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Post Idea #1: Assicurazioni Generali

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Generali Italia: Assicurazione Auto, Casa, Vita, Pensione

Entra in Più Generali e scopri AirSafe il sensore per misurare la qualità dell’aria di Generali jeniot.

Generali Italia, Cattolica Assicurazioni e Genertel si distinguono per la qualità dell’RC Auto in Italia.

La Rete Agenti Generali Italia riconosciuta Nr.1 per la qualità nel servizio al cliente.

La Rete Agenti Generali Italia riconosciuta Nr.1 per l’eccellenza del servizio al cliente.

La rete Agenti di Generali Italia al primo posto per il servizio ai clienti.

Generali Italia premiata agli MMF Award per la semplificazione del linguaggio.

Generali Italia premiata come Compagnia di Assicurazione Innovativa dell’Anno.

Assicurazioni Generali

The Generali Building is still owned by the Italian insurance firm through its local representative, the Migdal Insurance Company.

In India, the company is represented by Future Generali, a joint venture of Future group and Assicurazioni Generali.

The main subsidiaries of the group in Italy include Genertellife, Alleanza Assicurazioni, Generali Italia and Banca Generali.

Generali Group also had subsidiaries in Croatia and Montenegro, also known as Generali Osiguranje.

Assicurazioni Generali was an active minority owner of Italian banks, such as Banca Intesa and Banca Nazionale del Lavoro.

Banca Generali is a subsidiary of Assicurazioni Generali.

Franz Kafka worked for nearly nine months at the Assicurazioni Generali office in Prague.

Assicurazioni Generali SpA

Founded in Trieste in 1831, Assicurazioni Generali SpA is the largest insurance company in Italy and the fifth-largest in Europe.

A month later the remaining partners formed the Assicurazioni Generali Austro-Italiche, with an initial capitalization of 2 million florins, divided into 2,000 shares of 1,000 florins each.

Gino Baroncini-who came to Generali from the Milan-based subsidiary Anonima Grandine, an insurer formed by Generali in 1890 to cover crop damage by hailstorms-was to determine the company’s structure and course for much of the next 30 years.

Companies such as Generali France, Generali Belgium and, in West Germany, Generali Lebensversicherung were created as domestic companies governed by local laws, and often were strengthened by mergers with local companies.

Generali closed the decade with the formation of AB Generali Budapest, the first mixed-ownership insurance company in Eastern Europe, 40 percent of the joint venture being owned by Generali and 60 percent by Allami Biztosito, a Hungarian state-owned insurer.

Another significant achievement was Generali’s link-up with Taisho Marine and Fire Insurance Company, the third-largest insurer in Japan, whereby Generali was able to open a liaison office and general agency through Taisho Marine and Fire in Tokyo, and Taisho was able to operate in Italy through the offices of Generali subsidiary la Navale.

After Generali threatened to sell its stake unless Axa cooperated with it, in early 1996 Axa finally gave Generali the greater voice it wanted by realigning the links between the two firms.

“The opening of the Procuratie Vecchie is the beginning of a journey in which Generali and will contribute with ideas and projects for Venice, Italy and the world. There are still many doors to discover, and windows to open”.

Today we celebrate the historic link between Generali and Venice.

Show this thread.The renewed Procuratie Vecchie represents both the extraordinary heritage of Generali and our commitment to Venice: a city in which different cultures meet, where innovation, hospitality and openness thrive.

The doors of the Procuratie Vecchie, our Home in the heart of Venice, will open on April 8th. Stay tuned! #THSNinAction.

Three days to go! On April 8, the Procuratie Vecchie in St. Mark’s Square in Venice will re-open their doors.

Stay tuned! #thehomevenice #geneali190With only one week left, the opening of our Home in the heart of St. Mark’s Square in Venice is truly just behind the corner! We are looking forward to April 8th! Stay tuned! #THSNinAction #aworldofpotential.

PressRelease – Generali completed the acquisition of the entire stake held by Industrial Investment Trust Limited in Future Generali India Life and the subscription of additional shares in FGLI: bit.

Post Idea #2: Fly fishing

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Fly Fishing For Beginners

Once you learn a few fly fishing basics and get the proper gear, starting fly fishing can be a breeze.

To help you out, this overview and infographic provides easy to follow steps for beginners interested in starting fly fishing.

FLY FISHING GEAR FOR BEGINNERS. Before you can drift a fly you need some essential equipment.

A rod, reel, and fly line is really all the fly fishing gear for beginners needed to get you started.

Follow this tip and you will be far more confident casting during initial trips, which makes fly fishing for beginners that much more rewarding.

AWARENESS. One of the greatest aspects of fly fishing for beginners is the beauty and serenity surrounding you.

Bodies of water can also be hazardous, especially for anglers just starting fly fishing who may apply more of their focus to their flies than their surroundings.

Fly Fishing

The main difference between fly fishing and spin or bait fishing is that in fly fishing the weight of the line carries the hook through the air, whereas in spin and bait fishing the weight of the lure or sinker at the end of the monofilament or braided line gives casting distance.

British fly-fishing continued to develop in the 19th Century, with the emergence of fly fishing clubs, along with the appearance of several books on the subject of fly tying and fly fishing techniques.

Many of these early American fly anglers also developed new fly patterns and wrote extensively about their sport, increasing the popularity of fly fishing in the region and in the United States as a whole.

There is a misconception that all fly fishing for trout is done on the surface of the water with “Dry flies.” In most places, especially heavily fished trout areas, success usually comes from fly fishing using flies called “Nymphs” that are designed to drift close to the riverbed, also called “Nymphing”.

Beginning fly anglers generally prefer dry fly fishing because of the relative ease of detecting a strike and the instant gratification of seeing a trout strike their fly.

A common nymphing and general overall fly fishing technique that even beginners can master is a “Dead drift” or tight line fishing technique, casting directly across the river, letting the fly line drift downriver while keeping any slack out of the line.

Fly fishing tackle comprises the fishing tackle or equipment typically used by fly anglers.

The Best Fly-Fishing Gear In The World

Drawing on a sporting legacy that stretches for more than a century and a half, Orvis is proud to equip anglers with the best fly-fishing rods, reels, clothing, and gear in the world.

Since our company founder Charles Orvis developed the first ‘modern’ fly reel-a device hailed in 1874 as “The benchmark of American reel design”-we continue to bring innovation to the fore in our celebrated fly-fishing gear.

Stock your fly box with remarkably lifelike fly patterns.

If you’d rather spend your time fishing than tying, we offer flies for every fishing scenario, so you can fool hungry trout and feisty tarpon with the buggiest patterns for salt- or freshwater applications-the fish won’t know who tied them, and we won’t tell.

Discover a wealth of fly-fishing know-how in our Fly-Fishing Learning Center, where you’ll find informative videos, podcasts, and articles on fly-fishing gear and equipment, techniques, and tactics, penned by Orvis experts.

Our convenient, step-by-step Fly Rod Selector takes the guesswork out of choosing the best fly rod or rod and reel combo; just answer a few basic questions, and we’ll show you the fly rods we think best align with your needs.

Let Orvis outfit you for your next day on the water, whether fly fishing defines your life, or you’re venturing out for the first time.

Best Fly Fishing Spots In The Catskills

Home to some of the best fly fishing in the Northeast, there are countless places to cast a line in the Catskill Park.

Renowned as the ‘Father of American Dry Fly Fishing,’ Gordon set the fly fishing movement of the Catskills into motion in the 1890s.

While records of fly fishing in some form date all the way back to the 2nd Century in Macedonia, and countless other cultures and outdoorsmen developed similar practices over the years, Gordon is credited with developing new fly patterns, designing regionally-specific flies, and increasing the popularity of fly fishing both regionally and throughout the United States.

Honoring Gordon’s legacy, the Catskills continues to grow and develop the sport of fly fishing.

Before or after you take to the water, visit the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum and the renowned Wulff School of Fly Fishing, both in Livingston Manor, or the Jerry Bartlett Angling Collection in Phoenicia.

Before you head to any of these great Catskills fishing destinations, visit a local outfitter to get a New York State fishing license, rod and reel, fly lures, and locals’ tips.

Please be sure to follow all Department of Environmental Conservation regulations when fly fishing in the Catskills.

The Fly Fishers Fly Shop Brookfield, Wisconsin

The Fly Fishers Fly Shop is THE one-stop fly fishing shop, offering only the highest quality fly fishing supplies, accessories and tools.

The Fly Fishers are experts in every aspect of basic and advanced fly fishing gear, accessories, flies, fly fishing trips, and professional guidance.

The Fly Fishers provides a wide range of top quality fly fishing supplies from fly fishing rods and reels to fly fishing waders and boots to fly fishing apparel and accessories.

The Fly Fishers offers quality fly fishing products, flies & tools to fly fishing aficionados all over the world.

The Fly Fishers fly shop has an ever-changing inventory of used fishing equipment for re-sale and has a great trade-in program to help you keep moving up with new fly fishing rods and reels as your needs and skills change.

Whether tarpon fly fishing or fly fishing for bonefish, The Fly Fishers can help you all your saltwater fly fishing equipment needs.

Sage fly rods, Scott fly rods, Winston fly rods, Echo fly rods, Redington fly rods and Loomis fly rods are part of our inventory along with fly lines from RIO Products, Airflo and Scientific Anglers, and fly reels from Hatch, Sage, Abel, Tibor, Lamson-Waterworks and Echo.

17 Best Places To Fly Fish In Pennsylvania: Maps Included

The Seven Mountains surround the river for its next 15 miles, and this section is rated Class “A.” Some of the best fishing on the river is in this section and the fish here are all wild, naturally reproducing fish.

These fish grow larger and smarter through the warm months, and they won’t fall for the same ugly patterns as the hatchery fish.

You’ll need to fish long, thin leaders, make perfect presentations, and be prepared to fish large fish with low drag.

The best place to fish on Kettle Creek is in the delayed harvest fly fishing only section that starts below the SR 144 Bridge and goes upriver about 2 miles.

Official References for Fly Fishing in Pennsylvania Popular Fly Shops in Pennsylvania Located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, The Evening Hatch Fly Shop will provide a wealth of knowledge to quickly get an angler up to speed with the area.

With four fly shops scattered around Pennsylvania TCO Fly Shop’s is a mainstay for in person or online fly fishing shopping.

I’ve got a FREE video workshop teaching how to dry fly fish at this link How 2 Fly Fish.

Fly Fishing

In this episode of RIO’s “How To Fly Fish” series, Chris Walker heads out into the winter snows to fish for trout with midges on the Henry’s Fork.

In the coldest months there are few opportunities to fish for trout with dry flies, but midges can provide some excellent dry fly opportunities.

In this film Chris explains where to look for feeding fish, and talks about the best time of day to maximize the chances of finding dry fly feeders in winter.

Having found a few, Chris then demonstrates how to fish with both dry fly and pupa, showing exactly how to catch trout with both.

Clearly explained in Chris’s easy-going, simple-to-understand style, this is a great film for anyone wanting to get outside in the winter and go and catch some trout.

RIO’s “How To Fly Fish” videos are a series of short films that explain all you need to know to learn a particular way to fish or cast.

Post Idea #3: Artificial fly

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Artificial Fly

An artificial fly or fly lure is a type of fishing lure, usually used in the sport of fly fishing.

Effective artificial fly patterns are said to be killing flies because of their ability to put fish in the creel for the fly fisher.

Fly tying is a common practice in fly fishing, considered by many anglers an important part of the fly fishing experience.

By the early 19th century, the term artificial fly was being routinely used in angling literature much like this representative quote from Thomas Best’s A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling to refer to all types of flies used by fly fishers.

Paul Schullery in American Fly Fishing – A History explains however that although much has been written about the imitation theories of fly design, all successful fly patterns must imitate something to the fish, and even a perfect imitation attracts strikes from fish.

Fly designers and amateur or professional fly tyers are free to create any fly they choose and to give it any name they want.

A tube fly is a general tying style of artificial fly.

Artificial Fly Definition

Vegetation means plant life growing below, at, and above the soil surface.organism means any biological entity capable of replication or of transferring genetic material;Wildlife habitat means a surface water of the state used by plants and animals not considered as pathogens, vectors for pathogens or intermediate hosts for pathogens for humans or domesticated livestock and plants.

Noise nuisance means an unwanted sound, in an affected area, which is annoying, troublesome, or disagreeable to a person:Waste means any waste material containing “By-product material” other than the tailings or wastes produced by the extraction or concentra- tion of uranium or thorium from any ore processed primarily for its “Source material” content, and resulting from the operation by any person or or- ganization of any “Nuclear facility” included under the first two paragraphs of the definition of “Nu- clear facility”.

Household waste means any solid waste derived from households.

The term hazing includes, but is not limited to:Household hazardous waste means any waste material derived from households which, except for the fact that it is derived from a household, would otherwise be classified as a hazardous waste in accordance with 9VAC20-60.water meter means any apparatus for measuring or showing the volume of water supplied to, or of effluent discharged from any premises;Fungus means any type or form of fungus, including mold or mildew, and any mycotoxins, spores, scents or by-products produced or released by fungi.

Color additive means a material that either:Erosion means the detachment and movement of soil or rock fragments by water, wind, ice, or gravity.

Kerosene means all grades of kerosene, including, but not limited to, the 2 grades of kerosene, No. 1-K and No. 2-K, commonly known as K-1 kerosene and K-2 kerosene respectively, described in American society for testing and materials specifications D-3699, in effect on January 1, 1999, and kerosene-type jet fuel described in American society for testing and materials specification D-1655 and military specifications MIL-T-5624r and MIL-T-83133d, and any successor internal revenue service rules or regulations, as the specification for kerosene and kerosene-type jet fuel.

Smoking means the carrying or holding of any lighted pipe, cigar, or cigarette of any kind, or any other lighted smoking equipment, or the lighting, inhaling, or exhaling of smoke from a pipe, cigar, or cigarette of any kind.

Artificial Fly

Generally, fly patterns are considered either “Imitations” or “Attractors”.

Imitations seek to deceive fish through the lifelike imitation of insects on which the fish may feed.

Imitators do not always have to be precisely realistic in appearance; they may derive their lifelike qualities when their fur or feathers are immersed in water and allowed to move in the current.

Attractors, which are often brightly colored, seek to draw a strike by arousing an aggression response in the fish.

Famous attractors are the Stimulator and Royal Wulff flies.

Crossword Clue Answers

The crossword clue Artificial fly with 4 letters was last seen on the January 01, 1993.

We think the likely answer to this clue is LURE. Below are all possible answers to this clue ordered by its rank.

You can easily improve your search by specifying the number of letters in the answer.

26% PROFESSOR Artificial fly with gray speckled wings.

Refine the search results by specifying the number of letters.

If certain letters are known already, you can provide them in the form of a pattern: “CA????”..

Artificial Fly Crossword Clue

Search millions of clues to find answers to crossword puzzle clues.

Wordplays has answers to Quick puzzles, General Knowledge puzzles, Cryptic Crossword Puzzles, and Variety puzzles.

The Crossword Solver find answers to clues found in the New York Times Crossword, USA Today Crossword, LA Times Crossword, Daily Celebrity Crossword, The Guardian, the Daily Mirror, Coffee Break puzzles, Telegraph crosswords and many other popular crossword puzzles.

Simple English

From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

An artificial fly or fly lure is a type of fishing lure.

Artificial flies imitate insects or other things fish eat.

There are thousands of different fly patterns available.

Many imitate a particular insect a fish might recognize.

Other patterns don’t look like any insect, but attract fish anyway.

Wet flies are designed to sink to the bottom of the water.

Need Help Identifying ARTIFICIAL Flies

Looking forward, you would be well-served to make sure when you purchase flies in a fly shop, that you write down the name of the pattern when purchasing.

If you normally purchase flies at one particular fly shop, you could always re-visit that shop, and ask what they are called.

The more satisfying solution would probably be to just learn more about fly patterns and flies they imitate.

There are lots of these out there – Dave Hughes’s book Essential Trout Flies covers most of the standard patterns you’d be likely to find in a flyshop, and has descriptions of how they’re tied and a few ideas about how to fish them.

Davisflydesigns.comWbranchApril 12th, 2009, 4:14 am York & Starlight PA. Posts: 2730.Here are two paperback fly identification books that have great color photos of hundreds of trout flies.

One way to start is to brows and site like the Umpqua link, or the online catalog of places like Orvis, just to get an idea of what different flies look like.

Once you have a sense of the different styles of flies you can mix different styles of flies in the size and color scheme to match the naturals using th pics here on troutnut.

Post Idea #4: Avid Technology

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Electrified Powertrain Components

AVID is a leader in the design and manufacture of electrified powertrain components and systems for heavy-duty and high-performance electric and hybrid vehicles.

Our core competencies are the design, validation, and manufacture of high-performance electric motors, power electronics, and thermofluids integration.

AVID manufactures a range of electrified powertrain components including electric pumps and fans, battery systems, traction motors and power electronics used in electric and hybrid vehicles.

We also have full systems integration and control expertise allowing AVID to rapidly develop complete EV, PHEV, and MHEV powertrain solutions.

The core pillars of the AVID business are Innovation, Agility, Quality and our great team.

AVID’s vision is a future where the air is safe to breathe and transport is more sustainable.

Our mission is to help deliver this vision of a cleaner, greener future by enabling smart powertrain electrification with our high-efficiency electric motor and power electronics technology and delivering class-leading electrified powertrain and propulsion systems.

Avid Technology

Avid Technology is an American technology and multimedia company based in Burlington, Massachusetts, and founded in August 1987 by Bill Warner.

The film was edited at 30fps NTSC rate, then used Avid MediaMatch to generate a negative cutlist from the EDL. The first feature film edited natively at 24fps with what was to become the Avid Film Composer was Emerson Park.

In 2006 Avid launched new products such as Avid Interplay and Unity Isis.

Avid used to be considered just a “Video editing” company, but now has consolidated a well-rounded multimedia generation technology company.

In the past, Avid released Avid Free DV, a free edition of Media Composer with limited functionality; Xpress DV, a consumer edition of Media Composer; and Xpress Pro, a prosumer edition of Media Composer.

In 1993, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences awarded Avid Technology and all of the company’s initial employees with a technical Emmy award for Outstanding Engineering Development for the Avid Media Composer video editing system.

On March 21, 1999, at the 71st Academy Awards, Avid Technology Inc. was awarded an Oscar for the concept, system design and engineering of the Avid Film Composer for motion picture editing which was accepted by founder Bill Warner.

Avid Technology Stock Forecast, Price & News

Avid Technology, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, develops, markets, sells, and supports software and integrated solutions for video and audio content creation, management, and distribution worldwide.

The company’s video products and solutions include the Media Composer, a cloud-enabled solution used to edit video content; Avid NEXIS shared storage systems; Maestro solutions for the integration of virtual sets, augmented reality, and video wall control into existing workflows; AirSpeed 5000 and AirSpeed 5500 on-air server solutions; and MediaCentral, a media production suite.

The company also provides Avid Link, a mobile application to connect with other artists, producers, mixers, composers, editors, videographers, movie makers, and graphic designers; FastServe video server that assists broadcasters in making the move to UHD and IP based workflows with a new and modular architecture; and hardware products, such as I/O devices, interfaces, and audio and video processing equipment.

It offers various maintenance contracts and support services; professional services, such as workflow design and consulting, program and project management, system installation and commissioning, and custom development and role-based product level training; and public and private training to customers and alliance partners, as well as develops and licenses curriculum content for use by third party Avid Learning partners to deliver training to customers, users, and alliance partners.

The company was incorporated in 1987 and is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Turntide Technologies Acquires Electric Vehicle Component Developer Avid Technology

Acquisition helps Turntide decarbonize the transportation sector and offers a high-performance alternative to the use of rare earth magnets in electric vehicles -.

SUNNYVALE, Calif., and GATESHEAD, England, JUNE 30, 2021 – Turntide Technologies, the company responsible for the Smart Motor System™, today announced the acquisition of UK-based AVID Technology Limited, a cleantech engineering firm that designs and manufactures electrified powertrain components and systems for heavy-duty and high-performance electric and hybrid vehicles.

“While automakers are making strides to reduce carbon with electric passenger cars, the most difficult sectors to decarbonize, such as commercial and industrial vehicles in rail, marine and aerospace, are far behind,” said Ryan Morris, Turntide’s Chairman and CEO. “The AVID acquisition completes our end-to-end offering for the electrification of commercial and industrial vehicles. This puts us on a path to eliminate the need for rare earth magnets in EVs as we further develop our motor technology for the transport market.”

By combining the Smart Motor System with acquired electric vehicle technology, Turntide has deepened its technology stack around the motor that includes the inverter, electronics, vehicle control unit, and battery management system.

“Combining AVID’s technology with the Smart Motor System will allow Turntide to simplify and smooth a path to sustainable transport.”

Turntide Technologies develops breakthrough sustainability technologies that drive down energy consumption and operating costs in buildings, agriculture, and electric transport, creating a path to 100% renewable energy and business sustainability.

The Turntide Smart Motor System is driven by a patented Turntide Optimal Efficiency Motor™ with intelligent automation and cloud connectivity.

Post Idea #5: BOC Aviation

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BOC Aviation Reports Order Book Of 110 Aircraft

RUPERT: BAC are a airport management company, they have no input into what fuel airlines choose to use in ai…. Emily jones: Clean skies need to also extend to include the excessive noise pollution that BAC subjects the Brisb…. Charlie: The dream team of putin/trump is thrilled to hear this news…. Jarren: AirAsia brand has been badly tarnished by the company’s dishonest business practice of withholding c…. Alexandre: This subject is very interesting inspiring! this is new to me i found this article on Google.

Con…. Cole Byrne: Thanks for sharing this! All the best!…. James C. Makin: very good job, but looks a lot like a scaled down P-51…. Clayton: Not sure how needed the 330s are in November with Vietnam being even less attractive…. Perry Valleriani: Just curious where the B-717 simulator moved to…. peter parkar: Changing the flight bookings with Finnair airlines is uncomplicated and hassle-free.

Pessengers are …. Amanda Pehi: Alliance feels like a budget airline, feels cheaper than Jetstar with the no thrills (entertainment …. peter parkar: Nowadays everyone wants their seats as per their wish and Alitalia Change Seats is ready to help suc…. aviationinfra: Thanks for sharing this information with us.

This is great news…. ALEX THOMPSON: With Hawaiian Airlines, Managing and cancellation of your flight are so easy, and convenient.

Hawaii…. BRETT HARRIS: APSOLUTE DISGRASE, When will this end Allan Joyce give himself a massive pay rise.

If his workers on…. Airlinespolicy: Sudden change in plans may give you big stress, but with Southwest Airlines you can manage all your …. aviationinfra: Thanks for sharing this blog on fuelstat system.

This is a newer, more accurate measurement system t…. Kazem shoeibi: Fabulously wonderful…. Rizvi Aqtedar: We hope the Indian Aviation sector prospers with modernized fleet creates better job prospects for A…. Rizvi Aqtedar: Congratulations to Mr. Vinod Kanab, we welcome him to this new position and wish him all the best to…..

BOC Aviation

BOC Aviation is a majority state-owned global aircraft operating leasing company and the largest aircraft operating leasing company headquartered in Asia, as measured by the value of owned aircraft.

Ltd. by Singapore Airlines Limited and Boullioun Aviation Services, Inc., a U.S.-based aircraft operating leasing company.

In July 2004, Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise underwent a change in its shareholder structure, following the transfer of the 35.5% stake held by Seattle-based Boullioun Aviation Services to the US lessor’s parent company WestLB AG of Germany.

At the time, the company was the largest aircraft leasing company in Asia.

Following the acquisition the company’s name was changed to BOC Aviation Pte.

Thus, to reflect the change in ownership, the company was renamed BOC Aviation on 2 July 2007.

On 12 May 2016, the company was converted to a public company limited by shares and the company’s name was changed to BOC Aviation Limited.

BOC Aviation Says Lessors Seeing ‘Horrendous’ Hikes In Insurance Costs

DUBLIN, April 7 – The likely huge insurance claims related to the cancellation of aircraft leases in Russia is already leading to “Horrendous” hikes in the cost of renewing policies, the chief executive of major lessor BOC Aviation Ltd said on Thursday.

Over 400 leased planes worth almost $10 billion remained in Russia after a March 28 deadline to cancel the contracts in line with Western sanctions over the war in Ukraine, leaving lessors facing heavy potential writedowns or a long insurance battle.

In a trading update on Thursday, BOC said the net book value of the 17 owned aircraft it was in the process of recovering from Russia – net of all cash collateral held in respect of the aircraft – was $589 million or 2.5% of its total assets.

“Because there are going to be huge claims on these insurances this year for confiscation or theft if the aircraft aren’t given back, this will then have a knock on effect on insurance costs,” Robert Martin told an aviation conference.

The world’s top aircraft lessor AerCap said last week that it had submitted a $3.5 billion insurance claim for more than 100 jets stuck in Russia, the largest exposure in the sector.

BOC’s Martin said the consequences of the battle ahead may force the aviation business to completely rethink how it does insurance and that having too much concentrated on one single market is not healthy.

Martin said BOC had taken out “Some” aircraft it manages from Russia.

BOC Aviation Says Lessors Seeing ‘Horrendous’ Hikes In Insurance Costs

DUBLIN – The likely huge insurance claims related to the cancellation of aircraft leases in Russia is already leading to “Horrendous” hikes in the cost of renewing policies, the chief executive of major lessor BOC Aviation Ltd said on Thursday.

Over 400 leased planes worth almost $10 billion remained in Russia after a March 28 deadline to cancel the contracts in line with Western sanctions over the war in Ukraine, leaving lessors facing heavy potential writedowns or a long insurance battle.

In a trading update on Thursday, BOC said the net book value of the 17 owned aircraft it was in the process of recovering from Russia – net of all cash collateral held in respect of the aircraft – was $589 million or 2.5% of its total assets.

“Because there are going to be huge claims on these insurances this year for confiscation or theft if the aircraft aren’t given back, this will then have a knock on effect on insurance costs,” Robert Martin told an aviation conference.

The world’s top aircraft lessor AerCap said last week that it had submitted a $3.5 billion insurance claim for more than 100 jets stuck in Russia, the largest exposure in the sector.

BOC’s Martin said the consequences of the battle ahead may force the aviation business to completely rethink how it does insurance and that having too much concentrated on one single market is not healthy.

Martin said BOC had taken out “Some” aircraft it manages from Russia.

Shareholders Board Members Managers And Company Profile

BOC Aviation Limited is a Singapore-based global aircraft operating leasing company.

The Company offers a range of services to airlines and aircraft owners, including direct operating leases, sale and leaseback facilities and third-party asset management.

The company also provides aircraft remarketing and technical management services to airlines, banks and other investors.

The operating lease is the core service offered by the Company.

All leases are on a long-term basis, with airlines assuming responsibility for the operation, maintenance and insurance of the aircraft during the lease term.

It offers sale and leaseback facilities on selected single aisle and widebody aircraft types.

It has a fleet of approximately 533 aircraft owned, managed and on order.

Post Idea #6: Maple Creek

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970 Still Without Power In Maple Creek After Spring Storm

Extremely wet and muddy conditions are hampering work to restore power to the Maple Creek region, with 970 customers still without electricity on Friday night after Tuesday’s spring storm.

SaskPower said in a news release that Golden Prairie and the surrounding rural area had power restored at 4 p.m. Friday and the rural areas around Piapot were expected to be restored by 10 p.m. The utility said that the “Majority” of the remaining customers would be reconnected by 10 p.m. Saturday.

The storm that blew through Saskatchewan’s southwest corner on Tuesday saw wet, heavy snow and howling winds up to 90 km/h and left 6,500 customers without power.

SaskPower said in the release that 19 district and contractor crews are working in the area and 320 new power poles had been dispatched to the region.

A total of 200 have been installed, meaning about 20 km of power lines have been rehung.

Power outage affecting 6,500 SaskPower customers in southwest Saskatchewan.

Hundreds of power poles damaged in storm, leaving thousands without power in southwest Sask.

Power Outages Continue In Maple Creek, Sask. And Area Due To Recent Snowstorm

Going on two days without power, the town of Maple Creek, Sask., and surrounding areas were hit hard by a storm with heavy winds and wet snow.

Heavy winds the evening of April 4 knocked down power lines leading to numerous power outages in the area.

“You think of the price of gas and the cost of living right now to replace all the food in your fridge, you kind of have to do it because you’ll be paying more in the end that you’ll lose in a power outage like this.”

The Deputy Mayor of Maple Creek says he does not know when their power will be restored but during these times of need, the community has come together.

SaskPower does not have an estimated time for power restoration for Maple Creek and areas.

“We’re not sure when the power is going to come back on but we’re going to provide some generators to some of our larger places like apartments,” said Barkman.

“Sasktel has indicated they anticipate more services may be disrupted in the area if power is not restored,” according to a statement.

Maple Creek Garages, Sheds, Lofts, And Cottages

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Maple Creek is your one stop shop for sheds, gazebos, cabins, dog kennels, potting sheds, playhouses, outdoor furniture, composite decks and pavilions!

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Maple Creek, Saskatchewan

Maple Creek is a town in the Cypress Hills of southwest Saskatchewan, Canada.

In the winter of 1882, a Canadian Pacific Railway construction crew of 12 decided to winter where the town of Maple Creek now stands.

In the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Maple Creek had a population of 2,176.

With the exception of southwestern Alberta, winters in Maple Creek are typically warmer than those in the adjacent plain region of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, being a convergence point for Chinook winds originating along the Rocky Mountain Front.

The mean maximum temperature in January 2006 was 5.3 °C for the Maple Creek townsite, compared to 5.0 °C for Calgary and 4.7 °C for Medicine Hat.

The highest temperature ever recorded in Maple Creek was 41.0 °C on 29 June 1984.

Great Plains College operates a satellite campus in Maple Creek.

Post Idea #7: Hutterites

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All About Hutterites, The People, Their Beliefs, Their Lifestyle.Hutterites

Friends & Neighbours Evening blog link available here.

“Hutterite Christmas Collaboration” bonus tracks are available here.

The Hutterites The Hutterites are a communal people, living on hundreds of scattered Bruderhöfe or colonies throughout the prairies of northwestern North America.

On average, fifteen families live and work on the typical Hutterite colony, where they farm, raise livestock and produce manufactured goods for sustenance.

The communal lifestyle of the Hutterites finds its roots in the biblical teachings of Christ and the Apostles.

Emerging as a distinct culture and religious group in the early 16th century, this non-resistant Anabaptist sect endured great persecution and death at the hands of the state and church in medieval Europe.

The Hand of God remained on the shoulder of these people, and their descendants survived to battle to this very day.


This latter group revived the Hutterite religion, became dominant among the Hutterites and replaced the Tyrolean dialect of the old Hutterites by their Carinthian one, both being Southern Bavarian dialects.

In their new home, the Hutterites were joined by a few more Hutterites who could flee from Habsburg lands, as well as a few Mennonites, altogether 55 persons.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that according to the religious tenets of the Hutterites, the Hutterites have no individual property and therefore the former members cannot be entitled to a share of the Hutterite colony’s goods.

The Owa Hutterite Colony, a Japanese Hutterite community founded in 1972, does not consist of Hutterites of European descent, but ethnic Japanese who have adopted the same way of life and are recognized as an official Dariusleut colony.

Fort Pitt Farms Christian Community is a Christian Community of Hutterite Dariusleut origin and with many Hutterite traditions but fully autonomous since 1999, when it was excommunicated from the Hutterite Church, whereupon about one-third of the people of the colony decided to stay with the Dariusleut Hutterites.

The Hutterites is a documentary filmed by Colin Law in 1964 with the following synopsis: “The followers of religious leader Jacob Hutter live in farm communities, devoutly holding to the rules their founder laid down four centuries ago. Through the kindness of a Hutterite colony in Alberta, this film, in black and white, was made inside the community and shows all aspects of the Hutterites’ daily life.”

Another film about the Hutterites is The Valley of All Utopias, a documentary about a Hutterite colony in Saskatchewan directed by Thomas Risch.

Peaceful Societies

Hutterites live on large, mechanized communal farms that are formed as clones of established colonies.

The men make all of the colony decisions and the women generally support the patriarchal order, though on the informal level they have a considerable influence on colony affairs.

An article in 2010 analyzes changing strategies for disciplining children in the Hutterite colonies and another more recent one describes schooling at a South Dakota colony.

The colony executives have to override this competitiveness and make decisions for the good of the whole colony.

The Hutterites have an accepting rather than a sullen attitude toward the pressing need for discipline, though they also cherish their individuality, an essential psychic need for the health of the colony.

Many Hutterites objected to the inaccuracies conveyed by a series produced by National Geographic Television about a Montana colony, as reports from June and August 2012 noted.

A reporter from Grand Forks, North Dakota, presented a portrait of daily life at the well-known Forest River Hutterite Colony in that state, and a reporter from another newspaper described a new colony in Alberta.

Who Are The Hutterites, And What Do They Believe?

Since coming to the New World from the Ukraine in the 1870s, the Hutterites have sustained themselves mainly through agriculture, although they are beginning to return to manufactured goods out of economic necessity.

As Anabaptists, the Hutterites share common roots with the Mennonites and the Amish.

The Hutterites firmly hold to believer’s baptism for adults, pacifism, and living completely separate from the world.

The Hutterites practice communal living, where everyone puts their output “In” and takes “Out” just what they need.

Hutterites base their social format on the facts that Jesus and His disciples shared a common moneybag and that the early church in Jerusalem held everything in common.

The Hutterites proceeded to abandon Europe altogether, founding three colonies in the then-U.S. territory of South Dakota from 1874-77.

Although some Hutterites slowly returned to the U.S., most now live in Canada.

Hutterites: The Nine…Things You Need To Know

An average colony comprises 100 members; above that number, the colony will split into two.

The Hutterites practice traditional gender roles, and women cannot vote or hold colony office.

At this age, a Hutterite woman generally leaves her colony to marry a man in another colony, which receives a dowry in exchange.

Carol left her Kilby Butte Colony in Montana to go to Brian’s colony at Forest River.

Colony members can come and go as they please, this is not a locked compound! The best proof? Carol came to pick me up at the airport and we went shopping before returning to the colony.

Disclaimer: I have only visited one Hutterite colony.

Every colony abides by its own system of rules, so my story remains what it is: a unique one-place experience.

Hutterite Clothing

How do Hutterites dress? How does Hutterite clothing compare to that of the Amish? What are the differences in clothing across the three Hutterite groups?

On our recent Hutterite questions post, some of you were curious about Hutterite clothing.

Hutterite Diaries author Linda Maendel answers these questions and more in today’s post.

Most clothes are homemade, as Hutterite women are exceptional seamstresses.

In regards to how Hutterite dress compares to that of the Amish, I’d say, they both dress modestly, but Hutterite women tend to wear darker coloured dresses.

The women’s two-piece dress with elbow-length sleeves is relatively dark, and they wear an apron of the same fabric as the dress.

Of importance is that particular dress styles are cultural traditions, and for Hutterites, the goal is modest, simple clothing in uniform style, according to each Leut’s, or conference Church ordinances.

Here’S What One Of America’S Most Isolated Communities Can Teach Us About Getting Along

The Hutterites were not Brody’s first exposure to people from isolated rural areas.

Brody said a Hutterite man could build you a Mercedes and because every Hutterite woman is given a sewing machine when she marries the only possession she will ever own “Any of them could get a job as a seamstress in Hollywood.”

Initially, while researching her book on ranchers, Brody didn’t pay much attention to the local Hutterites.

She did know that the Hutterite communities were insular, highly patriarchal and guided by strict religious tenets.

Brody photographed three separate Hutterite colonies in Liberty County.

Below find a selection of photos from Brody’s portfolio, along with her thoughts on her time with the Hutterites and the lessons she believes they can teach us.

“I had all these messages coming to me about rural America and its importance, from the time I was 8 years old up until the present. I was interested almost immediately in how small rural economies operate and how small communities operate. If you live in large urban communities, they don’t operate, except in a snowstorm. We are so easily split asunder. We see a horrifying, graphic example of it right now in Washington, and we don’t seem to have any sense about the importance of community in structuring our lives.”

Post Idea #8: Abu Dhabi Global Market

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ADGM, Abu Dhabi’S International Financial Centre

The inaugural edition of RESOLVE 2022 – Abu Dhabi International Dispute Resolution Forum held last 16 March 2022 brought together over 2,000 local and global participants, representing the local and international dispute resolution community, as well as leaders from government, industry and academia.

Browse the event brochure to find sessions featuring the speakers and topics.

Abu Dhabi Global Market Grants In-Principle Approval For Binance

ABU DHABI, 10th April, 2022 – Binance, the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, has received its In-Principle Approval for a Financial Services Permission from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Abu Dhabi Global Market, to operate as a broker-dealer in virtual assets.

ADGM, the International Financial Centre in the capital of the UAE, introduced the world’s rst comprehensive and robust virtual asset regulatory framework in 2018, and has since established itself as a leading global hub and business platform for virtual asset activities for local, regional and international organisations.

Dhaher bin Dhaher Al Mheiri, Chief Executive Officer of the ADGM Registration Authority, said, “We are pleased that Binance has been awarded an In-Principle Approval in the ADGM, and we are excited to support them as they work towards establishing their foothold and presence in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. ADGM is the largest regulated jurisdiction of virtual assets in Middle East And Africa region, and Binance’s participation will add to its vibrant and trusted ecosystem of virtual asset trading venues, global exchanges and service providers.”

Richard Teng, Binance’s Regional Head of MENA, commented, “We are grateful for ADGM’s support during our application process, and look forward to working closely with them and other key Abu Dhabi stakeholders for broader deployment of our world-class offerings and services across the whole MENA region and beyond.”

Upon the successful completion of its ADGM FSRA application, Binance will then be able to offer its services regarding virtual asset offerings to customers across the MENA region, through its subsidiary Binance Limited.

Binance Receives In-Principle Approval To Operate In Abu Dhabi

Binance, the world’s biggest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume, received in-principle approval to operate in Abu Dhabi, marking its third regulatory approval in the Middle Eastern region after Bahrain and Dubai.

The in-principle approval from the Abu Dhabi Global Market allows Binance to operate as a broker-dealer in digital assets including cryptocurrencies – marking yet another milestone for the crypto exchange, which envisions to operate as a fully-licensed firm.

ADGM serves as an international financial free zone within the capital of the United Arab Emirates, which historically has played an important role in regulatory and supervisory oversight of the financial services provided within its jurisdiction.

The ADGM also shared its intent to provide similar regulatory approvals for local as well as global crypto companies to further position Abu Dhabi as the “Fast-growing virtual assets hub and digital economy.”

Dhaher bin Dhaher, CEO of ADGM, too, welcomed the move by promising to aid Binance’s efforts to establish their presence in Abu Dhabi.

Apart from Binance, prominent crypto exchange FTX has previously been awarded operational licenses in Dubai, the second biggest city in the UAE after Abu Dhabi.

As Cointelegraph highlighted, the free zone’s chief regulator, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority, described NFTs in the ADGM consultation paper as intellectual property rather than “Specified investments or financial instruments.”

Binance Gets Abu Dhabi Crypto Nod As Billionaire CEO Touts UAE

Binance Holdings Ltd. received in-principle approval from Abu Dhabi Global Market to operate as a broker-dealer in virtual assets.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume still needs to complete the application process, Richard Teng, the company’s head for the Middle East and North Africa and a former ADGM executive, told Bloomberg.

If the full licensing for Abu Dhabi – the United Arab Emirates’ capital – is successful, the exchange said it could then offer its virtual asset services to customers across the MENA region through a subsidiary, Binance Ltd. It marks a push by the company to expand its presence in the Persian Gulf, following approvals in Bahrain and Dubai, the commercial capital of the UAE. “Binance has been actively engaging global regulators, such as ADGM, as part of its ongoing commitment to uphold global standards and collectively foster the developments and sustainable growth of the crypto ecosystem,” Teng said.

The UAE, in particular, has emerged as a preferred jurisdiction for crypto exchanges.

FTX, one of Binance’s top competitors, received a virtual asset service provider license in Dubai last month.

Bybit and Crypto.com are expanding their presence as well.

Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, Binance’s co-founder and chief executive officer, told Bloomberg late last month that Dubai will be his base for the “Foreseeable future” and that by “Any common interpretation” it’s the company’s headquarters.

HAYVN Receives “Go-Live” From The Abu Dhabi Global Market Financial Services Regulatory Authority

Abu Dhabi: HAYVN, the global institutional virtual asset platform announced today that they have successfully received their “Go-live” approval from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Abu Dhabi Global Markets, the premier international financial centre in Abu Dhabi and officially opened their ADGM-based entity to the firm’s custody and trading clients.

The ADGM is one of the world’s leading virtual asset regulatory jurisdictions and the only regulatory authority for virtual assets within Abu Dhabi.

We are excited to be one of the very few global businesses to have completed the entire authorisation process and look forward to servicing our customers from our new ADGM offices starting today” says Rensche Olivier, Director of Regulatory Affairs at HAYVN. Christopher Flinos, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at HAYVN said, “With the recent news in the market surrounding virtual asset regulation in the wider UAE, it’s becoming increasingly more important for our region to establish a strong regulated institutional leader. As the only regulated Custody and Trading platform within the region’s leading regulatory body, HAYVN is leading the movement of regional institutional capital into virtual assets.”

About HAYVN. HAYVN is a virtual asset focused financial institution, allowed to arrange deals in investments and provide custody for accepted virtual assets within the ADGM. HAYVN also delivers Payments, Asset Management and Research to our global client base.

Regulated by the ADGM, CIMA and soon to be FINMA, HAYVN is one of the global leaders in institutional virtual assets, serving High Net Worth Individuals, small and middle-market businesses, corporations, and institutions with a full range of market leading virtual asset offerings.

Abu Dhabi Global Market, an international financial centre located in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, opened for business on 21 October 2015.

Comprising four independent authorities: ADGM Authority, ADGM Courts, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority and the Registration Authority, ADGM as an IFC governs the entire 114 hectares of Al Maryah Island which is a designated financial free zone.

Binance Gets In-Principle Approval To Operate In Abu Dhabi

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, got in-principle approval from the Abu Dhabi Global Market to operate as a broker-dealer in virtual assets in the UAE capital.

After completing its application process, Binance will be able to offer its services across the Middle East and North Africa region through its subsidiary Binance Limited, the company said in a statement on Sunday.

“ADGM is the largest regulated jurisdiction of virtual assets in the Mena region and Binance’s participation will add to its vibrant and trusted ecosystem of virtual asset trading venues, global exchanges and service providers,” Dhaher bin Dhaher, chief executive of the Registration Authority at ADGM, said.

The move comes almost after a month after the exchange obtaining a virtual asset licence to operate in Dubai after the emirate outlined clear regulations to govern emerging technology sectors such as cryptocurrencies in an effort to safeguard investors.

More to follow…. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

World Alliance Of International Financial Centers

ADGM is driven by innovation and has introduced many ‘firsts’, both regionally and globally, that address business needs.

The world’s 1st comprehensive crypto asset regulatory framework.

The 1st jurisdiction in MENA to directly apply Common law.

The 1st Digital Sandbox with a participating regulator.

ADGM was established in 2015 pursuant to the Federal Legislation and Abu Dhabi Legislation including Abu Dhabi Law No. 4 of 2013, as a financial free zone, in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, with its own civil and commercial laws.

Post Idea #9: Pfeiffer Vacuum

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Vacuum Technology, Vacuum Pumps And Vacuum Components By Pfeiffer Vacuum

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers comprehensive solutions that are indispensable for manufacturing these products.

Over 130 years, our name has served as a guarantee for high-end vacuum technology, a high quality comprehensive solution, and first-class service.

Thanks to close collaboration with our customers and our continuous focus on their needs, we are constantly optimizing and expanding our portfolio.

Therefore even in the future, we will always be able to provide our customers with the best possible solution for their particular use.

Our service program extends from vacuum pumps through measurement and analysis equipment right up to complete vacuum systems.

3,400 employees worldwide and more than 20 subsidiaries.

The corporation is listed on the German SDAX stock index.

Pfeiffer Vacuum

Any number of forward-looking ideas are possible with products from Pfeiffer Vacuum.

Pfeiffer Vacuum stands for innovative and custom vacuum solutions worldwide, for German engineering art, competent advice and reliable service.

From now on, you can comfortably and easily request your favored vacuum products directly from your responsible sales engineer.

Organize your service intervals and maintenance of your vacuum equipment with the web and mobile app “VSM” and save time and money! With our new online service request you can more easily contact us.

All information about your service requests, your vacuum equipment and much more can be found in our new Virtual Service Management.

Organize your service intervals and maintenance of your vacuum equipme … more Learn more arrow forward.

Virtual Service Management VSM supports you in the planning, documentation and optimization of service processes in the field of vacuum technology.

Technology And World Market Leader For More Than 130 Years!

Pfeiffer Vacuum – a name that stands for innovative vacuum and leak detection solutions, high technology and dependable products, along with first-class service.

Vacuum technology can be found everywhere in our daily life – often without us being aware of it.

Thanks to vacuum pumps, leak detectors and further vacuum equipment, using our mobile phone or wearing glasses to see better is natural to us.

Even our groceries would not have the same high quality level without vacuum technology.

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers comprehensive solutions that are vital for the production of these and many other products of our daily life.

Thanks to our know-how, we continue to be the technology and world market leader in this field.

3,400 employees worldwide and more than 20 subsidiaries.

Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology PT Set At €171.00 By Jefferies Financial Group

Jefferies Financial Group set a €171.00 price target on Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology in a research note released on Monday, Borsen Zeitung reports.

The company’s 50-day moving average is €174.19 and its 200 day moving average is €191.22.

The firm has a market capitalization of $1.70 billion and a P/E ratio of 28.64.

The company has a debt-to-equity ratio of 11.89, a current ratio of 2.43 and a quick ratio of 1.57.

Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology has a fifty-two week low of €152.80 and a fifty-two week high of €226.00.

Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG develops, manufactures, and markets components and systems for vacuum generation, measurement, and analysis.

Its solutions include magnetic and hybrid bearing turbo pumps, and turbo pumping stations; rotary vane pumps, diaphragms, roots, side channels, screws, piston and scroll pumps; vacuum chambers; leak detectors, gas analyzers, gauges, and mass spectrometers; gaskets, filters, valves, flanges, electrical feedthroughs, manipulators, bellows components, and other accessories; and multi-stage vacuum systems, special pumping stations, and calibration and decontamination systems; and flexible services and consultation.

Pfeiffer Vacuum

Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG is a German manufacturer of vacuum pumps.

It is headquartered in Aßlar in Germany with 70% of the total production catering to the export market.

In July 1996 the company was listed on the NYSE and in April 1998 on the TecDAX. Due to low trading volumes, it was de-listed from the NYSE in October 2007.

Estimated regional split of the Pfeiffer Vacuum Shareholder Structure: 40% in Europe, 30% in the USA, 25% in Germany, 5% in Asia.

Post Idea #10: Vacuum Cleaner Market.com

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Outdoor Vacuum Cleaners Market Share 2022 Business Overview, Size, Sales Development, Demand Outlook, Growth Plans And Research By Top Regions Forecast Till 2028

Apr 08, 2022 – Global “Outdoor Vacuum Cleaners Market” Research report provides major statistical analysis on industry size, share, growth factors analysis with regional segmentation.

Outdoor Vacuum Cleaners market report focuses on recent developments, demand status, growth opportunity, and top key players of industry.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global Outdoor Vacuum Cleaners market size is estimated to be worth USD million in 2022 and is forecast to a readjusted size of USD million by 2028 with a growing CAGR during the review period.

The global Outdoor Vacuum Cleaners market is thoroughly, accurately, and comprehensively evaluated in the report with a large focus on market dynamics, market competition, regional growth, segmental analysis, and key growth strategies.

The Outdoor Vacuum Cleaners Market report delivers information about market segmentation in terms of revenue generation, growth potentials, and regional demand taking place in future.

What is the market concentration? Is it fragmented or highly concentrated? What trends, challenges and barriers will impact the development and sizing of Global Outdoor Vacuum Cleaners market? SWOT Analysis of each defined key players along with its profile and Porter’s five forces tool mechanism to compliment the same.

What growth momentum or acceleration market carries during the forecast period? Which region may tap highest market share in coming era? Which application/end-user category or Product Type may seek incremental Outdoor Vacuum Cleaners market growth prospects? What focused approach and constraints are holding the Outdoor Vacuum Cleaners market?

Vacuum Cleaner Market Research Report 2021-2027

The global vacuum cleaner market size was valued at USD 5,399.4 million in 2020 to USD 7,019.6 million by 2027, at a CAGR of 3.82% from 2021 to 2027.

The vacuum cleaner market is witnessing strong growth across regions due to rising working population class, clubbed with better purchasing power, and vacuum ccleaners’ease of operations are anticipated to drive the demand for household vacuum cleaners further globally.

Based on region, the global vacuum cleaner market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and the Middle East & Africa.

The Asia Pacific accounted for a revenue share in terms of value was 20.5% in 2020 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.43% in the global vacuum cleaner market from 2021 to 2027.

How has COVID-19 impacted the demand and sales of vacuum cleaners in the global market? Also, the expected BPS drop or rise count of the market and market predicted recovery period.

What is the market size of the vacuum cleaner worldwide?The global vacuum cleaner market was valued at USD 5,399.4 million in 2020 to USD 7019.60 million by 2027.What is the vacuum cleaner market growth?The global vacuum cleaner market is expected to register a CAGR of 3.82%, during the forecast period 2021-2027.Which region accounted for the largest vacuum cleaner market share?In 2020, North America is accounted for the highest market share of 39.78% in the global vacuum cleaner market and was anticipated to maintain its dominance throughout the forecast period, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific.

Which region accounted for the fastest growing region in the market of vacuum cleaner?Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region with a CAGR of 4.43% in the market of vaccum vleaner, during the forecast period, 2021-2027.Who are the key players in the vacuum cleaner market?The global vacuum cleaner market is fragmented into a few major players include Electrolux Group, Panasonic Corporation, Stanley Black & Decker, Dyson Ltd., Haier Group, Eureka Forbes Ltd, LG Corporation, Oreck Corporation, Wirlpool, Royal Philips Electronics, InterVac Design Corp., Bissell, VacuMaid, and Samsung.

Vacuum Cleaner Market Size & Share Report, 2021-2028

The global vacuum cleaner market size was valued at USD 10.01 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 9.6% from 2021 to 2028.

Prior to that, vacuum cleaner companies, including Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG and Nilfisk Group had partnered with Brain Corp. to develop autonomous vacuum cleaners powered by the AI platform BrainOS. Moreover, companies are focusing on elevating the cleaning experience through digital capabilities with personalized recommendations and smartphone app-based cleaning solutions.

The canister vacuum cleaner segment dominated the market in 2020 with a revenue share of over 25%. The development of canister vacuum cleaners equipped with a HEPA filter, which have a significantly low risk of causing pulmonary side effects such as allergies and asthma, is expected to work in favor of the segment’s future growth prospects.

The residential segment dominated the vacuum cleaner market growth in 2020 by capturing a revenue share of over 48%. The implementation of the WFH model across regions has confined people to their homes, necessitating the timely management of daily routine tasks.

The Asia Pacific region dominated the global market for vacuum cleaners in 2020, with China being one of the leading markets.

In 2019, Anker Innovations, a Chinese electronics company, entered the Indian market with its Eufy range of robot vacuum cleaners and experienced positive growth in 2020.

Market players are investing heavily in research and development activities to develop and offer intelligent, portable, and lightweight vacuum cleaners.

Read Customer Service Reviews Of Www.Vacuumcleanermarket.Com

About Vacuum Cleaner Market.comInformation written by the company.

At Vacuum Cleaner Market we carry only the best vacuums, supplies, and replacement parts based upon over 35 years industry experience.

We are here to help you find the correct items for your needs, and to offer you any necessary assistance in using or troubleshooting your vacuum and accessories.

All of our products are tried and tested by our staff for quality and durability.

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Vacuum Cleaner Market

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Super fast shipping!!- Thank you, exactly as advertised.

Global Hand-Hold Vacuum Cleaner Market Insights And Forecast To 2028

Players, stakeholders, and other participants in the global Aircraft Turn Indicators market will be able to gain the upper hand as they use the report as a powerful resource.

Players, stakeholders, and other participants in the global Tsturboshaft Engines market will be able to gain the upper hand as they use the report as a powerful resource.

Players, stakeholders, and other participants in the global Turboprop Engines market will be able to gain the upper hand as they use the report as a powerful resource.

Players, stakeholders, and other participants in the global Emergency Beacon Transmitters market will be able to gain the upper hand as they use the report as a powerful resource.

Players, stakeholders, and other participants in the global Single-Acting Pneumatic Cylinders market will be able to gain the upper hand as they use the report as a powerful resource.

Players, stakeholders, and other participants in the global Internal Grinders market will be able to gain the upper hand as they use the report as a powerful resource.

Players, stakeholders, and other participants in the global Surface Grinders market will be able to gain the upper hand as they use the report as a powerful resource.

Post Idea #11: Metalworking

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What Is Metalworking? Beginners Guide To Working With Metal

While many metalworking techniques will be similar across different materials, the properties of the metal you are working with will greatly impact your work and your desired finished result.

Metal casting is a metalworking process that can be traced back to around 4000 BCE, and it is still used for making sculptures, tools, and jewelry.

Soldering is another method for joining metals by melting a filler metal on top of the metals being joined to make a reliable electrical bridge.

Forging is one of the oldest metalworking processes used to form and shape metal.

Rolling is a metal forming process in which metal stock is passed through a rolling mill to reduce the thickness or to make the thickness uniform.

In the metal casting process, solid metal objects are formed by pouring molten metal into a mold, where it is cooled and extracted from the mold.

Throughout this guide, we have covered about twenty different metalworking techniques! From casting to welding, there are many possibilities when you are starting to work with metal.


Metalworking is the process of shaping and reshaping metals to create useful objects, parts, assemblies, and large scale structures.

Although the peoples of the Americas knew of metals, it was not until the European colonisation that metalworking for tools and weapons became common.

Most metal cutting is done by high speed steel tools or carbide tools.

Advancements in automated metalworking technology have made progressive die stamping possible which is a method that can encompass punching, coining, bending and several other ways below that modify metal at less cost while resulting in less scrap.

In cutting metals the waste is chips or swarf and excess metal.

Burning, a set of processes wherein the metal is cut by oxidizing a kerf to separate pieces of metal.

Most modern day CNC lathes are able to produce most turned objects in 3D. Nearly all types of metal can be turned, although more time & specialist cutting tools are needed for harder workpieces.

Metalworking Definition & Meaning

The company makes tools for uses including metalworking, woodworking, pneumatic, gardening and in the household.

David Kindy, Smithsonian Magazine, 10 Jan. 2022 This 30-acre saltwater farm includes a historic barn outfitted with skylights, a metalworking studio, a workshop, and a darkroom, and a separate modern painter’s studio with vaulted ceiling, north windows, and storage.

The Week Staff, The Week, 19 June 2021 Researchers also reported that certain jobs that required strenuous physical labor, such as metalworking or farming, could increase the likelihood of a diagnosis.

Diana Kwon, Scientific American, 26 Oct. 2021 Experts uncovered metalworking remains at the site, which could indicate that its medieval inhabitants smelted iron and practiced blacksmithing.

Isis Davis-marks, Smithsonian Magazine, 28 May 2021 The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has mastered many of the trades Milwaukee championed in the last century: machinery, motors, metalworking.

John Schmid, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 24 Aug. 2021 As the National Museum of Denmark notes, the Bronze Age in this part of the world generally refers to 1700 to 500 B.C., a period when bronze and gold metalworking abounded and domestic horses were introduced to the region.

Nora Mcgreevy, Smithsonian Magazine, 4 May 2021 Mars, god of war, becomes March, an Army vet; Hephaestus, god of metalworking, becomes Hap, who runs a body shop.

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Please make sure that Javascript and cookies are enabled on your browser and that you are not blocking them from loading.

Essential Tools Used For Metal Working

If you are just a beginner in metalworking, then you must pay attention to the following essential tools that are used for metal work.1.

Before you even think of anything else, make sure you invest in a good bandsaw used to cut metal.

Plasma cutting equipment can be used to cut thick or thin pieces of metal into any shape you like.

The electrode’s flux is sufficient to protect the metal and avoid the oxidation process throughout your metal works.

Considering the type of metal work you are working on, the disks in these grinders can also be changed.

After clearing understanding the basic tools that are important for metal working jobs, ensure you learn how to properly use them and also take care of them.

Even for those starting out on working with metals, make sure you learn and understand how to use the above essential metal working tools.

Global Manufacturing Company

The Metalworking Group is your one stop shop for metal fabrications, CNC machined parts, robotic weldments, metal stampings, liquid painting, powder coating and complete product assemblies.

We work with our customers to develop their metal products from initial design to completed product.

We’ve been in business since 1982 and have the expertise in engineering, quality, manufacturing and customer service to supply our customers with the highest quality metal parts.

Post Idea #12: Enterprise Holdings

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Enterprise Holdings

Established in 1957 as Executive Leasing, the company was renamed Enterprise in 1969 in memory of the World War II ship USS Enterprise on which the founder Jack Taylor served.

PhillyCarShare, a for-profit car-sharing organization in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was acquired by Enterprise in 2011 and was renamed Enterprise CarShare in 2014.

Triangle Rent A Car, another car-rental company based in Raleigh, North Carolina was acquired by Enterprise in 2015 and it was converted into Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

In 2017, Enterprise merged Cyncast Inc. and Performance Gateway, LLC into ARMS® Business Solutions “To provide an integrated management suite to insurance carriers, adjusters, collisions repair shops, manufacturers, and all partners involved in the claims and repair channels.” In October 2019, Enterprise launched Entegral, the new name for its technology platform, which “Was formerly known as ARMS® Business Solutions.”

Enterprise Rent-A-Car became an Enterprise Holdings subsidiary in 2009.

In March 2014, Enterprise Holdings acquired AutoShare, a carsharing company that had been founded in Toronto in 1998 and operated in several Canadian cities.

In 2001, the Washington University Enterprise Holdings Scholars Program was founded with a $25 million gift from Enterprise Holdings.

Enterprise is the largest car rental company in the U.S. and is the parent company of the Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car brands.

It has more than 10,000 locations in neighborhoods and airports.

In addition to car rental, the company also offers car sharing services, commercial truck rental, corporate fleet management and retail car sales.

Jack Crawford Taylor founded the company in 1957 and his family continues to own the company.

Growing businesses need to unlock the enormous potential of becoming AI-enabled – will 2021 be the year AI finally scales?

Post Idea #13: MB Holding

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OUR GROUP OF COMPANIES MB Holding has diversified businesses including drilling & oilfield services, exploration & production of oil & gas, marine & engineering services, mining and investments.

MB Petroleum Services truly provides a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for oilfield services.

Petrogas E&P is the holding company for MB Holding Company’s exploration and production activities.

Mawarid’s quest for resource growth has expanded its exploration activities beyond Oman.

MB Holding TV. Error while displaying videos! Error while displaying videos!× Error while displaying videos!?autoplay=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen> Error while displaying videos!SUBSCRIBE 0.

MB Holding

MB Holding Company LLC is an Omani conglomerate with interests in oil and gas exploration and production, oilfield services, engineering and mining.

The company was founded in 1982 by Mohammed Al Barwani as an oilfield service provider to oil producers such as Petroleum Development Oman and Occidental Petroleum.

Its mining subsidiary, Mawarid Mining, was set up in 2000 and is the largest private mining company in Oman.

Mawarid is the first private mining company to engage in copper and gold exploration in Oman.

Its other investments include Nautilus Minerals, an underwater mineral exploration company based in Canada, Al Madina Takaful, an Omani takaful operator, and Watania, a takaful operator based in Abu Dhabi.

Al Barwani is chairman of the MB Group while his sons head the mining and oil and gas E&P arms.

Oil and gas exploration and production: Petrogas E&P. Mining: Mawarid Mining.

MB Holding

“MB Holding” Ltd is registred in Latvia, founded in 2012.

We have become the leading company in region, which provides solutions for above the ground storage tanks.

“MB Holding” Ltd. is the only company in the Baltic region that offers a full production cycle for galvanized steel tanks.

“MB Holding” Ltd. annually invests in the company’s development and in development of export markets.

In order to become, in near future, one of the leading tank producers in Europe.

We have an individual approach for each project and complete technical support.

One of the company’s guidelines is: flexibility in realization for each order, as a result we are able to provide very fast lead-time and high quality.

Post Idea #14: Medical Equipment Rental and Leasing

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Medical Equipment Rental Company

We offer innovative medical equipment services and solutions to our customers.

Our equipment rental ranges from modular systems, infusion pumps, ventilators, beds, and more.

We can provide any rental need from the best, most well-known brands available.

As a well-known medical equipment rental and leasing company, we make our equipment available to many hospitals in the nation with our products.

Medical Equipment Leasing Cost

Keep in mind that medical equipment lease rates only include the equipment’s devaluation.

Many medical facilities appreciate the fact that you can deduct medical equipment leases on your taxes.

“Medical equipment” may include equipment for medical labs, medical offices, medical imaging, surgeries, and diagnostics.

With so many pieces of medical equipment available on the market, the prices obviously vary based on the equipment type.

One of the biggest factors affecting a medical equipment lease’s cost is the value of the equipment in question.

Generally, you should expect to pay between $40-$60 every month to lease $1,000 of medical equipment.

As with any other lease, you can expect the rates for your medical equipment lease to vary based on a long list of factors.

How To Start A Medical Equipment & Supplies Rental & Leasing Business

If you plan on starting a medical equipment and supplies rental and leasing business, priority one is learning as much as you can about the business.

Learning how to draft a medical equipment and supplies rental and leasing company business plan isn’t difficult.

Business plans are entrepreneurial roadmaps that identify destinations for growth and the routes your medical equipment and supplies rental and leasing business will take to reach them.

How do you go about finding a medical equipment and supplies rental and leasing business manager outside of your area who is willing to talk?

Many experts advise against starting a medical equipment and supplies rental and leasing business if you can buy an established operation.

The process of buying a medical equipment and supplies rental and leasing business introduces a new set of challenges.

Although you could buy a medical equipment and supplies rental and leasing business on your own, you’ll save time and money by recruiting a reputable broker with industry experience.

Rental & Leasing

Ardus Medical services rental customers in the hospital and alternate site marketplaces, including homecare, oncology, fire and rescue, and ambulance transport, with the highest quality pre-owned equipment available.

Ardus Credit Corp. offers a trio of flexible rental programs that allow you to acquire needed equipment for a fixed-term of as little as 12 months.

Equipment ownership at lease end, with no additional capital expense.

Their capital budget only allows for approximately $400.00 a month in equipment expenditures.

The Ardus Credit Corporation Operating Lease helps you acquire the equipment you need and allows you to pay for it out of your operating budget.

Allows for equipment acquisitions when capital funds are not available.

To find out how much you can save on medical equipment rentals, medical equipment leasing or medical equipment financing call today! Please view our Terms & Conditions.

Find The Best Medical Equipment Rentals Near Me And Available Today

Rent It Today helps find local medical equipment rental providers in your area.

Find DME rentals from both national and local home medical equipment supply companies as well as national distributors.

Find A Local Provider of Home Medical Equipment Rentals Near Me. Wheelchairs & Electric Powerchairs Rentals: Who has a medical equipment for rent in your city or your travel destination? Rent It Today can help you find a wide selection of wheelchair rentals, transport chairs, electric wheelchairs, and powerchairs for rent.

Considering the rapid advances in medical technology, renting home medical equipment for short term rehabilitation/recovery or even long term healthcare needs is often more practical than making a sizeable investment.

Hospital Room and Surgical Room Equipment Rentals: Surgical tools, diagnostic imaging systems, stretchers, surgical tables, anesthesia delivery machines, infusion pumps and just about any kind of medical device or hospital equipment can be listed and searched in Rent It Today’s medical equipment rental directory.

Medical equipment distributors that specialize in hospital and surgical system rentals offer a variety of state of the art medical equipment and provide an array of related services, including setting up entire operating rooms.

Want to receive direct rental leads from medical practitioners or patients needing to rent your medical equipment? List your company’s rental inventory today by calling Rent It Today at 859-816-1656.

Rent, Finance Or Buy On KWIPPED

Finance options received through KWIPPED are provided by independent finance companies.

Information regarding finance rates, credit requirements, and terms is provided directly by the independent finance companies on our platform.

Post Idea #15: JPI Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

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Medical Manufacturer Directory

Global Medical Directory is part of the Informa Markets Division of Informa PLC. We use cookies to help provide you with the best possible online experience.

By continuing to use this site, you agree that we may store and access cookies on your device.

Jpi Healthcare Solutions, Inc. Average Salaries

He/she defines operating objectives and training plans to meet short and …. MetroPlus – Zipapply – yesterday.

Privatus Care Solutions – White Plains , NY. Privatus Care Solutions is seeking experienced, per diem Certified Home Health Aides that want to make a difference in the world with the luxury of caring for only one person at a time! We have …. LinkedIn – 8 days ago.

Centra Healthcare Solutions – New York , NY. Centra Healthcare Solutions is seeking an experienced Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant that is licensed or in the immediate process, and qualifies, of obtaining Certified Occupational …. Centra Healthcare – API – 22 days ago.

RolleSolutions Inc

A single, unified software for all of our Flat Panel digital systems, ExamVueDR is designed from the ground up to maximize your office workflow.

Usable as a stand alone station for the small office or for sending images to a larger PACS, the ExamVueDR includes everything needed for x-ray acquisition and viewing, including DICOM Worklist and Image Stitching.

ExamVue is JPI Healthcare designed software for the acquisition, processing and viewing of Digitally acquired images.

ExamVue comes complete with functions most competitors charge extra for as “Options”, including DICOM Modality Worklist and Image Stitching.

Designing and owning the ExamVue software allows JPI Healthcare to provide better technical support to our customers and keep purchasing costs down.

ExamVue DR is a software for the acquisition, processing, storagge and viewing of digital x-ray images.

ExamVue DR is indicated for use in general radiology, specialist radiology including podiatry, orthopedic and other specialties, and in mobile x-ray applications.

Post Idea #16: Sun Microsystems

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Sun Microsystems

Sun developed several generations of SPARC-based computer systems, including the SPARCstation, Ultra, and Sun Blade series of workstations, and the SPARCserver, Netra, Enterprise, and Sun Fire line of servers.

These CPUs were used in the most powerful, enterprise class high-end CC-NUMA servers developed by Sun, such as the Sun Fire E15K and the Sun Fire E25K. In November 2005 Sun launched the UltraSPARC T1, notable for its ability to concurrently run 32 threads of execution on 8 processor cores.

In 2003, Sun announced a strategic alliance with AMD to produce x86/x64 servers based on AMD’s Opteron processor; this was followed shortly by Sun’s acquisition of Kealia, a startup founded by original Sun founder Andy Bechtolsheim, which had been focusing on high-performance AMD-based servers.

Although Sun was initially known as a hardware company, its software history began with its founding in 1982; co-founder Bill Joy was one of the leading Unix developers of the time, having contributed the vi editor, the C shell, and significant work developing TCP/IP and the BSD Unix OS. Sun later developed software such as the Java programming language and acquired software such as StarOffice, VirtualBox and MySQL. Sun used community-based and open-source licensing of its major technologies, and for its support of its products with other open source technologies.

In 1999, Sun acquired the German software company Star Division and with it the office suite StarOffice, which Sun later released as OpenOffice.org under both GNU LGPL and the SISSL. OpenOffice.org supported Microsoft Office file formats, was available on many platforms and was used in the open source community.

Sun marketed Sun Ops Center provisioning software for datacenter automation.

Sun announced the Sun Open Storage platform in 2008 built with open source technologies.

Sun Microsystems

Then in the year 2009 it was declared that Sun will be acquired by Oracle.

Later Bill Joy also joined as the founder of Sun Microsystems.

Sun saw downfall in the year 2000 and kept on seeing loss since then.

Motorola based system: Sun used Motorola 68000 family processors.

SPARC based system: With Sun 4 the company started using SPARC which was a RISC based processor.

X86 based system: Later Sun started using systems based on x86.

Sun is popularly known as the developer of the Java language.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Sun Microsystems, Inc., former American manufacturer of computer workstations, servers, and software.

In 1988, six years after start-up, Sun passed $1 billion in annual sales-only Compaq Computer Corporation had reached the billion-dollar mark faster-and the company had shown only one quarter without profits.

An open-system approach By using the UNIX operating system, which had long been a part of the computer science curriculum in universities worldwide, Sun was able to claim that its workstations incorporated international standards and were therefore “Open,” whereas its competitors’ products were “Closed” because they used proprietary operating systems.

In large part because of the success of Sun’s marketing position, its major competitors-Digital Equipment Corporation, International Business Machines Corporation, and the Hewlett-Packard Company-shifted their product research and development, marketing, and sales investments away from their own operating systems in favour of UNIX. Sun later sold many new and replacement network systems to the U.S. government.

In 1986 Sun made its largest single sale of computers to a government agency when the National Security Agency signed an agreement for $500 million worth of Sun equipment.

In 1987 Sun became the first large computer company to use reduced-instruction-set computing microprocessors in its primary product lines.

In 1996 Sun joined an Oracle-led effort to build a network computer to rival Wintel’s dominance in business.

Sun Microsystems: A Look Back At A Tech Company Ahead Of Its Time – The New Stack

“I don’t think anybody thinks SPARC, Solaris, Java, the network as virtual computer, virtualization, all of the kind of things we did at Sun – are footnotes. They’re bedrocks. So I think it was fun to actually get together and look back and say ‘Yeah, we probably had a bigger impact than we realized at the time.'”.

“And then I said, the other thing is we did all of this crazy innovation. We were light years ahead of our time. Sun was always way too early, whether it was doing cloud computing or open source or whatever. We were way ahead of our time, too far ahead of our time, because of the brilliant people we had that could look over the horizon”.

McNealy remembered how Sun had shared the Network File System protocol for storing and retrieving files over a network, back in 1984.

“Asked if Sun should have moved from Sparc RISC processors and Solaris Unix to Intel processors and Linux, McNealy said he did not want to talk about mistakes he had made as Sun CEO but such a switch was not what Sun should have done.”

There’s also something about a reunion that raises the question: whatever happened to those people who moved on to other companies? A page on the Sun Reunion site features the logos of companies where former Sun employees ended up.

There’s also a second page for new companies founded by Sun alumni.

In 1992 Sun even gave future Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella one of his jobs in the world of tech – and that’s just one example of what McNealy described as “a stunning genealogy” of Sun employees moving on to other parts of the technology world.

A Famous American IT Company Based In California.

Sun Microsystems is an American IT company that was established in 1982 and is based in California, US. The company became very famous over a short time because it created Java whose applications are very wide in today’s IT sector.

The company mainly sold computer components, IT services, software but set itself apart by rolling out products like Java, ZFS, SPARC microprocessors, VirtualBox, etc.

Sun Microsystems is a company that has always supported open systems like Unix and contributed to open-source software.

The company filed its first IPO under the stock symbol SUNW. This symbol was changed to JAVA in 2007 as the company became more famous as the creator of the Java platform.

The company started hiring more employees and building the company until the bubble burst in 2000.

In 2004, the company collaborated with Fujitsu, a Japanese business, to use their processor chips and Sun servers.

In the 1980s it acquired Transept Systems, Sitka Corp, Centrum System West, and Folio Inc. The company acquired a lot of businesses in the late 1990s.

Post Idea #17: Oregon Chai

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Oregon Chai

Oregon Chai is one of the biggest chai brewers in the US. The story began in 1994 with four women and a trip to India.

Now the company is owned by Kerry, Inc., yet strives to maintain the integrity of the original chai products.

Most Oregon Chai concentrates are over 90% organic and carry the USDA Organic seal.

Sugar-Free Original, made with the sweetener Splenda, is the only concentrate that is not organic and all natural.

Chai Direct is happy to offer the full line of Oregon Chai products, to individuals as well as coffee-houses.

What Is Oregon Chai Tea?

Where the sweet and spicy blend of black tea, honey, vanilla bean and spices brought perfection to your world.

When mixed with equal parts of milk or soy, our latte concentrate creates a sweet, spicy, creamy beverage.

Ginger, clove and cardamom are commonly used for cleansing and to aid in digestion.

The cassia cinnamon used in Oregon Chai has been found to lower blood sugar.

With zero calories and mild caffeine content of 35 mg per serving, our chai will fill your mug without overloading you on calories.

A serving of Original Chai Tea Latte Mix has approximately 35-55 mg of caffeine per serving.

Oregon Chai is one of the biggest chai brewers in the US. Who owns Oregon Chai?

Oregon Chai

Oregon Chai is an American beverage company based in Portland, Oregon.

The company provides a line of chai beverage products, including a concentrate designed to make a hot, tea-based beverage prepared with steamed milk, vanilla, a sweetener, and other spices.

The company was co-founded in 1994 by Heather Howitt, Tedde McMillen, Carla Powell, Brian Ross and Lori Spencer, selling to local cafés.

Sales in 1996 rose by 469%, and by 2000 sales were over $15 million, including export abroad to countries including Saudi Arabia.

The company was purchased in 2004 by Kerry Group, a giant Irish food conglomerate.

Post Idea #18: Silicon Graphics International

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Silicon Graphics International

The company was founded as Rackable Systems in 1999, but adopted the “SGI” name in 2009 after acquiring Silicon Graphics Inc. out of bankruptcy.

The purchase, ultimately for $42.5 million, was finalized on May 11, 2009; at the same time, Rackable announced their adoption of “SGI” as their global name and brand.

The “New” SGI began with two main product lines: servers and storage continuing from the original Rackable Systems; and servers, storage, visualization and professional services acquired from Silicon Graphics, Inc. At the time of the acquisition’s completion, SGI said that they anticipated the survival of the majority of the two companies’ product lines, although some consolidation was likely in areas of high overlap between products.

In 2010, SGI announced the purchase of all the assets and assumed a limited amount of liabilities of COPAN Systems.

In 2011, SGI acquired all outstanding shares of SGI Japan, Ltd. The same year, the company announced the acquisition of OpenCFD Ltd. In December, the company announced Mark J. Barrenechea’s resignation as president, chief executive officer and member of the Board of Directors.

In February 2012, it was announced that Jorge Luis Titinger would become SGI’s president and chief executive officer.

In 2013 SGI acquired FileTek, Inc. On August 11, 2016, it was announced that Hewlett Packard Enterprise would acquire SGI for $7.75 per share in cash, a transaction valued at approximately $275 million, net of cash and debt.

Silicon Graphics International Stock Forecast, Price & News

Silicon Graphics International Corp. is engaged in providing solutions for compute, data analytics and data management.

The Company develops, markets and sells a line of mid-range and high-end scale-out and scale-up servers, enterprise-class storage, differentiating software and designed-to-order solutions for data center deployments.

The Company operates through the segments, including Product and Service.

The Company’s Product segment consists of compute and storage solutions, which include products from both HPC and HPDA segments.

The Company’s Product segment includes scale-out computing, scale-up computing, software and cloud/Web solutions.

Its storage solutions include both hardware and software offerings for data storage and management.

The Service segment consists of customer service support and professional services.

Working At Silicon Graphics International: Employee Reviews And Culture

The national average salary for a Silicon Graphics International employee in the United States is $83,345 per year.

While Silicon Graphics International employees earn an average yearly salary of $83,345, different roles can command different wages.

Silicon Graphics International Employee Political AffiliationSilicon Graphics International employees are most likely to be members of the Democratic Party.

The largest donation made to a political party by a Silicon Graphics International employee was by Kenneth Coleman.

Have you worked at Silicon Graphics International? Help other job seekers by rating Silicon Graphics International.

Zippia gives an in-depth look into the details of Silicon Graphics International, including salaries, political affiliations, employee data, and more, in order to inform job seekers about Silicon Graphics International.

The employee data is based on information from people who have self-reported their past or current employments at Silicon Graphics International.

Silicon Graphics: Gone But Not Forgotten

You may have heard of SiliconGraphics, later known as Silicon Graphics, Inc, and then simply SGI, but few home users outside of an enthusiastic hobbyist community ever used its computers.

That’s because SGI was dedicated to manufacturing high-performance workstations, software design, and supercomputers for professionals specializing in 3D graphics.

In 1993, Nintendo approached SGI with the proposition of designing the company’s next GPU. The two companies penned the deal that summer, and SGI went to work developing the “Reality Coprocessor”.

Nine years later, SGI wrote it off as a loss, selling the division for about $57 million to equity investment firm Accel-KKR. In February 1996, SGI decided to dabble in the supercomputer business with the purchase of Cray Research for $740 million.

On April 2009, SGI filed for Chapter 11 again and was sold to Fremont’s Rackable Systems for $25 million.

Rackable changed the name to Silicon Graphics International, kept the SGI trademark, and changed its Nasdaq ticker from RACK to SGI shortly after the purchase.

Today’s SGI primarily deals in high-end Linux servers rather than 3D graphics systems.

Company History

Statistics: Public Company Incorporated: 1982 as Silicon Graphics Inc. Employees: 10,286 Sales: $3.1 billion Stock Exchanges: New York Ticker Symbol: SGI NAIC: 334111 Computers Manufacturing; 334119 Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing; 51121 Software Publishers Company Perspectives: At the core of our strategy is our commitment to delivering nothing less than the highest-performing computer systems in the world, with the world’s best graphics solutions.

In 1983 the company released its first products: the IRIS 1000 graphics terminal and an accompanying software interface known as the IRIS Graphics Library.

Soon after Silicon Graphics was born, Clark brought in Edward McCracken, a veteran Hewlett-Packard executive, to run the company as president and CEO while he remained chairperson.

The company received a boost the next year when IBM agreed to buy Silicon Graphics’ IRIS graphics card for use in its own RS/6000 graphics workstations and to take out a license for the IRIS Graphics Library-a big first step toward making the IRIS Graphics Library the industry standard.

The move into the lower priced, high-volume end of the market worked well enough for Silicon Graphics that in 1991 the company released an even less expensive product line-the IRIS Indigo, a 3-D graphics workstation so compact that the company called it the first personal computer to use RISC architecture.

In 1991 the company granted a license to software giant Microsoft for the IRIS Graphics Library.

In July 1998 a previously planned spinoff of MIPS Technologies Inc. was completed, raising more than $70 million for Silicon Graphics, which retained an 85 percent interest in MIPS. Also sold were a number of applications software research groups, and the company terminated its investment in its Cosmo software business.

Top Mobile App Development Agency UAE

Top Mobile App Development Agency UAE Our services ServicesWe Offer Silicon Graphics is one of the best mobile app development companies in Dubai, with a team of experienced mobile app developers.

The prime motive of our services is to improve the online presence and make a prominent spot for businesses in the digital market.

Our team of industry professionals does this by using cutting-edge technologies.

Our Solutions Our Solutions Silicon Graphics is one of the top android mobile app development enterprises in the UAE. We are well-known for our mobile app development services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

State-of-the-art web & app solutions that help businesses stand out in the mob.

We have been in this industry since 2008 and have remarkable experience in creating custom applications.

Silicon Graphics has different industrial teams offering contemporary solutions for eCommerce stores and different businesses.

Post Idea #19: Relational model

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What Is A Relational Model?

In this article, we explain what the relational model is, who uses it, the benefits of using the relational model, key terms used regarding relational models, how a relational model handles constraints and what an example looks like.

What is a relational model? A relational model is a way of organizing data in a database into tables.

Relational databases may use SQL as their language, but relational databases are not the same thing as an SQL database so technically these are not considered a relational database.

Who uses a relational model? Because the relational model is used for databases, anyone who uses a relational database is using the relational model.

Scalable The relational model is scalable when it’s used for databases, which means that it can be used for either very small databases or large ones, and it can grow with the needs of an organization.

Some companies may choose to keep their relational database in a spreadsheet, which may not always be associated with being a database but can be effective using the relational model.

Easy to use The simplicity of relational databases and the relational model in general means that it is usually quite easy to use.

Relational Model

A database organized in terms of the relational model is a relational database.

Most relational databases use the SQL data definition and query language; these systems implement what can be regarded as an engineering approximation to the relational model.

The relational model was the first database model to be described in formal mathematical terms.

The fundamental assumption of the relational model is that all data is represented as mathematical n-ary relations, an n-ary relation being a subset of the Cartesian product of n domains.

SQL, initially pushed as the standard language for relational databases, deviates from the relational model in several places.

The current ISO SQL standard doesn’t mention the relational model or use relational terms or concepts.

The relational model depends on the law of excluded middle under which anything that is not true is false and anything that is not false is true; it also requires every tuple in a relation body to have a value for every attribute of that relation.

Relation Data Model

Relation instance A finite set of tuples in the relational database system represents relation instance.

Relation schema A relation schema describes the relation name, attributes, and their names.

Relation key Each row has one or more attributes, known as relation key, which can identify the row in the relation uniquely.

Every relation has some conditions that must hold for it to be a valid relation.

The same constraints have been tried to employ on the attributes of a relation.

A foreign key is a key attribute of a relation that can be referred in other relation.

Referential integrity constraint states that if a relation refers to a key attribute of a different or same relation, then that key element must exist.

e.g.; ROLL NO, NAMERelation Schema: A relation schema represents name of the relation with its attributes.

The above relation contains 4 tuples, one of which is shown as:1RAMDELHI945512345118Relation Instance: The set of tuples of a relation at a particular instance of time is called as relation instance.

Degree: The number of attributes in the relation is known as degree of the relation.

The relation which is referencing to other relation is called REFERENCING RELATION and the relation to which other relations refer is called REFERENCED RELATION. ANOMALIES. An anomaly is an irregularity, or something which deviates from the expected or normal state.

We can’t delete or update a row from REFERENCED RELATION if value of REFERENCED ATTRIBUTE is used in value of REFERENCING ATTRIBUTE. e.g; if we try to delete tuple from BRANCH having BRANCH CODE ‘CS’, it will result in error because ‘CS’ is referenced by BRANCH CODE of STUDENT, but if we try to delete the row from BRANCH with BRANCH CODE CV, it will be deleted as the value is not been used by referencing relation.

ON DELETE CASCADE: It will delete the tuples from REFERENCING RELATION if value used by REFERENCING ATTRIBUTE is deleted from REFERENCED RELATION. e.g;, if we delete a row from BRANCH with BRANCH CODE ‘CS’, the rows in STUDENT relation with BRANCH CODE CS will be deleted.

ON UPDATE CASCADE: It will update the REFERENCING ATTRIBUTE in REFERENCING RELATION if attribute value used by REFERENCING ATTRIBUTE is updated in REFERENCED RELATION. e.g;, if we update a row from BRANCH with BRANCH CODE ‘CS’ to ‘CSE’, the rows in STUDENT relation with BRANCH CODE CS will be updated with BRANCH CODE ‘CSE’.

While we studied primarily binary relations, that is, relations of arity 2, we indicated that relations of other arities were possible, and indeed can be quite useful.

Relations as Sets Versus Relations as Tables In the relational model, as in our discussion of set-theoretic relations in Section 7.7, a relation is a set of tuples.

We could give the relation a name, like CSG. 406 THE RELATIONAL DATA MODEL Representing Relations As sets, there are a variety of ways to represent relations by data structures.

What would the relation scheme be then? What would be the most suitable key for this relation? c) Another approach to handling redundancy, which we suggested in Section 8.2, is to split the relation into two relations, with different schemes, that together hold all the information of the original.

In general, a secondary index on attribute A of relation R is a set of pairs, where a) v is a value for attribute A, and b) p is a pointer to one of the tuples, in the primary index structure for relation R, whose A-component has the value v. The secondary index has one such pair for each tuple with the value v in attribute A. We may use any of the data structures for binary relations for storing secondary indexes.

We compare every tuple of one relation with every tuple of the other relation, as 4 We show for each relation only one attribute that is not involved in the join, but the ideas mentioned here clearly carry over to relations with many attributes.

Remember from Section 8.6 that it is not necessary to build such a big relation; we can “Push the selection down the tree” to restrict the relations involved in the join, thus limiting greatly the sizes of the relations we do construct.

Database Concepts & Example

Relational Model represents the database as a collection of relations.

Relation Schema: A relation schema represents the name of the relation with its attributes.

Degree: The total number of attributes which in the relation is called the degree of the relation.

Relation instance – Relation instance is a finite set of tuples in the RDBMS system.

Relation key – Every row has one, two or multiple attributes, which is called relation key.

Referential integrity constraint state happens where relation refers to a key attribute of a different or same relation.

Summary The Relational database modelling represents the database as a collection of relations.

DBMS Relational Model Concept

Relational model can represent as a table with columns and rows.

Attribute: It contains the name of a column in a particular table.

Relational instance: In the relational database system, the relational instance is represented by a finite set of tuples.

Relational schema: A relational schema contains the name of the relation and name of all columns or attributes.

Relational key: In the relational key, each row has one or more attributes.

Properties of Relations Name of the relation is distinct from all other relations.

Each relation cell contains exactly one atomic value.

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