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Post Idea #1: Lakehead University

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Lakehead University

Lakehead University is a public research university with campuses in Thunder Bay and Orillia, Ontario, Canada.

In 2005 the Northern Ontario School of Medicine was formed as a joint initiative between Lakehead University and Laurentian University in Sudbury organized within the Faculty of Medicine of both Laurentian and Lakehead universities.

Lakehead University opened a campus at Heritage Place in Downtown Orillia in 2006; during the first semester there were about 100 students.

Lakehead Orillia now has over 1,200 students studying at the Heritage Place and University Avenue sites.

As a percentage of total student population, Lakehead University has one of the largest aboriginal student communities in Canada.

Apart from these awards, Lakehead University provides entrance scholarships to high school students with marks above 80%, paid out during four years of undergraduate.

Lakehead University is represented in the Canadian Interuniversity Sport league by the Lakehead Thunderwolves.

A. A popular university in Canada, Lakehead University has been ranked by the US News & World Report at #1279 in the Best Global Universities category for 2022.

The Times Higher Education has ranked Lakehead University in the 801-1000th group in the World University Rankings 2022 category.

Candidates looking to apply to Lakehead University can check out our carefully crafted Lakehead University Admissions FAQs.

A. Established in 1965, Lakehead University is a public research university with campuses in Thunder Bay and Orillia in Ontario, Canada.

A. The Lakehead University is renowned for being a top research university in Canada, generous entrance scholarships, world-class facilities, exceptional support services, providing students with the Canadian experience and experiential learning among others.

Q. Does Lakehead University offer scholarships and awards to students taking admission to the university?

A. Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships: Non-Canadian citizens who are entering Lakehead University from a high school, or who are transferring from an international college or university, will be considered for the Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships.

Ranking, Courses, Fees, Reviews & Scholarships

What support do you offer to undergraduate international students?

What should international students pack and bring with them to Canada?

What is the best city in Canada for international students?

Can international students stay in Canada after graduation?

What accommodation options do you offer international students?

What scholarships or financial aid do you offer international students?

Why should international students choose to study in Canada?

Lakehead University

Acceptance rate & Admissions Acceptance Rate82%Admissions RequirementsOntario secondary school diploma or equivalentAcademic CalendarSeptember to AprilEnrollment8,500Full time employee350Student:staff ratio24:1 Publications & Citations Publications 8,956 Citations 224,401 Lakehead University majors by publication & citation count.

Local studetns Range from 5,735 to 6,968 for degree programs.

Enrolled in Lakehead University Studied television journalist Occupations actor.

Stop by to see the incredible work of visual arts students opposite the cafeteria!

Welcome to our classroom – we are excited to learn and grow together! #tldsblearns Building healthy coping strategies can help young people better navigate everyday stressful situations and transitions.

Researchers at are testing a new smartphone app created to help students build emotional regulation skills, called JoyPop.

Ca APPLY NOW! professors, students and partners receive Year of Climate Action awards for research projects.

Through local and international collaboration, students & researchers at hope to improve water management, as well as help produce a wider range of products, including organic and traditional foods in both & in South America.

Join ‘s Engineering Student Society for their Diversity in Engineering Panel this Saturday, March 19th on Zoom or in person as a part of National Engineering Month.

Ly/tVSJ50Ilc6FOur Alliance is so happy to welcome as a Member! Their excellence in health research has helped to improve our depth of knowledge, strengthen Canada’s international competitiveness, and train the next generation of highly skilled researchers.

Post Idea #2: Power outage

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Us is an ongoing project created to track, record, and aggregate power outages across the United States.

Data is updated site wide approximately every ten minutes.

Power Outage Map

Our interactive map is updated every 5 minutes and provides regional power restoration information.

You may also choose the outages by county option to see a list of estimated restoration times, or ETRs, in your county.

If you click on the arrow to the left of your county’s name, you will see ETRs for the towns and villages within that county.

The ETRs are based on National Grid’s latest damage analysis and reflect a general assessment of when the last customer in the specified area is expected to be returned to service.

To check the specific ETR for your own property, log into your account.

We make every effort to restore your service as quickly as possible.

US Power Outages From Severe Weather Have Doubled In 20 Years

Power outages from severe weather have doubled over the past two decades across the US, as a warming climate stirs more destructive storms that cripple broad segments of the nation’s aging electrical grid, according to an Associated Press analysis of government data.

Forty states are experiencing longer outages – and the problem is most acute in regions seeing more extreme weather, US Department of Energy data shows.

That means customers who are hit with more frequent and longer weather outages also are paying more for electricity.

The AP analysis found: The number of outages tied to severe weather rose from about 50 annually nationwide in the early 2000s to more than 100 annually on average over the past five years.

The frequency and length of power failures are at their highest levels since reliability tracking began in 2013 – with US customers on average experiencing more than eight hours of outages in 2020.

Maine, Louisiana and California each experienced at least a 50% increase in outage duration even as residents endured mounting interruption costs over the past several years.

The analysis looked at electricity disturbance data submitted by utilities to the US Department of Energy to identify weather-related outages.

Balloon Causes Power Outage To Thousands In Mid-Michigan

LANSING, Mich. – The Lansing Board of Water and Light revealed the cause of power outage that impacted parts of Lansing and Delta Township.

When tangled in power lines, these balloons can cause fires and fallen power lines.

“This incident, while rare, is a good reminder that mylar balloons can be hazardous if they get caught in a power line. We encourage area residents to be aware of these potential hazards and to avoid releasing mylar balloons outdoors, especially near power lines,” said general manager Dick Peffley.

“Any time a live power line is down it creates a significant safety hazard both to the public and to BWL employees responding to the incident,. Stay away from downed power lines and report them to BWL immediately so we can secure the area around the power line and get it repaired as quickly as possible.”

Do not try to retrieve balloons tangled in power lines or electrical equipment.

If you see or suspect a downed power line, stay at least 20 feet away and keep children and pets away.

Downed power lines can be reported to the Lansing Board of Water and Light by calling 877-295-5001.

BWL: Mylar Balloon Caused Tuesday’S Power Outage

DELTA TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The power outage that hit close to 3,000 Lansing Board of Water & Light customers in Lansing and parts of Delta Township on Tuesday was caused by a helium-filled Mylar balloon that got tangled on a power line on Waverly Road south of Michigan Avenue, the utility said today.

The balloon that hit the power line on Tuesday caused it to catch fire and break in two.

“This incident, while rare, is a good reminder that Mylar balloons can be hazardous if they get caught in a power line,” said BWL General Manager Dick Peffley said in a statement released today.

“We encourage area residents to be aware of these potential hazards and to avoid releasing Mylar balloons outdoors, especially near power lines”.

BWL asked residents to keep balloons indoors, secure metallic balloons with weights and never release them outdoors and drain them of helium before disposing of them.

Downed power lines can be reported to BWL by calling 295-5001.

The utility advises residents to stay at least 20 feet away from downed power lines.

Power Outages From Severe Weather Becoming More Frequent

Power outages from severe weather across the U.S. have doubled over the past two decades, as a warming climate stirs more destructive storms that cripple broad segments of the nation’s aging electrical grid, according to an Associated Press analysis of government data.

Forty states including Louisiana are experiencing longer outages, data shows.

Power grid maintenance expenses are skyrocketing as utilities upgrade decades-old transmission lines and equipment.

“The electric grid is our early warning,” says University of California at Berkeley grid expert Alexandra von Meier.

After Hurricane Ida knocked out power in south Louisiana last year, heat killed or contributed to deaths of at least 21 people, local coroners reported.

Outages tied to severe weather rose from about 50 annually nationwide in the early 2000s to more than 100 on average over the past five years.

The frequency and length of power failures are at their highest levels since reliability tracking began in 2013-with U.S. customers on average experiencing more than eight hours of outages in 2020.

Power Outages From Severe Weather Have Doubled In Past 20 Years, Especially In Louisiana

Power outages from severe weather have doubled over the past two decades across the U.S., as a warming climate stirs more destructive storms that cripple broad segments of the nation’s aging electrical grid, according to an Associated Press analysis of government data.

The number of outages tied to severe weather rose from about 50 annually nationwide in the early 2000s to more than 100 annually on average over the past five years.

The frequency and length of power failures are at their highest levels since reliability tracking began in 2013 – with U.S. customers on average experiencing more than eight hours of outages in 2020.Louisiana, Maine and California each experienced at least a 50% increase in outage duration even as residents endured mounting interruption costs over the past several years.

The combination of at-risk infrastructure and climate change can be deadly: After Hurricane Ida knocked out power to much of coastal Louisiana last year, heat killed or contributed to the deaths of at least 21 people, local coroners reported.

Spokesman Jason Melancon could not say which victims did not have power, but 75% of the city was still without power when most died.

David Sneed, 65, died in his wheelchair on the 12th-floor of the subsidized apartment where he’d been without power for several days after the storm hit Aug. 29.

Much of the grid was built decades ago, and the majority of power transmission facilities are now at least 25 years old.

Post Idea #3: Myeong-dong

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The Official Travel Guide To Seoul

Myeongdong is Seoul’s shopping mecca and is a must-see for tourists, but it is not just a shopping destination; Myeongdong is also a hub of commerce, banking and culture with a daytime population of 1.5-2 million.

Myeongdong is very popular with international visitors and fills with Japanese and Chinese tourists during the holiday period known as “Golden Week” which takes place in spring and is called golden week due to the week-long holiday period that takes place in Japan and China.

Part of Myeongdong’s popularity stems from relatively affordable prices here, especially compared to the other shopping meccas of Apgujeong-dong and Cheongdam-don.

10/10 would come again Myeongdong is a must-visit when touring Korea.

With products ranging from tornado potato chips to designer shoes, Myeongdong boasts everything in Korean cosmetics, food, toys and fashion.

Street food Paradise!! Myeongdong is filled with street food of all colors, sizes and tastes.

Paradise for street food & shopping! Myeongdong is filled with street food of all colours, sizes and tastes.

The Seoul Guide

If you are looking to shop and eat then start with Myeong-dong.

The dense grid of streets found in this bustling neighborhood are packed with people at all hours of the day looking to enjoy some of the best shopping, street food, and nightlife in all of Korea.

Many department stores, shops, restaurants, and shopping centers set up businesses in the Myeong-dong area to keep up with this increasing demand.

If you are looking for the best international and Korean brands and shops such as Forever 21, Lacoste, Apple, Nature Republic, The Body Shop, then this is your destination.

Anyone who loves to shop and has money to spend can find an almost unlimited number of mid to high-end retail stores from Louis Vuitton to large department stores such as the Lotte Department Store and Shinsegae Department Store.

To find great deals, look past the large department stores and most major brands towards the street carts and smaller shops found tucked away in smaller alleys.

The best time to experience Myeong-dong is after the sun goes down when the streets are packed, the smells of street food make your mouth water, and the neon lights are brightly lit up.

Apple Myeongdong Opens Saturday, April 9, In South Korea

Apple today previewed Apple Myeongdong, a new retail store located in the center of Seoul’s vibrant and bustling shopping district.

Serving as Apple’s largest store in South Korea, this new space will invite customers to discover Apple’s latest products, receive best-in-class support from highly knowledgeable Apple Specialists, and participate in educational Today at Apple sessions.

Apple Myeongdong will serve as a stage for established and new Korean artists, who will lead unique Today at Apple sessions celebrating contemporary Korean culture.

The store will debut Apple’s first-ever K-pop Today at Apple Remix session featuring K-pop supergroup SEVENTEEN. The new session, set to launch in other Apple stores across Asia, will spotlight the band’s soon-to-be-released single, “Darl+ing,” arriving ahead of their full-length album that will debut in May. Attendees will discover more about the group’s creative process, and deconstruct the new track using iPad and GarageBand.

Apple has been operating in South Korea for more than 20 years, and the company’s ongoing investments and innovation support hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country.

Apple opened its Apple Developer Academy with POSTECH in March of this year, and applications opened earlier this week for the first-ever Apple Manufacturing R&D Accelerator.

With the launch of Apple TV+, Apple unveiled its first Korean-language Apple Original series, “Dr. Brain,” along with its new Original series, “Pachinko,” and earlier this year, Apple worked with world-renowned director Park Chan-wook on a Shot on iPhone feature “Life Is But a Dream.”

BEST Things To Do In Myeongdong, Seoul: Top Places To Visit In 2022

Even if you can only squeeze in 24 hours in Seoul, don’t skip out on the best things to do in Myeongdong.

Not sure where to go in Myeongdong? Explore the area with this Myeongdong attractions guide including the best places to visit in Myeongdong.

Myeongdong Shopping Street hangs among the best shopping areas in Seoul.

One of the top things to do in Myeongdong is eating.

Since then it’s become one of the most popular places to visit in Myeongdong.

Looking to get the most out of your visit to the top Myeongdong attractions? Check out these top-rated Seoul tours visiting some of the top points of interest in Myeongdong and beyond.

Besides all the great things to do in Myeongdong itself, the area is well-connected by public transportation to the rest of Seoul.


Myeongdong is a dong in Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea between Chungmu-ro, Eulji-ro, and Namdaemun-ro.

The area is known for its two historically significant sites, namely the Myeongdong Cathedral and the Myeongdong Nanta Theatre.

Many department stores, shopping centers, restaurants, upscale shops and boutiques set up their businesses in Myeongdong and it became popular with the young and trendy in the 1970s.

YWCA headquarters, UNESCO Hall, Myeongdong Theater, and the oldest Catholic cathedral in Korea, Myeongdong Cathedral.

Myeongdong is one of Seoul’s main shopping districts featuring mid-to-high priced retail stores and international brand outlets, including Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Bulgari and Louis Vuitton, as well as Korean cosmetics brands such as Nature Republic, Missha, The Face Shop and Skin Food.

In August 2012, as part of Lotte Department Store’s expansion programme into China, a replica of the street of Myeongdong is featured in its new store in Tianjin, with outlets of Missha, The Face Shop and Skin Food.

The floating population of Myeongdong is estimated to be around 2 million a day and in terms of floorspace rents, Myeongdong is one of the most expensive shopping districts in the world.

Post Idea #4: Toyota RAV4

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2022 Toyota RAV4 Review, Pricing, And Specs

Overview While the 2022 Toyota RAV4 isn’t the most entertaining compact SUV from a driver’s standpoint, its practicality and efficiency bolster its value and make it worthy of an Editor’s Choice award.

All-wheel drive is available, but you won’t see even the most rugged model in the RAV4 lineup sidling up to a 4Runner or a Tacoma at the trailhead. Toyota bundles a host of standard driver-assistance features into the RAV4, including adaptive cruise control.

Those who want even more efficiency can go with a RAV4 Hybrid, which we review separately.

What’s New for 2022?The RAV4 receives the most minor of updates for 2022: More aggressively-styled headlamps are now offered on all but the base LE model, Cavalry Blue is a new available color, and LED fog lamps are now standard on XLE Premium, Limited, Adventure, and TRD Off-Road trims.

Engine, Transmission, and PerformanceThe 2022 RAV4 uses a 203-hp 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

More on the RAV4 SUV Fuel Economy and Real-World MPGThe RAV4 earned class-competitive fuel-economy estimates from the EPA. Front-wheel-drive RAV4s can manage up to an estimated 35 mpg on the highway.

How to Buy and Maintain a Car.Safety and Driver-Assistance Features The RAV4 lineup boasts an array of standard driver assists.

Get Behind The Wheel Of The 2022 Toyota RAV4 At Baierl Toyota

PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – One of Toyota’s frontline crossover SUVs, Toyota RAV4 continues to stay on the assembly lines and is back for the 2022 model year.

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 addresses the predicaments of its predecessors conveniently and is well on its way to becoming one of the best-selling vehicles in its segment.

Customers who are interested in getting behind the wheel of the 2022 Toyota RAV4 can head to Baierl Toyota in Mars, Pennsylvania.

An eight-speed ECT-I automatic gearbox with sequential shift mode routes engine power to either the front wheels or all axles of the 2022 Toyota RAV4, depending on the configuration opted for.

The 2022 RAV4 gets a gas mileage of 27 MPG city, 35 MPG highway, and 30 MPG combined.

On top of these best-in-breed features, the 2022 Toyota RAV4 is also home to a wide range of best-in-class technology features and safety elements.

Area who are interested in checking out the 2022 Toyota RAV4 can visit Baierl Toyota located at 19045 Perry Hwy Mars, Pennsylvania.

DETROIT – Toyota customers soon won’t be able to get U.S. federal tax credits for buying electric or hybrid vehicles.

The automaker expects that sometime before the end of June it will reach a 200,000-vehicle cap on the credits, Bob Carter, Toyota’s head of North American sales, said Wednesday.

The lack of credits is problematic for automakers shifting from petroleum-powered vehicles to batteries in the effort to reduce emissions, meet government fuel-economy standards and fight climate change.

Tesla, the top seller of electric vehicles in the world, and GM already are at a price disadvantage to other automakers without the credits, and Toyota soon will be.

The company’s plug-in RAV4 Prime small SUV with 42 miles of electric range earns the buyer a $7,500 credit, the largest available.

The following year, only electric vehicles made in the U.S. would qualify for the credit.

The base credit rises by $4,500 if the vehicle is made at a U.S. plant that runs under a union-negotiated collective bargaining agreement.

History Of The Toyota RAV4

On its launch, the Toyota RAV4 single-handedly created the compact sports utility vehicle segment, bridging what was at the time a gaping chasm between traditional off-road and regular passenger vehicles.

To address this, Toyota launched an additional four-door model in March 1995, which increased overall length by 400mm and turned this version of the RAV4 into a full five-seater.

Interestingly, despite the second-generation RAV4 having a more aggressive yet aerodynamic design, statistics from the US showed it to have an extremely high proportion of female owners, more than any other make or model barring the new Volkswagen Beetle.

Due to the comparative success of the first all-electric RAV4 EV in California, this model was adopted as the base for the second-generation RAV4 EV. Engineered as a combined effort between Tesla Motors and the Toyota Technical Center in Michigan, USA, the car was released for leasing in September 2012.

Subtle revisions carried out in 2008 and 2011 kept the third-generation RAV4 looking fresh and improved its safety credentials, thereby minimising any downturn of sales before the launch of the new fourth-generation model.

In the second half of 2020, the fifth-generation RAV4 will embrace further technical innovation with the introduction of the first RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid.

The RAV4 has now joined the ranks of Toyota models to have achieved eight-figure sales.

Post Idea #5: WAN optimization

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WAN Technology And WAN Acceleration

FatPipe is the first to market and the only provider of WAN acceleration and optimization technology that can work across multiple WANs.

Not only can you optimize your WAN traffic, you can achieve the highest level of WAN redundancy and reliability.

Unlike other WAN Optimization/acceleration products that provide WAN caching at the file level, FatPipe WAN caching works at the file as well as the byte level.

WAN Optimization and acceleration technologies are strategic tools that are focused on accelerating a broad range of protocols and applications across the WAN/Internet.

Enterprises that require faster and efficient WAN end user experience and optimal use of their network implement WAN Optimization technology and related technologies.

What Is WAN Optimization?

WAN optimization – also known as WAN acceleration – is a collection of technologies and techniques used to improve the efficiency of data transfer across a wide area network between organizations’ centralized data centers and their remote locations.

WAN optimization tools have been around since the early days of enterprise wide area networking when bandwidth requirements first started to exceed availability.

WAN optimization helped network managers use bandwidth more efficiently, which improved application performance without dramatically increasing spending on expensive links.

WAN optimization is still in use by some projections, the rise of software-defined WAN is eliminating the need for specific WAN optimization appliances to improve network performance and reliability.

WAN optimization works to overcome latency, minimize packet loss and increase network throughput.

WAN optimization technology has evolved over the past several decades.

WAN optimization controllers are virtual or physical appliances applied to both ends of a WAN connection.

Fortinet Documentation Library

Before enabling WAN Optimization, ensure that the memory usage is not too high.

If possible, avoid other disk-intensive features such as heavy traffic logging on the same disk as the one configured for WAN Optimization needs.

WAN optimization tunnel sharing is recommended for similar types of WAN optimization traffic.

Rules appropriately Precise, port specific WAN Optimization rules should be at the top of the list.

For MAPI WAN Optimization, only specify a rule with TCP port 135.

In a lab Ensure that WAN emulators are used to simulate the WAN. If no WAN emulator is used, it is expected to have better results without WAN Optimization than with WAN Optimization.

Configure WAN optimization authentication with specific peers.

WAN Optimized Data Transfer

Faster network traffic: Thanks to dynamic routing and other bandwidth optimization tools, incredible volumes of data can be moved across the WAN without causing network congestion and hindering network performance.

A WAN optimized network can be achieved through custom SD-WAN solutions that are designed to increase WAN performance around specific workflows, applications and configurations.

What is WAN acceleration, incidentally? In a nutshell, WAN acceleration is a dedicated software and/or hardware product that uses different techniques to analyze and optimize network traffic.

WAN optimization software for data transfer and sync.

The reason Resilio Connect is so effective is that other WAN optimized data transfer and sync solutions are designed for serial operation.

That leads to WAN optimized file transfers that consistently exceed the performance of traditional one-to-one WAN optimization solutions.

By leveraging peer-to-peer networking, Rsync-like delta encoding, data compression and WAN optimization technologies, Resilio Connect enables WAN file transfers that are several orders of magnitude faster than 1:1 methods-especially under challenging conditions.

How To Optimize WAN: Best WAN Optimization Solutions

WAN optimization can help speed up the most important parts of the network so business-critical processes have high uptime, speed, and reliability.

WAN optimization involves prioritizing specific parts of the network to receive more bandwidth.

The associated increase in traffic across the WAN makes WAN optimization even more important, as network slowdowns can become a major issue if you don’t proactively manage this complexity and volume.

WAN optimization can potentially allow admins-and their software tools-to more effectively protect all devices and end-users.

Common Techniques and Solutions for How to Optimize WAN. There are several different techniques for optimizing a WAN. Traffic shaping and bandwidth allocation: Certain types of network traffic are given priority or certain applications are prevented from using bandwidth.

Some tools are called WAN optimizers and others are called WAN accelerators, but in many cases, these do the same thing, since WAN acceleration is a type of WAN optimization.

My pick for a WAN optimization solution is SolarWinds®Network Performance Monitor for several reasons.

3 Tools To Optimize Wide Area Networks

Cisco WAN Optimization Tools A pack of utilities to improve network performance from the world’s leading producer of network devices.

A WAN is defined as a computer network that allows for a connection of devices that are spread over a large geographical area.

With these selection criteria in mind, we found WAN optimization tools for all budgets.

Riverbed Steelhead SD. Riverbed Steelhead SD, too, is one of the more popular WAN optimization tools out there.

The second part is the management portal that allows administrators to design, deploy, and manage complex WAN networks.

Great management portal, can easily visualize WAN networks from their physical location.

Pros: Offers a full suite of WAN tools covering multiple ways to improve performance.

WAN Optimization

WAN optimization is a collection of techniques for improving data transfer across wide area networks.

In 2008, the WAN optimization market was estimated to be $1 billion, and was to grow to $4.4 billion by 2014 according to Gartner, a technology research firm.

In 2015 Gartner estimated the WAN optimization market to be a $1.1 billion market.

WAN optimization has been the subject of extensive academic research almost since the advent of the WAN. In the early 2000s, research in both the private and public sectors turned to improving the end-to-end throughput of TCP, and the target of the first proprietary WAN optimization solutions was the Branch WAN. In recent years the rapid growth of digital data, and the concomitant needs to store and protect it, has presented a need for DC2DC WAN optimization.

Component techniques of Branch WAN Optimization include deduplication, wide area file services, SMB proxy, HTTPS Proxy, media multicasting, web caching, and bandwidth management.

Requirements for DC2DC WAN Optimization also center around deduplication and TCP acceleration, however these must occur in the context of multi-gigabit data transfer rates.

In some implementations, the local WAN optimizer will answer the requests of the client locally instead of forwarding the request to the remote server in order to leverage write-behind and read-ahead mechanisms to reduce WAN latency.

Post Idea #6: Research and development

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Research And Development Definition

Through R&D, companies can design new products and improve their existing offerings.

Pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and software/technology companies tend to spend the most on R&D. In Europe, R&D is known as research and technical or technological development.

R&D Accounting R&D may be beneficial to a company’s bottom line, but it is considered an expense.

Who Spends the Most on R&D? Companies spend billions of dollars on R&D to produce the newest, most sought-after products.

One R&D model is a department staffed primarily by engineers who develop new products-a task that typically involves extensive research.

Among the primary purposes of R&D activities is for a company to remain competitive as it produces products that advance and elevate its current product line.

Amazon has spent even more on R&D projects, with key developments on cloud computing and its cashier-less store Amazon Go. At the same time, R&D can take the approach of a merger & acquisition, where a company will leverage the talent and intel of another company to create a competitive edge.

The Frascati Manual of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, first published in 1963, created an international standard for surveys of spending on R&D. This manual defines R&D as “Creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to 1 increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications.” R&D is generally thought to consist of three main activities: basic research, applied research, and development.

The 2003 OECD Science, Technology, and Industry Scoreboard reports that in developed countries with high R&D intensities, basic research is less than one fifth of total R&D spending.

Economic analysis of R&D In the theoretical economics literature, the term “R&D” is commonly used to describe the conscious choice of firms and individuals to invest in the invention and commercialization of new products and processes.

In contrast, lack of full appropriability suggests that there will be underinvestment in R&D. In a 1992 article, Zvi Griliches surveyed the evidence on the existence of R&D spillovers – based on the evidence on measured private and social returns to R&D from a wide number of empirical studies, he 3 concluded that overall R&D spillovers were both “Prevalent and important.” This result suggests that underinvestment dominates overinvestment, at least in the majority of sectors.

R&D as investment The phrase “R&D” is often followed by the word “Investment,” which hints at one its most important attributes: research and development undertaken today continues to benefit both those who undertake it and society at large into the uncertain future.

In general, applied researchers have dealt with the intertemporal nature of R&D investment by treating it in the same way as ordinary investment in tangible assets, adding up expenditures to create an R&D stock, using a suitable depreciation rate to capture the fact that older research 4 may become less useful over time.

For a recent survey of the R&D depreciation problem and its implications for measuring the returns to R&D, see Bronwyn Hall.

Gov 1 I. OECD-Frascati Manual Description: The updated Frascati Manual provides the definition of research and experimental development and of its components, basic research, applied research, and experimental development.

C. Business Enterprise R&D NCSES Business Research and Development and Innovation Survey Description: The Business R&D and Innovation Survey, successor to the Survey of Industrial Research and Development, is the primary source of information on R&D performed or funded by businesses within the United States and covers for-profit, nonfarm businesses with five or more employees.

Applied research means the effort that normally follows basic research, but may not be severable from the related basic research; attempts to determine and exploit the potential of scientific discoveries or improvements in technology, materials, processes, methods, devices, or techniques; and attempts to advance the state of the art.

The RDT&E budget activities are broad categories reflecting different types of RDT&E efforts, which include Basic Research; Applied Research; Advanced Technology Development; Major Systems Development, which includes Advanced Component Development and Prototypes, System Development and Demonstration, and RDT&E Management Support; and Operational Systems Development.

In general, another category that would be involved is facilities and equipment for instruction in S&E. NCSES FFRDC R&D Survey Description: The FFRDC Research and Development Survey is the primary source of information on separately budgeted R&D expenditures at federally funded research and development centers in the United States.

The term research also includes activities involving the training of individuals in research techniques where such activities utilize the same facilities as other research and development activities and where such activities are not included in the instruction function.

B. Higher Education R&D NCSES Higher Education Research and Development Survey Description: The Higher Education Research and Development Survey, successor to the Survey of Research and Development Expenditures at Universities and Colleges, is the primary source of information on R&D expenditures at U.S. colleges and universities.

Definition, 3 Types Of R&D

Many countries have specific guidelines and accounting standards for implementation of research and development.

There are three types of R&D. #1 – Basic Research.

Gained new knowledge and understanding from research and development, an entity can start a new business plan and find some opportunity.

Limitation of Research and Development Outcomes/findings/results of research and development can be positive or negative and artificial too.

The entity should have a plan, budget, stipulated time and manpower to complete the research and development on time.

An entity should purchase the latest machinery technology for doing research and development.

This has been a guide to what is Research and Development and its definition.

Learn About Accounting For R&D

Basic vs. Applied R&D. There are two major types of research and development: Basic and Applied.

Basic research is the most time-consuming part of R&D. On the other hand, applied research is a systematic study of application knowledge in the development of products or operations.

Relative to basic research, applied research is more complex in nature.

Accounting for R&D. The general problem for companies is that future benefits from research and development are uncertain to be realized, and therefore R&D expenditures cannot be capitalized.

Alphabet $16.6 billion: In 2017, Alphabet invested $16.6 billion in researching new projects, businesses, and technologies to drive the company forward.

Apple $11.6 billion: In 2017, Apple spent $11.6 billion on research and innovation to create new cutting-edge products for the business.

Pfizer $7.7 billion: In 2017, Pfizer invested $7.7 billion in researching new drugs.

Research And Development

The concept of research is as old as science; the concept of the intimate relationship between research and subsequent development was not generally recognized until the 1950s.

In modern programs of industrial research and development, basic research is usually not entirely “Pure”; it is commonly directed toward a generalized goal, such as the investigation of a frontier of technology that promises to address the problems of a given industry.

Applied research carries the findings of basic research to a point where they can be exploited to meet a specific need, while the development stage of research and development includes the steps necessary to bring a new or modified product or process into production.

In Europe, the United States, and Japan the unified concept of research and development has been an integral part of economic planning, both by government and by private industry.

The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research in the United Kingdom was founded in 1915, and the National Research Council in the United States in 1916.

These bodies were given the task of stimulating and coordinating the scientific support to the war effort, and one of their most important long-term achievements was to convince industrialists, in their own countries and in others, that adequate and properly conducted research and development were essential to success.

The economic pressures on industry created by the Great Depression reached crisis levels by the early 1930s, and the major companies started to seek savings in their research and development expenditure.

Research, Society And Development

The Research, Society and Development journal is a multidisciplinary scientific publication focused on promoting the social, scientific and technological development through the publication of the findings that have occurred in different areas.

This is a monthly journal, which publishes various types of manuscript, such as scientific articles, reviews and case teaching in diversified areas of knowledge.

The journal receives many contributions in Portuguese, or English or Spanish, from researchers in the area of Teaching, which allows to evaluate and publish also educational objects.

We thank all of the more than 2,500 “Ad hoc” reviewers who contributed to this Journal during the year 2021.

Post Idea #7: Indraprastha Gas

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Indraprastha Gas

Indraprastha Gas Limited is an Indian natural gas distribution company that supplies natural gas as cooking and vehicular fuel.

Established in 1998, the company operates primarily in Delhi-NCR including neighbouring cities like Noida.

It is a Joint-Venture of GAIL, Bharat Petroleum, and the Government of Delhi to implement the City Gas Distribution Network.

IGL was incorporated in 1998, to take over and operate the Delhi City Gas Distribution Project from GAIL for laying a network of gas distribution pipelines in Delhi.

The company started as a joint venture between GAIL, Bharat Petroleum and the Govt of Delhi.

As of 31 December 2017, IGL supplied piped natural gas to over 9,00,000 homes, over 2,000 commercial and more than 1,150 industrial establishments in the NCR. It also operates 425 CNG filling stations for natural gas vehicles.

IGL sources its gas via the HVJ Gas Pipeline owned by GAIL..

View & Pay Indraprastha Gas Bill

In 1999, the organization took the responsibilities of the Delhi Gas Distribution Project from the Gas Authority of India Limited.

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You can also use your previous TC cashback for Indraprastha gas limited online bill payment.

You can reach out to Indraprastha Gas Limited’s customer care team at IGL customer care number-1800-111-817 or 1800-80-5109 or ping IGL on their social media platforms.

Indraprastha Gas Bill Payment At MobiKwik.Com

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With such heavy discounts MobiKwik assures grand savings on IGL payment.

Indraprastha Gas Limited Raises CNG Prices For Second Time In A Week

Indraprastha Gas Limited has raised the prices of compressed natural gas by Re 1 per kg, the second hike in a week.

CNG now costs Rs 60.01 per kg in Delhi, Rs 62.58 in Noida and Ghaziabad, and Rs 68.37 in Gurgaon.

IGL has been increasing prices due to the increasing share of imported gas that’s mixed with domestic cheap gas for supply to consumers.

Gas prices in the international markets have been extremely high for the past six months.

Post Idea #8: Channellock

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CHANNELLOCK®: High-Quality Hand Tools

Channellock, Inc. started making our high quality hand tools back in 1886.

133 years later, we have over 350 dedicated associates who manufacture more than 75 different sizes and types of pliers in Meadville, PA, USA. We pay attention to every detail so we can provide pliers that don’t just finish the job, but defeat the job-plain and simple.

It’s the right way when it comes to making our pliers.


Channellock is an American company that produces hand tools.

Its pliers have distinctive sky-blue handle grips; the company has been using the same trademarked shade of blue since 1956.

According to the company, as of 2021, all of its pliers were manufactured at one of its two facilities in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

George B. DeArment’s two sons, Almon W. and J. Howard DeArment, became partners in the company in 1911 and expanded the product line again to include hammers.

Four years later, the name of the company was changed to the Champion-DeArment Tool Company.

In 1933, Chief Engineer Howard Manning developed the tongue-and-groove, slip-joint pliers for which the company is known.

The word “Channellock” eventually became so synonymous with their product that the company changed its name to Channellock, Inc. in 1963 to capitalize on the popularity of its product.

Post Idea #9: Terrot GmbH

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Electronic and mechanic controlled circular knitting machines.

The name Terrot stands worldwide for quality and top performance in the production of electronic and mechanic controlled circular knitting machines.

Quality, a maximum degree of efficiency and a high cost-performance-ratio are always in the foreground at the development and the engineering of our machines.

Quality is the highest priority since the beginning of our company history – as quality characterises a brand like Terrot.

Therefore Terrot always present high-quality, extremely long-lasting and user-friendly solutions to the market.

High quality fabrics knitted in TERROT machines are used in the world of fashion, lingerie, sportswear, swimwear as well as home fabrics and technical fabric applications.

TERROT offers a wide range of machines, knitting techniques and knitting structures, with countless possible configurations and additional equipment.

Post Idea #10: Mayer & Cie. GmbH & Co. KG

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Mayer Electric

Mayer is one of the nation’s largest wholesale distributors of electrical products and equipment, connected solutions, lighting, digital tools, datacom technologies, power distribution and automation and control systems.

We serve contractors, industrials, OEMs, integrators institutions, government entities, utility providers, commercial businesses and residential customers.

Mayer is now a strategic partner with Schneider to deliver their world-class automation & control systems to all of our markets.

Discover Mayer Fabrics’ Affordable, Stylish Textiles

100 Years And Counting For over 100 years Mayer Fabrics has always understood that our customers deserve to receive quality products at excellent prices.

Our product line is ever-expanding and changing, utilizing the latest technology and incorporating great design and fresh colors.

What has remained constant is a commitment to value for those who specify our textiles.

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Women’s dresses by Vero Moda, Mossman, Piper and more.

Selected women’s boots, scarves, beanies and gloves.

PJs all weekend? It’s a yes from us with soft cotton, bamboo.

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Unique clothing and homewares designed by Melbourne artist Beci Orpin.

Shoe HQ.Earn 2 x MYER one Credits on women’s shoes by Sandler, Jane Debster and more.

Post Idea #11: Knitting machine

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Top 10 Best Knitting Machine To Buy 2022

If your kid is passionate about knitting or looking to become a professional knitter, then the PowerTRC Smart Weaver is the best present for their knitting lessons.

Aside from being a toy to get your little ones to knit, it could also serve as a practice knitting machine for those looking to perfect their knitting skills.

It doesn’t matter if you sell knitted crafts for a living or looking for the best gift for a knitting enthusiast, the Addi Express Kingsize Knitting Machine could serve both purpose and more.

Just as the name implies, instead of an ordinary knitting machine, you get an entire knitting studio with this unique machine from Knit’s Cool.

The Knit’s Cool is my top pick if you are in the market for the best knitting machine for making scarves.

Knitting with this machine is super-fast, and coupled with the versatility, makes it my best knitting machine for professionals.

For those on a tight budget but need a knitting machine that you can practice and also make some professional pieces with, then the NSI knitting machine may be right for you.

5 Best Knitting Machines

Manual knitting machines can help beginners get a feel for hand knitting.

Some electronic knitting machines can do multi-color knitting without having the change the yarn.

Types of knitting machinesPunchcard knitting machines.

Chunky gauge: Chunky gauge knitting machines have needles 8mm to 9mm apart, and are designed for making chunkier knits using double knitting yarn, Aran, mohair, and other bulky yarns.

Some knitting machines come with a lace carriage for crafting intricate knits – but you won’t find these on manual or chunky gauge machines.

You can find knitting machines geared towards children, which can be a great intro to knitting for kids who don’t yet have the patience or dexterity to hand knit.

A. Knitting machines use basically the same kind of yarn as you’d use for hand knitting some machines need the yarn to be wound on a special cone.

7 Best Knitting Machines Of 2022

Knitting machines are a great investment for those who love hand knitting but don’t like the time it takes to finish a project.

Then we’ll talk about the absolute best knitting machines you can buy!

A knitting machine is usually found in factories, but there are also knitting machines that are made for household use.

Knitting machines come in three gauges, stander gauge is used for thin yarn to make finer items, mid-gauge machines are for sport weight and worsted weight yarns, while bulkier knitting machines are for heavier yarns.

The latch hooks on knitting machines are set and locked into position into the bed of the knitting machine.

This is where it gets tricky when using a knitting machine, as it is not easy to measure knitting on a knitting machine as you do with hand knitting.

While there are some common stitch terms used for hand and machine knitting, and some that are exclusive to each, there are different terms used for the same techniques between hand knitting and machine knitting.

The Best Knitting Machines

In this guide, you will find some short reviews on some of the best knitting machines around right now.

8 of the Best Knitting Machines for you or your Child.

Below, I have compiled short reviews of some of the best knitting machines for kids – as well as one clearly for adults – that can offer a great introduction to this craft.

The knitting machine comes with a threading tool, two table clamps, 5 replacement needles, an instruction manual, and two Addi-stoppers.

Why would you want to load the yarn into a machine rather than use the needles? Well, I encourage you to think back to when you were young and the idea of knitting seemed really daunting.

A machine like this could prove to be a great entry point for kids that are curious about knitting their own hats and scarves, but completely intimidated by the idea of using knitting needles.

What to Consider when Looking for the Best Knitting Machines Is it more of a toy than a reliable knitting machine?

How To Select Your Knitting Machine

Just as there are different knitting sizes and crochet hook sizes for different sizes of yarns, there are various gauges of knitting machines.

Thin yarns are better knit on the standard gauge machines, while hats done out thick yarn need to be done on a bulky knitting machine.

What is a knitting machine? Learn what machine knitting is all about, and which knitting machine fits your needs.

Most homespun yarns, unless extremely large, can also be knit on the bulky knitting machine.

The SK155 knitting machine has grown in popularity in 2011, as hand knitters are looking to work up all the yarns they have accumulated over the past few years.

The SK280 knitting machine is 24 stitch repeat machine with 220 needles.

If you hand knit, the LK150 knitting is a wonderful compliment to your knitting.

The Digital Knitting Machine Kniterate

Kniterate is a compact digital knitting machine that brings fashion fabrication into your workshop.

With Kniterate, you can create custom knitted products like scarves, beanies, shoe uppers, sweaters, dresses, and more.

Designers, artists, illustrators and makers like you can share and grow the platform by sharing work with the Kniterate community.

Like an industrial knitting machine, Kniterate is computer-controlled.

With up to six yarn feeders delivering six different colors, you will be able to make amazing patterns, structures and shapes that would be hard to knit otherwise.

Kniterate TV. Discover the world of digital knitting with Kniterate.

Follow our journey A visual stream of collaborations, manufacturing adventures and other happenings in the Kniterate world.

Knitting Machine

A knitting machine is a device used to create knitted fabrics in a semi or fully automated fashion.

The simplest of these is spool knitting, followed by knitting boards or knitting looms, which consist of two rows of pins mounted in two parallel rows approximately 0.5 inches apart.

Domestic knitting machines use the weft knitting method which produces a fabric similar to hand knitting.

Operations in the knitting machine can be formalized with the usage of knitting assembly language which after that can be translated into a machine-specific format by a compiler.

The standard gauge 200-needle machine can knit the finest yarns up to a good sport-weight, while the heavier yarns knit better on a mid-gauge or bulky knitting machine.

Most if not all hand knitting patterns can be worked up on a machine, either identically or in a similar design, but some are simpler to by hand, whilst others are easier on a machine.

Machine knitting is consistently knit with the fabric facing the same way.

Post Idea #12: Nancy Pelosi

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Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi won the special election to succeed her, narrowly defeating San Francisco supervisor Harry Britt on April 7, 1987, then easily defeating Republican candidate Harriet Ross on June 2, 1987; Pelosi took office a week later.

The strongest challenge Pelosi has faced was in 2020 when fellow Democrat Shahid Buttar won 22.4% of the vote, and Pelosi won 77.6%. For the 2000 and 2002 election cycles, she held the distinction of contributing the most money among members of Congress to other congressional campaigns.

Pelosi supports the Bush/Obama NSA surveillance program PRISM. As Speaker of the House, Pelosi quietly moved the statue of Robert E. Lee from the National Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol to the Capitol crypt.

“In January 2018, Pelosi referred to Trump’s 2018 State of the Union Address as a performance without serious policy ideas the parties could collaborate on. She questioned Trump’s refusal to implement Russian sanctions after more than 500 members of Congress voted to approve them. In February, after Trump blocked the release of a Democratic memo by the Intelligence Committee, Pelosi said the act was”a stunningly brazen attempt to cover up the truth about the Trump-Russia scandal from the American people” and “part of a dangerous and desperate pattern of cover-up on the part of the president who has shown he had something to hide.

In September 2019, Pelosi met with Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong on Capitol Hill; Chinese media responded by accusing Pelosi of “Backing and encouraging radical activists”.

In 2008, Pelosi said: “For years, I have opposed the embargo on Cuba. I don’t think it’s been successful, and I think we have to remove the travel bans and have more exchanges-people to people exchanges with Cuba.” In 2015, Pelosi supported President Obama’s Cuban Thaw, a rapprochement between the U.S. and Castro’s regime in Cuba, and visited Havana for meetings with high-level officials.

In March 2018 Pelosi said, “There is no greater political accomplishment in the 20th Century than the establishment of the State of Israel.” Pelosi condemned Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota for posting controversial tweets related to Jews and Israel.

Lehigh Valley Resident Who Entered Pelosi’S Office In Capitol Riot Sentenced 90 Days In Prison

A Lehigh Valley woman whose Facebook posts and videos put her near the “Front line” of the U.S. Capitol riot, has been sentenced to 90 days in prison for her role in the rampage.

“Someone may have trashed a certain speaker of the houses [sic] office. But I will never tell who,” Kelly O’Brien posted on Jan. 6, 2021, when supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the halls of Congress to disrupt the election certification process.

The FBI was tipped off to O’Brien’s Facebook posts about a week after the riot.

Federal investigators described a video that day taken and narrated by O’Brien in which she said she was “Right in the thick of it. I am in the front line, not the front line, but not too far back.”

She was seen entering the Capitol on surveillance video and later posted about “Someone” trashing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office suite.

O’Brien was seen in videos from the Capitol and her D.C. hotel that day wearing a long white coat.

At least 60 people from Pennsylvania have been charged in connection with the Capitol riot, and O’Brien was not the only Lehigh Valley resident.

Nancy Pelosi, Most Other California Democrats In Congress Have Been Silent On Amazon Union Vote

After Amazon workers at a Staten Island warehouse successfully voted to form a union last week, media reports characterized the vote as the most significant win for organized labor in decades.

“I hope every Democrat publicly celebrates this victory,” former Obama administration official and current podcast host Dan Pfeiffer tweeted after the Amazon vote.

Most Democrats in Congress have been conspicuously silent on the vote.

SFGATE reviewed the social media pages and websites for California’s House delegation, and found that as of Monday afternoon, only six of 42 California Democrats – Rep. John Garamendi, Rep. Barbara Lee, Rep. Ro Khanna, Rep. Jimmy Gomez, Rep. Karen Bass and Rep. Mark Takano – have offered public statements, while Rep. Linda Sanchez retweeted a supportive message.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not said anything on the Amazon vote, nor have very online Reps.

Eric Swalwell and Ted Lieu, who did find time to tweet about the Madison Cawthorn saga since the Amazon vote was announced.

No California Republicans have weighed in on the vote.

Man Who Threatened To Cut Nancy Pelosi’S Head Off Given 18 Months In Jail

A Florida man who threatened to kill Nancy Pelosi by decapitating her has been sentenced.

U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi answers questions during her weekly press conference at the U.S. Capitol on March 31, 2022 in Washington, DC. A man who threatened to decapitate Pelosi has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

According to the guilty plea filed by Hoeffer, it was also revealed that he referenced the brewing of an “All-out war” that would supposedly be caused by Pelosi and other Democrats.

Hoeffer had previously been warned against making threats via voicemail, having been visited by the FBI in 2019 after leaving the threats to Pelosi and Foxx.

The shorter sentence was potentially given due to Hoeffer’s getting a cancer diagnosis, which his attorney argued should allow him leniency.

The case against Hoeffer is representative of the increase of threats made against elected officials in recent years.

Court records obtained by Newsweek show that he was sentenced to 18 months of prison followed by three years of supervised release.

Age, Career & Congress

Politician Nancy Pelosi became the first female Democratic leader of the House of Representatives and the first female speaker of the House.

Nancy Pelosi began her political career as a volunteer and gradually moved up the ranks, making the leap to public office in a special election for California’s Eighth District in 1987.

After the Democrats won majorities in both the House and the Senate in the 2006 midterm elections, Pelosi was chosen to become the first woman to take the post of speaker of the House.

Pelosi found herself at the center of a controversy in 2009 when the CIA asserted that she had been made aware of its use of waterboarding of terrorism suspects-a technique that Pelosi had vocally opposed.

Pelosi remained House speaker until November 2010, when Republicans gained control of the House and elected John Boehner to the role, relegating Pelosi to minority leader.

Taking advantage of the “Magic-minute rule,” which allows House leaders to talk for as long as they want, Pelosi read testimonies from Dreamers and recited Bible passages, in all standing for some eight hours and seven minutes, a House record dating back to at least 1909.Return to Speaker Role.

After Democrats reclaimed control of the House in the 2018 midterms, Pelosi was once again elected House speaker at the beginning of 2019, placing her on the front line in the battle with President Donald Trump over his demand for $5.7 billion for a wall spanning the U.S.-Mexico border.

Nancy Pelosi’S ‘Bizarre’ Response During Biden Remarks On Burn Pits Baffles Social Media

Political commentators and others were baffled Tuesday by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s, D-Calif., moment of “Bizarre” applause during President Biden’s State of the Union address.

A smiling Pelosi awkwardly stood up and rubbed her hands together as Biden was talking about the soldiers stationed in Afghanistan and elsewhere “Breathing in toxic smoke from burn pits.” Political personalities and more were quick to point out the moment on Twitter.

“And they come home, many of the world’s fittest and best-trained warriors in the world, never the same,” Biden said.

Biden also called on Congress to pass laws ensuring comprehensive healthcare for veterans with long-term health issues.

“For people to appreciate what the President has done, and working together with the Congress, they have to know what it is,” Pelosi said Tuesday.

Pelosi also said the negative reaction toward Biden had to do with “Kitchen table concerns,” and that Biden was going to address that in his speech.

“But there’s no one more emphatic than Joe Biden. There’s no one who cares more. We are so blessed that he’s President at this time, because we do have to build America better,” Pelosi said ahead of the president’s speech.

[Watch] Brilliant! Madison Cawthorn Defines What A ‘Woman’ Is For Nancy Pelosi

Rep. Madison Cawthorn may be the youngest member of Congress, but he recently showed wisdom beyond his years by providing a fundamental explanation to one of the oldest members: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Alluding to the recent refusal by Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson to oblige a request by Sen. Marsha Blackburn to “Provide a definition of the word ‘woman,'” Cawthorn provided this definition.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn: “You might amend a bill, but you’ll never amend biology. Science is not Burger King. You can’t just have it your waytake notes Madame Speaker, I’m about to define what a woman is for you.” pic.

Let’s just pause for a moment to fully appreciate Cawthorn’s achievement.

For as long as our great Republic continues, and perhaps for even longer, Cawthorn’s statement will officially appear in The Congressional Record.

“You might amend a bill, but you’ll never amend biology. Science is not Burger King. You can’t just have it your way. I’m the youngest member of the House of Representatives, and I never could have imagined that one of my sacred duties in this hallowed chamber would be to explain to the House Speaker the difference between a man and a woman. Take notes, Madam Speaker, I’m about to define what a woman is for you: XX chromosomes, no tally whacker. It’s so simple.”

Mr. Cawthorn has become a lightning rod for controversy, due largely to his refusal to shy away from sensitive topics.

Post Idea #13: Avast Antivirus

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Download Free Antivirus & VPN

Learn how viruses work and how to protect against them.

Wondering why your internet is so slow? Read our full guide to find out how to improve your connection right now, whether you’re on Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi. Browsing on public networks is not always safe.

Learn how to find a secure Wi-Fi connection and stay safe on a public network.

How to Clear the Cache and Cookies on iPad. Find out how to clear your iPad’s cache and cookies on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, and why it can benefit your security and performance.

What is personal information and how does it get online? Learn how to find and remove personal information from the internet.

Exe? Find out all you need to know about Service Host Processes, how they impact CPU usage, and if they’re safe.

Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus is a family of cross-platform internet security applications developed by Avast for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. The Avast Antivirus products include freeware and paid versions that provide computer security, browser security, antivirus software, firewall, anti-phishing, antispyware, and anti-spam among other services.

Avast launched a freeware business product, Avast for Business, in February 2015.

As of 2017, Avast is the most popular antivirus vendor on the market, and it had the largest share of the market for antivirus applications.

In a February 2018, test of various antimalware products by AV-TEST, Avast Free Antivirus has earned 6 out of 6 points in “Protection” category, detecting 100% of malware samples used in this test and earning an “AV-TEST Certified” seal.

Avast’s Mobile Security & Antivirus app detected 100% of malware samples in January 2018 test of Android malware by AV-Comparatives.

In January of 2020, multiple news sources reported that Avast Antivirus, through a subsidiary, was selling the browsing history of Avast Free product users.

In response, Avast announced that it would close the subsidiary over the data privacy backlash.

Post Idea #14: Olam International

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For 23 women from the village of Pokola, in Republic of Congo, this year’s International Women’s Day will be remembered as the beginning of an unprecedented journey.

They committed themselves towards a livelihood they could never otherwise have imagined – and along the way, educating their husbands, families and future co-workers on equality and empowerment.

Launched on March 8, 2021, Project MaC – ‘Menagere a Constructrice’ or ‘Home Maker to Home Builder’ allowed women in the north of the Republic of Congo to develop skills for constructing wooden houses, enabling them to secure roles with Congolaise Industrielle des Bois.

The success of this project paved the way to launch the second edition on August 8, 2021.

It was a moment of rejoicing for CIB, seeing the 23 women from the first edition graduate and welcoming the new batch of 20 women for the second edition.

From 1968 until six months ago, forestry, wood and wood products operations were filled mainly by male workers at Congol.

Olam International Ltd. engages in sourcing, processing, packaging, and merchandising of agricultural products.

The Edible Nuts & Spices segment produces Edible Nuts, spices and vegetable.

The Confectionery & Beverage Ingredients segment includes cocoa and coffee.

The Industrial Raw Materials, Infrastructure & Logistics segment manufactures cotton, wood products, rubber, fertilizer and it also includes Gabon Special Economic Zone, including ports and infrastructure.

The Food Staples & Packaged Foods segment comprises of rice, sugar and sweeteners, grains and animal feed, edible oils, dairy, and packaged foods.

The Commodity Financial Services segment provides risk management solutions, market-making, volatility and asset management, and trade and structured finance.

The company was founded by Sunny George Verghese in 1989 and is headquartered in Singapore.

Olam International

The Singapore Government awarded Olam the Approved International Trader status under which Olam was granted a concessionary tax rate of 10%, which was subsequently reduced, in 2004, to 5%. On relocation to Singapore, the Group’s agri-business was reorganised to be wholly owned by Olam International Limited in Singapore.

In January 2020, Olam International announced division of its portfolio of diverse products into two new operating businesses, Olam Food Ingredients and Olam Global Agri.

In the statement released by the firm, Olam Food Ingredients, will consist of its cocoa, coffee, edible nuts, spices and dairy businesses, Olam Global Agri will include grains and animal feed, edible oils, rice, cotton and commodity financial services.

In 2020, Olam Cocoa, a subsidiary of Olam International, rolled out a new initiative in partnership with the Fair Labor Association and local cocoa farming cooperatives to digitally register its nearly 7,000 farmer suppliers in Cameroon and their households.

Olam International currently one of the founding members of the Sustainable Rice Platform, a multi-stakeholder platform, co-convened by United Nations Environmental Programme and the International Rice Research Institute to promote resource efficiency and sustainable trade flows, production and consumption operations, and supply chains in the global rice sector.

In order to improve crop yields in its network, Olam Cocoa has implemented a digital information system called Olam Farmer Information System to collect data from more than 160,000 cocoa farmers across 20 countries, tracking a range of farm level data points including cocoa tree age and soil type.

In 2021, Olam International was named in a class action lawsuit filed by eight former child slaves from Mali who allege that the company aided and abetted their enslavement on cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast.

Olam International Shares To Cease Trading Ahead Of March 16 Return As Olam Group

SINGAPORE – Wednesday marks the last day of trading in shares of Olam International before the group returns to the Singapore Exchange a week later on March 16 to trade under its new security name, Olam Group.

With effect from 9am on March 10, shares of Olam International will be suspended.

Current Olam International shares will be converted to the same number of the reorganised Olam Group’s shares, which are due to commence trading on SGX at 9am on March 16.

Shares of Olam International are expected to delist on the same day.

Shareholders of the new entity Olam Group will receive OFI shares following the unit’s initial public offering and demerger.

Olam Group will continue to hold OGA and gestate its assets and businesses, which the group plans to monetise in part or full.

Olam International had previously announced that its decision to rejig its portfolio into three distinct business units – Olam Group, OFI and OGA – would simplify the group’s structure and give it opportunities to unlock long-term value.

Olam Careers

Re-imagining careers in globalagriculture and food systems.

Learn new skills in an entrepreneurial environment designed to nurture passionate people and innovative thinkers.

Take ownership of projects, explore limitless opportunities, and work for a global.organisation that’s determined to re-imagine the way agriculture and food production is approached for the better.

Do you find improving agri-businesses and quality of life for farmers around the world to be an attractive career? By helping communities re-imagine agriculture and food production? If the answer is yes, you will find a fulfilling role at Olam.

Improve your skillset in an entrepreneurial environment that nurtures passion and innovation.

Armed with an unequivocal purpose, you can uncover true value, elevate growth, and drive tangible value that has real-world implications.

Find out more:”This marks another key milestone in Olam’s Re-organisation; it would immediately unlock value, set a benchmark valuation for the future IPO/demerger of Olam Agri, & right-size our Group balance sheet & reduce gearing.” – Olam Group CEO, Sunny Verghese bit.

Ly/3NhGA6BSALIC to invest US$1.24 billion for a ~35.4% substantial minority stake in Olam Agri, unlocking value for Olam Group Limited’s shareholders as part of the group’s ongoing Re-organisation: bit.

Olam Nigeria, a subsidiary of Olam International, leading agribusiness conglomerate, under its Globally Reaching Olam Women programme, has announced a month-long engaging, interactive, and….Looks can be deceiving.

Read how Olam is chipping in to improve #agribusiness prospects and outlook there:Kudos to Olam China for being recognised as one of the best companies to work for in Asia by ! Their commitment in creating a safe and conducive workplace for employees had led them to receive this recognition for the third time in a row: bit.

ICYMI, Olam’s “Home Maker to Home Builder Programme” is challenging gender stereotypes & transforming the lives of many women in the Republic of Congo:#DYK that cashew trees require regular & proper pruning to bear a good production yield? #ICYMI, Olam collaborated with the NGO to educate & upskill farmers on the importance of pruning while also enhancing their techniques: bit.

“Our banner 2021 results reflect the continued strength and differentiation of our business model. The benefits of focus through the Re-organisation yielded strong growth momentum for both ofi and Olam Agri, and they are well poised for growth.” – Olam Group CEO, Sunny Verghese.

OlamH22021resultsOlam reports banner year with record Reported and Operational PATMI for 2021, with new operating groups ofi and Olam Agri sustaining strong growth; Olam Agri had a record year #OlamH22021results.

Post Idea #15: Codemasters

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The Codemasters Software Company Limited is a British video game developer and publisher based in Southam, England, which is a subsidiary of American corporation Electronic Arts.

Codemasters Group Holdings plc was the holding company of Codemasters, which was publicly traded and owned Codemasters until being purchased by EA in 2021 for $1.2 billion.

As the 8-bit computer market diminished, Codemasters turned to develop for the 8-bit and 16-bit console markets, as well as moving away from their budget title legacy to more full-price games on the 16-bit computers – 1993 saw the last title in the budget Dizzy series, Crystal Kingdom Dizzy, although they released a full-price Dizzy game, Fantastic Dizzy, later.

Codemasters is notable for making the large majority of games published by Camerica, which bypassed Nintendo’s lock-out chip by glitching it and produced unlicensed NES games.

In May 2011, Codemasters signed a North American distribution deal with THQ. In March 2012, Codemasters renewed its American distribution deal with Warner Bros.

In April 2015 Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens left to join Jagex, leaving COO Frank Sagnier as the new temporary CEO. In April 2016, Codemasters announced that they had hired most of the staff of racing game developer Evolution Studios after Sony closed the company.

In the same month, both Take-Two and Codemasters agreed to a Take-Two buyout of Codemasters in a stock and cash deal around US$994 million.

CodeMasters Inc – Medical Coding School

Our program is a building block on your way to a career in medical coding.

Because your future career in medical coding is important to us, we offer our students an affordable payment plan.

Upon completion of your medical coding course, we offer career placement assistance.

The teachers were always encouraging and provided invaluable, working knowledge of the ins and outs of the medical coding industry.

I highly recommend this school for any prospective medical coding students.

Code Masters is a very good school for those who value education and who are planning to start a career in medical coding.

I heard about CodeMasters from a friend and decided to take classes and learn about medical coding.

Welcoming Codemasters To The Family

Over the years our existing franchises such as Need for Speed, Real Racing and Burnout have become some of the most beloved games.

During this time we’ve followed and admired our colleagues at Codemasters, who have created some of our favorite racing franchises such as Formula 1®, DIRT, Project CARS and GRID. We have seen the team innovate racing game technology and make some of the most fun games we’ve ever played.

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to the Electronic Arts team.

United in our passion for this genre, our goal is to create a powerhouse in racing entertainment for all of you, ushering in the next era of car and racing games.

We’re thrilled by this new opportunity to bring you even more racing games, more often.

The union also unlocks the potential for us to create new innovative ways to interact with each other and enjoy our passion for racing games together.

With the greatest minds in racing entertainment all under one roof, you’re going to see even more innovation and we’re going to bring all new ideas to life.

GRID Legends Is Codemasters’ Chance To Shine Under EA

Many fans of the studio were curious to see how the acquisition by EA may impact the studio’s games, and it already seems as though it has brought some big changes to GRID. With the game slated to launch sometime next year, there are likely even more ways that GRID will benefit from the EA acquisition as well.

One major aspect of GRID Legends that was discussed during EA Play Live was the extended-reality technology that the team was able to take advantage of thanks to the EA acquisition.

GRID Legends is the first game to take advantage of the technology, and it will be very interesting to see what impact it has on the campaign mode.

There are surely more ways the EA acquisition has impacted GRID Legends that fans won’t know about until the game’s release, but it will be interesting to learn what they are.

Dirt 5 experienced an increase in lasting player count thanks to being featured on Xbox Game Pass, so it seems likely GRID Legends will benefit similarly from these programs.

EA Play will also help GRID Legends reach new players through its feature that allows players to try new EA games for a couple of hours, sometimes even before the game has fully released.

With EA Play being included with Xbox Game Pass as well, the number of players who will have the option to try GRID Legends for themselves at launch will be a huge opportunity for Codemasters.

CCS Exam Preparation

Learn inpatient coding and prepare yourself to earn a CCS credential.

ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS TRAINING IS NOW AVAILABLE! Prepare to earn a CCS! We offer high quality education and training for hospital coding and CCS Exam Preparation in a live interactive program that is proven successful.

The CCS Exam Prep Course is designed to help you prepare to take and pass the CCS Exam.

Learn inpatient coding as we cover the Official Coding Rules and Guidelines as well as Coding Clinic.

High-quality coding training classes are now available to help you with ICD-10/PCS training or ICD-10 CCS Exam Prep-Register Now!If your job requires you to assign, review, collect, analyze, or be involved with ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes and you want to earn a CCS, this program is for you.

Start with ICD-CM and ICD-10-PCS training followed by the CCS Exam Prep.

The need for quality coding professionals is growing.

Ability to disable vehicle upgrades in Race Creator Sponsor objective tracking fixes Other quality of life changes The first #GRIDLegends post-launch patch is now rolling out across all platforms! Full notes here bit.

Tear up the rulebook and dive head first into the exciting world of motorsport drama This is edge-of-your-seat racing.

In “Driven to Glory,” you’ll race an eclectic roster of cars from open-wheel single-seaters to iconic supercars across some of the world’s greatest circuits.

The mind of a GRID Legend is a wonderful thing Introducing Ncuti Gatwa as Valentin Manzi and the Tushek TS 900 Racer Pro – making its videogame debut in #GRIDLegends Coming February 25.

All to be revealed, this week…We’re delighted for #F12021game to be nominated for Racing Game of the Year at the 25th annual #DICEAwards! Congratulations to all the deserving nominees 🤝. The last few months have been quite busy for F1 Mobile Racing! Let’s recap some of the key moments so far: 🧵. 4.2K views.

Following the best season of his career, shows us how he pushes himself to the limit to become the best Don’t miss #F12021game here too 😉. 36.3K views.

Story mode Cross-platform multiplayer across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC Dozens of real-world vehicles and car classes Ravenwest Motorsport Name another racing game that has all of these.

Post Idea #16: Turn 10 Studios

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Turn 10 Studios

Turn 10 Studios is an American video game developer based in Redmond, Washington.

The company was established in 2001 under Microsoft Game Studios to develop the Forza series for Xbox platforms.

The most recent game developed solely by Turn 10 is Forza Motorsport 7, released in 2017.

Turn 10 Studios was established in 2001 by Microsoft, under its Microsoft Game Studios division, to develop a series of racing games, which later became known as Forza.

At the time of the studio’s establishment, most staff had experience in publishing games, such as Project Gotham Racing and Golf 4.0, but had not been involved in game development.

In October 2014, the studio employed approximately 100 full-time staff, as well as between 100 and 200 contract workers.

Turn 10 develops and uses a proprietary game engine called ForzaTech, and proprietary editor called Fuel that allows multiple artists to work on the same level, primarily those for cars and racing tracks, simultaneously.

Forza Motorsport

Topics such as how to post, game questions, and Forza Rewards are all in the following guide: forums.

Just because a thread has not been commented in, does not mean it hasn’t been read. Forum members often alert us when there is a problem with either the forums or one of the Forza games and we do our best to fix the problem as soon as possible.

See the “News” option in the drop down menu on the forums under the “Community” tab.

Where can I learn about Forza News? The news articles that come out weekly on the news page are an excellent way to learn about the latest Forza features, upcoming DLC, contest dates, rivals events, and in game race challenges.

The Forza streams on Twitch and Twitter alerts can also be a good source of news as well as the Forza Hub game app.

Where can I find Forza contests to enter? On the Forza Motorsport Forums under the “News & Events” section there is an area called “Community Events”.

Community Events will have threads posted for current Forza game contests.

Today is International Women’s Day, and all of March is Women’s History Month, so let’s give a shout out to some incredible women pioneers in the automotive industry!

Show this thread. Show this thread. Isabelle Galmiche – rally driver and math teacher; won the 2022 Monte Carlo Rally with Sebastien Loeb -.

Show this thread. To celebrate the first day of March as Women’s History Month, we want to share with you the stories of impactful women from across the automotive world.

Stay tuned as we will be sharing our favorite designs! #ForzaHHM. Show this thread.Jess is a Lead on the Media team, combining her love of racing, art, and gaming to create cinematic experiences for the Studio.

Show this thread.The Forza team joins in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month to honor the rich cultural history of Hispanic and Latino communities.

Xbox Game Studios is hiring for dozens of open game developer positions with hundreds more across the Xbox team.

Lv/2SFURSNHey, happy #PrideMonth! In celebration, we reached out to #XboxAmbassadors and asked community members who identify as LGBTQIA+ to share how games with diverse representation have impacted them and to share their gaming stories.

Post Idea #17: Forest River

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Forest River RVs

He started Forest River to pursue his dream of building a better RV and purchased assets from Cobra Industries to start manufacturing various types of recreational vehicles.

Today, Forest River is a company with nearly 5 billion in revenue.

They’ve steadily worked on their goal to make better RVs and to help more people experience the adventures that are possible when they set off on a road trip.

While the basic features may vary depending on the model, Forest River is dedicated to building the best recreational vehicles possible.

Setting off on a road trip can lead to many adventures, but you need the right vehicle to get started.

Whether you’re looking for a pop-up tent camper that can be towed by a smaller vehicle or you’d like a large RV that’s designed to fit your whole family comfortably, Forest River has an option for you.

Check out their huge line of recreational vehicles today so you can set off on your next road trip right away.

Forest River Travel Trailer

Save on quality Forest River Travel Trailer RVs!No other online RV dealer offers these unbeatable prices on top-selling Forest River Travel Trailer RVs and Toy Haulers.

We offer a huge selection of Cherokee, Grey Wolf, Wolf Pack and Wildwood Travel Trailers – at prices that set the standard nationwide.

Trust Lakeshore RV for the quality selection, wholesale prices, and dedicated customer service you can count on both before, and after, the sale.

These Forest River Travel Trailer RVs lead the industry in quality construction, innovative floor plans, and comfortable amenities.

Browse our complete collection of Forest River RVs online today, or call us at 231-740-6225 to learn more.

Forest River RV Reviews 2022: Is The Manufacturer Reliable?

Forest River is one of the most popular RV manufacturers on the market, but does that mean it’s one of the best RV brands? In this in-depth Forest River RV review, we’ll look at the manufacturer’s product line and build quality.

We’ll also dissect Forest River RV reviews from customers who weigh in on the manufacturer and Forest River RV products.

Our Take On Forest River RVs. After we thoroughly researched and compared several top-rated RV companies, we rated Forest River RV 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.

Forest River RV Pros Forest River RV Cons Wide selection of models and floor plans Build-quality issues for some customers Affordable prices for new and used RVs Average craftsmanship for price point Generally positive ratings from customers Large network of dealers across the country.

While Forest River does make some high-end products, most customers come to the brand for its selection of entry-level and relatively affordable RVs between $20,000 and $50,000 MSRP. Forest River RV Build Quality.

Forest River RV Reviews on RVInsider give the manufacturer 3.6 out of 5.0 stars.

Should You Buy A Forest River RV? Forest River is a decent choice if you’re in the market for a trailer or motorhome, but just keep in mind that you’ll be more satisfied if you don’t expect a perfect product right off the lot.

Better Business Bureau® Profile

Forest River has had plenty of time to do the correct thing and fix or replace my camper.

Sent me an email to replace the front cap and window due to leaks and also to replace the entire roof due to bubbles and leaks.

The outdoor speakers have always had cracking sound and static and have sounded bad. The front right passthrough door frame isn’t set right and needs replaced due to water leaks and can be pried open with a screwdriver easily because it has a huge gap at the bottom.

The outdoor kitchen door is bowed and needs replaced due to them leaving it unlatched the entire 5.5 hour trip back to my house.

The wall paper on the left side of the bed has a bubble in it and was suppose to be replaced but never was.

The slide out roof was the same as the camper roof and neither was replaced.

All four stabilizer jacks are rusting bad and will need replaced as well as fixing the rust on the frame of the camper.

Best Forest River Travel Trailers

To help you decide whether this company is worth a try, we’ve reviewed some of the best travel trailers offered by Forest River.

Forest River builds all its travel trailers with dependability and quality in mind.

All Forest River travel trailers are subjected to thorough and rigorous testing.

All travel trailers are designed with standard luxuries, such as water supply, comfortable living supply, refrigeration, and necessary equipment.

Almost all Forest River travel trailers are large and will not fit in a standard garage.

It’s essential that you winterize your Forest River travel trailer if you’re living in a cold climate.

Make sure you go through all the aforementioned travel trailers and choose the one that best suits your needs!

My Online Account

Easy online access to your accounts – anytime, anywhere.

Switch to online statements only get all the account access without the clutter.

Set up regularly recurring bill payments on your account and avoid late fees with bills paid automatically.

Forest River

Forest River Inc. is an American manufacturer of recreational vehicles, cargo trailers, utility trailers, pontoon boats, and buses.

In 1997, Forest River established a second cargo trailer line in 1997 called Continental Cargo.

In 2000, Forest River acquired US Cargo, another manufacturer of utility trailers.

The division debuted its flagship Della Terra conventional travel trailer at the 11th Annual Forest River Product Expo on Sept. 24, 2018, and later introduced the Alta laminated travel trailer.

Forest River RV is a division of Forest River, Inc., and initially manufactured pop-up tent campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels and destination trailers.

One of the largest RV manufacturers in North America, today Forest River RV has expanded into producing Class A and C motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, camping trailers and destination trailers.

Camping Trailers sold under the Forest River range brand include: Flagstaff and Rockwood.

Post Idea #18: REV Group Inc

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REV Group

Is our winning formula to create value for our stakeholders.

Like the well-engineered specialty vehicles we manufacture, the REV Drive Business System identifies, prioritizes, connects and aligns our capabilities to achieve our goals.

Careers At REV Group

REV Group is a leading manufacturer of specialty vehicles for the fire & emergency, commercial and recreation markets.

REV Group’s extensive line-up of industry-leading vehicles includes ambulances, fire trucks, school buses, terminal trucks, RV’s, luxury buses, and much more.

Our 6,500+ employees continuously demonstrate their commitment to building innovative and reliable vehicles our customers can depend on whether a family exploring the national parks of the U.S., or first responders rushing to the scene of an emergency.

REV Group builds and markets products under 20+ well established brands that have been developed over decades.

We are proud to support and contribute to the strength of U.S. manufacturing.

All our vehicles are manufactured in the U.S at more than 20 sites located across 13 states.

Investor Relations

View our executive team, board of directors and governance documents.

Receive SEC filings, events, investor releases and stock price alerts.

About REV Group Inc.

Fleetwood RV is part of REV Group, Inc., a leader in the motor vehicle industry for the bus, emergency, recreation and specialty markets.

The name REV is not an acronym but instead, a statement that drives home our company’s commitment to connect and protect thousands of people every day.

In short, REV builds “Vehicles for life” thanks to its 18 manufacturing facilities, 29 vehicle brands and approximately 7,400 REV employees across the United States.

The company produces more than 20,000 vehicles annually, including ambulances, fire apparatuses, commercial buses, yard trucks, street sweepers, wheelchair accessible vans and of course, America’s favorite motorhomes, Fleetwood RV. Under the company umbrella, the REV Recreation Group is made up of some of the world’s most recognized and admired RV brands.

Each brand – Fleetwood RV, Holiday Rambler, Monaco Coach, American Coach, Renegade RV, Midwest Automotive Designs, and Lance – remains distinct, while together the group is a celebration of the rich heritage and future promise of the greatest manufacturers in the RV industry.

REV Group Inc. Company & People

The firm engages in the manufacture, distribution, and design of specialty vehicles and related aftermarket parts and services.

It operates through the following segments: Fire and Emergency; Commercial; and Recreation.

The Fire and Emergency segment offers fire apparatus, and ambulance products.

The Commercial segment involves in transit and shuttle buses, type A school buses, mobility vans, sweepers, and terminal trucks.

The Recreation segment covers motorized recreational vehicle and application trailers.

The company was founded in August 2010 and is headquartered in Brookfield, WI.1 414 290-0190.


The information contained on this website is only a summary of the information presented in more detail in the Notice of Pendency of Class Action and Class Certification; Proposed Settlement; Motion for an Award of Attorneys’ Fees and Litigation Expenses; and Settlement Fairness Hearing.

The purpose of the Notice is to inform you of the pendency of the securities class actions filed in federal and state courts, the proposed settlement of the Actions, and a hearing to be held by the Court to consider: whether the Settlement should be approved; whether the proposed plan for allocating the proceeds of the Settlement should be approved; and Lead Counsel’s application for attorneys’ fees and Litigation Expenses.

REV Group’s common stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “REVG.” REV Group designs, manufactures, and distributes specialty vehicles.

The Net Settlement Fund will be distributed to Class Members according to the Court-approved plan of allocation.

On August 24, 2021, the Court preliminarily approved the Settlement, authorized this Notice to be disseminated to potential Class Members, and scheduled the Settlement Fairness Hearing to consider whether to grant final approval to the Settlement.

All persons or entities who purchased shares of REV Group, Inc. common stock traceable to the January 26, 2017 initial public offering; traceable to the October 13, 2017 secondary public offering; or purchased or otherwise acquired shares of REV Group common stock during the period from January 26, 2017 through June 7, 2018, inclusive, you are a “Class Member” and may be entitled to a payment from a class action settlement.

OBJECT BY NOVEMBER 18, 2021 Write to the Court about why you object to the Settlement, the Plan of Allocation, or the application for attorneys’ fees and Litigation Expenses.

REV Group

REV Group is an American manufacturer of ambulances, buses, firefighting vehicles, recreational vehicles and other specialty vehicles.

Allied Specialty Vehicles was formed in 2010 from the merger of four companies owned by American Industrial Partners: Collins Industries, E-One, Halcore Group, and Fleetwood Enterprises.

In September 2010, ASV acquired the assets of ambulance manufacturer Road Rescue from Spartan Motors.

In August 2013, ASV announced the purchase of Thor Industries’ bus businesses, including the ElDorado Motor Corp., National Coach, Champion Bus, and Goshen Coach companies.

Allied Specialty Vehicles changed its name to REV Group in November 2015.

Lance was founded in 1965 and manufactures truck campers and towable RVs. In February 2020, REV Group announced its acquisition of Spartan ER, a subsidiary of Spartan Motors.

In September 2021 REV it will close KME fire-truck apparatus plants in Virginia and Pennsylvania over the next year and transition production to other facilities in Brookfield-based Rev Group’s fire-equipment manufacturing group.

Post Idea #19: Gulfstream Coach

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Gulf Stream Coach Inc.

The family-run company that builds RVs for families.

Quality, value, and innovation are the core values that have been a part of the Gulf Stream Coach way of doing business since it was founded in Nappanee, Indiana, by Jim Shea and his sons.

Today Gulf Stream Coach is the industry’s leading family-owned, family-operated RV manufacturer, encompasses 22 brands with over 140 different models – all brought to you by the most dedicated and experienced team of associates in the industry.

The family links run deep at Gulf Stream, among the skilled craftspeople who build the product, through the family-based management, on to family-based RV dealerships across the United States and Canada, and finally, to the families who buy and enjoy Gulf Stream Coach products.

In today’s world where huge corporations work to satisfy stockholders and financiers, the people at Gulf Stream Coach are dedicated to make the families of owners, dealers, and employees happy and proud.

As the company has grown, Gulf Stream Coach has provided travel trailers, toy haulers, and motor homes that cover a broad range of prices, specifications, and applications, listed below.

Gulf Stream Coach also offers these Toy Haulers for transporting off-road vehicles: GSX, Track & Trail.

Gulf Stream Coach

Gulf Stream, a leading manufacturer of a full range of RV products was founded and is still owned by the Shea family, originating in the small community of Nappanee, Indiana in 1971.

Founder Jim Shea Sr. was inspired by the quintessentially entrepreneurial spirit of Elkhart County Indiana, and was particularly to the heritage of craftsmanship found in Nappanee, where ties to Amish and Mennonite traditions of handcrafted furnishings and homes were still strong.

Today, Gulf Stream Coach is the industry’s leading family-owned, family-operated RV manufacturer, encompasses 22 brands with over 140 different models – all brought to you by the efforts of more than 1,500 dedicated associates.

Over its history, the company has produced almost 300,000 recreation vehicles, contributing to the well-being and family fun of hundreds of thousands of people across the US and Canada.

Better Business Bureau® Profile

I made the purchase of a gulf stream trailmaster rv.

I bought this ** on September 13, 2021 and most of the light ports no longer work, it has water leaks from several sides, the floor of the trailer is cracked, the refrigerator does not work, the air conditioning does not cut off and it remains on all day, the heater worked 2 times in cold season and then it did not work, the cover that protects the day is falling off, on the outside, the roof membrane is all loose and that is causing water leaks in the trailer.

We want them to change the rv for a new one that has the same specifications of 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms or We want them to return to me the money that has been spent on the ** per month in these past 10 months, plus the down payment and, plus the refrigerator that I had to purchase because the other one stopped working.

Gulf Stream Coach Ameri-Lite Specs And Review

The Gulf Stream Coach Ameri-Lite is available in Ultra-Lite and Super Lite, each with diverse floor plans.

Not to mention, it is also economical! From its uni-body structure to the easy-care vinyl flooring, the Ameri-Lite trailers are impressive in more ways than one.

Read on to learn more about the Gulf Stream Coach Ameri-Lite trailer, including its technical details, as well as some of its pros and cons.

Specs of the Gulf Stream Coach Ameri-Lite RV. To start this review, let’s have a quick look at some of the important technical specifications of the Gulf Stream Coach Ameri-Lite travel trailer.

Again, what does the Gulf Stream Coach Ameri-Lite offer? If you plan to get a Gulf Stream Coach Ameri-Lite, you can choose between Ultra-Lite and Super Lite.

Such is the case when you have the Gulf Stream Coach Ameri-Lite.

This trailer has two main categories – Ultra-Lite and Super Lite.

Gulfstream Coach RVs: 10 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

The BT Cruiser class B models by Gulfstream Coach are perfect for those who like to drive as much as they enjoy traveling and camping in the great outdoors.

Below we have spoken about a few of the Gulfstream coach motorhomes categories and their corresponding small models.

Class B: BT Cruiser 5210 – This RV model has a length of 22 feet and 1 inch and an exterior height of 10 feet and 6 inches.

When it comes to how Gulfstream Coach motorhomes are made, they utilize three different construction processes when manufacturing different models.

With Gulfstream Coach being a leading RV manufacturer in the motorhome industry for many years, they have a few RV models that are very popular amongst campers and full-time RV living enthusiasts.

Many of the Gulfstream Coach models are suitable for four-season camping as most of the models come with heating and airconditioning.

The models with the laminate wall and “Built a better way” construction is possibly the best four-season campers by Gulfstream as they offer the best insulation for cold climate camping.

Gulfstream Coach RV Repair

Gulfstream Coach RV repair center in Simi Valley has highly trained technicians to service your Gulfstream Coach.

SIMI CENTER. The team at Simi Center provides a full-service Gulfstream Coach RV repair in Simi Valley, travel trailer repair and bodywork.

I go here for all of my RV needs, Michael and Josh take very good care of me whenever I bring in my RV. Lezlee L. Mountain Home AFB, ID. REPAIR SERVICES. As your Gulfstream Coach RV center in Simi Valley, we only provide the best quality repairs for your top-quality vehicle.

Gulfstream Coach Repair Latest RV repair technology and expert technicians.

Gulfstream Coach Painting Repair paint chips or give your RV a fresh coat.

Gulfstream Coach Accessory Installations Let us install all the accessories your RV needs.

For your Gulfstream Coach repair needs, our trained and knowledgeable staff are here to guide you through your insurance claim process.

Post Idea #20: AmerisourceBergen

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AmerisourceBergen Corporation is an American drug wholesale company that was formed by the merger of Bergen Brunswig and AmeriSource in 2001.

AmerisourceBergen has 26 pharmaceutical distribution centers in the US, nine distribution centers in Canada, four specialty distribution centers in the US, and over 1 million square feet of packaging production capacity in the US and the UK. With the addition of World Courier, the largest specialty courier company in the world, over 150 company-owned offices around the globe were added to the company.

On January 3, 2018, AmerisourceBergen acquired H. D. Smith, the largest privately-held national pharmaceutical wholesaler in the U.S. AmerisourceBergen is among several distributors that have been sued by West Virginian governments for contributing to the Opioid epidemic, by shipping inordinate amounts of pain medication into the state.

In October 2018, AmerisourceBergen agreed to pay $625 million to settle civil fraud allegations resulting from its repackaging and sale of adulterated drugs and unapproved new drugs, double billing and providing kickbacks to physicians.

AmerisourceBergen operates its pharmaceutical distribution business under four primary units: AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation, AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group, AmerisourceBergen Consulting Services and World Courier.

In March 2016 Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. announced it would exercise an option to purchase 22.7 million shares of AmerisourceBergen stock and thereby control 15% of the company.

In December 2019, Michigan became the first state to sue AmerisourceBergen and three other opioid distributors as drug dealers for their role in the state’s opioid crisis.

AmerisourceBergen Corp. engages provision of pharmaceutical products and business solutions that improve access to care.

It operates through the Pharmaceutical Distribution Services and Other segments.

The Pharmaceutical Distribution Services segment distributes a comprehensive offering of brand-name, specialty brand-name & generic pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter healthcare products, home healthcare supplies & equipment, outsourced compounded sterile preparations, and related services to a wide variety of healthcare.

Providers, including acute care hospitals and health systems, independent & chain retail pharmacies, mail order pharmacies, medical clinics, long-term care & alternate site pharmacies, and other customers.

Working At AmerisourceBergen: 1,926 Reviews

Management and overall how the company runs is where it falls short.

Right before covid started getting bad, they fired all of third shift and expected first shift to do all of third and first shifts job while only hiring 1-2 less than satisfactory employees to make up for the lack of employees.

This job wears you down physically and mentally, being cooped up inside all day and not knowing when you’ll be out.

There is mandatory overtime due to other departments falling short or because of the lack of employees due to them firing a whole shift.

If you’ve shown any amount of losing interest in the job, they will not consider you for a promotion, which are far and few in between to begin with.

The whole system of waiting for someone to quit, retire, or move up in order to get a raise or move further in the company also makes this job feel less than rewarding.

Overall, I’d recommend this job to someone who wants great benefits, don’t expect more than $2000 a month (unless they raised.

WomensHistoryMonthIn honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, the highlighted women in #distribution in their Faces of the Supply Chain series, including Heather Zenk, who discussed how utilizing diverse perspectives can help industry leaders respond to #patient needs.

Three years ago, AmerisourceBergen’s Corporate Partnerships team evolved its model to better serve customers.

Ly/Izw150ImSUgWe are proud to share that the AmerisourceBergen and World Courier office in Vilnius, Lithuania has been nominated for three awards at the CEE Business Services Awards.

Read the article:Across AmerisourceBergen, #compliance is essential to maintaining our everyday business operations.

The AmerisourceBergen Foundation fosters diverse, equitable and inclusive partnerships that create healthier lives and communities.

Ly/jh2250IhzIG”Within AmerisourceBergen, we’re keenly focused on bringing more women into leadership roles,” said Jenni Zilka, President of in this month’s issue spotlighting top #womeninpharmacy.

Ly/RmYS50IglhRDan Teich will join the 2022 Conference in Nashville, TN today to discuss how sites of care are increasingly leveraging home-based models for infusion & key elements that make a medically-integrated #homeinfusion program sustainable.

Post Idea #21: Corporate venture capital

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Corporate Venture Capital

Corporate venture capital is the investment of corporate funds directly in external startup companies.

This section discusses venture capital activities of healthcare providers such as Ascension Health, biotech firms such as Biogen Idec, and pharmaceutical companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, all of which are healthcare-related companies and have internal venture capital units or wholly owned subsidiaries focused on venture capital.

While most major corporations with venture capital arms are keeping cash close to home, some of the first positive movement within corporate venture capital as a whole is coming from healthcare.

The latest survey on the top 75 most influential healthcare corporate venture capital divisions shows they are increasingly influential and larger than many independent VCs. Another trend that may see more action as venture capital funds continue to be scarce is an increasing number of strategic partnerships between firms that are based not on exchange of funds, but rather on exchange of technologies or process information.

Non-technology firms have continued to invest their corporate venture capital in information and communication technology businesses and in recent years a number of non-US-based technology companies have expanded or started their corporate venturing units, according to the July 2010 issue of Global Corporate Venturing.

MAHLE Corporate Venture Capital is the corporate venture arm of MAHLE GmbH. MVC invests in funds as well as start-up companies related to the cleantech- and automotive sector, respectively drive-train and mechatronics solutions.

National Venture Capital Association Mission: the National Venture Capital Association, comprising more than 450 member firms, is the premier trade association that represents the U.S. venture capital industry.

How Corporate Venture Capital Works

Venture capital is a form of financing that provides funds to early stage, emerging companies with high growth potential, in exchange for equity or an ownership stake.

Venture capitalists take the risk of investing in startup companies, with the hope that they will earn significant returns when the companies become a success.

Is the practice of directly investing corporate funds into external startup companies.

Corporate Venture Capital was started due to the vast emergence of startup companies in the technology field.

CVC does not use third-party investment firms and does not own the startup companies it is investing in – as compared to pure Venture Capital investments.

Capital provided to companies that are expanding through launching new products, physical plant expansion, product improvement, or marketing.

In the capital structure of a company, mezzanine finance is a hybrid between equity and debt.

Making Corporate Venture Capital Work

As CVC researchers and practitioners, we’ve studied hundreds of CVC operations and deals across the world to identify a portfolio of better and worse practices.

Studying many CVC cycles has taught us that the worlds of venture capitalism and corporate investing are not always easy to combine.

We recommend establishing a CVC unit built on venture capital industry best practices.

As Fred Wilson, a managing partner at Union Square Ventures, put it at the 2017 CB Insights Future of Fintech conference, “Investing in companies makes no sense. Don’t waste your money being a minority investor in something you don’t control.” To help overcome this challenge, CVC units can use best practices from the venture capital world, including keeping relative independence from the corporate host.

CVC investments typically come with an implied promise to give the startup nonfinancial benefits, such as access to corporate knowledge and resources and exposure to potential customers.

Involving the CVC unit in corporate strategy discussions, innovation activities, and digitization committees can foster the transfer of insights from startups to relevant corporate stakeholders.

CVC units aim to combine the best of two worlds – the strengths of traditional VC firms and the support of corporate knowledge and resources.

A Guide To Corporate Venture Capital

A corporate VC investment is characterized by two factors: its goal and the degree to which the investing company’s and the start-up’s operations are related.

Venture capital investments usually aim to achieve one of two essential targets, although businesses have various objectives when they make VC investments.

A business making a strategic investment wants to find and capitalize on synergies within the new venture.

Due to what it views as its superior understanding of markets and technology, solid balance sheet, and willingness to be a patient investor, a company strives to do as well as or better than private venture capital investors.

A company’s name could serve as a signal to other investors and potential buyers about the quality of the start-up, effectively allowing the original investor to gain from their investments.

Although the organization hopes that the investments will assist in the growth of its own company, the primary incentive for the investments has been the opportunity for high financial returns.

The degree to which firms in the investment pool are related to the investing company’s existing operating capabilities is the second distinguishing feature of corporate venture capital investments.

What Is Corporate Venture Capital?

This type of venture capital is a subset of the overall venture capital market.

These corporate venture arms either invest in ventures that have strategic synergies with their business or because of financial objectives.

They would likely be better served to invest directly through a venture capital fund or other private equity vehicles.

Corporate venture units investing strategically may desire targets possess a close alignment with one of their core company businesses.

Like angel groups and venture capital funds, corporate venture capital arms invest in startups in all stages of development, from seed to the expansion, growth and mezzanine levels.

Corporate venture capital units invest in many of the same industries as do angel groups and VCs. Scalable software, telecommunications, medical devices, and biotechnology are some of the common interests they share.

In this case, the CVC investment may be very beneficial to the startup as traditional venture capital is interested in opportunities with shorter investment horizons.

Making Sense Of Corporate Venture Capital

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Corporate Venture Capital: Avoid The Risk, Miss The Rewards

Corporate venture capital investing is back in style.

Many other firms are following suit-indeed, more than 750 corporations worldwide currently have venture units in operation or hold venture investments, according to the industry publication Global Corporate Venturing.

Is the current surge of CVC activity just another spin of the cycle? Is today’s CVC wave doomed to recede, just as the wave of the 1960s ebbed when equity prices collapsed in the early 1970s? Will corporate venturing again fall out of fashion, as it did following the crash of the stock market in 1987 and the bursting of the dot-com bubble in 2000? Or is it possible that this time it’s different?

Venture investing appears well on its way to establishing a firm foothold in the corporate world as companies look to nascent companies not just to generate financial returns but also to complement their R&D efforts, penetrate fast-growing emerging markets, and gain early access to potentially disruptive technologies and business models.

Their executive management recognizes that although venture investing is inherently risky, the greatest risk is not to invest at all.

The authors wish to acknowledge the valuable cooperation of Global Corporate Venturing and its editor, James Mawson, who made available to us GCV’s extensive databases of CVC units and deals.

BCG delivers solutions through leading-edge management consulting, technology and design, and corporate and digital ventures.

Post Idea #22: PitchBook Data

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PitchBook Data Number Of Employees, Statistics, Demographics, And Facts

Using a database of 30 million profiles, Zippia estimates demographics and statistics for PitchBook Data.

Our estimates are verified against BLS, Census, and current job openings data for accuracy.

29% of PitchBook Data employees are women, while 61% are men.

The most common ethnicity at PitchBook Data is White, followed by Hispanic or Latino and Asian.

On average, employees at PitchBook Data stay with the company for 3.4 years.

The average employee at PitchBook Data makes $90,016 per year.

PitchBook Data

PitchBook Data, Inc. is a SaaS company that delivers data, research and technology covering private capital markets, including venture capital, private equity and M&A transactions.

The company’s core product, the PitchBook Platform, is a subscription-only database that includes analytical tools which help users make sense of the information it collects on companies, investors, deals, mergers and acquisitions, funds, advisors, and people.

Within the PitchBook Platform, users can access a variety of analysis tools to run targeted searches, research emerging technologies, build financial models, create data visualizations, and build custom benchmarks and comps.

In December 2016, Morningstar entered into a definitive agreement to acquire PitchBook, paying approximately $180 million for the remaining ownership in a transaction that valued PitchBook at $225 million.

PitchBook maintains its brand and identity, and its founder and CEO, John Gabbert, continues to run the company.

December 2016: PitchBook acquired by Morningstar for $225M. February 2017: Added company financial data for 266K companies to mobile app.

May 2019: Launched PitchBook Emerging Technology Research, which helps clients better understand emerging technology sectors.

How is #venturecapital faring amid market headwinds in early 2022? Dig into the VC deal, fundraising, and exit data with the PitchBook – Venture Monitor Frist Look, Sponsored by: and |”…Senior Analysts Cameron Stanfill and Kyle Stanford found that poor public market performance in the first part of the year has led to an almost complete halt in IPOs of VC-backed startups during the first three months of 2022.” via 📉. Quote Tweet.

Hedge fund activity has ramped up and is now challenging VC in numerous areas of the market.

Co/ZU2REZThe self-injector market offers a win-win-win for suppliers, patients, and investors.

“The ability to meet virtually with a company in the Midwest or in the Southeast is making it much easier to invest,” PitchBook VC analyst Kyle Stanford told at #SXSW. Quote Tweet.

Co/nvOdbpSafran is well positioned for a recovery and benefits from underlying market growth drivers over the longer-term.

“Foundries tend to give preferential treatment to large incumbent chip designers, even delaying or canceling orders from smaller firms when times get tight.” – PitchBook Senior Analyst Brendan Burke.

Our 2021 annual report highlights key trends shaping the US PE middle market within the last year, in addition to providing insights for what to expect in 2022.

Post Idea #23: Blood Glucose Test Strip

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5 Best Blood Glucose Test Strips

That’s why it’s important to choose quality blood glucose test strips for your meter so you can keep living your best life.

Blood glucose test strips take droplets of blood at their tip and are inserted into your meter.

Test strips are the important second step in blood glucose testing, between the blood draw and the reading that is then calculated and displayed on the screen.

Generic test strips: Like many products, medications, and devices in the medical field, there are generic and off-brand blood glucose test strips available.

In older blood glucose test meters, manual coding was required when moving to a new box of test strips.

Even if you’re used to your blood glucose testing by now, there are still days when you experience difficulty getting enough blood on the test strip.

If you’re new to blood glucose testing, we like the user-friendly, no coding Easy Touch Eas-150 Glucose Test Trips.

Blood Glucose Test: Strips, Levels, And Process

There are four types of blood glucose tests that might be used to check your blood sugar.

Instead of measuring your blood sugar level at a given time, this test analyzes different types of red blood cells called hemoglobin to create an average measurement of your blood glucose level over the past two or three months.

Using a home blood glucose monitor and testing supplies, you use a small device-usually on your finger-to draw out a small drop of blood.

If you require frequent blood sugar checks, or you need a more constant watch over your blood glucose, you can also talk to you doctor about a continuous blood glucose monitoring device.

Your doctor may give you specific goals but the general range for a healthy blood glucose level is between 70 milligrams per deciliter and 99 mg/dL on a plasma test or below 5.7% on an HbA1C test.

Recheck your blood sugar 15 minutes after doing just one of these things, and repeat the process until your blood glucose level is over 70 mg/dL. If you are having problems increasing your blood glucose level, call a healthcare provider for help.

Strict control of your blood glucose levels through healthy diet and lifestyle choices, regular blood sugar monitoring, and medications are key to managing this condition and avoiding life-threatening complications.

Blood Glucose Test Strips

Important information on potential for open Accu-Chek® Aviva Plus and Accu-Chek® SmartView test strip vials in sealed cartons: Use of a test strip from a test strip vial that has opened while still in a sealed carton may potentially lead to inaccurate results.

If a vial of test strips is found to be open after unsealing a carton, discontinue use of the strips and follow all instructions in the link below.

How To Use Diabetes Test Strips

Diabetes test strips are an easy way to test your blood sugar, aka your glucose levels.

The strips work with glucose meters to “Read” your blood sugar levels.

Squeeze out a drop of blood and touch it with the edge of the test strip.

Diabetes test strips pack a lot of technology into a small space.

You can get diabetes test strips in most places that sell medical supplies, like a pharmacy, or even online.

Studies have shown that the accuracy of diabetes test strips can vary.

Depending on the test strip brand, a new test strip box may need to be calibrated or coded to work correctly.

Blood Glucose Test Strips Market Companies, And Competitive Landscape Market Players

Feb 24, 2022 – The “Blood Glucose Test Strips” Market report provides a detailed analysis of global market size, regional and country-level market size, segmentation market growth, market share, competitive Landscape, sales analysis, the impact of domestic and global market players, value chain optimization, trade regulations, recent developments, opportunities analysis, strategic market growth analysis, product launches, area marketplace expanding, and technological innovations.

The prime objective of this report is to help the user understand the market in terms of its definition, segmentation, market potential, influential trends, and the challenges that the market is facing with 10 major regions and 50 major countries.

The points that are discussed within the report are the major market players that are involved in the market such as market players, raw material suppliers, equipment suppliers, end users, traders, distributors and etc.

To gain insightful analyses of the market and have comprehensive understanding of the global market and its commercial landscape.

Market Analysis by Product Type: The report covers majority Product Types in the Blood Glucose Test Strips Industry, including its product specifcations by each key player, volume, sales by Volume and Value.

Markat Analysis by Application Type: Based on the Blood Glucose Test Strips Industry and its applications, the market is further sub-segmented into several major Application of its industry.

The global impacts of the coronavirus disease 2019 are already starting to be felt, and will significantly affect the Blood Glucose Test Strips market in 2021.

Blood Glucose Test: Levels & What They Mean

The level of glucose in the blood rises sharply.

The pancreas responds by releasing enough insulin to handle the increased level of glucose – moving the glucose out of the blood and into cells.

Measuring your blood glucose levels allows you and your doctor to know if you have, or are at risk for, developing diabetes.

To get an accurate plasma glucose level, you must have fasted for at least 8 hours prior to the test.

Fasting blood glucose level If your blood glucose level is 70 to 99* mg/dL…What it means: Your glucose level is within the normal range.

If your blood glucose level is 100 to 125 mg/dL…What it means: You have an impaired fasting glucose level …. If your blood glucose level is 126 mg/dl or higher on more than one testing occasionWhat it means: You have diabetes.

The condition of “Prediabetes” puts you at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and blood lipid disorders.

Post Idea #24: Computer security software

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List Of 10+ Top Computer Security Software 2022

AVG Antivirus is a corporate endpoint security solution designed for security of small and medium-sized organizations.

It is one of the leading computer security software offering all kinds of protection needs to prevent viruses, worms, trojans and other malicious threats from spreading into user devices.

WebTitan is a computer security software that has a DNS based web content filter blocking malware and phishing attempts.

Teramind is a leading, global provider of security that provides a user-centric security approach for monitoring employee’s PC behavior.

The price of this antivirus & security software varies with the number of devices.

It is one of the most trusted VPN and computer security tool.

It is a very reliable computer security software and is one of the top-rated VPN available today.

The Best Security Suites For 2022

The best way to arrange for compatible and comprehensive protection is to buy a security suite that integrates all the components you want.

Some security companies just add the most essential components to create a suite, while others rope in a huge variety of security elements.

This article briefly mentions the many tests we use to evaluate security suites and determine which are the best.

Most security companies offer at least three levels of security products, a standalone antivirus utility, an entry-level security suite, and an advanced suite with additional features.

We’ve evaluated nearly 40 security suites, including entry-level suites, feature-packed mega-suites, and suites that extend protection across multiple different platforms.

Bitdefender Internet Security is an Editors’ Choice winner for entry-level suites, and Bitdefender Total Security earned the same honor as a security mega-suite.

This article identifies nine security suites we recommend, including multi-device suites, mega-suites, and entry-level suites.

Windows Security: Microsoft Defender Antivirus & More

1 Windows Defender version 4.12 & 4.18 scored 100% detection for protection against 0-day malware attacks, inclusive of web and e-mail threats by AV-Test, July and August, 2019.2 Requires the latest version of Microsoft Edge.3 Requires specialized hardware, including fingerprint reader, illuminated IT sensor or other biometric sensors and capable devices.

4 Available on the latest version of Microsoft Edge.

5 Files may be made available for offline use.

File versions created up to 30 days in the past can be restored at any time for any reason.

Location permissions must be active; driving safety available only in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada; Microsoft 365 Family subscription required for location alerts and drive safety features.

8 Available for selected companion devices and selected Windows 10 editions.

9 Feature availability limited to US only.10 Files may be made available for offline use.

5 Best Antivirus Software For Windows

Short on time? Here’s the best free Windows antivirus for 2022: Norton: Advanced virus and malware protection with extras like webcam protection, a VPN, a password manager, parental controls, dark web monitoring, and more.

No free antivirus includes all of the features you need for complete protection, but it’s better to protect yourself with the best free antivirus than no antivirus at all!

Panda Free Antivirus for Windows is lightweight, secure, and easy to use – during my tests, Panda’s antivirus scanner detected significantly more adware, spyware, and ransomware files than Windows Defender.

Your Windows computer already comes with Windows Defender – which, as we saw in our full review, is a decent free antivirus.

Windows Defender is already pretty easy to use, so a free antivirus has to be very easy to use and offer the same excellent user experience that Microsoft has built into its native PC antivirus.

While Avast – and their subsidiary antivirus company AVG – continue to offer two pieces of widely used free antivirus software their repeated privacy violations have caused too many concerns.

Free antivirus software just isn’t as good as paid antivirus softwares – you really do get what you pay for, and when it comes to keeping all of your devices and digital data safe, a paid antivirus like Norton 360 is definitely worth the investment.

Best Computer Protection Software 2022

The best computer protection software is your front line security to keep your machine safe as well as your identity stored within.

These are similar to the best computer protection software, but we classify them as internet security software as they cover all kinds of devices.

Read on to find out which is the best computer protection software for you.1.

Computer protection software comes with multiple user licenses; the best companies offer a minimum of 10 or even unlimited licenses.

Computer protection suites include a wide range of protection tools and multiple-use licenses.

Most computer protection software comes with five to 10 user licenses that are compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and laptops as well as cell phones and tablets.

The best computer protection software includes tools to help further secure your computer while you are online.

Antivirus, Endpoint Security & Application Whitelisting

Application whitelisting is normally reserved for businesses with hundreds of staff members, PC Matic.

Our antivirus innovations continue to lead the cybersecurity industry with a company that is 100% USA based and fulfilling our mission; provide industry-leading computer, mobile device and business endpoint security that is affordable and easy to manage for everyone.

Application Whitelisting is the most effective security software solution to prevent ransomware.

Offers award-winning security for your whole family that won’t break the bank.

You can protect up to 5 devices for only $50/year! Say goodbye to malware, invasive website ads, and security that slows down your computer.

Deploying a default-deny computer security layer at the device blocks all unknown executions without introducing headaches for IT. Our global list of known good programs easily allows 99.9% of your applications with the ability to supplement in seconds from your cloud console.

Our Zero Trust Cyber-Protection prevents hacking, malware, ransomware, and viruses, completely shielding your users, devices, and networks from cyber threats.

Computer Security Software

Computer security software or cybersecurity software is any computer program designed to influence information security.

This is often taken in the context of defending computer systems or data, yet can incorporate programs designed specifically for subverting computer systems due to their significant overlap, and the adage that the best defense is a good offense.

The defense of computers against intrusion and unauthorized use of resources is called computer security.

Below, various software implementations of Cybersecurity patterns and groups outlining ways a host system attempts to secure itself and its assets from malicious interactions, this includes tools to deter both passive and active security threats.

Although both security and usability are desired, today it is widely considered in computer security software that with higher security comes decreased usability, and with higher usability comes decreased security.

The purpose of these types of software is to remove malicious or harmful forms of software that may compromise the security of a computer system.

These types of software are often closely linked with software for computer regulation and monitoring.

Post Idea #25: Powered exoskeleton

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Guardian® XO® Full-Body Powered Exoskeleton

Born of a fundamental need to safely enable humans to be more productive, the Guardian XO full-body industrial exoskeleton robot is the perfect synergy of human and machine.

Uniquely suited for safer, more productive manufacturing/assembly, construction, field service, and warehouse/logistics use cases, the Guardian XO enables a single person to deliver the productivity of many, while significantly reducing the risk of occupational injury.

Powered Exoskeleton

A powered exoskeleton is a wearable mobile machine that is powered by a system of electric motors, pneumatics, levers, hydraulics, or a combination of technologies that allow for limb movement with increased strength and endurance.

A powered exoskeleton differs from a passive exoskeleton due to the fact that a passive exoskeleton is not powered.

In 1972, an active exoskeleton for rehabilitation of paraplegics that was pneumatically powered and electronically programmed was tested at Belgrade Orthopedic Clinic.

Edit] Japet Exoskeleton is a powered lower-back exoskeleton for work and industry based on established passive braces.

Ekso Bionics’s EskoGT is a hydraulically powered exoskeleton system allowing paraplegics to stand and walk with crutches or a walker.

In 2018, Spanish exoskeleton provider Gogoa Mobility was the first European company to get a CE approval for their powered lower body HANK exoskeleton for medical use.

Wandercraft produces Atalante, the first powered exoskeleton to allow users to walk hands-free, unlike most powered medical exoskeleton that require the simultaneous use of crutches.

Robotic Exoskeletons: The Current Pros And Cons

The current mini-review is written to highlight the main limitations and potential benefits of using exoskeletons in the rehabilitation of persons with SCI. We have recognized two main areas relevant to the design of exoskeletons and to their applications on major health consequences after SCI. The design prospective refers to safety concerns, fitting time and speed of exoskeletons.

Exoskeletons have the potential to revolutionize rehabilitation following SCI; however, it is still premature to make solid recommendations about their clinical use after SCI. The current mini-review highlights the basic applications and limitations as well as future directions regarding applications and exoskeletons.

Robotic exoskeletons or powered exoskeletons are considered wearable robotic units controlled by computer boards to power a system of motors, pneumatics, levers, or hydraulics to restore locomotion[1,].

The current use of robotic exoskeletons remains investigational and premature to decide whether exoskeletons are clinically effective in the rehabilitation of persons with SCI. The primary focus of the current review is to allow critical analysis of the available research evidence and to encourage interdisciplinary approach to advance the use of technology in clinical settings.

The mini-review will provide the reader with the current pros and cons regarding exoskeletons and will summarize in a non-exhaustive manner the theoretic or potential benefits after recognizing the primary limitations of exoskeletons.

Potential health benefits have been highlighted for the use of exoskeletons in rehabilitation settings, and studies have examined the effects of exoskeletons on different health-related outcomes[1-]. These studies provided preliminary evidence on the efficacy of exoskeletons on cardiovascular health, energy expenditure, body composition, gait parameters, level of physical activity and quality of life[-]. Robotic exoskeletons may prove an attractive rehabilitation tool not only to restore locomotion but also to improve the level of physical activity years after injury[,].

As cheaper brands of exoskeletons become available, participants may continue to use them in conjunction with wheelchairs because of their recognized benefits on spasticity, physical activity, bowel movement and quality of life after SCI.The current review may raise the awareness of the SCI community about the use of exoskeletons in the rehabilitation of persons with SCI. We should strive for an interdisciplinary team approach to provide greater accessibility to this technology and further our knowledge on how to expand its use to the general population of SCI by overcome some of the existing limitations that were highlighted.

5 Top Startups Offering Powered Exoskeleton Solutions

This time, you get to discover 5 hand-picked powered exoskeleton startups.

The Global Startup Heat Map below reveals the distribution of the 58 exemplary startups & scaleups we analyzed for this research.

Further, it highlights 5 advanced robotics and wearables startups that we hand-picked based on criteria such as founding year, location, funding raised, and more.

You get to explore the solutions of these 5 startups & scaleups in this report.

Xeno Dynamic is a Chinese startup that develops powered exoskeleton robots for healthcare, industrial production, and sports consumption.

The startup’s exoskeleton robots enhance the weight carrying capabilities of industrial workers to improve cargo handling and protect their spines from weight-bearing injuries.

Startups such as the examples highlighted in this report focus on exoskeleton solutions for industrial worker safety, as well as physical and clinical recovery.

Exoskeleton Technologies: Military

Sensors distributed on the exoskeleton report speed, direction, and angle of movement to an on-board computer that drives electro-mechanical actuators at the knees.

The exoskeleton delivers the right torque at the right time to assist knee flexion and extension.

ONYX ultimately reduces the energy needed to cross terrain, squat, or kneel.

Enhances strength and endurance to carry taxing loads over distance.

Reduces metabolic cost of transport to improve endurance and reduce fatigue.

Increases ability to traverse stairs, inclines, and rough terrain, especially with load. Reduces stress on leg muscles.

Guides orthopedic alignment to help evenly distribute weight and maintain skeletal system alignment to avoid overstress and pressure injuries.

Powered Exoskeleton

The first true exoskeleton in the sense of being a mobile machine integrated with human movements was co-developed by General Electric and the United States military in the 1960s.

The suit was named Hardiman, and made lifting 250 pounds feel like lifting 10 pounds.

Powered by hydraulics and electricity, the suit allowed the wearer to amplify their strength by a factor of 25, so that lifting 25 pounds was as easy as lifting one pound without the suit.

Los Alamos Laboratories worked on an exoskeleton project in the 1960s called Project Pitman.

In 1986, an exoskeleton prototype called the LIFESUIT was created by Monty Reed, a US Army Ranger who had broken his back in a parachute accident.

While recovering in the hospital, he read Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers and from Heinlein’s description of Mobile Infantry Power Suits, he designed the LIFESUIT, and wrote letters to the military about his plans for the LIFESUIT. In 2001 LIFESUIT One was built.

The current LIFESUIT prototype 14 can walk one mile on a full charge and lift 92 kg for the wearer.

Powered Exoskeleton Suit: Potential Assistant For Stroke Patients, Elderly And Young People With Cerebral Palsy, Other Disabilities

Real-world powered exoskeletons currently being developed at human-mobility laboratories are said to be “None of those things.”

People who are slow, or those considered hesitant walkers or runners, might soon be able to slip on a lightweight, lower-body exoskeleton and enhance the speed and ease of exercise, according to some research investigating the impacts of these high-tech robotic devices.

The most recent exoskeleton study also raises questions about what is wanted from exercise and if making it simpler essentially makes it better.

In some laboratories and rehabilitation facilities, lower-body exoskeletons and exosuits are already being used to improve walking ability in stroke patients and the elderly and young people who have cerebral palsy, as explained by ScienceDirect or other disabilities.

In a series of research carried out in 2020 at the Biomechatronics Lab, and financially backed in part by Nike, Inc., the study investigators discovered that college students could run by approximately 15 percent more effectively compared to normal on a treadmill when they put on a personalized prototype edition of a lower-leg exoskeleton.

In this particular research, students were able to walk approximately 40 percent faster, on average, when they wore a powered exoskeleton model while burning roughly two percent less energy.

Fundamentally, according to the new studies’ senior author and mechanical engineering professor Steven Collins, at Stanford, the exoskeleton technology could be regarded as similar to e-bikes, although for striding, instead of pedaling.

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