any issues with cognition, also known as cognitive impairment.

Instead, they help your provider determine if you need to take more tests or if there are any cognitive issues you need to address.

Older people will routinely receive cognitive tests during wellness checkups because they’re more at risk for conditions that cause cognitive impairments.

People of all ages can receive cognitive testing though, and not all symptoms and conditions that lead to cognitive impairment are caused by age.

Cognitive tests show whether you have cognitive impairment or not.

Cognitive testing doesn’t show what condition you have that could be causing cognitive impairment or even how severe your cognitive impairment could be.

Often, providers will conduct cognitive testing to find out if you have something called mild cognitive impairment or MCI. .

Cognitive Test: What Is It, And Who Needs To Take An Assessment?

What do cognitive tests assess?”Brief cognitive assessments or tests are evaluation tools that health care professionals can use in the clinical setting to determine if an individual is experiencing cognitive decline or impairment,” said Fargo, who is based in Chicago.

The tests can also be simply verbal conversations asking a patient about cognitive concerns or input from family and friends about any concerns or issues.

NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker noted on TODAY that the test does not measure a person’s intelligence or IQ.Who should take it?The Alzheimer’s Association recommends that “Anyone who has concerns about their thinking or memory ask their doctor or health provider for a cognitive assessment.”

According to the association, cognitive tests are a “Required component” of the Medicare annual wellness visit for any seniors over the age of 65 to establish a cognitive baseline so practitioners can compare responses from year to year.

Since age is a significant risk factor for Alzheimer’s, dementia and other illnesses, seniors are the most likely to need to take a cognitive test.

“It offers an opportunity to diagnose and potentially reverse treatable forms of cognitive decline. For cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s and other dementias, early detection and diagnosis enables access to symptomatic treatments, more time for critical care planning, better disease management, participation in clinical trials and an opportunity for diagnosed individuals to have a voice in their future care.”

What happens if a test shows any concerns?Fargo said that if health care professionals do suspect a problem following a cognitive test, the next step is usually to conduct more comprehensive tests.

Alzheimer’S Association

Who should be evaluated for cognitive impairment? Individuals with memory concerns or other cognitive complaints.

The Alzheimer’s Association convened a group of practicing expert clinicians to make consensus recommendations for an effective, practical and easy process for detecting cognitive impairment in the primary care setting.

Because the use of a cognitive assessment instrument can improve detection of dementia in primary care settings1,the group identified several brief tools to evaluate cognition, all which can be administered in five minutes or less by a physician or other trained staff.

Patient assessment tools: The GPCOG is a screening tool for cognitive impairment designed for use in primary care and is available in multiple languages.

General Practitioner Assessment of Cognition – is a screening tool for cognitive impairment designed for use in primary care and is available in multiple languages.

Short Informant Questionnaire on Cognitive Decline in the Elderly – the IQCODE screening tool is an informant questionnaire designed to assess cognitive decline and dementia.

The following videos show a brief cognitive assessment and a peer-to-peer discussion of important aspects of assessing cognition and disclosing an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis during a primary care visit.

Cognitive Ability Test

This assessment will measure your overall cognitive ability.

Your results will be displayed after each sub-test, and your overall score will be given after completing all four sub-tests.

The data we gather on you is used for anonymous research.

We will not ask for your email or other contact details.

The test and test results are provided free of charge; you will not be asked to pay to receive your results.

Complete all three tests to receive your overall results.

Post Idea #26: Birkenstock

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“Tiger,” as everyone still calls him to this day, is a two-times Club World Cup winner and a two-times treble winner, and won Germany’s Bundesliga nine times BIRKENSTORY #28: Hermann Gerland He was an assistant coach to Jupp Heynckes, Louis van Gaal, Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti, and Hansi Flick, and became a legendary trainer at FC Bayern Munich – the dyed-in-the-wool Bochumer Hermann Gerland.

“Tiger,” as everyone still calls him to this day, is a two-times Club World Cup winner and a two-times treble winner, and won Germany’s Bundesliga nine times.


Birkenstock Group B.V. & Co. KG is a German shoe manufacturer known for its production of Birkenstocks, a German brand of sandals and other shoes notable for their contoured cork footbeds made with layers of suede and jute, which conform somewhat to the shape of their wearers’ feet.

The Birkenstock brand traces its roots to Johann Adam Birkenstock, registered in 1774 as a “Vassal and shoemaker” in local church archives in the small Hessian village of Langen-Bergheim.

The Birkenstock company created many educational courses to help spread awareness of the benefits of its shoes, in 1947 Konrad’s son, Carl Birkenstock wrote the book “Podiatry-The Carl Birkenstock System”, one of many books released by Birkenstock.

1902 saw the development of the first flexible arch-support for insertion into factory-made shoes; and in 1964, Karl Birkenstock developed these inserts into a shoe – thus producing the original prototype of the Birkenstock sandal.

Margot Fraser founded a trading company called Birkenstock Footprint Sandals, Inc., in Novato, California, Renamed Birkenstock Distribution USA, Inc., in 2005, the company remained until 2007 the exclusive importer and distributor of Birkenstock name-brand products in the United States.

In 2007 the owners of Birkenstock Orthopädie GmbH & Co. KG purchased their long-standing distribution partner Birkenstock Distribution USA, Inc. In 1986 Nordstrom became the first department store to sell Birkenstock sandals.

Birkenstock has also introduced an environmentally friendly shoe called the Birkenstock EVA, made of a material called Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate or EVA..

ya está en Antara y te esperan con 12 MSI* en toda la tienda para que le regales tus modelos preferidos a tus seres queridos! Válido del 11 al 25 de diciembre de 2021.

Esta nueva apertura representa un importante paso para expandir en territorio mexicano que fortalecerá la imagen de marca y acercará los nuevos puntos de venta a los mejores hot spots del país.

¡Ya casi comenzamos con el Happy Sale de Birkenstock! ¡No te lo puedes perder! .

Kyoto llegó en los colores más “Ad hoc” para esta temporada, un ejemplo… ¡Stone Coin!

Barbados están diseñados para el contacto con el agua además de ser livianos y sorprendentemente confortables.

Iniciamos con el Birkenstock Day…¡No te lo puedes perder! .

Lunes de encuesta… Gizeh Patent ¿negro o blanco 🤍?. ¡Atrévete a probar un look nuevo y experimenta con tus Arizona favoritas en combinación con calcetines! .

Post Idea #27: Manolo Blahnik

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The Official Manolo Blahnik Website

We use cookies and other technology to collect data about you, your device and your use of the website.

The cookies we use are categorised as “Strictly Necessary”, “Functionality”, “Analytical” and “Targeting & Advertising”.

To accept all cookies and other technology, please click Accept.

To configure your preferences and disable specific types of Cookies, please click Configure.

For more details on Cookies and how we use your personal data and if you wish to change your configuration later, please see our Cookies Policy.

Manolo Blahnik And Birkenstock: Why High Fashion Finds This Functional Footwear Brand Irresistible

Famed luxury shoe designer Manolo Blahnik and Birkenstock have unveiled a “Proudly glamorous” collaboration that reimagines two classic styles from the German brand – known for cork-soled comfort – in bright jewel colors and opulent materials.

The two-strapped Arizona sandal and Boston clog mule have been transformed by Blahnik in three colorways, including two new designs that replace the standard leather and suede that Birkenstock wearers are used to with plush velvet in fuschia and sapphire blue.

“Birkenstocks have been in my wardrobe since the very beginning,” Blahnik said in a statement.

While at first glance Birkenstocks may seem incongruous with luxury, the brand has become a magnet for high fashion labels – even more so since the beginning of the pandemic, when consumer appetites shifted toward extreme comfort.

Though MSCHF’s controversial shoes were not affiliated with the Birkenstock brand or Hermès.

Which makes Manolo Blahnik’s luxurious velvet Birkenstocks the cutting edge of fashion.

Top image: Manolo Blahnik x Birkenstock collaboration released March 24.

Birkenstock Is Collaborating With Manolo Blahnik For A Capsule Collection

This year, the sandals are getting perhaps their most fabulous makeover yet, resulting in the Birkenstock x Manolo Blahnik capsule collection.

The collaboration will see the two distinct aesthetics marry together to create sandals that would take you from day to night effortlessly – expect details such as Manolo Blahnik’s characteristic embellishments and creative dynamic symbols to take over iconic Birkenstock styles.

“Birkenstocks have been in my wardrobe since the very beginning – I have loved and worn mine for many years,” said Manolo Blahnik.

“I am thrilled that we have been able to collaborate, fusing the Manolo Blahnik aesthetic with the everyday comfort of Birkenstocks is simply wonderful!”.

When will the Birkenstock x Manolo Blahnik capsule collection drop?

The first release of the collaboration is set to be unveiled at 1774.com, manoloblahnik.com, all Manolo Blahnik retail locations, as well as selected retailers worldwide from 24 March 2022.

Another Birkenstock model that gets Manolo Blahnik’s snazzy makeover is the Boston.

Manolo Blahnik And BIRKENSTOCK Join Forces For Collaboration

Manolo Blahnik and BIRKENSTOCK have come together for a capsule collection that reimagines both brand’s design origins.

Manolo Blahnik and BIRKENSTOCK have come together as part of their upcoming collaboration.

For BIRKENSTOCK’s Spring/Summer 2022 campaign, Manolo Blahnik and his niece Kristina Blahnik, CEO of the luxury fashion house were captured by photographer Jack Davison in Manolo Blahnik’s first Old Church Street store in London, sporting the shoe.

In a press statement for V, Manolo and Kristina Blahnik and BIRKENSTOCK CEO Oliver Reichert expressed their sentiments about the collaboration.

“BIRKENSTOCK share both brand and core design values much like our own and it has been a joy to bring this to life in the new Manolo Blahnik for BIRKENSTOCK collection. Timeless, high-quality designs, crafted to be treasured and enjoyed is what we set out to create and I am delighted with the outcome. It is a privilege to cement our relationship further with BIRKENSTOCK through this collaboration, following the S/S 2020 Personality Campaign in which my uncle and I featured.”

BIRKENSTOCK CEO Oliver Reichert highlights the collection’s distinctive nature stating: “We are delighted to collaborate with Manolo Blahnik, whose unrivaled craftsmanship has long set the bar for shoemaking. This is a unique collection, fusing our trademark designs with the flair of Manolo Blahnik, to create pieces that embrace a bold and directional aesthetic that takes both to a new level.”

Manolo Blahnik and BIRKENSTOCK is set to unveil the collaboration’s first release at 1174.com, manoloblahnik.com, all Manolo Blahnik retail locations, and selected retailers worldwide from March 24th. Credits: COVER IMAGE COURTESY OF MARC LILIUS. IMAGES COURTESY OF STEFAN SEILER..

Manolo Blahnik

Manuel “Manolo” Blahnik Rodríguez CBE is a Spanish fashion designer and founder of the eponymous high-end shoe brand.

From 1971, Blahnik was selling Manolo Blahnik shoes for Zapata.

The company has signed a long-term deal with the shoewear retailer Kurt Geiger to operate Manolo Blahnik boutiques.

The staff of the TV show Angel asked Manolo Blahnik for permission to use their company name on screen.

German rapper Cro mentioned Manolo Blahnik along with Gucci and Lacoste in his song “Einmal um die Welt”.

In a Japanese high-school teen drama, “Hana Yori Dango”, the female main character was given a pair of Manolo Blahnik during a party.

In the movie The Devil Wears Prada, Andrea, who works as an assistant to the editor-in-chief of Runway is given a pair of Manolo Blahnik from Nigel amongst other clothing items as a part of her makeover.

The two-strapped Arizona sandal and Boston clog mule have been transformed by Blahnik in three colorways, including two new designs that replace the standard leather and suede that Birkenstock wearers are used to with plush velvet in fuschia and sapphire blue.

“Birkenstocks have been in my wardrobe since the very beginning,” Blahnik said in a statement.

While at first glance Birkenstocks may seem incongruous with luxury, the brand has become a magnet for high fashion labels – even more so since the beginning of the pandemic, when consumer appetites shifted toward extreme comfort.

In 2020, British Vogue named Birkenstocks the sandal of the year.

In February 2021, Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF made waves with their “Birkenstock” drop – a handful of sandals made from deconstructed Hermès Birkin bags.

Which makes Manolo Blahnik’s luxurious velvet Birkenstocks the cutting edge of fashion.

Top image: Manolo Blahnik x Birkenstock collaboration released March 24..

Post Idea #28: Oliver Reichert

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Biography Of Oliver Reichert

Do you need to know more about Oliver Reichert? More results.

Company Colleagues Homonyms Industry Colleagues In the Apparel industry, Oliver Reichert has 5,498 colleagues in 491 companies located in 34 countries.

3,162 executive movements have been recorded in the last 12 months.

Use our Premium/VIP Service to contact Oliver Reichert by email now.

Here are a few tips for establishing great contacts.

Companies Learn about your clients’ org charts.

Birkenstock CEO Oliver Reichert On Becoming The ‘Home-Office Shoe’ – Footwear News

Speaking with FN by phone from the company’s headquarters in Cologne, Germany, earlier this month, Birkenstock Group co-CEO Oliver Reichert wasn’t exaggerating when he described the brand as the “Official home-office shoe.”

Fashion search platform Lyst reported that the Birkenstock Arizona was the most-searched shoe in the world during the second quarter of this year, with a 225% increase in online queries and many retailers selling out of the two-strap slide.

David Kahan, president of Birkenstock Americas, told FN in May that some of the credit goes to celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Jason Momoa and even Kanye West, who posted photos of themselves wearing the sandal during lockdowns.

Since the late 1800s, when master cobbler Konrad Birkenstock began making molded insoles, the German company has been synonymous with wellness – even hosting training courses on podiatry in the 1930s.

Through the decades, Birkenstock and the fashion world have found common ground numerous times.

Prior to the pandemic, there was already a surge in popularity for Birkenstock.

Looking ahead, how are you positioning Birkenstock for the future?

About Us: Birkenstock Group

03.We create products that make the lives of our customers better.

At the heart of our products is our unique, anatomically shaped footbed.

BIRKENSTOCK invented the footbed and has also shaped the meaning of the term “Footbed,” which is so common today.

The footbed is not only a unique, revolutionary product concept that paved the way for a completely new market.

It’s also a core idea and a reference point for everything that we do.

The high level of quality is the result of carefully selected, high-quality materials from sustainable sources that are processed under what are for our brand typically demanding conditions.

Birkenstock Billionaires Unveiled After German Sandal Maker Agrees To Sell In A $4.7 Billion Deal

Two heirs to one of Germany’s best-known footwear brands emerged as billionaires after agreeing to sell a majority stake in closely held Birkenstock to a private equity group backed by the world’s third-richest person.

Brothers Alex and Christian Birkenstock are worth an estimated $1.7 billion each based on the $4.87 billion value implied by the sale of up to 70% of the business to L Catterton, a firm backed by the billionaire chief executive of LVMH, Bernard Arnault, and his family’s holding company, Financière Agache.

The deal was confirmed by the company last week, which said the brothers, who hold equal stakes, will sell more than half of the company and remain minority shareholders once the sale is concluded.

German newspaper Der Spiegel reported that the brothers will sell from 60% to 70%. A spokesperson declined to disclose details of the transaction.

Church records from the German town of Langen-Bergheim identify Johann Adam Birkenstock in 1774 as a “Subject and cobbler” whose great-great-grandson Konrad opened two shoe stores in nearby Frankfurt and started making and selling flexible footbed insoles.

Stephan Birkenstock sold his stake to his two brothers and likely pocketed several hundred million dollars, based on the company’s reported financials and multiples for similar publicly traded companies at the time.

His brothers hired Oliver Reichert as the first outsider to run the business after a chance encounter-Christian Birkenstock reportedly met Reichert after his art dealer brought him along while dropping off some paintings and the three ended up grabbing beers.

Post Idea #29: NASDAQ:SNGX

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Soligenix Stock Forecast, Price & News

Inc., a late-stage biopharmaceutical company, focuses on developing and commercializing products to treat rare diseases in the United States.

It operates in two segments, Specialized BioTherapeutics and Public Health Solutions.

The Specialized BioTherapeutics segment develops SGX301, a novel photodynamic therapy, which has completed Phase III clinical trial to treat cutaneous T-cell lymphoma; and SGX942, an innate defense regulator technology that is in Phase III clinical trial to treat oral mucositis in head and neck cancer.

This segment also offers proprietary formulations of oral beclomethasone 17,21-dipropionate, which has completed Phase I/II clinical trial for the prevention/treatment of gastrointestinal disorders characterized by severe inflammation, including SGX203 for pediatric Crohn’s disease and SGX201 for acute radiation enteritis.

The Public Health Solutions segment is involved in the development of RiVax, a ricin toxin vaccine candidate, which has completed Phase Ia and Ib clinical trials; SGX943, a melioidosis therapeutic candidate that is in pre-clinical stage for the treatment of antibiotic resistant and emerging infectious diseases; ThermoVax, a technology in pre-clinical development for thermostabilizing vaccines; and CiVax, a vaccine candidate in pre-clinical development for the prevention of COVID-19.

The company was formerly known as DOR BioPharma, Inc. and changed its name to Soligenix, Inc. in 2009.

Inc. was incorporated in 1987 and is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey.

SOLIGENIX INC Stock Price, News & Info

Soligenix Inc. is a development stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in developing products to treat serious inflammatory diseases and biodefense countermeasures.

It operates through two business segments: BioTherapeutics and Vaccines/BioDefense.

0.14 $123M -64.6% 180.0% News & Analysis: SOLIGENIX INC There is no available coverage of SOLIGENIX INC at this time.

Post Idea #30: Neutralizing antibody

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Neutralizing Antibody

Epidemiology and Prevention of AIDS and HIV Infection, Including Preexposure Prophylaxis and HIV Vaccine Development Trials of Neutralizing Antibodies to Prevent HIV-1 AcquisitionApril 2, 2021.The development and characterization of broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV-1 has stimulated wide spread interest in their potential use to prevent infection with HIV-1.

The above results suggest that individual antibodies or antibody cocktails which have broader neutralizing activities than VRC01 should be tested in similar efficacy trials.

Human-derived heterotypic neutralizing antibodies are largely directed at VP5*, although heterotypic neutralizing antibodies directed against VP8* and VP7* are also found.

A linear titer-protection relationship exists, and data from efficacy trials corroborate the role of neutralizing antibody in protection.

8 Vaccine strategies have to date not been able to induce broadly reactive neutralizing antibodies, perhaps in part because of the extensive evolution of the antibody genes that appears to be required.

328.Experiments in the macaque model have shown that SIV or SHIV infection can be prevented by passive infusion of broadly neutralizing antibodies329-335 or by adeno-associated virus-mediated continuous expression of immunoadhesins derived from broadly neutralizing antibodies.

6P infection in adult macaques was obtained by passive immunization with HIV-1 neutralizing monoclonal antibodies 2 G12 and 2 F5 and anti-HIV-1 immunoglobulins332,337 or by monoclonal antibody 2 F5 or 4E10.338 Similarly, neonatal macaques could be protected from oral SHIV challenge by passive immunization with broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibodies b12, 2 G12, and 2 F5.330,339 Broadly neutralizing antibodies are therefore not associated with control of viremia in the host,323,340-342 but they can be protective against live virus challenge.

What Are Neutralizing Antibodies?

Neutralizing antibodies can be confused with binding antibodies, which are responsible for binding to a pathogen and alerting the immune system to its presence so white blood cells can be sent to destroy it.

Neutralizing antibodies, although an integral part of the body’s immune response, serve a different purpose to binding antibodies.

In enveloped viruses, neutralizing antibodies block the attachment of a virus to the cell as well as its entry into the cell.

The influenza virus is also able to evade neutralizing antibodies because it regularly mutates so that it is no longer recognized by antibodies, even though these antibodies may have recognized a previous strain of the influenza virus.

In Dengue virus, neutralizing antibodies have been found to bind to a type of white blood cell known as a macrophage that helps the virus enter those white blood cells and replicate.

Neutralizing antibodies are naturally occurring antibodies that play an important role in the immune system.

Neutralizing antibodies have found application in medicine and are often used as part of vaccines, but they have been found to help viruses enter cells and replicate to cause severe infections, and as such ensuring that neutralizing antibodies will not facilitate infection is an important part of developing vaccines.

Neutralizing Antibody

A neutralizing antibody is an antibody that defends a cell from a pathogen or infectious particle by neutralizing any effect it has biologically.

Neutralizing antibodies are also important in neutralizing the toxic effects of bacterial toxins.

In some cases, non-neutralizing antibodies or insufficient amounts of neutralizing antibodies binding to virus particles can be utilized by some virus species to facilitate uptake into their host cells.

Some viral glycoproteins are heavily glycosylated by N- and O- linked glycans, creating a so-called glycan shield, which may decrease antibody binding affinity and facilitate evasion of neutralizing antibodies.

By understanding the binding sites and structure of neutralizing antibodies in a natural immune response a vaccine can be rationally designed such that it stimulates the immune system to produce neutralizing antibodies and not binding antibodies.

After a second exposure, the neutralizing antibody response is more rapid due to the existence of memory B cells that produce antibodies specific to the virus.

An effective vaccine induces the production of antibodies that are able to neutralize the majority of variants of a virus, although virus mutation resulting in antibody evasion may require vaccines to be updated in response.

Neutralizing Antibodies In COVID-19 Patients And Vaccine Recipients After Two Doses Of BNT162b2

The receptor binding domain of the viral spike protein is an immunodominant and highly specific target of antibodies in SARS-CoV-2 patients.

Robust neutralizing antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 infection persist for months.

A longitudinal study of SARS-CoV-2-infected patients reveals a high correlation between neutralizing antibodies and COVID-19 severity.

Seroprevalence of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in COVID-19 patients and healthy volunteers up to 6 months post disease onset.

Favresse J., Bayart J.L., Mullier F., Dogne J.M., Closset M., Douxfils J. Early antibody response in health-care professionals after two doses of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine Clin.

Antibody responses to the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine in individuals previously infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Effect of previous SARS-CoV-2 infection on humoral and T-cell responses to single-dose BNT162b2 vaccine.

Definition Of Neutralizing Antibody By Medical Dictionary

The immune response of antibody and complement can be transferred passively from one individual to another, as for example the transfer of maternal antibody across the placental barrier to the fetus, who has not yet developed a mature immune system.

Blocking antibody any antibody that by combining with an antigen blocks another immunologic reaction with the antigen.

Complement-fixing antibody antibody that activates complement when reacted with antigen.

Complete antibody antibody capable of agglutinating cells in physiologic saline solution.

Cytotoxic antibody any specific antibody directed against cellular antigens, which when bound to the antigen, activates the complement pathway or activates killer cells, resulting in cell lysis.

Heterophil antibody a characteristic antibody found with many cases of infectious mononucleosis; see also heterophil antibody.

Neutralizing antibody one that reduces or destroys infectivity of a homologous infectious agent by partial or complete destruction of the agent.

Increased Neutralizing Antibody Response After Simultaneous Immunization With Leucogen And The Feline Leukemia Virus Transmembrane Protein

To develop improved vaccination strategies against feline leukemia virus, rats were immunized with the transmembrane envelope protein p15E of FeLV alone or in combination with the commercial vaccine Leucogen® comprising the nonglycosylated FeLV surface envelope protein.

Binding and neutralizing antibodies were induced in both groups and in the group immunized with Leucogen alone.

Higher titers of antibodies neutralizing FeLV were induced by simultaneous immunization with Leucogen and p15E compared to the responses using Leucogen or p15E alone, suggesting that combination vaccines should be used in the future.

Epitope mapping of p15E-specific antibodies induced by simultaneous immunization with Leucogen and p15E revealed the same pattern of response as obtained after immunization with p15E alone: one epitope was localized in the membrane-proximal external region and the other in the fusion peptide-proximal region, and they are related to the epitopes detected after immunization with p15E of the porcine endogenous retrovirus and the koala retrovirus.

The data indicate that these epitopes in the MPER are an effective target for neutralization and that antigens containing them may therefore prove to be a useful component of vaccines against retroviruses, including HIV-1.

Feline leukemia virus protein p15E. feline leukemia virus vaccine.

Post Idea #31: Booster dose

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Booster Shots, Third Doses And Additional Doses For COVID-19 Vaccines – What You Need To Know

COVID-19 vaccine boosters and additional vaccine doses are now authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for most people, as soon as they are eligible.

A COVID booster shot is an additional dose of a vaccine given after the protection provided by the original shot(s) has begun to decrease over time.

Why do I need a booster, since the COVID-19 vaccines are effective?

The protection offered by the FDA-approved and authorized vaccines is very powerful, but it starts to weaken after two months for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and after five months for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

The CDC also recommends a booster shot three months after the additional primary shot for those who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, and two months after the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

If you got the Janssen/Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, you can get an additional dose when it has been at least two months since your vaccine.

The FDA has authorized three vaccine boosters – Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Janssen-Johnson & Johnson – and determined that it is safe to get a COVID-19 vaccine booster or additional dose that is a different brand than your initial dose or doses.

Booster Dose Definition & Meaning

A supplementary dose of a therapeutic agent designed to increase the effectiveness of one or more previously administered doses.

When possible, the drug [prednisone] was administered every other day, with booster doses during hemolytic crises.

Vaccines may have to receive a booster dose every five years after the original series.

FDA Authorizes Booster Dose Of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine For Certain Populations

The public was also given an opportunity to provide comment; and FDA invited international and U.S. agencies and external groups, including representatives from the Israeli Ministry of Health, the University of Bristol, U.K. and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to present recent data on the use of vaccine boosters, epidemiology of COVID-19, and real-world evidence on vaccine effectiveness.

The FDA considered the data that the vaccine manufacturer submitted, information presented at the VRBPAC meeting, and the committee’s discussion, and has determined that based on the totality of the available scientific evidence, a booster dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine may be effective in preventing COVID-19 and that the known and potential benefits of a booster dose outweigh the known and potential risks in the populations that the FDA is authorizing for use.

“We’re grateful for the advice of the doctors, scientists, and leading vaccine experts on our advisory committee and the important role they have played in ensuring transparent discussions about COVID-19 vaccines. We appreciate the robust discussion, including the vote regarding individuals over 65 years of age and individuals at high risk for severe disease, as well as the committee’s views regarding the use of a booster dose for those with institutional or occupational exposure to SARS-CoV-2,” said Peter Marks, M.D., Ph.D., director of FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.

“The FDA considered the committee’s input and conducted its own thorough review of the submitted data to reach today’s decision. We will continue to analyze data submitted to the FDA pertaining to the use of booster doses of COVID-19 vaccines and we will make further decisions as appropriate based on the data.”

To support the authorization for emergency use of a single booster dose, the FDA analyzed safety and immune response data from a subset of participants from the original clinical trial of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.

The antibody response against SARS-CoV-2 virus one month after a booster dose of the vaccine compared to the response one month after the two-dose primary series in the same individuals demonstrated a booster response.

The most commonly reported side effects by the clinical trial participants who received the booster dose of the vaccine were pain, redness and swelling at the injection site, as well as fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain and chills.

Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Dose Guidance – Philadelphia Immunization Program

On October 20, 2021, a Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine booster dose was authorized for specific populations listed below.

A booster dose may be administered intramuscularly at least 6 months after completing a primary series with the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine to individuals: 65 years of age and older.

A single booster dose of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine may be administered as a heterologous booster dose following completion of primary vaccination with another authorized COVID-19 vaccine.

The eligible population(s) and dosing interval for the mix and match booster dose are the same as those authorized for a booster dose of the vaccine used for primary vaccination.

The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine is supplied in two multiple-dose vial presentations: A multiple-dose vial containing 5.5 mL. A multiple-dose vial containing 7.5 mL. Primary series doses of 0.5 mL and booster doses of 0.25 mL may be extracted from either vial presentation, preferentially using low dead-volume syringes and/or needles.

When extracting only primary series doses, depending on the syringes and needles used, a maximum of 11 doses may be extracted from the vial containing 5.5 mL or a maximum of 15 doses may be extracted from the vial containing 7.5 mL. When extracting only booster doses or a combination of primary series and booster doses, the maximum number of doses that may be extracted from either vial presentation should not exceed 20 doses.

If the amount of vaccine remaining in the vial cannot provide a full dose of 0.5 mL or 0.25 mL, discard the vial and contents.

Is The Covid Booster A Full Vaccine Dose?

THOUSANDS of people are getting their booster vaccine every day in the UK. Regardless of the type they got initially, they are most likely to get a Pfizer jab the third time around.

A half dose of the Moderna vaccine may be given as this is regarded as sufficient.

“The full JCVI guidance says:”The JCVI advises a preference for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for the booster programme, regardless of which vaccine brand someone received for their primary doses.

“This follows data from the COV-BOOST trial that indicates the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is well tolerated as a third dose and provides a strong booster response.”

“Alternatively, a half dose of the Moderna vaccine may be offered.”

“Where mRNA vaccines cannot be offered, for example due to allergies, the AstraZeneca vaccine may be considered for those who received it previously.”

Getting a third vaccine shot will ensure you have the optimal level of protection against Covid this winter.

Booster Dose

A booster dose is an extra administration of a vaccine after an earlier dose.

If the anamnestic response is high after receiving a primary vaccine many years ago, there is most likely little to no need for a booster dose.

The inflammation is often self-resolved over the course of a few days but could be avoided altogether by increasing the length of time between the primary vaccine and the booster dose.

In these cases, a booster dose is required to “Boost” the memory B and T cell count back up again.

While the US recommends a booster for tetanus every 10 years, other countries, such as the UK, suggest just two booster shots within the first 20 years of life, but no booster after a third decade.

In the United States, the CDC rolled out booster shots to immunocompromised individuals during the summer of 2021 and originally planned to allow adults to receive a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine starting in September 2021, with individuals becoming eligible starting 8 months after their second dose.

In September 2021, the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation recommended a booster shot for the over-50s and at-risk groups, preferably the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, meaning about 30 million adults should receive a third dose.

Post Idea #32: Trace heating

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Trace Heating

Trace heating takes the form of an electrical heating element run in physical contact along the length of a pipe.

Electric trace heating cables are an alternative to steam trace heating where steam is unavailable or unwanted.

Mineral-insulated resistance heating cable was introduced in the 1950s, and parallel-type heating cables that could be cut to length in the field became available.

One paper projected that between 2000 and 2010 trace heating would account for 100 megawatts of connected load, and that trace heating and insulation would account for up to CAD $700 million capital investment in the Alberta oil sands.

Trace heating maintains the temperature above freezing by balancing heat lost with heat supplied.

The combination of trace heating and the correct thermal insulation for the operating ambient temperature maintains a thermal balance where the heat output from the trace heating matches the heat loss from the pipe.

If a line becomes frozen because the heating was switched off then this may take some time to thaw out using trace heating.

Electrical Trace Heating System Basics

Electrical trace heating, or as it is often called – heat tracing, refers to the process of maintaining or raising the temperature of instrument impulse lines, pipes, and even vessels through specially designed cables.

Heavy, or waxy oils flow better at higher temperature therefore trace heating is often used on these lines.

Electrical trace heating replaces some, or all, of the heat lost from the surface.

Control of the heat supplied can be from a simple on-off thermostat, e.g. the thermostat energising the heat tracing when temperature falls below the setpoint and de-energises when temperature is a couple of degrees above setpoint, or increasingly common control is supplied from microprocessor-based control and monitoring systems – either stand alone or within the plant control system.

Without insulation, heat losses are generally too high to be offset by a conventional heat tracing system.

Each type of trace heating cable works differently, and the choice of cable is influenced by intended application.

Disadvantages of constant power trace heating cables include:- they are supplied in specific lengths and cannot be shortened in the field,- a break or failure anywhere along the length of a constant power cable will cause the entire cable to fail,- care needs to be taken during installation that the cable is not crossed over itself as this can lead to the cable overheating and eventual burn out.

Electric Tracing Cable

Thorne & Derrick International are the UK’s largest stockist and supplier of Trace Heating Systems & Heat Tracing Cables for commercial, industrial and hazardous area heating of pipework, tanks, drums and vessels in both safe, non-hazardous and hazardous area locations.

Our Team of Trained Sales Engineers are available to advise and support your trace heating enquiries – this includes design and supply of complex multi-kilometre, major-project systems to custom heat trace cable kits for the Winterisation of plant and factory facilities.

Trace heating cables provide freeze protection and temperature maintenance to pipes – commonly referred to as electric heat tracing, surface heating or heat tracing cables they are used to protect mechanical services against cold weather damage by sub-zero temperatures and frost conditions.

Key Heat Tracing Cable Applications – the heat tracing cables are used to maintain or raise the temperature of Product, Process Liquids or Gases, Pipes, Vessels, Impulse Lines, Foundation or for Application Purposes.

Frost protection applications include heat tracing of chilled water, heating, sprinkler and boosted cold water pipework.

Typical industrial heat tracing applications includes caustic soda, chocolate, syrups, waxes, cooling and safety showers.

SELF-REGULATING TRACE HEATING CABLES. Whenever the heat loss of the insulated pipe, tank or equipment increases, the heat output of the cable increases.

Electrical Heat Tracing

Electrical trace heating, or as it is often called heat tracing, refers to the process of maintaining or raising the temperature of instrument impulse lines, pipes, and even vessels through specially designed cables.

Heat tracing is usually considered in the following circumstances: When there is a risk of pipes freezing.

Several considerations are involved in the design and installation of electrical heating to ensure that the heating system will operate properly during start-up and continued plant operation.

Electrical trace heating replaces some, or all, of the heat lost from the surface.

Control of the heat supplied can be from a simple on-off thermostat, e.g. the thermostat energizing the heat tracing when the temperature falls below the setpoint and de-energizes when the temperature is a couple of degrees above the setpoint or increasingly common control is supplied from microprocessor-based control and monitoring systems – either stand-alone or within the plant control system.

Constant power heat tracing cable sometimes referred to as series resistance cable is made up of a high-resistance wire that is typically insulated and encased in a protective cover.

Self-regulating tape adjusts heat output depending on the heat loss from the pipe work by varying its conductivity.

Raychem Trace Heating, Free Raychem Specification & Design

Frost protection for use in hazardous areas, process maintenance and tank and vessel temperature maintenance.

Maintain non return Hot water temperature, frost protection to unheated commercial areas and snow melting for ramps, loading bays and access routes.

Prevent water pipes and taps from freezing, frost protection for gutters, downpipes, valley gutters and snow melting for driveway and access routes.

Post Idea #33: Independent director

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Definition, Listing Requirement, Pros And Cons

An independent director, in corporate governance, refers to a member of a Board of Directors.

Summary:An independent director is a member of the board of directors who do not have a material relationship with the company, is not part of the company’s executive team, and is not involved with the day-to-day operations of the company.

For this reason, understanding the definition of an independent director is important to avoid violating any rules.

NASDAQ: “Independent director” is one who is not an executive officer or employee of the company, and who, in the board’s opinion, has no relationship which would “Interfere with the exercise of independent judgment” in carrying out director responsibilities.

Independent directors are generally desirable to be appointed to the board of directors and are key to good corporate governance.

Although a director may be independent by definition, it does not imply that the director is acting in absolute independence – independent directors can be co-opted by management.

A staggered board of directors, also known as a classified board, refers to a board that consists of different classes of directors.

What Exactly Is An Independent Director?

Once on a board, the issue of whether a director is independent comes up primarily in litigation, when board actions are challenged by shareholders claiming that directors had ulterior motives, divided loyalties or conflicts of interest.

A director does not qualify as independent if they or their families received more than $120,000 in compensation from the company in any 12-month period in the prior three years.

A proxy advisor may not consider a director nominee independent and may recommend that shareholders not vote for that nominee, even if the person is deemed independent under the stock exchange standards.

Much of the relevant Delaware law governing director independence has evolved through litigation over transactions involving an insider or controlling shareholder, where approval by independent outside directors is required.

Delaware courts have repeatedly focused on ongoing business and personal ties that could make it hard in practice for nominally independent directors to exercise truly independent judgment in the company’s interest.

In one case, an outside director was a partner in a venture capital firm that invested in a sector where the company regularly made acquisitions, and the director also served on the board and was an investor in another business that was dependent on the company for an important approval.

A director who qualifies as independent to sit on an audit or compensation committee may not be deemed so when it comes to approving a transaction with an insider or assessing a shareholder demand to bring litigation claims against management.

Complete Guide On Independent Director

Who is the Independent Director? An independent director is a member of the board of directors of a company who does not participate in the daily chores of the entity’s operations and does not have a material relationship with the company.

Role of Independent Director The independent director plays a passive role in day-to-day activities but plays an active role in the committees set up by the company.

Applicability on appointing Independent Director At the time of appointment of an independent director, the board needs to determine whether the person has any material relationship with the company.

If the board is successful in determining that no such relationship exists, the person is eligible for appointment as an independent director of the company.

Is an immediate family member of the executive officer of the company as specified in clause f. Also, if the person has such a relationship as above in the last three years, the person would not be qualified as an independent director.

Independent director is still a director, and his decisions are subject to approval from the members of the board.

After observing the disadvantages of the independent directors, it is not a feasible option to appoint 100% independent directors on the board of the company.

Meaning, Example And Roles

An independent director refers to the board member, not the organization, and helps share a neutral opinion as they are not attached to the existing management.

Role of an Independent Director The most important role is to help set the remuneration of top executives of the company.

Duties Independent directors are paid on a sitting basis.

All independent directors are non-executive, but all non-executive directors are not separate.

If an independent director without proper knowledge of the circumstances tries to pass judgment, it will be difficult for the management to run the company.

This article has been a guide to an independent director and its meaning.

Here, we discuss the roles of independent directors, duties, and appointment process along with an example, benefits, and drawbacks.

Independent Directors- Applicability, Roles And Duties

Every listed public company shall have at least one-third of a total number of directors as independent directors.

As per Rule 4 of the Companies Rules, 2014, the following classes of companies shall have at least 2 directors as independent directors.

An independent director shall not retire by rotation and shall not be included in the ‘total number of directors’ for the purpose of computation of rotational directors.

A small shareholder director shall be considered as an independent director, if:He or she is eligible for appointment as independent director u/s 149.He or she gives a declaration that he or she meets the criteria of Independence as specified u/s 149(7)…If the Board meeting is called at shorter notice so as to transact some urgent business, then the presence of at least 1 independent director is mandatory.

In absence of any independent director, a decision shall be circulated to all the directors and later approved by at least 1 independent director.

An independent director is a non-executive director and thus a practising company secretary can be appointed as an independent director.

Yes, directors proposing to be independent directors and the existing Independent directors are required to empanel themselves for data bank and need to pass the examination, i.e. online proficiency self-assessment test.

ID Platform

The platform is awesome, full of high-quality stuff and innovative ideas.

The Registration process was amazingly smooth and user-friendly.

E-learning courses are comprehensive, covering wide gamut of relevant subjects and will go a long way in refreshing the skills and knowledge of the prospective I…..

Independent Directors: Their Role In Corporate Governance

Miguel Ferreyra de Bone, Head of US Operations for Acrux Partners, an ESG advisory firm, recently sat down with Vic Duva, Director of Corporate Staffing at CT, to discuss the role of the Independent Director in corporate governance in order to ensure legal compliance and brand protection.

M: Vic, you have been in this industry for over 30 years and are one of the most prolific and well known Independent Directors so if anyone can answer this question for me, I assume it would be you; what is the role of an Independent Director?

Lenders also typically require the use of Independent Directors when the transaction or loan is in excess of $15M. However, we have provided Independent Directors on loans as low as $8M when the Rating Agency requests the lender to do so.

To maintain the bankruptcy remoteness, secured creditors look to the independent director, manager or trustee as the objective or independent vote to prevent otherwise solvent SPE’s from seeking bankruptcy protection, particularly in instances when related or parent entities become insolvent.

V: While it’s important for the Independent Director to have experience and insight into each of these industries, they are served in the same manner since the duties of the Independent Director do not vary based on the type of asset.

In the time-sensitive duties of an Independent Director, the entity wants to know appointment of the Independent Director and closing can take place quickly thereafter.

You have to consider how long the provider has offered Independent Directors.

Post Idea #34: Corrugated fiberboard

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What Is Corrugated Fiberboard?

Corrugated fiberboard, most commonly referred to as “Corrugated,” by definition is a packaging material formed by gluing a fluted corrugated sheet, or the “Medium,” to one or two sheets of flat linerboard, or the “Liner.”

Corrugated fiberboard is often called “Cardboard,” although cardboard is a broader term that refers to any heavy paperboard, even if not corrugated.

Corrugated fiberboard packaging has huge advantages including unmatched protection for the product, flexibility, and different treatments based on the need.

Considering what options are most important for your product ensures that corrugated fiberboard will be the most successful option in getting your product from point A to point B. Corrugated Is Cost-effective.

Corrugated fiberboard is the most recycled packaging material and is continuously being recycled more and more.

In 1993 only 54% of corrugated packaging was recycled; however, in 2016 the recovery rate was up to 93%. Recycling corrugated materials helps reduce the amount of waste disposed of and allows for a constant cycle of reusable material.

Corrugated fiberboard is the most economical and natural choice for your packaging-protecting your product from harsh environments and conveying a strong message.

Corrugated Fiberboard

Corrugated fiberboard is a material consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards.

Corrugated fiberboard is sometimes called ‘corrugated cardboard’, although cardboard might be any heavy paper-pulp based board.

The first machine for producing large quantities of corrugated board was built in 1874 by G. Smyth, and in the same year Oliver Long improved upon Jones’ design by inventing corrugated board with liner sheets on both sides, thereby inventing corrugated board as it came to be known in modern times.

Corrugated fiberboard is anisotropic; many of its properties are highly directional.

Corrugated fiberboard can be specified by the construction, flute size, burst strength, edge crush strength, flat crush, basis weights of components, surface treatments and coatings, etc.

The choice of corrugated medium, flute size, combining adhesive, and linerboards can be varied to engineer a corrugated board with specific properties to match a wide variety of potential uses.

Corrugated fiberboard shredders are now available which convert post-consumer corrugated board into packing/cushioning materials by means of a specialized shredding process.

History Of Corrugated Fiberboard

In 1906, a request was submitted to the managing railroad classification committee to permit the use of corrugated fiberboard boxes.

In 1909, several fiberboard manufacturers had banded together to form The Fibre Shipping Container Association and developed quality standards for corrugated board properties based on the thickness of facings and bursting strength, measured by the Mullen tester.

Fiberboard grew, more and more household goods and hardware began to be shipped in corrugated fiberboard boxes.

In the 1920s, corrugated containers overtook solid fiberboard as the packaging of choice, and The National Association of Corrugated & Fibre Box Manufacturers was formed to maintain quality standards.

In the 1940s, paperboard mills could not keep up with demand for water-resistant solid fiberboards, so the kraft board mills and box makers developed a new type of corrugated paper.

The ballooning demand for corrugated board during and after WWII stimulated the building of more kraft mills, ultimately crowding out the juteboard and solid fiber box suppliers.

Corrugated fiberboard in the U.S. has been manufactured with a high virgin kraft content.

The Ultimate Guide To Corrugated Boxes

The term “Cardboard box” is commonly misused when referring to a corrugated box.

BOX STYLE DEFINITIONS AND ABBREVIATIONS. The majority of box styles fall into one of the following general categories: Slotted Boxes, Telescope Boxes, Folders, Rigid Boxes, Self-Erecting Boxes and Interior Forms.

Width)24070067260900802801100903001300112GLOSSARY OF TERMS. Adhesive: The substance used to hold plies of solid fiberboard together, to hold linerboard to the tips of flutes of corrugated medium, or to hold overlapping flaps together to form the joint or to close a box.

Box Manufacturer: An establishment that has equipment to score, slot, print and join corrugated or solid fiberboard sheets into boxes, and that regularly uses that equipment in the production of fiberboard boxes in commercial quantities.

Box Manufacturer’s Certificate: A statement printed in a round or rectangular design on a corrugated box flap that certifies the box conforms to all applicable standards, and identifies its manufacturer.

Regular Slotted Container: A box style created from a single sheet of corrugated board.

Wrap-around Blank: A scored and slotted sheet of corrugated fiberboard that is formed into a box by folding it around its contents.

7.4.1 Lamination of Pads and Cut Shapes-The bonding agent used in the lamination process for fabricating pads and cut shapes shall be equal to or greater than the requirements of 7.4 and shall pass the tests specified therein.

Test samples shall be exposed continuously to 95°F and 95 % relative humidity in a weathering test for seven days and subsequently conditioned in accordance with 8.2 to a constant weight prior to testing.

Test samples shall be exposed continuously to 95°F and 95 % relative humidity in a weathering test for seven days and subsequently conditioned in 4 D4727/D4727M – 07 parallel to the cross direction shall be folded 90° outward, returned to the unfolded position, and then folded 90° inward.

9.2 Wet Burst Test-For the wet burst test, the specimen shall be immersed in water as specified in the applicable paragraphs of TAPPI T 812 prior to performing the bursting strength test in accordance with TAPPI T 810.

The outside deck boards shall be flush with the ends of the stringers and all deck boards shall be evenly spaced across the length of the pallet.

Each shipping container shall be closed in accordance with the appendix of Practice D5118/ D5118M. The weight of contents of each shipping container shall not exceed 65 lb [30 kg].

S4. Marking S4.1 Compliance Marking, when Specified-Each sheet, pad, or cut shape shall be marked with identification of the 7 D4727/D4727M – 07 TABLE S6.1 Maximum Size and Weight; Minimum Fiberboard Requirements NOTE-Select either burst test or edge crush test requirement.

Specifications for Corrugated Paperboard October 2015 I. Scope This specification covers the requirements for B- and/or E-flute corrugated paperboard.

II. Requirements Construction The shipped flat B- or E-flute corrugated single wall paperboard shall consist of two facings adhered to one fluted medium.

Each sheet should be constructed with the flutes running parallel to the long dimension of the sheet.

Dimensions The dimensions of the boxboard shall be specified in the contract Paperboard Composition All layers of the corrugated paperboard laminate shall be made from cotton or linen pulp, fully bleached chemical wood pulp, or a mixture that meets the following specification: Free of groundwood: – test negative in ASTM D1030 phloroglucinol test with X5 Spot Stains, or Kappa # ≤5 in TAPPI T-236 test.

Free of alum-rosin sizing Free of optical whitening agent and fire retardant.

Post Idea #35: Fennel flower

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The Complete Fennel Flower Plant Care Guide

The Fennel Flower plant is a hardy perennial herb scientifically identified as Foeniculum Vulgare and has adopted different names around the world such as Large Fennel, Common Fennel, Sweet Fennel, Wild Fennel, Fenkel, Bitter Fennel, Garden Fennel, Hinojo, Hinojo de Castillo and Cilantrillo.

As their name suggests, Sweet Fennel seeds have a sweet aniseed taste and strong smell, contrary to the Bitter Fennel or Fennel Flower, which has an unpleasant odor and taste.

Although the Fennel Flower plant grows vigorously after being established, it takes a while before showing the first sprouts.

The Fennel Flower plant thrives best when placed in a full sun location in mild climates.

The Fennel Flower thrives best in temperatures between 21to 24C. This flower is fairly frost-resistant, but the tops of the Fennel plant get damaged if it is exposed to long periods of cold spells.

Plant the Fennel Flower seedlings outdoors after between 4 to 5 weeks of sowing.

Although Fennel Flower plants are easy to maintain and are fairly pests and disease-free, like many cultivated herb crops, Fennel Flower plants are a target by some enemies, including insects, nematodes, mollusks, fungi, bacteria, and parasitic plants.

Foeniculum Vulgare

Fennel is a culinary herb that is widely used around the world.

Fennel is native to the Old World, probably the Mediterranean, as used by the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians.

Fennel being a member of the Apiaceae family, there are 2 varieties of this perennial plant.

Depending on site conditions, Fennel can grow to anywhere from 20 to 24 inches.

The entire plant gives off a pleasant, sweet, and aromatic scent.

The leaves typically grow upright on striped, bare, bluish-green stems.

Usually, fennel plants bloom between early July and late September.

The Lost Herbs

Today India leads the world in commercial Fennel growth and seeds are now easily available globally for both uses in remedies and cooking and for home propagation purposes.

There are a range of cultivars that are now available, but the most common are Common Fennel which is used for seeds, and Florence Fennel which has a thickened stem base that is used in cooking.

Seeds from Common Fennel should be harvested after the flowers fade and before the first hard frosts arrive.

Seeds can be collected soon after pods form and when the seeds are still green, or you can wait for them to dry further and harvest them when the pods are brown, and the seeds have largely dried out.

Don’t wait until the pods burst, or most of the seeds will scatter and be lost.

What Fennel seeds are good for and the natural remedies made from them.

If you can’t harvest from plants, you can purchase Fennel seeds.

Description, Characteristics, & Uses

Fennel,, perennial herb of the carrot family grown for its edible shoots, leaves, and seeds.

Native to southern Europe and Asia Minor, fennel is cultivated in temperate regions worldwide and is considered an invasive species in Australia and parts of the United States.

All parts of the plant are aromatic and used in flavouring, and the bulblike stem base of Florence fennel and the blanched shoots are eaten as a vegetable.

Giant fennel, a member of the same family, is native to the Mediterranean region.

Its stems grow to about 3 metres high and are used for tinder.

Hog’s fennel, or sulfurweed, is another member of the Apiaceae family and is used in traditional medicine in parts of Europe.

Fennel flower, or black cumin, is an unrelated plant of the family Ranunculaceae; its seeds are used as a spice.

FENNEL: Overview, Uses, Side Effects, Precautions, Interactions, Dosing And Reviews

Arya, S. Controlling angiotensin-converting-enzyme-inhibitor induced cough by fennel fruit.

LEVY, S. B. Bronchial asthma due to ingestion of fennel and fennel seed.

Namavar, Jahromi B., Tartifizadeh, A., and Khabnadideh, S. Comparison of fennel and mefenamic acid for the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea.

Ozcan, M. M., Chalchat, J. C., Arslan, D., Ates, A., and Unver, A. Comparative essential oil composition and antifungal effect of bitter fennel fruit oils obtained during different vegetation.

Abedi P, Najafian M, Yaralizadeh M, Namjoyan F. Effect of fennel vaginal cream on sexual function in postmenopausal women: A double blind randomized controlled trial.

Lee HW, Ang L, Lee MS, Alimoradi Z, Kim E. Fennel for reducing pain in primary dysmenorrhea: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

Zhu M, Wong PY, Li RC. Effect of oral administration of fennel on ciprofloxacin absorption and disposition in the rat.

Growing Fennel: The Complete Guide To Plant, Care, And Harvest Fennel

Below you’ll find a bit of information on growing fennel and how to care for this low-maintenance garden veggie.

Florence fennel – This is the fennel you want if you’re interested in harvesting a meaty bulb for cooking.

Rhondo fennel – A bulb-type fennel that produces a round bulb and matures early.

Apply a layer of compost around the base of your growing fennel plants every few months during the growing season.

Caramelized fennel – One of my favorite ways to enjoy fennel.

Baked Haddock with Roasted Tomato and Fennel – Fennel is perfect alongside tomato.

One Pan Roasted Chicken with Fennel – Fennel isn’t just great with fish, it goes well with chicken, too.

Post Idea #36: Hereditary angioedema

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Genetic And Rare Diseases Information Center

Cicardi M, Zuraw B. Hereditary angioedema: Epidemiology, clinical manifestations, exacerbating factors, and prognosis.

Wu E, Frank MM. Hereditary angioedema with normal C1 inhibitor.

Cicardi M, Zuraw B. Hereditary angioedema: General care and long-term prophylaxis.

Hereditary Angioedema: MedlinePlus Genetics

Hereditary angioedema is a disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of severe swelling.

The most common areas of the body to develop swelling are the limbs, face, intestinal tract, and airway.

Swelling in the airway can restrict breathing and lead to life-threatening obstruction of the airway.

About one-third of people with this condition develop a non-itchy rash called erythema marginatum during an attack.

Symptoms of hereditary angioedema typically begin in childhood and worsen during puberty.

The frequency and duration of attacks vary greatly among people with hereditary angioedema, even among people in the same family.

There are three types of hereditary angioedema, called types I, II, and III, which can be distinguished by their underlying causes and levels of a protein called C1 inhibitor in the blood.

Hereditary Angioedema

A focused parameter update: hereditary angioedema, acquired C1 inhibitor deficiency, and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor-associated angioedema.

US Hereditary Angioedema Association Medical Advisory Board 2013 recommendations for the management of hereditary angioedema due to C1 inhibitor deficiency.

Replacement therapy in hereditary angioedema: successful treatment of acute episodes of angioedema with partly purified C1 inhibitor.

Nanofiltered C1 inhibitor concentrate for treatment of hereditary angioedema.

Efficacy of human C1 esterase inhibitor concentrate compared with placebo in acute hereditary angioedema attacks.

Recombinant human C1 esterase inhibitor relieves symptoms of hereditary angioedema attacks: phase 3, randomized, placebo-controlled trial.

Bork K, Hardt J, Witzke G. Fatal laryngeal attacks and mortality in hereditary angioedema due to C1 inhibitor deficiency.

Hereditary Angioedema

There are three main types of HAE. Types I and II are caused by a mutation in the SERPING1 gene, which makes the C1 inhibitor protein, while type III is often due to a mutation in the F12 gene.

A father with a mutated gene for HAE, has the disease while his wife with 2 non-mutated copies of the C1 inhibitor gene and does not have the disease.

Most persons with HAE acquire a C1 esterase inhibitor mutation from one of their parents.

In a review of patients who do not have a history of HAE in their family, but who have relatively low levels of mutated C1-INH with persistent angioedema, 25% of new patients who had HAE had C1-INH changes that do not show signs of inheritance.

HAE accounts for only a small fraction of all cases of angioedema.

Lanadelumab inhibits the plasma enzyme kallikrein, which liberates the kinins bradykinin and kallidin from their kininogen precursors and is produced in excess in individuals with HAE types I and II. Berotralstat was approved in the United States in December 2020, for the prevention of attacks of hereditary angioedema in people over twelve years of age.

Ecallantide, a peptide inhibitor of kallikrein, has received orphan status for HAE and has shown positive results in phase III trials.

Hereditary Angioedema

JOURNAL ARTICLES. Zuraw BL. Current and future therapy for hereditary angioedema.

Davis AE 3rd. The pathophysiology of hereditary angioedema.

A randomized, controlled trial to study the efficacy and safety of c1 inhibitor concentrate in treating hereditary angioedema.

Treatment of hereditary angioedema with a vapor-heated c1 inhibitor concentrate.

Leimgruber A. Hereditary angioedema: uncomplicated maxillofacial surgery using short- term c1 inhibitor replacement therapy.

Cicardi C. Long-term treatment of hereditary angioedema with attenuated androgens: a survey of a 13 year experience.

Atkinson JC. Oral manifestations and dental management of patients with hereditary angioedema.

Hereditary Angioedema: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Hereditary angioedema is a rare genetic condition that causes swelling under the skin and lining of the gut and lungs.

A problem with a gene that makes a blood protein called C1 inhibitor often causes HAE. In most cases, you don’t have enough of this protein.

Sometimes people are treated for allergies when it’s really HAE that causes their swelling.

Learn as much as you can about HAE so you can make informed decisions about your treatment and medications that you should be cautious with.

Connect with others who are living with HAE. They can share their insights and tips to help you manage your symptoms.

There’s no cure for HAE, but new treatments have made it possible for people to manage their symptoms and enjoy active lives.

To learn more about HAE and to find the support of others who have it, visit the website of the U.S. Hereditary Angioedema Association at www.

Hereditary Angioedema

Type IType I hereditary angioedema shows reduced secretion and low circulating levels of C1-INH. Type I hereditary angioedema comprises 80-85% of all cases of hereditary angioedema.

Type IIType II hereditary angioedema has either normal or sometimes high levels of C1-INH, but the C1-INH is dysfunctional… Type II hereditary angioedema comprises 15-20% of all cases of hereditary angioedema.

Type IIIType III hereditary angioedema shows a similar clinical picture to type I and II but has normal levels of functional C1-INH. Type III hereditary angioedema is caused by at least three known gene mutations, including a mutation.

C1-INH, C1-esterase inhibitor; HAE-FXII, hereditary angioedema with F12 mutation; HAE-ANGPT1, hereditary angioedema with angiopoietin-1 gene; HAE-PLG, hereditary angioedema with plasminogen gene.

Many patients with hereditary angioedema undergo unnecessary abdominal surgery, especially prior to the diagnosis of hereditary angioedema.

The clinician should consider a diagnosis of hereditary angioedema in patients with recurrent attacks of angioedema in the absence of urticaria.

US Hereditary Angioedema Association – a US non-profit patient advocacy organisation serving patients with hereditary angioedema.

Post Idea #37: Ionis Pharmaceuticals

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Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Ionis is focused on delivering RNA-targeted therapeutics with transformational potential.

Our antisense oligonucleotide drug discovery platform has transformed the lives of patients with devastating diseases, including SMA, hATTR, and FCS. We have the potential to treat many additional diseases where other therapeutic approaches have proven ineffective or do not exist.

Ionis Pharmaceuticals Stock Forecast, Price & News

Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. discovers and develops RNA-targeted therapeutics in the United States.

The company offers SPINRAZA for spinal muscular atrophy in pediatric and adult patients; TEGSEDI, an injection for the treatment of polyneuropathy of hereditary transthyretin-mediated amyloidosis in adults; and WAYLIVRA, a treatment for familial chylomicronemia syndrome and familial partial lipodystrophy.

It is involved in developing neurology products that include Tominersen for Huntington’s diseases; Tofersen for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; IONIS-MAPTRx for Alzheimer’s diseases; IONIS-C9Rx for genetic form of ALS; ION859 for Parkinson’s disease; ION464 for multiple system atrophy and Parkinson’s disease; ION541 for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; and IONIS-DNM2-2.5Rx for centronuclear myopathy.

The company is also developing products for cardiometabolic disease, such as IONIS-TTR-LRx for transthyretin amyloidosis and IONIS-GHR-LRx for acromegaly; IONIS-APOCIII-LRx for familial chylomicronemia syndrome and TG- driven diseases; IONIS-APOCIII-LRx for treatment resistant hypertension; Pelacarsen for Lp(a)cardiovascular disease risk reduction; Vupanorsen for sHTG/CVDRR; IONIS-FXI-LRx for clotting disorders; ION449 for cardiovascular diseases; and IONIS-GCGRRx for diabetics.

It develops IONIS-ENAC-2.5Rx for cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; IONIS-PKK-LRx for hereditary angioedema; Danvatirsen for cancer; IONIS-TMPRSS6-LRx for beta-thalassemia and iron toxicity; IONIS-HBVRx for hepatitis B virus; IONIS-AR-2.5Rx for prostate cancer; IONIS-FB-LRx for age-related macular degeneration and IgA nephropathy; and ION357 for retinitis pigmentosa.

Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was founded in 1989 and is based in Carlsbad, California.

Ionis Pharmaceuticals

In 1992, for a genital warts drug candidate, the company received its first approval by the Food and Drug Administration for an investigational new drug application in 1992, marking the first time any antisense therapy was approved to be tested in humans.

While the rising incidence of CMV in people with AIDS initially created a need for drugs that treated this virus, the drug was withdrawn because the development of HAART dramatically reduced the number of cases of CMV. The antisense field anticipated that the approval of fomivirsen marked the beginning of a new age of antisense drug treatments, that would be similar to the uptake of monoclonal antibody therapy, but the next FDA approval of an antisense drug came in 2013.

In 2008, Isis and Genzyme entered into a partnered drug candidate mipomersen, intended to treat homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia , and other drug candidates[which?]; the deal included Genzyme buying $150 million of Isis stock and paying a $175 million license fee, as well as milestone fees and royalties.

In January 2016 Ionis terminated its arrangement with Genzyme, stating that the drug had been poorly marketed.

In May 2016, Ionis licensed the rights to the drug to Kastle Therapeutics for $15 million upfront with another $10 million due in May 2019, up to $70 million in milestones based on sales, and royalties, with Ionis opaying 3% royalty and 3% of non-cash royalty it receives to Genzyme.

In December 2016, Ionis’ drug nusinersen was approved by the FDA. It had been discovered in a collaboration between Adrian Krainer at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Ionis and preclinical work was done at University of Massachusetts.

As of December 2016, Ionis had ten candidates for various liver diseases in clinical trials and a drug it discovered, alicaforsen, was in a Phase III trial run by another company.

Ionis Pharma Announces Publication Of Positive Donidalorsen Data For Angioedema Attacks

Ionis Pharmaceuticals Inc IONS announced the publication of Phase 2 data for donidalorsen in the New England Journal of Medicine.

In the Phase 2 study, donidalorsen demonstrated a 90% reduction in angioedema attacks compared with placebo at the 80 mg monthly dose.

Donidalorsen is designed to reduce the production of prekallikrein, which plays a crucial role in the activation of inflammatory mediators associated with acute attacks of HAE. The data showed that the mean monthly rate of angioedema attacks was 0.23 and 2.21 in patients receiving donidalorsen and placebo, respectively.

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Ionis Announces Eplontersen Receives Orphan Drug Designation From U.S. FDA

PRNewswire/ – Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the leader in antisense therapeutics, announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted orphan drug designation to eplontersen, an investigational antisense medicine for the treatment of people living with transthyretin-mediated amyloidosis, a systemic, progressive and fatal condition.

In December 2021., Ionis announced a strategic collaboration with AstraZeneca to develop and commercialize eplontersen.

“Receiving FDA orphan drug status for eplontersen underscores the significant unmet need for novel treatment options for people living with transthyretin-mediated amyloidosis. We look forward to working closely with regulators, clinical investigators, patients and their families to advance this important medicine and make it available to those who may benefit from it,” said Richard S. Geary, Ph.D., executive vice president and chief development officer at Ionis.

Ionis and AstraZeneca are currently evaluating eplontersen in the CARDIO-TTRansform Phase 3 study for the treatment of patients with hereditary and wild-type cardiomyopathy and the NEURO-TTRansform Phase 3 study for the treatment of patients with hereditary transthyretin-mediated amyloid polyneuropathy.

About Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.For more than 30 years, Ionis has been the leader in RNA-targeted therapy, pioneering new markets and changing standards of care with its novel antisense technology.

Although Ionis’ forward-looking statements reflect the good faith judgment of its management, these statements are based only on facts and factors currently known by Ionis.

Ionis Pharmaceuticals® is a trademark of Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. View original content to download multimedia:https://www.

Ionis Pharmaceuticals Reports Publication Of Positive Phase 2 Data For Donidalorsen

Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the leader in RNA-targeted therapies, today announced the publication of positive Phase 2 data for donidalorsen in the New England Journal of Medicine available at NEJM.org.

In the Phase 2 study, donidalorsen demonstrated a 90% reduction in angioedema attacks compared with placebo at the 80 mg monthly dose.

Donidalorsen is designed to reduce the production of prekallikrein, which plays a key role in the activation of inflammatory mediators associated with acute attacks of HAE. Donidalorsen uses Ionis’ advanced LIgand-Conjugated Antisense technology platform.

“Positive Phase 2 data published in NEJM, along with data presented at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Annual Meeting, demonstrate that treatment with donidalorsen reduced attack frequency and disease burden of hereditary angioedema,” said Kenneth Newman, M.D., M.B.A., Ionis’ vice president of clinical development and leader of the immunology and pulmonology franchise.

The Phase 2 study is double-blind and placebo-controlled in which patients with hereditary angioedema due to C1-inhibitor deficiency were randomized 2:1 to either 80 mg donidalorsen or placebo administered subcutaneously every 4 weeks for 16 weeks.

Plasma prekallikrein plays a key role in the activation of inflammatory mediators associated with acute attacks of HAE. The pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of donidalorsen were evaluated in the Phase 2 study.

The impact of donidalorsen on HRQoL was a predefined endpoint in the Phase 2 trial, assessed with the validated AE-QoL at randomization and the end of study.

Ionis Announces Publication Of Positive Phase 2 Data For Donidalorsen

Treatment with donidalorsen in Phase 2 study significantly reduced angioedema attacks by 90% and provided improvement in quality of life.

CARLSBAD, Calif., March 16, 2022 – Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the leader in RNA-targeted therapies, today announced the publication of positive Phase 2 data for donidalorsen in the New England Journal of Medicine available at NEJM.org.

In the Phase 2 study, donidalorsen demonstrated a 90% reduction in angioedema attacks compared with placebo at the 80 mg monthly dose.

“Positive Phase 2 data published in NEJM, along with data presented at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Annual Meeting, demonstrate that treatment with donidalorsen reduced attack frequency and disease burden of hereditary angioedema,” said Kenneth Newman, M.D., M.B.A., Ionis’ vice president of clinical development and leader of the immunology and pulmonology franchise.

The Phase 2 study is double-blind and placebo-controlled in which patients with hereditary angioedema due to C1-inhibitor deficiency were randomized 2:1 to either 80 mg donidalorsen or placebo administered subcutaneously every 4 weeks for 16 weeks.

Plasma prekallikrein plays a key role in the activation of inflammatory mediators associated with acute attacks of HAE. The pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of donidalorsen were evaluated in the Phase 2 study.

The impact of donidalorsen on HRQoL was a predefined endpoint in the Phase 2 trial, assessed with the validated AE-QoL at randomization and the end of study.

Post Idea #38: Antisense therapy

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ScienceDirect Topics

Antisense oligonucleotides can also be engineered to bind to the double-stranded DNA containing the disease-causing mutation, creating a triple helix that cannot be transcribed into mRNA. A difficulty with antisense therapy is that antisense oligonucleotides are often degraded before they can reach their target.

Infected the lumen of the injured rat carotid artery with antisense oligonucleotides to cdk2, a cell cycle regulatory protein, complexed in HVJ. Their duration of exposure was only 10 min and they delivered 4-20 μg of ASO/artery, yet the cdk2 ASO induced a 65% reduction in NIH. Therefore, antisense oligonucleotides do appear to be a safe and effective means of gene delivery.

A 22-nucleotide antisense oligonucleotide was created with the goal to correct splicing by using the same backbone and phosphorothioate and 2′-O-methoxyethyl modifications as nusinersen, an FDA-approved antisense oligonucleotide drug for spinal muscular atrophy.

Antisense Oligonucleotide TherapiesMipomersen is an antisense oligonucleotide therapy that specifically binds to the apolipoprotein B-100 mRNA, blocking translation of the gene product.

In the earlier days of antisense development, biological activity of a given oligonucleotide was assayed in a cell-free, in vitro system using high concentrations of oligonucleotides, which resulted many false positive reports.

First, the effect on tumor onset and formation of oligonucleotides can be determined using an ex vivo protocol in which cells are treated with oligonucleotide prior to xenoplantation, or an in vivo treatment protocol in which oligonucleotide treatment begins immediately after cell xenoplantation.

Although most antisense oligonucleotides are tested in vivo as monotherapy, combination treatment of antisense oligonucleotides and conventional chemotherapeutic agents have also been widely investigated.

Antisense Therapy

Antisense therapy is a form of treatment that uses antisense oligonucleotides to target messenger RNA. ASOs are capable of altering mRNA expression through a variety of mechanisms, including ribonuclease H mediated decay of the pre-mRNA, direct steric blockage, and exon content modulation through splicing site binding on pre-mRNA. Several ASOs have been approved in the United States, the European Union, and elsewhere.

The common stem for antisense oligonucleotides drugs is -rsen.

In 2019, a report was published detailing the development of milasen, an antisense oligonucleotide drug for Batten disease, under an expanded-access investigational clinical protocol authorized by the Food and Drug Administration.

Milasen “Itself remains an investigational drug, and it is not suited for the treatment of other patients with Batten’s disease” because it was customized for a single patient’s specific mutation.

In December 2019, golodirsen received FDA approval for the treatment of cases that can benefit from skipping exon 53 of the dystrophin transcript.

In 2004, development of an antisense therapy for spinal muscular atrophy began.

Several ASOs are currently being investigated in disease models for Alexander disease, ATXN2 and FUS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Angelman syndrome, Lafora disease, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, myotonic dystrophy, Parkinson’s disease, Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease, and prion disease, Rett syndrome, spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 3.

Recently, antisense therapy has emerged as a promising tool to treat various diseases, and for treatment, several antisense drugs have been approved by the FDA. For antisense gene therapy, chemically engineered oligonucleotides complementary to specific mRNA are inserted into the cells which stop the translation of the specific protein.

Several antisense RNA and antisense oligonucleotide delivery systems such as virus vectors and liposomes have been developed to carry the antisense RNA or oligonucleotides through the cell membrane into the cytoplasm and nucleus.

The main obstacles that remained in cancer gene therapy and antisense therapy are the lack of delivery systems that successfully deliver an efficacious dose of a therapeutic gene or antisense drug(s) to the targeted tumor site.

Several chemical modifications, novel chemistries, better formulation, and design of oligonucleotide not only have improved the potency and tolerability of antisense drug but also have enhanced the drug distribution to the targeted RNA inside the cells [5, 6]. The clinical application of antisense drugs requires safe and efficient carrier system, and currently, the viral and non-viral vectors are the most common methods used to deliver the antisense drugs specifically to the target tissues and cells.

The “Antisense” are the oligodeoxyribonucleotide molecules complementary to the DNA or RNA sequence of the target gene designed to hybridize specific mRNA. By capitalizing “Antisense” DNA approach, the overexpressed proteins can be blocked in several diseases such as cancer, neurological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, inflammation and autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, etc.3.1 Antisense therapy for cancerThe beauty of antisense technology is that it can precisely recognize the DNA location in a gene, a single mRNA class, and can distinguish between the normal and mutated oncogenes in cancer cells.

Antisense oligonucleotide designed to lower total HTT has been shown to provide a prolonged improvement in HD, and the drug is in clinical trial phase [30, 31].3.5 Antisense therapy for infectious diseasesVarious antisense mechanisms can be utilized to inhibit viral replication-for example, by binding to viral mRNA to block the translation of the protein or to degrade the viral RNA through an RNase mechanism or by blocking host microRNAs that support viral replication.

Unquestionably, the field of antisense RNA therapeutics is presently undertaking foremost development, and the potential for using RNA antisense drugs for personalized medicine and immunotherapy as well as to address genetic, infectious, and chronic diseases will ensure the continued development of antisense RNA therapeutics for years to come.

Antisense Therapy

Antisense Therapy &nbsp If a particular gene has a role in disease, and the genetic code of that gene is known, one could use this knowledge to stop that gene specifically.

Genes are made of double-helical DNA. When a gene is turned on, the genetic code in that segment of DNA is copied out as a single strand of RNA, called messenger RNA. The messenger RNA is called a “Sense” sequence, because it can be translated into a string of amino acids to form a protein.

The opposite strand in a DNA double helix is called the “Antisense” strand.

We use the antisense coding sequence of a disease gene to make short antisense DNAs in our laboratory.

These antisense DNA drugs work by binding to messenger RNAs from disease genes, so that the genetic code in the RNA cannot be read, stopping the production of the disease-causing protein.

Antisense Therapy: A Promising New Way To Treat Neurological Disease

A new treatment for Huntington’s disease – a deadly brain disorder – has successfully completed first-in-human trials.

Huntington’s disease is caused by a mutation in the gene that makes a protein called huntingtin.

As the disease progresses, it affects movement, learning, thinking and emotions.

The Huntington’s disease trial is still at an early stage, testing to see if the oligonucleotides can get inside the brain and reduce the amount of mutant protein.

We don’t yet know whether the drug will slow down the disease.

Both Huntington’s disease and spinal muscular atrophy are rare forms of neurodegeneration, but if antisense oligonucleotides can be shown to work for these disorders, then it may be possible that the same approach might work in more common diseases, like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease.

These diseases share some of the characteristics of Huntington’s disease and spinal muscular atrophy, such as the accumulation of sticky proteins.

Antisense Therapy Targeting Apolipoprotein(A): A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase 1 Study

We have assessed the safety, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of ISIS-APO(a)Rx, a second-generation antisense drug designed to reduce the synthesis of apolipoprotein(a) in the liver.

Via a randomisation technique, we randomly assigned participants to receive a single subcutaneous injection of ISIS-APO(a)Rx or placebo in the single-dose part of the study or to receive six subcutaneous injections of ISIS-APO(a)Rx or placebo during a 4 week period in the multi-dose part of the study.

Participants, investigators, and study staff were masked to the treatment assignment, except for the pharmacist who prepared the ISIS-APO(a)Rx or placebo.

Findings: Between Feb 27, 2013, and July 15, 2013, 47 of 206 screened volunteers were randomly assigned to receive ISIS-APO(a)Rx as a single-dose or multi-dose of ascending concentrations or placebo.

In the single-dose study, we assigned three participants to receive 50 mg ISIS-APO(a)Rx, three participants to receive 100 mg ISIS-APO(a)Rx, three participants to receive 200 mg ISIS-APO(a)Rx, three participants to receive 400 mg ISIS-APO(a)Rx, and four participants to receive placebo.

For the multi-dose study, we assigned eight participants to receive six doses of 100 mg ISIS-APO(a)Rx, nine participants to receive six doses of 200 mg ISIS-APO(a)Rx, eight participants to receive six doses of 300 mg ISIS-APO(a)Rx, and six participants to receive six doses of placebo.

Whereas single doses of ISIS-APO(a)Rx did not decrease Lp(a) concentrations at day 30, six doses of ISIS-APO(a)Rx resulted in dose-dependent, mean percentage decreases in plasma Lp(a) concentration of 39·6% from baseline in the 100 mg group, 59·0% in the 200 mg group, and 77·8% in the 300 mg group.

Anti-Gene And Antisense Therapy

Antisense therapy refers to the inhibition of translation by using a single-stranded nucleotide.

Most of the work that is being carried out relates to the use of RNA in antisense therapy.

The dominantly acting oncogenes can be targeted in antisense technology by using antisense transgenes or oligonucleotides.

Antisense RNA molecules are more frequently used in cancer therapy.

The antisense mRNA therapy was tried for the treatment of a brain tumor namely malignant glioma and the cancer of prostate gland.

Respective antisense cDNAs can be used to synthesize, antisense mRNA molecules.

This gene produces antisense RNA. When the cells containing antisense RNA are infected by HIV, it binds to viral RNA forming double-stranded RNA-RNA hybrid molecules.

Post Idea #39: The New England Journal of Medicine

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Full Lifecycle Interventions For Addressing Social Determinants Of Health

Large corporations are leading the way in measuring their organizational performance on sustainability, social equity, and ethical governance.

Health care systems can learn from studying those practices.

The New England Journal Of Medicine

For over 200 years, the New England Journal of Medicine has rigorously vetted and compiled the latest medical research in support of physicians and their patients.

From the first uses of anesthesia to the most recent cardiology and cancer treatments, the New England Journal of Medicine has helped generations of clinicians enhance their knowledge and improve patient care.

Today, with rigorously peer-reviewed research, topical reviews, interactive clinical content and cases, the New England Journal of Medicine is the trusted source for essential findings in medicine.

The New England Journal Of Medicine

The New England Journal of Medicine is a weekly medical journal published by the Massachusetts Medical Society.

In September 1811, John Collins Warren, a Boston physician, along with James Jackson, submitted a formal prospectus to establish the New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery and Collateral Branches of Science as a medical and philosophical journal.

Subsequently, the first issue of the New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery and the Collateral Branches of Medical Science was published in January 1812.

The editors of the New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery and the Collateral Branches of Medical Science purchased the weekly Intelligencer for $600 in 1828, merging the two publications to form the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, and shifting from quarterly to weekly publication.

In 1921, the Massachusetts Medical Society purchased the Journal for US$1 and, in 1928, renamed it to The New England Journal of Medicine.

The dates on the logo represent the founding of the components of The New England Journal of Medicine: 1812 for the New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery and Collateral Branches of Medical Science, 1823 for the Boston Medical Intelligencer, 1828 for the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, and 1928 for the New England Journal of Medicine.

The New England Journal of Medicine requires that articles it publishes have not been published or released elsewhere.

The New England Journal Of Medicine Archives

The New England Journal of Medicine archives presents serial archive listings for.

Is the current name of an American medical research journal that has been published since the 1800s.

Volumes 1-197 were published under the title “Boston Medical and Surgical Journal”; online copies of those earlier volumes are linked under “Related Resources” below.

Official Site / Current Material The official New England Journal of Medicine site has information about the current journal, as well as an archive that covers the NEJM and its predecessors back to 1812.

Related Resources Most of the first 197 volumes, published under the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal name from 1828-1928, are also available.

The New-England Medical Review and Journal, this journal’s 1827 predecessor, is also online.

The New-England Journal of Medicine and Surgery, this journal’s 1812-1826 predecessor, is also online.

New England Journal Of Medicine

The New England Journal of Medicine is an English-language peer-reviewed medical journal published by the Massachusetts Medical Society.

It describes itself as the oldest continuously published medical journal in the world.

The journal publishes editorials, papers on original research, review articles, correspondence, and case reports, and has a special section called “Images in Clinical Medicine”.

In September 1811, John Collins Warren, a Boston physician, along with James Jackson, submitted a formal prospectus to establish the New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery and Collateral Branches of Science as a medical and philosophical journal.

Subsequently, the first issue of the New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery and the Collateral Branches of Medical Science was published in January 1812.

On April 29, 1823, another publication, the Boston Medical Intelligencer, appeared under the stewardship of Jerome V.C. Smith.

The Intelligencer ran into financial troubles in the spring of 1827, and the editors of the New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery and the Collateral Branches of Medical Science purchased it in February 1828.

The New England Journal Of Medicine: COVID-19 Antibody Study

Patients who were administered a novel antibody had fewer symptoms and were less likely to require hospitalization or emergency medical care than those who did not receive the antibody, according to a new study published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

The multisite, Phase II clinical trial tested three different doses of LY-CoV555, a monoclonal antibody derived from the blood of a recovered COVID-19 patient.

Patients in the randomized, double-blind study were given intravenous doses of either 700, 2,800 or 7,000 milligrams of the antibody, or a placebo.

Investigators used a nasopharyngeal swab to test patients’ viral load before administering the antibody and again at several points after administering the drug.

Approximately 300 patients received the treatment and approximately 150 patients received the placebo.

“The publication of these data in a peer-reviewed journal adds to the growing body of evidence for the potential utility for neutralizing antibodies as therapeutics for people recently diagnosed with mild to moderate COVID-19, particularly high-risk patients,” said Ajay Nirula, MD, PhD, vice president of immunology at Eli Lilly and Company and co-first author of the study.

For high-risk patients, hospitalization rates were 4.2% in patients treated with the antibody, compared with 14.6% in placebo-treated patients.

Md/3CEQ9aRIn patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, iberdomide at the highest dose, but not at lower doses, was superior to placebo with respect to the primary end point of an SRI-4 response at 24 weeks.

Md/3vK9G8rDuring the Covid-19 pandemic, patients have asked courts to compel hospitals to administer unproven therapies, including ivermectin.

Md/3w3XjUKThe debate regarding step therapy reflects a tension between two important policy goals: safeguarding patients’ access to high-quality care and constraining spending on prescription drugs.

Md/3Klw9wwFirst-line therapy with ribociclib plus letrozole showed a significant overall survival benefit as compared with placebo plus letrozole in patients with HR-positive, HER2-negative advanced breast cancer.

Md/3tFKltuThe addition of darolutamide to androgen deprivation therapy plus docetaxel increased survival among patients with hormone-sensitive metastatic prostate cancer.

Ch/3CgFfYt #ProstateCancerData show persistence of viable SARS-CoV-2 in patients after sotrovimab infusions and the rapid development of spike gene mutations associated with sotrovimab resistance.

Md/3HKbrooIn RCT involving patients with low-risk differentiated thyroid cancer undergoing thyroidectomy, a follow-up strategy that did not involve the use of radioiodine was noninferior to the use of radioiodine in the response to treatment at 3 years.

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